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Trade your old heater before the season is
too far advanced, you can get the pick of the
stock, also top price for your old stove by trad
ing now. Nothing but the best goods and most
reasonable prices will be found here.
Funrniturc, Dugs and Ranges
and most modem Range made.
As an extra inducement, over and above those of good goods
and close prices, which we always offer, we are now giving one
Standani Talking and Singing Machine, absolutely free, to each
customer whose cash purchases amount to $36. Call and see it.
The Little Paint Man Says:
A Putty Cake, Putty Cake
SL/j Finish my house as fast as
f Varnish it well with S.
And Paint outside with
That is our business. We have been
at it many years. We know where lo
buy, how to buy and pay cash in order
to get best price. Every advantage our
knowledge and experience obtains you
get the benefit of when you buy your
Lumber, Lime, Paint, Oil, etc., from
The Independent Lumber Co.
L. D. HAUSER, Manager.
WINTON'S is the Best for Domestic Purposes.
It is clean ami nice to hold fire. Will have plenty on hand, both here
and at the mines. Roads good to mines and no mountains to pull.
Another thing to remember ia that when you
buy Winton’a Coal you support a home industry
and your money pays for home labor that In
turn buys home products.
America has been called “a
nation of shopkeepers; it might
be called “ a nation of sight
seers.” As the population and
wealth increased so has the ten
dency for travel, which is today
one of the characteristics of the
The American tourist is a fa
miliar sight at home and abroad.
In the search for health and
pleasure, for the beautiful and
unique, he has gone from Maine
to California and even abroad.
However, there is an inherent
desire to "See America First.”
There are many spots in our own
country, and in picturesque Mex
ico, adjoining on the South, some
of them off the beaten track, not
now well known to the great
army of tourists, especially those
in search of a warm and more
equable climate during the win
ter months, which are daily in
creasing in popular favor.
The recent completion of the
last link between Fort Worth and
Galveston of the great highway
from the Rocky Mountains to the
sea, formed by the Colorado &
Southern Lines, places the splen
did Mexican Gulf resorts practi
cally at the doors of the pleasure
seekers of Colorado and contigu
ous territory.
Mr. T. E. Fisher, General Pass
enger Agent at Denver of this
splendid railway System, is ex
tensively advertising the attrac
tions of San Antonio, Galveston,
New Orleans. Florida, Cuba and
Old Mexico, and the many Gulf
steamship tours touching the
principal coast resorts.
The excellent travel facilities
now available will certainly de
velope a large movement South
during the winter months.
Eckert Locals.
Charlie Hale has moved to the Dad
I«ambert ranch.
Dr. J. D. Walker is picking; and ship*
apples this week.
Paul Wilaon President of the State
fair at Pueblo, was a visitor at the J.
O. Simpson ranch last week. . v
Nellie Luellen who has been ill with
the typhoid fever for the pa3t three
weeks, is slowly convalescing.
Mrs. Hale left last Sunday for her
home in La Junta after a very pleasant
six weeks visit with her sister. Mrs.
Andrew Hansen.
Miss Dana Lamar is holding down the
pegs in the telephone office; Miss Jacques
having resigned on account of the con*
tirued illness of her mother.
Mr. Smith who sustained a fracture
of both ankles by the falling of a hay
stacker at the Whiting ranch some time
ago, is now able to be out on crutches.
Bert McMurry who left some time
ago for Chicago to get a little touching
up as a cartoouist, is reported as doing
fine in his work. Bert is bound to be a
“winner” if he sticks to it.
The whistle of the steam thresher
has been calling the boys to work for
the past week and the output indicates
that we are not entirely dependent on
fruit; next year we will be carrying off
the big prizes on grain.
Miss Laura Hart will leave in a few
days for upper Dry Creek to do a little
improvement work on a ranch which
she recently located. Laura does not
carry an accident policy and her many
friends will feel much relieved when
they know she has safely finished driv
ing nails.
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence King drove
up last Sunday west of Cedaredgc to
the old home occupied by the King Pro’s
in early days and while Mr. King’s
mind was carried back to the “good old
days" Mrs. King was doubtless draw
ing comparisons and thinking of the
pretjy little cottage surrounded by
beautiful flowers and trailing vines
which they now occupy.
