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The Hazel Green herald. (Hazel Green, Wolfe County, Ky.) 1885-19??, October 27, 1886, Image 2

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rl 1PT l40VtV HffVlTTl -white aprons ami each of them j The boat is meiioadcd now 111
alu vw IlifflaTl iiwm j for
Out rf tb pJtya bJack Jiirfet
And tbe rf4i of xke drlrinir rain
Mehttetf w4 fear oppressed
A Wri to wy window ctisc
latere I fcrnetf teJm striving to jraln
Lc taaer warmth and the light
Cnrattr besting- kis breast
WJtli erj er terror sad blame
Gatesttfee wfldly dreaming- pane
- Vi wt etttJsje Ike nipht
Atfttewtj Coee driveii rain
7 ltei the pane
A4 leek the bird iuwyliand
here to the ckeonut Hjrat
mttfee cettld not HHderstand
- Be4 ilk er or Triga t
At Hie sodden bright acfi be spring
iteekef about the roo
AkA circles the lajspg till ajrala
WHa the flatter of hicklees wiaga
Sebriagu baclctbe aid Bight gloom
Jliwia -with the glimmering dawn
1 1b4 y bird at the paae
Filled irita fear and unrest
Cryi as4 MnTiBf te rain
Tlwr aowBweoteea irlth rain
Awl craelly bettHK kJs breast
la eaf hante te be gozfe
Se J take ai an4 obcs the door
J1b4 aayi G free as be epriogn
A war a his jubilant trias
a 1 see y btra no erc
riew Xe Hi er Tolly are ire
How slw to umltrretHBd
In our tmpareRceaBd frlglil
Hotr eftea -we quench the rax
Given 0 saow va the -way
And oh UBpeakabe light
Jnthe world s loaf desolate night
Hov we yearn acu struggle tor tbee
As4 why should vre fear the band
That carric us toaderly
inn forjupiy lUroutra the gloom
And opens ike door of tke room
Where iirtaincd in darkness we lie
And bids 1 hasten awrar
And points to the briphtening akv
dnim of the pevicct day
iL E Warner
rnr zvliirnn - I
- -
aHwJBtettWTas Wickd But He Saved
Litty MasV
Oh GoosU said m mother
calmly Crtyou give ti any other
- toouiiAuntSiltrni
loir want ter gib strjingc gemmen
scrambie hi I had dat niggah
and Aunt 5len3 grumbled her
way back to the kitchen
My mother went on pinning her
1 r es which were not so soft a piiik as
her prettv cheeks md I tood close at
Mile admiring her when the twins i
bar tin their Scotch kilts itnd plaid
slashes covered with mud followed by
Jista the ntir
wno stooo m tiie door-
Goost again Mv mother threw
herself into her east -chair in an atti
tude of resignation Oh go on Wil
liam Dont mind me- There seems
to be a hailstorm of miserie
Mv iii1mv11i liim
dow into the garden Aunt Sileny and
Tilda both took time from their labors
to go out and berate Goost to which
Tilda added some vicion on the
car She might as- u ell have beaten
the horse boA at the gate Goost did
jiot budge nor wink while she struck
liitn but as she turned away he shot a
w1insid rtsrwi fr linr Thpn
stepped out of hi wav to kick him not trust him in it began Undo Bob
J Ha did not move but grumbled out j Push off shouted the captain
chilis Even I begun to feel that Stop ordered Uncle Sob But the
i Ooost had hard measure m this world boat had already Ieit the steamer
- lEVrDCKT -My mother uad gone down and the Lncle Bob wild with excitement and
- grand dinner was now in progress I
was watching the procession of dishes
uw i ii 1 v
wu uiu iwicuen uiuug me gajiej v
low vlien I saw Nix run out
Nix was mv Uncle Bobs little bov
about live years old The whole
ry really thought that no such
jlul eliild had ever been born Lncle
ihank vou Augustus But 1
wouldnt rob vonr Master William of
vonr services 1 have enough of vour
i ii t r
viwmoo mi - J4 J in
Jsadore do bu rational This Cantain followed her
he seemed stupefied
gro must be punished or sent away J We unearthed a miserable -tow-Punished
Why there is nota day J away in the hold Mrs Champiiey he
that ho is not cutibd and beaten about said and jour little boy recognized
the kitchen and stables Coachman j him and insisted upon hugging him
ostler waiters all take their turn at Goost said Tilda
bim The blows fall upon him as if he Ah ciel grasped my mother
had an alligators hide Sent away Uncle Bob began to scold The Captain
Whrc Who would take him as a ollered to put the negro off at the next
gift For meres lake that hat lauding but mamma interferred
out of the room and dont mention j couldnt drive a faithful
Goosts name to me again away she said It is the child
I was standing by the window and I j he loves He can do no harm
remember that I looked at nn mother him go with
in her soft shimmering silk pearls
about her white throat anil roses on
her breast and then down into the
garden where Goost the deformed
negro stable boy squatted lazily in the
sun ana thought what a shame it was
that she should ever have to see or
tink of such a fellow As to any idea
that he was a human beiug and bound
by aav xut n never impressed
10 us
i I believe they tried to make Goost
whole familv But nothing would in- died on the stern of the boat The
leaped into the water
isix with one arm
He can not swim cried Aunt
Belle 0 God save them
The lire lighted up the water and the
black figures btruggling in it Wo
saw Uncle Bob taKo a few strokes
then he Iran ti call v beat the water with
Boh with his wife and boy lived in his free hand He turned over sank
Aew Urleans nut were with us now on rose again liien tiie dan shape ot a
