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It is known to most of those; who sub
scribed for the paper proposed to bo pub
lished by the undersigned, under the above
title, that its publication has been abandon
ed. By an arrangement with Messrs. GREEN
&. SHIRLEY, publishers of the Times,
all who subscribed for the Republican, will
be furnished with that paper, which is now
permanently established in Glasgow, and
will be published on the samo terms which
tho Republican was proposed to bo issued.
All who have Prospectus' of the Repub
lican in their hands, with names appended,
will confer a favor by copying the names,
and sending them to me, at the Times
Office, which paper they will reoeivo by
return mail. Tho Prospectus can bo kept
and more names procured and forwarded.
I return my sincere thanks to the many
friends who so generously stepped forward
and gave me essential aid in the proposed
undertaking; and while returning them my
unfeigned thanks, would solicit a continu
ance of their efforts in behalf of the Glas
gow Weekly Times, in tho prosperity and
success of which I am interested.
Friends who may desire to see mo on
business, will find mo at tho Times office.
We understood from passengers on the
Mandan, which lay here last night, that
Gen. Price and a part of his staff have
gotten in, md that Gen. P. left Indepen
dence for home, Tuesday morning. He
most probably got home yesterday. They
came in advance of the troops.
OCT We do not see that our Cambridge
friends can be benefited by the publication
of the communications forwarded us.
They have nothing to gain by a controver
sy with as benighted a soul as the author
of the fatherless production; who seems to
have been unablo to bring himself into
notice through any other channel than by
finding fault with a subject ho knows noth
ing about.
OCT Hon. Wm. A Hall of this Judi
cial Circuit, who was appointed Associate
Judge of Oregon, has declined the appoint
ment. The Judge left this place for Callo
way county this morning, to attend Court
there. The information of the declination
Was obtained from him.
David Graham, Esq., of New Yolk, who
was oiw of the leaders in the Clay move
ment in that city, since the receipt of Gen.
Taylor's last Allison letter, has written a
letter to the New York Tribune, pledging
himself to support Taylor and Fillmore.
The following extract of a letter to a gentle
man in Washington, is kindly furnished us for
publication. It confirms all that we have said
about the gold discovery in California, and is
struck off in a very spirited stylo. We know
not which most lo admire, the curious facts which
tho writer stales, or the charming manner in
which they are presented.-.- Washington Union.
Montebet, Upper Califobnia, July 3, '43.
Dear Sin: I gave you in my last letter some
Account of the mineral wealth of California.
Silver, quicksilver, lead, and zinc, have been
found in our mountains, and now it has bfn dis
covered that the sands which lie along Fealhpr
river, on the American fork, branches of the Si
cramento, are richly impregnated with gold. It
is found ir. a shape rosemhling snow Hakes, and
is washed fiom the sand with great ease. A per
son with a basin or bowl, will wash out fiom
one lo two ounces a day. Some, who have been
more fortunate in the selection of their spots!
have more than quadrupled this amount. Theri
is o man in Monterey who washed out five hum
dred doll are in sit dnvs. Everv bodv is now)
going or gone to this gold region. Sotne ihotiMU
sands are on the spot, and more on the way. All
Oregon, as soon as the news reaches there, will
be down upon us- You can hardly hire a la
borer here for ten dollars a day, and on the gold
river he charges fifty. Mechanics, lawyers and
doctors, have all left for the gold region. Sold
iers run from their camps; sailors fiom their
decks and women from their nurseries; their era
dies answer for machines to wash out gold.
San Francisco, Sonoma, Santa Cruz, add San
Jose, are deserted of their inhabitants, and the
mass is beginning to movn from Monterey. I
shall soon be in the condition of a colonel with
his regiment disbanded.. Tho tract of country
in which the gold is found, extends over a huml
red miles m one direction, and some forty in the
other. It is supposed that tea thousand persons
might work for years and not exhaust it. They
have worked as yet only on the margin of the
streams, on account of its convenience to the wa
tei; but gold has been found leagues distant, end
even on the mountains. Bowls and basins have
been in great demand among the gold washers.
Tin pans have found a ready sale at eight dollars
each; shovels at ten dollars; a trough scooped out
of a log, with a willow seive in it, one hundred
dollars; and boards, at the rate of five hundred
dollars for a thousand feet. The price of board
on the gold streams is three dollars a day. For
this the boarder eats coarse bread, beef, bears.
a tree to sleep under, and on owl to hoot in his
ear at night, ihe gold is sold here lor lourteen
dollars the ounce, and is worth eighteen at any
mint. I know a little boy only twelve years of
nge, who washes out his ounce ol gold a day.
while his mother makes root bear and sells it at
a dollar a bottle.
