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Oh, prized and loved through many a year
Of pain and aorrow past away!
Why shouldst ihou lady, blush to hear,
Why should I think it wrong to aay
How near In pure regard thou ail
To the best feeling of my heart?
And yet my inmost thoughts of thee
' The sinless eye of God might see:
Nor would it dim ono ray of light
That ihinea around the eiernal throne,
If of the angels the most bright
Such tnoughts of mortal-kind should own.
A sister's love I ne'er have known,
But it has ever seem'd to be
Like that regard which ihou hast shown,
The same in weal or woe for me.
No were I worthy to be blest
With friendship so sincere and true
Unless ray very eoul confess'd
Esteem as pure, as sinless too.
TmeMexicau Girl. There has been con
aiderable talk in the cily, says the Pittsburgh
'Tost, about the young woman brought from Mex
ico hy ihe JJuquesna Grays. She was first no
ticed by the members of the company at Puebla.
She attracted their attention by her devotion to
the sick soldiers. . She furnished provisions to
Hie Americans end t'ld everything her strength
and circumstances enabled her to do. Her cons
duct excited the enmity of her relatives, and she
feared she might not be safe at home; which bes
ing known to Captain llerron and Lieut. Mann.
she was invited to accept the protection of the
company, and has been "in the ranks" ever since.
bhe is now at East Liberty, whither she was ta
ken by Mr. Winebiddle. In appearance sheis
entirely Mexican; quite feminine in manners and
conversation, and the soldiers say she is prettv
and intelligent. She is only eighteen yeara of
ege. ner name is lmiidaa.
Gen. Washington, when quite young was
about to go to sea as a midshipman; every thing
was nr-nnHAil ,1,.. u....l I.... . LT- t-.l '
" v, noaci 10 vjpusiie 1110 miner &
house, Ihe little boat came on shoietotake him
off, and his whole heart was bent on going. Afier
his trunk had been carried down to the boat, he
went to bid his mother farewell, and saw ihe tears
bursting from her eyes. However he said noih
ing to her; but he saw that his mother would be
distressed if he went, and peihaps never be happy
again. He just lurried round to the servant and
said, "Go tell them to fetch my trunk back. 1
will not go away to break mv mo:her's heart."
His mother was struck with hia decision, and she
said to him. "George, God has promised to bless
ma cnuuien wno nonor ineir parents, and 1 be
lieve he will bless you."
Takino a Shou-ek Bath. Doctor Well
how did your wife manage her shower bath, Dea
Deacon. She had real good luck. Madame
Moody told her how she managed. She said she
had a large, oil silk cap, with a cape to it, like a
fireman's' that came all over her shoulders and
Doctor She's a fool for her pains that's not
the way.
Deacon So my wife thought.
Doctor Your wife did nothing of tho sort, 1
Deacon Oh. nn, Doctor, she used an umbrilv.
Doctor What, used on umbrella; what the
mischiel good did the shower bath do hei?
.Deacon She said she felt better. Her clothes
wern't wet a mile. She sot under ihe umbrilly
for half an haur, till all he water trickled off,
and said 'twas cool and delightful, and just like a
leeje shower ba'h in summer. Then she look
off her things and rubbed herself for half an hour
General Jackson was a member of the Senate
in 1821 -'25. He was a candidate for the Presi
dency at the time it was pending and when it was
decided by the House of Representatives. He did
not resign his seal to escape committing himself
by voting on any measure lhat might come before
Congress. Mr. Clay was twit e a member of Con.
gress whilst he was a candidate for the Presiden
cy. Atone timo. in 1824, he was a member of
the Houso when the election was decided by that
body, and voted for Mr. Adams. At the hist elec
tion he was not a member, having resigned his
seal in 1812. Ho never resigned his seat in Con
gress because he was a candidate for the Presi
dency. Judge White was a member of the Sen.
ale at the lime he was a candidate, and he never
resigned. So with even Martin Van Bureu, as
Vice President ho was entitled to vote when the
Senate wasequally divided, and he never resigned
to escape committing himself. Lewis Cass is the
only man who ever ran from his post to escape
showing his hand. He was afraid to vote on the
Oregon Bill and the Wilmot proviso.
Very Explicit. A Yankee riding up to a
Dutchman, exclaimed: "Well, strarger, for ac
quinlahce sake, what might be your name?"
"Vy my name ish Haunce HollenbelTeriheflen.
"By Cape Cod! if lhat arn't as long as a pum.
kin vine! Well, I haint no time to looseI'm
on speculation! Tell me ihe way to Harrisburg."
"To Harrisbuig? Veil, yon see dat rood pon
de hill?" pointing in the direction.
"0, yes, I see it."
"Veil, den you must not take dat roal. You
see dis roat by ihe coal bar.k?"
