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The Hazel Green herald. (Hazel Green, Wolfe County, Ky.) 1885-19??, June 30, 1910, Image 1

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0 Established Hareh 4 1886 lfa > tI PMio 1atHorJofJOua1 BIa PemtIeatfby MarOBell 0
yOwsersad flP RtCEB COOPEB Editor Ie The Oldest Most Popular Most Widiiy Cinuliitd ud Most QuoUd Paper intht Kentucky Mountains too I aYwrw l AmIIit
Lixiniton aid Eastern Railways
TiB table la Ef lect Jus 21 HOI
s l401 No3 No5
Dailyex Dailyand Suuday
STATIONS aflydaydSuu
rv Sunday lIulldayouly
AMLve pWLve AWLve
6 10 a111 I 20 plL 700 aID
Jackson 715 am
1 25
16 pm
tyyve Jc 7 e7rm s 20 pm 754 am
J S 41 815 a111
1 30 am pm
Torrent S lI6 S26 am
Nat Bride 745 am pm
5 67 82ts am
Jn 7 48 am 1111
Capton 8M am
4 26
8 15 am pm
aKaSOD 435 902 am
8 25 am pm
Clay City 1003 am
LtEJaacn 900 amI I 5 07 pm 1012 am
9 12 am > 20 pm
Win cheater pm IU25 am
tear 05
Luetontear 955 am 6 pm
No2 Ie and
Dail 8 mday ex IeIII Sunday
Lexington 0 735 am
425 pm 0
20 21 13 am
2 38p m YU
EJnnction 8 21i pm
2 4S pmuful1cion
f Vol am
3 5U PM 40 Clay
9 lU amt
S 58 pm 44wn
JuntD 9 31t pm
a 30
4 pal
4 35 plR 57 Nat ridge 62 51II 56 4S am am
147 pm d2
610 pm 70 14eauyrCJc 1U lU 17am
1116 am
6 05 urn W OKJnncn 94111
11 20 am
aebon IH
I 10 plU lit
= NOl 1
L dt E Janciloa
will make connecuon with the C 4 UKy
i Ml Sterling
CAXlTOK J ui cION Trains NOl 1 2
Sijid 4 connect with the Mountain Central
tur Pine Ridge and Camptun
wiS make connecuon at BeattyTille June
with the L and A iiailway tor puaengen
I t Md front BeattyTUle
0t K JuNCr1uN Trains Non Sand 4
comect with the Ot K Kailwar lor local
atatioas OB the O d KRailwaylsaager
W A AlcDOWtJJ UeneraiUaBajer
C14A11JlCUTTUenPua Agent
IHio 0 IQM Railway
lime Table May 21 I9OB
No 33 I SI I cl No21
DdJ1ex i STATIONS = Daily ex
c1ay HIUU1y
PM ABB 0 27 PM Ana
6 20 6 Cannel City 22 12 35
4 65 11 HeIecbawa 20 12 19
4 A 45 13 Lee City 13 12 13
4 05 20 HaaptoB 11 11 51
5 52 22 WilbBrst 6 11 44
3 10 27 OAKJnnctioB 0 11 15
y 3 00 Jackson 11 05
No34 Ie Ie No22
Daily ex STATIONS a Daily u
8ul1ay 0 Sunday
eMLvaPM Lva
710 27 Cannel City 0 1 00
7 33 21 Heleckawa 6 1 17
7 45 19 Lee City 11 1 23
824 13 Hampton 13 1 44
8 37 10 Wflhnrst 20 1 51
925 1 OKJ ction 22 225
9 30 0 Jackson 27 2 30
Noi31 and 22 will make close connectioi
at OK Junction with Nos 3 And 4 for
points or the Lexiagtoa aBet Eastern Rail
No 1 No 2
600 am Campion 1130 a m
200 pm 4Campton 6 00pm
No2 Nol
780 amCaiBpn JunclO 05 am
The Mountain Caotral makes
f eoanaetioa wlk all L E pas
s leDger trains
L l
< T lI Itr
r 1 f fiCIAll UWK ui QA10IN
VI Aitftti fnt Ctttlifmii
Hazel Crn Ky
> Kra LJY s4Z lwlaw
4 I 11 fo e Ie ltuu tarea E = =
1IC w
li 11IfJ
fo Uafl
T3B Bto
Local Items of d e1eralteme w 2Ti JSrf111 yon
Hems early to they will reach our office
interest tO a majority not later tbanTeetday aprninjtMoBday
V Ja0 ZmnJ if possible New reeelved after that wlfl
of our readers especi Dot be published ttbler of IIDall
77i r7o Vn 7 portanee Advertise no ones boWie
II d t n tr > n dportanee
ally distant friendS and write on 9ne side of the paper OBly
T M Lee and wife visited Andy I
Blankenship and wife Sunday
George Oldfield one of our mss a
ter farmers is harvesting a field I
ot very fine wheat
Dan Davidson of Daysboro h
pasded through here Saturday en I
route for Hazel Green
Jim Bush and wife visited tbeir v
son 1tllaw Will Havens and fam I
ily cn Fills branch Sunday
John Oldfield is continuing his I
