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At Remington-Elliott’s
Means Much to the Abitity of EAery Person.
There is bracing, so building up, that means so
much to one’s health, as a good night’s rest.
Sleep-enticing Comforters, made with a double
one-piece filler, knotted, extra large size—in fact
just like the ones our mothers used to make;
warm and comfortable, yet light in weight, $1.75
and $2.50. A good sewed comfort at $1.25.
California Family Blankets, all know what that
means—good quality, large, and long wearers;
come in whites, tans, grays, vicunas and mottled,
$5.00 to $lO.OO per pair. Cotton blankets, all
weights 1.00 to 2.25 per pair. We can give
you a good feather pillow for 1.00. See them.
If we make your bed for you, you
will sleep the sleep of the innocent
and have pleasant dreams :
Get The Phone habit!
W hen you think of something you need in a
drug store, step at once to the phone and ask
us to deliver it. This will often save you in
convenience and valuable time.
Some times drug store goods arc required
when it is impossible to go for them. It may
be important too to avoid all possible delay.
Our free delivery service meets these condi
tions. Make use of it. Begin now.
The Seaton Drug Co.
The Year 1907"
h inds us prepared to supply you with any
thing you may need in the h umiturc line.
Everything new and up to date. W c have
the exclusive sale of the Leggett and Platt
Coil Springs; Monabat Mattresses. V ictor
Extension I ablcs, and the celebrated line
of Schmitt and Ffenry Couches, the quality
of which goes undisputed.
Satisfaction Guaranteed in Price and Quality.
Goods Delivered free to Any Part of the City.
Yours for a I tappy and Prosperous New car.
Geer & Clack,
Both Phones. Funeral Directors.
Mrs. W. A. Davis, Prop. V. A. Davis, Mjtr.
Try Vs Just Once. Wc arc Contldcnt ot Ovr Ability.
Cor. 4th nnd Main. - - - Delta, Colorado.
General Transfer Men and Dealers in Juan
ita Coal. Office with Travis &
Castle. Both Pnones.
Cory Newslets.
(S|K.*riul l^ritbpoDileiiiv.)
Mrs. W. It. Lyle visited the sell
one day last week.
T. J. Harshman visited the sch
Tuesday of this week.
Horn -Sunday, January 20th, to .V
and Mrs. John Godfrey-a daughter
James Coffey, son of E. R. Coff
returned home last week from Monta
J. S. George drove to Delta Tues*
evening to attend lodge meeting
Knights of Pythias.
Mrs. Jake Lemaster and daught*
Bernie, spent Sunday with her sis'
Mrs. W. J. Brower.
Orville Taylor of Paonia bough
ranch of 40 acres of Pen Myers
£4,000. Mr. Myers will work it for
other year.
W. S. Haswell arrived Saturday f
Denver for a few days’ stay for
purpose of looking after some on*
work on his ranch.
K. K. Hubbard and wife left Th
day morning for Boston, Mass., for
purpose of getting treatment for .V
Hubbard for rheumaiism.
Robert Cunningham returned Mor
to C. S. Gibb’s place after a mon'
tour thru northern Texas; but he
appointed us by coming back alone.
James Beezley departed Mondny
an observation and cultural tour f
the South and East. He would de<
after reaching Pueblo whether
course should be first to New Orle;
or direct to Washington, D. C. for
purpose of l>eing present in the Nat
al halls of legislature while Congres
in session.
Cedaredge Items.
'l»i ini i«>rn *|«*ntlem *v >
Peck Seaton sj»ent last Sunday
The McKoon*family one after anot - r
have been down with light attacks > f
Miss Johnson entertained at dinra r
Sunday in honor of Miss Cunninghar
"Dad” Lamberts’ place on thesLiL>
is supplied these days by his son Mr.
Friday evening Jan. 25 a phonogra; i
entertainment will be held in the Pan
ned school house.
Miss Edith Blanchard has l>een suf
fering from a slight attack of inf la
matory rheumatism.
The Epworth league will hold a
social at the home of Mr. (Jarre*. Gipe.
next Friday evening. January 25. Each
member is expected to come, dressed
to represent the title of some bo< -v.
There will be a public sale J;. 30,
of the house-hold goods and fa im
plements of Mr. D. G. Gritfitl Mr.
'Griffith has sold his place beca.;><■ his
wife's health requires a low .. • tude
and the family expect to remov. -;oon
to Texas.
Read Happenings.
J. B. Doyle and family visits last
Sunday with Fred Shores, Sr.
W. Thompson loaded two of
i haled hay at the Saxton switch.
Mrs. Henry Shores and her bn :er,
Frank Ropers, of Montrose, arc wn j
i on a visit.
