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Owners of Reservoirs Supplying
Surface Creek Country Meet at
Eckert, Jan. 9.
Proposed Alm«{im«tioA W* Conserve
Water, Reduce Operating Expenses
And Otherwise Benefit Owners.
The Surface Creek Water Users As
sociation is in process of formation and
the outlook for the ultimate consuma
tion of the project is exceedingly
A preliminary meeting was held at
the court house during Short Course
week at which time a committee on or
ganization was appointed as follows:
H. K. Ferguson, H. W. Bull. M. R.
Welch, R. W. Curtis, James Zananctti,
Porter Plumb and A. E. Miller.
Wednesday of this week the commit
tee on organization met at Porter
Plumb's office to receive the report of
a sub-committee appointed to draw up
resolutions, which are in fact articles of
agreement, upon which the proposed or
ganization is to be tiased. Porter Plumb,
M. R. Welch and A. R. King comprise
the sub-committee, the chairman of
which, Mr. Plumb, offered the resolu
tions printed below.
The organization committee have call
ed a meeting of all water user.;, to be
included in the proftosed Association, to
be held at Eckert on Saturday, Feb. 9,
for the purj*ose of considering and act
ing on the resolutions herewith appended:
Whereas. It Is the iiuaniinoiis
opinion and desire of the user* of
water for irrigation purpose* that an
association Is* formed whereby alt of
the stored waters on (irand Mena is*
under the control and distribution of
such association, to the end that a
more equitable ami economical dis
tribution of such waters can be had :
Wkereas. It Is Irlirrwl that under
such an arrangement a greater
amount of the stored waters on
Orand Mesa can In* utilized and de
livered to the owners of such water,
ami less loss occasioned by evapora
tion ami seepage will In* the result of
such an arrangement, now then*fore.
He it Resolved. That an associa
tion In* incorporated under the laws
of the State of Colorado, under the
name of The Oraud Mesa Water
Users’ association, with its objects to
control ami distribute to its mem
bers all of the stored water on Ornnd
Mesa owimh! by them, and to aid and
assist tlie duly ap|N>itite<i officers in
such distribution, ami in enforcing
tin* laws relative to the use and dis
tribution of water for irrigation and
domestic purposes.
That such association shall elect
thirteen of its uiciiilnth to act as a
I ward of control which shall act for
the term of one year.
That such Hoard of Control shall
organize by electing one of its mem
bers president, and one vice presi
They shall also select from the
members of the association, three
persons who shall act as an execu
tive committee, and who shall have
power to act In all matters relative
to the proper conduct of the business
of tin* association when the hoard is
not in session.
That any person or corporation
owning a reservoir or reservoirs on
Orand Mesa, which reservoirs store
an amount of water annually, may
become a member of the association
by subscribing to its articles or by
laws and such other contracts or
agreements ns may be prescribed or
proposed by the Hoard of Control.
That it shall he the duty of the
Hoard of Control to secure and main
tain an office at some central point
most convenient to the users of water
under its system, and to employ n
competent person to keep proper
lNKiks of account of details and dis
trihutinn of water controlled by it at
such office.
That each member of (lie associa
tion shall enter Into an agreement or
contract with the association to
abide by the rules and regulations of
the association, as to the control and
distribution of water under its con
trol, and pay Ids pro rata share of
the expense of operation, and shall
lie entitled to have delivered lit his
head gate from the waters under the
control of the association, a like
amount of water stored by him, (and
placed under the control of the asso
ciation) less evaporation and seep
age as determined by the water com
tnissioner. Such water, after being
turned out of any of the reservoirs mo
controlled, to lw under the control
and KUj>erviMioii of the duly appoint
ed water coinmiMsiouer of the water
That the Hoard of Control (or suit
able person appointed hv it) shall,
on or Iwfore the first day of June of
each year, make a careful estimate
of the water stored in the several
reservoirs of the tneinl>erM of the as
sociation, and report the same to the
secretary of the company, who shall
enter the same in a Issik kept for
that purpose, giving credit to the
person or company owning the sev
eral reservoirs with the amount of
water so stored.