The sound of merry wedding bolls
reached us from far away Denver last
Tuesday where Mr. Alcheus E. Hart
and Miss Jessie Dorland were united in
the holy bonds of matrimony. Mr. Hart
has lived here from boyhood and has a
host of friends to whom this will be a
surprise for “Moee" as he is familiarly
called kept the secret all to himself.
The bride is a most loveable girl and a
great social favorite. The young couple
will spend their honeymoon in Denver
after which they will be at home to
their many friends in a neat little
cottage to be erected on Alberta mesa.
Card of Thanks.
We sincerely thank the kind friends,
who made our recent loss lighter, by
their help and sympathy.
Mrs. Emma Arnold,
Jkannkttk Arnoi.ii.
Emily Arnold.
Notice to Stockholders.
The annual meeting of the Fruit
Growers Ditch & Reservoir Co. will be
held at the Mound school house, Cory,
Colorado, Saturday, November 2d, 1907,
at 2 o'clock p. m. for the purpose of
electing a Board of Directors for the
ensuing year and the transaction of
any other business that may legally
come before the meeting.
W. N. Kennicott, Sec’y.
T. J. Hakshman, Pres.
All delinquent Taxes not paid by Oct.
20th, 1907 will be advertised and sold
for Taxes. J. E. Beckley,
34-4 t Co. Treasurer.
Farm Loans.
Money always on hand for farm
loans at 8 per cent.
No. 48 King & Stewart.
To the Delta Town and Improvement Company,
owner of Lots 1 to It*, of Block 14: to Henry
Fadely, owner of l»ts 17 to 32. in Block 14; to
W. H. Johnson an<l L. 8. Angel. owners of Lot* 1
to 32. in Block I V to A. 11. Stockham, W. B.
Stockluun oml Millard Fairlamb. owners of Ixit*
1 to 32. in Block 16; all of (iarnet Mwa Subdi
vision of Delta, Colorado:—
You an* hereby notified that in pursuance of a
certain reeolation of the Board of Trustee* of
the Town of Delta, Colorado, oaeeed and ap
proved on the sth flay of September, A. D. IW7,
that the following tle*crilie<l Cement Bi<lewalk
District lui* l»een •—tablished and shall be known
a* Cement Sidewalk Di*trict Number Six, of the
Town of Delta, Colorado, to-wit:
Lota 1 to 32, in Block 14, and Lot* 1 to 32, in
Block iV ami Lota 1 to 32 in Block 16, all in
clusive. of Garnet Meau Subdivision of Delta,
in the County of Delta, and State of Colorado.
And the cement sidewalk* in *aid dietrict shall
lie con*lructed a* follows, to-wit:
Tlie cement -iilewalk shall lie conatrncted along
the four aide* or Block* Fourteen and Fifteen,
and on the South. East and Wwt *iile* of Block
16, and constructed with the following ajiecitica
tion*. to-wit: Said walk* *hall have a transverse
*lopeof '| inch to tlie foot, and *hall lie laid to
the line* defined by ordinance and the line* and
i-nub** given by tin* town. Tlie inner line of said
sidewalks nhall lie one foot di*tant fruui tlie lot
line* in said block*. The ground -hall lie exca
vated ten inclie* below tlie surface of tlie finished
walk, and tin* surface of snligrade well and
evenly rammed and compacted with a fifty i*»und
hammer. On tie- snligrade -hall he laid a fonn
■ hit ion of coarse, clean gravel and sand, six
inches in thickness, which must lie thoroughly
rammed when wet. to secure a coinjwvct and solid
foundation. Upon tlu* foundation, a layer of
concrete. three inches in thickness, after com
pression. shall lie laid, composed by balk of one
I art cement, three part* clean, sharp *and and
five oart- of broken stone or irravel. Upon this
concrete Imsc. -hall lie spread a coat of cement
mortar one inch thick, composed by bulk of one
i*irt cement to one and one fourth |»art* of sand,
for a wearing surface, and spread on the concrete
law* a* soon as the same is properly tamped and
lief ore it lias ls*gun to set. It most lie quickly
and evenly spread and trowelled to a smooth
surface, conforming to tlie proper if rail** and
Tin* surface of sulewalk lief ore mortar sets,
-hall Is* rut evenly and retmlarly into blocks 44
inch** by 44 inch***, with an P inch outer margin
on each side.