The fkhtiiig is all over with us here; people
have no lime lo pick their flints; they are loo much
engrossed in picking gold, Ihe Placer was dis
covered some lima since by a Mormon, but kept
it a secret till May last, when the golden chicken
burst its shell, and is now a full grown cock,
whose crowing has woke up all California, and
will yet distuih the slumbers of other lands. The
El Dorado of fiction never prompted dreams that
revel kd in gold like the streams which shoot
(heir way fiom the mountains of California. They
roll with on exulting bound, as if conscious that
thcu pathway was paved with gold.
OCT Mr. Wm. Phokst, of the steamer
White Cloud, will accept our thanks for a
package of New Orleans and Memphis
papers, forwarded per Hadce.
Heroesi The Hunkers have a most he
roic set of managers and candidates. They
have now before the country)
Cass. The Hero of the Broken Sword.
Cu-shing. The hero of the Broken Leg.
Croswell. The hero of the Broken Bank.
Walworth. Hero of the broken down
Court of Chancery.
We find the above slip in the Evening
rout, and it is quito malicious enough to be
original there. It is the sarcasm of an old
supporter of these broken down sundries.
We find the following in tho Natchez
Courier of the 8th inst:
Hon. IIenrt Clay. A letter from this dis.
tinguished statesman was received in town a few
days since, in it he slated that he should cor
dially support Gen. Taylor, end expressed sur
prise that any one could have thought lor an in
stant thai he would take any other course.
Glasgow Weekly Times.
Office, for the present. First Floor Crenshaw's
Hotel, Water Street.
Pn. nnfi nan. if nniil iti nilvnnna.
$2 00
a oo
Uf not paid before the close of the year,
Jf Trn mo n intfffDTtaiMn
One square, (12 lilies or less) One Dollar for the
first, and 50 cents for each subsequent insertion.
Liberal deductions mode to Merchants and
others who advertise by the year.
Of every description, executed with ncatnes and
despatch, on reasonable terms.
justices' blanks and blank deeds,
Neatly executed, kept constantly on hand, and
fur sale low. t
(gjNotice to the I'ublic. Persons wanting gen
iune popular Family Medicines, are advised to go
to Dr. Easterly's Family Medicine Store, corner of
Third and Chesnut streets, St. Louis, Ko., where
they can find almost every Popular Family Medi
cine that is .manufactured in the United States,
wholesalo-alid retail, at the cheapest rates; or call
on his ogeot, Dr) Win. R. Snelson, Fayette, who
keeps them tbi ale."--
GfRead his advertisements in another column.
Fevers, like every other form of disease, are
only an effort of nature to expel from tho body
something; that is opposed to health; it is merely
a struggle between tho good and bad humors for
supremacy, and the cominotiun which ensues is
colled Fever. Tho usual symptoms of a Fever
are heaviness, anxiety, sighing and yawning, with
alternate tits of cold and heat, after which the pa
tient complains of pain In tho head and tack,
thirst, difficulty of breathing, pain in the limbs, a
sense of fullness uboul the region of the stomach,
nausea and sickness, with sometimes a vomiting of
billlous matter.
Wright's Indian Vegetable Tills will be found
peculiarly adapted to the cure of all kinds of fe
ver, because they not only thoroughly cleanse the
stomach and bowels from all billious humors, but
they Open those excretory vessels which empty in
to the bowels: and consequently the impurity con
tained in the circulation, (which is the cause of
all disordered motions of the blood, called rovers,)
is thrown into the bowels, from whence it is car
ried off by the regular alvine discharges.
In using Wright's Indian Vegetable fills for
tTevers, the only care necessary is, to have the
medicine operate COPIOUSLV BY THIS BOW
ELS. If the symptoms are urgent, from four to
eight pills should be taken, night and morning,
until the fever has subsided, after which smaller
doses, otice in twenty-fonr hours, will be sufficient
lo restore the body to a sound statoof health.
Beware of Counterfeits. The only origi
nal and genuine Indian Vegetable Pills have
other is genuine, and lo counterfeit this is forgery.
The genuine is for sale by Boon, Talbot Si
Smith, sole agents for Fayette; D. C. Champion,
Champion's Mill; S. Carrol, Glasgow; Felix
Reudino, Keytesvillo; M. T. Atkins, Brunswick;
and wholesale and retail by Henry Blaksley, St.
Louis. Office and general depot, 109 Race Street,
Qp-' 'teu-are o) travelling imposters.
V MARRIED On the 20th ult., by Elder Wm.
7 ... . t . . T - . ... n T : .... p . ........
ivi. Burton, mr. jushua jje-amu w wiBsi Ani.r.a
Crawley, all of this eouMy.
On the 24th ult.. bv the samo, Mr. Henry
Biven to Miss Mary Ann Wilson, all of Howard.
On the 2(Jth ult., at the residence of David
Pipes, Esq , by Elder W. II . IIopson.Mr. Alfred
Pf.bler, to Miss Sarah P. Williams, all ol
DIED On the 2d instant,
Miss Georuiana B
.JJigges, of this place.
