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The Butler weekly times and the Bates County record. (Butler, Mo.) 1918-1950, August 26, 1920, Image 7

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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y " 1 ' ' 1 ' ; "., ', ,-. ''.I.
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women's Status inI doubt
IM .'MISSDUKI . '. t . . it- ?
A Statt Lair S7 thiy Har Only
V Vote lor Freaideirtlal jaeetora.
lCBnessee i ratincation "
un R Anlhnnv catiititutioul unenil -
meat did not clarify Miasoari'a conv
olex suffrage situation. The ' statue
of the women voters ia the state stity
teems to be in doubt, because tne
legislature last year enacted a law.
confining women's .votiqgi rights to
presidenial t electors, r-.- -4;:
: "iUhless, Governor " Gardner call . a
special session of the legislature -to
enact new laws giving the women of
the state full stiff rage, the part of die
voters in the coming election may be
somewhat confusing, John E. Wilson,
Republican , election , , commissioner!
believes. V:'-'--.-
, "There is ' considerable difference
of opinion on the subject, Mr.: Wilr
son said. i i" Many believe another
law is necessary if the women are to
vote for county and state, candidates
as well ' as presidential elector'
And some believe the' ratification of
the federal amendment will nullify
the state laws conflicting with , the
spirit of the amendment"
R. E.- O'Malley, Democratic elec
tion commissioner, said it was his
opinion a special session of 4he leg-
tne women
are to vote legally in Missouri.
d'er the law. Mr. O'Malley said, the
election officials are not empowered
to permit women to vote for state
and county onicers
Governor Gardner' is in California
on a vacation, but it is understood
the governor has received legal
opinions 'stating a special session is
not necessary, as he announced re
cently he did not believe he would
call the proposed special session.
. An opinion from the attorney gen
eral stating the federal! amendment
in effect nullifies the Missouri law
would clear the way for complete
suffrage for the women, M. E. Casey,
state senator, said.. Senator Casey
said something must be done if the
election machinery of the state is to
be prepared for the increased vote.
Another question of importance
that must be settled, according to the
election commissioners, is whether
women now may serve a& election
officials. It . is believed they cannot
legally -serve unless complete . suf
frage is granted. Under the law
special ballots for presidential elec
tors only were to be prepared tor
the new voters. '
G. 0. P. Preparing 'Substitute' for
League of Nations.
Marion, C, Aug. 21. The Repub
lican substitute for the League of
K'ationsTasea' '6h f fie" general "idea
of an "association of nations," soon
will be announced, and will be in
jected into the campaign as one of
its main issues. . ,
That is coniirmed by ben. Warreu
G. Harding, Republican candidate.
The plan waits for the return from
Europe of lyihu Koot. (
The Root plan roughly is said to
be 'for the creation - of an ' interna
tional court similar to The Hague
tribunal for the adjustment of differs
ences between nations by mediation,
and in which the United Mates
would be a party. This "association
of nations" would be a body without
legislative or executive authority, it
is understood, and would not call
for a sending ot armed forces to set
tle international disputes.
1 he. Republican; nominee1 strongly
favors' the United State becoming a
member of -the international court
of adjiHtiiienU. :
Senator Haruinir again has. stated
that, if elected, he will advocate tUu
making of a' separate peace wi'.n
Ciermaiiy a soon as possible.
County in Texas Least Population !
m U. 6. ..... .- ..; 1
Washiiiiiton, August aS. Census
of the lcat populous county in the
country, Cochrane, lex., was an-
lounteu today by . tlie .' Census bu
reau.' ..it has 'just sixty-seven people.,
1 put is two, more tiiancnnmeratea
ten years . ago. wakirig-".jts growth ,
slightly more than- 3 pt ct'irt.".
iiOoK '.Lo'.inty, Illinois, lncuidin.A
the! City' rif Chicago, probably is the .
inost . poptiloils '"county; in thfe coun
try.,- i ts. v)pulation has not- yet been
anuounctJ, but ,i's, itxpected to es
ceed j,5oo,ooo. ' . ,
. Cochrane " is ' not - the , smalksi
county in the United States, as it. lias
an area , of 8'x 'square V .nirles. ' Its :
density, -of. pqprilatipn, therefore, is
one person ;.t0 ; approximately every i
thirteen 'square miles.;' The comity 1
is located ' ih,; fkMh western Texas, i
adjoining- the Ntw) 'Mexican border.