a visit 1 man came to his side and seized the
Nixl Nix I cried -What die baby We could see no mors
you doing there J We reached the shore in safety
BuLNix did not hear nor heed me Morning began to dawn and then we
He Hew straight dowu the path and conM tell who were dead and who wew
pushed Goosts head up living Several bodies were washed
Make a lap he ordered and in a ashore and lav on the pebblv beach
moment nau nuggiea uown wnue the very people who had been dancing
skirts lace and all onto the negros nnd singnig with us last night 1 re-
knees Thev sat talking aopareiitlv
on the most intimate terms when Xix
bounded of darted iuto the house and to sin- in
brought back a plate of Aunt Silenys on linildinT
member how horrible it teemed to me
that the red birds and tiie jhvs began
the trees overhead and togo
thmr nests a if thev did
famous kisses He was proceeding to not cafe Thev found Uncle Bob a
ram the glistening sweetness mile down the river mite dead Ju
1 down tiie cavernous mouth before him j one hand he held clutched a piece of
wneu could jt DeJ ixoosi j little Xixs night gown
strated The cantain came un to mv mother
Take em back littv mas DevU 1 Cnnii licri ho said 1 followed
A 9- t
J scold you I don wan see von scold
Take em hack1
Goosts hoarse croak had actually
sweet tone in it
But Nix compromised by gobbling I -The poor darkey aid the captain
up all the kisses himself like a littlo
them to the beach There was Goost s
deformed bodv in its rags and on his
breast lay Nix alive and actually
1 lauffhinir
saved the child He evidently wa
giutton and then commanded Goost to exhausted when he approached tho
Gimme ridel The man turned over sliore for he seems to have struggled
on his hands and knees helped Nix to justbeyond the reach of tho water and
climb to his back and then crawled then died He certainly wasnt
away trotting or galloping as the drowned perhaps it was some hidden
baby ordered heart disease1
J nst at this moment Uncle Bob came j Kix began to pummel him as usual
intd the garden Now Uncle Bob ws -Wake up Goo d he cried
a hot tempered man and he had Kiajj him Nix aid my mother
warned my father that it was danger- who ia crying
ous to keep that half idiot on the Nix kiWd hfm But Goo t did not
place He jerked Nix oil his back waken Youths Companion
anu angniv ordered uoost -never 10
touch or speak to the child again
Then he came up under the window
1w tti rrill T iwlvil tn n
No aoimr exclaimed mv mother n f1i f
The table wa spread for one -of those J Mas Bob he said humbly don
awnunib dinut i In which southern sav dat fob Gods sake
hon eholds bffors the war the
gncis ivc arming and my mother
WtKli twi litiii1uiv1iiimr c lii rl
wu i t uwv o
f SL
de chile ride
dery dav I
again 1
I bin
likes- to gib him ride
we do it litty mas
iY u r bo om when Aunt Sileny Uc dropped
ho fal v ofc wrtddied in viih this Ap pknees and V
paJliug announcement
y3V hat has iHseome l the oup
ks gumlK dat I make des year
J11 icpot Hod lre days work wid it
latGool jes cxeep in lif d jmt to
hcheadir drunk lot ob it an spill
Lemme gib
gibin him ride
hurt him I J
lay and threw his arms about him
Stop at Bad papa he -screamed
Goost good I love Goost bugging
the woolly black head
His father took him in creaming
and Goot got up and looked after 1
them x hen he saw me he mu I
wouldnt hev
Iiorr History of the lrojjreN lale
HtMtliii huI Vcidiliitiiiu
Warm and pure air are equally
t important factor- in our live- a- good
p food and although even the least
Show him how I ilized of people have managed by some
means to keep their dwellings warm
I down on his hands and WiS not until comnarativclv recent
looked up like a hungry i tt ffn wl1nvi m
dog begging It seemed pitiful to me f
because saw that NLx was the onlv 1 S4 u ucr1
one of us who had ever taken any no- J Ul dwelling a a mean ot
lice of him and that he loved the baby protection against tho weather may be
But Uncle Bob I suppose did not stop regarded to some extent as an enlarged
to think He kicked Goost once twice jrarmeiltf and indeed the difference be-
Lon 1 dare to toncn me eiiim
ln v liil
that Nix Hew to Goost where he
1 tweeu a loo e mantle and the tent of a
nomad is not verv great In order to
add to the comfort which any shelter
provide- man has sought from the
earliest times to obtain some adequate
method of heating his domicile His
efforts in this direction were for a long
period confined to building a lire of
wood upon the naked earth In the
ld dwellings of which ne have any
hurt dat chile Miss An- lt i rt i
nie I the tears in hia
thought were f
h the ruins of the lake
but he went oil turn-
eyes suddenly llwcllers show Thell in tho das of
hand like wheel and
ing springs a So tti 1 kwh
yelling just like a dog I
d apparatus was in use which
cucie nnn aiinr ipiiii iiiii iiy wen -
-e J X A Wf iuiyuiv lft 1 1 t
Mother Goo t rolled me in the home next week and my mother and T i t l d funMjlriej stin
chicken yard cause he -aid wed tell went with them for a visit The day hhn and tes werc
he I been snekm before started Goost to
egg- we came up fe a cefUur3ea fix for not
WW l ttm l11 fL cle Bob mh ils lf h had
fhrrt J Juf until the beginning of the middle ages