That the owner of each reservoir
shall report to the sectary the num-
Imt of shares of *tock (incase af in
corporated companies) and the num
ber of shares owned by each stock
holder: and. in case of individual
ownership, the numlier of owners
and the amount each owns in such
reservoir or reservoirs. That the
secretary shall thereupon open an
account with each individual o\yner
of water giving him credit with the
amount of water in cubic feet which
his stock or interest may represent.
That, the association shall fiirnUh
to each individual owner of water a
statement of the amount of water
which he is entitled to draw from the
supply; and shall also furnish him
with blank orders for drawing such
water; and shall honor the same
when properly filled out and signed,
by immediately delivering to the
proper water commissioner whose
duty it shall he to deliver the amount
of water named in the order, to the
ditch of such owner, less loss by
eva)>oration and aeejiage.
That the Hoard of Control shall,
from time to time, cause to Im* made
an examination of the several reser
voirs under its control, and as<*ertain
tin* condition of each reservoir as to
safety of the dam. as to the percent
age of evaporation and seepage and
as to the necessity of repairs or con
struction ; and shall order the water
commissioner to turn water from
such reservoirs as in its judgment it
is most expedient, to the end that the
greatest saving can Im* had as against
such evaporation and seepage, and to
the end that those reservoirs which
require repair and improvement may
be first ust»d so a 4 to give the owner
bet ter facilities for making such re
pair or improvement.
That if any individual mcml>cr of
the association shall own or have
more water to his cit'd it on thelwMiks
of the association than he limy re
quire for his own use, he may, by
proper order, have the same or any
portion thereof accredited to the ac
count of any other member of the as
sociation; or. he may require the sec
retary to offer the same for sale, pro
vided that members of the associa
tion shall have the first right to pur
chase the same by paying tin* price
That the contract referred to be
tween the members and the associa
tion, shall provide, among other
things, that during the irrigation
season or at all times after the reser
voir is filled and until the water shall
be drawn therefrom, the association
shall have full control thereof and
may draw the water at such time or
times its it may deem to the best in
terest of all; that the owners of all
reservoirs shall attend to the filling
of same and shall do all repairs and
make such Improvements as he may
desire; and each year during the ex
istence of that contract, the owner
will, on or before the first day of
June of each year, give notice to the
association of the condition of his
reservoir and turn control of the res
ervoir over to the association; and
the association will keep a correct ac
count of the amount of water run
from each reservoir during the sea
son, and if it shall he found that the
amount varies from the estimate, a
correction shall be made iti the ac
count of the owner on thelmoksof
the association. Hitch contract shall
also provide for the payment of the
pro rata share of the expense of oper
ating and distributing the water of
such reservoir; and any delinquent
assessment found to bo due from the
owner, shall he and remain until
paid, a lien on such reservoir. And
the association may make such or
ders as it may deem advisable for
the collection of such delinquent as
That it shall bo the duty of Hie as
sociation to aid and assist the water
comtpliudoner of Water District
Number Forty in the enforcement of
the laws of the state; In the distribu
tion of water, ami in securing convic
tions of violator* of the law.
That the secretary shall be#« I
Milch compensation as may be »#e‘ I
upon, and shall devote all of hisilm
while employed hy the associSqp'
and shall keep the ofllce open at »'
times during the irrigation sap*’ l
for the accommodation of the nteii
That the Hoard of Control the
hold meetings of its lmard atfU
times as in its judgment the
ties of the association may reqplr
and shall receive $ for
meeting attended. That the edkcu
live committee shall receive mu
compensation as the Hoard of Co;
trol shall deem proper for the dUm
actually consumed by it in the ■Jlb
charge of its duties.
On motion the resolution offers® bv
Porter Plumb was adopted by th
committee on organization, and i'
was ordered that a meeting of tie
water users under this system^ b*
called at Eckert, Colorado, on Hater
day. the ninth day of February, l*r
to receive the report of this cotn
Death of S. W. Phoenix.