Itv .is ' hnorsfaiiized anJ.'1 hasn't , evt-n .
a post cin'icc.-; sl')- v .1 , i
V Villiarrt" Adamson,',"' Labor : member
i 1 l., ,1 1 i '.- i i l
oi ine Jirmsii jrarnanicnt, ana -narr
Crosling, leader of -the .English trans
port rworkers, .reprient1iig,""the- Brit
ish T cauncil. T of action -of, the triple
alliance of labori hmvt btien request
ed to leave r France."- failing ; which
ihsj.f'witt..ilEf; i:- '
nit"-.', i; iii'i'ii'iiii-ii'ii t ntti V' ii 1
In Vaeatloi Aust' . 19M.
Kiehard Medlar. I-uOftift..
Mom Orntarif Abiifta jRkins, Kb
sllla EJrtn. sfi CrtaJt ' aiantham,
V ' 30ee;e -f JtM'-v -OmamiMf OnuM nam,
'fMMMii-T- vTtan - tlrantham.
rr -oWt.i.ii'VMCIMW
v -xi' iMary
- a rsiarms
.i -vm,
..k. -i
- oonaorta.
i, ana
j i
c- te of
' iit'M-
-5Hi the SB i-4," except
"lfht (8) acres off of the south
, uU thereof. In Sec. five (5, Twp. '
. thirty-nine ), Rag. thirty-one
(21), Bates County. Missouri,
which aald action 1 returnable on the
flrat 4ar of the next -term of aala
court to be held at the court' house tn
too vi culler, in ine ooumy ana
Jtobii l. when and wbere you may
1 umur and ini ., mii.,iu Am.
UMliT and answer or. atherwlu da.
n' iliueb action; otherwla plaintiffs
pruuun win oa laxen aa conivs.cu
ana juagment rendered accordlng-ly.
. 1- '. . ; a c. BWAniiiNBr
. A W. Mini nip h DuAd
Circuit Clerk.
State of Missouri, County of Bates, as.
in the Circuit Court. October Term,
ISSltt. vacation August lu, lszu.
Vernon Frieze, Plaintiff.
vs. ......
B. -1 Bnidcr, Defendant '
IfoW at this dav cornea the Flalntlt:
herein, by nt Attorney, W. O. Jack
son. and flies his petition and un
davit.' alleginK, among other things
that Defendant K. U Snider is a non
resident of the State of Missouri.
Whereupon, It is ordered . by the
Clerk in Vacation, that said Defend
ant be notified by publication that
Flalntux has commenced - a . suit
aaraiast lilm in this Court, the object
and general nature of which is a suit
for daniafres for breach of covenants
In a warranty deed, wherein the plain
tiff seeks to enforce , his demands
aaralnst the defendant by an attach
ment of his property, and that unless
the said E. L,. Snider be and appear at
this Court, at the next term thernof.
to be begun and holden at the Court
House' in the city or Butler, in taiu
coiuiiyr un ine JSl Honour 01 viciooer,
1S20. and on or before the first day of
said Term, answer or plead to the Pe
tition in said cause, the same Will be
trfcen en fonfessd. and judgment will
oe renaeiea accoraingiy.
TADd" it- is - Further- Orderedrthat-a
cony hereof be DUbliehed. according to
klawJn the The Butler Weekly Times,
a newspaper published in said county
of Bates, lor four weeks successively.
published at least once a week, tno
last Insertion to be at least thirty
days before the first day of said next
uctooer iv rm 01 tnis court.
'- Circuit Clerk.
A true copy from the record.
,' Witness my hand, and seal
'; (Seal) of the Circuit . Court of
Bates County, this 10th day
. , of August, 1920.
44 -t Circuit Clerk.
In the Circuit Court. Bates County.
Missouri, August 9 1920. In Vacation.