liMa de taken gold medal for conduct
ready began com 1 a good m h fnoke catcher of the an-
I uas duu x uiiK x 11 loiiir 10 vim
My mother put her hands to hei
La c the room cverv one of vou
-1 it 11 w
i viuuiv men cioLiies xijmu as
now Mas
Ef vou
might v good care ob Ma
Lncle Bob was in a good humor that
ever ti woman so tormented That boy j day o he only laughed
is possessed with
ter luth vou illiam1
ixneet my father
What is the mat-
turning to
nrif f vm I1krk A AYt knt lillt I li t ti 1 1
illiara sav I count
no 1 1 1 1
lemme go wid you 1 take- -
biui aii aisu uscu nil- cmtiivi
of which htf been found at Pom
peii and at other exhumed places The
tirsfc mention of hard eoal is made in a
i iJOO for at that time hi torv tell-
of a combustible mineral which the
smiths of Greece employed lor their
li u mo a uwia uv iimuiuuuv I niifil
rna Xr1 thrt ttiiltrh oiMiliirv
11 U A Sj - II V Vliv vb --
He was n tall grave man 01 whom i Ver well sah and Goost his real ima -
his children stood grcally in awe But name was Augustus Imperator j ug0 th holIt Europo According to
my mother Idte vivacious animated peared J Tomlinso and Turil1 in iHir ork
Rjth all tue enthusiasm of the trench j t e went by boat down the river It j 0f and in Eno land
blood that w in her veins was the j was an immense boat the Messenger down to The titm of William theConl
jlol of the house My father held up with three cabin- all gilding and glass queron the inhabitants of Britain
his new hat but yesterday a gloasy and gay hangings There was a party 1 llwtu in straw thatched huts parti
beaver but nou battered and muddv j of our friends going down to New Or- tioned inlo tw0 rooiit in order that
jiiju mat u was worn iahi nigni jean- and mamma and Aunt eiie
by that boy Augustus and wore their pretty gowns and there
setting m
were music and dancing in the saloon
every night Nix of course was the
darling of every body
One dav Tilda came up her eves
I round and wide leading him his
1 rl hflwie oil rft nnA rrimn lli
shovel coal but lam quite sure he did der jj j
not overwoi K nimseii ai nigni we beneath the
me nor I am sure her Mv father i trifles while the
Dr Champnoy a physician in a 5 voyage is so dim to me
jviiioiig vui ruuie wis mis uov
Goost a deformed and but
would hear him with a banjo dancing
Juba in the tire room He was al
lowed to see Nix very seldom though
t sometimes the boy hired Tilda to fake
him down He used every day to
- up bits of his dessert for Goost
It is strange that 1 remember the Je
r 1 iv
ii viii vi liic
Wc went to
3ugetiwn on the border of one of the our state rooms one night as usual T
hlavo holding State- As only the recollect that I began to choke in my
river epaaled us from the State of dreams that I -struggled to sit up
-Ohio --113- rewd -lave who wanted to There was thick smoke all around me
be free had to cro s the stream in a 1 was not sure whether t was asleep or tje purpose
bateau to escape Hence few remained a not I could not make myself awake sio ned 1
but those who were
their lot The latter
old house servant
contented with j Bed
points of light hone here and
tv ere there there were loud snouts 1
and parched with heat then I was awake
who were looked upon as I screamed for my mother who slept jje
i part t the family and so treated below me but she lay like one dead we
worthies- negro He stole he drank Fire fire I hrieked
The boat
he by any chance spoke the is on tire
truth Champneys Goo t was at She seemed to waken all at once
the bottom of half the mischief in town and began to talk very fast as usual
Ke would disappear for days and creep Put on your wrapper Annie Dont
back a rag- and mud to beg cream so you deafen me Tut tut
for some new clothe and to present What a fuss
himself for his rations There Somebody pounded on the door
too a vindictive malice in his trick- Yes yes Im coming Where is my
which showed that in his dull ignorant pink over cloak child
fcoul there was a bitter hatred of the Outside all the passengers were
near the family of the master the ser
vants might be sheltered In the mid
dle of the front and principal room was
a mammoth common hearth over
which in the roof was a little tower to
make a draught that should carrv off
the smoke Long after this came a
primitive soit of line which developed
later into the old fashioned chimney
corner of our far off grandfathers
whose enormous capacity embraced a
whole family and supplied them with
cheering warmth And this kind of
fire place and chimney continued in
vogue with no improement in its
technical construction until the latter
pari of the last centun when two
Americans Benjamin Franklin and
Count Kumford began busying them
selves with the heating que tion
Franklin separated the lire place from
the chimney and led the draught after
a short ascent downward again in or-
pa s through a pipe
floor and again through
the ehimne into the outer air This
sort of stove has always been called
the Franklin or Pennsylvania stove
Rumford allowed the characteristic pe
culiarities of the lire place to remain
but brought it further forward into the
room narrowing the chimney at the
height of the fire place opening to so
small a size that only a -lender flue
was left to carry off the smoke Then
