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The Butler weekly times and the Bates County record. (Butler, Mo.) 1918-1950, November 09, 1922, Image 6

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I will sell at my farm, 1 mile east and 1-2 mile south of Ballard, on
Friday, Nov. lOtih
Consisting of
35 Sows and Gilts and 5 Boars
of the Orion Pathfinder and Stilts Breeding
All registered and pedigrees furnished?
Some of this offering is as good as has gone into a sale ring in this section of the State.
Good Ford Touring Car; good running order; new tires, newly painted, looks and runs like
November Tern, 1022. "
November 12 1022
llaclUer, Flelien........John M. Haokler
Jackson, Andrew., 0. E. Heylo
(hilsiy. John M.. ...... T. F. ChrlBty
Davidson, George G..... N. G. Howe
Thomas , Mary Wesley Denton
Gardner, W. G D. B. Reist
November 14, 1S22
Bell. Harriett A..... Wesley Denton
Hillings, B. F A. O. & J. H. Billings
Weddle, Nancy J Nora Weddle
liiownfield, I. M Joe W. Brownflejd
lldckett, Thomas J Emma Hockct
nowney, William A Bennie Downsy
November 15, 1022
Oldham, Win..... Frank Oldham
LutHpeieh, .lolm B Nannie Lotspeicli
Owen, H. B Ester Annie Owen
i.i, ... Alli-n ; C. K. Hoyle
Carroll, Phillip V-W. B Young-
Moore, Saniantha Ann-Nellie K Moore
November IS 1022
Munlove, Lucy J.........Klley II. Norman
McCormack, Margaret.. Wesley Denton
Hutnnan, Henry Adaline Beerinan
r; ,i :, w .i A. Borland
liourland, W. C. A. Allen
l'hillips, Wm. H J. W. Jamison
November 17, 102
Botkln, Isaac H Benjamin V. Botkln
Stniili T. Lf Heyle
Strickland, M. B Scott M. fatout
Mcshore, Israel Calvin Be.hore
Williams, John W... Kdgar r. Hlrnl
I sale, Itusina Henry Bale
November 18, 1022
Uuviin, Kcnben A 54ella I. Guynn
Atckee J. J W. F. uvall
Kuvldson, Loyd Kowe....K. J. Davidson
Itucliaber, Geraldine Joe Buelmer
Slii'llitn, Muriel J. et al....E. R. b'helton
ll,(lf:es, George 11 George C. Hedges
November 20, 1022
n iniu ciiri c Thomas Burton
tS)iie,".loseph J. Q- Cope
Gardner. T. T Kose A. Gardner
Huff Isaac Elmer Hutt
WriKiit, Ann Ida Thomas
Hcniliicks, liilu
.. 1UA iiivhihb
uee Hendricks
on sums over $25.00.. No property to be removed until settled for.
Sale to Begin at 10 o'clock a. m.
Lunch by Ladies of the Fairview Church
Farm For
At this sale will also offer my farm containing 80 acres, 60 acres of which is m grass, IS acres
in corn and 3 acres in timber. Well improved. Has a new 9-room house ; fair barn; hog houses ; smoke
housej hen house; and other out buildings. Well watered 2 good wells; and stream running through
ptaBe Fenced with 32 inch woven wire and cross f eneced with 26 inch woven wire. This place sub
ject to a mortgage of $4000, bearing 6 per cent interest to run four years,
TERMS: $500 cash in hand, to be paid when bid is accepted. Balance to be paid when ab
stract and deed are delivered.
November 21, 1022
Thomoson, O. ,et ul C Thompson
Thompson, V. E Cora Thompson
lavwalt. Sarah K C. Biggs
s eaks. Mable, et al G. H. Fahlman
Thompson. X. 1 1 . M. Thompson
Curroll. Glen 1, Khoda Cat 1 oil
November 22, 1022
Crawford, Charles Pfcarl Bright
Powers, Flossie : I. W. Jamison
Crouch, Cathleen 1. C. Jackson
IV.ii-soii, Mary .1., N. C. 1......
