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The Butler weekly times and the Bates County record. (Butler, Mo.) 1918-1950, October 16, 1919, Image 5

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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1 CAPlTAt;-flf TWELVE--- f
- . J! -
,...t-,": d'.M I
o.Vi., Jtli;.-s?V a,vt
The Kicltt of tabor to ;Orgvds ii
C-we J.
V v "Tx "B" IT
.. A
'i- . V-
jtia butUal addition' is located ooljr four Uocka aouth of the ourt house In
L Car bsi Socih Kaia and South Delawaat streets. TWs wU be jroor last opportun
i . Jp4u Wo hi tt"W Htxndard ktta bf IS feat front wi3 be sold in pairs,
tan rarcsaser haTinar tbe pnruege oi.wuw wee r w nw.
'"Tf-'l -
, - v. ' . i 1 iif t.1 ia' . ! ' , till M v
. v "aft
' " ' That Bedinger's Addition Bes only (our blocks from the public square?
Tbal the average price now fot desirable vacant lots in Butler is at least $10
' -' T5iat every lot in Bediner's Addition faces on either South Main' or ' South
Ttarvacaot.lots en North Blain and orth Delaware are held as high as $20
1' i '
. every jwjbi, P -
tV--- H-&f: feUfr ftxck nf Changer's Addition:
: ? --C c:a rrtrrtjr t dCCitoap to $Stt ner acre? ,
. - Aatimj MBnaansBnMBannnaafenBisnnnVnasjninnn
Wasfefngjton; C. bet' li-fTueTj
unfainsntal nfttfcfcMi enuntitivd 1 1
by the: group reprMjtai(r capirai, mo
presented to the -industrial Conter
ence o dajr followr, 4 " - ,v
-'iPf9m0f) - "
There shoujd be na intentional re
striction of productive , effort or Ojut
put either by the employer "or the
employe to -create"!! artificial scarci
ty of the product or of labor in order
to increase prices or wages. ,,
, " m ' r,
" , Establishment
The . establiahtntnt jrather than -the
industry as a whole or any branch of
it should, as- far -as- practicable! .-bii
considered- as the. unit of . production
and of mutual interest on the part oi
employer1 and employe. - Each estab
lishment should develop contact - and
full oportunity of interchange : of
view- between management and meu
through ifidividat or collective deal,
mg or a combination Of both.
v i
t Conditions. ,
It is the duty of . management to
make certain that the conditions un
der which work is carried on are as
safe and as satisfactory to the work?,
ers as the nature of the business rea
sonably permits. Every effort should
be made- to maintain a steady employ
ment of the workers both - on their
account and to increase efficiency:
The worker should receive a wage
sufficient to maintain him and his
family at a standard of living that
should be satisfactory to a right
minded man in view of the prevailing
cost of living. Women domg work
equal with that of men under the
same conditions should ' receive the
same rates of pay and be accorded
the same opportunities for training
and advancement. . -
.... .'Hours. :
The standard of the work schedule
hnnlr1 he the-week. varvina as the
peculiar requirements of individual
iidusiiR'S ina1 acmaiui. wverume
hotild. as far as possible, be avoided,
and one day of rest in seven should
be provided. ' .
Each establishment should provide
adequate means for the discussion of
all questions and the just and prompt
settlement of all disputes, but there
should be no improper limitation or
impairment of the exercise by man
agement of its essential function of
judgment and direction.
, Union Rights.
The association of men, whether of
employers, employes or others, for
collective - action or dealing, confers
no authority and involves no right of
compulsion over those who do not
desire to act or deal with them as an
association - Arbitrary use of such
collective power to coerce or. control
others without their consent is an in
fringement of personal liberty and a
menace to the institutions of a free
.''.-!, . Responsibility.
. EverV association, whether . of em
ployers- or employes, must be equally
subject to public authority ana tegauy
answerable for its own conduct or
that of its agents.
. With the right to associate recog
nized, the fundamental principle of
individual freedom demands that ev
ery person must be free to engage in
any lawful occupation or enter into
any lawful contract as an employer
or an employe, and be secure m the
continuity and rewards of Ins eftort.
v ... Open Shop.
The rinnciDles of individual Jiberty
and freedom of contract upon "Which
our - institutions . are fundamentally
based reauire that there should be no
interference with the . "open shop.