"Veil, dat ish not (he roat loo but you must
go right py the parn dere, and ven you see von
roal ciooks just so (bending his elbow and descri.
bing it at the soma time,) and ven you gel dere
keep along till you geis furder. Veil, den, you
vill turn de potato paich round le prirfge, over the
river up stream end te hill up, and tireclly you see
mine proddcr Fritz's pam shingled mil straw,
date te house vara mine prodder lives. He'll tell
you so petler as 1 can. And you go a little bit
furder, you see two roats you mushi not take
both of 'em."
The Yankee rode off at the top o( his speed.
I. 0. of O. F.--The proceedings of ihe sever
al encampments in Massachusetts, for the year
ending 1st July, are summed up os follows:
Number of initiation1, 238; contributing tneni
beis, 1777; revenue, $8,058. The total amount
of relief for the year was $2,507, viz: Paid for
the relief o( patriarchs, )2,269; relief of widowed
families, $2,800; for burying the dead 210, The
grand encampment is represented to be free from
debt, and has a fuud to meet future exigencies.
It is announced in one of the Paris journals
.......... u-.iiuiiiuo 11 nuuui to puuusn iinineai
tely a book entitled "Three months in power."
Why is the nomination of Cast like the ex
ploring party sent out to make researches on
that body of water that engulphed the guilty
cities of the pUin?
Because it is another dead ( C") sea exntdi
John 19. Terry,
Water St., Glasgow, Mo.
HAVING purchased of Messrs. Hanenkamp Si
Co., the large brick store and Warehouse
recently occupied by them, would respectfully call
(lie attention of tho citizen of Howard and the
surrounding counties, to his very general stock
of Groceries, Liquors, Iron, Casting", Cotton
Yarns, Sic, cj-c, t$-c.
Fresh ftrocrries and Eiquors.
f I'MIE subscriber has just relumed from the Ohio
I river and St. Louis where ho purchased and i
now receiving a laigo addition to his former stuck
of Groceries, Liquor, Iron, Nails, Catting, Cot
ton, Yarns, Bro. Doinostics, dfc 10 which he begs
to invite the attention of putilic, and pledges him
self to sell at a low a ruts as such goods cau be
purchased in this market.
Glasgow, July 15, 1848.'
"VVSTERS. 144 cans best Baltimore Oysters,
just received and tor sale by
July 29 J. 1). PERRY.Gla-gow.
' 1 TUMBLERS. 5 boxes ass'd plain and cut
J glss tumblers just ree'd and for sale by
July 29 J. D. PERRY, Glasgow.
To ISlackamiths.
t LARGE and general assortment of Iron and
. steel, blacksmith's bellows, anvils, vices
sledgehammers and moulds, for sale by
4 J. D. TERHY, Glasgow.
100 bids Cincinnati Rectified Whiskey.
100 hf bills do do do
15 bls old Bourbon whiskey) warranted five
14 otils old Kye do J years old.
14 bbls Peach Brandy
25 bbls and kens American Brandy
3 caks Cognac ' do
1 cask pure Champagne do
SO casks and kegs Madeira, Port and Malaga
10 bxs Claret; 5 bxs Brandy Cherries, now in
store anil tur sale by
July 29 J. D. PERRY, Glasgow.
CJTOVES. 15 cooking stoves with cooper and
O tin trimmings; 8 parlor and chamber stoves,
just received and tur sale by
July 29 J. D. PERRY, Glasgow.
i WELL assorted lot of castings, fur sale by
- J. V. KY , Glasgow.
7 mca l tAUH.s 1UUU two bushel osna-
W v burg sacks just ree'd per Rowena and for
sale low by aprl J. D. PERKY, Glasgow,
Iron and .Steel.
TTTTE have on hand, and will continue lo keep
w ror sale, a good assortment of
Genuine Sligo Iron
German steel
Cast and blister steel
Plough wings and slabs
Tvre Iron. &e. &c.
which will be sold on advantageous terms; pur-
vi pcis ui iruii are invuea in call.
4 FEW bales heavy brown domestic, yurd
4. jl iue, lur saie oy me piece, uy
J. D. PERRY, Glasgow.
TINE and extra fine French cloths, cussimeres
and vesting, linen drillings Sic. at unusual
ly low prices.
NOTICE The steamer AI.f)M A
will run during the season of 1649
linOn (MA lUihniiri .ivo,- a a a u.aat.1..
packet between !'t. Louis and Brunswick -leaving
St. Louis every Monday, nt 0 o'clock, p. nr., and
returning will leave Brunswiek on Thursdays a
day-light. J. T. CLEVELAND.
September 23, 1848. 3w
Clemen's Indian Tonic.
lufallihle Care for CHILLIS, or AGUE and FE-
I 1:K, and a sure remedy tn BILIOUS RE
M1TTEXT, and oilier FEVERS.
