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The Hazel Green herald. (Hazel Green, Wolfe County, Ky.) 1885-19??, May 13, 1885, Image 3

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Per Annum
Always in Advance
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msuswmmm pniimi3fcwa
ib eYeryj
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MIllt awlKBenyaii Pfoytl In
fact At eTery ptlat in jthe mountains
Writ for terme to f entsc
Kituoky South Atlantic
Sm4mL MMMaunfitaB alewer tLn Mt
Sterling tree
Kq 1 learasltt Striugt7 arriving
at Jh i jfor aH vi 140 jag
XL StwiiM at 1050 so
Xo SlatMifXfe lUrlisg ila
nm st lUfttirell t 320 ip m
3 4lMtr liUmyilat 345 p arrives
at 3ft Storlbf t 550 p in
a 157 p mwias mC40 railway
far Lexisftes CSetMU jwd Louisville
3e 3 connects at Itt dteBg with 1105 a
train on O t O frj the East and 136
r traia froa LeaicTitie and Cincinnati
rtH3ontgoBerr couaty court day special
Wares lUikwell a tke 3rd Monday in each
itkatf 72Q to arrhriag at If t Sterling
JLefcumac leaves Mt Sterhse at
JUtfcwall at 430 tf i
in at
Leaves Relhwell for Jit Sterling 5 p ra
taces httntiiilHajclGree at oace
two kwd3sfanlie t ocWpy t
Oiitherftk kt to the wife of
jKJoam D Hose Jr i a girl l
Wanted Threehundred tenement cot-
A hundred families now await their
huilding Who will build
The Morgan House at West Liberty
is one of the best hotels in tEe mountains
biw1prppriebrls a competent and
courteeae mMit to the manor -born
A trial wiEcocvinse you that his is the
place to stopVSee advertisement
W H GlUis Tepresentihg McCord
AySelottewholeile hatters of Xsmisville
pageci - fcraugfitown one day last week
en route to jacKsos ie was quite
xloor the route His
our paper to claj
cird appears in
Chi tkenxst jpaffc of our paper to day
spftfcxx aji ocomt i Mrs Pullims in
saiity Tbis IwliMwell kaown to many
ofiiwrxeaifrafwJwhAvefor yaara had
tae iTacigeoC Jierafowfedge in mak
ing purchasae by maiT and they will be
sorry learn of her affliction
IougbioMt Sterling next court
dayaai liars horse to care for stop
idth Joka Zee at tfee OldVTrimbie stable
oaMua Mr Keef can and will
take better care ofyour stock than any
man in town but do not take our word
or it go and tSyTuvand be convinced
Chi Monday April 23th we willrfretum
to oar old stand on Maysville street the
Phcenix Stables where we will again be
gladly see3riturnbut8 arenrst
clasT110 r stables ivill be in better
shabtfeanveFlefore With thanks
forpst favors we solicit your future
patronage Eobison Supt
tML GiyvfYoiytowTJLtliSLs done
vrrjtftyrwm oia iasnioDeu -Dee aim
has several hives or the beautnui
thrifty Italian sort which he pro
poses rto sell low If yon desire a supply
of delicious honey be certain to secure a
hive ere he shall have done away with
theei See his advertisement elsewhere
gF JteGuirethis place has Just re-
tle 3tywith a new and
haadsoHxe Unc of dry goods notions groM
series feu winch be lssellmg low down
Read his advertisement in this issue an
give iia trial if you want the most
iroods for the least money Big Bu
Swango is right handman and he will
you nght v
mtrmtgiMtfm mi
Vr TrT t rm t ri r n
Uiapt xx J KjinxK oi me oeivers oarsuu
hardware cmmmfft loakville was in
town last Whtem Wnbf and sold a
handsonrblllfife fc T3irFBy
The captain always docs well in these
parts because he is i clever gentleman
iiandles first class goods and represents a
gooilKHwe 35e will please accept tmr
VatiVingbiir Graasy correspond
ent and all other correspondents are
most respectfully informed that The
Herald does not advertise any mans
Djin grfcutojKlyf pyen tkwigh it be
xnrougn ne ws correeponaence opace ror
advertising may be obtained in our col
umn at Tow rates and any man who
fatkb avail himself of the opportunity
stands in hlsowri light
k Qiliraore correspondent aays I no
ticed is your lst isaie an account of
Rev Isaac Hurphy seeing a duck with a
hole in lis cropland no doubt there are
ntbbe f anToug for
hig tales nor would I do so if we had
not have had a chickerinriihemecon
dition a hen with a hole in her cro
ShijwlJw cor and- it would
droi4ei3ole She lived in t
Written for The Heejlld
Mr TTi jBn earth is not yet done
1 aiaiuaot yet go home
Tor -well I knnv that God alone
Best knows when I must come
He has some work yet for me
T do for Him and I must stay
And He will tach me how to be
Hi iaithfnl serrant day by dayv
tj j -
Ai3 Vken my wprk on artkisdene
Asd1 nave nmsaed all
I then may go but not alone
