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The Butler weekly times and the Bates County record. (Butler, Mo.) 1918-1950, April 20, 1922, Image 2

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Johnny on the Wing.
Fred 1. Witter and wife of Merwin
were Butler visitors last Saturday.
Jeff Nichols of Cornland was .in the
city one day this week.
Miss Lizzie Ross spent Easter in
Kansas City with her sister, Mrs.
Lete Sackett.
Mrs. A. R. Keeser is visiting in Ft.
Scott, Kans'as, this week.
Mrs. Ike Lockridge, of Elkhart
township, is suffering from rheuma
tism and has been laid up for some
Mis. William Gluvcr,
'of Amster
ui a several
in ( )k!ahoma.
Virginia ha-;
week. He
dam, lias returned fr
- wetk$ visit to relative
Lewis A. Garner of
teen quite sick for the past
is now reported better.
James A. Harrison of Adrian has!
been quite ill with pneumonia, but i
how reported ouWof danger. j
J. M. Frwin will' have a big ho !
sale next Tuesday, April 25th. Mr. j
Erwin has the celebrated Lmriic. hoys.
G. W. Miller and wife of "Adrian
have gone to Van lluren, Ark., where !
.1 , . ., 1
utey win spiiid tne summer.
H. E. Oberweather, manager of liu
linter Oil Company, has moved his
f;.ily to Liutler and will occupy the
Gentry Walton mo'nertv on Xorth
High street, lie conies from Garden
City, Mo.
E. E. Morilla and W. J). Howard of
I t Scott, Kansas, both former resi
dents of Hates County, spent a few
days here tin's week on business.
Prof. J. O. Henderson, former sup
erintendent of schools here has been
elected principal of the C.-fifornia,
Wo., schools for his third term."
The combined resources of tiie
three banks and two trust companies
of this city aggregate sr total of $4,
411,841.00. We believe that there is
not a city in the state twice this size
that can make as good a showing.
Miss Thelma Dos, who has made
her home with T. J. Shobe and fam
ily for several weeks, returned to her
folks in Xew York City last week.
Clarence Rice and wife, of Kiinber
ly. Idaho, have moved back to Bates
county and will reside in I. one Oak
T. S. Mcllenry will open a store in
Cht Duller near the depot about
May 1st. Mr. Mcllenry was former
ly in the mercantile business at Fos
ter and we know that he will enjoy a
good patronage.
L. Q. Robards of East Boone
township has returned from a several
months visit to San -Diego, California.
He reports a fine trip and saw lots of
sights but was glad to return home
and enjoy the surroundings of old
Bates which is hard to beat.
Easter services were observed here
at the churches last Sunday. Special
programs were arranged and a good
audience greeted each congregation.
ine i-oyai Sons Bible Class held a
fine meeting at the court room last
Sunday. A special Easter program
was carried out and the teacher H. O
Aiaxey made a splendid address on
the Resurrection
Iritor Pattee of the Amsterdam
Enterprise has purchased the Amoret
Leader asd will run both papers
i-.ditor rattee will soon become a
newspaper magnate and- rtnv be
charged with being a trust -. "
The Tripp school district have elect
ed the following directors: J. L.
Jones, W. S. Fuller and Berry Miller
Mrs. Nellie Grant Wright ha been
re-eected teacher for next year.
T. S. Grimaley of Charlotte was in
the dry last Saturday. Tom is still
an enthusiastic Democrat anil be
that the party will win bv a bi-
jority this fall.
Mrs. C. C. Oliver and childrt't ot
Ft. Scott, Kansas, spent a lew day
here this week visiting friends.
We noticed our good friend Robert
! . Graves on the streets last Satur-
I dav wearing' a straw hat. tbz first of
j the season. We always knew that
j Hub kept up with the Tatest styles and
we will now try and look around anil
see if we have a straw hat 'eft over
ti-"in last year, as we cannot afford
buy a new one under these good
. We regret to iVad of the 'lealh of
J . ; .
the several towns of the same name
along tiie railway were named in ro
lation alter these, boys. 1 give yott
n y information, which 1 have no rea
son to doubt is correct. - '. ;
"YOurs truly, - -
" "Jno. D. Moore."