' I HE unexampled 1
L tailed Tonic, inc
success of this Iruly unri
curinrr in a few hours, where
all other remedies have failed, and lhat too, in
cases from nix inonlhs to ten years standing
warrants the assertion, that if taking sccordin to
.1:. i. i r ii-,. . .. .. .
uircuuuiis, 11 is njauwie. a long lit ot ciriih
cates in proof of its infallibility might be added,
lint those npon the wrapper are deemed sufficient.
try it and be convinced lhat it is the most pleas
ant, most certain, and the very BEST remedy ever
uiiurea to uie puuiic tor putting a speedy terinina-
;iuu iu iiiu villus ur Ague anu fever.
OT-From the greot popularity of this medicine.
manv imitations, prolVssirgto be CLEMENS' IN
DIAN TON 10, are afloat. Therefore, be ure lo
ask for that prepared by GEO. W. HOUSE,
ixasiivine, iennessee, who is sole proprietor.
Ncak Nashville. August 1R. 1813.
Mr. Geo. W. Hous-e: Dear Sir I had Chills
and fevers lor t woke months: nine, months of the
time, without being able to check it, with a the
aid I could procure from Physicians and the various
Tonic Fever and Aguo mixtures sold by the Drug
stores. In April Ijst I saw your advertisement
ot den. ens' Indian l'onic, as an mfallihle cure. 1
made no delay in calling upjn you, and by using
said Tonic, I found immediate relief, and a penno
nhnt cure. A friend of mine tried il about the
same time, with the same happy result. Yours,
respectfully, C. L. GLASSGOW.
From the Clarksville Chronicle, Oct. 21, 1813.
Dr. T. D. b'coT-r: Dear Sir We have used
Clemen's Indiun Tonic in many cases of Ague
and Fever, and we find it, in every particular,
what it is commended lobe in your advertisement.
We have heretofore used most of the popular rem
dies in use for Fever and Ague, and wa iiiilipsitn.
tiiigly recommend Clemen' Tonic to the eonrulfinn.
of the public, from our personal experienco ami
observation, as a safe, certain, and Dromnt cure
ior ma gue anu rever, in any torm or stage of
me uiscae. jnurs, ec.
Lxtract of a letter from the Rev. F. A. Owen or
Memphis, dated Nov. 10, 10, 184;).
My Dear Sirl have tried Clemen's Indian
Tonic in six different, coses, and hnd it ellicacious
in a very high degree. It arrested the chill in ev
ery insittiu-e, and as yet there has been no return.
I cheerfully give this testimony, that other nini
be induced lo use a remedy both kaft and efficacious
in curing chills and lever.
Yours, very truly, F. A. OWEN.
Nashville, June 3rd, 1841.
Mr. Geo. I v. llmse: Dear Sir I shall make no
apology in presenting the following remarkable
case; A youtil 01 about tilieen years old, living
wiih me, had the Fever and Ague for ten years,
wiinout nndiug a cure; and 1 can assure you every
means were used 10 that effect. In December last
I tried a bottle of "CLEMEN'S INDIAN TON-
10," which arrested the diseaso at once, and am
hapyy to state, he has not had a chili or an ague
since. You should lose 110 lime in giving this
Tunic an extensive circulation il will prove a
welcome iriena and a great blessing to llieartliclcd.
Yours, truly, JOHN II. DAVIS.
The above case is known to ine, and is strictly
(rFor sale by
Dr. War. R. Sneison, Favettn.
Stewart Si BuhckhartNow Franklin.
W. P. Ravhon, Glasgow.
Pb. O. Hekdehbon, Glasgow.
July 29, 1848.-2lrr.6
At Eastern Prlecs.
Publishers, Booksellers, Stationers and Paper
Dealers, Ni . 206 Main Sited, between the
Virginia and Missouri Hotels,
St, Louis, Mo.,
HAVE always on hand an extensive assort
ment of SCHOOL BOOKS, comprising all
the different kinds used in the &'clmnls and Col
leges throughout the Union. Biank Books, of all
kinds, Medical Books, all late and popular works.
A largo assortment of Paper, Stationery, Fancy
Articles, Fine Cutlery, Sic, Sic, together with a
large stock of Miscellaneous Bonks, all of which
will be sold at the lowest "Eastern Prices."
St. Louis, March 4ih, 1848. 62 6m
wholesale and retail
Druggist and Apothecary,
No. 48 N. Main Street,
Corner of Eighth Street and Franklin Avenue,
f'reA Drugs, Medicines. Paints, Oils. Dye-Stvffs
Window Glas, Glassware, Soaps.
Cheep for Cash.
St. Louis, October 10ih, 1847. 32 ly
Jones & C 11 I'd.
May 20, flm.
Commission and forwarding
Virginia Hotel.
CorneroJ Main and Green Streets, St. Louis, Mo.
Mv friends and the public ere respect'
fully informed, that I have taken a new
Lease nn the above named buildings.
and during the list four inonlhs have
been making improvements on the premises.