Judges Welch and Burnett. a« >m- ;
I> anied by two other gentlemen, ere '
in our vicinity lust Sunday.
Mr. Hurrison is building an ad ion
to the store. He is expecting li ap
jiointment as postmaster soon.
Frank Bond is enjoying a visit om ;
his brother-in-law, Mr. Finley at his 1
family from Indiana. They will n ain ;
until spring.
A lot of the young folks of Read ent
up the Gunnison river last Sun i to
see the Indian pictures that are ■ the
canon wall near the old Asht igh
Most all of the M. W. A. men ers
around Read went down to Dell the
night of Jan. 19th to the joint inst.dla
j tion of officers of the Royal Neigt ors
and M. W. A.
The Read Park Association h« 1 a
meeting Tuesday night and elected
Fred Shores superintendent, t her
business was also disposed of. T-ees
will be planted next spring.
While the ditch men were haw ing
hay one load was upset three tim< on 1
the grade nearing their camp. I'he i
i third time the driver was thrown j
' against a boulder and sustained injuries
. from which he was unconscious for!
j some time. The damage was not of a i
j jiermanent character, however.
Mrs. Joe Sullivan had a narrow escape j
from serious injury. She had hitched I
up her horse and started to get in the
bnggy, having one foot on the step,
when the horse started. She held to
the lines and cramped the buggy, thus
being cuught between wheel and buggy
bed, in which perilous position she re
mained until Messrs. Gallup and Carl- !
son luckily came that way and Assisted
in releasing her. Mrs. Sullivan sus
tained sonic minor bruises.
Paonia Clippings.
I'm mill lt<»o*u*r
A pretty wedding occured at seven •
'('clock on Monday morning at the home |
of Mrs. Mary Hawkey. Her daughter, 1
Ethel, was married to Mr. Reynold
Theodore <i. Orth, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Barney Orth, and Miss Ada Eber
-ol, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Hbersol, were married Wednesday
afternoon at 2:30 at the bride’s home
on Bone mesa.
J. A. Kemp is clearing a large tract
of land on Pitkin mesa, getting it ready
for peaches, a number of others
are doing likewise, among whom are
Fred Miller, Frank Converse and Jacob
Heberling. Pitkin mesa is coming right
to the front.
The annual meeting of the First Na
tional bank was held Jan. Hth. and the
following otlicers elected for the ensu
ing year: E. K. Morgan, president: L.
W. Heston, vice-president; A. L Bin
ford. cashier; S. C. Henn. assistant
cashier. The earnings of the bank for
the past year were $3,500 and an b per
cent, dividend was declared, with an
amount equal to six per cent, added to
the reserve.
Eckert Locals.
The Avery engine has resumed coal
hauling again.
Klmer Jarvis returned from the Gun
nison tunnel last week.
William Jarvis, the new road su|>er
visor, is giving good satisfaction.
Mattie and Leo Fisher and Ralph
Miller attended the party at Delos'
Saturday night.
Harry Stockham has purchased Mr.
Teachout’s ranch west of Eckert; con
Tom Mays, forest ranger will be at
Eckert Jan. and JO to receive appli
cations for stock grazing.
Tom Mays and Dr. Burgin, of Cedar
edge. were over hunting on the reser
voir last week, but report no ducks.
Henry Baird of Malvern. lowa, visited
at the home of J. T. Williams. He
bought .30 acres from Mr. Stringer.
Mr. Roberts moved his new Mi ad
bailer and crew over to W. T Smith's,
on Cedar Mesa, to do a job of bailing.
J. B. Culwell, who has been sick for
two weeks with typhoid, died at 3:10 p.
m. Jan. IS. His sister Mrs. Winkler
and her husband arrived from lowa the
evening prior to her brother’s death.
The body was shipped to Auburn. Neb.
Sunday. Mrs. Culwell and two children
will return and live on the ranch for the
present. Odd Fellows assisted very
materially fluring the illness of Mr. Cul-
I well and had charge of the remains un
t 1 they were sent east.
Austin Briefs.
The weather set*ms almost too fine to
Ik* cai’.ed winter.
On Satuniay a number of South Da
kota people were looking at land in this
F. <i Myers, of Delta, drove up last
Friday with a large party, bringing 24
lowa men. They seemed pleased with
this section. From here they went to
Cedaredge. Several expressed them
selves as expecting to locate in the
1 county.
Peculiar Disease.
Mir, r •'< Km tv pri—
J A. Beatty went to the Loper farm
t last Monday and made a post mortem
examination of a colt there, which was
i afflicted with the unknown ailment
I which has killed seven others on the
I same farm. What the matter is. the
; veterinaries have not yet been able to
discover. Mr. Beatty has sent samples
j of various parts of the animal, as direct*
ed by Dr. Glover, on several occasions.
