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When we started people brought
their drugs elsewhere; now they
buy of us. We have convinced
them that it is an all round saving
and we always keep up this
“In ItutiincsK fur Your Henltb. '
Two uortli of tin posioffin-.
Both Phones. Call Us Up.
FINDLEY. DUFFIELD Editor and Owner.
Entered at the postoffice in Delta, Colorado,
as second class mail matter.
Fifty cents, per angle column inch, per month. Insertions
of one week, only. I 5 cents per inch.
Display ads changed every two weeks without eatra
charge Jweekly changes 5 cents per inch additional
Copy for change of ads should he supplied not later than
Wednesday noon to insure appearance.
Locals, 5 cents per line each issue; to tranaents 10 cents
per line for first issue. 5 cents per line each subsequent inser
tion. Headed locals 10 cents per line for the head.
Obituaries printed for flat rate of SI.OO. obituary poetry
5 cents per line additional; card of thanks 30 cents; resolu
tions of condolence 5 cents per line
Railroad Legislation.
Denver K«*i'uhlk - nn.
Every Republican in the Six
teenth General assembly is pledg
ed by the state platform and by
many of the county platforms in
favor of remedial railroad legisla
tion on the lines laid down in the
federal measure applicable to in
terstate commerce. This law
was made possible through the
strength of the president and the
faith reposed in him by all the
people. It is rare, indeed, to find
a legislative body passing such a
far-reaching measure as the bill
in question in times of such great
prosperity. Domestic history
proves that legislation of this
kind oftenest comes in times of
Colorado’s legislature, two
thirds Republican, is in duty
bound to uphold the party plat
form and pass a measure that
will give shippers relief from the
railroad pool. Such a law should
not be extreme; neither should it
be a dummy useful to supply po
litical jobs. The knowledge that
an effective measure is on the
statute books would have a good
effect. When the railroad com
panies fail to provide cars to
move pressing freight; when a
community is being discrimated
against; when a rate on a given
commodity is to high; or when a
railroad corporation permits its
line to fall into dangerous condi
tion, the railroad commission
clothed with authority is at hand
to grant relief.
There is also need for a meas
ure that will better guard the
safety of the traveling public.
The nation, if not callous, has
been shocked of late with trage
dy following tragedy on the rail
roads. Such superficial evidence
as has been adduced in the rush
has shown that many of these ac
cidents, so-called, were prevent
able; that they were caused by
carelessness on the part of over
worked employes or through an
inefficient system. In the past
Colorado has not been wholly free
from such horrors, that might
have been prevented by proper
supervision of the roads and
equipments. The crying evil of
conducting Western railroads
from one focal point in Wall
street accentuates the demand
for sound, practical, effective
state legislation.
Already, in the Colorado legis
lature, the railroad corporations
are busy. To our thinking, they
are short-sighted. The assembly
now in session is a representative
body of men. A larger percent
age than usual is from the busi
ness world. A business man is
not an enemy of railroads. If
anything, he is inclined to be
It would be much better for all
concerned to have the railroad
companies unite with the business
world and have sound laws pass
ed at this time, when the state is
prosperous and anxious to re
main so. But the portents do
not evince such broad minded
' ness. The ablest of the corpora
tion lobbyists are on the ground.
Preliminaries are being arranged
to block all railroad legislation
that could be accepted by the
party as satisfaction for its plat
i form pledge. It is being arrang
| ed to have senate and house dis
agree: to have conservative and
! radical in a deadlock. The ex
|tremist will be extreme for a
j purpose. Not one word will be
j heard against railroad legislation.
There will be a singular and
dangerous unanimity about the
abstract need of it. But a dead-1
lock is being prepared neverthe- i
! less.
