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Thii sheet made its appearance last Sat
urday morning. In one of its articles,
speaking of the Presidency, il gives a brief
review of how Gen. Taylor was nomina
ted; which article we propose to give by
paragraphs, with a few comments. The
opening paragraph is as follows:
When the news of the victory of Buena Viita
spread like praiiia firs throughout the land, the
two great parties were preparing for the nomina
lion of such men as in their estimation were ben
fitted for the Presidential chair. The Democrat
ic party had already cast their eyes upon their
favorite leader of the present day, the lion.
Lewis Cass. They called for hia opinions of the
times, the present tmd the future welfare of hit
country; and he answered ;veiy question in a
aatiafactory manner, lending to his nomination by
the universal Democratic party.
The intelligent reader will recollect Gen.
Cass' "satisfactory" letter to the Chicago
Convention; his more than " satisfactory"
letters on the Wilmot Proviso, because ho
espoused both sides; his "'noise and confu
sion" speech at Cleveland; and more than
all will he recollect the "satisfactory" man
nci which the "universal Democratic par
ly" of New York, Pennsylvania and several
other states, received his nomination ! A
recollection of all this, will give a ''satisfac
tory" insight into the political knowledge
and candor of the Banner.
But to the sscond paragraph:
Gen. Taylor's fa ne, olono, in a military point
Of view, sufficed to bring his name before the
people at an early day. The faction banner
toon was n'sed, and adorations in its praise rame
from the heart of every malcontent of party.
The Gsneial pandered to tho will and wishes of
such men, and lust no lime in yielding to a nom
ination. He was then a candidate of no party :
he was but the dupe of hungry office hunters and
designing demagogues.
About this time, the editor of the fan
ner was a "hungry office seeker," and sup
porter of Gen. Taylor. But now he has
raised tho "faction Banner," and abuses
the man ho so much admired and under
whom ho was so anxious to hold the
Subordinate post of Captain! If Gen.
Taylor's friends will excuse us for the com
parison, we wiil leave it to them to decide
which is tho "dupe," and which has " pan
dered" and shifted fur personal aggrandize
ment. Paragraph third:
The damning spirit of fanaticism reared its
head in quite another quarter. Gen. Tylor ac
ceded to the withes of Nativisin, cast aside all
tense of honor and of shame, and thus became
the candidate of secret and designing traitors to
their country and its institutions.
Gen. Taylor's devotion to hia " country
and its institutions," was manifested by an
exposure of his life in her defence, when
the writer of this slander was yet unborn;
or if born, had never yet been beyond the
purlieu of a nursery; it becomes such an
one to speak of the man who risked his
life defending him and tho mother who
bore him, as lost to "honor and shame" and
conspiring with "secret and designing trai
tors t3 the country and its institutions." It
is also complimentary to his neighbors and
fellow-citizens, to place them in the same
category, they are not familiar with the life
and services of the man they support for
the high office of President, and will ap
preciate the information thus timely given,
that they are supporting a man who is a
designing traitor to the country and its in
stitutions I
But there is something yet in store for
them, in paragraph fourth:
As if to clap the climax of unhallowed work,
the Federal party met in general conclave in the
Quaker city." There, principles were found
too light; and nothing would suffice but plain
availability in opposition to the name of Gen.
Cars. Henry Clay was doomed to disappoint
ment even in a nomination; and, y reason.of
upinne?s of his fiiends was forced to yield the
uieferance of the discontented of Ins party to
lha claims of such a man as Sdchary laylor!
Tho "traitors" of the former paragraph,
ore now merged with the "federal party,"
in an "unhallowed work." They would
riot nominate Mr. Clay; and sustain anoth
er defeat, but chose to take as true a patriot
; even "such a man as Gen. Taylor !" and
with this stern old patriot as their leader,
they have lashed the Cassiles into a per
fect phrenzy. Patriots, good arid true; ral
lied under his banner, and have already ac
compii'shed much for the country -and the
7lh of November, will seal the hopes of
hungry. ofneo hunters and designing dem
ugogues." This is the great work "sue a
inan ae Geh. Taylor" is well filled for, and
which a brave and intelligent people have
called upon him to do.
Paragraph fifth, and last :
.This, is a plain statement or ths manner in
which ti name of Gen. Taylor was forced be.
fore the people in connexion with the Presiden
by. Lei him deny il best who can.