dampers were invented and other im
provements made until open lire places
of the present day are well adapted to
for which they are de-
ir as good cniiiatiou is
concerned although their heating ca
pacitv verv small because the hot
for the most part escapes through
chimnev Therefore for cold
tlior n ivrr liodv kiuiws ttio onn
I climbed down and dragged her up m eoiaee is not adapted It is ant to
1 1 1 i i
warm one sine 01 uie oouy oni wane
the other side freezes Jt only some
arrangement could be dei d whereby
thi objection might be o ercome and
the imperfections of the grate lire be rec
tilied how much it would be preferred
by everybody for its free bright flame-
which shed a titful and magical light
throughought the room rendering it
more livable and it with a
poetic charm while their fantastic
charm is observed But until that
time comes and fuel is far cheaper
auco nun to go to Ubio or to be free names at the oow roared ana swept up fhncA who lik o errata fir mni
Ho evidently wa of the opinion that to the very sky Between ns and the faj content themselves with stoves
1hc world or tho Champneys owed shores stretched the black deep water tjjat are more practical if less poetic
him a living J There were but two boats Even then yr y CommercinJ Advertiser
While I was looking out of th win- 1 noticed how eager the officers of the - 1
boat were to put my mother in one of
the c She was one of lhoe women
that every body takes care ot They
lifted me in beside her and Aunt Belle
and the other ladies Uncle Bob with
Nix in his arms was blustering and
swearing blaming the captain and
cn w for the accident
Is vour bov to go in this boat
Jcau and Toil the boys who waited Colonel Chamjmey said the mat
him In their natty dress suits sharply
The longest drought that ever oc
curred in this country is said to have
taken place in 1762 when no rain fell
from the first of May to the lir t of
It has been discovered that the
heavy gracs which encroaches upon
the waterways of Canada prevent ma
laria and diarrhea and is v excellent
food for fish
Handsome Striped Suiting Beautifully
Colored Velvets ami Stylish 3IUJitiery
Among the handsome striped suit
ings for autumn wear are twilled
woolens which show clusters of pin
stripes in vari colors the lines most
brilliant on dark grounds bur not in
any degree conspicuous owing to the
narrowness of the stripes The e fancy
wooleus are made up in plain tailor
fashion and the entire costume is
formed of the stripe with usually a
vest and collar and cuffs of velvet al
though for utility purposes shopping
and the like the suit is finished with
machine stitched edges only Other
new patterns show a band of plain
woolen alternating with one which
gives the effect of a stripe heavily
overlaid with soutache in applique
work but in reality is woven in a
raised design in the woof of the goods
These novel stripes are displayed in
colors of dark blue seal golden
and bronze mulberrv prune dahlia
several distinct shades of deep green
and gray in various tones
Leading importing house- are open
ing case of very beautifully colored
velvets as these rich fabrics aTT to
be largely used the fall and winter
seasons through for entire costumes
for basques ovor skirtsof contrasting
material and fancy corsages accom
panying skirts of silk lace and trans
parent woolen fabrics like albatross
etc Many of the stylish velvet cos
tumes which have reached America
from Paris show the skirt and bodice
trimmings of striped velvet both in
black and colors The most elegant
costumes however are made wholly of
plain rich1 velvets1 in superb wine
shades deep blue olive bronze
myrtle1 bishops purple rosewood
and nut brown colorings Al
though more novel and therefore
more- attractive to those who have
a strong liking for new ellects the
costly velvet suits made up with por
tions of it formed of striped velvet will
lind fewer purchasers than those made
wholly of velvet in monochrome for
the reason that the former bears its
date far sooner than the latter Cos
tJine though made of material long
in u e come to showing such new
effects in style and draping as to ren
der thtv e gowns genuine novelties
Sailor Gainsborough turban and
gypsy hat- formed of the coarsest dark
straw or fanev in aided rushes will bo
worn until cold weather set in These
are trimmed with vehet facings and
clusters of grapes peaches apricots
plums tomatoes or otherwise with
half wreaths of shaded autumn leaves
in rich vivid colorings dark red and
yellow velvet wall flowers nestur
tiuiu verbena blooms dahlias trum
pet flow era and foliage and the like
In felt hat- and bonnets are brought
out line smooth French felts also fuzzy
felts to be worn en suite with shaggy
tailor made cloth costumes The tur
ban with moderately high crown and
brim and the English walking hat
rolling high upon each side will be
the favorite shapes for the autumn the
decorations for these consisting of high
loops of pecot -velvet ribbon with satin
on the reverse side into which are set
beaded aigrettes pompons of fancy
rolled leathers or soft twists of plaided
Mirnh rolls of canary yellow velvet
or sprays of poppy red flowers Dark
blue and golden brown felts will form
the leading autumn colors in felt hats