Samuel W. Phoenix died at his bom*
on lower Surface Creek mesa Wednes
day evening after an illness extending
over several weeks. He was 70 year
old and had been a resident of lb*
county for eleven years. He leaves a
wife and one son. M. S. Phoenix. De
ceased is spoken of in the highest terft
by those who know him as a good dti
zen and a man universally well thought
of. Funeral services will be held to
day from the Fairview school house,
conducted by Rev. Davis. The body
will be interred in Mound cemetery.
On Feb. 10th special revi vial services will bejjin at the First
M. E. church, conducted by tlev. C. H. Allen of Denver. Every
body is cordially invited t< make their plans so as to be able to
hear him, and we are sure that you will enjoy the services. Let
us jfive him a prood hearing.
Will Have To Pump Some.
At the last meeting: of the Town Trus
tees Mr. Williford, line man for the
town’s water system, reported that the
apparent water supply will be insuffi
cient in about four weeks, which will he
the last of February or first of March.
Some pumping: will be necessary thru
out the month of March, but for only
part of each day. This will be a little
unpleasant for Delta people, as we have
become so accustomed to the delightful
quality of Doughspoon water that noth
ing else can be substituted without at
least causing us to frown more or loss.
That it will be necessary to pump at all
is no'fault of the city officials. They
had water pipe ordered and expected to
use it in tapping a large spring i."H)
feet from the main pipe line, but manu
facturers were slow in filling the order
in the first place and the railroads were
equally delinquent in delivering it. In
consequence of these delays the pipe
did not arrive until December and there
fore cannot be utilized until spring. The
large spring above referred to would
have given us an ample supply of water
thruout the winter.
The Bv>ard contemplate laying a pipe
line to springs at thu head of Alkali
creek, a distance of 2 l * miles nnd which
would add materially to the supply.
City officials are to be congratulated
on the good work accomplished during
the past year in perefecting the system
and that it will be necessary to pump
but part of the time for one month prior
to spring is due to their dilligence and
foresight and effort to make ample pro
vision to avoid such a contingency.
Local and Personal
Judge King is in Denver to attend
the Buchtel banquet.
Fifty acres of tomatoes will de grown
for the Austin canning factory.
T. H. and C. E. Mower bought 300
h»*ad of cattle from Tom Harshman.
The stork visited the home of H. G.
N’ida on Garnet mesa Wednesday, and
left a bouncing ten pound baby boy.
Prof. Dana will meet prospective pu
pils as per announcement, tomorrow,
Feb. 2, in the parlor of the Presbyterian
W. D. Comstock returned Monday
from Denver and other Eastern Slope
points where he enjoyed a visit with
numerous friends.
J. W. Eddings has resigned his po
sition as teamster for the town. Mr.
Eddings was recently appointed one of
the county road overseers.
G. W. Wilkins, of Denver, who has
!>een foreman of the Treasure mine at
Red mountain, visited over Sunday with
his mother, Mrs. A. E. Hyzer.
Gov. Buchtel has appointed David E.
Farr, of Walsenburg, state game and
fish commissioner and W. E. Comstock,
of Grand Junction, state boiler inspec
Mrs. J. W. Bourne,* of Eckert, has
been appointed a member of the state
forest commission. This honor is worth
ily bestowed. The position is one of
'•onsiderable responsibility.
The ladies Aid society of the M. E.
church will entertain Friday evening
Feb. Bth, at the home of Mrs. A. R.
King. An excellent musical program
Sunday Evening Program.
Following program will be rendered
by the Endeavor Society of the Chris
tian Church at the court house Sunday
evening: at 7:30 o’clock; same to take
place of regular preaching service.
Song by Congregation.
Invocation. l>r. Frothingham.
Paper. Miss Cope.
Quartet. Misses Linkletter and Keiffer
and Messrs Scofield and Keiffer.
Scripture reading. I. I. Keiffer.
Duet, Misses Wood and Trissel.
Recitation. Ida Linkletter.
Missionery Quotations.
Recitation. Ester Curtis.
Paper. Miss Middaugh.
Quartet. Misses Scofield and Williams.
and Messrs Tucker and Porter.
Recitation, Eva William.
Duet. Misses Williams ami Keiffer.
Recitation, Jay Scofield.
A. letter from Dr. Rioch. Damoh India.
Offering for the Damoh Orphanage.
Consecration Song.
