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Deadly Disaster in Las Animas County
Mine of Colorado Fuel Ji. Iron Com
pany—Frantic Woman and Chil
dren Looking for Lost Ones.
Denver.—A Trinidad special to the
Republican Wednesday night says:
One of the worst mine disasters which
has visited southern Colorado for a
year was an explosion in the mine of
the Colorado Fuel & Iron Company, at
Priraero, about 3 o’clock this morning,
which is believed to have caused the
death of twenty miners, the entire
shift, besides badly wrecking parts of
the mine.
The explosion was felt throughout
the camp rocking houses and causing
the inhabitants to believe that an
earthquake had visited that section,
and the populace, so rudely awakened,
fled terror stricken from their homes.
Kxeitement soon was Intense.
The latest information tonight is
that twenty men were In the mine
and it is the general belief that all
are dead.
At 7 o’clock to-night a total of four
bodies had been recovered, the name
of only one being given. He was Frank
Hobat. a miner, whose body was re
covered this morning near the main
entrance to the mine.
Among the known dead is R J. hum
icy, the fire boss, who is believed to
be the only American caught In the
disaster, the others being Italians and
The force of the explosion stopped
the fan which conveys air Into the
mine The main entrance is blocked
with a mass of rock and timber ns are
also the two air shafts which were the
only possible means of cscajH? for the
entombed men. had any of tin m been
fortunate < nough to have been alive
It is believed that those who were
not instantly killed were suffocated by
the afterdamp, as all means of escape
were cut off.
The mine in which the explosion oc
curred is known ns the North mine.
It being located north of the other
mines of that camp. I*ate to r.lcht the
mine had only been penetrated 200 feet
through the main entrance The work
of the rescue party Is most difficult.
I-arge boulders, some weighing several
tons, blocked the entrance Timbers
were broken like toothpicks, letting
down tons and tons of earth and other
Miners from nearby camps flocked
to the rescue of their fellow.workmen
at the first news of the disaster and
as a result several hundred men are
on the ground ready to render all ns
si stance possible. News of the explo
sion went quickly tbrutish the ramp
this morning and within a few minutes
the main entrance wns surrounded
with frnntlc women and chlldien look
ing for their husbands, brothers, fath
era and sons Many of the women In
their excitement attempted to nsslst
the miners in gaining entrance to the
mine, but they soon saw that their
efforts were futile nnd then it slowly
dawned upon them that all in the mine
were dead. The scenes were pitiful.
Offer Made to Pupil* of Colorado Pub
lie Schools.
Denver. —A committee appointed by
tin* Sons of the Revolution has issued
a proclamation announcing its four
teenth annual offering to the students
of the public schools 1n Colorado, of
three prizes, one of gold, one of silver
and one of bronze, for the most meri
torious original essay, the subject this
year being "Colonel Ethan Allen: His
Services in the American Revolution.",
The essays should contain not less
than 1776 nor more than 1907 words,
and must bo delivered to the commit
tee on or beforo April 5, 1907. Prises
will be publicly awarded by the gov
ernor of Colorado April 19th (Losing
ton Day) at Denver.
The committee consists of C. Valen
tino Kirby, 1446 Emerson afreet, Den
ver; Gcorgo RodeU Vosburg, D.D.. and
Ralph Voorheos. All essays should ho
mailed or delivered to Chairman
Katherine L. Craig, superintendent
of public instruction, personally re
quests eotinty superintendents, ’prin
cipals and teachers to co-operate In
Inducing their pupils to compete for
the prizes.
Interstate Commerce Commission's
Work st Denver.
Denver. —The nature of Commla-
Hloner A. C. Prouty’s remarks Just be
fore adjourning the hearing of Denver
business interests until next April on
tho question of unreasonableness of
rnllroad rates now before tho Inter
state Commorco Commission, plainly
Indicated to those who heard him that
tho commission is contemplating a re
adjustment of rates for tho entire
country from Chicago and tho Missis
sippi westward.
