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•tom Laws of Businas* Coma FI rat,
•aya Austrian Court,
An Interesting case at law, which
centered on the observance of an old
Jewish custom, was decided In Vienna
recently. A merchant, says the Ameri
can Israelite, discharged a clerk on ac
count of neglect of duty. Among the
charges against him was that he came
to the store late in the morning be
cause he attended service at the syna
gogue in order to say Kaddish —the
prayer for the dead —for his father.
The clerk argued thut It was his privi
lege and his duty to say the prayer for
his departed father, while the mer
chant. who was also a religious man,
maintained that “if Moses had known
that a roan had to pay 8,000 gulden a
year rent he would have made differ
ent laws '* The Judge would not allow
auch an argument, but decided in fa
vor of the merchant, "because the
daily attendance at the synagogue
could not be considered the right of
the clerk without the consent of the
SIOO kewaru, SIOO.
Tbs resdem of thu i>»;>*r will l»s to lesn
that itiera t* at les.i >«« Ur-slrd <iu«a.r that sclsac*
Lar I'fru al».e u* cur** lu ail U» iu<m aod tbat la
Csisrrb Hail's Cstsrrn Cura la tbe only p>*u:r«
(arr n ivknownu tha luMirs! fraternity. CatarrS
Salntf a c ill.'aa« rrqulrs* a cooaUtu
li >nai ttcatmeot llall's • ,t»rrt» euro Is taken in
Isrnally, actios directly up *o tun li.vsud and mucous
surfaces of tbs .yaiem ibrreby deatroylnk lbs
faundstloo of me U and (lvtn« tbs patirnl
strentftb by building up tbs i»n>iltu:l<« and assist
Inc nature In doin< lt« w..r* Ins proprietor# har«
s> tnu'h faltb In Its curative powers tbat they offer
One Hundred Dollar* fur any raae tbat It falls to
cure. Send for list of teaMtn .nlsls.
Address V J Clll.s KV A Co . Toledo. O.
hold by ail prucfflau. Tic.
Taac UaJl's Family Fill* for cosatlpatloo.
Importance of. Sleep.
We fthmild get up well every morn
ing. If we do not, we are certain
gradually to run behind in our physi
cal bank account This proves that
sleeping Is quite as important as eat
ing The luxury of sound sleep ia one
of the greatest means given to a man
or beast for restoring and invigorating
the whole system. No one should al
low business or anything else to cur
tail this luxury, and parents should
promote It in children. Instead of
drumming them out of bed early.—
Homeopathic Envoy.
Starch, like everything else. Is be
ing constantly Improved, the patent
Hlarrhes put on the market 25 years
ago are very differed and inferior to
those of the present day. In the lat
est discovery—Defiance Starch —all In
jurious chemicals are omitted, while
the addition of another Ingredient. In
vented by ns. gives to the Starch a
strength am! smoothness never ap
proached by other brands.
They Go Together.
**llcnry,” said the young wife, who
bad taken tip physical culture, "bow
do you think 1 am built?”
"My dear.” replied her husband
fondly, "you are built like a watch."
"Thank you Henry. And Henry?"
"If—lf lam built like a watch, don't
you think 1 should have a few Jew
And then Henry frowned and said
the man who compliments a woman is
an idiot. ___________________
With n smooth iron and Defiance
Starch, you can launder your shirt
waist Just as well at home as the
steam laundry can; it will have the
proper stiffness and finish, there will
be less wear and tear of the goods,
and It will be a positive pleasure to
use a Starch that does not stick to the
•'You are charged with having
knocked your wife down, blacking
her eyes and loosening two of her
teeth Have you anything to say for
"She had it cornin' to her. ycr hon
"What did she do or say that could
In any way justify such treatment on
pour part?"
"She said I didn't love her do more."
•—Houston Tost.
That an article may be good as well
as cheap, and give entire satisfaction.
Is proven by the extraordinary sale of
Defiance Starch, ench package con
taining one-third more Starch than
can be had of any other brand for the
lame money.
All Distraction* Barred.
"Now that Orlndle has made his pile
be has Joined the church."
"Wonder why he didn’t join be
"He didn't want anything to inter
fere with his business."
Instead of experimenting with drues and
etrong cathartics—which are clearly harm
ful— take Nature’s mild laxative, Garfield
Teal It ia made wholly of llerba. For
eonatipation, liver and kidney derange
ments, aick-headache, biliousness and in
The Rev. Jamea VVAjodrow, who
died recently, was deposed from hla
professorship In a southern theologi
cal seminary and convicted of heresy
about 20 years ago for advocating the
doctrine of evolution.