anil bonnets A Y Pod
The Latest Kinds Adopted b tk Leaders
of Metropolitan fashions
Linen culls are again worn
Polonaises are again in vogue
Chemisettes grow in fashionable fa
The newest sleeve is cut all in one
piece ft
Fall hats and bonnets iiave very high
The collars of new frocks are higher
than ever
New linen culls are very close around
the wrist
Chintz figures are printed on new
silk stockings
Tailor gowns will be worn more than
ever this fall
All seams in the waists of new
dresses are whaleboned
Velvet and wool combinations arc
seen in new fall frocks
Hign turned down collars are seen
on importations of new frocks
The narrow lance liko figure is the
effect of the present cut of corsages
Shoulder seams of frocks basques
and mantles are all made very short
No lady wears dresses costumes or
toilets at present but frocks and gowns
The crowns of fall hats are ol cloth
velvet and satin with a seam directly
in the back
Black brown tan dark blue and
Russian green are the preferred colors
for fall hats
Conical crowns fiattenod at the sides
and tilted forward are the feature in
fall hats
Stripes vertical and horizontal hair
line- plaids and checks will all be very
New polonaises are made very full j
111 the back breadths ol the skirt out
are not much looped
Open filigree buttons in dull metals
bronze brass copper and silver are
used on new fall frocks
Ladies house keeping apron- are
made of line lawn and so full and long
as to completely cover the skirt
Nefr bonnet shapes are verv small
capotes with high pointed crowns and
upturned high peaked brims cleft iu
the middle to form a V
The fir t importation- of fall hats
have conical crowns of cloth satin or
velvet and rolled brims of curled As-
trachan or boucle woolen A Y Sun
Covering Seed Evenly
Most eed of grain especially those
sown in the fall are apt to be covered
too deeply In a dry time the drill
wheels sink down into the oil and
this carries the tubes with them Grain
seed is thus deposited at a depth of
three and sometimes four or fivo
inches One and a half inches is am
ple depth and if moist one inch is suf
ficient If too dry to sow at this
depth wait until after a rain Tho
bad effects of too deep covering were
plainly shown by a device we once
used on a drill throwing every other
tube ahead of its neighbor The result
was that all the forward tubes might
have been empty They were piled
over by the ridgec made by the back
set of teeth made a feeble growth in
the fall and were all killed before
spring The crop all came from the
half of the seed drilled in shallow
American Cnttirator
A citizen of Schley County Ga
shingles his own hair and does T as
well as the most skillful barber-
Beautiful Creatures Who Are Entirely
Ircts From Simpering Sentimentality
With the budding leaves and fragrant
flowers and the first flush of golden
rays on the pavements the streets av
enues and piazzas get to bo daily
thronged with the womanhood cf the
city I think that for a foreigner there
is not any more interesting sigh in
Italv than that of an Italian girl inner
youth and beauty I do not of course
allude to the signorina in her bread-and-butter
stage w hen she has scarce
ly well abandoned the romping gait
and gestures peculiar to bib and tuck
ers but to the exquisitely rounded
damsel a little more than half way
through her teens who has all tiie
fullness and more than the mellow
qualities of a Parisieune of twenty
one Girls by the by become mobile
here at fourteen and a half years but
on the other hand they rarely keep a
firm grip of their charms 011 the shady
side of thirty During the fifteen years
of their womanly glory- however their
features generally speaking are so
fair and winsome that the most invet
erate bachelors succumb to the coy
blandishments of the delicious creature-
There is no sick I v simpering
sentimentality in the Italian woman
Her passions are trong and often in
controllable When -he loves it is
with her whole- heart and soul and
during the meridian hours of hev at
tachment she would sooner -kill herself
and her lover rather than see him cast
ing sheeps eyes at another female
Here at least Mormons have not the
slightest chance of putting into practice
the peculiar tenets of their persuasion
for the Italian woman is a fearful jeal
ous being ami woe betide her Lothario
if he should forget the pledges he made
or the duty he owes her if he abandons
her and she can not discover his
whereabouts she plunges a knife in her
heart asphyxiates herself in her room
or ends her life in a neighboring river
or canal
She is moreover as capricious as
the climate of her country How often
in the mUNt of a calm breathless sul
try day would not the storm blasts
sweep over hill and plain like so many
dread simooms At one moment the
sky is blue from horizon to horizon
not the tiniest feathery speck being
isible in its monotonous azure The
next moment the firmament would be
black with thick masses of cloud scud
ding hither and thither in all direc
tions an almost impenetrable darkness
would brood over the city shop lamps
would have to be lit and torches im
provised for business purposes while
the rain comes pattering down like so
many hailstones on rooftree and pave