It is time that the Republican
leaders entered the arena. To be
forewarned is to be forearmed, j
The senate of the United States j
1 has passed a service pension bill
giving every survivor of the Civil
war over the age of 62 years a |
pension of sl2 per month, to be
increased to sls at the age of 65
and S2O at the age of 70. This is
a material increase over the pres
ent pension rates. The house :
will undoubtedly pass the bill and
it will become a law. Pension
Commissioner Warner estimates
that the bill will add $15,000,000 i
to the pension expenditure. But
the increase will not be for a
great while. In the year that
ended June 30 last 36,000 pen
sioners died. For the first time
since the war the decrease in the
pension roll exceeded the in
crease. The whole number of
pensioners is a little below one
million. The death rate will in
crease rapidly. The average age
of survivors of the Union army
is 66. Many are past 70. The
country will endorse this service
pension. The men who perserv
ed the Union are the men who
laid the foundation for our coun
try’s prosperity. They cannot
be overpaid. Des Moines Capi
Thos. F. Walsh has closed his
Washington residence, ’tis said
permanently and will make his
home in Colorado. Accompanied
by his family he is now in Europe.
Everybody has a wonder coming
and most of them will wonder if
Thomas is not permitting the
senatorial bee to buzz in his bon
net. That often makes perman
ent residents out of otherwise
temporary ones.
Tuesday, Jan. 29, was carna
tion day, so named in honor of
1 the birthday of Wm. McKinley.
j Applications For Grazing Permits.
I Notice in hereby glvn that ull application* for
permit* to graze cattle. bom** ami “h***p within
the Ulicompnbifrc Font*! lUw-rvr during the
a*«in of 1907, must In- ti 1«-1 in my ofticMiit Delta,
Olio . *>ii or before Ft'liy. I*. 1907. Full Informa
tion in reganl to the j r»i r ing feen to la- charged.
I ami blank form* to ta* twd in making applica
tion. will la? furn)*h»-l ujatn re«tue-i
I*t pub. Jan. IT*. la*L pub. Fall. IMT7,
Applications For Grazing Permits.
! Notice 1m hereby given that n’l application* for
, tiermitn to irraze raule and horwn within the
battlement M»~a Fornat R*-«-rvi- during the
aea*on of 1907, must la- tiled in iny office at t’oll
bran. f>>lo., oil or la-for> March 1, 11*07. Full in
formation in r'ganl to tin- grazing fee* to la.-
churifed. and blank forniß to la? u-4«1 in making
application, will la- furninhed n|am requeat.
1-f pub. Feb. 1: laat pub, Fi-b 2H-I/7.
Proposals for Sealed Bids.
We will receive sealed bids for haul
j ing lumber from Darling’s saw mill
to what is known as the well, or trans
fer, and also separate bids for hauling
from well or transfer to Delta for the
year of 1907. All bids to be in by six
o’clock February Bth, 1907, and will be
opened and contracts awarded Feb. 9th,
1907. We reserve the right to reject
any and all bids. For further particu
lars inquire of L. D. Hauser, Mgr.
Ind. Lbr. Co., Delta. 51-62
Notice to Stockholders.
Notice is hereby given that there will
j be a special meeting of the stockholders
of the Delta County Fruit Growers’
Assn to be held on Wednesday, the 20th
day of February, 1907 at2o’clock, p. m.
at the fruit house in Delta. Object of
said meeting is to vote on the question
of amending the articles of incorpora
tion so as to increase the capital stock
of said corporation to fifty thousand
Geo. S. Conklin,
Ist. pub. Jan. 18; last pub. Feb. 15, 'O7.
Wanted, by a woman, place to keep
house and cook; will cook for several
men. Box 282, Montrose*, Colo.
To Win. Shaver. owner of L>ta 7. h and 9; to
Mnry K. Stephens, owner of Lot 10; to George H.
Whitclnw. owner of Lit 11: to 11. K. Fergusou,
owner of I ait 12; to Jniues Arthur, ihhjit of Lot
13; to Li*>ttc Hursf. owner of Lot 14; and toJ.K.
Sanders and II H. Wolliert, owners of Lots ift
and Hi. all in Bhs-k 14 of the original pint of the
I town of Delta, and
To the First National Hank of Delta, owner of
Lit I: to 11. F. William*. owner of lad. 2; to
George Wilson. owner of 1.0 l 3; to Hilda A.