For I sh
lail hear mv Saviorfs calL
t v
Mb Editoe I am a little orphan
girl and have few advantages but such
as I have I try to improve I -never went
to chool but six months that is I went
six months to an English school and then
went two months to a German school to
learn to read and write German I can
read and write German much better than
I can speak it I sometimes write verses
land have been requested to write some
ior your paper out as x naa sucn a snort
fime in which to compose and write
them Lnare just sent some that Bhad
and If you wish Twill prepare some es
pecially for 5our paper - X can do much
better now than when 1 wrote these
Hsr C Yeltok
See advertisement of the Osborne reap
er and mower in to days issue of our jm
per If you need anything of the kind
the Osborne is the one to buy and Hahly
Judyji the advertisers are the gentle
ini n tobuy from They are well known
to most of our readers and commendation
is therefore unnecessary Their agent at
this place is T J Stephenson and you
may rest assured that he will treat you
right The terms are very easy and the
Osborne is thus placed within the reach
of all Buv one and call at their store
in Mt Sterling next Monday for your Married On May 7th at the residence
Every indication points to the probaf
bility of a splendid crop season excep
wheat in this section The soil has been
rendered mellow as an ash bank b
the heavy freezes of the past winter and
-the farmers say that tney have never
inown the ground to be in better condi
tion I armers look well to your inter
est put in large crops of corn and oats
cut all the hay possible keep the stock
oft your young grass work faithfully
keep at it and save what you produce
John W Jones the jeweler of Mt
Sterling whose advertisement appears in
an immense stock of beautiful goods and
if you are in want of something hand
some in his line do not fail to call upon
Monday He sells his goods at very low
prices considering the quality and will
treat you right every time Do not fail
to see him and buy of him
If you want insuranceyou should care
fully examine the advertisement of A
Huffmans companies in this issue and
when you go to Mt Sterling next week
be sure to see him and get his rates He
understands the insurance business and
will take only solvent companies It is
therefore a perfectly safe investment to
insure with him for should your proper
ty burn you would want the money and
if you msurevcith him you will certainly
Ihe high school ooys have rormea a
compabt to the effect that they will such
as are living meet in mis town on juiy
4th 1890 to have a reunion and each to
deliver a sneech telling his exDefienc
during the fie years that shall have in
tervened All the school boys who wish
toenter this compact will meet at Mize
hall on next Saturday night to complete
aedjsign the same
We venture the assertion that the ex
perience of the last three months has
taught a valuthie lesson to the average
farmer in this part of Kentucky which
demonstrates that three weeks work in
the spring in plowing and putting in a
corn crop ard two weeks in the fall sea
Ion gathering same wrill not produce
enough to feea their families and -stock
esman for F McGuirefor several years
hanged occupations Monday and com-
ced house keeping at his farm three
miles wset of town Bud says to his
many menus tnat when tney want
with them and he will m them eat it - Ittooverm
xr U18
jluiu vuui
Alittle child aged two yjjara oi A C
Teck living on Stillwater In this county
on Monday last accidentily got a gram
of corn in its wind pipe and fears are en
tertained that it cannot live Some old-
erchildrenwere parching corn and the
little one fcrabhea a handf ull and putting
it into its month suddenly caused the
David Morse has just completed a fine
barn for J G Trimble at this place It
is built in the orchard of the old Trim
ble homestead and will be used to stable
Mr Trimbles horses whenever he visits
Hazel Green which we hope will be right
soon Uncle Dave has done a nice job
and he may well be proud of it
Judge Lusk of this place has just
built a fence to enclose nis residence on
High street which is doubtless the hand
somest olank fenee ever erected in the
MS I F Z T i r i
is a c6orusfellahiDut heknowshW
to fix up ingsTiScB about him
fr B AL ManeL aeeonTnamed nv his moth-
AT J X w ti
jmlts o d iuDanK orJcsxiiitsp8nc
rpi ti i Inst wfOAV nn n Trisif tn Mr
iiii t rrrTjtrr r try l
coHmionioraooutsixyeiTc5Naillie Xash Hereturned home Fri-