'i riend Atkeson: ':-' :
"Did you ever get the facts,, how
Rich Hill came to be so named?; As
I got it direct from the founders I
will give it to von lor. what it is
worth. About 1868 Osage township
having quite a population with no
post office nearer than Papinsville
In Id a meeting to petition for .a post
ofn'ce. In the meeting the question of
a name was among the important
matters discussed. Mr. E. W. Rate
kin, who became the first postmaster,
suggested that as the post office was
to be situated on the hill overlook
ing the Marais des Cygnes. river,
which hill was known to be underlaid
with from five to seven feet of coal, it
would be one of the richest hills in
the country, therefore lie- suggested
Rich Hill w ould be an " appropriate
name and this suggestion, prevailed.
The post office was secured and the
first postoffice was" in William Wears'
farm dwelling one and three quarter
miles northvjf the present city.
, "At the same meeting Mr. Ratekin
made the prophecy that it would only
be a micstion of -time until 100 cars of
ef.'al would be moved from that place
if. a day. The prophecy" was consid
ered extravagant at, the time but nine
yenrs later- three hundred cars' of
coal passed over the switches at the
foot of hill from the mines in thirty
sis: hours. .
"Did .you know further that the
banner urine of the State of Missouri
Was Xo. 15 one mile south of Rich
Hill? It is a fact. Hoisting. an aver
age of over three tons every minute
for seven hours from a depth of 106
fctt. It means this, a pit car run on
the cage 106 down raised to the sur
face, weighed and emptied into a rail
way car every twenty seconds.
"I may call to mind some other mat
ters that may be of use to you.
"Yours truly,
"Jno. D. Moore."
our former citizen I). E. Wyko1:' who
liie.l in Denver, Colo., April r"i. He
lived at Idaho Springs, C'oio., and
w :is buried there. Mr. Wyl. :ii wa.)
f'ir many years manager i the llur-
!rv lumber v:rd lu'-n mul v:w :i LTl vl
man. lie was maor uf the cite ".i4
i'uriv years ago,
Cyrus W. Ward" informs us that the
t i edit high waters and overflow of
tiie Marais des Cygnes river has
In And Around Myasburg.
in him on
worked a serious hardship
account of not being able to drive
through to Rich Hill every Sui'day
:oitl sometimes on week days. Cy
-ays that about the only way to get
there is to wear a bathing suit and
when you reach the. river jut swin:
i-cross, but after you arrive yo.t have
:io dress suit to wear when you make
a cad on the widow. It is impossible
lo carry it through on your back as it
will get soaked.
Thomas Xewlon has purchased the
Ferguson 'property on Wes l-'ine
street for $.'000.00. He will make it
his residence.
Fred O. Lefker will build a new res
idence on his vacant lot 011 trre corner
of Dakota and Mechanic street.
Doyle S. West wa4 in the city Sat
urday after an absence of three weeks,
Doyle says that the bad roads and
heavy rains have prevented him froi 1
visiting the Adrian neighborhood but
that he was sure going Sunday if lie
had to walk or charter an aeroplane
J'erry lilaek, of Adrian, wai in the
city one day this week and says that
he likes to be called Judge and is al
ready getting used to handshaking
at' d asking about all the folks, but
has not yet kied any babies. But
he does not know what he will be do
ing before the campaign closes.
Perry says that before the campaign
elo.-es in November that he will be
running so last on the political race
tiack tWut he will not even notice a
little thing liike a mole h HI and if any
of the big moles' get in his way he
will catch him on the ruu and have
his hide tanned and hanging to his
belt when he reaches the goal.
Mr. John D. Moore, of Rich Hill,
wa in the county seat one day this
week on a business mission. - Mr.