Jolliers, on tier of Lots 4, ti and 12; to \V. G. Simp,
son. owner of Lit to'Hen S. Gliccn, owner
of Lot 7; to I. M. MrMurray, owner of Lit H; to
John S. Robinson, owner of Lit 9; to 1. M. Conk
lin, owner of Lot In; to W. B. Btockham, All»ert
11. StoekliHta and Aniiu It. Storklinm. owners of
L*t ll; to Frank D. Ilerrlek. owner of Lot 13; to
K. ( Hist, owner of lad 11; and to John K. Hill—
limn, owner of lot* !■*« and 16 all iu Hhs'k Fif
teen of the original Flat of the town of Delta,
To F. I*. Shields, owner of Lots 1 and 2; to John
Reilly, owner of Lit 3; to Delta Lslge No. lift. I.
O. <). F.. owner of lads 4 and ft; to John C. Dale. !
owner of lads tt, 7 10 and 11; to the McKernm In- I
vest incut t'oiniuitiy and to \V. 11. Mclntyre, i>wn
cr» of I ait aM. 9. 14 and 10; to Millard FHirlainh.
owner of Lit I.’; to L. A. Hick, owner of north
| half of Lit 13; to Irvine Hunter, owner of south
! half of Ld 13; and to Anna Hopkins, owner of
Ilot IS. all of Bhs-k lit of the original pint of said 1
town, and.
To John Davis, ow ner of Lot 1: to W. H. Stew
art. ow ner of L>t 2; to W. F. Hornsby and W. K.
I Johnson, owners of Lit* 3 and 4; to Antei Hop-'
kill**, owner of Lit* ft nnd 6; to Mercy I*. Mont
gomery, owner of Lit 7: to Minnie Cmlser, own
er of Lit* s. 9 and I**: to K F. Williams, owner
ot Lds II and 12; and to O. I*. McCartney, owner
of Lits 13, 14. Ift mid lfi. all of Block 17 of the
original plat of the town of Delta; and
I To Dossil* K Kellogg, owner of Lits 1. 2. 3 and
I 4: to Sarah K. Singleton, owner of Lds ft and 6.!
to Kelso and Singleton, owners of Lit 7; to R. M. 1
Kelso, owner of Lits a and V; to lads |. Kelso,;
owner of Lds 10 and 11; to (Camilla M. Sanders,
owner <>f Lds 12 and 13; and to Aden H. CrnhiH,
owner of Lds 11. I.'i and lfi. all of Hlork is of toe
original plat of the town of Delta; and
To the Church of Christ, Ixdta, owner of n tri- '
angular tract of land railed “A 'ln Plat "ll of
Delta lownxite, ami
To Helen A. Stephan, owner of the coat I2fi feet
of Lih K, 7, \ !* and IU and to Ktiima St a third. :
owner of the west 2ft feet of LAs H. 7, K, w and lu,
and to I. M. Mr. Murray, owner of Lits 11 and 12.
all of Hlork 6of l’lat •‘lt of IH-lta townsite. and
To Mattie 1.. Hall, owner of L»t "c and Lit
11. to Margaret A. King, owner of Lit-s 12 and I?
to Mary O Conner, owner of Lite 14. I.T and lfi; to
Joseph K. Farmer, owner of Lits 17 awl 1*; to C.
K. Wetzel, owner of Lit "e : and to It. 11. Norton
and Lillie K. Wilson, owners of a tract of land
"ft x IV) feet at the southwest corn* r of said
block, all in Block II of Hat It of Delta town- .
sit*-; and
To the Denver and Rio Drnndi Kailr-ed Com
pany, owner of the right of way of the Denver A
RIo (iramle Railroad abutting along the north
west side of Katon A venue and extending os far
as the de|sd ol said company at Delta, Colorado.
You are leTehy nottlled that in pursuance of a
certain resolution of the Hoard of Trustee* of the
Town of Delta. Colorado, pussed and approved
the 24th day of January. HtU7. that the following
described cement sidewalk district tins lieeu es
tablished ami shall Is* known a- Cemcut Hide
walk District No. 2 of the Town of iXdta, Colora
do. to-wit .
