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The Butler weekly times and the Bates County record. (Butler, Mo.) 1918-1950, August 26, 1920, Image 8

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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l 9
-tq ' ' ' ' ' ' " '"SSA
I l JEWJ ; : ' ll
i" I " I II . II V
I ,'i . E ' .. -, i fc- V-
We have loti of new Linoleum on bind aflhe Dreamt
which wo are now selling at $1.25 per yard and suggest that If
you need Linoleums now would be a splendid, time 1o buy. We)'
nave lot of new patterns in stock from which you can make a
We have lots of new heating stoves that we are selling
at a very reasonable price. Or we can supply your needs with
a new cook stove, oil stove or gasoline titove or even have a few
second hand stoves on hand. Stoves have advanced 40 oer cent
. but we are able to sell at last years prices, so if you need stoves-j
cqme look over our lines..
Before buying a phonograph come in and take a look at
at our New Comfort Talking Machines which we can sell you at
half price. ' We also carry a full line of Garnett records (August
selections) all the latest and best Music. '
We have all cotton mattresses at $16.50. - We have other
mattresses which we would like to show you. -
We also have lots of good and fancy dishes in stack and
lots of other things which we have not space to list? In fact
we can supply your needs in most anything for the home.
Allen's Second Hand Store
i ' 1 "ii i T i
Decrease is Marked la Products
bttt OIL
l , t-J V s.-wt 'JUL i
' ' Europe, . through ; ' inC "e.uon or
necessity, is looking JeiaVto .the
United States for its daily food.
and "wuh , nood harvests ; uerc tnac
tendency may yet aid. scewhat. to
lower- living costs on ';tM stuer"
This cheerful , statement Is- made 1 ty
iue Uoston flews Bureau m its com
incnt on irtuc cxponf :or juu
War total export were Mit -$723,-
000,000 tor tne month as. Contrasted
viui y2S,ooo,ooo lor juae, 1919
Nearly 8 per cent of that -, extreme
coiursi, nays Ine ; Aews .1 Bureau,
'Svas accounted for by the decrease
meanwhile m our - shipments of
grain, meats, cotton," and 1011. These
uropped, as between the .two Junes,
from $4$4,oop,ooo to 230,000,000, or
practically 50 per cent, whUe all oth
er exports shrank only;: ' from $484,
000,000 to $402,000,000, or:. about 1$
per cent. ihe Boston-paper co u-
tinues : ' ' v" ;;"' 'L,..
We are sending conisderably more
011 aoroaa, in response to the world
wide demand for both sea 'and land
use; but in all other natural pro
I ducts of the soil there is a decided
I recent recession. It is most pro-
Inounced in meat and dairy , lines, in
which the total for last month was
I only : $48,000,000; as -against $174,000,
looo a year earlier. , rt . -fii
Kecent travelers - returning from
Europe have told of large stocks of
provisions warehoused in parts of
northern Europe still waitmir a final
market. We have no lontfer an army
abroad calling for large relations of
this sort; The more pressing dietetic
needs of some of the - war-stinted
countries have been filled since the
armistice. As a result there is the
above rather natural . tapering oft
I from the impressive share - which
packing products took during the
war and shortly after. i!
Likewise cotton and - grain display
a fairly sharp falling off from recent
monthly export totals. ' Here there
is more effect of both seasonal and
foreign exchange conditions. In
cereals the comparatively moderate
drop tends-to-accentuate the ten
dency of food, exports1-; relation to
total exports, which has been run
ning at only 27 per cent recently as
against 35 per cent a year, before.
I Literary Digest.
'Four more-' of vt men, laJ-irSi n
the explosion ia ths ruiiber depart
ment of the; Bruarwtck-BsJke Col-
ivnder Company plast, at MuskeKpa,
ii icn.i' died Tnursday .mortiitwJ
bringing the number ? of dead to
seven. Three otkrs are m a hd-
Diiai, wnere K.wasaid one croo
ably will die. V - -
Static electricity, beina formed by
the passing, of. gasoline from the
ruling station into "One of the ' tank
iucks or tne cvansville Uil.. com
pany at EveaWBe, Ind., Thursday
caused a tire loss of more than S25,-
ooo; The tank burst mto flames and
spread to the platform and stortge
house of the company. The loss is
covered by insurance. ,
Thomas E. Watson, candidate for
the Democratic ' nomination for Unit
ed States senator was placedin jail
tnursday atter a disturbance in a
Buf ord Ga.. hotel, according! ' to a
statement made' Over the telephone
by the Buford chief of notice. E. A.
