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The Butler weekly times and the Bates County record. (Butler, Mo.) 1918-1950, October 16, 1919, Image 6

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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,i "' ip-Vi' .vf-.v ' : 'Si' V:i-'K"3rr. :-V'-Vi'f " 'Vy
'),jir'"w' ""Vm 'i 1 in 1" 1.
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ct:yy fv 'V- '
i,1,' jTS i 1 I ;- j.
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- - II ffl IIW- , '- -''vV fi ;'lvH
. ' - IjF iMjr : ' ' " -"V-Vs 1' Vfv;' j-'ff- f? B'v
" r'll- if1 'rv.vr''n' I . - -v
s'ii. oniric ..o " t'.p,' ,.1 ' w vffwift
' j rww th Pot OftJot of Bat
Vv,' iuo.. m osad-olas mtai , mutter
Hiijr(lay October 16, 1919.
ti.50 PER YEAS
. '.tl',-t. B:r:;'l 71'. AOT -VV VVUH7 IXfcfcVl M
weKiy at ouner, Missouri, lor
If V. f "5 toMr 1. X019: ' , .
?' M' ' mUU of liluouri. I
Zfor me, a CUrk Ctreull Court m
ftd fr th Stat and county afpra
aid,, paraonallr appaarad It. O. -Ailan,
who, faa-vlna baan duly aworn aueord
laf to law, daposaa and aaya that ha la
tba Maaasar , ot Tho Butlar Wiakly
Tlraaa and that tha followln W
th baat of. hla knowledge ana ballet,
a trua atatemaikt : of tha ownership,
management eta, of th aforenald pub.
lieatlort for tha data ahown In the
above caption, required by th Act of
: Aiiffiiat 2, MB, emooaiea in eeqiion ru.
roatai Jjawa ana neguiunone.
Editor I
; lunnaglng Editor. I It. .j. Allen,
Buslnese Manager t- Butler, Mo.. .
Publlaher i. J
Ownora- 1 juiMd to H. D. Allen.
Thu-t th known bondholder, mort
gagee!, and other aecurlty hqldera
owning or noiuing x ier wm - --" "
of total amount of -bondi, mortgage.
or other leauruiea ara: -niw.
fRIrnod) R. D. AUL.EN. DUbllsher.
Sworn to and subscribed
(Seal) before me this 9th day of
Uctober, 1919.
Probate J wage
"There is talk among leaders in
congress in favor of asking an offi
cial inquiry into the actual condition
of the president," says a Washington
dispatch. ' ' 4- :
This agitation, it appears, started
. your pocketbook because of Its durability tnd waahabQity,'
and its original low' cost.' IT'S f-U-tfcASAHT to t ot,. '
to touch, and wear next to the skin, because ef its fine v , i'
, quality. It's agreeable to look at , It actually- improves
in appearance after each trip to the laundry If s a gplen- .
did foundation for a stylish dregs, because it fits the form "
perfectly. Several million well-dressed Americans, think -. . ..
it the most sensible, serviceable, and satiafactory vnder- -.'
wear they can buy. They must think so or else the de
mand for Munsingwear Union Suits would not increase ' '
so rapidly each succeeding season.
u J ' "
4 S
certain of burial are consuming more
time. Not even a poor excuse can
be offered for Continuing the delay.
and there are a world of reasons why
v. Ml
For the Benefit of Thoa WtS
1 :-c v-ixiv'icrwv-
- Thet!s a atauticll elegance about sUk r tmeJniit A rfiff (.W w&h 'V ,
' 1 "llany prefetr valour caual rfi4-wvH-yJ X fV v " f
'. of oiMMsam, onttfa, wolf, and after-fan Cai a H ie-ta Ll.,t ' V1
' costly ai ow cm wUt-,- " - f 4- V,N -"0A,V '
Patticnla lil'JnU aeraea to MiaJnkii HW aWV. " ;U '
ty treatea oy nana iaoi macntnery wits 11 v sream "m prv-.nevto ad4 iii ana "
iuw,cr o? wie- pu ana, fvsuse capaoie reairiv zn
aw fhe Ind wean
f ) .
f 1 0111 a rtpuil snii uui by senator
Moses Of New Hampshire to the ef
fect that Dr. Grayson, the presidents
physician, is inclined to minimize the
serious nature of the president's ill
ness, and that it is beieved that Presi
dent Wilson is the victim of brain
' lesion that will "permanently inca-
pautat'e him for oftictal duty, even if
Ins life is spared." ,
Until yesterday , i 1 uesuayz-'-Pr.