There should have been one more para
graph; aetting forth how a portion of the
. . !. ! n. i : i nid;
democratic party, in i euusyivouia,
ana. and other places, broke down parly
U.arriers, and nominated' the brave and pat
riotic old General; and then, with a few
Irahipoaltions anr corrections, and the
knowledge all intelligent persons possess of
hia position, it would be aeen, how men or
.. . - u:.
all parties torcea nis name even against
will, before the country in connexion wun
the Presidency.
Recent newi shows, also, very clearly
that they are going to force him into the
WhiU Houae. Succesa to the People's
...U.t.i Wa want t few more such
traitors aa tho indomitable old Zack, and
our country will go on prospering and to
prosper, while his slanderers and the calum
niators of his supporters, will go down,
down, DOWN, to tho shades of obscurity,
a prey to the worst of torments their
own foul thoughts I
Thb two Sexes. Tho following true
and interesting paragraphs are extracted
from an article by Mrs. Sigotirney, whose
mind is the dwelling of life and beauty.
" Man might be initiated into the vaiieties and
mysteries of needle, work; taught to have pa
tience with ihe leebleness and waywardness ol
infancy, and to steal with noiseless step about
he chamber ol the sick; and woman might be
instructed to contend for the palm of science;
to pour forth eloquence in Senates, or to ' wade
thrnuxh fields of slaughter to a throne.' Yet
revolting! of the soul would attend th's violence
of nature, this abuse of physical and intellectual
energy while the beauty of social order would
be defaced and the fountain of earthly felicity
" We arrive, therefore, at the conclusion, the
sexes are intended for different spheres, and con
structed in conformity to the respective destina
tions by Him who bids the oak brave the fury
of the tempest, and the Alpine flower lean its
cheek on the bosom of eternal anow. But dif.
parity does not necessarily imply inferiority.
The high places of the earth, with their pomp
and glory, are indeed accessible only to the iron,
arch of ambition, or the grasp of power
those who pass, with faithful and unapplauded
zeal, through the humble round of duty, are not
unnoticed by the 1 Gieal Taskmaster's eye,' and
their endowment, through accounted poverty
among men, may prove durable riches in the
kingdom ol Heaven.
Messrs. Green (f- Shirley: In his first issue,
under the head of 'Democratic Reform,' the ed
itor of the 'Banner' tells ui that Gen. Simon
Cameron, aa Chairman of a committee on pub.
lie printing, has saved the government the sum
of $90,000 in thai one item alone; and winds
up with the complacent flourish "so much for
Democratic legislation" !
This will do pretty well for the Capt's. milita
ry friend, the General, who, had there been no
other members of the committee save himself,
would justly merit the title of Simon Pure.
Bui we should hardly have supposed lhal the
save at thespigol and watte at ihe bung hole pol
icy of this administration, would have greatly
commended itself to the Captains' down east
ideas of economy, had it not been that he had
just assumed the garments of a Neophito. On
this account he may feel necessitated to manifest
a saving belief in the new faith ba has so re
cently embraced, which cannot be done so well
in any other way as by lauding all that pertains
to Democracy, even dewn to the moles and warts
which corruscate upon the snout of his "gor bel
lied" sword breaking hero of Hulls' surrender.
Since the Egyptians worshipped crocodiles, and
the Hotehtois serpents, we will not say tho Cep.
tain's adoration is not most dovouily sincere; but
while ha licks the dust before this libeller of
Washington and parasite of crowned hearls, let
him not slander as faction and trtaivn, the un
. , . .. i i,i. r r a :
bought admiration, which the freemen of Amen-
ca cherish for the honest hearted old hero of a
hundred fights. "Treason and faction" indeed !
Who is General Taylor, that he is thus made the
butt al which every lilliputian lets fly his tiny
missiles? Is he a malefactor, that he must be
hunted down snd bull baited in this kind of
style? Is his name to be reviled and execrated
as a "traitor" through all time al the bidding of
''the Banner?" Or is it one to be embalmed in
history and in song, so long as the mother of
mountains shall lift her cloud capped peaks to
Heaven? ROUGH & READY.
ft7-Xotic.e to the Public. Persons wanting Geo-1
uiue popular Family Medicines, are advised to go will apply at llie next term of the Randolph Coun
to Dr. Easterly's Family Medicine Store, corner of ty Court,' Fourth Monday iu November next, for a
Third and Chesnut streets, St. Louis. Mo., where
they can find almost every Popular Family Medi
cine that is manufactured in the United States
wholesale and retail, at the cheapest rates; or call
on his agent. Dr. Win, R. Snelson, Fayette, who
keeps I hem Tor sale.
ffirRead his advertisements in another column.
