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CSlV- - '0- WW.
"t- ....
State Senator
v llf II
rm&,':MA' JAXNIEr of Wret Liberty
- .ns CMltHuriUfl TO gnnn Itira t-tnn
fl7 "2 J Jr oenator subject
pf- action. of the Bcmocratic ptimarv
" J IT APe -thonzwl to announce Dr.
v $ ..I.D. WHITEAKER of Morgan county
Hdidatc State Senator in the
- I jyQUtth Distrjct, subject to the
' UMMemvlkl nrlmsrv Anc tat s it
v- - j- 104(
itjprised to announce ,G. C.
-.,.fe s the SUt &8WtivB dT IWVUWMto? T t'; "stands firm, not m0. is beinp offered.
Ihe -'jimriJt'-' - V - h them all the peace and comfort m Farmera" arc declarer, that their time
Aucwft 1317. ' T,, ? '. : their old. days; thatcafiKbe.' bestowed 1 w fnm ft ,r--.t r t,
carcailhonadto announce Bct .'nntUm'.'.i.wu .1,1. to..co"? to.'fereof the
ilORRm, 6 Ci aey, Morgan county, as Assessor of Wolfe County subject to the
aowdl for Ber r-senttive of thelwn, r 4. , . .
SitLikkUTe District, subject to the f voters at the Repubhqin En-
DewocraUcprmaryugcst lOlT. j marj-, August 4, 1917
Wc are authorized to announce LU- 1
TI1ER PIERATT as a candidate fori rnrrnvc rr Vi---. -r-Rep;resentatrvc
in the 9Jst Legislative j ?'i'Jti-lik OF THE PAST.
inary August A, J917.
t. County Judge
j We are authorized to announce G. T.
GEKTER as a candidate for County
Judge subject to the action of the Dem
ocrat primary August 4, 1917.
We are authorized to announce Squire
30I1N D. ROSE as a candidate for
County Judge, subject to the Dcmooratic I
primary August 4, 1917. j
County Attorney j
We are authorized to uunounce, W. B.
DUFF, of Campton, as a candidate for
County Attorney of Wolfe County, sub
ject to the Democratic primary August
We are authorized to announce J. M.
TESTER as a candidote for Couuty At
torney of Wolfe County subject to the
Democratic Primary, August 4, 1917
We are authorized tn'nnnmiiiR H "V
a candidate for County j
Attorney subject to the actum of the!
'Democratic primary August 4, 1917.
TUTT as a candidate for County Court orSi'hack across a mountain to visit
Clerk, subject to the will of the demo- r son, Jack Wikon, of Breathitt,
oratic voters at the Aug. primary. " j While cutting clover in a field on his
Wc arc authorized to announce VAN j Lick bnch furm last mek- Hon. D. S.
B.ELKINSasa candidate for County i Gody "od seven large copperhead
Court Glerk subject to the action of thel5nakes A fow dft-vs Previous Charily
Di mocratic primary' primnay August j,l &u,,PIe of crcek Ki,Ied tivqJopper-
heads jn his dooryard. Qn Sunday, the
4th. while the family were at church, a
: j Httlc daughter of Zaeh Hanev killed a
. . Sheriff ! copperhead in the sfttirg room of the
Wc are authorized to announce SHI
LO SWANGO as a candidate for
ofWolfeCounty subject to the I
rutic Primary, August 4, 1917
earenuwiorizQU to announce M. a. ;
CAMPBPLLasn candidate far Slioriffl
of Wolfe county, subject to Democratic 1
primary, August 4 ,,1917.
Wc arc authorized to annwuicc W. J. I Mrs. Nannie Ksh, near torn., sent us Ppl- l? f ejeral days his actions i
DTJNN, as a candidate for Jailer of a basket of delicious apples ono day last j dicnted tlmt his mind was aflVctid.
Wolfe County, subject to the Dcmooratic
priman- Aunist 4, 1917.