Viz : I have built a number ef pleasant roomi
have made the dining room one third larger, and
have h lushed it in a hundvome manner, 11 is now
the largest in the city and is well ventilated and
can scat 200 guests.
The Furniture of the House has been replenish
ed throughout, and the premises generally im
proved hy additions, alterations and repairs. The
houso being situated on the principal business
street, and its principal public rooms, viz : (Bar
room, Office, Reading-room and Dining-room.)
on the ground floor, will commend itself to the
public, as a deirablo home whilst sojourning in
our city, and I pledge myself that every exertion
shall be used to render strangers comfortable
whilst at the Virginia Hotel.
JOHN H. SrARR, Proprietor.
Sept. 18. 1848 29m3.
ill 011 1 lily Jtiilletin IVo. ii.
HU2 , Sic, Positively cur' J
in a Jew hours. 1 he Graef-
enherg Company pledges H
elf to the following facts:
1. The Groefenberg Dus-
nterry Syrup will cure the
Diarrhoea, Dysjnterry, Sic,
in twenty-four hours.
2. A cure is warranted,
no matter how bad the case;
even if the discharges are bloody and constant.
The money is instantly refunded if a cure is not
the result.
3. Thousands of lives have been saved by its
use; in some instances where lilt- patients hare
been given up.
4. Numerous testimonials are on file it thn Com
pany's offices, which would satisfy the most in.
credulous. A letter just received from Joseph P.
Hall, Suffolk, Va . cuntains the following: "The
Dysenterry Syrup cures in every case."
The same proof is daily coming in from every
State in the Union.
This most extraordinary medicine should be
resorted to the moment any bad symptoms appear
Scunicn. boatmen, travellers, and all others, should
have a supply, es its timely use will save life.
The Medical Faculty are astonished at its power:
freely confessing there is no other medicine at ail
used to be compared with it.
efficacious in all the bowel and stomach complaints
of children. No mother or physicinu should be
without it.
Tho General Agent for Missouri, and South
part of Illinois, is E. K. WOODWARD, St.
Louis, to whom applications for agencies may
be addressed.
New York, August 1848.
Sub-agent, Wm. R. Snelson, Fayette,
P. S. The Graefenherg Comyany are desirous
of procuring the services of a re-pectable female
in every livn in the Union, in a business which
will he very lucrative. By addressing lue compa
ny (No. CO, Broadway, N. York,) post-puid, par
ticulars nill be furnished.
Medical Card.
Docts. J. C. Pakrisii and A. Patison,
Botanic Physicians,
GRATEFUL for past patronage, still continue
tu oiler their Medical Services to the citi
zens ol Howard county.
Dr. A. ratisun will continue Ins omce at his
residence, one quarter of a mile east of Mr. Wil
loughby Williams.
Dr. J. C. rarrish may be round al his residence,
formerly occupied by James Owens, one quarter
of a mile east of Suit Creek Meeting house.
(C7-M.B. J. U. lurrish will pructice Denial
March 4th, 1848. fi2-tf
Hydraulic ('cuiciit.
ceived and for sale on commission, at 4
per barrel a very superior ariicle for cisterns
and cellera. J. JJ. PERRY,
July 1, 1848. Glasgow.
11QUR.8, of superior quality, for ule hy
-J JD PERRY, Glasgow.
1'rcfth Tea.
WE invite the attention of family's to a pecu
liarly fine stock of
Gunpowder and Imperial Teas
Old hyson and poucliung do
which we warrant equal to anv ever imported; for
saje low(ml3) BOON,TALKOT & SMITH.
aLRKGS& COD KlSli.-is" boea dried
herrings and a small lot of firm cud fish, for
ale by (jv20) J. D. PERRY. Glasgow.
iYRUI'. 4 boxo Lemon Syrup just received
O and for sale by
July 29
J. D. PERRY. Glasgow.
8 doz. painted pails.
5 nusis " lobs, just ree'd and for sale
(jyaO) J. D. PERRY, Glasgow.
COTTON YARN. 75 bags assorted Nos. cot
Ion yarn just received and for salo by
July 29 J. D. TERRY, Glasgow.
Miraculous! Wonderful!! Ex
traordinary !! .
(T Consumption Can be Cured! CU
And we defy the whole world to produce such
strong and undoubted testimony from men nfsuch
hiiih standing as we have, in lavor of Dr Rogers
Liverwort and lar, 11 not only cures consump
tion, but breaks up the most distressing cough in
a few hours time.
0 Another remarkable cure of Consumption.
Mr. Gabriel Whitehead, of this city, was reduced
so low that all his friends, and even his physicians,
had given him up to die.