a cfrnsiderahle frost om ie Bng KffftftV1 Sid kTovial fellow and isiidl
iR it
4 Via Ofli Wif nnfVlT voolmrf I It 1 i
Tke attentioiLof saw oilmen is raepect
f ally called o the advertisement of the
3ij Steduag iron f ece f ottndry and ma
chi6oQtpay which appears in to days
Daner Everv bodv knows Boh Bean
and1 every JoSy should knerwthat he is J
the manager of above company and is
prepared to gum and hammer saws thus
saving tb our mill men not less than 25
pare Tke company also manufac
turitikeleit ikoa fence in the world
xlif j9 jrwt ibeantify your prem j
itwjwiztii a jmasoms rieace ouy jtJoo
BeAfc Hkiwtce k not only beautiful
bnt itis cheafr tktn a wor fence
is theonlyman who an get away with
jonn jrieratt on a joee
Elijah Spencer ieho resided near town
died Wednesday night and vras bnrried iu
our cemetery Thursday His family is
left in a destitute condition as Mr Spen
cer was denpenant on his daily labor for
support and has been an invalid for
about two years fc
Beported liy Special Correspondents from
All Points in the Mountains
Wolfe County
Succeiss to The Herald
f P Bose and wife were thesguests o
J JL liose sr last Sunday
Jas A Lacy of Ezel was in this sees
tion Jast week buying cattle for the Ma-
zei ween maricec iur x acv is a -
ueuru his uogs uarixig aiiu wcub uuu mtu
the yard to see what they were barking
at when some scoundrel bursted a cap at
him His gun failing to fire he Sea to
the woods Bose saw him running but
it was io darlr thai he could not recog
nize the offender It is thought that it
was Gardner Williams who threatened
to take the life of Judge G W Carson
E N Rose and other good citizens of
Lacy creek who aided in the prosecu
tion of Floyd WTitliams for the killing of
Peyton Stricklin It is time for this
trouble to stop and if there is any more
blood shed on Lacy creek every good cit
izen of Wolfe county will come to the
front and execute just judgment on all
who are engaged in this vile mess
Mrs Z T Hurst is dangerously ill
Jo C Lykins is attending the Morgan
circuit court
Jas P Hall is preparing to burn a
brick kiln here
C Williams Rufus J Hill to Miss
IrLizzie Coneleton
AiinonAi j on nfwrta rioorOF crrfrrrilTn rer all xr irr r -
uui fi i a ww u ouiugBUj yy Steele was
elected police judge
wants in jewelry watches clocks cKwTTTlitt marshnl ndWm a tw
than any man in the state He carries chairman C C Wireman Wm Snencer
ceiifJi fck trite -ad solhig bills aUJhim when you visit Mt Sterling next
n xrrii r 01 nt r
C C Williams S S Combs Isaac El
kins and Dr J H Stamper trustees
Judge Cooper has called a special term
of circuit court for this county begin
ning on the 2d Monday in July and con
tinuing two weeks or longer if the busi
ness requires for the trial of common
wealths cases equity and common law
causes Attorneys and litigants mil
please note this and and have thoir cases
ready for trial as they must all be- tried
Morgan County
Weather very cool
Grain of all kinds is very scarce
Farmers principally are done planting
get it and get it at once His rates areJ David JSenry died very suddenly on
quite low - ae bltL lnstv or paralysis
t lour correspondent took m the circus
J L Johnson of this place has lust
received a nice lot of ready made cloth
ing hats shoes and boots and will starts
in a short time to the cit- to buy a Jargi
stock of dry goods for the spring tradef
The firm from -this time forward will be
McClure Johnson They are both en
terprising young men and bid fair to do
quite a large business in their line the
coming season People of this section
will find it to their interest to patronize
them On The Wing
Slonifoa County
41 Flrlprs TV ft Cnmbs nnd X TT Pinrntt
Jl Bud Swango who has been ye holding an interesting meeting here
Several have already been added to the
church and the meeting will continue
some days yet
On May 2nd J M Olliver was elected
zrrl 1TJ j y Jtri foolicedudge S V Clark marshal D A
niinn Tniui ri ffiiriM miiuti nriri nnnir i ir ha - i
wbCBwcrc it as mountains or eastern iventucKy JjUSK
at Mt Sterling which was a grand affair
James Cecil who has been very ill for
pme time is thought by his attending
physician to he improving
ermale E D Hackney J H
lams ana J J yrne trustees oi our
town A good set of officers
At our county court John J Byrne
Chas Amburgy and Jno B Lyons were
appointed supervisors of the tax book
J J Chambers was appointed admr of
the estate of E B Chambers deceased
and Jas Ballard has appointed admr of