' "
We arc authorized to announce J . 1
HARLAN BREWER, of Valorin, as a
candidate for Jailer of -Wolfe Countv,
subject to the action of the Democratic 1
primary August 4, 1917 !
We arc authorized to announce D. B.
GENTER as a candidate for Jailer sub
jeet'to the action of the Democratic pri
inary August 4, 1917.
We are authorizotl to announce i
COMBS as a candidate for Jailer subject
to the action of the Democratic primary
August 4. 1917.
lUVnm mirliAi.;.!.) (n i.iM.nimn. r fl
,HALSEYas a candidate for Jailer of
lsWblfc county, subject to the Democratic
primary, August 4 th.
We are authorized to announce the
name of THOMAS CAMPBELL as a ?
candidate for the office of Jailer of Wolfe i
coanty, subject to the action of the
Democratic primary, August 4, 1,917.
' We are authorized to animttnoe E. P
WHISMAN as a candidate for Assessor
subject to the Democratic primnrj' Aug
ust 1917.
We arc authorized to announce E. J. ;
CREECH as a candidtttefor VsseiOrV
subject to the action of Uie DemoerltJc
primary, Aug: 4, 1917
We are authorised t announce JEPF
BREWER, of Neola. as a candidate for :
Assessor of Wo!"c County, subject to the .
Democratic primary Aug. 4. j
AVn nuthorirnri tn announce D. B.
(Dock) HOLLON as a candidate for!
Assessor subject to the action of the
-Democratic primary August 4, 1917. j
We are authorized to annotMce Mc.1
TRA.ss a candidate for Assessor sub- j
.jept to lhe Democratic primary August J
We arc authorizct!
i HARLAN TRIMBLE as a candidate for
mm -of Wolfe county subject to the
f. 7 v.w uv
111 Ul !ilmArltir vn or. it
. usust pnman-.
WflIluua M a candidate forsse.or
of Wolfe county, subject to the Demo
cratic primary, August 4.
We sre authorizedlo announce W. M.
BYRD as a candidate for Constable,
Precinct No. ajtd subject to tba action
of .the Democratic p'rimarj' August 4
candidate fortn
In and Around Hazel Green I flge, was droWhod in Big Caney. a tribu-Thirty-Olie
Years A"0. j tar of Quicksand, on June 27.' As no
July 14 and 21, 1886.
Mrs. John Ward, of the Cox mill neigh
borhood, sent a specimen of oats to this
office the stalks of which will average
over six feot in longth.
Manon Center, living on Laurel, in
j this county, was handling a self-cucking
j pistqL lMst Sundav and accidentally dis-
charged it, killing his infant child and
wounding his own little brother who
was nursing the child. The ball ontered
the child's left side and passed out the
right side, cutting off the little bey's
finger and lodging in his clothing.
At the quarterly conference of the M.
E; church South resolutions of thanks
.pmHfa , . J"mb,c'?! Mt-
j oiarimg, aor a uonauon oi a magnificent
: communion service, composed Of six
pFcces, two heavy goblets, Jwp plates,
one pitclier and onejnvor.
family residence.
Charley Sample last week brought to
this office a twig one foot in length Which j
cota.ned tnty seven summe, apples, ,
and Jim Brown cut a limb about twenty !
ia lcaj;th from a Siborinn crab iree be-!
longU3g to Mrs . Lou DflV-which contain -
rnrtv.nni. flnnl "
cd forty-one apples.
Tlie postoffice at Dnysboro in this!
j county has been re-established and S. C. !
j Alexander appointed postmaster. j
iwee tor wb,eh shc will please accept
our Umaks' ami rememoer that the .atch ;
isWngof our door is always open to her i
...i in.- i.t- -u u i
with prccibus gifts for the editor,
, . ;
Mts Frcd Day of ihis place P,oasc
nco r thanks for a bucket of ver'
fine cucumbers sent us Irst week, and
w Kuii. ii.mri.ur Annul' t.n.i fir
: to kiok upon, for the greatest vegetable
curiosity yet brought in. It consisted
j of seven cucumbers on one stem, three
of them grown together.