Wells, who was accoJnpanyingMri
Watson on Tiis speakinK tour. , also
was placed -in jail, the chief saig,
Samuel ' Montgomery Roosevelt,
oortrait oainter and second coiuin
of the late-Col. Roosevelt, fell dead
Ihursday night m the Knickerbock
er Club. He was born in New York,
July 20, 1863, and studied in Paris
under Laurens and Constant. Hit
works were exhibited in the Paris
Salon in 1910 and he was decorated
by the-French Government in 1914,
Miss Annie Stone, 101 -years' ' old.
does not intend to allow the new day
tor women to pass without having
her say, and has reeistered for the
right to go to the polls in Novem
ber. At the home for aged men and
women, where she is an inmate, the
centenarian expressed a lively in
terest in the national campaign. She
enjoys good health and up to three
years ago was active as a writer. :
v " 3 i L
rt t TO
creased almost eight time's. ! In '186
when the fimccttrateebeclclwas
tnideln the state, ? 1,554,74 hogs
were listed; - the average price paid
them, was $2.80 a head. Fiftyhree
years has brought the total number
of head to 4,94.1,ooo. and the aver
age price Paid last year was $18.50
a head, ."w v:f-;. yyAu-j:
A Polish Counter Offensive Liberat
ed Nation.
London The Russian northern
-irtny-has-opened negotiations for
surrender, according to a report
from Vienna today. The dispatch,
which was unconfirmed, said -' the
Bolshevists had sent a messenger to
General Sidorski to arrange terms of
London By : a smashing counter
'offensive early' last week the hard-
pressed folish army not only halted
the- bolshevist horde at the gates of
Warsaw, but turned them back and
almost converted the red retreat into
, U rout. The series of battles assured
the liberation of Poland. The Poles
then proceeded to bottle ud the red I
army which now is confroned by dis
aster, ine roles nave taken prison
ers and materials, in such quantities
that it is impossible to count them.
The counter-offensive was success
ful from the start The attack on
is'ovogeorgievsk was stopped at the
outer forts. A shrapnel barrage tore
' great ; gaps ?in the ranks .jof . the ad
vancing reds. They came doggedly
, gnuntuwithin machine -gun-range,
when a hailstorm of bullets mowed
them down in great windrows. As
they crumpled and began to give way
the Polish infantry charged, bayonet
ing tne retreating Kussians. The
withfrawal became almost a rout,
and J'olish cavalry, taking up the pur
suit, drove the soviet forces back ten
niles before they could re-form their
Winks. ;'' . '
The drive of the Poles continued
bS the week progressed. More than
thirty-five thousand prisoners, three
liundred machine guns and thousands
of supply carts .had been captured by
oaiuruay. i he roles first occupied
Jlrest-Litovsk, Plonsk, Pultiuk,
wysw ana Medice and other towns.
They, also crossed the Bug at vari
ous Joints. The Poles reclaimed
thousands of square miles? of terri
toiy, taking all towns in their path
M they advanced.1 - ? ,
v She vktorious Polish armies are
- ia ooasaod of General Halter and
General, Wandald.,':A.-,c ,.,,-. v-.v;.. :
, Wuhmgtoa The American ; and
Trench govermaenu' are in, entire
. agxeeaent in principle as to the f
aurc of both . PoUad and Rttssia. Sec
. tairy Colby declared M a' formal
' statement interpreting - France ,re-
Joinder to the American note i. to
srl ttiA Cfirl'iUa (alf ,
Mr. and Mrs. Liittord Lreighton rwin R. Bergdoll of- Philadelphia
and Melva, of Creighton spent Sun- has been found guilty of desertion
daJ,attth. W,I1,am Odneal home. from the army by evading the draft
The ball team went over to Mont- and sentenced -to four years' hard
rose Wednesday to pi?- with the labotat..ForU Lavcnwor4h,-it was
first eam.- The score was 8 to 2 in announced at Governor's Island,
favor of Montrose. . - . -.