Tl»e pndwlile cost |irr foot, as shown by the
•etimates of the Town Engineer. is Seventeen
and one-half cents |er square foot of said side
Tlie c*s»t of constructing said siilewalk shall lie
(•nyable in one installment within thirty days
aftei the |ia*s.-u.*e and approval and publication
of tlie ase»«s» mg onlinance. and the said lament
for said {Miblic improvement may. at tlie election
of tlie owner of any of said i>m|*rty. lie payable
in two equal, annual installments, with six per
cent add«-l for tlie costs of collection, inflection
and incidental exi**ni***. and with interest on the
unpaid prmcnwil at tlie rate of six |<er cent t«er
annum, and any anil all delinquent i«yment* on
napaid installments shall l«mr interest at the
rate of I per cent |irr mouth from the time said
Installment Isruim- delinquent until |>aid.
You are further notified that on Thurxlay.
Nov. 7th. IW7. at eight o clock P. M.. the Boanl
of Tru*t«*e will finally consider, at their regular
place of meeting in said town, an onlinance or
insolation ordering the said siilewalks con
struct!-1 in said district: that the map of said
district, prepared by tlie Town Engineer, with
the estimate and schedule of said Town Emrinwr.
showing the amount* to be assessed against each
ami every tract of land in said Cement Sidewalk
District and all resolution- and proceeding- are
on file and can Is* seen and cxnmined by any per
snn interest**!. at tlie otfler of the Town Clerk in
said Town, at any time lietween ilate of publica
tion liereof and November 7th. IW7. and that all
complaints and objection* that may lie made in
writing, presented to said town clerk by the
owner or owners of any teal »«-tnte in said dis
trict. concerning the said public improvement,
will lie heard and iletermined by said Boanl of
Trustees liefore final action by it, ordering such
cement sidewalks built.
Dated at Delta. Colorado. October 3rd, IW7.
AV-4t Town Clerk and Recorder.
STATE OF COLORADO. M In thkCot jcnr !
County or I)klt i. > Cockt.
K. M. Gette and M. M (iet*. partners under the
firm name and style of tiett* A tietx Bros..
Jake M. Schwartz. Defendant.
To Jake M. Schwartz. the defendant above
named. GREETING:
You are hen*hy tvquirvd to ap|ienr in an action
brought against you l»y the alaive nanusi plaintiff
in the County Court of Delta County. State of
Colorado, and answer the complaint therein
within twenty days after the service hereof, if
served within this County: or. if served out of
this County, or by publication, within thirty
day* after tin* service liereof, exclusive of the day
of service: or jmlgment h) default will la* taken
against you according to the pray**r of the com
plaint. And if a copy of the complaint in the ■
alaive entitled action la* not served with this
summons, or if the service liereof la* made out of
this State, then ten days additional to the time
hereinla»fon* specified for appearance and answer
will la* allowed la*fore the taking of judgment by
ilefnult ns aforesaid.
Tfa* said action is brought to teeover jniigment
against you in the sum of $90.95, together with ,
interest thereon *t eight per cent, |a*r annum
from February' 5. IWB. la*»ng the lavlance due
plaintiffs from ilefendiuit for ami on account of
certain goods. wane and merchandise purchased
of plaintiff* by defendant Itetwven April 25. 1902
ami said February 5, 11*04; and for cists of suit,
as will more fully apiaair fnmi tin* complaint in
mid action to which n»fen»ncv is lH*n» made; a
copy of which is hen>toattached.
And pm an* hen*hy notified thnt if you fail to
appear, and to answer the said complaint as
alaive n*quln*d. the said plaintiff* will cause your
default to la* entered and rendered
thereon as prayed in said complaint.
Given nmler our hands at Delta in said County, j
this 21st «iuy of August, A. I).. 1907.