Office Glasgow Weekly Times,
October 19, 1843.
Business continues brisk from store, though in
P-oduce nothing of importance has transpired, in
consequence of the continued high rates of freights,
without any prospect of s decline. Bacon cannot
be pi': chased for shipment without resulting in a
loss to the shipper, the article having materially
declined below, particularly sides, which is the
only description now offered in our market, conse
quently buyers are nut willing to take bold.
Stocks of Goods are now ampi, being consid
erably increased by late srrivalsboth in Dry Goods
and Groceries. The fall and winter aupply may
now be considered as complete.
Wa have no material change to report in
freights: up freights are from 50 to 75c., down 50c
and plenty. Bwiats are asking from .5 to 30c per
hushel for wheat, though shippers are not willing
to accede to these rates. We quote
BACON Bides, . . 2 to2Jc.
Hams, 2 J to3)c.
. Shoulders, 2 to'JJc.
WHEAT, , i
EGGS, (scarce)
' L. B.
50 c.
. . 50 c.
. . 5c.
- . 25c.
. 8 to 10c:
..5 to Co.
. 70 to 75c.
6 to To.
$2 25 per sack'.
2 50,
t Ka. (reweighed.) 50c. per bushel.
WniSKEY, Cin. Rect., 25c.
" St. Louis inferior, 22c.
IRON, Com. Bar, . 4 Jo.
Sligo, . . . 6jc.
St. Louis, Oct 14
Hemp, gl('0li05; Wheal, 63a85 cents per
bushel , according to quality; bacon, 3)a3r whis
key, 1 c ; dried apalcs, 8.5c? ; p?tot?os, 40c.
November Election.
For Circuit Attorney lid Judicial Circuit.
CHAS. H. HARDIN, of q.lluway.
ROBERT T. PRE WITT, of Howard.
I. O. O. F.
The members of Randolph Lodge No. 23, 1. O.
O. F., will have a procession in Huntsville, on the
Kflih October, instant.
Rev. F. A. Savaok will deliver an Oration on
the subject of Odd Fellowship.
Btethren of neighboring Lodge), transient.
oremren in good standing, and the public general
If are invited to attend.
I have just received per steamer " Amelia," and
" Mandan," a larse addiiiun to rnv former
stock of Groceries, Liquors, Sic, which completes
my fall and winter supply, to which I would in
vite the attention of purchasers in need of arti
cles in my line. My slock is larger and beticr as
sorted than any other in town, and will be offered
at unusually low prices.
Stoves! StOVCS !
I beg '.rave to cull the attention of the puclic to
1. my large assortment of Tartar, Chamber and
Cooking Stoves, comprising many varieties, all of
which have been selected with care, and will be
sold at very low prices and warranted.
JiNO. V. I xKKY,
Q KEGS fresh Mackerel.
t KITS " " packed this year, just
received s nd for sale bv JIMO. D. I'ERRY.
Cotton Yarn.
fK BAGS Assorted Cotton Yarn, just received
i3 and tor sale by JNO. D. PERRY.
2DOZ Jars Fresli Tickets, assorted, just re
ceived and for sale by JNO. D. PERRY.
JLonl' and Crushed Sugars.
Q BARRELS Loaf and Crushed Sugars.
BOXES Double refined Loaf " just re-
ccivid and for sale by JNO. D. PERRY.
Of) nnn ASSOKTED Cigars, just rc
0"vrvl" culver! and for sale by
j.iu u. re nr. x .
IVcgro Shoes.
Q CASES thick Brogan shoes, jusl received and
tj fur sale by
K DOZ. Nason'a Axes, just
received and for
f sale bv
New Orleans Sugar.
HHDS. Prime New Orleans Sugar just re
ceived and fur sale hy J. D. PRKRY.
Rio Coflee.
en BAGS Prime Rio Coffee, just received
0J and for sale by J. D. PERRY.
pyf KEGS " Missouri Iron" Nails just re
al U ceived and for salu by J. D. PERRY.
15 boxes assorted candies
8 " " kisses
10 " MR Raisins
'2 bags Alraouds, jusl received and for
sale by JNO. D. PERRY.
DON will continue to practice law in partner-
mp. in an me court. ui r-uwaro county, except
ihCoumy Court. Ai,businesa entrusted lo them
will receive their united attention.