Mr. A. L. Scoville: As I owe my life to the
use Dr. Rogers' Liverwort and Tar, I feel it a duty
and shall without fear or delicacy give my testi
mony as evidence that others who may be afflicted
with consumption or diseased lungs may know
that this medicine is no humbug, but is worth ten
thousand physicians' prescriptions for the disease
for which it is rccommenled.
Last summer 1 was taken with a most distress
ing cough, and about tho first of July my lungs
were so diseased lhat I bled, in a short time sever
al quarts uf blood, which reduced ine so low that
all my friends and even my physicians, thought I
must soon die with consumption. My brother,
however, soon heard of the wonderful cures made
by this medicine, and procured a bottle, and before
I had taken one half a bottle, it seemed to go to
the very seat of the disease, and raised a large
quantity of matter and phlegm, and my coogh was
stopped as with a charm. I have sincu used some
two or three bottles, and am now able to attend to
my business as well as ever.
I feel very thankful tu the inventor of this med
icine, for if it had not been for some all-powerful
medicine to have raised the matter and phlegm,
and healed my lungs, 1 should, without doubt, now
have been in my grave.
If any one will call on me, Catharine street,
half a squaro below Linn, I will give them the par
ticulars, and refer them to numerous friends who
visited me during mv sickness.
Cineinnati. Jan 10, 1348.
Sworn to and subscribed this 20th day of No
vember, 1847. II. E Spencer, Mayor of the city
of Cincinnati.
Uj Statement of Hiram Cox,Q
Late Professor of the Cincinnati Eclectic Medical
College, and a physician well known, who has an
extensive practice, in relution to the cure of Miss
I Belt, after having been given up to die with the
lasi siagua Ul vuiisuiiijjuuii, uy U IIUI1IUCI VI "J
Mr. A. Scoville Sir: However reluctant I have
been to permit my name to appear, attached to a
certificate recommending patent medicines, nos
trums or catholicums, 1 nevertheless think it my
duty, not only to my patrons, but to the community
and all afllic.cd with diseases requiring cough
medicine, to state that in three particular cases of
Incipient consumption: Miss Belt, step-daugher of
Mr. John Carr. ot this city, a Jiiss Burger, sister
in-law of Mr. V. Wunder, butcher, and R. K.
Cox, one of our city council, that Dr. Rogers'
Compound Syrup of Liverwort and Tar, operated
more like a specific limn any remedy of a similar
character, in its operation, that I have ever used
in my pratice. One of the cases above, viz: M::is
Belt, appeared to belaboring under the last stage
of scrofulous consumption, as pronounced by sev
eral physicians who were in attendance previous to
my being called to treat the case. Sheis, at the
present time, in the enjoyment of as apparently
good health, and from appearances as likely to die
with any other disease as any other young lady of
this city. As it respects the health of the other
cases, all the threatened premonitoly symptoms
seems to have subsided from the use of a few bot
tles of the syrup above.
Very respectfully, It. COX, M. D.
Sold by HENRY BLAKSLEY. Agent for the
proprietor, south-west corner of Third and Chcs
nul streets, St. Louis.
Or-Purchasers pleaso remember the nami of
the medicine Dr. Rogers' Syrup of Liverwort and
Tar. Sold by
Db. Wm. R. Snelsox, Fayette.
Dr. O. Henderson. Glasgow.
Charinon Countv. Felix Redding, Salis
bury & Hill, Kytesvillej M. T. Atkins, Bruns
wick. ,
Linn Countv. H. L. Brown, Linneus.
May 6. '48.
Iaii:i! I-iamps!!
JUST o poned and for sale very lew, a goud as
sortment of very tasteful and economical
Parlor lamps
Suspension and side lamps
These very valuable lamps are fitted up handsome
ly with ground glasses and fancy shades, and as
they burn lard or oil equally well, combine com
fort, elegince and economy.
A Ii rand Father's Legacy.
Myer s Liinbrocution for the Cure of
'IIIIS painful disease, which has heretofore
-L baffled the skill of Medical men, and the
scientific world, it is established beyond doubt,
yields lo the application of this Medicine. The
proprietor has sufficient evidence, from those who
have been cured, and has so repeatedly witnessed
its beneficial effects, that he feels no hesitation
in calling on all who are suffering, to use this
.Medicine, Willi a period confidence lhat they will
find speedy and permanent relief. It has never
yet failed to effect euro, and if properly ap
plied, il never will. This is strong language, but
the facts justify il. Let any one who doubts read
what those who have felt its beneficial effects
say of it. If they still doubt, let them try it, and
they will soon bear testimony of its efficacy.
Howard countv, March 20ih, 1847.
Mr. H. C. Myers Sir Your Embrocation
having cured my wife of the Rheumatism, with
which she was afflicted in such manner as to render
her almost helpless, and cause her In suffer the most
excruciating pain, I cheerfully bear testimony in
favor of the controlling influence your Medicine
exercises over this disease.
Fayette, March 20th. 1847.