ment After a brief half hour how
ever the storm would disappear the
whole heavens would become one scene
of aure and all their surroundings
would resume their wonted appear
ance The Italian woman is well
charged with such capricious electric
ity Within the space of live minutes
she can be both the dearest of Desde
monas and the fiercest of Medusas
The intensity of her anger renders it
only ephemeral but while she writhes
under its influence there is scarcely a
tigress more savage than she Poets
and novelists usually endow this crea
ture with a pair of coal black eyes and
a wealth of raven tre sses Neapolitan
and Roman IJrbs and locks po sess to a
very iarge extent these characteristics
ami although there are 111 an v Milanese
women of the same pattern as their
southern sisters 1 find among them no
small proportion of the bluest of eyes
and the blondest of tresses The Ger
man blood of these girls is accounted
for by the fact that the Austriaiis dur
ing their occupation of Lombardy in
termarried with the native- And thus
blended the cream like whiteness of
the Teuton with the dark bronzed hue
of the Italian Milan I Italy Cor Han
Francisco Chronicle
A Fragment from the History of a
Deceased Millionaire
When Jeremiah P Robinson died in
Brooklyn the other day he left an es
tate whose value is generally estimated
at from 3 1000000 to 0 000000 Long
years ago when Mr Robinson was a
young and driving man he
had an ambition and tiie ambition was
to accumulate a fortune of 850000
When L get that much money he
said one day to one of his clerks
then Im going to quit business right
short off and enjoy the re t ol my days
in ease And several years went by
before any tiling akin to the figure he
had tixvd upon as satisfactory was
approached but the closer he got the
le s he had to say about SiUiOO being
enough lor any sensible man One
New Years Day he entertained his
clerk Will he said Ive been
making an inventorv of things this
morning and I find that I am worth
something over 00U0
Then you are going to go out of
1 the clerk re
Go out of Why man
alive what are you talking about Go
out of busine 1 have only begun
my figure is SloOUOO thats enough to
satisfy any man ami more would be a
burden But 30000 dont begin to
look so big when on get close to it as
it does when its about 84tQ00 off
Neither did 8100000 when it came to
look as big as it did once and its pos
session was but the incentive to more
energy and bigger enterprise It is
the old fever enough is never
what a mortal has V Y Times
Novel Experiments Made on the larquU oi
Salisbury- Iatlield Estate
Electric power has been applied in a
very novel manner of late 011 the estate
of the Marquis of Salisbury at Hat
field where it has been in operation
for time past in various way- and
works but the last is perhaps the
most peculiar of all On one of the
farms ensilage ha--been stored in large
quantities a farm building being
turned into a silo for this purpose and
it being decided that the green food
shall be chaffed before placing it in
the silo a chaff cutter has been erected
about twenty feet above the ground
This machine is not only driven by
electric power but the same motor is
employed to elevate the grass to the
level of the chaff cutter This is done
so effectually that about four tons of
rough grass are raised and cut per
hour A sivteen light Brush machine
is the generator driving by a huge
water wheel and both are 011 the banks
of the river Le i mile and a half dis
tant The power is transmitted to one
of Siemens type specially constructed
to work as a mortar with the Bni h
machine Nor is all for the same
electric power i ingeniously applied
to work the lifts in ue at the many
haystacks on the esttte Chambtri
The Moral and Social Inflences It Exercise
Cnon Worklngmen
Philadelphia as the greatest work-
shop of America furnishes a striking
illustration iu point Its comparative
exemptiou from strikes is due to the
fact that as a rule the workiug man
there owns his home Hence he is as
conservative as the caoitali t Yon
may find scores of squares with nice
brick houses of workiug men not one
of which is a tenement house Phila
delphia now has double thcrnumberof
dwelling houses of any other city of Us
size in the world Tin- marvelous in
crease in its homesteads is due to its
co operative building associations
numberiug over four hundred They
have been tried for nearlv fifty years
and have proved such valuable forces
for promoting industry economy so
briety thrift and prosperity that the
State encourages tliem by exempliug
all their stock and mortgages from ttx
ation Though the holdings of these
associations exceed 50000000 they
are managed by working men at little
expense aud are always ppen to pub
lic scrutiny Failures have been very
rare lcs3thau in any other class of
financial association- The worst of
those closed during the panic of 1ST
paid ninety three ceuts on the dollar
These associations o unique tried so
long and so successfully are a model
for the working men of the country
certainly in large uianufacturing cen
That T may speak authoritatively I
will epitomize certain statements kind
ly furnished by an eminent Philadel
phian specially conversant with the