Office Glasgow Weekly Tuies
October 5, 1613.
There has been t steady decline in our river fur
the past week or two, in consequence of which,
shippping to any considerable extent is effected
Willi difficulty even at a great advance upon for
mer rates; we have had no arrival from Saint Lou
is since Monday Morning, when the Mary Blane
reached here and her officers report 30 inches wa
ter on the lower bars and gradually falling.
Sales of pruduce to considerable extent have
been mado during the present week, though prin
cipally in Ihe articles of Wheat and Bacon; the
former readily commands for prime and choice
lots 50c; inferior to fair 40a-15c; though there is
but little of the last grade in our section; and the
latter which now comes iu rather sparingly, com
mands for good clear Sides and sound Hams 3c.
Shoulders 2c, ribbed Sides 2i to 23c per lb. We
WHEAT 50c.
bacon atosc.
BUTTER, . 8 to 10c.
EGGS, (scarce) - 6 to 6c.
DRIED APPLES, . 7U to 75c.
stocks are ample to moot the demand,
though soma of our Dry Goods Merchants are not
yet in receipt of the bulk of their fall supply; pri
ces of staple articles are without change, except
in thu article of Whiskey, on which there is a
slight advance. We quote;
SUGAR 6 to 7c.
SALT, G. A. - $3 per sack.
" L. B. - - 2 50. "
" Ka. (reweighed,) 50c. per bushel.
WHISKEY, Cin. Kect., 22o.
" St I.ouis, inferior, Sue.
IRON, Com. Bar,
November Flection.
For Circuit Attorney 2d Judicial Circuit.
CHAS. H. HARDIN, of Calloway.
ROBERT T. PRE WITT, of Howard.
I. O. O. F.
The members of Randolph Lodge No. 2:1, I. O.
O. F., will havo a procession in Huulsvillo, on the
20th October, instant.
Rev. F. A. Savage will deliver an Oration1 on
ihe subject of Odd Fellowship.
Btethren of neighboring Lodges, transient
brethren in good standing, and the public general
ly are invited In attend.
O-News. Brunswicker, Mercury, Democrat
and Boonville papers please copy.
N li W V A Ij li it O O 1 . .
RESPECTFULLY inform their old friends
and customers, and the public generally, that
they havo received and now offer for sale, one of
tho most extensive stccks of seasonable coeds
over brought to this market all of which havt
been purchased in the eastern cities, by one of the
firm, on terms which warrant them in savins thev
can and will sell as cheap as any house in this
section of country. Their Goods ore all new, of
the latest styles, and were purchased expressly to
meet tlio wonts of tho country. Their stock em
braces. Cloths, of the dnest quality
Satinets and Jeans.
Domestics, bleached and browri.
Boots, shoes, hats and caps.
Calicoes, ill kinds, verv low, Sic-Sic.,
Their stock is full, embracing all new styles,
together with suitable trimmings, to which the at
tention of the ladies is particularly invited.
The largest and finest stock of ready made cloth
ing ever brought to tho country, embracing every
article ot gentlemen s wear, toll suits sold at
astonishingly low prices. Particular attention is
called to this part of their stock.
Also, a full supply of
Family Groceries, Cutlery, Kails, Spun Cot
ton, Dye stuff's. &c. &c.
Together with every article usually called for.
wnicn we pienge ourselves to sell 03 cheap as can
he had in any other place or store, this sido of St.
Louis. We respectfully solicit a call, to the enil
that our goods may be seen and prices know n.
After seeing the one and knowing the other, sales
Will JOllllW.
Fayjtto, Octobers. ISi-i.
Final settlement.
TYTOTICE is hereby given to all creditors and
L 1 others interested in the estate of James
Alexander dee'd, that the undersigned Executor
will apply at the next term of the Randolph Coun
ty Court, Fourth Monday in November next, for a
liual settlement ot Ins administration.
October 3, 1S13. 31 4t.
JamcM W. Harris),
Commission and Forwarding Merchant, and
d'roduce Dealer,
I" IBERAL Cash advances made on all ship-
inents ot 1'roduce, cic. tor the Southern and
tastern markets.
Glasgow, Oct. 5. 1949.
Patent Concave Heater Churn.
WE call the attention of the public to "the ar
ticle heading this advertisement, and in
vite the enterprising and curious to call and wit
ness its operation. All advertisement in relation
to this invention, to the hundreds who have seen
it tested, is supererogation.
First. This Churn will produce butter, gather
ing it in a mass, from sweet milk, in five to ten
minues, and from cream prepared, as families usu
ally prepare it, in three tu live minutes.
Second. The utility of this invention is appa
rent, .a better butter can be produced from sweet
milk, or cream, than cream soured in the usual
way; and by means of this Churn, a little girl or
boy can perform, in five or ten minutes, what has
heretolore required the labor of a woman or man
for one or two hours, and sometimes half a day.