Mr. II. C. Myers: Dear Sir Tub Embroca
tion ! procured of you has entirely cured me of
Rheumatic Pains. I have been troubled with
Rheumatism for 11 years, during which time 1
have used Hunt's, Hays, Hughes' and oilier Lini
ments, without finding relief. Your Embrocation,
has entirely cured me, and removed all symp
toms of that' painful disease, ami I would recom
mend all who are similarly efllicted, to use it
withoutdelay. Yours, truly,
Mr. Harrison Barnes, of 7oward county, has
been severely alilicted with Rheumatism, for some
five or six years past. Ha had been confined to
hia bed for several months previous to tho time
he began to use this Mediiine. IU had been
under the care of noma throe or four different
Physicians, whoall despaired of h ever getting
up. He began to use the Embror.alin, and con
tinued its use for one week, when he was able
to get up, aud in ten days was sufficiently recov
ered to attend to the business of his farm.
Mr. H. W. Khino, and Chas. Givens, of Fay
ette, and all his neighbors, will bear witness to
the truth of the above statement.
ftT-Prepared only by H. C. MYERS.
Aoents E. Klein, No. 0 Main street, St. Louis;
C. & A. L. Peebels, Lexington; Mize Sf Town
send, Independence; N. 4-A. Johnson, Brunswick;
Barton Si Brother, Glasgow; P. Crow, Rocbeport;
Thoa, Selby, Colombia; ainilton McCrawley,
Franklin; Malin Si Ridley, Weston; J. Riddles'
bsrger Si Co., Fayette; B. Bruce, Randolph Co.
Price from 60 cents to 1,00 per bottle,
according to size.
Fayette, March 27th, 1847. 88 ly
Concentrated Compound Fluid Extract of
For the core of scrofula, chronic rheumatism.
General Debility, Cutaneous Diseases, Scaly Erup
tions of the Skin, Tetter, Pimples or Puctules on
the Face, Liver Affections, Mercurial and Svphi-
las uiseases, anes irom an impure habit or the
body, Ulcerations of the Throat and Leg, Pains
ano dwelling 01 tne cones, and all Uisessis ari
sing from an impure state nf Ihe Blood, Exposure
and Imprudence in Life, Excessive use uf Mercu
ry, 4-0.
This Sarsapsrilla is warranted positively as good
as any other (that can be made at one dollar) at
just half the price uf those so much advertised,
and as strong, viz: 50 cents per bottle, or six but
ties for ft2S0. Remember lo ask for Comstock's
Sarsaparilla, and take no other.
Carlton's ring bone and spavin curr,
For the cure of King Bone, Blood Spavin, Bonn
Spavin, Wind Galls, Splints, and Curb on Horses.
Also Carlton's Founder Ointment, for the cure of
Founder, Split Hoof, Hoof-bound Horses, and
Contractud feet. Also, all Wounds, Bruises in
the flesh, Galled Backs, Crocked Heels, Scratches,
Niekings, Dockings, Cuts, Kicks, Sic.
This Ring Bone Cure and the Founder Oint
ment are prepared from the recipe of very cel
ebrated English Farrier, and will cure in ninety
nine cases out of one hundred, any of the above
complaints. They have been used by farmers,
liverymen, stage proprietors, and others, with the
most marked and decided success.
Caution. None can be genuine without the
fac-simile signature of the Proprietor 00 the wrap
per, J. Carlton Comstock, New York.
Do not neglect it thousands have mel a pre
mature death for the want of atlenlien tu a com
mon Cold. Have you a cough? Rev. Doctor Bar
tholomew's Expectant Pink Syrup, will most posi
tively give relief, and save you Irom that most aw
ful disease, Pulmonary Consumption, which usu
ally sweeps into the grave hundreds of the young,
the old,. the lovely and the gay.
hays' liniment voh the piles.
Tho worst attack of the Piles are effectually
and permanently cured in a short tima by the use
of the genuine Hays' Liniment. lundrcds of our
first citizens througlioot the country have used
this Liniment with complete success, it is war
ranted to cure the most aggravated cases.
Caution Never buy it unless you find the
name of Comstock Sl Co., upon the wrapper, pro
prietors of the genuine article, ur you are cheated
wun a couoterieit.
AND Indian VEGETABLE elixer s warranted to
cure any cuso of Rheumatism, Cffiuttpontracled
Chorda and Muscles, or Stiff Joints, strengthens
Weak Limbs, and enables thoso whar ore crippled
to walk again. Use thir article and be cured, or
go without it and suffer as you please. Certifi
cates of cures by the hundreds can be seen, where
this article is sold only genuine.
Caution. All the above named articles are sold
by Comstock Brother, 09 Second Street, St. Lou
is, (under the Monroe House,) Ur. Wm. Ji. Snel
son, Fayette, and Knox ,Sc Betman, Rucheport.