Grayson officially ignored such re
ports, and dismissed ' the subject by
; referring inquirers to his daily bul
letins. -But, so persistelitly lias this
petty partisan ; gossip become that
: Dr. Grayson, at last,.-has come out
with a dcnial-"-or, at least a positive
v statement 'which is tantamount to
v How does Senator : Moses -know
that v President Wilson has brain
lesion P
How could he" know.-; even if lie
were to be admitted to the sick man's
presence, for.as Dr. Grayson ex
plains, Senator Moses is not skilled
as a phySician,
.And what right has Senator Moses
and his co-gossipers to question the
veracity of official reports made-; by
Dr. Grayson?
Dr. Grayson frankly .admits that
the president is not yet well enough
to run the risk of returning to his
work, but, he adds, "if some grave
emergency were to arise, I would re
luctantly give my consent for the
president to take whatever-, action
might t be required. '' ?v This ralonc
should 1c enough to set - at rest the
. story that - the president , ts : perman
ently incapacitated."
But isn't it the very essence of pet
tmess Jor members of Congress thus
to harass the- president when he n
iH?-K.ansas City fost.
ine Senate should tinish the you ami
get at the -rest of its work. M
Lotus Republic. '
While -St. Louisans-generally, bad
hoped that the. successor : to. Judge
,Qycr would be a resident of this city,
. , utiatarliiin will no- xureaned wltn
(- ." .,'C-thi sppouitment of Charles B. Farts
. - o 1111 ine important pvsi. ue icuvr
'. the Supreme Bench of the 'State ' tp
-1;V Ve tie position; . , , . :
, . :Ag lawyer and jurists uagc i-arw
I V Cwc an excellent record. "be
n ttr wtiich his colleagues n je
i Chy held him may be si&
9 tacjt mat "an ot tue mem.' rs
"SaDreme Setach asked Pi . m-
V;.aon tht he be appol, leju
T' ents fortts'-jk ,
t ari come toU iit.
t r always 1 ,t-
. r,iie oc.t r; 1
Cincinnati Reds World's Champions.
By beating the Chicago White Sox,
hanipions of the American league, at
Chicago, Thursday , afternoon, - the
Cincmnr.ti Reds became the cham
pions of the world,
Total attendance for. the eight
games played 236,98.
; Receipts, 722,414. Each player of
the Cincinnati team will, receive. $5,
207.01 for his eight d-ys work, while
the White Sox players u must get
through the winter somehow with
$3,2S4-36, in addition to their regular
salary. - '
'The. four, umpires who.' worked in
the series, were paid $1,000 each and
all expenses, but they are asking for
another thousand each, claiming that
$125 per day is not enough for such
strenuous work.
Before the games there was hardly
a base ball "expert" who -v gave . the
Reds a took in. for the championship
ar.d sine. their dope went wrong they:
have been busily engaged in. hunting
up alibis. Many of them more, than:
hint thiit' - the Sox players were
bought-off.: Some say that they Were
otitlucked, 4ind others ' say it was a
case of overconfidence, but . the
scores seem to indicate , that - they
were, simply up against a faster' ag
gregation -ot ball players : and that
tells the (whole story.
Failed to See This Beautiful;
Spectacle Tuesday it Will
be Repeated Saturday, - K,
: : Airplane Stunts -A
1." ' " ' 't
i rangenieiils have been . niads
with the ladies wIiq contested for the
best decorated automobile - in Tues;
day's parade to repeat the exception
ally beautiful pageant Saturday. The
parade will take place between. 1:30
and 2:30. on that day and those who
were so lortunate; as to see it luca
clay pronounce it the best ever given
in tins city, so if .you, fatted to see it
then you will have another chance. - s.
Also Mr. LutzwiU on 1 hursda v
and ' Saturday give an exhibition 01
stuiTt tlying over the, public square.
xkt' it ' -nr --rr'i-i- - V
f 1- V
Cnspm Coal for Sale.
Best quality, at mines 2 1-2 miles
we.sttf hosier t'-a mile north of Old
Walnut. "!
ir2t - , ' ' , Bo Bo Mines
V "', j.-xu'l",.! 1 1 Jinn . ,
The bill authorising President Wil
son to retire .Major General E. II.
Crowder as - a s lieutenant- general,
passed by the senate Tuesday by1 a
vote f 49 to it, and now goes to the
housci . ' . w ''" "5,J
Cold weather prevailed throuthoutl
Judge Calyird Urged 'for - Supreme
oCurt Vacancy. ' i
Osceola. Mo.. Oct. ir The'Demo-
rats of St. Clair County are urging
Gov. Gardner to appoint Judge
Charles A Galvird of .Clintonla) one
of the Supreme Court- vacancies.
Judge Calvird is serving his second
term as Judge of the ,Twentvninth
Judicial Circuit, comprising the conu-
ties ot Bates, Henry,? St. Clair nd
Benton, and has made a record as 'a
jurist. Judge Calvird resides in Clin
ton, but was born in St. Clair County
"Land -Owners Meeting.