Mrs! EcLDickison left Tuesday for ;
her home after a three weeks' visit! A mail pouch believed to contain
with relatives. Little Walter Dicki- money and valuables worth $100,000
son accompanied her home. I was stolen Thursday in broad day-
Miss Martha Chamberlin. who has "ght Dy two men trom the 111th
William' Barbrick, farmer, who re
cently made known -his intention of
attempting to ride Nfagara Falls in
a barrel, announced that he had con
stucted a secret contalnei for' - his
plunge Barbrickr-who serveddur
ing the war in the British merchant
marine, said he would apply next
week for permission to . try the
hazardous feat which this year cost
a British barber his life.
been visiting Miss -Edna Odneal left 3treet station of the Illinois Central
C- , . . .. ... . t . ... I . I ,1 'I 'I LI .
ounuay to visit wit n wis c.ana Miera,uuu- i,,c ruuucrs cscapeu in
near Passaic Dtfore returning to hern,tor fr. v ;V""
nome m M. Louis. I -
fi. . a i, t a I . ft. . . ' a i-
ine nitona oan team came ovcrl mineen ruiiy armed soldiers re-
Saturday afternoon to play with the! turning Wednesday night to Tralec,
1 Ireland, in a military lorry were
I ambushed. After sharp firing from
both sides the soldiers were forced
I to surrender and . were disarmed bv
Home team, i he score was 9 to
iy favor of Spruce. ' ' '
Herrell Happenings.
If. 1 If ..... n
ivir. ana Airs, wick Kay nave re-1
turnea trom tneir summer vacation. ftiodisniy attired, but listed as
I heir many friends and neighbors stowaways. Miss Mildred McGrud
are glad to have them back again. er of a Missouri town and Miss Eva
In. ......... I i I r I 1- f I-,,.-1 " t 1.1"
v.Mi Dcui iusi wcck in oc-1 xangcr ui r niiaaeiynia, scnooi
dalia attending the state rfair and teachers employed by the Territorial
visiting 01a inenas and relatives. I uovernment of Hawaii, arrived on
Rev. narpid Milliard and little tne army transport Sheridan Mon-
aiiss r.nuiy uewey attended the aay.
Sunday schooL-convefltion-at -Hume,
wonaay and tuesday ot this week. . t)ne hundred and thirtv-five ! Chi
Miss Ruth Jones and .Mia. Clara C2La7n PfWi CM firm mnlAvsi urir.: .
Fenton gave a "shower" in honor of tired from service today on den-
their protests. They
Miss Kathleen Wavland last Fridav I siofifi. Aver
Z.M STrm loawuJiMenaioiiaHMfovMed- byfttef- Forty MexicahsrchargedwiA- yio-
and' her friends departed at a late Congress are not sufficient to sup-
uu, an mailing ner mucn nappi-1 port them
!!-.rei!r- ok 'P? . week One thousand coal miners in Pike
end with Miss Ruby Moles, near county. Indiana, are idle as a result
bus setts -
Last Monday .afternoon. Misses
Lela, Ruth and Kathleen Wayland
gave a "shower" at Mrs. Wick Ray's
in honor pf Miss Ruth Jones. Her
many friends presented Miss Ruth
witn useful and beautiful gifts. X
aaiis Kiiu lone and Mr. Henrv
Wayland were united in marriaM at
K..M-'.. t T 1 . - -.
n vi uvmc x ucsuar cvcninir ai
--. w biwit. mvGK ue ' CErEmonr.
the guests were served with a boun
tifnl supper. The bride is the daugh
ter of ; Mr, and Mrs. T. C Jones, of
mis neignooraood, . and the groom
is the son of H A. Wavland. W
wish them much happiness and suc
cess in their married life. "
' Johy Hyatt attended the itate, fair
ust weeat.
at New) York has. iacicased
damage, the con.. The ram
neeaen oaniy. out the wind in inme
places, blew the corn flat , on the
L Mra. W. O. Card left last Frida
for a tiall with- her aisler Jn Illinois.
Cahrm Strange attended, the State
Far last mek
3s 'Ibf-f Co-ti'i j
t. against lrrit L
H ah!.H-. t rrc?r
of a strike of day men which started
in Western Kentucky, spreading to
mis neia. ine' A-entucky day men
went on strike when their demand
for a 30 per cent increase in wages
was refused. ' . -'Uv-f,
:'- X"; - -, 1,.' . '.'.! 'i.
; Morris ft Company Thursday an
nounced the ale of 15 million dol
lars, 7 1-2 per cent gold . notes to
Tia Juana, the border town of low
er California' to whicn are attracted
racing, ' gambling and hard-drinking
tourists and Mexicans under the.
leadership of Governor Cantu, is to
be reformed with Cantu's retirement.'!