Way 21, 1343, ll-tiin
No. 165 Main Street. St. Louis. Mo.
Merchants, Steam Boat owners, and others, are
invited to examine the stock of Queensware, iVc ,
.. . , .; tit 0. .
ot main oireei. .
It has been selected by the proprietor, in person
from the best manufactories in Europe, and em
braces every style from the most costly ornamjiits
10 me plainest ware.
Every new quality, or shape uf ware issued
from Ihe manufactories, may be found upon the
sneivesoi tnis estaousnment.
The goods having been purchased for cash, ena
bles the proprietor to sell on better terms than
any other house in the west.
Bills made in the east, with respectable houses
in his line, will be duplicated, and any goods
packed at his establishment are warranted lo go
tree 01 breakage.
Call and examine the stock.
May 27, 1848 ll-6m
r"PRAVELING TRUNKS. A fine assortment
JL for sale at Carroll's Corner.
CALL at Carroll's corner, if you want to rig
out for traveling, over coats and leggius
tnrown in. iiiasgow, uecember 4tn, 1447.
Family Companion.
CJIX Lectures on Causes, Prevention and Cure of
kJ Consumption, Asthma, Diseases of the Heart,
and all female Diseases. 2.)l pages, 2M engra
vings. Caper 00 cts.; bound 70 cts. Mail to
any part postage 9j cts.
Shoulder Braces and Chest Expanders, ft2
Mail to any part 50 cts. postage. Inhaling Tubes,
Silver, $3, by mail, letter postage. Abdominal
Supporters, perfect, 818 lo I0, for all Ruptures.
Falling of Ihe. bowels and Womb, and Weak Back,
and Chest; sent by Express everywhere. For
Braces or Supporters, or Rupture Supporters, give
height from head to foot, and circumference uf
persun next the surface, just above the hips. If
Rupture, mention which side. Agents wun ted for
the sale of the above goods. Address Dr. S. S
Filch, 707 Broadway, New York, post' paid.
April 22, 1848 7-1 y
Fashionable Tailoring
Ol THE partnership of Mus'er Si Ransberger ha
ving been.dissnlved, the undersigned respect
.ul f .fully informs his friends and tin' public gener
ally, that he designs cantinu'iig the TAILORING
BL'SISESS. in all its various branches, at the
old stand, where be invites all who dosire gar.
menis made up in a fashionable and substantia
manner, lo give him a call.
He has received the spring fashions, for 1848,
and his arrangements are such lhat he will be in
ihe constant receipt of all new fashions, as soon
as they aro introduced into Ihe eastern cities.
Terms moderate and work warranted.
Fayette, April 22, '48 7-Bm.
Carroll's Corner.
CARROLLcia, and as the Squire says, will
sell, lower than tne new urleana cheap store.
Ihe squire says be will sell at St. Louis prices,
with expenses added; Carroll ha no expense to
add, so he ia beat at his own game. Lay on Mac-
dull. ulasgow, mil
ROPE A quantity of good hemp bale rope for
sale at 0 cents per pound.
J. D. 1'ERItY, Glasgow.
. Ellct A; Harriott's
HOUSE, corner of Second and Green streets,
near the Virginia Hntt I) St. Louis, Mo. where
are the must commodious rooms, and by far tha
largest stock of FURNITURE West of the Al-
leghany Mountains, comprising in part the latest
styles of carved rosewood in plush, Gothic anil
Antique styles, turned and twisted
7work of Philadelphia, the richest
and latest styles of Boston and New
York, with elegant inlaid pearl work from Canton
in Ulnna, London and Paris. Also, the largest
1110 inrgcsi
rket of g
e, chairs ki
1 stands, '1
stock ever before offered in this market
plain, medium and common furniture.
of every description and kinu, wash i
tables, lounges, rocking chans, window shades,
willow ware, mattresses, extension and card ta
bles, etc. etc. eta., all of which wa will sell at
wholesale or retail, at the most reduced pricea for
Keepers of Hotels, boarding houses, steamboats'.
public rooms, dealers, persona commencing house
keeping, and the public generally, are most ear
ncslly invited to call and examine our immenss
and beautiful stock. We will promise them they
will not regret the call. Come and see.
June 3. 1843 13m0
C. !? . A'a I lea u,
163, Main Street, St. Louis.
KEEPS constantly on hand a lurge assortment
of various styles Conkina Stores. Franklin
7 and 18 plate plain and fancy Coal Stoves, fancy
parlor Airtignls, hall, olhce, and dining room
Stoves for wood or coal, fancy and plain Sre-rl ice
and mantle Urates, and Holloa Ware of every des
cription and variety.
ALSO Tin Plate, Sheet Iron, Copper, Block
Tin, Sheet Z''n Wire, Rivets, Ears, Tinners'
Tools and Machines, in sets or separate, and all
articles in his line, which he will st all time sell
at Wholesale or Retail, as LOW for cash as can be
purchased in this or any Western City.