David Mors of this place last week
caught a beautiful string of fish, includ
ing n thirtcerf inch bass, several smaller-
. ' r ,1 t. . !
porch. He is the boss fisTfeiman of these
pacts.- In a recent fishirfg eontest with )
Dr. Kash and John Nickell he beat the
two of them r.nd is how claiming the
G. T. Center and G. W. Drake arrest-
j ed a man by the name of Jones, who fills
j the description of one Ed Jones, charged
wSthliaviwg committed murder in Salem.
131. The boys think they have tiio right j
ihe murder w$ oOmnrUted injCrd rwis county, has called physi-,
! oians from MaysyiUe to assiVt in attend-
, ' lt
Z. T. Hntst, one of the iiblest young
'Wnr f iU.e rJ.n . .f -...:..- I
Ae DomocmUc coavt.ntion
j Umt he could be Common- j
woaltJis Attorney of the 19th Judicial
district. He has not been hoard of since. ;
I was informed ut John AVinnn.n !
fow iinvs9p, that he saw a gUcnmn
from Oreron run pure silver out of a
ThTssentleman k a regular cliein-
ist and says he has found silver ore since
he bus been prospecting in this county,
but not i sotlieient quantities to work,
Married, tm Sunday, July l, tthej
Chrfettia Church. Oapt. T. J. Henry and
Mrs. Ktc Cockrell, Rev, J. M. Downing !
Xstblishd March 4,1885. MadeFawoasIatha 84Jirf "Joaatfcaaaad HiOoatlft8at,"b.r Mslx G'JUll.
Oldest, Most Popular, Most Widely QmuUUd dt(hQttd
brought five litters of pteL w ,fDllu:
n. - iuiienrst two Htteis 9 each: the third and
i . . . -
, fourth flnd ftc fifth muking
j On Friday last the mill at this nlace
tws out of fix and many, were usap-Lnd diea on an .tiSi Ubleatahoa.
pointed in not geUiug thoir grinding J ' MO,e"no8
but the. mill will be in -shape by next ;X
grind flay. . 1 0. P. Fancber, :i4Suata, bad five
Eltinh LnnVWf ih. .in, ,-ct u..A
a reunion of his nldren at the family
residence at this placel There were
pmce. x.nire wci-e
Jiineteon nhildrcn and grand-children
prescntv Uncle Lijah &nd his wife, had
a splendid dinner set-for Uiefivantf Iby
i ' -onrem k r-
A. p. Qmpman as bitton on the
ha nd by a large copperhead snake a few
i evenings since while getting corn from
his crib, and the wound caused much
pain, but he is now better.
Joshua Rnhbiti ibmit 7S vnr nf
one saw mm at the time oi the accident,
he is supposed to have be on wading tbej
creek, just below his home, where he
usually crowed. On the evening he -as
drowned the stream was exceedingly
high and no person would have been
safe in crossing. He was found at the
mouth of the creek bv a small bov while
iisliiiig, who nofifird Anderson Lovelv
and Phillip Gabbard. who were passing.
In a very few minutes the 'banks were
crowded with friends. He was without
rehitives in this eount3': Coroner .Green i
Taulbee was immediately sent for and
.... ,..Huv Ji; num. aii . myesugauon
....w. uuu uii. uiu iop oij
the head about an inch and half in
length, which the jury pronounced to be
the cayse of his death; but whother in
flicted by human hands or not could not
j tell. He r.Tis without pants when found
and had floated about two miles. of 0 years. He w native of New
Bud Baker and Rutherford Armstrong "?f nd !rott8ht to
had ji little spat the other night in which entucfc' g J.. vioK no rec
Baker knocked the claret from Arm-! pl'ect,on of hf?-' the east. He
atrong's nose and Arms tron c sent Bakc-r
to the- floor witlf a Dutch winder.
Friends interfered aud.stoppucl other
Tho.flS fir.t ( t.whir f T...