. to the State Agricultural college, but
j has had no report from there. The
disease has killed a lot of horses in
this valley, and is a sort of disease
which wastes the animal away, and
causes it to get so weak it cannot travel,
j Strenuous efforts are being made to
i discover what the trouble is. and how
| to handle it.
Notice of Annual Meeting.
Montrose, C0i.0.. Jan. 2. 1007.
1 The annual meeting of the Uncom
j pahgre Valley Water Users’ Associa
j tion will he held in the opera house at
i Olathe. Colo., on Tuesday, the sth day
! of February. 1007. the same being the
i first Tuesday in February, at 1:00
o’clock p. in., for the purpose of elect
ing directors for the ensuing year, and
I also for the transaction of any business ,
| that may l>e brought before the meet
j Below see copy of By-laws regulating ,
I elections, and notice the importance of
j tiling proxies with the secretary at least
j three days before the election.
It is especially urged that you be 1
j represented at this meeting.
| Ira H. Monkll, J. J. Turin.
Secretary. President. !
Ist. pub. Jan. 25; last pub. Feb. 1. 1007.
The County Treasurer is instructed
to collect, by issuing distraint warrant,
ftUjPeroonal Taxes for 1905 not paid by
Feb. 10th, 1907. Please pay up and
save extra expense.
J. K. Becklky,
51-52 County Treasurer, I
All the wonderful expector
ant properties of the monarch
of the forest is contained in
Cook’s Syrup of
White Pine and Tar
’I is a monarch among
cough cures at a very
small Price 25c.
Exclusive Dealer in
Somerset Coal
S 3 50 a Ton
On and after Jan. 1. 1907, coal
will be cash on delivery.
Proprietors ot the
|j Fresh and
li, Salt Meats
and Ice
delivered fret* to »11 i*«rts the C ty.
Give us* trial DELTA. OOLO
.'mule Stacks. Pmps. Raofiae
Sanitary Plumber.
Opposite Geer & Clack.
Tli aid Sheet In Work.
Sinks. Rang,e Boilers. Bath Tubs
Will be keenly appreciated
after a trial by people who
suffer from headaches -se
vere or mild, occasional or
chronic. They never fail to
Give Quick
Easing the pain in a very
few minutes. Especially
liked by ladies as they have
no bad after effects. 25c at
People’s Pharmacy.
Secret of Beauty
Is Health
The secret of health is the
power to digest and assimi
late a proper quantity of food
Liver Pills.
keep you healthy by curing Sick
Headache, Dyspepsia. Malaria.
Constipation and kindred diseases
People’s Pharmacy
20 work teams to haul iron ore.
Good roads, and steady work.
Apply to
F. ,1. Doran,
At the mine, or to
11. H. Wolbert,
Physician and Surgeon
Office over Stephan & Obert’s, Delta j
Physician and Surgeon
Office with G. W. Ridley. Jeweler'.
Residence, Singleton’s.
Phone Colo. Red 332.
L. A. HICK. M. D.
Delta, Colorado.
Physician and Surgeon
Office on Main Street, Delta, Colo.
o. p. McCartney
Physician and Surgeon
Delta :: :: :: .: :: Colorado 1
, J
Office in Jeffers Bldg.. Delta, Colo.
Physician and Surgeon
Office in rooms previously occu
pied by Dr. Hunter. Office Phone,
Red 262; residence. Red 672.
Attorney at Law
Office South Main St., Delta, Colo.
Attorney at Law
Practices in State and Federal Courts
Attorneys at Law
Real Estate, Loans ami Insurance
Attorney at Law
L. S. Commissioner
Special attention given to
Pre-emption. Desert Land and Coal
Pre-emption Filings
Desert land yearly proofs, pre
emption, homestead and desert land
final proofs taken. Delta. Colo.
Benzoin Cream
"Viuwr Tail L» rvc* .tuition* I this* i rvain
Imuv it i» *>«r *'wn- inado by u*. Wo
know what it i> know that it i> a «U|»erjur
article Splendid for rotuili red >kiti.
How Do You Spend
These Long Evenings?
Better get a good Phonograph
and an assortment of Records
and you will be surprised how
pleasant the evenings will pass
Call at our store and see the best.
We handle the Edison and Columbia
Phonographs and Records and sell
them at Chicago prices.
T. J. Wyatt
Jeweler and Optician
The Delta Independent
Is making a fight for the
advancement of the busi
ness interests and future
prospects of the city and
county of Delta. Are you
with us? You know this
means prosperity for you
and your neighbor. Our
subscription rate is only
$2.00 For One Big, Long Year.

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