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The Hazel Green herald. (Hazel Green, Wolfe County, Ky.) 1885-19??, September 02, 1885, Image 1

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i Urauolcnt advertisements inserted at
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fKte on larger advcrtlBemcnts made
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Hazel Green Ky
WJK practice in Wolfe and ad joining
3vilt receiveproniptittefl
MM I I I I II -I II- -
Ifo til W JeCferson street
yTraetices in all tbe State Courts ana
ppfdal attention jrivoa to business of all
kiads in the Unitod States Courts
iCYiuiBco rur nrarteiTinue
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Hazel Greek Ex
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Titles examin d taxes paid Jor non Test
rJcats Collections a specialty Heal cstato
botand sold on commission Will prac
ticetnTolfeang adjoiuinEr counties
V dr r b GARDNER
r -- - Hazel Green Kr
Offers his services to the people of Wolfe ana
-- - - ad joining counties
Hazel Gkeett Kr
Tcndcrshis professional services to the citi
zens of Wolie and adjoining countieh Office
iitj esidonee on liroa waj
jzb taulbee m x5
msssm surseon m aggoochedr
Teeners liis professional services to the peo
ple of Wolfe and adjoining counti s Olfice
nt reiSenccmnHazel Green Heights
D S COPSEY Proprietor
Iatronaffo is respectfully solicited from
everybody more specially the traveling
iiblic FihJtKshtss accomUiOdations and sat
infactioij paaranteed
JOHH PiERATT Proprietor
J2TThe table is Eapplied Avith the best in
the -market and flrstrclass accommodation
-will be furnished for man and beast-
JAMES H CCLE Proprietor
Patronage of the traveling- public is ro
ppectfully solicited Table always supplied
with the best In the market Gtable attached
1IEB0SWELL SOKS Trdprietors
ALEX J ASBURY Proprietor
Th b table 1 sapplied with the choicest
inthe market and the charges are rea
Fonable Special Iaducements to Commercial
Insure Your Property
Iteili Mm Gsiiy
Wfelsk Jeali In Reliable Indemnity 2t
Cheap Insurance
Tim Tried and Fir Tested
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Hazel Green Ey
ho practiced on him all her wiles
Mil m loves silken net she caught him
Ad showered on him her sweetest smir
Tf ben to herfeet she captive brought him
Bnt pleaded -with the maid
- To bs rcaled as her lover
Shf sighed a little blusued and saldf
Please wait -until the summers over
And then began loves golden dream
To every picnic every dance he
Took her and bought nor lemon cream
And other things that maidens fancy
At beach hotels with her he hopped
jPorsbe was quite an ardent dancer
At length theyonth the question popped
And waited for the maidens answer
It drew the sweetness from his life
It burned and scorched himlike ablister
Twasthla -I can not be vour wife
Hut 1 will be to you a sister
Boston Courier
How a Nevada Disciple of Black
stone Conquered Two Bores
Lively Fight tlio Result or the Experi
ment General Destruction of Oflice
AnExpensive But
Successful Stratagem
LttJcton Goke a leading lawyer of
the Comstock is outside of a court
room one of life -mildest-mannered
men that ever cut up a witness or an
intestate estate Off his legitimate bat
tle ground and in ordinary walks of
1 fe Littleton Coke is patient and long
sufferiMg would not even utter a word
that would 1 sturb the serene rapacity
or a gas fitter lie coidd sm lingly
1 stcn by the hour to a querulous old
woman complaining that faces were
pidled at her by the children of a
neighbor yet he had for a t me tribu
lations that harrowed his soul down to
its lowest levels
Through pretense of business in the
beg nnng two men became visitors to
hs snug and quie second floor office
who presently developed from their
chrysalis state of mere rapid maun
deers nto such intense and active
bores that they became the terror of
h is life They were men who possessed
the faculty of discoursing with much
sp rit and -volubility for whole hours
upon the incongruousness of incon
gruity the wpmanly nature of
women and other interesting and in
structive subjects
Poor Coke this affliction sore long
t me he bore without being able to
dev so any platfwhereby he might rid
h m elf of the pair who were bringing
4dovii his gray ha rs in sorrow to the
grave So deeply did the piescnce of
the twin bores affect him that his heart