Young Bachelors of Riverton, Wyo. (
Organize Club to Secure Helpmates.
Riverton, Wyo.—Many of the young
men who have filed on homesteads on
the Wind river or Shoshone Indian
reservation, part of which was thrown
open to settlement last summer, are
unmarried and living alone in shan
ties on their claims, and are very de
sirous of procuring wives for them
In furtherance of this end they have
organized what is known as the River
ton Bachelors’ club, and through the
agency of this club have begun a sys
tematic search for helpmeets to re
lieve their loneliness and do their
They have inserted in state papers
an advertisement for wives, and they
will later advertise in papers through
out the country unless they should in
the meantime obtain helpmeets.
Young women who may desire to
correspond with any of these young
men with a view of matrimony are re
quested to address the secretary of
the club, who will promptly give them
any Information they may desire re
garding the age. personal appearance,
habits, financial circumstances, etc., of
any of the wife seekers.
The members of the club are willing
to pay the railroad fares and other
traveling expenses of any young wo
man who may come here with the ex
pectation of getting married, and
should any young woman who may
come change her mind after arriving
on the ground and desire to go back
home single, her expenses will be
Child of Three Yean Get» a Sen
tence In French Town.
Paris. Tolut, aged three
years, living at Neullly, has been sen
tenced by default to ten days* Im
prisonment for assault and battery.
An appeal has boon lodged—not by
himself, as he is obviously under age.
but by his father acting as his legal
guardian—and the infantile defend
ant will be called up again before
the courts this week. The plaintiff
is a full-grown man. M. Winkel. How
could a child of three years have
assaulted him? The answer to the
riddle is that plaintiff alleges that he
was assaulted by a man of al»out his
own age. named Tolut. and he took
out a summons against Georges To
lut. But Georges is the baby, aged
three, and the father, whom plaintiff
really intended to prosecute, is Albert
Tolut. Nevertheless. Baby Georges
was sentenced by default and the
conviction stands against him. The
courts for the present know of no
case against any other Tolut and ac
cordingly the three-year-old Tolut wIU
have to appear in person In the doofc
at the hearing of the appeal, support
ed by his father. If the baby were
not to come forward In person the
appeal would fail and the conviction
would be confirmed. No doubt the
court will solemnly dismiss the
charge against the infant, who will be
set free, probably by that time
lowa People Indignant Because They
Can't Shoo ’Em Away.
Shelby, la —W. B. Cuppy. owner of
n herd of 20 pet deer, made no pro
vision when he died for the care of
the animals. His heirs since have
permitted the deer to run at large and
to make their own living. They have
multiplied rapidly and the herd now
numbers 100. It is now a common
sight in Shelby to see deer grazing on
the commons and strolling leisurely
about the streets, attracting the at
tention of strangers by their graceful
nntlcs. But the people of Shelby and
vicinity have ceased to look with
favor upon the graceful and fleet
footed animals. They complain that
the deer raid their orchards and gar
dens in the slimmer and their straw
stacks in the winter.
The law forbids the killing of the
animals and all the indignant farmers
and householders can do is to "shoo - *
them off their grounds. It is said to
be the purpose of people living here
to petition the legislature either to
permit the slaughter of the animals
or to make some other disposition of
them, as they allege that In their pres
ent protected and prolific state they
will soon overrun the country.
Also Does Farm Hand’s Work tc
Support Wife.
Laporte. Ind.—Though still pastor
of tho Friends* church. Rev. Pliny
Cox has gone to clerking In a local
drug r.ore. When he came hero ho
agreed to take tho work of the pas
torate for $35 n month and board.
Last Christmas ho married a girl
from Noblesvllle, Ind., whom ho had
known and loved for years. Tho
young people havo ttled to maintain
a certain stylo on tho $35 a month all
this time. The young minister seems
to think that it Is his duty to work
for the sum ho agroed to take whon
he came.
The congregation has only one
member of wealth. This man Is like
iv to agree to an Increase In the
young pastor’s stipend, and the Rev.
Pliny Cox. religious enthusiast as hs
seems to be. will continue to labor at
what his hands And to do week days.
He recently worked out one week
an a farmer and general field hand,
and on the Lord’s day directed the
minds of the little flock to higher
Unable to Do Even Housework Bo»
causo of Kidney Troubles.