Notice is hereby given that a gen
eral meeting1 of he land, owners of
Cornland, Lone Oak Township Road
District No. 1, of Bates County, Mis
souri, will be held 1 on Wednesday,
Noveinher. 5,' 1919 at 4. p. m. .at Corn
land school house in said" district.
The purpose - of such meeting -is tf
determine whether the k orffanieSrSoil
of the district shall be perfected and
continued, or the district dissolved,
ana tO consider the report of, tht etu
gincer, and determine the question
of (.construction and improvement of
roads in the . district there!:' s-'d-
scfibd ' -
PS orderot the board of commts-
feV ' " A. W.'Shay.' C
Secretary Board - ol Commission-
Ajnedon Ssle of Lots Postponed:.
jTjpe auction sale of lots- inCBedtngt
eri addition to. Butler, which was to
have-been held Fridav"morm'RB' Oe-
tot ' tevhas been, postponed unliT
ar .ay, on, account ot - the; tn-
;nt weather. - . '
'1 r. indications are that thi-will
bt( .,bf the mosf popular additions
Pears. Jv ,
-Virginia Pear Orchard, 10 miles
west ot Hutier.
Hand picked Keiffcr and'"
- Duchess Pears.. 1. $1.00 and $1.50
Dwarf or smalt pear (for pick
ling' and preserving whole.. . $1.00
I'astuenzea vuer, gal, jugs . ;.. ?r.oo
Vinegar, Qider .;. .33
Above 'are sound and good size.
; if f .Jlinprlv han.tlrf urStt. Ujm fr.v
all and- early whiter use. . . r
Also Windfall Jears.-. , V kj.
western and . nQrjhw"Btrn parts," be
intf orted, JO ttre Weather :t jav.
At" VtjHne-1 the ttmiieraJur & 13
Mtove1 xerav-- -
0 i
which,-1:er1'i -to om
i -lrj' A'. -
1 7 W
t? J 'as" Ai
1 -nibHr- f
Xt New, Yir
1 r-
Uasonic ought I
44 an
1 : i.r
ft ,v v;
1 j-
Aot ;-5M' l
" '. ' ' " 1 " inn 1 in in I
.' V' SpearLusk.. '"f ;U3r get o6eWnd ihat
Charles R- Spears, of-lohnstpwn and, off. baar and iiltsrevetsflnSe - iN -
taLSatMtta eholerX,a?.nV W -
brides, parents,, Dr. and- Mrs. C n '
Lusk.af Virginia. RevJ,. W. Keete ' 1 - ' - . .
and by Mter sweet and gentle disodsi
Upn has made friends of .- all what
- lfe PPj ' iuiub cwwpje suviti nnKC.;
t)ieir'bome on u farm, "near -Jobnm
b r rit through and graded , f?ont
L tree south- to the cH limits.
1 ts lay, well. Jiave perfeU dra
jvare -aeessibJe te ethe .
T- 1 . wv . 1
ifT'i'i'l'i0", of'H,j'bet JTr.taa Mrs;; Fayette Keen re-
known Slltt htu-Kl TftllM-trP tntlnil , .t , --j.lLJ. ..:.. t t: -
farmers of the northeast part "of the JKalad 1 ' 7 ZT'-
coHnty, mtn nt has a ,host Ji Oiser,, fhjnjt Morose, came
friends. The ibrtUe is an attractive 1 :.B4a tA iit rir
young lady possessing many harms J-Ietcher and ,
1 .Mrs. Wm. Udneal Went to, Creiglv.
ion- a-onaay ee pw sister, s frf .
town' The limea ioi, trflr",vl -T 1 -' r"? 'rTw!. ,
Jnends m wishing; them a , long, LoaAHttf i(hd family moved' .
I'liniiLrous niurricu miff i
W, A. Baker ft Son's Fatt8aK"J"
i,:l,V.' A'V'Uaa.-. V. fJZU ' .'.1.- -1.,:.
ttf the finest herds of.Big ' u4
ianu .nina nou in raia sec: - .- ey t-.
sum iioiu incmii a at ; . is
,J.''in'.-iliia'-:wy,r-Jisajuir s;t.
Wtter f " ' t, ,"Vv - rPwate4.T
tion to. the ureederst. r 4"!a .. -JV ,
. 'Lou JHill id family moved' tCf
Montrose Tuesday, . -
Listleroit tie" Attlelic--
I ir tare, q room. not. V
- r
. ., A rood garajs
Udir- qi in. good, tiers' .
' -1
toi-i etoMtn.- South -Main street haj Tbcir hogs bavt vo-v r "f X-yT
;i' ii
state fairs-in r
jide ,a mf,'',i
-V t- a
' ''4.tk"v ic-t'
y(-.esi6istS -
. .V.-'.--.

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