sank and his soul sickened at the bare
ippearaneo of either of h s persecu
One day when one of these tireless
toreadoers whose namemay be writ
ten Jones was drilling the lawyer
through and through causing him to
sweat blood all regardless of a ma
lign coldness that shone in the legal
eye the conversation turned upon gar
Although a perfect magpie himself
Jones at once asserted that above all
other thug- he abhorred a loquacious
person man or woman Of course
sad he one must expect tongue-wagging
in the case of a woman but con
stant gabble from a man I can not en
Did it never occur to you Jones
said the lawyer that you are yourself
a pretty industrious talker and you
are by some suspected of having kissed
the Llarney stone
What inc cried Jones Why
sir I am really a man of very few
words In most companies I am sure
that I am txltogeiher too reserved and
reticent that through my silence taci
turnity and uncommunicativeness I am
frequently suspected of being in some
sort a spy upou thoe present in fact
that 1 cause among those in the room
a feeling of uneasiness and depres
That sir no one will dispute said
Littleton Coke dryly
The lawyer had seated himself at his
open front Window both in order to
obtain some relief by gazing out into
the street and that the fresh air might
fan his brow and cool his rising wrath
ijiancng iar aown mo street ne saw a
block or more away Air Smith- bore
No tL Tii s was ipecacuanha upon
castor oil It was plain to Littleton
Coke that the twn bore was heading
for his office
A sudden thought flashed across his
brain Turning to Jones he said It
may be all as you say but the proof of
the pudding is in the eating Now
jnst for the fun of the thing and to
prove to you that you do not know
yourself Ill bet 3Tou o that you can
not go into that closet and remain
there half an hour without speaking or
coming out
Ill take the bet cries Jones with
vivacity I am as sure of the money
as if I already had it in my pocket
What time is it now
-Just half past two ci clock If yon
do nob speak or come forth youll have
won your money at three oclock
Bear in mind however that you are to
remain in the closet with the door
clo od in the dark you know for half
an hour and that you are neither to
speak nor come out no matter what
mav occur
Quite satisfactory but you are not
to set the house on fire nor are you to
lire your revolver through the closet
And vou are to call mc exactly at
three oclock
-Most assuredly to the minute
Alo you shall have a chair while in
the closet I will not require you to
Jones had but jusfcTeen snugly seat
ed in the closet and the door closed
upon him when Smith came puffing up
i the stairs
Both Smith and Jones are dabblers
I in stocks curbstone brokers and street
corner capitalists
H selves highly as experts in all manner
of inininjr matters
As soon as Smith
he Deo an about his favorite mining
i stock Well Littleton cried he
rhow up well uuhe west erosrcutfroir I
i ihc mam norm arit on tne yuu level
at the point- rherc tliev are
the tip raise TLat stock I let von hare
at bed rock will go up now Youll
come out al right on it jot The stock
lias touched bottom Shes touched
bottom sure Now shell go up the
least tnno will send her upr
4 I rf l vn - 4- - v rt 4 J m lr wa n 7 ma a v I 1 K n
lflWWf hnf mii fiorifl Torino io 2
as sharp on stocks as any man of my
acquaintance says Golden Shower has
only just begun to tumble that it wll
co so far below bed rock that dyna
mite will not send it up swears he
would not give one bit an acre for such
Smiths ejes flashed and his hair
Hal he snorted Jones says that
does he The ass What does he
know about the Golden Shower or any
other mine If vou listen to Jones he
will land your boat for you devilish
qu ck He hasnt a particle of mining
sense common sene nor sense of any
kind when you come to pan him out
Lawyer Coke detected about this
tme an uneasy shuffling of feet in the
closet His scheme was working
Chuckling inwardly he said Win-
Smith I nave always understood Jones
to be a sharp dealer in stocks and that
he has made some pretty good hauls
Good hauls Smith repeated I
dont believe he has ever made a split
ter As he has nothing to put into
stocks how in thunder can he get any
thing out of them
But I havealways understood Jones
to be rather a heavy dealer the law
yer said
Heavy dealer be hanged Jones re