... .Margaret 1-1. J.intliioim
(iritnii; llarvcy W. 1'. Vatcs
Moin il, Floyd K W. 1. te
Novemher a:t, 1022
Ti:.-o, C. H. cl al.. W. W lainjw'n
Fiiott Virgil 1'a.ve B. Elliott
WanorJ, Kalph C ;M. K. V-rtord
Thiirman, M. H George . lifefe
Porter. George A, et al w. 1. iates
( lapp. Joseph U et al - ' '-V"
November 24, 1022
K.-asllng. Avis W. K. Keafding
cnrisniiiii. II. F lohn E. chrlsiiiaii
jilooin, Anna ": '
Mi.iiMi Andrew .1 . I '. iatos
'liou e, Itachel W. I .
Jolin "
Why Molt
Be Safe
Siavlon, Esther Jlut
ifiAer.-, Paul 1'avid..
Haiiei, Homer l.ee....
coiiard, AlHi-lha
Eryuut, Walter 1-..
Ill itelier, TlK.'Ollol'i
Prarlier. Eliiciic
A. Silvers
.David T. Kogers
1. VV. Baker
rioss Coniiru
... .A. K. Moore
Joseph ('.
..Jo.-ei)i C.
P.y Order of
11. E. SHE1TA 11D,
Judge o l'robate.
I tn rnUA. vegetable laxative to I
I Iff relieve Constipation end Bill- I
I sueneee end keep the dleeetive end I
I eliininetivefuncUoni oormaL I
Ch'tpsfTfeW Block
M r'UM) Utile Ma
I liiLT One-third the regu- 1 I
I JniMenpl tjy lr doeb. Made ol I I
1 Vfiiai Ineredientt, f f
1 1 then candy coated. I I
fot children and adulta. I I
Sheriff's Sale.
Itv virtuts -and authority of ft
Ucneral Kxtvutinn issued from
the of ti i' of the I'lerk of the Cir
.,; r..nrt of liiiti'x County, Mo.,
j ty-llircc (:!:() I.viiif,' West of !
the li'itrht of Way of the -Kansas
City Southern liail
roiitl as the same is located
over and across said laud, all
; situated in the County of f
Males and State of Missouri,
i All lin!i and lieinpr in the said
,-County and State of. Missouri;
'and I will, on Saturday, the 2nd
tlay of Deceinlier, A. 1)., le
'tweeii the hours of nine o'clock
; in the forenoon and five o'clock
; in the afternoon of that day, ar
the East Court House Door in
" the City of Itutler, County 01
I Sates aforesaid, sell the same, or
so much thereof lis may lie rc
! (iiired. at Tublie Vendue, to the
' highest bidder for cash ia hand,
to satisfy said execution and
;.-,-4t i. a. PKrrr.
! Sheriff of Hates County, Mo.
Sheriff's Sale in Partition.
hi the Circuit Court of Uates
Countv, Missouri, at Hut lor, Oc
tober Term, 1922.
No. 242S."
.lerfer.son 1). Collins, Ann Eliza
ttreenwood, Minerva Jan.-
demons, and John ('. Wim-
satt Plaintiffs,
i Floyd Williams, a minor. Lloyd
! Williams, a minor. Jay Wil
i liains, a minor, l.ucilc Wil
! 1 in ins. a Illinois William 15.
i Dickinson, D. C. Chastain,
trustee. Edjral' K. llinii. trus
I tee, and Edfiar F. llirni, exec
utor. Defendants.
I'.y virtue and authority of a
Decree and Order of sale in ,ar
; tit ion made by the said Court, in
;tlie ahore entitled cause, and or
a certified copy thereof, dated
! October li, 1!22, 1 will on
Saturday December 2, 11)22,
i between the hours of nine o'clock
returiiahlc at the October Term, j satt namuus.
1922. of said Court, a,.l to , ; . , m u& M
Sri Z 5;: 1, Edward R Dunke
Guardian's Notice.