Mr. Chihicrs commenced making brick
la t Wednesday with which to build the
Jackson Academy.
Diet!, on the 9Ui inst., Mary Bell
t Anxier.-
Flux is ragijtj
anrtmg the people j
this section and is likely to produce some j
I very difficult cases to oure.
David Holliday, a prominent Clark
county farmer, 68 years of age, commit
ted suicide recently by d-o.vning in a
Jatns Avery, of PriceviPe, in Hart j
QtmnVft accidentally shot himself thru
iha i,o,.,i r ro,.tu. i.,,r n....- i,..,i ...
. . ."
pntated and some of the flesh from
the back of his hand had to be cut,awav. !
A 15 months-old child ol Clarence
Woodard,lof Hart county, stepped into
j a bed of hot ashes and had both feet se
verely burned before he as rescued.
Fur the first time in twenty-five years
has silver been on the upward tendency,
it tmw beint quoted at SO 1-4 coats per
ounce. Preparations to ship lame quan-
tuies to ! ranee to pay oil American sol-!
(diers is said to be the caue.
CharlesR. Hannon, of Marion count,
recent ly sold to J. fc. Hardin, ot Knox-
v1,e. Tt,"-. i two-year-old Angus bull
for $a00. The animal weighed I,8u0
pounds, and is considered an exception- J
i ally fine specimen of the Angus breed.
Mrs. Sue L. MefTord.of Maysville, has ;
l . . ;
suea ner nusoanu, w. j, m eimro, lor
oivorce, cne suites mat ne nas giycn
her only 50 cents a year since 1S9.
An pt.idtmin of tvnhoid fevpritt fliin-'
ing the jMitienus. ;
Tl.o flnr)inV ftf fr,r-P nUl .
four years nf age in Adams county, 0., !
across the river from Mavsville, has set
afloat all kinds of rumors. Some say
perhaps he was a kidnapped child and .
ftSS dt0cd b-v the kidnapers. The
w5,s fomld 5,1 lhe wef ds ou a farm
cr'n,S and was 50 hysterical that he
coaW not 8J ve bis name or tel1 anything
alK)U 1 himself. An attempt is being j
made t0 flnd out who the child is and
how he came tn be where he was found.
At a surprise gathering fr a birtbday
dinner in ho.toi of "Aunt" Jaiio Walkor,
at Nicholasville, seventeen persons were
suddi nly taken with cramps aud symp-1
terns of ptomaine poisoning soon after'
part&kinf? of tk
Prompt .
.ddui nrevedtatiff fM-iif.J S
, ( - , . . v . o,
. ..... .
. Irvine "ggSfiber of the.
It ,. r . 1 7 ...
j teeth pulled the oWny and their
"fflnBo alarm. Jt
J became 80 l,e !dot ani the
i octQr. worked 'Swe tin,e be'on!
. ,, W.
, ,c 000,11 ue stopper
j Though wheat thrtth is well
wav throuchout theflte and fhP rU
. r is n CI II III I Pr
The postoffice nt'sp, a new mining
town in Letiber couuty. was" recently
robbed of some cash'jaiufc.a quantity of
Goverument officersjjsptured ten gal
lons of moonshine whisky being carried
in a wagon tbroUKMj'ound Gap. Four
arrests were also madelb
.Mrs. Ambrose Sbrere, who? e home
was near OwingsvftsuiTered internal
injuries from whichtdied a few hours
later when th horsehe wa3 driving be
came frightened audfbackedofTa bridge.
She was CO years olol f
D. G. Edwards, .liiilil recently a resi
j"c" . ""H"UB;"- vtmeu a
I "hmnne stroyn.evice which he
h,,s suunlt,1 o thegernment and for
I whlch he has beeql fered to furnish
I immediately full p?anpd drawings.