plied He stands before the bulletin
boards in front of the offices of the
brokers and blows by the hour about
the good turns he has just made Never
a stock goes up but he has just bought
500 or 1000 shares and never a stock
goes down but he has just sold in the
nick of tme All this time he does
not own a share of anything except
perhaps some wildcat that is off the
Hes the boss liar 01 the Com-
stock at one
A sound from the closet as of the Cor N
grating of teeth reached the ear of the
lawyer He smothered a chuckle and
proceeded with the witness Oh but
you must be wrong Mr Smith You
must be wronging Mr Jones in what
you say Mr Jones dresses well and
lives well generally therefore he must
be making something in stocks
Not a splitter said Smith Not
a splitter 1 tell you He owes every
body that wdl trust him He owes his
tailor owes at his restaurant owes for
his lodgings and would have been at
the end of his string long ago but that
his landlady and some other foois be-
stock transactions Hell go to where corn
the woodb ne twinetli very soon You
can put Jones down for aregular dead
beat I shouldnt wonder if he had al
ready skipped the town I have not
seen him for a day or two Besides I
hear that he has managed to get hold
of the little savings ot his landlady
Liar was heard in a muffled roar
as Jones rushed from the closet with
uplifted chair bristling and foaming
w th rage
Smith bounded from his seat at the
lawyers center table with eyes gog
gling at the sudden apparition of
Jones from a quarter so unexpected
anu in iooks ana attituae so venomous
and threatening He saw that the dogs
of war had been slipped and that it
was to be war to the knife Impelled
by the instinct of self preservatiou
Smith grasped an ink bottle from the
table and opened the battle by hurling
it with all hs force at Jones head
Jones neatly stopped the missile with
the bottom of his chair The bottle
exploded with a crash and a shower of
ink flooded the carpet and spattered
the walls As Smth reached for a
paper we ght Jones let drive at him
Witti his chair Smith ducked his head
below the table just in time and the
chair crashed into a large mirror
Lawyer Coke loudly called upon the
combatants to cease the fray but their
blood was up and the voices of both
were still for war They fired away at
each other from opposite sides of the
table around which they were dancing
vfith books inkstands and all else that
comes to hand Jones had just lired
at Smith a plaster bust of soaie great
legal light which missed and crashed
to atonic in the remains of the shat
tered mrror when the latter sezed
upon a bronze gladiator and whirled it
about his head yelling Now Ill
fetch you
At sight of a missile so formidable
Jones made a sudden plunge under the
table probably with the intention of
grasping Smith by the legs and land
ing him uion his back Smith how
ever saw the dodge just as he was in
the act of tiring away with the gladia
tor and reserving his ammunition
stooped beneath the table to whack
Joness head with it Pinding that
there was not room in which to
his weapon Smith contented himself
by trying to punch it into Joness face
and eyes bmith soon caused a free
flow of claret from Jones no e and
from a cut he made over his right eye
when the latter managed to get hold of
the base of the statuette and by a sud
den push sent the head of the gladiator
into Smiths mouth smashing m one or
two front teeth This unexpected re
turn fire and the pain it inflicted
caused Smith to make an involuntary
attemut to rise to his feet capsizing the
table and tumbling it clear over Jones
In a moment both men were upon their
feet and at it a la Heenan and Sayers
both as bloody as butchers
Finding that words alone were un
heeded the man of law rushed in to by
to separate the combatants by muscu
lat force He arrived between the pa r
just in time to receive a left- handed
plumper on the nose from the- blood- i
blinded Jones Smarting from the blow
and seeing blood flowing over his hands
and shirt front Lawyer Coke ran to a
desk and brought forth a revolver
threatening to shoot dead the man who
struck another blow Observing the
Both value them- bloody condition of the disciple of
Blackstone and the deadly look in his
j pve usually so mua ine comoatanis
entered the Toom fell back and ceased hostilities
At the muzzie of lus cocked revolver
Coke ordered Mnth into an adjoining