-i n ..e 1 1 i . .
John B. Clark will continue lo attend the sever
al courts as heretofore.
(X?"Otlice On the public squa'e, Fayette,
fe"7Andrew J. Hcrndon can at all times be found
at the County Clerk's office.
Faveite, October 19, 1W4. 32
O. F White,
Cr.RoLLTo.N, Missouri.
WILL give prompt attention to all business
entrusted to him, in the Courts of Carroll
and adjoining counties. oct!9-3J
Final settlement.
TVTOTICE is hereby eiven to all creditors and
il others interested in Ihe estate of James
Alexander dee'd, ihat the undersigned Executor
final settlement of his administration.
October 5, 1348 3141.
RESPECTFULLY inform their old friends
and customers, and the public generally, that
ihey have teccived and now offer for sale, one of
the most extensive stccks ot seasonable goods
ever bronchi to this market all of which havr
been purchased in the eastern ciues, by one ot the
lirm. on terms which warrant them in saying tney
can and will sell as cheap as any house in this
I gCCtjun 0f country.
Their Uoods are nil new, ol
he latest styles, and were purchased expressly to
meet the wants of the country, lucir stock em
braces. Clo'.hs, of the finest quality
Satinets and Jeans.
Domestics, bleached and brown.
Boots, shoes, hats and caps.
Calicoes, all kind, very low,i.j.i.c,
Their stock is full, embracing all new styles,
together with suitable trimmings, to which the . t-1
teiilion of the ladies is particularly invited.
The tarjfwst and finest stock of ready made cloth
ing ever brought to the country, embracing every
article of gentlemen's wear. Full suits sold at
astonishingly low prices. Particular attention is
called to this part ot their stock.
Also, a full supply ot
Family Groceries,' Cutlery, Nails, Spun Cot
ton. I've tin lis, etc., cue.
Together with every article usually called for,
which we pledge ourselves to sell as cheap as can
be had in any other place or store, this side of Sl
Louis. We respectlully solicit a call, to the end
that our goods may.be seen and prices known.-
Alter seeing the one and knowing llie Diner, sales
icill follow.
, OKt,L.;l;.PAUai, rJSifi. if V.O.
Fayetle, Octobers. lr)48.
AVaeon Iloxesi.
Qar Sells assorted sizes, for sale at, Carroll's
oct. 12.
Attorney at Law, ,
. Huntsville, Mo.
ILL attend lo any business entrusted to
-id tha second. Judicial District.'
Buownino Si Busbhel, Quincey, Illinois.
A. W. MortgisoN, Esq .l V...B
Cot,. Jos. Davis, , , J el18'
W. Pickbt, Benton, Miss. .
Col. P. H. Fountain, Ponutock, Miss.
MlCamtbell &. CoATts. Huntsville. Ma.
0- Oth. Uc.CAMrssLL'a Buildinos, Huntsville
Mo. (Randolph Co , Dec 13th, '40. 10-ly.
Autumn and Winter Cioods.
Fayette, Missouri,
HAVING commenced receiving their extensive
and valuable stork for the present and ap
proaching seasons, respectfully invite the attention
of purchasers to nno of the largest, and in all res
pects most desirable, assorments . of goods ever
brought to this county, comprising every variety of
Boots and Shots, China, Plan and Queenstcare,
llarivcarc and Cutlery- Iron, Kails, Castings,
Determined to transact a permanent business, on
an extensive scale, and do our part towards ma
king Fayette a point of attraction to purchasers,
we will at all times be prepared to meet the wants
of the country, by having our shelves and ware
houses fully supplied with the most desirable styles
and qualities of goods which manufacturers and
importer can furnish. Our purchuscs are, and
will continue lo be made, on the best terms, and
combining all the advantages which any house in
this or neighboring towns enjoy. We assure old
and new customers, that our prices will in all cases
be as low as the very lowest, our stock equal to the
bcBt, aud our uniform principles of business such
as to insure the permanent satisfaction and increa
sing confidence of customers.
Our friends and the public will please favor us
with an examination of our goods and prices.
Faye'le, September i3d, 1848.
Dr. JI c Lane's Verm i fuse.
The Best Remedy Ever Discovered for Expelling
Worms from Children.
The symptom i of ihe presence of Worms in
Children should be carefully watched by parents,
and as soon as there is reason to suspect their ex
istence, every means should he used to expel them
promptly and thoroughly. Dr. McLane's Vermi
fuge is rapidly supplanting all others, in public es
timation. Where it is used it has produced the
best effects, and every family who has used it, say
it is the bent they have ever aeen.