Edgar Fowler, aprominent Carlisle
Lousiness man, was setjwsly injured aud
his little five year-omtfff&ghter inMantly
fenied, when a horse tHSjras driving while
-out riding becameT.i'ened and ran
awav overturniinr th biipev
James Riley, a prosperous Oldham
j county farmer, dieirrsntly at the age
i ,a surv,veu iwocnmiren, a son ana a
! da"Buler- 'J
During ho elecl&iWlorm one nicht
: were killed. "
4 . ? . ... j
I - ii H:isinrn IinrstO Illtt'A- n h Inm. ,
. .lo w. ,
ingburg recently and bmiglit twenty i
head from Albert Dayjand twelre fmm j
H""d Armstrong al 140 to 145. Thev :
J will be used fur cavalryjmipoifs.
Raymond Siebenalerjwas attacked aud
injured by an cade near Hrran. Ohio.
recently. Siebeualer was on his way to
work, near Six Conrprs. The big bird "
was Prfbcl on a feiice. When oppn-
sue, tne eagle new directly at him, los '
ing no time at opening' battle.
To ward
''"the attack he threw np his?arm aud
, p. . . . v . ,
Grasping it by the cot he threw the
eagle to the ground and killed it with a
club. It measured four, feit and four
inches from tip to tip.
; tu5. iiu pnuo iiwjuccn luiccnst Here.
Patrick Andrew, a farmer of Nicholas :,,,,,
... . , , ..lit Allen,
county, has just received newt that his!,,
-c-. . , . i Hen Center,
son, iiremau Andrews, aed twenty-!,. .,
r u i i ii i i , . Luther Taulbee,
four, has been killed m battle on the f x, r
Briti;h front in France.
Mr. Aiidiew.
enlisted with
rith the Canadian troops in
hi is the first Nicholas countv :
. '
France. Th
boy to lose his life in the present war.
Amateur gardeners in Indiana -ho j
went into potato growing with any
amount of courage in the spring arr I
wondering why nothing has come of j
their tflbrtv. It is true many plant
were badly damaged by lice, but thegar
deners cannot understand why hardly
one potato can be found when the ground j
is spaded up. One gardener who hoped
great things dug up naif his garden aud
lol,DU 0,,,y 'ur pqiaioes, ana tnoset
small ones, all on one healthy looking!
Hiscrop was eaten up by the
The tntnls nf ensHMkies n ;rm, .
m the berman ofliciallist .-mce the war j
began are as follows: Killed and died
ofwounds, 1,052,800; died of sickness,
(i.you; pnwinera aim -luissiog oyi.yoo; j
,.,.,ri,i o boa ssi n f.,t r j r-iq qv? -
Xhe naya, and colonial casual ties are not
ur w Wui r-.r nu w. u !
orfsr.,, mimiv has s.hiMo il,ot ; u ;
ably the oldest in tie state. It was i
printed in the year .1400 and is leather i
bound. The old-time kind of type is
, .: T , ,u
neon Iho ' norinrr- tnft a nro t
ucvu' '"" " "'"ft I f vc ul
he 'etter f"
Walter Nugent recently sold 1 15 wal-!
nut trees on his place near Columbus, j
Ind., to Ross Bros , owners of a sawmill
Ioeated in that city, for $S,000. Bidders
were there from Touiaville, Chicago, Ir
dianapolis and other cities.
"Let Us in!" cried the paragraphs
knock i ne at the gaesmith's door.
"Who are you?" demanded the humor-
"We are jokes about the high cot of
living and"
"On your wayl
herein he no joke
about that. It's ame and an QUt-
raSe Be off!"
Paper in the Kentucky Mountains." H"VV-x .
! The followinK are the names of
i . ... ...
' tne men drawn tor Nolle count?
qnoU of Uncle gam's new national
From this list of 380 will
he selected C5 men who will go in
training h Hattlesburg, Misa., ; corps of correspondents are the?
this fall for winter training. More, envy of all country papers; in I
than likely they wVA go to France , fact, The Herald is the only paper'
next spring or summer should the tin the country that makes a appc-j
cu. u a.i : ai. ':i:c j 1 1 .- iv.i
" uuutiuuc Lvy hiii i, kiiiio. .VL uu
unknown time in the near future
these men will be callPd before
j the county board consisting of T.