Third. By simply turning a thumb-screw, the
whole inside nastier is taken out, leaving nuthing
but the butter and milk in the plain wooden box.
Fourth. It is the cheapest Churn ever invented,
as the simplicity ot its construction (though em
bodying a great philosophical principle,) makes it
but little to manufacture it.
Fifth. It is a Common sense Churn, as all will
admit who Will examine it.
We are now offering tho Complete monopoly of
tins staple article in estates and counties, which
will insure certain and large profits and a speedy
return of investments.
COLVER dj- MYERS, 32, Vine st., up stairs
St Louis, O.-tober 5, 1-i H. 31tf.
i otice Trunk Tor Sales
x A. in my bar room, in September 1847, contain
ing several articles of gentlemen's wearing ap
parel. Said trunk has been advertised once be
fore, and this is to give final notice, that if
said trunk and contents are not called for on or
before the 7lh day of November next, the same
will be publicly sold to pay charges thereon.
A. W. CRENSHAW, Hotel Keeper,
Oct. 5, 1943. 3lts Woter street. Glasgow
John II. rolls,
St. Louis, Missouri
0-Oflice No. 19, Locust street, between Fourth
and fifth streets, first door west ot Odd bellows
Hall. October 5, 1343. 31in3,
Attorney at li.nv,
Glasgow, Me,
WILL practice in the Courts of Howard, Saline,
Cooper, Randolph and Chariton counties.
Oitfice on first street. 31
Charles IS. Fallen stein,
Shoes anil Boots, Hats and Caps,
31 Front Street, Glusgow, Mo
Saddles! f Saddles!
A S I shell make a change in my business
XX. shortly, I will sell at auction, on the 7th
day of Nuvsmber next, a fine lot of saddles, viz
Full Spanish Hood.
Full quilted Spanish.
Quilted seat and plain full Spanish,
ilu'.f Spanish quilted and plain scut.
Sidesaddles, quilted and plush. Sic. Sic.
Glasgow, Oct. 5, "4S. VM. BOYD.
THRESH FAMILY FLOUR. A supply always
on hand, and for sale by
Glasgow, Octobers, IS4.
w',h to contract for six hundred well
T T failed hogs, large, tu be delivered this fail,
fur which thu cash will be paid.
Glasgow, October 5, 134S.
Ioct. A. S. Diuwiddie,
"GRATEFUL for past patronogo, sti'l continues
VX to uffi-i his MEDICAL SERVICES lo the
citizens oftjloward County.
OCT Otlice on the South' East side of the public
square, where be can usually be found in the day;
at night at hi residence. 3d door below the BanU.
Fuyeuc, April 10th, 1547.
New oods.
Tlte largest and finest Stock eier offered by us in
litis market.
WE have received cur Stock of Fall and Win
ter Goods, which is by far the lureest and
best assortment ever offered by us in this market.
1 lie styles are of the very latest importations, the
quality equal to any In the United Statrs,--ond the
trimmings complete and pertect. In the sale, wo
are certain of our ability to give entire satisfaction,
as our purchases were mado in New York hnd Phil
adelphia, on the most advantageous terms, and the
entire Stock will be offered at the smallest odvai.ee
for which goods can bs sold in the vestnrn country.
Ladies in this and the adjoining counties, in want
of strictly fine and fashionable dross goods, are as
sured that the utmost attention has been paid to the
election ol trimmings, and wo vsnture the ast-u-
ronco that all can bo satisfied. The public arc in
vited to cull.
Only one price, and no abatement.
Fayette, Sept. 0, 114.
Autumn and Winter oods.
Fayette, Missouri,
HAVING commenced receiving their extensiVe
and valuable stock for the present and ap
proaching seasons, respectfully invite the attention
of purchasers to one of the largest, and in all res
pects most desirable, assorments of goods ever
brought to this county, comprising every variety of
B"Ols and Shoes, China, (llass and (lueensware,
Hardware and Cutlery. ln,n, Aails, Castings,
Determined to transact a permanent business, on
an extensive scale, and do our part towards ma-
Ring l-ayette a point ol attraction to purchasers,
we will at all times be prepnred to meet the wants
of the country, by having cur shelves and ware
houses fully Supplied with the most desirable stylus
and qualities of goods which manufacturers and
importers can furnish. Our purchases are, and
will continue to bo mudc, on the best terms, and
combining all the advantages which any house in
this or neighboring towns enjoy. We assure oil
and new customers, that our prices Will in all cases
be as low as the very lowest, our stock equal to the
beet, and our uniform principles of business such
as to insure the permanent satisfaction and increa
sing confidence of customers.
Our friends and tho public will please favor us
with an examination of our goods and prices.
Fayette, September 23d, 114S.
Administrator's Notice.
"jOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
i has administered on the estates o! Juntun.-.n
Jones, Josiah Jones, and Alexander Junes, dee'd
bearing date August 11, A. D. 14-J. All persons
indebted to said estutes,are requested to make im
mediate payment, and those having claims against
them to present them properly authenticated, with
in one year from the above dale, or they may be
precluded from having any benefit of said ctates,
and if not presented within three years, they will
be forever barred.
VubWi Administrator of Howard Cuunt).
September 10, 23-3w.
III. 3Ic La lie's Ver in i iu g:e.
The Best Remedy Ever Discovered for Expelling
IVorms from Children.
The symptomi of the presence of Worms in
Children should be carefully watched by parents,
and as soon as there is reason to suspect their ex
istence, every means should be used to expel them
promptly and thoroughly. Dr. McLnne's Vermi
fuge is rapidly supplanting all others, in public es
timation. Where it is used it has produced the
best effects, and every family who has used it, say
it is the best they have ever seen.
Symptoms of IV'orms. Read! Read.'.'
The countenance is pale and leaden-colored, with
occasional flushes, or a circumscribed spot on one
or both cheeks; the eyes become dull; the pupils
dilate; an azure semi-circle runs along the lower
eye-lid; the nose is irritated, swells and sometimes
bleeds; a swelling of the upper lip: occasionol
head ach, wilh humming or throbbing in the cars:
an unusual secretion of saliva; slimy or furred
tongue; breath very foul, particularly in the morn
ing; appetite variable, sometimes voracious, with
a gnawing sensation of the stomach, at others, en
tirely gone; fleeting pains in the stomach;
nausea and vomiting; violent pains throughout the
abdomen; bowels irregular, at times costive; stools
slimy, not nnfr quently tinged with blood; belly
swollen hard; urine turbid; respiration occasional
ly difficult, and accompanied by hiccough; cough
sometimes dry and convulsive; uneasy and disturb,
ed sleep, with grinding uf the teeth; temper varia
ble but generally irritable, &c.
Mothers, nurses, parents, guardians, look well
to your children, and if you see any symptoms of
worms, procure Dr. McLane's Vermifuge, because
it is the very best, most deserving, and popular
remedy ever presented to the notice of the public.
Price 25 cents per box.
For sale by Dr. E. EASTERLY, at the City
Family Medicine Slore, south-cast corner of Third
and Chesnut streets, St. Louis, Mo., only agent for
ihe west. Sept. 2, '4S.
OrSold also by, Dr. 'V. R. SNELSON, Drug
gist, agent for Fayette; DIGGES dj- HORSLEY,
Glasgow; KNOX & BEE.MAN, Rocheport.
Wright's Indian Vegetable IMIJ
Rdsselville, Putnam Co., Indiana, July I, 194S.
Dn. Wright Some timo since your agent
left me a supply of Indian Vegetable Tiils. I
have found said pills to be in great demand lately
for the cure of fever and ogiie. Mr. James Boyd
has a son who has been laid up with fever and
ague, and had tried various other remedies, oil of
which proved of no avail. Ho determined to try
your Indian Vet-elnble Pilis, and by using one box
he is now sound and well. Mr. T- Spencer had a
daughter, Mr. Hugh li roves a sou, and Alt. Chas.
Nichols and three uf his family, were all down ut
the same tune with lever and ague, and had also
tried the various other remedies without effect.
Your. Indian Vegetable Tills soon restored them
all to perfect health. I can assure vou, from what
I have seen, your Indian Vegotable Pill may bo
relied on lor a permanent cure ot lever and ague.
Yours, resp't, JACOB DURHAM, P. M.
Also, an acting justice of tho peace.
This ts to certify, that I was entirely cured of
the chills and fevers of several months standing,
bv the uso of four doses, uf four pills each, of
Wright's Vidian Vegetable Fills, anil alter taking
medicine fruni a regulur physician fur some lime,
and have had no symptoms uf it since, which has
been about one year ago. J. W. Sl'ENCER.
Texas, Champaign county, Ohio.
This is to certify that. I was cured nf the chills
and fevers by the use of Wright's Indian Vegeta
ble Pills, after having bad three attneks uf it.
Sugar Grove, Fairfield county, Nuv., 140.
Let it ho remembered that WRIGHT'S INDIAN
VEGETABLE PILLS are prepured wilh spociul
reference lo tho laws governing the human body.
Consequently, they are always good, always use
ful, always effective in rooting out disease. Eve
ry family should keep them ut hand.
AuEvra in Howaed Countv. Ecox, Talbot
Si Smith, Fayette; D C. Ctu mi'ion, Champion's
Mill; J. U. Carrol & Co., Glasgow.
QrOfiices devoted exclusively to the salo of
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills, wholesale
and retail, 100 Race Street, Philadelphia; 2bS
Greenwich Street, Hew-York; and lOri Tremoiit
Street, Boston. January 20, 1H4S.