Orders from the country will at all times bo
promptly filled and shipped.
Kefers to Clark II. Green, Fayette.
Si. Louis. Juno 3, H48.13y
St. Louis Hat and Cap Manufac
No. 72 North Main street.
ted with him Mr. J. D. Crane, of Ne Jersey.
1'he business of Ihe house will hereafter be con
ducted under the firm uf S Nuurse Si Co.
3. NOURSE & CO., Manufacturers and
ti4 dealers in all kinds of HATS and CAPS,
have now on hand an extensive assortment of
goods, manufactured bv themselves, and carefullv
selected from the eastern markets, expressly for
tne spring trade, winch they are selling at very
low prices. Among which are tho following:
Russia Fur Hats; Pine Silk do; Angola do; Wool
do; Tampico or Mexican do; Boys' Fine Silk do;
Panama. Leghorn. Slraw. Cantda and Palm lnnf
do; together with an endless variety of Men's and
Boys tops, inn aoove goods are all fresh, and
dealers will find itto their advantage to call and
examine before purchasing elsewhere.
JNew York Spring tuslnon received and read
for sale. S. AO VRSE A- CO.
St. Louis, Feh.SGth.
Howard High School,
'FMIE Ainii Session of this Institution will
-1 commence on Monday, ihe 4ih day of Sep
tember, and continue Six Munths. By a new ar
rangement, the Academic Year is divided into two
sessions of unequal length the one of Four and
tha other of Six months and Ihe terms are varied
in a eorrespoding manner. For the winter session,
the following are the
T E R M S .
For tho Primary Studies,
Common English Branches,
7 PO
10 00
12 50
14 50
Latin and Greek Languages,
Music, with use of Piano, 21 50
" without 18 00
French, Drawing, Painting and Needle Work,
the usual prices.
Good boarding can be procured at from $1 25
to $1 50 per week.
The Board of Instruction for thn ensuing term
will consist of the fulluwing persona:
W. T. Lucky, A. M. Superintendent and Prin
cipal of the Female Department; W. T. Davis,
A. B. Principal of the Male Department; E. K.
Attehduiiv, Assistant in tho Male Department;
Miss C. S. White, teacher of Music and Drawing;
-VlissL. C. 1. eland, Assistant in the Female De
partment; Mons. J. E. Hamilton, teacher of
Howard High School hav'ng been in successful
operation four years, needs no commendation from
the Board of Trustees. Its character is established.
As some of ihe Teachers have never yet taught
in the Institution, wo would lake the opportunity
to recommend them to the friends of tho School
and the community generally, as well qualified to
fill the various posts to which they have been
All persons desiring to attend the School are
urged to be present at the beginning of the session.
Webespeuk for ihe School a continuation of lhat
patronage which has becu so liberally extended to
it heretofore.
President of the Board of Trustees.
Fayette, July 29, 1848.
Very Important to the Public.
ADDISON G. BRAGG, of St. Louis, having
made a foul and malicious atlompt to destroy
the popularity and sale of Dr. Champion's very
popular and highly esteemed medicines, by means
of false add sfunderous publications in the Saint
Louis Sun, and in other papers published in St.
Loois, and perhaps iu papers published in different
parts of tha country and having failed in his ma
licious intent, we know not what other means may
be resorted to to accomplish this foul purpose
but in order to guard the public against imposition
we deem it our duty to infurm them that we have
furnished all our travelling agents with a regularly
authenticated Letter of Attorney, signed with our
own written signatures, and certified under seal by
a Notary Public or other proper officer of St. Clair
county, Illinois, and also with a ropy of the Letter
Testamentary, certified and sealed by the Probate
Justice of the Peaco of said county. Have noth
ing to do wiih any person travelling with Pills,
who cannot shew this evidence of thoir genuine
ness. This caution is given to prevent counter
feits. P. A. CHAMPION, Ex'x
Of the Estate oj F. Champion, deceased.
July 22, H48 20m4
Thomas Joncsi
E Respectfully infnforins his old friends and
rHl customers, thu he lias excellent supply uf
immaterial, and is ready tu attend to all or
ders. He designs keeping constantly on hand a
full assortment of Gentlemen's Fine calf, Patent
Leather, Pump and Kip Boots, also a supply
of Gaiter, Brogan, Ladie's and Children's Shoes,
all of which they will offer at the lowest rates.
His stock of materials, embracing Morocco, pat
ent leather, cult and kip skins, are of thn best
quality, and their lasts are of the latest fashions.
All orders for work, will be promptly attended to,
and the subscriber hopes, by a strict application to
business, to obtain a liberal share of patronage.
Shop, south side of tho public square,
March 18tb, '43. 2 y
SHOT 20 bags assorted shot fur sale by
July 29 J. D PERRY, Glasgow.

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