" ' '
! I ! Hn nn I n.ki A ' I UntnV.
examination at Campton, Those
who wish to be exempted will have
, .
to-fvlH-their -grounds for exemp -
uons wttmn seen days from the ; seuted by its correspondents,
time of examination find go before The people living at places al
the exemption board. The couuty j which we have correspondent?
board has to do only with physical j should and do owe their corres
examiuation aud nothing to dolpondents a debt of gratitude
vith exemption.'.
Henry Banks,
Arthur Jackson,
G B Rose,
E F Whisman,
J P Ohildera,
Rollie Sallev,
Curtis Rose,
Henry Lege,
L U.TauIbep,
R T Linden,
Joe Reynolds,
Nelson Wadkiirs,
H C Combs,
Ben Patrick,
Kelly NicLell,
John Jameson.
Kern Tolson,
Morton Triplet!,
J S Tester.
G L Nickell,
Johti Tester,
J P Prater,
BM Hurst,
Stanley Banks,
Gus Carson,
George Spencer,
tA Lacy,
Hugh V Shackelford
Dock Hollon,
E L Legg,
C P Pence,
L A Reed,
C J Walter,-,
J H renter,
J A (Jlouse,
Morton Tolson,
Luther Pr-.fitt,
Galvin Moore,
James Booth,
John Jacobs,
J Bellamy,
H F Ferguson,
W L Banks,' -Rush
Evans, '
Henry Jacobs,
Charles Drake,
Lizie Parks,
Stewart Cox,"
G L Madden,
Awkie Wadkins,
J B Whisman,
Uursie Xing,
Sam Whisman,
Floyd Burnett,
R A Hurst,
Max Stamper,
T F Whisman,
John Elkius,
11 h chanan,
John Oditt,
0X1 ron" Jtn &wope, -
W E Russell,
M Nickell,
Melva Elam,
J L Campbell,
Wm. Billings,
John Childers,
D C Cn'diron,
WJ Helton,
Lur Ilan Buh,
Sherman Spencer,
H Smith,
Arlie Hall,
Thrasher Shull,
Harlan Robihstm,
ClilT.rd Elkins',
T Lewis
Ieeburn Prater,
-riv - m
w j vinnoyjr.
Leonard Combs,
Wilev H..tes
rnlm" Midline
Hubert Stamper,
Rscoe White,
Lloyd Brew r,
Howard King,
Willie Smith,
Richard Gthb,
" i'encer,
t Harlan Hose,
! J
iyd Brewer,
tlumbus Spencer, Arthur Mcintosh,
B R Cul:insvorth, U B Hollon,
i D M Day,
J) W Land mm,
T F Rash,
J T McQuinn,
Walter Hollon,
E'ijah Fletcher,
W X Tyler,
Ry Lacy,
J M Walter?,
Edgar Moore,
Joe Bank.,
E B Little,
Kelly Pe'.ice,
F M MuWna,
F Taylor.
, ,, . '
q g j fl
, aC1T,,..
alvin Willia
.ioert naiuin,
Roy O Kash,
Jackson Bank,
Zade White,
J G Rose,
G A Tolson,
Lecture at Lee City.
Lee City, Ky , Jul' IS.
Editor Hazel Green Herald :
JMiss Leona Belle Carter, the ac -
,, . ' ' :
coinpusned daughter ot Dr. 'rauk j
n.irior f Woof i.;t,t .
today and gave a lecture telling us ;
now to dry and save fruit and
, ,
etables with as little cost as possi- j
ble. She organized a drying club I
whlle here with Mrs. Wm. Mont-'
6;!gomery, Pnsident; Mrs. Charles'
i " ' '
n- V. D:j... i.r.