Mrs. Margaret Emmerich, of Clin
ton St, Napoleon, 0., says: “For
fifteen years I was a great sufferer
from kidney trou
bles. My back pained
me terribly. Every
turn or move caused
sharp, shooting
pains. My eyesight
was poor, dark spots
appeared before me.
and 1 had dizzy
spoils. For ten years I could not do
housework, and for two years did not
get out of the house. The kidney se
cretions were Irregular, and doctors
were not helping me. Doan’s Kidney
Pills brought me quick relief, and
finally cured me. They saved my life.”
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Mil burn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Formalities Complied with, Escape
from Hotel Was Easy.
In the days before the dawn of his
fame It was the practice of a certain
■well known author to wander up and
down the land seeking what he might
devour in the way of suggestion and
local color. In this way he had drift
ed down into Arkansas, "roughing it,”
and not, as he expresses it, presenting
an appearance calculated to insure a
hotel proprietor with unlimited confi
The onlr hotel in the town, a frame
structure, seemed to have been built
upon the theory that there was plenty
of room straight up. but that ground
had to be bought, and the wanderer
was shown to a room on the third
Boor. reached through many narrow
and winding passages. From the one
window it was a straight drop to the
"Say. horn* would I get out of this
place in case of fire?” he asked the
landlord, who had brought up bis
The other eyed him coldly.
“Wall,” he drawled, “all yo* would
have to do would be to show ther
night watchman —the one with ther
shotgun—a receipted bill foh yo*
board an’ lodgin', an' get him to tie up
ther bulldog —Harper's Weekly.
Breaking It to Him Tactfully.
'•George." she said, when her hubby
returned from the office. "I'm afraid
baby must have swallowed some
"Good gracious!" he cried, "don't
you know whether he did or not?”
"No, but it’s the only way I can ac
count for the disappearance of the
weekly allowance you forgot to give
me this morning.”
Then she got it—with a little con
science fund addition.
Knew It by Heart.
"Do you think you could learn to
love me?” the young man inquired.
"Learn to love you?” exclaimed the
rapturous maid. "Harold. 1 could give
lessons at it.”
And Many Greenbacks.
325 boxes of Gold and Greenbacks
will be sent to persons who write the
most Interesting and truthful letters
of experience on the following topics:
1. How have you been affected by
coffee drinking and by changing from
coffee to Postum.
2. Give name and account of one or
more coffee drinkers who have been
hurt by It and have been induced to
quit and use Poßtum.
3. Do you know any one who has
been driven away from Postum be
cause it came to the table weak and
characterless at the first trial?
4. Did you set such a person right
regarding the easy way to make it
clear, black, and with a snappy, rich
5. Have you ever found a better
way to make it than to use four heap
ing teaspoonfuls to the pint of water,
let stand on stove until real boiling
begins, and beginning at that time
when actual boiling starts, boil full Ir»
minutes more to extract the flavor
and food value. (A piece of butter
the size of a pea will prevent boiling
over.) This contest is confined to
those who have used Postum prior to
the date of this advertisement.
Be honest and truthful, don’t write
poetry or fanciful letters, just plain,
truthful statements.
Contest will close June Ist. 1907.
and no letters received after that date
will bo admitted. Examinations of
letters will be made by three Judges,
not members of the Postum Cereal
Co.. Ltd. Their decisions will be fair
and final, and a neat littlo box con
taining a $lO gold piece sent to each
of the five writers of the most inter
esting letters, a box containing a $5
gold p'.eco to each of the 20 next best,
a $2 greenback to each of the 100 next
best, and a $1 greenback to each of
the 200 next best, mnking cash prizes
distributed to 325 persons.
Every friend of Postum is urged to
write and each letter will be held in
high esteem by the company, as an
evidence of such friendship, while the
little boxes of gold and envelopes of
money will reach many modest writers
whoso plnln and sensible letters con
tain the facta desired, although the
sender may have but small faith in
winning at the time of writing.
Talk this subject over with your
friends and see how many among you
can win prizes. It is a good, honest
competition and in the best kind of a
cause, and costa the competitors abso
lutely nothing.
Address your letter to the Postum
Cereal Co., Ltd., Battle Creek, Mich.,
writing yon own name and nddrean
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing ftyrap.