I. F. Allison. Plaintiff.
John Hathaway. Wm, R. Henson and
Virginia A. Hensqn, his wife, and
the unknown consorts, heirs, - devi
sees, donees, alienees or Immediate,
mesne or remote, voluntary or in
voluntary grantees of John Hatha
way, Wm. R. Henson or Virginia A.
Henson, his wife, If such there be.
The State of Missouri to the above
named or described Defendants, Greet
ing: You are hereby notified that an ac
tion has been commenced against you
in the Circuit Court of Bates Coun
ty, Missouri, affecting the title to the
following described lands and tene
ments., JLo-arJJU
The rnortu-west quarter or section
13, Township 41, of Range 81,
Bates County, Missouri,
which said antion is returnable on the
first day of the next Term of said
Court to be held at the Court House in
the City of Butler, in the county and
state aforesaid, on tne first Monday
of October, 1920. when and where you
may appear and answer or otherwise
defend such action; otherwise plain
tiff's petition will be taken as con
fessed and judgment rendered accord
- ' C. C. SWAHENS.
,.E . Circuit Clerk.
A true copy from the record.
. Witness my hand and the
(Seal) seal of this Court this 9th
day of August, 1!20.
44-4t : Circuit Clerk.
onnr.it of publication
' In tne
(Mil nit Court. Hates Coun
.ViiiCiiHt 0, 12U. Ill Vaeu-
tldll. . .
Isaac JE. -'Allison, riaintiff.' ,.
Tliomuar J. Hhmii, 3fHt;e T. .Moon, and
ana trie UMKriuwii eont;orij. iieir,
ifvlsoifi. thinoes, iilii'iiues, or imme-
voluntary. Biantees of 'i'lumiaM .1.
Ui.'liri,, .le.ssn T. -Moon, or J. J. Uiiim
inond,' ll' "tlioy lo dead, ami Tlio Mu
iu:ini,ifo Inuranea Comjutny, . cfr
, oration, its successors and aa-.-inif
Tlio. SUitu of Missouri to tlia above
minted-'- ami described DefvnUantd,
oling: -
Vni ate Itt-r .:-notified that an'nc
ti.'i: Una licmi pniniiionced uK'Ulnst yon
in lito Circuit t.'oitrt of Utiles county,
.m is.ioui'-i, ai'i'i'Ciini; the title to the fvJ
I Minx ifoi;!'ibod luiulu and tuntimi.n'..s,
TIhv Soulh Htttf of tho North-west
(uartur of Kavtion 23. in Townsnwi
1.1, of RaiiHe SI, Butus County,
which said action is returnable 011 tho
1st duy. of tho next Term .of said
Court to be held at Hie Court House tn 1
t ho t'iy of ItHtlcr, in tho county and I
Statrr aforesaid, on tho first Ainnday of
t )e toiler,.-M 'J2'), when and where you-l
ma- appear and answer or othe. wisai
ltd such action; otnei-wlse plain-t
liffs petition will be taken as con-
fi:sst)d and Judgment rendered nice
iiiKly.'-.i" v - , . - .
. v.. , C. C. SWARKN'S.
.V . . . . Circuit Clerk.
A trti copy frimi the record, ,
- : . W itness my hand and the
iSita.it "..-soal of this Court this fltti
.' -, . day of August, 1920.
', C U., SWAltK.W,
Circuit Clerk.
K. C. . Zlmmerschied and Laura
merschied, Plaintiffs. , :
- , -'.' - ' - ' '.-
KedinmidLeliiier and- tiie unktown
consorts, heiis. devisees, donees,
alienees, hnmedlate, niesne or ' re
mm,'! Voluntary or involuntary,
graateea of Ferdinand Leimer, if
uoceiLSBdi: and William Morgan-.
Joseph Huber, : Anton Limer, ' Anna
Leiaaer Loring B. Stone,. Stephen B.
tiiiipy, fancy naw .ana jionn - u,
KeW. each deceased. Defendant.