" ' l,csmcm'
s Dr. C. G. Wheeler, Secretary,
a!1 enjoyed havi
With US, and teel
a great benetit to us learning the
Dew process of drying fruit and
vegetable. Miss Carter will de-
2 - i! C
gan, Wolfe, Menifee, Elliott and
Johnson. Cor.
Wo havfi now onfineri onr nonl-.'
try house ajt Helechawa for the j
entire summer end fall seasons ;
and will hnv'vonr Pffcra and snrina!
chix, beef hides, scrap iron, boDes, -
.. j on- c o
..a n t-,0 r of u;u-
lauDOUuaii niuuo ui tuua cuiitu-"
est market price.
(adv) Helechawaj Ky.
fjeo H. Heiprich, Mgr,
' During thi Keek ve sent out
s : new buddiy of stationery to our
, correspondents ' which no douhfi
have received and of which
'you will mako good use. Our abb?!'
lain ui bJiir;ijuiiuri(b'. XL 43 llic
: aim of The Herald to give more;
i news of nersons than of thiusri. !
It is a personal paper.. It is not
rin it ... J 4- I.
J auu uut oiwi jr
news of the day. It is a local
paper and intends to give the uews
Ir, , " .
j of Hazel Green and points repre-
They aho owe The Herald a debt
of gratitude. Through The Her
ald these places are advertised
and placpd on the map. Wherever
The Herald gnes your locality is
advertised. Thn Herald travels
farther and wider than most peo
ple imagine. It costs money to
set type and advertise these differ
ent localities, and how many peo
ple' appreciate the efforts of our
selves and our correspondents?
They are willing to take what wp j
have to give, but when it comes to
helping U3 out in any way bow
many of the people whom we haye
advertised will give us an f-ven
show when it comes to job work?
They are willing to have us print
an obituary for them for nothing, ny miles of the best roada found
but when it comes to job work! in America, this state has been
they will send it to anothpr State I quite a haven for tonriati, coming
or another couuty and to a paper from almost every state in the
that never mentions either them j union, and since many of oirfar
or their tdwu It i$ not good j mer3 have failed to reccgnize and
j busiues0 fw people who benefit by
the publication of The Herald to: the medium of publicity in plac
act in such a way as to hamper ing tbir names on gatqs aad en-
good, livery place that is repre -
sented b' correspondents should
in justice do all they can for the please have a board or sign paint
paper that does for ihem. It is ' ed, giving the name of the owuer
but right. We are not bpggtng, 'of each farm, also the name of
but we like a. fair deal. So we thu farm, if same bears such, and
would kindly ask the people who post in a conspicuous place, on
we serve to give us a square dual, the gate or post at the entrance
j If you have printing to bi done j
send it to the paper that prints j
your news. Our prices are guar jthpart of each land-owner and
anteed-to be as reasonable as any j the benefits derived through sucii
one's prices, quality considered. jfiimplH and inexpensive methods
Our correspondents are nqnest- ol publicity can not be over-esti-ed
to make their letters as short j mated. Mat S. Cohen,
as possible to contain the real j Commissioner of Agriculture.
uews of thoir localities
Do not ;
try to write a long letter just to!
ifill up space. Space is valuable,!
in fact, that is our stock in trade., 0rntlemen I have d-cided to
Be careful to give the rual uews of ! withdraw from the race for Coub
your locality especially in regard j ty Attorney of Wolfe county for
to births, deaths, weddings par- j th reason that it looks likr Wolfe
tios, sales, transfers of real PstatM, 18 hivhig a race with Le county
oil wells; leasing?, and good per- ' QS to wbTch county should furnish
sonals. a County Attorney for Wolfe thi
We feel a deep penio of grat -!
tude to our faitbfnl correspond
ents, and no dotiht there a'e maiy
people scattered rll over the Uni
ted stales who each week- read h
! Imnnpnitias nrnntul tlmirold homp.a
with much oleaturo. bo try to,
, , i :
iniProve onr ,ellers cacn 'wee
.j and get them, in just !
f ,u ' : ;cr D ;
i :
the week as nnssiuip. we. win oo
aI1 within our P )Werl Priut thpm
ve2-iuou ' "
',.(:,,. tn oir t,o l-;..k- rQ!
j ""J " ' "
m,nd usand WP w,n SPnd sam.