Tho keystones In this prospective re
adjustment aro Denver. Snlt Lake City,
Butte and Spoknno. Tho decision ef
fecting the entire western country will
hlngo on tho Denver and Spokane
cnees, which will como up for final
hearing and decision before the com
mission in Washington on Juno 3d of
this year. Commissioner Prouty made
It quite apparent that ho believes that
Denver and certain other western
points have been discriminated against
and that relief will bo given.
More Earthquakes at Kingston.
Kingston.—Two earthquake shocks,
the heaviest sinco the destructive ones
of January 14th,.were felt here at 2
o'clock Wednesday afternoon. Several
buildings were thrown down, and there
was great alarm among the people. No
one waa injured.
Oil of the White Pine Tree Used Suc
cessfully by Physicians in Treat
ing Consumptive Patients.
The Oil of the Pine Tree Is sup
posed to be the balm of Scripture. It
contains great medicinal properties
and was regarded wltn the utmost
esteem by the ancients, and to the
present day is peculiarly prized by
the people of the East.
A noted authority on diseases of the
throat and lungs, who established a
camp for consumptives in the Pine
Woods of Maine, says that his entire
treatment consisted of fresh air,
nourishing food and the Pure Virgin
Oil of the White Pine Trees, mixed
with Whisky and Glycerine in the fol
lowing proportions:
Virgin Oil of Pine (Pure). . y a oz.
Glycerine 2 “
Good Whisky 8 "
Used in teaspoonful doses every four
It is claimed the above mixture will
heal and strengthen the lungs, break
up a cold in twenty-four hours, and
cure any cough that is curable.
The ingredients can be secured
from any good prescription druggist
at small cost, and can be easily mixed
in your own home.
Virgin Oil of Pine (Pure) is put up
only in half-ounce vials for dispensing
Each vial is securely sealed in a
round wooden case with engraved
wrapper with the name—Virgin Oil
of Pine (Pure), prepared only by
Leach Chemical Co.. Cincinnati. O
plainly printed thereon. There are
many rank imitations of Virgin Oil
of Pine (Pure), which are put out
under various namoF. such as Con
centrated Oil of Pine. Pine Pal
sum. etc. Never accept these as a
substitute for the Pure Virgin Oil of
Plnr. as they will invariably produce
nausea and never effect the desired
Berth Was Reserved.
Franklin K. Lane, interstate com
merco commissioner, went west last
week. He wanted to reserve a berth
from Chicago to Minneapolis He
wired the request and this reply came
back: "Can't do it. Interstate com
mcrce commission will not allow it "
He fired a wire back reading "By
what authority do you say interstate
commerce commission will not allow
you to reserve a berth in a sleeping
car?" The Pullman agent answered
"Py the authority of a recent ruling ”
Mr. Ijine was Interested by this time
and he telegraphed: "I am a member
of the interstate commerce commis
sion and am not familiar with the rul
ing. Give me a reference." And a
short time afterward ho received thie
telegram: "Berth reserved."
Life Without Mind.
The possibility of life without mind,
while not subject to positive proof, is
a theory that has gained considerable
strength recently through Its advocacy
hv I)r. L. Laloy. librarian of the
Academy of Sciences. Paris. He be
lieves that many of the smaller living
organisms, such ns Insects, are mere
moving machines, having no £M>re in
telligence than may be ascribed to
plants. He refers to the well known
fact that insects nre attracted by light,
often to their own destruction, and as
cribes it to tho same cause that in
clines the plant to grow toward the
Confederate Congressmen.
Fifteen meji are known to be still
alive who served as confederate con
gressmen—John Goode and Roger A.
Pryor. Virginia; A. S. Colyar. J. D. C.
Atkins. Joseph B. liefskcl and John V.
Wright, Tennessee; Hiram P. Bell.
Georgia; Henry C. Jones, Florida;
James L. Pugh. Alabama; S. B. Calla
han, Indian Territory; J. A. P. Camp
bell. Mississippi;; S. H. Ford. Ken
tucky; W. H. Tibbs. North Carolina.