Th State of. Missouri to the above
name4v.or described Defendants, Qraet-
lngllNi: ; -''.?- v '.---'-...--Yoa
-are berebv notified that an ae
tion- haa, been eommanced against you
In th Ctnroit Court of the County of
Bates. 1 the Stat ot Miaaoarl. affect
ing i 7itl to the following
enw f.iwir and tenements, to-wit
, V. r fcalf of tha . Soathweat
' r ta Seutkeast quarter of
i iJx axeept one rod off of
t" - aiae tnereei. na tn
it f A WoMkersat qnar- ,
MttlaaVfiaTaA (71. all ia '
-- -,'
; ' t
-f TairtT-ala'lit (St) Rang s
'Alaa. (1tt ta ., oeaaur, .
I tiein ta reiaraabU oa Um
- f-,ar, on ot said
i f I at to Cottit boas la
f .Uor tn Ceoaty aa4
- U a ay of oc-
.i'wn- ywatirrf
Service to You
Is What Counts
It is service to you that counts under
standing of your particular needs, courtesy
and liberal treatment day after day, not
when you are ready to give it, but when
you are ready to ask it. Whether your bal
ances are large or small, this organization
can give you a distinctly personalized finan
cial service, It is confidence in our ability
to do this that makes us ask for your account
"The Old Reliable"
Cha r ley Deems, Plaintiff,
Willis Young, Robert Osborne, Willis
B. Younir, Willis Bruce Young;, Wil
las B. long, Andrew M. , Wilson,
William Jasper Walters, William R.
Weddle, William M. Young, Nancy
Young, Elzia A. Bmallwood, Daniel
C Young, Wells B. Young, FranK
Allen, trustee, William E. Walton,
C. A. Allen, trustee, Walton Truat
Company, Watt Webb, trustee. Mis
court Savings Association, W. B. Cat.
terlln, Pearl Catterlln, M. P. Lusk,
Joseph M. Lee, and Susie T. Lee,
and the unknown consorts, heirs,
devisees, donees, alienees, immediate
mesne or remote, voluntary or in-
' voluntary grantees, assignees, or
legal representatives of Willis
Young, Robert Osborne, Willis B.
Young, Willis Bruce Young, Wlllaa
B. Yong, Andrew M. Wilaon, William
Jasper Walters, William R. Weddle,
William -M. Young, Nancy Young,
Eliza A. Smallwood, Daniel C.
Young, Wells B. Young, if de
ceased, and D. P. Lee, Burton Has-l.-tna
trnnti-e. O. B. Reaua. W. H.
'C611l rtc tr uftteer" George - 0;-t3ta-
brook and Barnett K. l.usk, eacn ae-
ceased, Defendants.
. The State of Missouri to the above
named or described Defendants, Greet-
" vi'n arc herehv notified that an ac
tion has been commenced against you
in the Circuit Court or the county or
Bates, In the State ot Missouri, affect
ing the title to the following described
lunds and tenements, to-wit:
The South halt of, the Southeast
quarter of Section Eighteen (IS)
Township. Tnirty-nlne (3i) of
Range Thirty (30), Bates County,,
which wiid action is returnable on the
first day of tli next term of said
court to In- held at the courtnouse in
the City of Butler In the County and
.state aforesaid, on the 4th day of Oc
tober, l!C!li, when and where you may
tipiicar mid answer or otherwise de
fend such action; otnerwise ptauttui b
vutition will 00 taken na confessed and
iinlirment remiereu ticporuingiy.
Clot it.
!r Deputy, Lewis Swarens.
liue'toiiy ot the record: "
Atiet: C. C. SVVAUBNS.
l ll'i'llll.t IC.'K..
I'i'i- Ti;i'Tii.T.eu-l.i K'.VTtrfn-tr
THTO mVO V 1 1 : 1ti MflO Vs-
n the 1,'iruitit Court of Bakes Coun
tv. Missouri, iicto'nor Term'. 11120. Hy
U:0 Clerk -in vacation, August. 6,-192).
deitnie jiciii, i lwihiu,
Vs' ..... , ,.. .