and out by a rear passage and door
As Smith tookhis departure hesworo
that ho never would ajjan darken the
lawyers door Ho declared that he
had been led a trap that an am
buscade had been prepared for him
I that Coke had concealed Jones in the
Y Sun
boinir often
closet with malice aforethought and
that he had designedly been led into
abusing him This had been done that
at the proper moment Jones might
dart out and assault him He had
heretofore thought pretty well of Coke
but this treacherous affair ended their
friendship forever forever sir It is
the last feather
Smith being dismissed the lawyer
returned to Jones and -set him to wash
ing away all removable traces of the
combat When about to escort him
down stairs Coke- turned and sad
Mr Jones before you go Ill troiul
you for tht five dollars I have won of
You will You have the cheek to
ask it Mr Littleton Coke youll never
sec the color of five dollars from me
But that you have the brass of the
devil you would not ment on it after
humbugging me into that closet ass
that 1 was and then bringing in Sm th
to villify and assassinate me You w 11
probably hear from me in an action for
conspiracy I rejoce that I gt in that
stinger on your nose Never speak to
me again sir on any occasion and
Jones depart d in a towering rage
Well welicred Littleton Coke
when left alone as he s urveyed the
wreck of his oflice and inspected h s
nose in the fragment of a mirror that
still remained attached to its frame
Well I have settled the pair of them
but I must confess that my plan for
suppressing bores has turned out an
expensive and a painful one I shall
have a nose on mo like a prize potato
and my oflice looks as if it had been
the scene of the latest explo t of the
dynamiters it has been expensive
but thank God the job is done Ive
settled two of the biggest bores on the
Pacific coast have dropped them both
Virginia City ATey
Their Origin and Habitat Growth in Semh
Polar Ilegionn
Recent numbers of Kaluren contain
interesting papers by Professor
Sehubeler on the original habitat of
some of the cereals and the subsequent
cultivation in the Scandinavian lands
and Iceland of barley and rye more es
pecially It would appear that barley
was cultivated before other cereals in
Scandinavia and that the generic term
mm rt l i rtl nniftn AT t
ipinin aiuuug xiwi iiiimil
to this gram only fiom tho oldest
times and that in the Norwegian laws
of the seventeenth and eighteenth cen
turies wherever reference was made to
the Kornskat or standard by which
land in the Northern lands was and
still is rated in accordance with tho
corn it is capable of 3ielding the term
was understood to apply to barley
Proof of the high latitude to wheh the
cultivation was carried m early ages is
afforded by tho Egds Saga where
mention is made of a barn in Helgo
land sxty five degrees N lat used
for the stor ng of corn and which was
so large that tables could be spread
within it for the entertainment of b00
guests In Icelandbarley was cult
vated from the time of its colonization
in 870 till the middle of the fourteenth
century or according to Jon Storraon
as lately as 40 Froni that period
down to our own times barley has not
been grown in Iceland with any sys
tematic attention the islanders being
dependent on the home country for
their supplies of corn In the last ccn
turv however varons attempts were
made both by the Dansh Government
and private individuals to obtain home
grown corn in Iceland and the success
with which these endeavors were at
tended gives additional importance to
the systematic undertaking whch has
beenset on foot by Dr Sehubeler and
others wthin the last three years for
the introduction into the island of the
hardier cereals vegetables and fruits
As many as 5S2 samples of seeds of
ornamental and useful plants most of
which were collected from the neigh
borhood ot Christ auia are now being
cultivated at KeyKjavik under the
special direction of the local Govern
ment doctor Herr Schicrbeck who
succeeded in 1883 in cutting barley
ninety eight days after the sowing 6l
the seed which had come from Alten
70 deg N lat And here it may be
observed that this seems tho polar
limit in Norway for anythng like good
barley crops The seed is generally
sown at the end of May and in favor
able seasons it may be cut at the end
of August the growth of the stalk
two and a half inches in