G W Sons
There has recently been unusual fatal
ity in the family of G D Chambers he
and his son E B Chambers having died
lately of pneumonia A few days since
Green Gibbsj a son-in-law died of the
same disease and on May 7 David Hed
gar another son-in-law died of consump
tion and two other sons-in-law are seri
ously ill
Geo Wriroplmwa arrested one day
last week at Morehead Rowan county
for passing a raised 2Q bilL George is
a good honest citizen but unfortunately
cannot read He handles a good deal of
money and some sharper passed the bill
on him he not being able o detect it
He had an examining trial and was ac
quitted and convinced all that he in
tended no crime Hoy necessary it is
that alllhonlcl heeducatedtokeep them
from loss trouble and seeming en me as
well as to make useful citizens
rSeveral of our people went to see Coles
Born On the 1st inst to the wife of
phincan Tabqr boy BlaineT
Dan Henrytvone of the section hands
had his house lind contents burned on
last Saturday
J W Davis has opened up a first class
kgrocery at Cornwell and is doing strictly
a casn Dusinees
Ed B Green representing the boot and JUe depot at Bothwell is filled to its
shoe house of White Green Huffaker itmost capacity with goods for the
of Louisville paid our town a visit last m mercnants
Wednesday Ed is a clever boy and wre Uur tanners have been very Dusy tne
bespeak for hima liberal trade in this sec- past week repairing fence which was
tion See his card on first page destroyed by fire some time ago
5yy tty i i j mimjn9i
iirm i i tw1 V Til
- vV
Say you Grassy Creek correspondent
what has become of you We heard
that you had purchased agackof molas
ses ancC had been robbed is this state
ment true
It is to be hoped that the hardest times
have been reached and the dark clouds
that have been threatening us will gently
pass by and leave our people on the side
of prosperity
John Ballard and Jas E Cornwell had
uite an old fashioned fight one day last
ffigic in which they used their fists and
rocks pretty lively for a while Jimmie
E got the worst end of the fight
The lime kiln at Cornwell is in full
man und it ia thought that he wilL Mast under the supervision of Jack and
- - -- n w j II TT1 1
moirn o coc kionn jseweii ana sue nrae tney are
uuivu UUVl K 4
looks muca Jite xxxx ilour but
Monday night the 4th mst B is Rose T ng very mA -
1 j lj i 4- J uu wvfc icwuuucuu m ivi uicKUii
Born On Anril 28 to the wife of E
fc Tutt a girl and on April 27 to the
ife of Z T Hurst a girl
W F Elkins circuit court clerk and
David Hogg county court clerk are off
on a nishmg spree the f ormerm Breath
itt and the latter on Stillwater
Mrs Elizabeth Stricklin widow of
Peyton Stricklin is boarding with our
jailer as an accessory to the murder of
her husband the grand jury having
found an indictment against her at the
last term of our court
At the recent election of town officers
Wm Havens of Grassy creekrgave us
a pleasant- call one day last week He
was on his way to Mt Sterling on busi
ness to see King Cole He didnt bring
back the show with him but donated
Since the first of May all of oursaloon
ists have declined renewing their license
Now young men is the time to put on
the blue ribhonand before some one starts
another ddggery you will be an enemy of
strong drink and your pockets will jingle
and your head wilL cease to ache Try
and see if this is not a fact
The High School Eetertalnment
The examination of the Teazel Green
high school will commence on May 20th
and continue three days
On Thursday night the 21st the lit
erary society will give an entertainment
and will play the well known drama
The Turn of the Tide Characters
Jonas Aldrich Miles Little
Capt Hugh St Morris James Swango
Jol Jjillswortn Jasper Uox
Herman Clide Tvellv Day
Bowie Knife Jack Willie Swango
Sling ShotPube Willie Murphy
Peppera colored boy Henry Goosey
AuntJKebecca AldrichAlrs Mary iSickell
Susie Aldrich W Susie Ladd
Lillian Lacy Lou Gillmore
Frisky Belle Adams
They will also play the farce Thirty
minutes for Eefreshments Characters
John Downley James Swango
Clarance Filts colored boyHenry Godsey
John Fogton John Amyx
Maj Pepper U S A Chas Hieronymus
Mrs Foxton Mrs Mary Nickell
3liss Arabella Pepper W busie Jjadd
Polly waiting maid Sallie Gourley
Music ana recitations by the little
The commencement exercises will be
on Friday night the 22d which will con
sist of essays orations and mudic
Every student seems to be working to