Makes Trouble for People with Weak
Intestinal Digestion.
A lady In a Wls. town employed a
physician who Instructed her not to
eat white bread for two years. She
tells the details of her sickness and
sho certainly was a sick woman.
"In tho year 1887 I pave out from
overwork, and until 1901 I remained
nn Invalid in bed a great part of the
time. Had different doctors but noth
ing seemed to help. I suffered from
cerebro-splnal congestion, female trou
ble and serious stomach and bowel
trouble. My husband called a new
doctor and after having gone without
any food for 10 days tho doctor or
dered Grape-Nuts for me. I could eat
tho new food from tho very first
mouthful. Tho doctor kept me on
Grape-Nuts and tho only medicine
was a little glycerine to heal the
alimentary canal.
"When I was up agnln doctor told
mo to ent Grape-Nuts twice a day and
no white bread for two years. I got
well In good time and have gained in
strength so I can do my own work
"My brain has been helped so much,
and 1 know that tho Grape-Nuts food
did this, too. 1 found I had been
made ill boenuso I was not fed right,
that Is I did not properly digest white
broad and some other food 1 trlod to
Mve on.
"I have never beon without Grape-
Nuts food since and oat it every day.
You may publish this letter -If you like
•o it will help' someone else." Name
given by Postura Co., Battle Creek,
Mich. Get tho little book, "The Road
to Wellvllle," m pkgs.
Five Weeks in Bed With Intensely
Painful Kidney Trouble.
Mrs. Mary Wagner, of 1367 Kossuth
avenue, Bridgeport, Conn., says: “I
was so weak-
ened and gener
ally run down
with kidney dis
ease that for a
long time I could
not do my work
and was five
weeks in bed.
There was con
tinual bearing
down pain, ter
rible backaches,
headaches and
at times dizzy spells when everything
was a blur before me. The passages
of the kidney secretions were Irregu
lar and painful, and there was con
siderable sediment and odor. I dou't
know what I would have done but
for Doan's Kidney Pills. I could see
an improvement from the first box,
and five boxes brought a final cure.”
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Milbum Co.. Buffalo, N. Y.
Rajah’a Unique Conveyance.
While amphibious vehicles are not
in themselves a novelty, it is safe to
declare the combination conveyance
just built in England for an Indian
maharajah as absolutely unique. The
body, shaped like a boat and painted
in rainbow hues in accordance with
eastern ideas’of color, is hung upon
a four-wheeled skeleton carriage.
While intended by its owner as a state
carriage, it may be used on occasions
as a state boat, as the body can be
unslung and converted into an electric
launch. The skeleton carriage is
about 15 feet long and is provided
with four rubber-tired wheels. There
is a seat for a driver and room for
four in the boat-shaped coach. The
total weight of the outfit is less than
one ton.
A woman gets almost as much sat
isfaction out of a good cry as a man
does out of a "smile.”
"women suffer
Jf'.i7 / \wu m. v women suffer in silence and I
//// Y\ drift: • t:g from bad to worse, know- I
II j \ " that they ought to have
jf I V| \\u Hou many women do you know
I [ J2»| 1 111 jH-rfeotly well and strong?
II l v J J Jjl Ti • tuse may be easily traced to
111 \ j 111 some • tninme derangement which
\\\ \ / 7 J I manif*' , s itself in depression of
y\ V / I' JIJI spirit' r* luctance to go anywhere
v\ \ .'/ L .. jHI or do : thing, backache, dragging
\\\ / . J// sensa - :.s. llatulency. nervousness,
\ _ / Th* •• symptoms are but warnings
X J that th«re is danger ahead, and un- I
less Heeded, a life of suffering or a
. -CTCX-. serioi operation is the inevitable
11SS JULIE FLORENCE WALSH result The best remedy for all
these symptoms is
Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound
made from native roots and herbs. No other medicine in the country has
received such widespread and unqualified endorsement. No oth^*-medi
cine has such a record of cures of female ills.