twenty four hours North of 00 deg
or 61 deg barley can not be success
full v grown in Norway at more than
females In HI nots there are
J -the Golden Shower is berinnins to i rcoin where he caused him to wash 329 males to only 1491 fefS females oi
- t j i t
a3 then escorted him down the stairs
from 1800 to l00 feet above the sen
level In Sweden the polar limit is
about 6S deg or 6G deg but even there
as in Finland night frosts prove very
destructive to young barley In some
of the t eld valleys of Norway on the
other baud barley may in favorable
seasons be cuteght or nine weeks after
its sowing and thus two crops may be
reaped in one summer According
even to a tradition current in Thele
marken a farm there owes its name
Triset to the three crops reaped in the
land in one year Rye early came into
use as a breadstuff in Scandinav a and
in 14t0 the Norwegian Council of State
issued an ord nance making it obliga
tory on every peasant to lay down a
certain proportion of his land in rye
In Norway the polar limit of summer
rve is about 69 deg and that of Wintei
rye about 61 deg but in Sweden it has
been carried along the coast as far
north as fro deg The summer rye
crops xxe generally sown and n fot
cutting about the same timeiis barley
although occasonally in southern Nor
way less than ninety days are required
for their full maturity Nature
In Pennsylvania the figures shov
170524 males to 176465 females In
Virginia thev bring to light tho fact
that there ie 7455SU ma es to 7G67e
the blood from his face and hands more than 3c0u9o an -excess of th
former Pidabwqh Post
Tho Man Who Did Not Have ImpUcIt
Con lid cue a In HI Wife j
Well what is it said the money
clerk at theTTnited States Express office
the other day as a man with a pro
truding under lip and defiant con
tempt for grammar baited before him
and put his dinner bucket on tho
Haint this the place where you
take money thats to be sent somers
said tho man standing on tiptoe and
speakins in a low tone as he leanedj
forward over the counter
Yes did vou want to make a ship
Did you want to send some money
Well no not this mornm but 1
reckon I will shortly an so I dropped
m as I was sroin1 alone to fc n iu t a few
items about it It was all
to drop in wasnt it
right for me
Oh yes certainly What did you
want to know
Well now sposen I send forty
dollars or sich matter to mv sister in
Waukegan an she never gits it
But she will get it if you send it
Yes bur how do I know that
though Sposen the train runs again
sumpin stands on its head ketches
fire an burns up wheres my forty
dollars then
In that case the company would
make it good
I say the company would pay it
But I wouldnt want it back Id
wan t my sister to have it Thatd be
my main reason for sendin it
She would get it The company
would pay it to her
Thats all right then But sposen
somebody bulldozes your man on the
cars with a club as I heard was done
somers not long back an slides out
with the money who stands the racket
then me or the company
The company of course
Whether they ketch the man or
Haint there no giggba back on
No not a bit of it
No comin back at me with draw
backs or per cents for thisn that
Not at all
Its every dollar of it forked over
to my sister is it no matter what hap
Yes every cent
is it jist the same in case of belli
struck bv lightnin
My wives half brother the one in
Michigan had a barn struck Hy light
nin onest sot on fire an burnt down
an Im switched if the company he
was insured in didnt crawl out of it
somehow or uther an hes hed his
nose to the grindstone ever sense on
accounts of it You say your companv
never takes a man bv the nape of the
neck even if it gits a chance to
No The company guarantees to
put your money through and it will do
it or make it good
Thats all right then an my olo
woman haint so tormented smart as
Why so
She said there wasnt no safe way of
gittin the money to Liza Ann bnt to
have her go an take it to her But I
thought I could see through her little
game an so I concluded Pd git a few
itemsand find out for mvself how the
thing onraveled Between you an me
Ive got a bulky sort of a notion the ole
woman wants to flare out a little with
some new duds an if she was to g t
her claws on to that money I dont
blieve Liza Ann would ever see a red
of it notwithstand n she was good
enough to lend it to me quite a Hpeil
ago when I was considerable hard up