BLANK DEEDS, and Justice's Blanks fur ale
at this office Blanks of every description printed
it the sbur'.cbtfnutice.
Tile! Piles'! IMIeh"! I
Dr. Urhnm's Y'urlnlili- Electuary, or Internal
511.000 rants Cured in the past year.
OCrThiB Medicine is warranted to cure all cascS
of piles, either bleeding or blind, internal or ex
ternal, and all inflamatory diseases found in con.
junction with the Piles such as
Chronic Uyscnlary, Weakness and lnjlammation
of the Stnnc.
falling of the bowels, womb, Sic, that females
particularly are subject to, under peculiar circum
stances; for which many certificates could be giv
en of sperdy and effectual cures but delicacy for
bids their publication.
iSerere and HabtlUM Coslixcnesi,
Flow cT blood to the head, Dispepsia, Ulcerations,
Fistulas, Inflammation of the Stomach, find a
speedy euro in Dr. Ui'hajI's Electuary. It is an
internal remedy, and cures by its action on the
bowels and blued, tho relaxed state, which is the
cause of the above named disease.
Universal Commendation.
From every city, town and vilhge, where Dr.
Upham's Vegetable Pile Electuary has been intro
duced, the most gratifying intelligence nfits effects
heve been received by the Proprietor. In hundreds
of instances it has triumphed over coses which
were deemed incurable.
Letter of Copt. U. W. McLean, late of the 17. S.
Service, and member of the N. J. Lefi-liiinrn.
Rahwav, June Id, HIT.
"I have boen afflicted for years with tho Piles,
and have tried without anything like permanent
benefit, almost everything ossuming tho name of
a remedy. I had, as a matter of course, lost all
confidence in medic in 3. Under this feeling 1 was
induced not without reluctance, I conle-s to use
'Upham's Electuary;' and having used it fur obout
three weeks, according to the drcctious laid down,
I find to my utter surprise, as well as satisfaction,
that every symptom of tho disease has left me. I
think it duculikc to Dr. Uphatn and nivself to nnkc
this statement. G. '.V. McLEAN."
Addressed to the agents in Columbia lia.
Notice. The genuine Electuary has tho written
signature thus. Ij$-A. Upham, M. D.) The hand
is olso done with a pen.
Price gil per box.
For sale by Dr. E EASTERLY, south-east cor
ner of Third and Che-nut streets, St. Leuis, Mo.
Sole agent fur the west. Sept. !?, 'l-t.
(KrForsalo by Dr. W. R. SNELSON. Dnn--gist,
agfnt for Fayette; DIGGE3 & HORSELEY,
Glasgow; and KNOX Si LEEMAN, Ruclu-port.
Dr. .llcffjasic' Iirer PiSl,
For th' Cure of Livrr Complaint, Dyspepsia, Slch
lit aaacn, atiii .in unions tsomplutals.
The liver is much more frequently the seat ol
disease than is generally supposed. It is now gen
erally admitted by Physicians of reputation and
experience, that more than one-half of tlie com
plaints which occi r throughout the great valleviil'
too .viissi-..) ;ji, tnve their seat in a diseased st-il-of
the liver, and that more than three fourths of l'ie
diseases enumerated uiidef the head of Cusiimp
tiun, havo also their seat in a diseased liver.
Case in St. Louis nf one year's standing.
Sr. Louts, Mo. May 5, H17.
Tr. E. Eaptehlv Sir- I hereby certify that I
hove been oHIicted for more than a yenr. with the
liver complaint, and have applied to different phy
sicians, and oil to little or no effect, until I nude
use of Dr. McLane's Liver Pills. I am happy tu
inform you lhat I was perfectly cured by the use of
one box. lean tlierfore, in justice, recommend
others who are troubled with a diseased liver, lu
make a trial of these Pills.
Truly yours, ROBERT HALL.
Piesidence, Fourteenth and Biddle street.
Individuals suffering wilh Liver Compluint, Dys
pepsia, Sick Headach, or any bilious disease, ore
earnestly advised to make a trial of Dr. McLane's
Liver Pills, as they have been prepared by a regu
larly educated Physician, who has had an exten
sive practice and experience in treating the above
complaint. He confidently recommends as being
the very best and most deserving remedy ever pre
sented to the notice of the afflicted.
Price 23 cents per box.
Fur sale by Dr. E. EASTERLY, south-east cor
ner of Third and Chesnut streets, St. Louis, agent
for the west. Sept. 2, '4-3.
OSrSold also by Dr. V. R. SNELSON, Drug
gist, agent for Fayette; DIGGES & HORSLEY,
Glasgow; KNOX Si BEEMAN, Rocheport.