While fair argument and persuasion
are - oermissable. coercive : methods
aimed at turning the "open shop" in
to a" closed union . of cwsea non
union shop" should not be tolerated.
Kv"trrnlnvet should -be reauired to
iiia1 with men or srrouos of men .who
are 1 not his employes or chosen : by
and from -among them, v s,
v V 1
v --i
! A
We don't want to carry' our present
targe stock of paint through the winter
so you get the benefit. . '
And our Lomoco Paint is fully guar
anteed not to crack, blister, or peel off,
and it has a great big covering capacity.
Our stock
consists of.
Lomoco Mixed
paint, pure
white lead,
Unseed oil.
, . Varnish,
Stains and
I Butler, Mo. Lomoco Service , Phone 18
ated in industry and outside of it for
the training and upgrading of indus
trial workers, their proper placement
in industry, the adoption and adap
tation ofc apprenticeship systems, the
extension, of vocational, '. educational
and such other adjustments of our
educational, system to the needs of
industry as will prepare the worker
for more effective and profitable
service to society and .to, himself. 'vf'.
' Thursday Samuel Go'mpers' pre
sented the following to the Industrial
Conference as organized labor
oi principles; , ' -
Right of wage earners to organize.
Right of collective bargaining.
Right of -wage earners to be repre
sented by representatives of their
own choosing in negotiations with
employers. .
-Freedom of Speech, of the press,
and of assemblage. .
Right" of employes to organize and
bargain collectively. -
Minimum eight-hour day, with one
clay of rest in each week; and with a
half holiday on Saturday encouraged,
and overtime discouraged.
Payment of a living wage.
Women to-receive the same pay as
nicu for equal work. , :
Prohibition of labor for children
under 16 years of age.
"To secure a greater share of con
sideration and co-operation ; to the
workers in all matters affecting the
industry in which they are engaged,"
a national conference board was pro
posed to provide for the systematic
review pf industrial relations and con
ditions, the board to consist of ah
equal number of representatives of
employers and workers, 'having due
regard to the various sections of in
dustry and classes of workmen. For
mation of these boards would be en
couraged by the ; Department of
Prohibition of all immigration for
at least two years after the declara
tion of peace, and at such times
thereafter as there may be an ab
normal condition of unemployment,
n the declaration. At
no time would immigration be per
mitted to eSceed the nation's ability
to Americanize the incoming foreigners.
Sold Hogs by Wire.
W. W. Perry, of the Crescent Hill
Stock Farm, received a telegram from
Georgia last Saturday night for the
sale of twelve of his fine hogs.
These hogs .were sold at good
prices and the sale ' emphasizes the
fact that the Perry herd has a wide
reputation among fine hog raisers.
The Perrys are in the game right
and ere making good. Adrian Jour
nal, i
Timber Land for Sale.
io acres good ' bottom . land well
timbered. I mile northeast of Butler,
i-3t . .A. Burda, Route 2.
Strike Rights,"
In. the statement of the principle
that should govern as to the right to
tnrknnt. between the em
ployment relations in the field (a) of
the private industry, (b . of the pub
lic ntiHty service ana w -or oovcrn
tneat employment Federal, State or
sttsicipel - ' -
' T& rivate industry the strike or the
(lockout J to.be deplored; -but , the
rzot to atriice or jdckoui wvuiu w
1 1 "dented ts an ultimate retort after
t IossJble means of adjustment have
i. VxkWtefeBc4i, employers and
w tSfltu reeosnixe the sen-
I I tj ,ret?OBsjpunr-ior in
4 Tl-imfm.V -
.... , U.l.'V..n 44... M.oV.
c. t y eryfeetto pnbhc
'".ar "--?kUm? eosisfderm
Attontion Ford Owners
Free Demonstration of the
; Ford Speedmaker Automatic Air Valve
Fits on Ford Carburetor and makes a Ford
act like a twelve. , .
Cuts downagas adds power and flexibility.
' Installed in: one minute and automatic forr
ever.: : :- '
No trick to it Speedmakers do it.
5 Bring Your Ford in and let us prove it.
WelVTott dt Major
Y Distributors, Bates County - .
l-4t Harness-Hardware-Auto Accessories
Hie moat comfortable and eeonom
ical headwear 'for boys and girls." ;
- Now on display. 50e to 75c V
- -" -i
11 &
5 V

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