Moore is one of the leading citizens of
Rich Hill and located in Bates Coun
ty before the city was started.-- He
was interested in the early develop
ment of Rich Hill and when Con
gressman W. O. Atkeson pub
lished a history of the county a few
year ago he wrote an article on the
founding of Rich Hill and also about
the naming of a few towns along the
Missouri Pacific . ; Railway. Mr.
Moore's articles are as follows):
"Friend Atkeson: ' . j
" I will state that many years ago a
rairoad man who was familiar 'with
the matter, in regard to the building-
of the road through here told me that
Mr. Talmagc, who was general man
ager at the time had four sons, Archie,
Adrian, Arthur and Sheldon and that
Victor Freeman visited Mr.
nrk and family Sunday evening.
Leonard Doll visited Roy Hoover
Aiuia Myrtle Doll visited Mildred
White Sunday.
F. L. White and., wife and two
daughters, Mary and Thelma, visited
t lie ir daughter, Ermine and Mr. and
Mrs. Goddard of Culver Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and daugh
ter, Enid Couch visited the former's
(l.-.f.ghters, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Booth
Mrs. McCoy and Mrs. Clark went
t-i Clinton Thursday night to visit rel
atives. Mr. and Mrs. Jim McClenney and
daughters visited Mr. and Mrs. J. H..
C lark and son, Claude Clark, wife and
son Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Xealie Scranton vis
ited Sunday evening with Mr. and
Mrs. Art York and family.
Too Late for Last Week
Mildred. White and Anna Myrtle
Doll sprung quite a birthday surprise
on Victor Freeman and Leonard Doll
Sunday. Leonard's birthday being
Saturday and Victor's Sunday. There
wire 16 children present at the egg
hunt and picnic at T. L. White's.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Graft spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Jean Hooper and
family spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mr-. Art York and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Will
Now 80c Per Hour
All labor charges in our shop are now figured at the rate
of 80c per hour. In making this reduced price for shop labor
we are conforming to the Ford policy of placing all Ford pro
ducts and Ford service at the lowest price possible consistent with
good and satisfactory service.
Better Work Per Job
Our shop rightfully enjoys the reputation of being the most
completely and modernly equipped of any Ford shop between
Kansas City and Joplin. It contains every approved tool and
machine Tor necessary repair work on. Ford cars, trucks and
tractors. With this complete and modern equipment we are
in a position to turn out better work and more work per hour
than shops not so well equiped.
The Home of Genuine Ford Parts
Our business consists entirely in the handling of Ford
Products and the selling ofFcrd Service and it's only natural that
Ford cars should receive unusual care and attention in our re
pair shop. Of course we handle only Genuine Ford Parts. With
a modernly equipped shop, genuine Ford Parts, highly efficient
mechanics, courteous treatment, reduced labor charges isn't ours
the logical shop to bring your car to for any needed repairs?
i!y Sunday. .
There was an ckc roast at Mr. and
Mrs. A. G. Doll's Saturday night.
It was well attended and every one
had a nice time.
There was a surprise on Miss
Fuiiice Hendrickson Friday noon at
Iiaikler school. Miss Eunice had a
program in the afternoon. The sur
prise was in the nature of a big bas
ket dinner, to which everyone did
ample justice.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Dale spent
St.nday with Mr. and Mrs. Sidney
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Clark, .Mr. and
Mrs. Claude Clark and son spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. James Mc
Clenney and babies.
Virginia Locals.
Mr. alid Mrs. W'irl Hoover and fam
Well, Easter has come once more
and gone again.- It was a much nicer
day than a year ago. YYe hwpe after
the equinoctial storm now we may
have some -settled weather.
Amsterdam is not, only getting to
be, but now is a great trading center.
Hooker visited Every time the writer goes there the
Reveal the cause of eye
strain. We make glasses
that . relieve the dim
ness or distress.
O. B. Stapleton
Optometrist -
Tel. 64 East Side Squat :
- Bttder, Mo.
merchants seem to be ' busy with
tl.eir fair dealing ,and low prices.