iuy oie woman is wen meanin an a
middlin pr mp housekeeper but shes
ruther too deep sot on tomfoolery to be
trusted much in money matters an Id
about as soon put money into a bank
an give up hopes of it at oust as to
have her git her hands on it She
dont mean nothin1 wrong about it I
reckon but I spose she jest cant help
it an she wouldnt have that money
about her ten minutes before sheM go
to foolin it away on bustles an back
hair an sich other nonsense as shed
happen to get her mind sot on Im a
good deal much obleeged to you sir
an Ill give you the handlin of that
money as I come along to morrow
Even if you ruled out lightnin Id risk
it a blamed sight quicker n I would the
ole woman Chicaqo Ledger
An Interesting Discovery
An interesting dscoveryhas recently
been made in connection with the Fo
rum at Rome On cutting into the ac
cumulation of the unexcavated portion
of the northeast side on which stands
between the Temple of Antoninus I
and Faustina and the Church of St
Adriano the row of modern buildings
which is ultimately fo be removed for
the completion of the excavations a
part of the pavement of the ancient
street connecting the Forum with the
Suburra has been uncovered
a lewl
dates from the seventh century The
street extends along the southeast side
of that part of the Curia which is now
the Church of St Adriano The pave- j
ment is in a nne state or preservation
and on one side of it stands a pedestal
Erobablyof a statue dedicated as shown
y the inscription to theEmperor Con
stantinus the Second by Memmius
Vitrasius Orfitus who was jprmfectus
urbis from 355 to 359 Large masses
ot marble such as pedestals of
and mammas at the same time
After a pause Cant a nice car
riage have two horses GltfcagoSttn
- 9
-The liJiust prize at the New Or-
leans Exposition
for oranges was wo
by Massachusetts men Boston Post
A Path Which Can 15e Tra scled But
The sun as it lingered on the edge of
the horizon sinking so slowly thatone
might say that it regretted to leave tho
world in darkness lighted up litis face
until the grandchild asleep on his knee
would hardly have recognized him had
she opened her eyes
Old and feeble and gray ready to
bid farewell to earth he was a child
again and his mind had the thoughts
of a chid The sun had gone down
and the dusk had come on for hm tens
of thousands of times without qucs
ton but this time he felt afraid and
Oh sun do notlcavamc just yct
L Wait until I am a man and i shall caro
not whether it is day or nighL
And the sun whispered back to him
I have Seen you pass froni child
hood to manhood and back You can
not travel the path again
But wait a little longer When T
have grown to be a youth the coming
of night wdl have no terrors forme
Alas old man answered the de
clining sun a grand old tree can not
become a shrub again It may be
splintered or uprooted by the hurri
cane but it must die as a tree
Then reman with me phiaded
the old man My limbs are feeble
and your light will safely guide my
That I can not do but I will send
the moon to cast her rays upon the
earth and soften the darkness of
And when the moon came the old
mans locks were changed from the
gold of sunset to the silver of evonnsr
and the furrows of age were melted
and softened unt 1 they could no longer
be seen And he whispered to the
Do not leave me to night for I am
old and afraid of the darkness of
i can
not stay bevond
time answered the moon
I ro I will send the stars to keep
100 A iAKy klwvfi w
my fixed
but when
I had a wife children friends
Bring them back to me from the mys
ter ous unknown
Alas but the dead are dead And
the moon went awav and the stars
came and the old man pleaded
I am old and lonely Bear me com
pany during my brief stay on earth
And one bright star answered for all
the restc
A hand greater than mans controls
our movements Look beyond us
And the stars drewaside the mystTc
veil and the old mans eyes lookedbe
hnd it They lighted up with the fires
of youth of hope o antic pation ot
deep satisfaction His aged face grew
young his limbs rega ned their
strength his blood coursed as in the
veins of a man n his prime The stars
held the veil asde but a moment and
yet he had seen enough
The child slept on but the arms
around it gave up their strength
The night winds toed with the old
man s gray locks but he gave no heed
A hand was lad on his shoulder and a