.111111 l.t-.-c. l-.ilKHOtu II V.OOJJVI, r..i.ui4. 1
A, Piii.'l'3, Susie I'heli's, and the un
known consort. lit'ir. d...vis.'tn,
lion.' i .-i. it deuces, or immediate,
mesne or remote, voluntary, or in
voiuntavv (srunleed of Anllumy
l lunn, John . l.oe. lllii-.ribetli ivwptr,
Samuel A. flu-lp.-. Alai;ie N'ewell
und Jlaunah Uiet.ard.jon. DefeiiJants.
The Slate of Mib:souir to 'ho above
tntiiieit and ileseribcl . defendants,
"ion arc hereby notified that an ac
tion has hteo commenced ataiest .vo.t
In the Circuit C.mrl of l-tntcs i.puniv.
-Missouri, affect ing the title to the t"l-
lvwln desciioed lands and tenements,
Lots One t and Two (ii in ol'ick
r.iKtu i; oi i-ny uii.i u.-
nun to lite rown ino.v vaji ui
tiuiier, .uisauuri, . i
wrilcti sa
Id action is retui-jiHUlo on ine
fli-wt-diiv of t be noN't term of said coart
to he lield in llto court house in the
city of Hutler in the' county and state f
aforesaid ou.'tlie First .Monday in o.c- i'
t.eier, hum, when and where you may J
afipear and answer or otherwise de- j
fend siicn notion; otherwise jnniniin u
petition will he taken aa confessed
and Judgment rendered accordingly.
And. it is ordered that a copy here
of be published according to .law in
The Hutler Weekly Times.
Circuit Clerk.
A true copy from the record.
Witness ray hand and the
(Soal) "seal of the Circuit Court of
Bates County, Missouri, this
6th day of August, 1920.
' . v . C. C. SWARENS.
44-4t .... .-'. Circuit Clerk.
Annettie. K. Allman, Plaintiff,
Luke M. Yellock-, .O. W Davis, If liv
ing, and- the unknown consorts,
heirs, devlaaes. donees, alienee or
immediate, moan or remote, volun
tary or involuntary grantees of oaoh
of tho above named defendant and
of Andrew uarpa, aeooafoo, voiwm
- ant. 1 .- " ' ' '
The State of Mlasouri , to i th above
named and doscrlbod . Defendants,
Greeting: '
Yoa aro beret? netifled that an ac
tion baa been commeaced a gal net you
in thai Clrouit Court of Bates County.
Mieuri. affecting the title to tho fl
lewiag twirlM Xaad and teaiiaata,
to-wtt:. - - -' :-' '." . . ' -'
, Tha fcouthweat owrtorof
1 Boo tfe east quartor of fteotlou Six-
kerUvwt qaarUr of tavaMfrt..-
tlffa petition will be taken as con
fecsed and Judgment rendered accord.
ingly, ' -
Circuit Clerk.
A true copy from the record.
Witness my hand and tb
(Seal) seal of this Court this TU
day of August, 1920.'
44-4t Circuit Clerk.
Matilda E. Baldwin, Plaintiff,
The unknown consort, heirs, devisees,
donees, alienees, immediate, mesna
or remote, voluntary or Involuntary
grantees of Edmond Landon, de
ceased, Defendants.
The State of Missouri to the above
named or described defendants, Greet-.
You are hereby notified that an ae
tlon has been commenced against yon
in. the Circuit Court of the County ot
Bates, in the State of Missouri, affect',
lng the title to the following de
scribed lands and tenements, to-wlt-.The
South Fifty-three and one
third (53 1-3) acres of" the West -'"
half of the Northwest quarter of
Section Twenty-five (25) Town
ship Thirty-eight (38) Rang
Twenty-nine (29), Bates County.
which said action Is returnable on the
ttrst day of the next term of said
court to be held at the courthouso la
the City of Butler in the county and
state aforesaid, on the 4th day of Oc
tober, 1920, when and where you may
appear and answer or otherwise de
fend such action; otherwise plaintiffs
petition will be taken as confessed
and Judgment rendered accordingly,
By Lewis Swarens, Deputy.
A true copy of the record.
Attest: C. C. SWARENS,
(Seal) Circuit Clerk.
44-4t By Lewis Swarens, Deputy.
'IT. omits II. Cox am!