44-54 Attorneys fur Plaintiff*.
Lamp Orrtc* \t Montbumk, Coiai., J*
September 25th, 1907. >
Notice is ben*by given that
of Delta. Colorado, has filed notice of his inteti
Uon to make final five year pn*of in support of
his claim, vix: llonuetead Entry No. 7 Ute made .
tugust 90, P.V2, for the NK»* BK«*. SK>« NK» 4 .
ot t Section 4. SWV«N W'» avtinn Township
15 K, Kange W W, 6th, P, M„ ami tlmt said pnad
wilt Is* ma<lc ta*fore Milton R. Welch. U 8.
Commissioner, at his olfhe in Delta. Colorado,
on NoYsmler 11*07.
He iinnue the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence u|mn. and cultivation of.
tlie land, via:
George Wonders, (■'rank Koppr. Vead O. Park
hurst, all of IVlta, Colorado anti Wilford Disk-
Mtu of IWad, Colorailo.
tat pub. Oct. 4; last pub. Nov. 6, 1007.
October Term, 1907.
Board met October 7. 1907, with following
member* present: K. O. Wilmot, Joseph 11 og
re fe aud tieo. C. Wilson. D. S. Doughty, Clerk.
Routine business.
Oot. 8. Full session membership. The County
Treasurer was instructed to tedeem tax 4ile
No 27*9. which was a double assessment on the
propeity of Robert Aten. Ordered by the Board
that cement sidewalks be put in on the north
and south sides of court house block.
Oct. 9. Full membership session. Day spent
auditing bills.
Oct. 10. Day spent auditing bills.
Oct. 11. Day spent auditing bills and with
road petitioners, most of which were laid over
to January 190* meeting.
The following bills were allowed:
George Hider, Water Com. salary.. $ 1M .V»
I* T Mellon, Dep. Water Com .»7 50
Win. Meleher, 40 *3
Wiley McMullin, * •• 66
W O Hereum. ** “ “ "5 00
Wiley Brysou, “ “ “ 2* 33
O M Rose. “ “ “ « 00
Fred King, “ “ 44 48 33
Zeb Fitts. 50 00
Thomas M Ritter, “ “ “ «• 10
A M Lawrence, ** " “ 58 S 3
Jesse Trickle. “ “ 76 Art
George Trickle, ** ** “ 43 S 3
First Natl. Bank. aa’d. :t7 80
Independent Lumber Co. Lumber 217 96
•. W Goodwin “ 396 18
Independent Lumber Co,
nonia, “ l* 24
First Nat l. Bank. “ ass’d. 470 75
Grand Mesa Lumber Co. “ 33 89
Cory Lumber Co. ** 427 12
out West Printing Co, Supplies 190 6*
FP Hunt A Co, ” :» 70
Delta Drug Co, “ •* 10
H K Corrvll, “ 132 U 5
I M McMurray. “ (in) 2 65
Delta Independent, Printiug 112 32
Clinton Oliver, ** 1 80
Delta laborer, “ 8 40
C T Rawalt, " 2 75
Wm Hopkins, ** 1 30
Hotchkiss Herald, “ I *0
John F McDonough, Blacksmitbing 187 >0
O B Bliven. Papering 60 20
First Nat’l Bank Hotchkiss, Paint
iug. ass’d 8 00
J 3 Barton. Painting 87 50
First Nat’l Bank Paonia, labor ass'd 17 40
Win Schinauss, ** 12 00
Richard Forest. “ 24 U)
Hornsby Al Gilbert, Livery hire— 13 00
Robert stanilaus, " ** 17 5o
W F Conine. “ ** 3 00
Pearl Hibbs. Stenographers fees 23 10
First Nat l Bunk. - fees ass’d 56 “0
llugoSebg. Dist. Atty’s fees 79 oo
Gunni-on Tunnel Inr. Co.