Notice is' hereby given that the
undersigned was on the 21st day
of September, .1922, appointed
(iiiartliaii of the person and es
tate of 11. !. CojU of unsound
mind bv the Trobatc Court of
Hates County, Missouri, and that
a certificate of appointment was
.iiintcil. tn said (iiiardiau on saul
All Dersons havinsr claims
ajjaiust . said estate are required
to exhibit them for allowance to
the said (iiiardiau within oue
year after the date of granting
of said certificate, or - they may
be precluded from any benefit ot
such estate, and if such claims
be iiot exhibited within one year
from the date of granting said
certificate, they shall be forever
Wit ess my signature this
21st dav of September, 1922.
Attest : Ouardian.
:-4t Judge of Probate.
Great wealth in money, securitiesnd other
valuables is lost each year by reason of people not
having access to SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS.
This community should not suffer from loss
of property from this cause. '
will give you this needed protection.
Ask them for a safe deposit box and keep your
property safe from fire and burglars.
FARM LOANS We have money to loan on real estate at a low rais
of interest with privilege to pay at any time.
ABSTRACTS We have a complete set of Abstract Book and will
furnish abstracts to any real estate in Bates County
and examine and perfect titles to same.
We will loan your idle money for you, securing
you reasonable interest on good security.. We pay
Interest on time, deposits.
W. F. DUVALi., President
ARTHUR DUVAl-L, Treasurer
J. B. DUVALL, Vice-President
W. D. YATES, Title Examiner
Mrier, Sophia Meier and R. B.
nt- 1 hivo li-vied unon and
seized all the right, title, interest j
and rlaim of tin- said Charles II.
M-;..r and Sonhia Meier of.
mid t tin- following described
Kal Estato, to-wit:
All of Lot Two (2) of Stan
dwk' Second Addition to
1 hunt-, Missouri, and all of
that part of the Northwest
tiuarter of the - Southwest
Juarter of Section Eight
t ia Township Thirty-
snn. Keixcea 1 oiuus ivm.
Herbert C. Hynier, Albert S.
Williams, a minor, Charles "XV,
Williams, a minor, Edgar F.
llirni, Guardian of Albert S.
Williams a minor, Edgar F.
llirni. Guardian of "Charles AV.
Williams, a minor. James R.
Williams, Annette: Seelinger,
Elna A. AValdren, Jessie M.
Dean, Maude Britt, Daniel B.
Williams, 'William Walter
Williams. James A. Bowden,
Earl S. Bowden, ' Irene Mill-
hum, ra ul Williams, a minor, laonri
iu t lit forenoon and five o'clock
in the afternoon of that day, at
the EAST front door of thrt
Court House in the City of 5ut-
li-r, in Bates County, Missouri,
sell at public vendue, to the high
est bidder, the following te-
rribed real estate, viz:
'All of the South One-half
ol'tbe Southwest Quarter of
Section Nine; the Northwest
Quarter and the Northwest
Quarter of the Southwest
Quarter of Section Sixteen;
the Southeast Quarter of the
Northwest Quarter and the
Northeast Quarter of the
"Southwest Quarter of Sec
tion Twenty; and the South- v
west Quarter of the . Nortln
east Quarter of the North- '
west . Quarter of Section
iTwenty-threc, all in Town
ship Thirty-nine, in ltange
Twenty - nine containing ;
Three Hundred Seventy
. acres, more or less."
Situate in the County of Bates,
State of Missouri.
Abstract to alwve real estate
ean be procured at Sheriff's .of
fice for rssnination. -TERMS
Sheriff, Bates County,;, Mia-
Administrator's Notice.
Notice is hereby given, that
Letters of Administration- .upon
the estate of Arabella Davis, de
ceased have been granted to the
undersigned bv the Probate
Court of I bites County, Missouri,
bearing date the 31st day of Oc
tober. 11)22.
All persons havinsr claims
against said, estate are required
to exhibit them to the under
signed for allowance within six
months after the date of said let
ters, or tlu-v inav be precluded
from any benefit of such estate,
and if such claims be not cxiiidit.
ed within one year from the date
of eraiftintr aid letters, tlicy
shall be forever barred.