The Surface Creek Fruit Growers!
Assn, paid a 3T> per cent dividend on its
capital stock for the season of HHKk It
would seem that such stock is mighty
good property. None of it can be own
ed except by fruit growers connected
with the Association and in that way
the business of finding a market and
disposing of each year’s crop is carried
on at actuul cost.
Get the habit of taking your meals
At the Home Cafe.
For Sale: - Some nice house furniture.
Enquire of J. W. Edmonds the jeweler.
Big Dividend.
has been arranged and light refresh
ments will be served. Members of
other churches and strangers espec
ially invited.
The Rev P. M. Wood will preach at
the Pea Green School House on next
Sunday night.
The Hotchkiss Herald is responsible
for the statement that L. W. Rood is
in Denver and seeks an appointment as
train auditor.
Lost —An emblamatic pin —Women
of Woodcraft—Sunday night on the
streets of Delta. Suitable reward will
be given for its return to this office.
The Misses Nutter entertained at
six o’clock dinner Wednesday evening
the following guests: Irwin Nutter,
Louie Benedict, Gerald Thayer and
Marshall Darley.
Steve Bailey left for Rhyolite, Nev.,
Tuesday, where he expects to remain
indefinitely and will work at the car
penter trade. Wages are said to be as
high as SB.OO per day.
Regular meeting of the Business
Men’s Assn, next Monday night at the
court house. Every member should be
present. Many things of vital local
im|Hjrtance to consider.
R. S. Kelso attended the cattle men’s
meeting and stock show in Denver la st
week. He says the exhibit of stock
was the finest he ever saw and that the
week was one of the most profitable
and pleasant he ever spent. It was an
unqualified success thruout.
The editor owes Dr. Miller a vote of
hanks for a magnificent box of White
Winter Pearmain apples and while the
Doctor says they will not be in prime
condition to eat for six weeks yet we
can assure him that they strike the spot
right now. If there is anything better
in the apple kingdom we have as yet
failed to run across it.
The fourth number of the Entertain
ment Course will be presented Thurs
day Feb. 7. The subject of Dr. De-
Motte’s lecture is, “Python Eggs and
the American Boy.’’ The management
requests that all patrons be in their
seats before 8:30, in order that the
lecturer may not be interrupted.
T*. V. ‘Hunt 4 Co. have their stock
re-arranged as per previous mention,
harness in building to the north, china
in room formerly occupied by the har
ness department and this gives room in
the main store for the regular line of
hardware. Hunt & Co. now have one
of the largest and best arranged stores
on the Western Slope.
E. J. Mathews says the report that
he is to take hold of a canning factory
at Grand Junction is true. Delta wants
1 him to get busy with the one here or to
build a new one and that is what may
happen. E. J. can look after a half
dozen factories, run his fruit farms and
build up a fine stock herd, all at one and
the same time and then not be very busy.
W. L. Holman, who made several
real estate purchases locally during the
past two weeks, has his name placed
|on the Independent list, the paper to
be sent to Garden City, Kansas, where
he has been making his headquarters
during the past two years, altho his
home is in Kansas City. Mr. Holman
is greatly impressed with the future
possibilities of this section and contem
plates coming here to reside perma
I W. H. Faulkner, of Fairfield, lowa,
and who has been in Delta for two
weeks, returned to his home yesterday
expecting to sell his interests there and
will return here to make his future
home. Mr. Faulkner is in the cement
block manufacturing and general con
crete business and we presume he con
templates engaging in the same line
I here. He filed on a desert claim which
lies above the North Delta canal and
expects to pump water from the canal !
to the land, also to catch some water j
in small reservoirs.
The year old baby of Mr. and
Mrs. A. S. Chrysler, who reside in •
North Delta, was the victim of a seri
ous accident, but at the same time a
most fortunate one. A wagon tongue
dropped on the child’s head and a bolt
penetrated thru the skull in the exact
center. To either side of this identical
spot the injury would probably have
been fatal, but fortune favored the lit
tle one and no serious consequences are
H. B. Holbrook is a booster of the
right sort. Monday morning bright
and early he telephoned down to have
the Independent sent to his brother.