Miss .1. F. Walsh, of 328 W. 30th St . New York City, writes: —“Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound l as been of inestimable value in
restoring my health. I suffered fntu female which caused
dreadful headaches, dizziness, and dull pain nmy back, but vour I
medicine soon brought about a change in my general condition, built
me up and made me perfectly well.”
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Con.t'onnd cures Female Complaints,
such as Backache, Falling and Displacement*. Inflammation and Ulcera
tion, and organic diseases. It is inval able in preparing for child-birth
and during the Change of Life. It cure*- Nervous Prostration, Headache,
General Debility, and invigorates the whole system.
Mrs. Pinkham’s Standing Invitation to Women
Women suffering from any form « ' female weakness are invited to
write Mrs. Pinkham. at Lvnn*, Moss. Her advice is free.
fi>r Cou gli. Cold, Croup, Jrft * J|
' Sore Throat, Stiff
1 Rheumatism and
Neuralgia / • k[j£*:*\
At all Dealers !’•
Prfce 25c SQo 6/100
'Sloan's Book on Horses
Cattle, Hogs & Poultry
Address Dr. Earl S. Sloan /I
m WtWßttfWP. Of tfca IHnii al acoartasat iml! «w< fcy r siM wtM4. _
H ioNE PAIO A OUT TILL tamiali twir MM* lattsn »a MsHaaHaa. T|| I A|||C|
■ ■ ■■■ ■•# ruNIITAM A. Ml MAS 'Oil Oak St., Kansas City, Mo., and I ILL IfUIIEV
_ Pains at the waist, back, front, or side, are nearly sure proof of female trouble.
4i Some other signs are headache, pressing down pains, irregular functions, restless
aA T ness, cold limbs. nervousness, etc. Thesecpains may be allayed, the system braced
Xa w and the womanly functions regulated by the use of
the Wine of Cardui
Mrs. Annie Hamilton, of Stetsonville, Wis., writes: “Cardui saved me
TIT • e from the grave after three (3) doctors had failed to help me. It is a good medicine
U1 kJT 1 and I recommend it to all suffering women.” For safe at all druggists, in $1 bottles.
W W U,L|3L ItfIUTC lie A I CTTCI> Write today for a free copy of valuable 64-i«a*e Illustrated Book for w omen . If you need Medical Ad
™ llflfl I r ll\ A I r I ITK vke. describe your symptoms, statinsage. and reply will be sent tn plain sealed envelope. Address:
ww UJ n ■ 1 Ladies Advisory Dept.. The Chattanooga Medicine Co.. Chattanooga. Tenn.
rt ■ \ m KAnFn.Ess nvp.s mior «i.
*■ as much is any other dve and
cost the same. 10c per package. I
v a ir.an would rather part
his than part with it.
A .1 V h ItKoMw (,min,n«* I at> eta. I>ni|r
«*" V i ii. i.e- . .i la, s : , c.i e. 1- W
on eiscn boi. V&c,
I- ' It strange that men who brag
alv brng about something that
doc interest you in the least?
G ! Tea ithe Herb remedy which i« 1
Gu ■•• 1 under the Hurt* Komi and
Pr ,: w i should l*e taken to regulate
the KVinoys. stomach and bowels,
and purify the blood.
F e day a long-suffering genius
wil vent a safety razor with a pho
no? i h attachment —then it will be
good b.- for the garrulous barber.
Why She Suffered.
"Y**! she is a woman who has suf
fer* i a great deal because of her be
"I-.deed! And what Is her belief?”
*‘d 'at she can wear a No 3 shos
on a No. 6 foot —Royal Magazine.
How’s This?
We “■ * One Hundred I> diara Reward for any
%'arrti tuai iuljl be cured by iia . •
Citt .rt.
F J. CITE SKY A CO.. Toledo. O
W* • anderatgned. ka->wn K. J. Ch'-orjr
fort year- and be.trre hltu perfectly hon
or**' * i txiatne-a transaction# and Cuanc.al y
able . • y out any tr.ade by LU firtn.