L> 1* 7to 16. Loth inclusive of Block 14, and
L*l* I to l*>. Ixitli inclusive, of Blocks |ft, |6. 17 .
and I* of tlie original plat of the Town of Delta
also said tract called "A and the lots in Block »>
and 11. all of flat "ll of Delta Townsite almt- 1
ting on the northwest side of Katnu Avenue, and
that |<nrt of the right of way of the Denver A K'lw
Grande Railroad Company on the northwest
side of Katon Avenue extending a* far as tic de
pot of said company at Delta . and the cement
sidewalks in said district shall la; constrict' ! a*
follows, to-wit ;
The cement sidewalk* shall be constructed
along tin- Main .Street front of 'Hid lots, and sliall
Is* twelve feet iu width along Hlueks ti, l-*i .md
16. and six feet iu width for the remainder, -md
Constructed oil the following specifications, to
wit: Hald walks shall have a tmnvcr** sloj*- of
oia-fourth Inch to the f«*»t and shall l»c laid to
the lines defined hy ordlniitien and the lilies Slid
grades given by the town. The walka in Hlork*
14, L*i and 16 shall adjoin the oust line ol wild lot*,
and In all other |«uis the inner line of -aid side
walk shall Is- eighteen inches from the east ml#
of said lot*. The ground shall Is* excavated ten
inches Isdow the surface of the fliiMo-d walk,
and the surface of the subgrode arell and evenly
rammed and com|*aeted with a llfty pound Imin
mer. On the suligrndc shall Is* laid a founda
tion of course, clean gravel and sand six inches
in thickness, wldeh must Ire thoroughly rammed
when wet to secure a compuct and aolld fotindn
ion. Upon this foiiudatioii a layer of com-ret*,
three inches In thlcknc** alter compression shall
lie luld, composed by*bulk of fine part cement,
three isirts clean, sharp sand, and live |x<rt«
broken stone or gravel. Ui*m this concrete '.use
shall Ire spread a coat of cement mortar one Inch
thick, for a wearing surface, and spread on the
concrete liase as sfsru as the same is properly
tain|>ed and Itcfore it lias ls*gun to set. It must
Is* quickly and evenly spread and trowelled (•■ a
srmsitl: surface conforming t«» the proper grade
•md slop. Along Blocks 14. I.'i and 16. the
ground shall Is: excavated twelve indue in
depth and the layer of concrete shall Is* five
inches in thickness after compression.
The surface of the sidewalk. Irefore mortar '-.•ts.
shull Is* cut evenly and regularlv Into (docks four
feet by four feet along Hbrcks 11. Ift nnd 16 and
three feet by three feet for the remainder of -aid
sidewalk. The gutters shall Ire constructed hr
the town at Its sole expense along Hha:ks it, |A
and 16. and in accordance with the plans ado)*-
ted hy resolution of said town.
Tin- prohahle cost per f<*>t. as -hown by the es
timates of the Town Knginecr, is nineteen eenta
l**r M|uare foot of said sidewalk In Blocks 11, |ft
and 16 and seventeen ami one-half cents per
square f*>ot of said sidewalks for the remainder.
'I lie cost of constructing said sidewalk shall be
payable in one Installment within thirty day* af
ter the istssage and approval and publication of
the assessing ordinance ami the said payment for
said public Improvement may. at the election of
the owner of any of mid property, he payable iu
two cfpial installment* with aix per cent added
for the costs of collection, inspection and Inci
dental expenses nnd with Interest on the unpaid
priucijsil at the rate of six |s r cent per annum,
and any and all dellmpient payments on unpaid
Installments shall liear Interest at the rate of one
per cent per month from the time wild install
ment liecomcH delinquent until jsiPL
Yon are further notified that on Thnnday,
March 7th, lIM7, at eight o’dock l\ M., the Iksird
of Trustees will finally coiishler, at their regular
place of meeting in said town, an ordinance or
resolution ordering the said sidewalks construc
ted In said district. That, the map *f wild dis
trict prepared hy flie Town Knginecr with the
estimate and schedule of said Town Knginecr
showing the HiiiuinitN to Is- assessed against each
ami every tract of land in wild Cement, Sidewalk
District and all resolutions and proceeding*, are
•hi llle with and cun Is- seen and examined by
any person Interested, at the office or the Town
Clerk In said town. at. any I line lietwecii date of
publlratfon hereof ami March 7th, IMU7, ami that
all complaints and objections that may be
.‘"wrillnif, presenteill to said Town
Clerk by the owner or owncrxgof any real eslble
in -said district concerning the said public im
provement*, will be heard and determined by
said Board of rnistocx la-fun- final action by It
ordering such cement sidewalks built.