J. H. Holbrook, Dußois. 111. and to C.
F. Hartman, Woodlawn. 11l , for three
months. These are for the good of the
cause subscriptions and if everybody
would follow Mr. Holbrook’s example
and invest a dollar in the same way our
country would gain a tremendous impe
tus from the advertising it would thus
lowans Purchase From W. 0. Ste
phens Property He Pre-Empted
From Government.
Same Gentlemen Secure Two Residence
Properties—Other Real Estate Deals
Including Several In North Delta.
J. M. and Harry Mathew who came
to Delta from Marengo, Iowa, have
made several heavy real estate invest
ments the past week. J. M. Mathew
I bought from W. O. Stephens 25 acres
on Garnet mesa for 8175.00 per acre.
Mr. Stephens pre-empted this land in
188(5 and paid the government $1.25 per
acre for it. Mr. Mathew also purchas
ed the Bryan Luce residence property
on Garnet mesa for $2,000, possesion to
be given March 1st.
Harry Mathew, son of J. M., bought
from Mrs. Mary Clark her residence
property on Dodge street, consisting of
lots 9 and 10 in block 29, consideration
$1050; possesion May 1.
The Messrs Mathew left for their
home in Iowa yesterday. They will
; ship a car of household and other effects
and with their families expect to be
back to Delta prior to March 1. These
gentlemen came here, together with J.
A. Rouse, two weeks ago. having been
interested in the valley by the editor of
the Independent with whom they have
had a personal acquaintance for many
The Messrs. Mathew are men of ster
ling worth and are representative of
the best citizenship of the community
in which they come from. Delta is to
be congratulated on their acquisition.
Walter Gallup has sold his residence
in North Delta but to whom we were
unable to learn.
| Minnie L. Haring sold her North Delta
residence, comprising six acres, to James
Hadsell for $1,000.
! G. W. Umbrell sold five acres of
! North Delta land. Particulars not ob
H. H. Wolbert has purchased from W.
II. McIntyre the vacant lot on Main
* street used by F. P. Hunt for imple
Mrs. Bivens sold her 200 acre farm
1 six miles south of Delta to Olathe par
ties for $10,000.
Joint Installation.
When members of Delta Camp W. O.
W. and its auxiliary. Vivian Circle
! No. 255. get together they constitute a
crowd. This was apparent at the joint
installation ceremonies Monday night
when fully 150 were present to witness
the installing of officers, partake of the
: good things to eat and join in the so
; cial festivities of the evening. The
1 Circle installed its officers first, the
work being done by the Guard Team in
a most creditable manner. The new
officers are. Carrie Bradley. P. G. N.;
Maggie Beckley. G. N.; Mrs. Koppe,
advisor; Hester Perkins, magician;
Vida Bouldin. clerk; Lillie Wilson, bank
! er; Mrs. Julia Smith, musician.
Woodman installed their officers next
as follows: W. L. Rutter, C. C.; L. E.
Dingman. advisor; H. W. Davis, bank
; er; Taylor Geer, clerk; S. M. Schilling,
escort; Walter Hall, watchman; H. D.
Davis, sentry.
i A guessing contest engaged attention
1 following the above cermony in which
i Louise Baughman captured first prize,
a minature ax and to Mrs. Bosse fell
t the booby prize, which was quite ac
! ceptable, being a sack of candy.
I An elegant supper was served, after
j which the remaining portion of the
| evening was devoted to games and
j dancing.
Another Big G$in.
Under date of Jan. 26th the First
National Bank of Delta renders a state
ment to the government which shows a
remarkable increase in assets and lia
bilities and moneys on deposit over the
statement of Nov. 12, 1906, less than
three months since. The showing of
Nov. 12 was a fine gain, but since then
the deposits have increased from $211,-
086.82 to$277,310.80, again of $66,223,98.
The assets and liabilities have grown
from $298,326.27 to $371,307.27, a gain
of $72,981.00. No more substantial in
dication of the rapidly increasing wealth
of the community could be made. See
the statement in this issue.
Delta Best Flour $1.10; your money
refunded by the Spot Cash if it is not
satisfactory. tf.

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