W'aLmmo. Ki>.i»n 4 Maiviv.
Wb ,e»a:e I>rujrg:*t«. ioiedo O.
Ha • \tarrh Cure la taken lntem»::y. acting
dire. n me b. oodand mucou* »urf%< e* of tfce
•yatr -ri.-.onla# aent free. l*r*.ce 75 cclj per
bott -t.» all Pruuuiata.
Ta. « » f arul.T 1':... I< r eon»t!;>a:!oo.
Developing the Sudan.
Th r * is talk in England of the pro
pose ievelopment of the natural te
soun.**- of the Sudan through scien
tific exploration. Immense forests
line hanks of the Blue Nile along
Its u;;*r reaches, extending to the
Aby -r. m frontier. The ebony tree
Is it- • with along that river and also
near Sobat. Along the White Nile
the :r. : a rubber creeper, a valuable
sour f rubber, abounds. There are
large • ests in the Rahr-el-Ghazal
prov o and gold has been mined in
some f the mountains. Search will
be made for fuel.
p For Infanta and Children.
AVteelablePreparationforAs- In
similalinglhcFoodandEegula- * _ , W
Unglheslamactisa«ll3owelsof BeHTS IXIO 1
IMMlii. g A/A
Promotes Digeslion-Choerlul- Lg 0 f J li/*
ness andßest Contains neillier g] W Jf ,
Opium.Morplime nor Mineral. j§j vl
n-sAKiUPtruajt ■ I\ AV
fampJcM Seed' n IBi %
Mx Smvui • | 9| LA _
( 1 a ¥\% In
? 1(\ |J|» HI
I m T || o Q
Aperfcd Remedy forConslipa- I\| IV UO U
Ron, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea I 1 jJ"
Worms.Convutsions.Fevrnsh- • I fT Pay
ness and Loss OF SLEEP. 1 yy l lUI UVul
Facsimile of __
iSfSS I Thirty Years
▼wc ecßrawa CMMmr. mw nm errv.
« JEr Yh can always depcad Iks wearing qaailf y S
af Mayer wark akscs for all uses and in all kinds of ijß
Built valid, of selected and aeaaoned leather,
they are bv far the best work shoes for Farmers, -rB
EZljPy Miners, Pr aspect ors, L amber men. Mechanics, and
BWHy Varkiag Men to wear. I > A
Mayer “Work Shoes” like all Mayer shoes
BBRr are boffl an kanor and wear like Iran, Get them from
W:t ) rour dealer, but ke sare the Mayer trade-mark appears
For a “drew-up” shoe wear the “ Honorbilt"y^^H^^^^l ; 'U!
Shoe CK&gM l
A substitute for and superior to mustard or any other plaster, and will not
blister the most delicate skin. The pa:n-aliavtng and curative qualities of
the article are wonderful. It will stop the toothache at once, and relieve
Headache and Sciatica. We recommend it as the best and safest external
counter-irritant known, also as an external remedy for pains in the chest
and stomach and ail Rheumatic. Neuralgic and Gouty complaints. A trial
will prove what we claim for it. and it will be found to be ifivaluable in the
household and for children. Once used no family will be without it. Many
people say “it is the best of all your preparations.” Accert no preparation
of vaseline unless the same carries our labe’. as otherwise it is not genuine.
are not an expert-
but proper culti^^^H
ration, titer assure
from the start. Users hare no
M doubts at planting: cor disap*
pointments at harvest. Get
for bimit, surest, best crop* W
at all dealers. Famous for over J
50 years. IVOI »—d Avkmmml
free on request.
M. FIRRY Sl CO.,^H f§§
thing advertised in
Its columns should insist upon having
what they ask tor. refusing ail suosti
tutes or im.iahons.
In cmt *»rl»ly for Ml* at th« lo*frt prior* by
a. rminwi wumnhco.,ll w. au. si., nanan
PATENTS ssi w «saK: ‘k&tfsi
Tkoapson't Eye Water
W. N. U., DENVER. NO. 4. 1907.

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