obtain one of the ten medals
The public is respectfully invited to
Personal Paragraphs
John C M Day of Frozen is in Cin
cinnati purchasing goods for the firm of
Day Bros
Thomas M Cannoy of Maytown was
in town Monday He was en route to
Salyerville circut court
Mrs L M Day Mrs J A Adams
Mrs D Morse and Mrs Lou Dayigave us
a pleasant call last week
Jimmie Underwood of this place left
on Monday last to seek his fortune and
the good wishes of the community go
J Taylor Day has just returned from
the city with a stock of fine goods which
is offered to the public at low prices
Bead the advertisement of J T F
Misses Willie Ladd and Bosa L Kash
onorcd our office with a call last Satur
av Call again ladies we are always
TaA rv eon Trii oa fnv i Vta fitnn Vvninnr
your presence calls our mind from the
labora of life to the contemplation of
youth and beauty
Young 3Ien Read Tlil
The Voltaic Belt Company of Mar
shall Mich offer to send their celebrated
Electro Voltaic Belt and other electric
appliances on trial for thirty days to
men young or old afflicted with nervous
debility and all kindred troubles Also
for rheumatism neuralgia paralysis and
many other diseases Complete restora
tion to health and vigor guaranteed o
risk is incurred as thirty days trial is al
lowed Write then at once for illus
trated pamphlet free
Tom F Eogers the peoples clothier
Mt Sterling wants to see you next Mon
day Yon are the one referred to if you
intend going to court and you are
the one who will he benefited if you buy
from him It is worth a trip to Mt Ster
ling to see his nobby suits for spring and
summer wear and when it comes to buy
ing you can save enough by buying of
him to pay all expenses of the trip and
have money left He is in fact the only
clothing man in Mt Sterling that we
know of and we know he will give you
straight goods at fair prices If you
hear of any other clothing man there let
us know about him when you return
especially if he proposes to sell lower
than Tom because he cant cutter
Trimble Bros Mt Sterling carry a
large stock of flour provisions salt nails
oils powder field and garden seeds and
do the largest business perhaps of any
house in their line in that place but they
are both so well known to our subscribers
that comipendation from us seems super
fluous They have an elegant stock of
groceries and have always rendered entire
satisfaction to their customers in the
mountains You should by all means give
their stock an examination when you go
to court next Monday and you will find
it just as represented Charley Howe
their commercial tourist is now in this
section with samples and will take your
Do you yant to buy groceries If so
Adam Baum of Mt Sterling will be
found a safe man to deal with He has
by his honest and square dealings built
up a fcradein that palce which is perhaps
second to none in the state He invites
you to call upon him and we invite you
to try him i you have not done so feel
ing that a trial will make you a regular
customer of his We know whereof we
speak when we say that a more honest
or upright grocer cannot be found than
Adam Baum Call on him next Monday
when you go to court
Get your printing at this oifice - s
The Best Most Durable and Lightest Sunning
Machine on the Market
Every Machine Fully Warrantecl
Mt Sterling Kyu
Orders solicited by T J STEYEKTSQH Hazel
Green Ky J
lected Stock of
1 1
Keeps Constantly on hand a Large and weUse
Which he sells Wholesale and Retail as Cheap
as they canjbe bought in the State
Give him a call and be convinced that you
can do as well in Mt Sterling as anywhere else
you may go
Flour Provisions Salt Nails Oill
Powder Field and Garden
Seeds Mt Sterling Ey
They carry the largest stock and
do the largest business of any
house in Mt Sterling -
of Maysville Street
JokaACartar j
James 6 Carter t
J U BetiMA
J G Jr
Mt Sterling Ki
Fine Boots Shoes and Slippers
Hats and Gaps for Spring and Summer Trade
An Inspection of the Same is Invited w
April 29 18S5
Yours truly
Poplar White and Yellow Pine EIooriMg
F BUSH SON Proprietors
Doors Sash Stairways NeweM n
Blinds Balusters Brackets c
Pine and Poplar Shingles Laths cc
References Xugdo G B Swango Hazel Green George Bice MaVtown or
any Business Man of Lexington Ky
J p rggees
Louis Stix Co
Dry Goods and Notions
Third Race and
Hnkjt Stxsits
chrCEsTTATI O - -
Carter Bros J 68
Dry Goods and Notions
7M 731 ttd 733
Whwlwli aa41Utaft
Wines and Uquw

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