Datcil at IK-Ita, Colorado, January 24,191J7.
Town Clerk aud llccontor.
Notice of execution Sale.
Notice In hereby «iven that bv virtue
vLJSf""r' u# «l«ree*«.t fro,,, the IM*t
, '»*“« of Colorado,
duted January 4tj, a. D. m»7. in a certain
ranhc Wherein Alice M. Fisher i« i-lalutin,
M „.‘l Joseph Kishur is dcYepdfiut.
execution bcliu; ii|m>ii a certain judir
"ii-ut in saiil IhHtriett ourt wherein the iMtytnenl
ol thnaniuor J»u« thousand Ih.liars and cost*.
mljwliiMlil» plaintit! Haul list d.-fondant for ali
""•ny and danniKcs. was adjudged to la* a lieu
iijM.n the premises di'scrilml i„ plaimin s eon,
H"'l here,natter deHcrlbcif. 1 have on this
111,, 'lay ol January, i. 1). |«u7. levied i pon the
followtux MeseritH.il premise* i,|h.u which Maid
jiulKment indebtediieen wan charged, and will on
1 needs). the fttli. day of t’ebruary, A. I*. M*i7, at
'r M oTT ° oI Y«* A M.. •*« f"»nt door
..f the < ourt I lons*, in the Town ..r Ik lta. t ouu-y
, ..I Della and Ht.ite of Colorado. sell at puhlit
aartlon to the highest and »x:*t bidder for (rash
the said iTo|«erty, or so inueli thereof as may In*
neeeHsary toHatlafy the said executio . und eiists
..f sale, whirl, said pni|ierty is described as fol-
I lows, tie wit:
Hour auioh, more or less, l*>*;ii,„iiu; at a ixtint
.I. feet east of the Northwest corner ufbit Three
:t Section Seven (7). Township Fifteen (15,
, >outh. Mature Ninety-live ,!♦:») West of the glxlli
I M., thence south :t| rods, thence east ly rods
""•nr,; ""rth 111 ij.li. tliraeu »i-t 111 rm|. dour
north line ol said Lit Three to place of l>e«fluui!Ut
I and all ditrh and water rights Used in its irriua
",on. Inclndiiuf one share of the capital stock ol
! the Hartland Ditch <'oiopmiy.
Alm» that |H>rtion of Lot Thru*, 1.1), Section
I Seven (71. Township Fifteen (IN) South, Uan«e
Ninety-tire (:r..) West of tue Sixth I*. M.. more
I'artieiilarly describ'd as follows HcuMniiiinr at
I n point IV2 fee, east of the Northwest corner of
“M,l l-ot Three, and running thence south ;«V4
I I' et. thence west T 22 feet, north i«4 feet, thenre
• list hloiik the north line or said Lit Three. pj.‘.
I feet to place of U'ninnlru:. i-out* iuint; one upd
"lie hnlfncreh, more or less, and one span* of the
I capital st(K*k of tlit* Hartland Ditch Company.
Also liettiiiniiur at a point 412 feet south of the
Northwest corner of Lot Three. <2l>.:S*ction He ven
Township Fifteen tl.'u South. Knuire Nincly
, nv e (UT,) West of the Sixth l». M . thence south
- feet, ilieiui east p,| feet, thence north '>*4
f'S't. thence west 44 feet, thence south 412 feet,
. !lienee west 130 feet to lilare of Is'Kiniliim. and
I ne share of the capital stuck of the HaMland
; I hi, - l» Com | Min y.
Dated at Delta. Colorado, this 4th day of Jan*
I nary, A. D. IVH/7. at ll;<iOa. in.
c. s. dims.
Sheri IT of Della « otinty, i ‘olonulo.
First (mb. Jan. 4. I1W7; last pub. Feb. 1. its,:.
Department of the Interior.