. -
We n "f nnr.nptH..i.ou.ry o,u,o,
. ,n i mi., n l.lt J 1 1. 1 i. otit.i ,i tn l.u Ihd i anal ln
fttoa inat i ne neraui uooiiihu iini,
Fourth of Julv celebration aud 1
n Miss Carter ' F,ag RHiFing alld they were hotn ThH Jtjluri should he addrod
-Su &J 6r!a success. There is nothing like simply with the name of the tol
Ihat it has been . , .. . .
a good Jive paper in a town tor, uis cuiapauj u fimcin,
boom thinss. You have it here , end, as a final supfracription,
aud it is the duty of every one in ; "America Expeditionary Force."
the county to help support itVUcdsr it circmMitaic! skmH
What am "I" doing tn Ivdp.mekejtkt ieiier attteMft t dt-sifJUlVt
it a tuccess?
Dr. Steve Swaugo, of Valeria,
was seeu in town this week quietly!
moving about. FeaJllig snxiOU3j
about the doctor we inquired ofj
some of his intimate friendsjf ho
had entered lhe political arena,.
and was informed by Jesse Horton
mmr th nbnnp that the onv arena .
wivi " i'
that he knew of the doctor e-iter-j
ing was a matrimonial one aud : for. Give my regard to all.,
that in this race h$,w&? rupnjug!Tbank you. Brt2K:keH, t
pood and stronc. Center. St, XuU. g;
Him C4ttK
NTIKm 10
a Pi
J, jf. T1STCT TH MUf.
J. 3L Tester is a man
Whose star is shining bright,
S(f rch but his record aa
The beauty of its ?ht.
!?.... . , , .
Will know:none to the end
His banner hears th mVU-n ,
af ' I am Democracy rs friend.7'
I T 111 . .
, ji. iwwowns a oean
j He secks the Cn'T Atloraey plc
j u.i!"u ,7 "T , , u -
With all the knowledge of the law
Stamned firmlv oa the braih. .
He'll do his duty, it is to him
A' scientific aim.
None better could the county trace,
Go search it through and througH,
And you will find he stands today
Before the voter view,
As one whose judgment is so sound,
They're not afraid to trust,
This sterling man of noble worth,
Because they know he's just.
There's no use writing a column full
Of this ntnns merits today.
A man you've known these many years,
Who never went astray.
This man of honor, courage, worth,.
Is steadfast in, the race,
With one accord let's put him in,
The Countv Attorney's place.
Farmers, Attention.
Be Progressive! Enlighten the.
Since the inauguration of the
Good Roads" movement hi Ken-
tucky aud the construction of ma-
'grasp the benefits derived through
; n:g npon tna iana-ownr3 jcyerjr
i county of this commonwealth to
to the farm. This will require
but little effort and expense upon
VS. Lee.
lo Lne voters oi none uouniy:
I nxl four vears.
I wish to thank the voter for
their efforts iu my behalf o - far.
and nt some future limftr should
the pple ask it, I am ready to
servu them in the capacity as their
-J... . .. ,
witu kiuuesc regaru.
LpbHru Allen.
to Address
T .'ii.: C.1 j;
Hie rostonice dMnarcmeut n
isne I instructions ts to the ad-
" i' 'ws
initio rate of 2 cents an ounc ,
- locatiam of tkt mmit. The Poat-
office department will see that the
letters 8re- properly forwarded.
Xema. 0.. July 23, 1917.
James L Hollon, Haz-1 Grn. Kr.
Enclosed you will had aapney
order for 50 for which yoa will
piease sena me tne neraia roc
month?, or such tiiwa as it paya
R MvuTC lf
I fc: 1 in 1 & V -!

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