Witness inv signature tins
Sist day of October, 1922.
HARRY (. 11AV l, ,
Attest : Administrator,
fSeal) H. E. S1IEPPARD,
5-4t Jndge of Probate
' Sheriff ' Sale in Partition. ,
Georcre - W. Dixon and Ethe'
Miller Plaintiffs
vs. ' '- - '
Ida'tubbs, Emma Nanee, Myrtle
- Short. Elsie Stobba, Edward
. Bennett. Pearl Jones.' Ruby
Freeman. Gladya McClelland,
Gertrude McClelland and Per-
Denton-Coleman Loan and Title Co.
cy McClelland, Defendants.
Iu the Circuit Court of Bates
County, Missouri.
Bv virtue and authority 01 a
decree and order of sale in par
tition made by the said Court, in
the above entitled cause, and of
a certified copy thereof, dated Oc
tober 20th, 1U22, 1 will on Mon
day, Noveuibeer 27th, 1922 be
tween the hours of nine 0 clock
in the forenoon and five o'clock
iu the afternoon of that day, at
the East front door 'of the Court
House, in the City of Butler in
Bates County, Missouri, sell at
public vendue, to tne nignesi dmi-
oKiiion of riiii.ic.vno.v.
Slule uf Missouri, County of Dates, ss.
in iliu cucuu. Court, Fetiruary-'
Ti'iui, Iu Vacation October 1
1:1-2. '
iiieiiiia Seymour, l'lulnlifl
vs. -1'uul
v. heymulir, lielendunt.
.Sow at tins nay coiiium the plaintiff
lieiein, by W. U. Juukson, Attorney,
unil tilt's tier petition and affidavit, -uIIvkiiik,
among other tilings, that
defendant. I'aul W. Seymour, is a
iium-i esKtelil of the Stale of Missouri.
Wlicieiioii, it is ordered by the
Clerk in Vacation that said Defend
ant be notified by publication that
plaintiff lias commenced a suit
against him in tills Court, the object
and general nature of which is to ob
tain a divorce from said defendant on
me grounds of non-suiloi t, and that
unless the said I'aul ft . Seymour, de
fendant, be and appear at this Court,
at Hie next term thereof, to be begun
and liolileii at the Couriil House In
i- .. . , . , , 1 I llie Ol DUUCI, an miu cvuui;, -
der thee following described real u,e First Monday or February, ms.
. '. 1 and 011 or before the first day of said
Term, answer or plead to the Petition"
In said cause, the same will be taken
as confessed., and judgment will be
rendered accordingly.
And it Is Further Ordered, that a
copy hereof be published, according
to-law, in the The bui'er Weekly -Times,
a newspaper published In
said County of Bates, for four weeka
successively, published at least onee a
week, the lust insertion to be at least -thirty
days before the first day ef
said next February Term . of thla
Court. '
' - Circuit Clerk.
A true Copy from the Record.
Witness my nana, and seal
Seal f the Circuit Court, of
. Hates County, this IStti day
of October,
C C 8WAREN8. .
3-U Circuit Clerk.
estate, viz
The South JSast quaner 01
the North East quarter,
Section Thirty-one, Town
ship Forty, Range Thirty-one
in Bates County,- Missouri,
except the east 12 aeres of
said tract, being 28 acres in
cluded in said sale.
For cash in hand, as provided
in said order of sale.
1. A. 1ETTY,
4-4t Sheriff of Bates County, Mo.
Thomas A. Edison," electrical
wizard, has not talked, over a
telephone for thirty-five years.
Iris hearing is bad. His secre
tary made this known last week
when he spoke for Edison in de
nying reports that the aged in
ventor wasidead. ' . -
Deputy Stat Vcteriaariaa ";.
- Calls answered promptly
i-i Block South ef Post Office.
Office Phone 128 -. ai-ftf
Resident Phone 328 - ?-' . Butler, Uo,
: eight &$) and Range
-- r -

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