Chill Fever, Dumb Ague, Intermittent Fever,
and all the various forms of
This valuable medicine is undoubtedly the safest,
surest and best remedy ever discovered fur the cure
of the above named diseases. It not only breaks
the chill, but removes the cause from which the
disease originates. Its operation is both general
and special.
While it acts generally upon the whole system,
as a most powerful alterative, purifying the fluids,
freeing the solids from all morbid secrelions, and
reinvigorating and bringing up all tha vital ener
gies to a standard of permanent health; it at the
same time exerts a specific influence upon the liver,
digestive organs and lymphatic and glandular sys
tems; exciting lliein to healthtul activity, remo
ving all morbid mutter, equaling the circulation,
restoring their pr-iper and necessary secretions,
thus accomplishing a complete rcuuvatiun from
disease, and restoration to sound and permanent
It will be readily conceded by every intelligent
mind that a Tonic Syrup composed of Ihe musl
valuable ingredients, carefully selected frum the
Vegetoblo Kingdom, must possess far more potent
properties for the complete eradication of the disea
ses for which it is especially prepared, than can
possibly be compounded with the limited quantity
us. u- I : y administered in the furtn uf Pills.
Those who are suffering with tho prostrating
AGUE end FEVERS common to the west and
south those whose constitutions have become en
feebled by the use uf mercury, quinine, ur other
violent remedies should resort at once to the use
Il has cured ami will cure the most obstinate eases
Travelling wilh the circulation, it pours its heal
ing current through every vein and artery of ihe
human body. The whole animal economy is madu
to undergo a thorough radical change. Even the
mind partakes uf the healthful process, and life,
that before appeared one dreary waste, begins
again to seem wurlh possessing.
Pumphlets respecting this valuable medicine,
can be ubtniucd of the agents gratis.
As there are many spurious preparations of sim
ilar name hawked about the cuuulry and u!d uu
thu reputation of the gumina
we therefore beg leave tu caution the public
against imposition, as we cannot huld ourselves
responsible for the ofl'eels which may result from
the use of spurious articles.
H. BLAKSLY Si Co, south-west corner of
Third and Chesnut streets, St. Loui. Guneral
Agrnts, to whom all orders must be addressed.
Sold also by
Dr. Snelson, Fayette, Dr. Henderson, filas.
gow; M alone ii Garth. Huutsville May 0, 'i
Ioct. James I,. Dunn,
OFFERS his professional services totheeitl
r.ens, nf Fayette and the surrounding coun
try. Office on Criglar's row.
August 0, 1 H.
Administrator' Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
hos obtained from the Clerk of the bounty
Courtof Howard County, letters of administration
on Ihe estate of Win. T. Robinson, dee'd, bearing
date Sept, 'Jo, low, All persons indebted lo said
estate, are requested to tnake immediate payment,
and those having claims against it, to present
them, properly aulhenticatud, . within one year
from the due of said letters, or they may be pre
cluded from havinjjany benefit of said estate, and
if not presented within three years, they will be
forever barred.
JOHN V. r.ORlNSOU, Administrator.
September 30, H4S. :)Uw3
."Tien Die of their Prejudice!
There have been thousands' doubtless, who suf
fered ili.sense to destroy their happiness here, hnd
even life itself, rather than resort to tha use of
what ore generally styled " Putent Medicine;"
no matter what he,ilih-i:nproin virtues the-e
may have possessed. Accustomed to H-o- a cry
against these remedies, they chooso to deprivo
themselves of the happy benefits they might have
received from ihein, and voinjy endeavor tu bolster
np their falling condition by the ordinary patipti
of the day, which wero less efficient, thoi:'gli per
haps mure fashionable' and cos'.ly. But v.-e rejoiei
that these I urtfiil prejudices are fast Insitnr their
sway over the minds of the people, Ly the ma:!;
Iruly wonderful enrcs performed by tho successful
combination of medical agents fur the removal nf
all disease of the Inns and chest, . DH. Wl.S
Dr. S.NF.r.soN, I'nyotle; Dr. Henderson, Glas
gow; Maloue it Gauui, Huntsville.
Of Iitteiot to All.
VLL the following named medicines, which
have eni:ifd unbounded popularity, are sold
by t''..J- iy Brother, (ill second street. St.
Louis, (under the Munrou House) Dr. W. ft.
Snelson, I'uyelte, and A'nv iy Bieman, Rothport.
to Tun LAMES.
T.'ie Genuine I'a'm Columbia, for restoring tho
ifa ir.
"Lorg In ir is a glory t woman.." says Pi"!,..
And ail feel the truth of the Pious nuotation:
Preserve it then, ladie- your glory inny full,
I." tiles yuu protect, it with this preparation.