calls on the Nickell fork lie is i fi
happiness personified of late li
George Dyer and family of the
Tyler branch were visiting Will
iam Blankenship and wife Sunday tl
Luther Oldfield and Rodney s
Gillespie two of our wouldbe
wooers attended church at Days of
boro Sunday a
Jim Young of Gillmore who °
has been visiting among friends at
Ezel passed through here en route o
home Sunday II
Coon Arnett of Hazel Green
was delightfully entertained by
his best girl Miss Lucy Gil
lespie Sunday
Troy Jordan was on the Marphy is i
fork Sunday and took in the meet E
ing and came home with the blues h
Whats wrong Troyt4
Aunt Nancy Swango of SwanC
go Spring who has been visiting al
the family of Ed Cecil for a fewe
days returned home Sundayp
Mrs Frank Elam and son Melw
va jare visiting the formers par 111
eDt Rev C W I Pugh and wife f
near Jackson They will be gone II
for an indefinite length of timeg
Some of our boys attended the P
meeting on the Murphy fork Sat I
urday night and Sunday They 1
report a fairsized crowd and ex
cellent sermons Rev Doc Stam
per and Bro Raauick being the
gospel xpoundeuti
Rev Johnny Barker the widely
known preacher of the Stillwater
neighborhood will preach at our
schoolhouse next Sunday Wa g
would be pleased to see a large
crowd attend as Mr Barker is a
very flueut speaker and worthy of
being heard To promote the 8
cause of religion morals and the t
good of our community in general
we would be delighted if our citi
zens would get interested and ors
ganize a Sunday school Fathers
and mothers which do you con
sider the best to plan for the up t
building of your children or allow a
them to gad around incessantly c
Xarrilati Di cT ritB t
mark the wonderful progress of I
the age Air flights on heavy ma
chine telegrams without wires
terrible war inventions to kill r
then and that wonder of wonders r
Dr Kings New Discoveryto e
save life when threatened by coughs fl
colds Ja gripne asthma croup
bronchitis hemorrhages hay fever
and whooping coughs or lung t
trouble For all bronchial affec il i
tiling it has no equal It relieves t
instantly Its the surest cure a
James M Black of Asheville N i
C RR No 4 writes it cured him E
of an Obstinate cougb after all
othe remedies failed 50o and
100 A trial bottle free Guar J
anteed by all dealers t
Mrs Mytta Elam is on the sickf
1I is
Mrs John Fyffe is very low with i
Watt Cpx of W Liberty is a t
the point of death with measles
The little daughter of John s
Wright very ill at this writing
ihMzSmth passed through ea 1
r ute to West Liberty Wednesday 1 t
Miss Eister Elam was a gueso t
of FrankAElaa and family Wed J
nesday night
Bob Rain and family w oil <
GIs Iwiwl ir
liN JfIiiJl i
Misses Ida Pelfry and Easter
Elam Satsrday nighc
Mrs Addte Haney and little sos
are visiting her brother W T
Lewis on War creek
Mrs Kate Lowe Mordica has
been visiting her mother Mrs
Lizzie Pelfry onLacy reek
M J Elate of War creek was
visiting his daughter Mrs John
Burcbwell Saturday and Sunday
As I have just been reading TUE
fine I 1 hough tTtoould write a few
Mesdames Susie Pelfry and Dora
Williams of Floresr werb Visiting
their parents Saturday night and
Dennie Lowe and Clay Williams
Goodsey were visiting friends
and relatives on YVar creek Satar
day and Sunday 4
A well behaved crowd attended
church at War creek Sunday The
services were conducted by Rev
W L Gevedon of Grassy
A Ywua 6nmt use
s how to saksivhenelf attractive
Bat withontheslt > i it is hard for
her to be lovoly in face form or