President -de Ia Huerta has decreed
that-the-systematic exploltation'of
tne immoral conditions of the dis
trict is to be stopped, according to
a Mexican . embassy statement to
night. v " ,
7--. . -::
Jay H, Neff Hall, thef first build
iug ever given to the University of
missuiiri uy an aiumnus 01 ine in-
stitntion, will be dedicated at 10:30
m. Wednesday,- September 1, with
program that is expected to -in
clude Dr. Talcott Williams, former
dean of the School of Journalism of
Columbia University, New York;
Frederick D. Gardner, Governor Of
Missouri, and John T. Harding, a
Xansas tyHawyerrInmnus6T the
University of Missouri. ; ;
In a clash for possession of a pris
oner believed 1 to have moonshine
whisky in' his possession, City Mar
shal R. G. Philpot, of Bowling Green.
Ky., and Deputy Sheriff Henry. Reed
were killed . Thursday, and Cam
Estes, the prisoner, and Joe Sbivev.
policeman, were wounded. Reed had
arrested Estes! Spivey .demanded
the prisoner, it was said, and the
shooting followed. Estes was shot
as he attempted to escape.
Two automobile bandits held ud
three postal employes on South Cot
tage Grove avenue, Chicago, .Friday
afternoon, escaping with a mail
pouch believed to contain $100,000,
which was being transferred in u
postal car from the Illinois Central
railroad freight depot to the Pull
man bank, at Pullman, a suhurh..
The bandits jumped from .their au
tomobile -and, seizine the ban. threw
it into the car, driving northward at
about' 40 miles an hour.
. .Mrs. Lingenfelter is enjoying a
visit from her father: brother and
sister from Liberty.
Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Alexander
fiid son,s of Ozark spent Monday
night at A. W bhav s. .
Mrs. Fred Wright and. son, Ke.T
neth. ' left Wednesday mbrnina- Tor
Omaha, Nebraska, where thev will
visiMiemsteiT-xarsnaabel Hall.-
Fred Wright took in the state, fair
at bedalia Wjednesday. - jj.,;-,--", -t
, L. A. Messinger to E W. Kennedy
100 acres section per j Creek
J. P. Hart to H. B. Higerman et
at tract section 19 Lone Uak ?il$so.
R. G. Cummings to L.;..A 'J Mt
singer 100 acres section ig Dmi
Chicago bankers. : - The proceeds wiJ
dc used'- to ' retire - outstanding ' 'in.
debtednesa. Public offering of "ISe
notes would be made shortly, it
The number of cases of alcohol
treatment n- tne Believue Hos
lations of the immigration laws, held
at ues Moines, la., -since July 27,
were-Jtakenvto Chicas:o Thursday
mgnc, irom wncre they are , to be
sent ito Mexico, iix women and
several children were in the oartv.
The Mexicans were taken in custody
in northern xowa. where- thev were
tent -under special arrangements to
won in tne augar beet industry.
They were alleged to have fcfutd. to
tkork as they had agreed when ad
mitted to this country, s . i ?
' Every effort wiM be made by the
-American coYernmenJ to .; get
aaarooned Americana out of Moscow
and v other parts ot ' Russia f before
winter - sets in. it was said at J the
state, department . Thirty-five Amer
Cleans now are at Moscow, and nay
S44 wrtey aee held as hostages, while
liojt ;BcJsheviki attempt to force the
osys. aceordinsr to a reoorf at 1
&l Coler CbtnavJssiotter of . Pel
ynstiacs, -msae-pac r aursday.y
!ted States to negotiate officially
a wrier agwuu. tae step waica
gcermaeni win take to obtain
uicse citizens nave - . not
,24'Woeed.-,.,: '-
vns the lU-iis c .Kyushu ?t
- nia ti: Nippon,' t.
. rri ; 1 1 -i tae ' Japst
' rv" - " :f V -towns :.j
X - t t - - Ssoaa. . loss'
jv' i." V-asrT to cabin
... f;i.
4 a sjeen m enact t -w
? aid xfrWay .