voice whispered in his ear but he gave
no sign The grand old tree had g ven
up its life on earth to begin anew be
hind the veil- Detroit Free Press
The Growth of the Trade in This Article
in tlio United Statrs
Said a well known manufacturer to a
reporter Tho consumption of choco
late in tho United States has had a won
derful growth In 1878 we manufac
tured into chocolate goods 24000 bags
of raw cocoa last year we used 54000
bags an increase of 30000 bags in five
years The next five years will see a
still greater rate of increase When
Humboldt discovered the use of the
cocoa plant in his travels be little
dreamed of the immense business that
was to grow out of the concoction of
his first cup of chocolate It Is to dav
fairly in the way of becoming one of
the principal articles of food through
out the world and tends eventuailv to
supplant tea and coffee as a beverage
As a flavoring- it alrealy stands next to
vanilla whcli heads the 1st and it s
used in all branches of cookery pastry
and creams and ior baking purposes
generally Fifteen years ago I went
on the road to sell in a small way
chocolate goods of my own manufac
ture and I was laughed at for my
pains At that time the consumption
was 1 niited in this country to tho few
large e ties in whch the forei gn ele
ment predom nated The article was
elsewhere comparatively unknown
The taste for chocolate is an ac
quired one and the public had to be
educated to the love for itland 1 ke
tobacco and beer it is at first distasteful
and even nauseat ng but also like thera
when once the taste is formed it s not
easilv surfeited It probably tires the
taste less than any other contection
and this accounts for its presence in
nearly all the candy that is sold to day
Chocolate is oneof the most healthful
foods known and in its pure state may
be used to ar unlimited extent w thout
iinirnfnl pftpcts In Europe it has taken
Itliesat i noorlir ilf t pintnrv of
of some eighteen inches below j jabor on the part of manufacturers to
flagged area of the Forum wh ch lairi establish the public taste for
i chocolate but Americans take to it
rapidly ana in iuteen years nave
learned to love it and look in on t
almost as a necessary of life The ra
reties of chocolote preparations are
almost legion for it enters Into the
manufacture of both food andL drink
JbL Y Tribune -
A Silent Partner
A tall woman with a red face and
umns nieces of cornice and j confident manner walked into an up-
ments were found one upon another
under the accumulations but lately re
moved N Y Post
m a
Are vou papas boy
Are you mammas boy Yes
-v 1
str lixxt now can vou De papa s ooy
town bank and presented a cheek
No good madam said the teller
briefly the check s not indorsed
Never mind that said the
Te3 cant for cash its all right hes my
It makes no diffexcuceJyWe must
have his own signature jeren if he is
YUUl uwwauu
ii i
V - - - - - i - - ii n - -- - i i i - 5
r 1 1- i ii ii -
ts - ii 1 1 I i in I I
i -v
NUMBER 27 is
- T
An engraver recently
mistake Mr and Mrs respect
fully request your presents at Che i
riage of the r daughter -
A grain of sand may be the fferaT
of a new world but a button ii t J
rightplace does more good in therusSr i
ing present Carl FretecPs WeekAij fV
Jenks Do vou think Miss IoeUe -
is prettv Minks No she is ngfr S
pretty I must confess 1 think her
beautiful Well I did too but
asked my wife and she sa d I was
taken Pfnladephia CalL v4
Employer to ClerLt I dont cry
jeet to vour go ng to a funeral once inufci
wh lej but I think you might bring ma
home a fish or two Sunblu3b on the
end of the clerks nose extends rapidly
to his ears Roxbury Advocate-
A gentleman came home in the
wee sin a hours avant the twal7 at
the South EnC recently and was sur
to find his wife clad in biaclc
Why are vou wearing these monrnin
garments he sad somewhat
stead ly For m v late husband was
the s sirificant rcplv He has bees -
the house at ten ever since Bosfhti
Woman is rapidly trenchins upo
the domain Sf man and the time will
no doubt soon come whoa she wilt
have monopolized all the trades pro-
fessions and occupations When that
happy day comes man w YL occupy the
proud position of the Indian brave
and have HOtifmsr to do but look hand
some and keep the women afc work
Thf ft of thi man Will DCrtTrwH
happv one Chicago Inlcr Qceair
It was at a ball and the subjectpf
undor dseussion was vanity a lady