temper A weak tjlckly woman
will be nervow and irritable
Constipation a kidney poisons
show in pimples blotches skin
eruptions and a wretched com
plexion But Electric Bitters al
ways prove a godsend te woaen
who want lieMthr beauty and
friends TheY regajate stomach
liver and kidneys purifv the blood
give strong nerves bright eyes
pure breath smooth velvety skin
lovely complexion good health
Try hem500 at all dealers
Willie Havens baby boy is on
the lick list wits spinal trouble
Mrs Floyd Havens is suffering
with oonsasjaptioa at this writing
Jeff Couch of Elmore was the
guest of Kale Coach and family
Flem Perkins of Panama was a
guest of Clareuee Havens and sis
ter Vergie Satarday
Prof Fugates singing school is
well patronized by the beautiful
song birds in this vicinity
Willie McGuire of Bonny rode
the Masonic goat for rthe first time
at a mHnting ni the Masons at the
chapel Saturday night
Lost strayeor stolen one dark
iron gray ktlywg skirt For fur
ther partieBlatvcal 1a tit address
Henry or Clay Murphy
Dopey sheriff Brown assisted
by a nuansmed Hall tried to ar
rest Bathos Casket for felony He
resisted at once < aud one of the of
ficers had to shoot killing him in
Bam Wilson bas jat finished
the painting on Kels Cpaoks res
idence Sam wu at his best on
this job with its apple green body
and white trimming It will bear
inspection by tie most critical eye
Sam goes to Tpliver next
Kelse Coach informed the writer
that he attended the meeting held
on Murphy fort Sunday and > that
he saw Evangelist John Murphy
wash Rev Green Browns feet
Surely thin was a anif fitation of
great love One thing about John
s he never lets poetics or resin
ion interfere with his ekuroh work
June 27 POET
Utcate aeP or Mjt saved the
life of my ohUd JJ lire the isxpK 8
shone i toll bear every day about
Gkamberlainy Cpli Ckekira aa i
Dit4Yrlialei Reiiesly This i ii 1 trae
the irorld otewifewr this talaable
remedy hst be a iatrodtced > Na
other medicine m use for diarrboja
or b ewehtwolsipllrslaaaSreceir
sach general apwroyal Thereat
f the rt1NNrOf 8M i I
Wif tea
M rIf I t
I EB Little ii somewhat better
at this writing
J W Burcham and family call
ed on Delia Nickell Sunday eVen
ing x
J C Lmdon of Can pton was
in this section Friday and Satur
day attending to business
Good services were conducted
here Sunday by Rev JameeJMad
den A large crowd attended
Frank Hatton was a Driest of J
W Burctram and family Sunday
We think the attraction was a
Among those who attended the
meeting here from Paxton were
Misses Stella and Bettie Shackel
ford and Claud Vest
June 27 DAISY
geT s HUT
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
tor any cue of Catarrh that can not be
cared bY Halls Catarrh Cure
We the nndenigned hare known F J
Cheney for the last 15 yean and believe
him perfectly honorable in all bniines
transaction and finanincially able to cany
out any obligation made by hit firm
Wholesale Druggists Toledo O
Halls Catarrh Cure ia taken internally
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system Testimonial sent
free Price 75 cents per bottle Sold by
Take Halll Family Pills tor constipation
J M Murphy sold to Asa F
Murphy six hogs at IS par owt
R L Motley has had the tele
phone connected with his residence
Wendell Murphy visited friends
and relatives at Mt Sterling re
P D Spence visited his brothar
A L Spence near Mt Sterling
Mrs JC Murphy and IOU Clar
once were visiting relatives at this
place recently
Mrs Bruce Turner and sou of