If you wish a rich, luxuriant head of hair; free
I from il-i ndriitl' and sctrf. do not fuil to procure
the Genuine Bilin uf Columbia. 1:1 cases of
I balJnes it will inure tl.un ej-.Tisd your expectations.
vony who have lost their huir tor twenty years
have had it restored toils oi iginal perfection b-r
the uso of this balm. Ag', state er condition op
pear to be i.o obstacle whatever: it also causes
'he fluid to flow with which the delicate hairtubea
is filled, by whii-h im-aus ihou-ands (whose hair,
was gray os the Asiatic eagle) have had their hair
restored tu their natnral colur by this invaluable
remedy. In all cases of fever it "will ba found tho
most pleasant wash that can bo used. A few ap
plications only are necessary to keep the hiir
from falling out. It strengthens the roots, it ne
ver fails tu impart a rich glossy appearance, ori.l
as a perfume fur the luil-.-t it is unequalled; it holds
three times as much as other miscalled hair res
toratives and is more effectual.
Caution- Never buy it unless you find tho
name uf Cotnstuck tV Co , Proprietors, on tho'
wrapper of each bottle, or you are cheated with n
counterfeit article.
The World's Wonder Fnmounctd so by all tcho
have ever used it.
White Swellings, Inflammation in the back;
weak limbs, tender or sore feet, and all scrofulous
sores are speedily otid permanently cured by Con
nel's Magical Pain Extractor. Affections of the
lungs, ague in the fuco, breast, tic doloreauj;,
chronic sore eye, blistered stirfa.es, c It. ij
equally beneficial in all kinds uf inflammatory dis
eases, such os sore nipples and eyes, sprains,
rheumatism, white swelling and ulcers, bruises,
burns chillblains. erysipelas, biles, Sic, will quick
ly bo relieved by the application of this salve.
This remarkable sanative possesses many virtues
never fuuud in any other article. It has the loost
perfect power over all pains by fire, positively al
laying the suflering almost immediately upon its.
application. If uny disbelieve the statements, we
would earnestly invite them to call and examine
the nuu.crous unsolicited certificates of remarka
ble cures wrought by by this salve. It has for
mouths ast been sold upon the following liberal
terms, to-wit: If the user was nut perfectly satis
fied, and even dolighted wilh its effects, and fur
thermore, if it did hut fully answer our recommen
dations, their inuney was returned immediately
at their request. On these terms this absolute
heal-all is now s jM, and we simply ask if ihe
public can demand anything more reasonable.
Kind parent keep it constantly on hand, in cases
of accident by fire, life may be lust without it, but
by its use all burns a-e subject lo its control, un
less the vitals are destruyud.
Cxulhn No Vain Extractor can bo genuine
unless you find the signature of Coinslock Si Co.
uimIic rapper of ttiuh box. Beware of counter-
1. Fur colds and feverish feelings and preventing
2. Fur asthma, liver complaint and bilious af
fections, 3. For diarrl ira, indigestion and loss of.apetitCr.
4. Fur cusiiveness in fciiioles and niuios, and
ncrron complaint.
5. For stomach affections, dispep-da, piles,
rheumatism, eye.
77ie Great Points arc, it is not bad to lake, ne
ver gives Pain and Never leaves une Costive.'!
Fer all these things it is warranted unequalled,
and all who do not find it so may return the buttle
and get their inuney. Cumstock iy Co. proprietors:
Use Dr. McNair's Acoustic Oil, fur the cure u
deafness. Also, all those disagreeable uuises like
the buzring of insect, fulling of water, whizzing
uf steam, which are symptoms of approaching
deafness. Many persons who have been deaf fur
ten, fifteen, ur twenty years, and were suh'ect u
use car-trumpets, being made perfectly well. H
has cured cusi s uf ten, fifteen, and even thiny
years siuuding uf deafness. Price $1 per flusk.
Why wiil yuu surer Willi that distressing crn.
pluiut, when a lemedy is ut hand that will not fail
lo cure yuu? This remedv will ert'ectiisllv destroy
any attack uf headache, cither ndrvous or bilious.
ll has cured casus ut twenty years' standing.
All exnectinn to become mothers, and tnxi ous to
avuid the pains, distr.sssand dangers of cnldbeai-
ing, are earnestly entreated to calm their ears, al
lay tl c:r nervousness, and soothe their way by
the use of this most extraordinary v?gelabte pro.
diictiun. Those- hu will candidly observe its
Virtues, must approve of it in their hearts; every
kind and al'i-ctiuua'e husband will feel it his most
solemn duty to alleviate the distress hi wife is
exposed tu,' by a safe and certain mothod, which
is, this Mother's Relief.
Keei" Your Feet Day Reti-.cmber, to pre
serve health, the fret should be kept dry, and lhat "
the Oil of Tannin renders leather water prcsjf and
aouoies us uuraoiuty. Alto usca lor harness auu
carriage tops.
I ft5All the above articles are sold by CousTccif
! BiioTiiru, 01) Second street, ft. Louis, and f.
, Wm U. Snelson, Fuyctte.
: May"7, l5i-3.-ll-6tn

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