1 f-rasors agt-l to t ,,:.
fViuL- d. -n M
WaVSvR. fl . " -V- 1
J. B. Sinalt to ,F; H. Fisk Tot 5
block 10 Williams addition Butler
f 1 200.00. -; . v v. '
(i. F. Rubel to W.tJ. Sinith tract
section 18 Charlotte $15.00. V
T. D. Day to Chas. Johnson tract
section 28 Deep water $2016.68. - v
II. H. Wilcox, to B. Brandon lots
to 00 rassaic 700.00. -
Julia Schmidt to F. O. Duke lots
1, 2, 3, block 1 William's addition
Kich Hill $1300.00. -F.
O. Duke toEva-Erhart lots
a, 3 block 1 Williams addition Rich
Mill ., . ,.V.
A, ,-E. Forcf to j. R Lee 120 acres
section 14 vvaliuit $0900.00.
S. M. C-umiford to Chat. Pvis
pax piock 17-Amsterdam 91500.00.
. J. F. Bartlett to Belle Walker part
ui uiwk j fv uuams eoaipon wui-
' ' ', 1 , - rtv 4 , ,
State Commission Anthorisea Tarifr
Changes v - Conforaqhac ' wth -Those
of tntirstatS Com-;
. "rc'ody. is "
N Jefferson City, ' Mo., August aiv--; !s 'K
Authorization of the railroads To in
Crease passenger, freight and sleep- .
ing car rates within the State, -Sep- "
tember 1, to correspond with Jn
creases granted for all interstate '
traffic by the Interstate Commerce -Commission,
was voted today by the ,
Missouri Public Service Commis
sion. . , -'
Passenger fares within he state
will be increased from 1 to 1.6 cents " '
a mile, or 20 per cent, and freisrht
Tales will-increase on a scale of as ,:-.
to 40 per cent, it was said. Sleeping
car fares will be increased about 50
per cent.
Until the wartime rate of cents
per mje took precedence: the lesral
railroad passenger fare in Missouri, v
by state enactment, was 2 1-2 cents. -
Unless the Tublic Service Commis
sion had taken' action the- fares
would have reverted to the a j -a cent
scale September I, as that is the-date
of expiration for the War-time rate.
The newMissouri. intrastate rail
road .rates will become effective six
davai after the new, interstate rates,
as the ioerstate rates go into effect
Thdrsday. In that interval, the fares
lit Missouri will remain at thn nre- .: ':
Wf. rates, but the difference to the
Wiroad companies will have to be' ' .
made up by the United States Gov- . -eminent,
members - of thdj commis- : ' "
sion said, under the terms of the
government's guarantee t-to the rail- ,
roa4s.- , ,f r
T. H. Manion to M. L. Mcnirnv
jw acres section 29 west fomt
?C0,OOO.Oa - . -v'-itv , :
J G, Carlson to M. O. McClarndon
10 acres, section . to Deer .Creek
ioop.oo. -i.:r: !xy':r::m
w m. Jiuckies to ' 11. Hoey ' part
B,ocs 13 snn 10 Aitona saoaojoa. : '
; C. E. McNamer to E N. Martin
trustee part lot a block o -Littles ad
dition Hume SaOOjOO. '.: 1 :J-J y f -
..C.; E. Daniels. to Ivan Corbin part
wpca ia sprague fiiiu-'i'i'i.q
acre secticHi.i6 t.
,W. f. Matrio't f tye?!"
120 actts
i 1"
:vf Uan Mw Wage Demands.
Denver, Aug. io.--A - meeting ot?
all district , general chairmen of the
southwestern" territory of the Brhth.
erhood of Maintenance of War Em
ployees and Railway Shop -Laborers
has been called for August 28 in
Kansas City. v
; That ', announcement wu . 1 matte -
here today by. W. O. Beaver, genera!
chairman of the southwestern terri
tory. The meeting will be to dis
cuss the recent wage award made by
the nulwayrilabor-board -andrtorter-
mulate plana, for presenting" new
wage dernaiidVit was learned. "
v Preparations for presentation of
the new- wage- demands are now un
def; way. 1 Beaver-stated.- - r -
x Have lots o'i6 iaA wood oat haad, . ' f
for.satc at U ftik. IVrN to - :. 44f4,f
'VtMli ' '
mise ao-a, Bntler, Roote Is';
-.4 1
;?;Tair" f root. kmJ sWm '
v, X -aua X5ora;rrr"-:
,a. . r , , . lis ."
... y-f
1 l Vt -y aiAMtjr ; .
f aiorta?t ir 1 , ,
Tit i ij
' Sk
OSI ;-of''' t A
it -
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t aw
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