Mn.NTMOHK. c«»l.oU \lh». \
January sth.. i:a/7. i
A sllfftcielit eon lest altidavit ha vim; linen II led
! m this otttec by Elisha t.allup. contestant.
| K*ri»inst ll(»i„,-stead entry No. SS7 t'te. made
MTiI I'J. lyul. for NE'i SU't,. SW» t SE',, W,
-E'*, Section 2*. Township 1% s. Kance Wrt IV . lit
| hvi Homier, Contestee. in which it i« all* ip-d
I that the s.tid I> vl Itonner has abandoned stud
• ntrv and lots failed to establish or ma'iiiain a
resilience thereon, that said uhserice from said
land ha* not been caused by the employment of
the said Hr. wn in the army navy or marine »rr
viee of the United State*. eti-., said |sirfi*s nre
. liearhy notified to ;,ti| M ar. n<s|M>nd and offer evi
'•••,|. e touch iru; said all, uation at 10 o'ch« k a in
, on Fclmiary i’Sli. IJ*'7. before the Mn;i"ter and
llrtvim at the L'liihd .states Lutd ofliee in
| Monlnec. t'olorndo.
1 he said contestant bavins;, in a pro|ier affidn
vit. tiled Januarv Ath. 1007, sci fortli facts whirl,
-bow that after due dlllarnce (tersonal a-rvlrr of
1 this notice < mii not be made, it is hereby ordered
I and dirvcUst that *,ich notice lie xlron by due
and proficr puhliration.
Flint pub. Jan II; last pub. Feb IV ivu7,
Notice For Publication.
January *2l -1.. t ■ »T. I
N»S iee in tieieby aiveti that
• of Cory, Colorado. lia* filed notice of Intention
' to make proof 01, I,l* desert-land claim No. 7A|
Ute. for the HE** HW>« See. :t| Twp. II Hraitb of
lUiikh HI Wes,, rtth. I* M. lief»we Milton 11. Welch.
U S. Comininnioner at Ids oflire in Dtdta. (>do
rado. on Monday, the Ith flay ,»f March, pa, 7.
lie names following wit new to pn»vc the
omplete Irrii; itloa and n-elaui itiou of said land:
John I*. Kettle. Kay A. Ashley. John H. Fuller
, harlt s (*. Gilmer, all of Austin, Colorado.
It HYSON I*. HI. A 111.
Klir Inter.
|nt. ptlh. Jan. V*. lost pul, Mar. I. H*f7.
Notice of Annual fleeting.
Montrose, Colo., Jan. 2, 1907.
The annual meeting of the Uncom
pahgre Valley Water Users' Associa
tion will be held in the opera house at
Olathe, Colo., on Tuesday, the 6th day
of February, 1907, the same being the
first Tuesday in February, at 1:00
o’clock p. m., for the purpose of elect
ing directors for the ensuing year, and
also for the transaction of any business
that may be brought before the meet
Below see copy of By-laws regulating
elections, and notice the im|>ortHnce of
filing proxies with the secretary at least
three days before the election.
It is especially urged that you be
represented at this meeting.
Ira H. Monkll, J. J. Tobin,
Secretary. President.
Ist. pub. Jan. 26; last pub. Feb. 1, 1907.
Re pert or the Condition of the
At Dell*. In the State of Colorado »t the
clone of huaiuraa. Jiui. 2H, IOM7.
Lofttiaand discount* .... ..•1h3.4:w.40
Overdraft*, secured and unacciired I.tji.S i
(! S H<»i,di D. hoc,ire circulation W.OUO.OU
Pretnluma <»n U. H. Bon,ln
Ron<la necnritlea, ct,*. S.IIS.OL
Haukii'iK Ihmihc. furniture, and fixture* I2,r>7ft.uo
Hue from National Itank* (not reaervo
aircuta) ; 10,18a.41,
fHhcr real nutate owned
-n.l Imnk.T. 4"OM
Dua from approved re*erve aKeiita 10H,.d7..»7
Checkosnd «H»«resah Hem. MI.4V
Note, of other national iMUika....
Fraction*' psper currency nickel* and
cent* MW.W
i.Awrui. Mokk» KMltll v « IB IU»«:
iSSiMaiiilar IMU.W
RvSnii'ptloti fiiM'l wllli II H. Tnuurar
“ (i pot wilt «I «lrt!Ul»Uuu ■ IWI.W
Tout mtijmai
1,1 A HI I mm.