Mt Sterling visited Dr A B
Nickell and wife last week
C N Nickell has resigned his
position with Van Doren Hard
warecompany and is now at home
plowing corn
Last Sunday was Children Day
at Pine Grove and a large crowd
was iu attendance The children
acquitted themselves nicely
June 27 GUESS
If you are not satisfied after us
ing according to directions two
thirds of a bottle of Chamberlains
Stomach and Liver Tablets you
can have your money back The
tablets cleanse and invigorate the
stomach improve the digestion
regulate the bowels Give them a
trialand get well Sold by all
Georgia Tipton called on Golda
Tipton Sunday
Harlan McClure passed through
this vicinity Saturday
Grover Asbury attended church
at Cannel City Sunday
Bill Roberts visited Mr Jon
nings Sunday afternoon
Hecekiah Jennings itedhome
folks Saturday and Sundayr
Curt the little son of Mrs Liz
zie Spencer is ill at this writing
Kitty Osboine was a guest of
Mrs C A Nickell Saturday night
Quite a crowd was entertained
at the home of E Skeins Sunday
Willie Byrd ailed his regular
appointment at Jim Tiptons Sun
Joe Osborue was calling on Or
ville and Orla Spencer Saturday
Miles Nickell was calling on his
daughter Clara Hollon i one day
Kitty Otborn was callingon
HoUleao4 Julia Skeiaa SatMday
Mrs S P Wilson was calling
pa Mrs Henry Osborna Saturday
afternoon >
aSontk Stamps and Mr iBoy4
tick dinner with Mr Jwaings last
Mrs data Holloa v and little
leD 01 < kf Milei on MiHi NwK
ell Moaalla
n Jane sib twat J EJUs
Wt tyltuMrvl4N1L
Mrs Douoitf Basterliugand Mrs f
Walter Tipton were calling ou
Minnie Tiptou Sunday
Henry Osborne and 8 P Wilson
andwife enjoyed dinner with Mor
ris Wilson and wife Sunday
Morris Wilson and wife and Sel
don Cellinsworth were guests of
E Skeins and family Saturday i
Mrs Jane Long Aunt Betsy
Amyx and Beatrice Long were
calling on Mrs C A Nickell Sat
urday evening
Ollie Nickel wife and little
son Ernest spent Saturday and l
Sunday with his brotherinlaw
South Stamper
June 27 VIOLET
Kept IUKiaI At Hoae
For the past yeacwe have kept
the King of all laxative Dr Kings
New Life PiUlIin our home and I
they have proved a blessing to all I
our family writes Paul Mathul
ka of Buffalo N Y Easy but
sure remedy frr all stomach liver
and kidney troubles Obly 250 at
all dealers
Corn hoeing is the order of the
day in this section
Mal very Turner was a guest of
Miss Maggie Dunn Sunday
Mrs R L Turner baa been on I
the sick list for the past week
Mrs George Taylor of Lee City
attended church here Sunday
Miss Stella Taylor spent Satur
day night with Clara HouuahaJl i
Sam H Hurst was visiting his I
Scott Turner sold his farm to R
L Turner but we did not learn
the price
Mils Clara Wilson visited ° ker
grandparents at Let City Saturday
and Sunday
Rev H Taylor delivered alt in
terestiug sermon to a large congre
gation here Sunday
John and Kelly Chapman of
Cannel City were calling on home
folks Sunday evening
The freight train wrecked neat
here Thursday upsetting tour load
ed cars but no one was injured
Miss Emma Turner who has I
been visiting in Jackson for the
past few dajn returned home Sat
Quite a crowd waa entertained
at the home of Lucy and ienas
Swimm Sunday with some fine
Mrs Charles Sweeney andlittle
daughter PearlYisited hetdangh
ter Mrs J J Landrum a few day s
recently >
Chamberlains Cough Remedy
is sold ona gtiarautefr that if yon
are not satisfied after using two
thirds of a bottle according to di
reotioas your money will be re
funded It is up to you to try