subject who says The tenement house
is unknown here In the riots of
1877 the twenty thousand mem
bers of building associations acted
as an efficient counterpoise to
the lawless throngs that crowded the
streets This instinct of self-preservation
of social order was as strong
with them as with the wealthier classes
and was even more effectual It neu
tralized in their own camp the clam
ors of a vicious and riotous rabble o
that the presence of the mayor and the
police was sufficient to quell all disor
der without collision These associa
tionSJiave been a potent factor in mak
ingtiUr people prosperous and moral
encouraging sobriety and preventing
dissipation The absence of any dan
gerous tendencies cau undoubtedly be
traced to the general ownership of
In Switzerland out of iSo000 house
holds 4GJ0U0 are householders Here
is one secret of the remarkable patriot
ism and prosperity of that people and
of their comparative exemption from
labor troubles Their excellent pub
lic schools and twentv nine industrial
schools all topped up by their grand I
polytechnic m titutc at Zurich includ
ing the same practical work as that ot
this Worcester Industrial Iiiatilulchave
wonderfully unified the home owning
and home lo ingpeople of these twenty
five cantons Though separate In race
religion and language thev arc one in
natural Interest proud of their hi tory
and prouder still of their recent pro
gress and manufacturing prosperity
They are an ingenious and industrious
people and their mechanics arc educa
ted aud skillful believingin the dignity
of labor and the thorough mastery of
some trade Though hemmed in by
mountains without a seaport with few
minerals aud no coal Avitli costly trans
portation alt freight from the seaboard
coming over foreign territory Switzer
land threatens the ribbon trade of Cov
entrv rival the English and French
in muslin and delaine and the world in
WMfoc tiMiii lini n ml rmil
ing Age oj Stct f
The atost Surprising Liar Ever Seen by n
Urnlnlcss Englishman
We were the guests of a well known
London club said Mr Depew short
ly after we reached London and were
treated to a very nice dinner When
the speech making began General Por
ter led oft and I followed L began
with an apology saying that General
Porter had stolen my be t stories and
that Mr Doughertys stories were so
bad that I would leave all of them for
him to tell Then I looked around and
every Englishman in the room was sR
tingas solemn and unmoved as a mar
ble tatue It was a dreadfully wet
blanket to throw over a man who was
trying to be entertaining but I got
through somehow General Porter iTail
said that he had arrived in England
by the Lane route and that he had
found it ery pleasant to see the trees
growing along the lane and to hear
the bints the branches That
too was received by the Englishmen
in profound silence When the affair
was over we went after our hats aud
coats and I heard a man behind a
cloak screen say Dayvili b queer
fellahs those Americans dont you
know Stealing stories from each
other Did vou ever hear of nch
breach of confidence Ye- said
another but did you hear what that
fellow said about the Lane route Why
that man is the most surprising liar I
ever saw Do you know Ive been to
America and back by the Lane route
myself and I do assure you gentle
men that you wont find so much a a
shrub growing any where between the
two continents Tree- indeed Really
the American- are a dreadfully unprin
cipled set of people Army and Aary
Jon nut
The Earthquake of I8II I8I2
In the -southeastern part of Missouri
the country which once capable
of cultivation became after the earth
quake of 1S11 12 marshy This di
trict contain- on estimate ljtlll
acre- and extend- south from the
neighborhood of Cape Girardeau into
the northern portion of Arkansas a
distance in Mi onri alone of 103 miles
and we twardly as far as tlw river St
Francis The land is well located as
regard- facilities for transport
and tiie greatei portion can be and at
some not- very distant period will be
reclaimed The probable
cost of reclamation is estimated at one
million of dollar- DcBotrt VnUel
The Salt Lake Tribune says that
the following is the oath takenby tho1
Destroying Ansel of the Mormon
Church In the name of Jesus Christ
the bon of God I do covenant and
agree to support the First PresUkiicy
t k ii u r r m -7
Dav Saints in all things rigJl or j
speak evil of the Presidency or the
heads of the Chnrch to db the dcth
of dis enters or apostates etc
who are
There are fifteen HteK -Mr
age or ininj r iKui ttciltWiNi
Tex i noted for having one hundred
and one bullet wounds on his Dotty
When he was a boy a friend thought he
was a deer and fired thirty seven
buckshot Into him he was shot all to
pieces ju the war aud in 1S73 a Bolton
dentist took him for an enemy and put
fiftv one duck shot into his back per
forating his liver and kidneys Sixty
bulletsr ranging in size from a duck
shot to an ounce ball now remaiu in his
An old Saratoga beau says that to
be attractive to the male sex a girl
should dress- in the neatest and sweet
est light dresses Her hair should be
bathed so as to look air and ileecy like
a mermaids trees- No man will ever
fall in love with a womanwho does