Dep. Dist. A tty’s, fees ass’d 45 00
George Stephan, Dep. Dist. Atty’s
fees .. 50 f«
Wm ilurrington. Serv. Dep. Sheriff 32 50
Henry Hammond, *• ** ” 218 tt)
F H McConnell, Bailiff 13 (k>
Delta Nat l Bank. Dep. Hort. !n
--spectoi ass’d 116 oo
I. K Wigram, Dep. Ilort. Inspector
ass d 112 00
H A Ric hardson. l>ep. Hort. In
spector 139 35
Stute Agricultural College, I>ep.
Hort. Inspector 230 00
Delta Electric Light Co. Electric
lights 42 72
W Buttle, labor .. ts»
Frank Waller. *’ 381 00
W U Jones. Bee Inspectors salary Hr* 25
D S Doughty. Cash advanced 172 S 3
J K Berkley, ’’ ” U 30
; C s* Gibbs. Sheriff’s salary 7t* 80
Wm. Hopkins. Printing 223
Robert Ashbaugh. Piling 130 On
A K Amsbary. Clerk Disc Court. . 1«> 10
A R King. County Atty’s fees 123 W
S L Fairfamb. Justice fees 10 65
Kliuletb Bever. Witness fees. . 7 63
George«’ockrell, “ ”... 3 15
, Nora Butler. ’* ”... 513
, John Sigmund. ” ”... 7 80
1 Charles 8 Bever. ” ” - . l‘» °0
1 Dr. A H Stock bam, ** ”... 215
Dr. LA Hick, ” ” ... lot®
! <’ S Git)b*. ” ”... 2 13
W BStockham, *’ ”... 2 15
I Etta Bever. ” ”... 7 65
1 Miunie Busier. ** ” ... 5 15
Remington-Elliott Co, ass’d... 5 50
! L A Hick. 2 65
| L C Bolton 5 90
I Porter Plumb, Jurors’ fees... 2 13
|II J Baird. ” ” - 215
W A Shepard. ” ” ... 2 15
I Irvine Hunter. ’’ ” 2 15
George C Wilson, “ " ••• 2 15
H K Gibb*, ” "... 2 15
First Nut’l Rank Hotchkiss. Jurors
foes ass’ti 7 00
: A T Hrookbank. Jurors’ fees ... 475
8 A Wade. ** ”... 7 73
I John Jeffers, “ ”... 1150
I tan Wagoner. ” ”... 10 15
l*aul Osljoroe. ” ” . . 10 15
JK Porter. ” ”... 10 15
! A H Stiwkham. “ ” 2 65
Walter singleton. ” ” 10 13
j A J Vorsc, ” " lo 30
ClHall. ” ” . 10 15
A E sherman. “ ”... 13.5
W D Wheeler. ” ”... 2 65
i J J Winton, ” ”... 2 63
IS T Lambert. ” ” 320
CC Hawkins. ” ” ... 15 25
| J P Caldwell, ” " WOO
| C H Chapman. ” ”... 14 W*
! John Young. ” "... 11 *J>
Thomas Wcree, ” ”... 6 2.*
KB Shore, ” "... .00
Will Duke. ” ” . • 625
iVlta National Bauk. Rebate .. 47 SC»
i George C Wilson. Co. Com. salary 70 13
Joe llogrefe. *4 13
I U O Wilmot, I*s 00
Emma G Myers, Co.Supt.of
Schools salary 315 00 i
I S L Cookrebain. Co. Assessors’
salaiy 2iW 00
1 J A Curtis. Co. Surveyors' salary 132 so
Total $ 7.764 4V
. Woodcroß Hospital, Care of insane f 192
Midland Cliem. Co, Supplies 12 50
R F Williams, " 175
A N Ramie A Co, ” 24 <k>
| Seaton Drug Co, " . 7 55
: Puke-Deutseh-Seott Mere. Co. ” ... 30S*
|C II Burgin. Coroner s inquest. .. 720
W D OoniKlurk, Care of poor— 6 So
ora A Walson, Board of pauper— 130 23
: 1. A Hick. Med. service 41 00
; State Industrial School. Hoard
Stabler Ift 80
IW G Cook, Supplies . 126
i W K Meibom, Fumigating 13 50
1 K O Wilmot. Supt. l*uor 37 30
H K Meibom. Fumigating 800
Total 9 603 28
J W Foldings. Road Overseer's salary $ 2*4 00
,I. M Cloaaon, ” " ” 257 30
Ftuit Exchange Batik. Road Over
seer’s salary ass'd 223 00
II G Holderatan. Road Overseer... 47 *3
l>avbl A lloldertuau. l.aK>r 100 O
I First National Hank Hotchkiss.