.Mary Cox,
wile, Plaintiffs,
I'dincind o. llnwkiiis.
Le.sclt, H.'Uiuii'l Weil,
1 f .I 1 he unknown
tll. iM'i-fr. iIiiiu'i-m, trr.
.Jr., John II.
if iivintr. anq
consort -i, heirw.
dtaie. ini-ne m- remote, vditnlarv or
invehtnii'i-i' (rraiitees-of ICd'-toiul O.
Titnvimis. .if.. ji7Tm- .it. Li'cii. --fs
.atiiuel Weil and of Eiltnond t
Hawkins, Sr.'. deceased, 1'iefeiidiinta.
The .State of .Missouri to the aboro
named or d.'S'.'1'ilie.l Liefeiidants, Greet-
,i Villi
Hereby notified that ait ac
tion ha' bcea c 'mri'.eticed i.:tii.st you
in tile Ciicuit Court of Hales Co'.'.nty,
Missouri, nffeetiiu? t!ie tllie tn tiie fel-l.'VVilt.u-
der'ilii.ed: lit tl . 1 .-: and lele ItKMlts,
to-wit: .
Ti'e North -went qn.ai't .r of tt.o
N.irtli-wet 'ii;.;:trtei- of s. ctiort
Twenty ' o . in To'.i-rt:--liij. Thirt.y
eiai tUS), e! K.'ittjrc Thirty-tine
i St i, 1 '..t I iv-s I'oiitity. .Missouri,
which s.'.id action Ik vet ui aable on the
fiii.d dbv of tl'.e iiovi 't. i-rii -oi'-saiit
oait to be held at-lue Court House ii
t:... l tic I.l.h.l. 1'iil.K C.Oll.tV AtU-
, ,.,,,( ,, ,), fi,.vt Monday of October,
! i., v.'uen an.i here vou inn-.' api-cap
, Hl.,( iis-.ver or otherwise d. l'ei,,, saehj
,! action; olherwiKo I laintirf'c lietittoti
will be taken as confessed and judfe.
ment rendered itceordinsrty.
Circuit ClcrK.
A true copy from the record.
Witness- my .hand and fhg
(Seal) sei'il of tills Court mis Tth.
day of August, 1S20.
44-4t ' Circuit Cleris.
O HI) nit tl-' l'l HI.IC VTIO.V
In the Circuit Court of Bates Oouu
tv. Missouri. October Term, 1920.
iiasifie K. White, plaintiff,
Alary Ann Gentry, Eluena Craddock.
and the unknown consorts, heirs,
devisees," donees, alienees or Imme
diate, mesne or remote, voluntary or -Involuntary
grantees of Isaac Wll
cox, James H. Wilcox, Samuel A. ,
Wilcox, Richard M. Wilcox,. .Mar
garet Bnswell, Lucretla Gentry, and
--C-.- 4.- Beardslee, - deceased. Defend-.
. ants. '.....--'.
The State of Missouri .to the above
named and , described . Defendants,
Greeting: - -
You are hereby notified that an ae
tlon has been commenced against you .
in the Circuit Court of Bates County.
Missouri,, airecting tne title to th
following described land and toner,
menta in Bate County, Mlasouri. to
wlt: ' . '.
Th ttast Half or the Korth-aast
quaraor of Section fteventeeo. in -
Towmahlp Forty-two, of , Raaga
Thirty .on.
Whioh aaid actio ia rettiraabl on tka
nrat day -f the nxt Tenet of amU
Court to be held at th Coart Rom ha
th City of Batler in tbo eoaaty ewel
state aforaoaid, oa the first Ma4aark
Oetoher, laa. whan aad where yoa
may aayear aad aaawor r oUp pla
d'4 aweh. . aeUon; otherwta paaia-nrre-
pouuoa ' wui V fc. awoW.
fluid aad jadgateat wmiil aia I
a ' ;V :'-i''l!alU
: iru eyrroaa xa
J jr(4 maraawraai k
rikal) J . af .tK
y.: vs., i ?- fvsf i k-sts
i f i ti
a - - . - -M
wak Mm.
. taa-

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