Sold br4Jr daalera
J A Jones made a baainess trip I
to West Liberty Monday
Seldon Collimworth was eeen I
going in the direction of Sellars
Saturday The attraction is a
Rose I guess
A large crowd attended the sing
Walters at the Squire Nickell
school house Sunday
A large crowd attended the ball
game between Caney creek and
Barton forkon Burton fork last
Sunday The score was 19 to 1 >
iu fvor of Caney creek
Corn hoeing is the order of the
A large crowd attended harch
at this place
Aquilla HadfUxiBeot SatoMay i
night with Emma Lariram
Byrd McNabb and wife atteaded
meeting at Pins Grove Sandajr
Willie Catron waay Aj ga si of
Raleigh and Dots ie pta > auet f
erda night c
He S aproaii
arpesaMeraaaMtr8wrlingtaod a I
pair of males
lQD8 ZJ 1RLiftt Btasli exs
W r f f uf oDAtwat J
l sib I
Ate to i1 P
J =
w 8 rinrhleweatftiRitiilliisn
one day recestly
Miss Winnie Btootr wat
of MfssEtlrel JoKnsooj eiEt
Green > Saturday jafght
J H Trimble and wife tttlv
VisitingDr A C Nieteirauiwifs
at Hazel Green sanest i
Mort Wilson of Graasy oreek
passed ferAagkitlief gsjartay on
his usual trip to SHUiHUsr
Hisses Maggie and 5BktfCkil
dnra were calling on MIsVMtteiiU
and B wlLhTrfmbl day
lTaylor Center and wifto Pleaa >
ant Hill were visiting the latter
narents Newton Maloney and1 wife
Saturday night and Sauday i
Miss Louie Rose daogbterdrj
but Dr A C Nickell wascaalledV
eand she iu now able to bEtI lMvem
againMrs Roe Nickell Mrt lI ri thins
McClure and Mrs Clau Dar s1l
little daughter Lucille all ofa
zel Green spent one day tooettiy E
at the home of W S Trimble
Mrs Elbert Sample oCMQiil
gomery ° county who hsav bee > is
sting her daughter Mrs CltftiB
Rose on this creek for tke fiJit
week left for her borne 1teciy
Chnt Taylors funVal wU = be
preached the fifth Sunday iarjsly
Services will be conductedbyViSro >
Baul of Berea and others ainika
graveyard Dinner will bee rWad
in the shades near the gray ard
Ira Day and family who left
here about five tilneissltir ago for 3
bfiddletownOhiolrlst t tilit i > ai
to their old Kentncky lijiM C
Ira said they had pick til aik fsbft
money off the bushes brfc lrtgot
thereJune x
June 27 BsBTncx
ChamberlainSHui1JTt K
er Tablets will braee BD the nerws
banish sick headacbeiprevent 4e
system Saltiby l UIdga118raV
fuiM1i E V V
iJ B Rose bought of A PTol
iver a fine calf foe 112 yt
N J Basset and wife saadvft
business trip to Good wins kapel
ILee Rose of this place yisi d
friends at Lee City from FjIy
unti Sunday
A large crowd of our bong and
girls took inHb S n ayrti6ol
picaio at Pine GroreSwoiay
The sogmj school at 811 + IL40 +
sy ic progreaaing messy XSs aMl
from Murphy fork Tinted it Ssai
day among them beiag Mia ea
Zelpha and Nora PieraittV V
Hose and Ura Murphy
A large crowd attefioted meetiM r
a Murphy forks Bbie7r lsMig V
them we noticed JAXd aJtf isMt
wife and KM Comch aasl a ± ift
Revs Tom Rasnic and Doe am
per did the preaohibgi
June 27 GcBintf oN
Ifs IaMi Ir r
TkilY t tot
J i n
Bears the
Signa uroof T
iFarwipgia3 thwordvr ot frTlfaJ 1
W FiAlexanierjwent to ifa + f
boro recently on busi I esf llMC
MrsiA O Peyton Jlisitsiwr
son Charley eytou Iapi ly blO
Mrs J H SebMtiaii
hroegh here toddy enrole 1
Qa e 7 a oJo1dJ tttIlutbi
attended 6h rck at Ad rt ii
Mrs Hay lea of WUlktMl
iI ° V riIW Vrh 1ga
L B Htllaaf R nlJ Jr
Qa118tbttQestgi rwthsr J
HonoSat 1 > ISf4
G1tq RHnd1I 8f
T f ot f8f
Ia szHz Krli
Y r > i lME
lr rh7MII 1
t H
Rl tlihllii
u f 11

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