not to him look sweet enough to kiss
A man dont fall in love with a dress
A sweet muslin drcs will attract him
a somber three hundred dollar Worth
satfn will drive him away Men dont
marry dresses they marry women
Forty years ago Willard Pierce of
Tyngsboiro Mass a bright young
teacher recently gradnated from col
lege was jilted by the girl who had
promised to marry him The shock
unsettled his mind and he wt placed
in tiie Tvugsboro almshouse where he
remained until the other day when bv
died Up to his last illness he kept in
mind his old sweetheart and called for
Lucy and Ijegged her to return v
him It Is saidthat the woman now
lives in this city and is prominent in
charitable work
wrong I will faithfully guard n l grand stand at
and report to them the acts ot alt nren f Stranger Or yes
as iar is in my power lies i m
in executing all the decrees of the K st
Presidency Patriarch or President of
ii t i t n - nit
un attvivc iinu win iii r ji
wortn overs iiiui mV
Samuel Horner of Pontiae CTowa
province or Quebec is seveaty for
vears old vet be recently met Jcmc
bears cad kilted three of thera 1a m
manv shoes
An editor with nine unmarrwtf
daughters was recently made juithr
bv the miseonstnictiort tern
contemporaries putuponhis abbv Ier
on The Demand for More Men
The Misses Beard four sisters rn
a farm iu Clav County Ind aad n
it well Thev manage every tfciag
and tolerate no other beards npoa th
place save those growing or their
The widow of Hou Alexander
Tilton of Tilton N bequeathe
five thou and dollars cash and a koe
for a rectory to Trinity Episcopal
Church in that town She also left
quite a large sum In trust the mcowe
to be used for the benefit of the poor i
Samuel Jefferson of Taiquiu
Pa died Thusday night at the flgs t
one hundred and four years Jderso
was a colored barber and clauwt tfr
have heard Wilkes Booth planning the
assassination of President Lacoln
while he Jefferson was sharing
A young colored man of Buffalo s
making money by giving most remark
able musical performances- He holds
his mouth open taps his skull with a
beer mallet and thus plays tunes m
tones not unlike those of the xvloghoae
He seems not only to have a wooden
head but an empty one also
Albert Wamplor of Indian apolis
thinks that he has been made whole by
the praver cure He claims that he
has for five vears buffered with rheuma
tism whichbent him double and other
wise deformed him and that in answer
to special prayers he laid aside his
crutches and stood erect a well man
One of the oldest shoemakers in
the countrv if not the oldest is Wil
liam Congdon at Baltimore colored
man ninety years obi who still pep
awav He says that fifty years ago fie
wasbead steward oil Commodore Van
derbilts steamboat Lexington and
that he used to make Thnrlow Weeds
Harrison Oliver of
The wretch has been arrested who
at a social party said that a young
lady playing the pianoforte was like
an ape because her lingers were mong
Too sharp Do yon keep any
Hamburg edging asked a timid Miss
Not if we can help it was the pert
reply of the clerk He kept some that
day AT Y Ledger
I say Jerry why dont yon wUtcr
vour horses Water em aWhv
they never want water And why
dont they want water Why be
cause theyre both 6jcf
A suggestion of economy Lady
in dry goods- store I will look at
your material for towels Clerk re
cently transferred from the dress goods
department Yes maam something
that wont sbow dirt
My mamma gives me a pennv
every ofay said a little girl to her
companion for taking a doseofeas
tro oil What do you buy with so
much money Ob mamma saves it
up to buy the oil with
Bertie Mr Schuyler are you a
very strong man Schuyler No
not so very strong Bertie Bertie
What did pa mean then when he
told sister at the breakfast table to day
that he saw you with a heavr load on
last night V
What are you reading my dear
asked a motherly old Iadv of her
daughter who was swinging in a ham
mock in the side yard one Sunday
afternoon St Elmo mother
Thats right my dear read alL you
want to about the saints but I never
want vou to onen a novel on Sunday
A Time
inilucuial citizen So yer thin kin
uv locatin hyur air ye Young phy
sician Well es I had thought some
of practicing her Influential citizen
Look hyur young man thars a good
openin hyur for a doctor as unrer
stauds hi hx but we dont want no
practicin doctoriif what we want
Harper s Bazatr
What he came back for Father of
Young Girl I should think you would
be sati fied after the treatment you got
here la t night I kicked you down
the front steps and set th dog on you
aud he came back with a big piece of
your trousers Now what do you
want Youngmau Id like that piece
of cloth please
Stranger at watering resort
What is that enormous building across
the way Guide Thats a hotel
Stranger And that large handso
brick strncture Guide Thats tin
club house sir Stranger I see Well
whats that long odd looking buildix
behind the mclosnre Ouufo TI
the race cors
Its all verv Wt-
ful but I should think the actkr i -
would remove that unsightly Utt s
frame building adjoining tWe
away from the main thorough tirr
mars the general effect What
Some sort of a hen house Gi
No sir TbatVa church At II jfcNk

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