~ ~..”.r, 0r ..*r! wm
...... ... niaU; hank* and lautker* Jl.ill
Imtlvldual de|M*«H* ailbjeet to check . 2*i,shm.!i*
!>Slisnd" rtlllcatcaol deposit n.mm
Time certlftcaloa of de|MMlt M.-VIJI7
WnJ 1 '•
TiiUl Wl*«
County of Dcltn. >
I W 11. ,lllliniin.C*.lilcr of Hi. .bnyc n.in
,L,.k' 111. PKilcninly «w«nr lli.i llm «f;ovii .l.te
mi-llTl.lriio to tlic fx-t of my knowliW k c .ml
w. O. lIII.I.MAK, Canhlor.
milicrlbwl »ml »»orn In ticlnrc Inc til I. Slut il.y
'’'ijyi'lSlUbn, M.yll.l«0».
CI.VDK 11. BTKWAHT, NoUry Public.
COCBW^r—Allo» l: A Htockh.ln, 1
! »*««««« «««««««•« **♦♦*♦*♦♦+
♦ ■»
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
J It is not necessary to tear the £
♦ town down and build it 5
▼ 9
* over again. Just a«•
♦ coat of good
!RAI N T !
» <•
f In Fact Sher- J
* win-Willians will ♦
* do the trick. Take *
% .... no Substitute .... J
❖ <r
♦ ❖
■> ■■ <*
i The Grand Mesa Lumber Co.I
> «
»»»»»»»»♦» ♦♦*«««««+ **♦«««««««««««**««•>
Fresh stock. Phone in your orders
and goods will be delivered at once.
Morning Qlory and Breakfast Cup Coffee
Best on the Market for the Price.,
Morning Glory 25c.
Breakfast Cup 2-lbs. 35c.
The Colorado Realty & Commission
Rea! Estate, Rentals, Loans. Investments, Fire Insurance
We sell ranch lands.Varden and orchard tract*, improved and
unimproved lands. We also wholesale and retail, hay and grain
We make car load shipment of potato?*. We handle live poultry,
honey in comb and strained honey and produce of all descriptions
ffifarabswram. Delta, coi«. snsk-
O OA ±A~
WINTON’S is the Best for Domestic Purposes.
It is clean and nice to hold (ire. Will have plenty on hand, iaith her.’
and at the miner. Itoada good to mine, and no mountaina to puil.
Another thing to rememlicr ia that when you
buy \t inton’n (Vial you support a home industry
and your money paya for homo labor that in
turn buy. home producta.
No Matter What the Weather Is—
A Whether it be hot or cold, raining, blowing or Know
ing or blowing, you arc in conatant communication with
neighbors and the outside world in general, if you have a
telephone in your houae.
The Colorado Telephone Company'a ranch service
makca ranch life 100 per cent pleasanter.
With a telephone at your clhow the monotony of long
dreary evenings can lie broken by a chat wilh a neighbor
The Colorado Telephone Co.
SS EXAMINE 01/D gdain
) W/jt You'll ace there are the good qualities
% tijrM we '-'“"n for it —selection of grade,
Vff/W cleanliness in handling and storing, nu
/ 0/jjSj/ tritioua elements for horse and cattle
T 5 feeding, true economy work and weight
1 K/Xf of t *' l ‘ animals fed upon it considered.
htid [ J * , 1 ,lrally w,! wa,,t “Wg share of your
he Acme of Perfection I
\ K hi fine laundry work is an every day
JK\ 1 oecurrenee with the Delta gleam
f?k\ \l latundry. Ily exercising that combi
iu 'Sa -w' 11'? W I'i KJ V it®/ 0,1 M blll which experience and
31 If) fji&i'WviK vr'ini l *ttontion of details given, our regu
j| lu/kji»\ror R1 \\l(w 11 T wor , k BO superior that when
Wh /xJlflE i’* h,,r ? happen to attain it they think
niHV/ they have done wonder*. But it in
mMi °, y the Della Steam Laundry that
l|Mr ?vT.ry y yZF rt * Ct W ° rk for ft 2 wuck "
Delta Steam Laundry.

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