These merchants draw people to them
for miles around. That is what it
takes to make a live town a set of
live merchants.
Our old friend Dr. Robinson in
forms us he had his Ford coupe thor
oughly overhauled and says it runs
now like a new car.
Rachel Park is on the sick fist.
Marie Jensen, of Kansas City spent
Sunday with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. R. P.. C. Jensen and other rela
tives. ,.'.-.
Bro. Bowman prtaches at Virginia
M. E. church next Sunday morning
and at night,. April 23.
Herbert Henderson arid wife, ac
companied by her sister and brother
started from Kincaid, Kansas, last
Saturday morning to visit his parents,'
Mr. and ' Mrs. H. D. Henderson.
They got .as far as Pleasanton, Kan.,
and heard of the high water this side
of Pleasanton 'on the Marais des
Cygnes bottoms. They telephoned
overhand said- they heard the water
was eight feet deep in the road, so
tbey had to. return home. , T
Mrs. Ella Ros? and children visited
her brother,' J. B. Sanferd and family
Sunday.: ' ' .- ' - . -
"The pie supper at" Concord school If"
house last week took in Si& we. u-H
dcrstand. - 7 - - 7
. Lewis Garner is touch better (this
Vt rHing,
Mr. Hamilton's new barn is finished
and makes a fine showing and helps
the looks of the little city of Virginia.
Mrs. Coppage, who has been sick
so long is reported to be improving
and able to be up some.
Several hard rains again last week
which stopped those who were sow
ing oats and other work. Hail fell in
sonic' places. "
A large crowd attended the Ger
man Lutheran church last Friday. It
was the beginning of their Easter ser
vices. J. B. Sanford is hauling lumber
f'orr. the Fritz sawmill near Amster
dam to build chicken annd hog houses.
,!ao Bradeit was 'transacting busi
rcss south of Virginia Friday. He
reports the jiver very high and still
rising. "
Harry Hennderson, late of Virginia,
who is now located in Butler and in
the cream and poultry egg business,
says lie bought $200 worth of eggs
last Tuesday and $150 on Wednesday
of last week. This will be good news
to his old friends and customers in
Merwin, Amsterdam and Virginia.
Are You A Woman?
If You Are in Middle Life, You Can
not Afford to Overlook One
Word of This.
Kansas City, Mo. "I found Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription to be
Just what is claimed of it as &
woman's medicine. During middle
life I was all run-down, nervous and
weak, could not eat nor sleep well: did
not have a bit of strength, would be
tired and worn-out' all the time. I
knew I must have medicine and finally
decided to try Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription and it was just the thing I
needed as it brought me through in
good strong healthy- condition. I
always recommend it to my friends,
many of whom have taken it with just
as good results." Mrs. Albert Leedom
3713 Garfield Ave. :-
All druggists, tablets or liquid: or
send 10c to Dr. Pierce's Invalids' Hotel
in Buffalo, N. Y., for a trial package ot
Consideration of the soldiers'''
bonus bill has been defered by the
scnate finance committee until next.
Monday. At that time, it was stated
today at the committee "offices, decis
ion w ill be reached as to. a programv.
1 is the present intention to hear of
ficials of the American Legion next
week, probably. Wednesday. ' i ..
We will offer as our special
No. 2 Pork and Beans at 10c per can.
Rex Coffee, Per lb , .''.'T. ! v
Hot Shot Coffee, per lb.... ;.. J.......
Post Toaaties, large i)ig ..... ..
Matches, boxes for V... ............. .7.7..............;
Frontier Cocoa, per lb....
Bob White Soap, per bar . . . ! . . .
Special' Toilet Soap ,.
Crax by die Q, per lb...r.'; ..."....
We SeU and Guarantee Fidelity Flonr "
The Model Grocery :
V -V : The Sodden Service Store - V
vj roont 5QHM-go - ; .- - ? . - :y
. .i$c
. 16c

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