For rM.drrn Uelhlns. soften* the guru*. redness tft
®ani«t»t:on. allay* p«Jn, curse wind colic. IttcmbotUo
If goes without saying that a talking
ma< hint does not say without going.
-Ml Cloth Hats. Children’s T)re**es, etc..
min!< to look like new with PUTNAM
It sometimes happens that other
People have as good an opinion of a
man as he has of himself —after he is
d< ad.
Harfield Tea, Nature's Remedy, brings
rein t from many ailments; it overcomes
constipation, regulates tlie liver and kiti
n' - purifies the blood and clears the
complexion. It is made of Herbs, and is
absolutely Pure.
How inconsistent your neighbors
am' They refuse to say that you are
a man. but after the undertaker
get> ou they delight in saying tb"*
you were a good man.
It Cures While You Walk.
Allan’s Foot-Ease is a certain cure for
h' ‘, callous, and -wollen. aching
feet, told by all Druggists. Price 25c. Don’t
8< opt any substitute. Trial package FREE.
Allen S. Olmsted, l.e Roy, N. Y.
Relief Works in China.
Relief work to employ 2,000 men
haw- been established in the Chinese
fari.ine centers. The Engllsh-Ameri
can relief fund amounts to $250,000.
Kill the Flies Now
bf re they multiplv. A DA IST FI.T
K! 1.1. ER kills thousands. Lasts the sea
pot A*k vour dealer, or «end 20c to H
S * r>, 149 De Kalb Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y
Labor of the Novelist.
' The way of the novelist must be
ha said a librarian of an uptown
br. inch. “The other day an Immacu
lat gotten up individual came into
the library and announced that he
wa a writer with a specialty of dia
ler- stories. We got him several books
tba 1 be asked for, and little by little
he ook me into his confidence. ‘I
w»- t the Scotch dialect for the stern
father.’ he explained: "then when I’ve
got > nough of that I want some dia
ler: for a sea captain, and then 1 want
• duke —or maybe you can tell me.
would a duke drop his h's?” —N. Y.
Eczema, Heat Rash, and Scalp Affec
t ons Afflict Different Members,
But Cuticura Cures Them.
“My wife had eczema for five or six
ye«'. s. It was on her face and would
coi: - and go. We thought we would
giv th«* Cuticura Remedies a trial. We
did and she has never had a sign of
ec: : a for four years. 1 myself used
Cut ;ra Soap and Cuticura Ointment
son e time ago for falling hair. I now
ha\ a very heavy head of hair. We
use . Cuticura Remedies for our baby,
wh was nearly bald when young. She
hat- very nice hair now. She Is very
fl*auy. and wo had so much trouble
with heat that we would bathe her
with Cuticura Soap and then apply
Cuticura Ointment, it would dry the
heat up so much quicker than any
thing else. Mr. H. R. Springmire. 323
So. Capitol Street, lowa City, la,, July
16. 1905. and Sept, 16, 1906.”
In Northeast Australia.
Northeast Australia develops Tory
slowly. Farmers grow maize in the
oid-f&shioned way. The maize crop in
Queensland this year is a record one.
banning pineapples is becoming an
important Industry in Queensland.
Opal mining Is growing steadily.
K nstnm The Kind You Have
■flu ANbgetabte PrrparslianErAs -r, ~ M
HI tSSSSSSSX Bears the
Hi Signature Al)l
Hl' Promotes A If
Hje :[| ness andß.-si.Contains neter W* #l\
Mil Opium. Morphine norMiocnl. #1 \| IF
HH| Not Narcotic. I aIT
Hi i ttonfsour Stomadi.Diarrton I |k/ p fk
HEM, Worms .Convulskms.Fcvm» V I Lnr lIIf 01*
nU| ness and LOSS or ScEEP. \J IUI UVCI
1 Thirty Years
Hs»ct Copy of Wrapper. T»« „.T. a . ... ,rr».
OdMtliiiln ini hiratn Wn W* told dlitd Nm <w (*>t««]r t* «MI \m|H
M A third ol A century. W» ship foe esamlnotloo su.l
gwonntoo mN> dellroey. You out ovUdo* II »o« übkMJ M
Mdlaf to the cuiußit oocl—irely. Wo toofco —rtylooof
——— SSSSSS —BBBB —^ —-g
IV// . \\ / J While no woman i» entirely free
\y/ VV / from periodic suffering, it does not
\ / \ / uem to be the plan of nature that
/ \mm & \\ women should suffer bo severely. Ir-
I iP K*y) \\ regularities and pain are positive
, \\ evidence that something i» wrong
I J J ] which shotild b<* set right or it will
l I I lead to Berious derangement of the
\ / / feminine organism.