Road Overseer's salary ass'd 304 u» 1
; Elmer Jarvis. l-aWr 21 00
Frank Luelleti, ” 22 UU
! First National Bank Hotchkiss.
lul*or ass’d 391 43
| N Thomas, Labor 24 00 I
I Emerson Muring. “ 24 «' I
It M llogrefe, “ ass’d 4 OO I
! J S Harris. •• 6 oo 1
John Nowlin, " 5 oo
James Elwrly. " .. 91 Ul
CC Hawkins, ” ass’d 10 00
First Nat’l. Hank 1 Won in " 3 00 |
First Nat’l. Bank Paonia " ” 6 73 |
Fruit Exchange* Hank. ” " 2 50
Frank Teachout, ” 4 50
Elias Wenger. " t lk>
; K 1 Myers, " 13 50
j John Reed. ” lo oo
| Stock ham Brus, Supplies .... 44 a*
James W Dale, ” 4 40
W J Ax ford. " 20 63
Thomas Gregory, " '22 *>
G W Hendricks, ” 15 80
G W shaul. Right of way 76 U 0
Total 9 2,176 *3
Ooi PTY or Dmr.v. 5
I, D. S. iHnighty. County Clerk in and for the
County and Stale aforesaid. do hereby ovrlltY
that the above and foregoing is a true statement
of that part of the Commisslonera' pnweedlegs
as pertains to the allowance of bills, letting of
contracts and the granting of relaites of tares or
assessments, as required by an act approved
April 19th. 1961, ami a brief statement of such
other matte.s as are eontained therein.
In witness whereof I have hereunto ret my
hand and affixed Ihe seal of Delta County this
Uth day of October A. D. 1907.
I County Clerk.
It Pays to Buy
Ederheimer -
Stein Young
Men's Clothes
Z"!' ET a thoroughly good suit,
pay $lB, $2O or $25 for it,
and you'll be a better dressed,
more contented young man
all season than if you had two
suits of the ordinary kind.
You’ll find the tailoring,
quality and style in these
suits; the lasting good shape
and wear that pays you in
the price you can have them
for and the satisfaction they
If you' to ■■ unitit d«in to
dm, right, get Ederheimer-
Stein clothes. Lot the other
fellow do es ho likes.
Shoe and Clothing Co.
In a* much a part of oar business at*
uiukimr them. iVi*
Your garments with the same thoroasrh
ihtw* on«l skill that we give to tailoring
you a new unit Oar work in thin line
prolongs the life of the garment ami
kwi>e it lookitu; right till worn out.
Send up your clothing to clean anil prep*
ami note the improvement.
You will And our repair* to any make
of wheel—we make them to last, and
p|*are neither time nor material to af
fonl yi»u perfect satisfaction. Acci
ilentp will hapiien. bieyles will break:
but we bend every - energy toward
making your wheel a* good a* new
when it tret* into Iwil shape. Keep
injr it that way if you will give us the
G. C. ENGLISH, Bicycles
M 15c. Me m 4 85c. SIZE BOTTIKS.
Successor to H L FOGG.
Notice of Final Settle moat.
matter of the Estate of Lester C. McGtew
ilay. the lull iliu of Novemlwr A. I). 19U7, hoin if
one of the regular ilnys of the September IJIU?
Term of the County l ourt of Delta County. in
the State of t'olorodo, 1. Louise M. McGrsw,
Executrix of pmlil estate, will appear before the
Judge of paid Court, present my Anal settlement
as such Executrix anti pray tlie approval of the
paiue. ami will then apply to he ilineharasd ns
such Executrix. At which time ami place any
persou iu interest may ap|war and present objec
tituip t»» the name if any there be
Dated at Delta, t (dorado, October 7, IW.
Executrix of the Estate of Letter C. MeGrew.

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