Tin ntainedthat men were also 2tveiv
somewhat to vanity The men are
ten times more vain than the ladies
she remarked Thats impossible
said several gentlemen- The subject
changed and a few minutes later the
lady remarked fhe handsomest man
in the room has a spot on his white
vest wheroupon everv gentleman
witlrn hearing glanced down with
scared expression of countenance at
his vest Texas Siflinqs
Mans troubles
Man that Is married to a -woman is of mahy
duvs aad lull of trouble V jt
In the morning he draws his salary and In
the evcnmff
Behold it is gone
It is a tale that is told
It is vanished and nomas knows -whither It
Tlorlseth up clothed in the chilly garments
Of the night
And seeketh the somnolent paregoric
Where to soothe his Infant posterity
lie uuuietiif us a jivlcvz v v
And draweth the chariot of bis pftspring
lie snenuctH the sncKeis in vne pnrcnaw
fln linen
To cover the ho om of bis family
Yet himself issea at the gateaoithecltyi
Wftii onesuspender j
Yea he Is altogether wretched -
Arcanum Journal - t
a i
Jtow a Spanish Vessel Iden With Staye
Escaped tha Vigilance of a British
A good story is told of the flagship
Winchester I think going oufevof
Simons Bay bound- to the Mauritius
when off Cape Hangklp late one after
noon a very rakish suspicious looking
craft was sighted carrying an unusual
number of stay sa Is and studding sails
who upon seeinjj the man-of-war
ho stcd Spanish colors and her number
in Marryatts code and requested to be
reported She passed quite close and
was apparently a passenger ship of
about 500 tons burden for as she
neared them about a dozen ladiesr m
very smart bonnets veils and paTaol
were o served to come on deck and
wave their handkerchiefs with every
demonstration of cordiality to the of
ficers of the flagsh p She seemed XOt
have also a large crew and was
very clean and smart Suspic on
was quite disarmed and she was
logged as a passenger ship front
Mauiato Cadiz The Admiral was alone
in his opinionthat all was not rght
remarking that the ladies waved their
pocket handkerchief uncommonly -long
and vigorously to a mere pa3ng ship
he also tho ight the handkerchiefs un-
usually large and further he men-
j tlOneU iUab Ui OUCacovm u mwiuviv
I r - t t Un tlnnSn h 5trrr rnTTrv
and a faint curious whff came downier
the wind remmdinghmi of something
long past He could not remember far
themoment what It did rem nd but it
suddenly occurred to him severalhours
after that th fasnt pass ng odor as the
strange ship swept by recalled- du
sinoll of a sum ship which he had uav
gat d into port years before And he
was rio ht This same vessel was taken -off
theHavana on her subsequent -arc
and proved to have been a Span-
ishshipfiom Fernando Yeloso River s
in the Mozambique Channel full of
slaves for Cuba Her captain5 ex 5
planed with delighted pride his
in wth the flagship ofr the ape aad
how seeing a large man-of-war beari
m down upon him with the certa nfcj
of capture and no hope of esoapew
should the shipVeharaeter be known
he adopted the clever expedientHlouB
leas not for the first time of dressing
up a number of their men in womens
attire a ruse that was in this msthnctf
entirely successful AH Uie Xfiat
Bound --
Well vou glvm avpen and Jlif Washington They iye a 1 Jte T
his namesfl incfc wW Xnay rv i SfihllOIltCJ TUnmi2 XO JLABiailiU
w - - J - -- r - JS fkf - 45
t rvtc VAimff mnir lhh mfWihr hatn a mooonWr Ot tne Oi
iu t rv o - 5 s r am rtJLt
silent tjartnerinonrcombiaation and4 they naprr vivu4a y
Im the boso X Y Tribune teriaL i to lierdttu -
A correspondent says ne never looks
at aniasnhaltfpayement or rolls alKn
over itemooih surface in carria
wi thout thinking of the curous flan1HV
and the st1li more singular pYaej iron
which the material is procured lBr
about the centerof the island of
dad a dot in th Caribbean Sea jusxj
off the coast of Veneyucla there Is ai -
asphalt lake It is said to cover bQutJ
100 acres and is apparently inexhaist
Ible It is a black sandy substa3e
and is believed to be crude rattem ngp
trolenn u A singular feature of th -
snbstance is that although about
t00 tons are takeet out ofthl hfimmfr
uallv tt constanfly fi up w
there no lessening s tfc spig
This singular laseot paving jt
is owned by the verfezuejas trOTe
ment but is leased to a eonpy
-T 1 W - -
Pk KR s jyr

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