/ / Thousands of women, have
l found relief from all periodic suf
/ \ fering by taking Lydia E. Pink-
I I j I\\ ham s Vegetable Compound, which
V l 111 is made from native roots and herbs,
W L/y as il is the most thorough female
V regulator known to medical science.
MISS ADELAICTnICMOLS 11 c ’ m ' s ‘ h « condition which
causes so much discomfort and robs
that period of its terrors. Women who are troubled with painful or ir
regular functions should take immediate action to ward off the seiious
consequences and be restored to health and strength by taking
Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound
Miss Adelaide Nichols of 324 West 22nd Street. New York City,
writes:—Dear Mrs. Pinkham:—“lf women who suffer would only rely
upon Lydia E. Pinkham s Vegetable Compound their troubles would tie
quickly* alleviated. I feel greatly indebted for tbe relief and health
which has been brought to me by your inestimable remedy.*’
Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound cures Female Complaints
such as Falling and Displacements, and Organic Diseases. Headache,
General Debility, Indigestion, and invigorates the whole feminine
system. For the derangements of the Kidneys of either sex Lydia
E. Pinkbam’s Vegetable Compound is excellent.
Mrs. Pinkham’s Standing Invitation to Women
W’omen suffering from any form of female weakness are invited to
write Mrs.Pinkham. at Lynn. Mass From the symptoms given, the trouble
mav be located and the quickest and surest way of recovery advised.
.Every Year
Every day in every year
I 1 If J that comes, more housewives
I all! j are giving up their exhorbitant
■ S> priced Baking Powders and
t turning to K C, the honest and
KSilKw >1 reliable, which has stood so well
the test of years. They are find*
|V W|ti>£<«ul| ing out that
ta /% baking m
costs one-third the price of
powder anywhere near K C
quality, and makes better, purer, more
healthful baking. 25 ounces for 25c.
Chicago, U.._^
r— = —Posit ire It cored Vf
A i nrr Q Q these Little Pills.
ynf\| d\o They also rellere Dts-
B tress from Dyspepsia. In-
LE digestion and Too Hearty
IW P n Eating. A perfect rem-
I v Ll\ edv for Dizziness. Nausea.
M P|ILS a Drowsiness. Bad Taste
In tho Month. Coated
Tongue, Pain In the Side.
regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
1S Bear
Fac-Simiie Signature
4-Jiefusc suiixitutis.
I Home I
■ To have a happy home B
■ you should have children. B
■ They are great happy-home B
t ■ makers. If a weak woman, ■
I you can be made strong fl
B enough to bear healthy chil- B
m dren, with little patn or dis- B
I comfort to yourself,by taking B
• A Tonic for Women •
9 It will ease all your pain, reduce 9
9 Inflammation, cure leucorrhea, 9
V (whites), falling womb, ovarian 9
S trouble, disordered menses, back- 9
■ ache, headache, etc., and make
9 childbirth nit oral and easy. Try it.
9 At all dealers in medicines, in
9 11.00 bottles. 9
9 I s my baby girl, now two weeks 9
9 old,” writes Mrs. J. Priest, of Web- 9
9 ster City, lowa. ** She is a tine 9
9 healthy babe and we are both doing 9
9 nicely. I am still taking Cardui, 9
9 and would not be without it In 9
9 the house.**
■ •» »«v <ov« vmn B
\ free /
m *•«. Me ana WOO em
\mon«v back if it fails M
HBflk |BHI To eonvlßOt any
■ ■■ ■ ■ woman that »•**.
k If k k tin* Autle«'|>tlc will
VI Improve her health
§ m a Ikk »ud do all *« claim
■ lt. Me will
send her absolutely free a large trial
box of Pax tine with book of lnstruo
tlons and genuine testimonials. Send
your name and address on a postal card.
rAA I IntgiHc
fectlons, such as nasal catarrh, petvlo
catarrh and Inflammation caused by fvmk
utne Ills ; sore eyes, sore throat and
mouth, by direct local treatment Its cur
ative power over these troubles Is extra
ordinary and gives Immediate relict
Thousands of women are using and reo
ommending It every day. Bo ceuU at
druggists or by mall. Remember, however,
TUB tU PAX TOM CO.. Umlm, Mae.

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