Symptoms of Worms. Read! Read!.'
The countenance is pale and Kaden-colored, with
occasional flushes, or a circumscribed spot un one
or both cheeks; the eyes become dull; the pupils
dilate; an azure semi-circle runs along the lower
eye-lid; the nose is irritated, swells and sometime
bleeds; a swelling of the upper lip: occasional
head ach, with humming or throbbing in the ears;
an unusual secretion of saliva; slimy or furred
tongue; breath very foul, particularly in the morn
ing; appetite variable, sometimes voracious, with
a gnawing sensation of the stomach, at others, en
tirely gone; fleeting pains in the stomach;
nausea and vomiting; violent pains throughout the
abdomen; bowels irregular, at times cos'ive; stools
slimy, not unfrequently tinged with blood; belly
swollen hard; urine turbid; respiration occasional
ly difficult, and accompanied by hiccough; cough
sometimes dry and convulsive; uneasy and disturb
ed eleep, with grinding of the teeth; temper varia
ble but generally irritable, Sic.
Mother, nurses, parents, guardians, look we!l
to your children, and if you see any symptoms of
worms, procure Dr. McLane's Vermifuge, because
it is the very best, most deserving, and popular
remeay ever presented to the notice ol the public.
r.;,. oi .,, . u
For sale by Dr. E. EASTERLY, at the City
- will. UCI UtA
Fomily Medicine Store, south-east corner of Third
and Chesnut streets, St. Louis,-Mo , only agent for
the west. Sept. i,
(tt-Sold also by. Dr. 'V. R. SNELSON, Drug
gist, agent for Fayette; DIGGES A HORSLEY,
irlasgow; KiNU.Y & titc.ViA., nocheport.
1'otice Trunk for Sale.
xl in my bar room, in September 1547, contain
ing several articles of gentlemen's wearing ap.
parel. Said trunk has been advertised once be
fore, and this is to give final notice, that il
said trunk and contents are not called for on or
oeiore tne tn flay ot XNovember next, the time
will be publicly Mild to pay charges thereon.
A. W. CRENSHAW, Hotel Keeper,
Oct. 5. 1848 31ts Water street, Glusgow
'INHERE are several vacancies in my School,
-1 which may be filled by epplicatiun to me.
1 will also receive in my lamily three or four boar
ders, on accommodating terms.
October 12, 1848. 32tf
Fresh Shoes and Boots.
ARRIVED per steamer Berlrand, direct from
the manufacturers at Boston and Linn, Mas
sachusetts, 25 cases Bouts and Shoes, of superior
quality, and strictly adapted for the winter season
I hose wishing to purchase for themselves or ser
vants, will please call on me.
sot a out
jVfY whole assortment of Liquors and Wines
1 A to my neighbor. John D. J erry. Since 1 am
determined lo quit the liquor business, I advise my
old neighbors and friends in this line of the fuit.
James XV. Ilarri,'
Commission and Forwarding Merchant, and
Produce Dealer,
rIHE undersigned having met with much bet-J-
ter success in the Commissio n and Forward
ing business than expected, would here lake occa
sion lo state to Shippers and the Public generally.
inai, m arrangements lor llie next season are
such, as to offer every facility that this point ah
fords, for shipping Produce ond Receiving Mer
chandize, and hopes to receive such patronsvo Ironi
ihoo who are interested in shipping at this point,
as lie may merit. nespectlully,
oct. 12. J. W. HARRIS.
Final Settlement.
NOTICE is hereby given tu all creditors and
others Interested in the estate of Robert G.
Sherwood, deceased, that the undersigned. Admin
istratrix will apply al the next regular term of the
tlandoipn uounty court, fourth Monday in Iso
vember next, for a final settlement of her admin
stration. ARMINTA SHER WOOD, Ex'rs.
October 12, 1848. 32 4t.
Stovest, Stores.
A Fine assortment of Coal, Wood, Cook and
Parlor Stoves, for sale low st Carrolls' Cor
ner. Also a lot ot extra stove pipes.
oct. 12.
nent, all sizes
A full assortment, all sizes and shapes, odd
lids, It., for sale at Carroll's Corner.
oct. 12.
Saddle,'. rfcA Saddle!
4 s i shall make a change in my Dusiness
XJL ;hurtly, I will sell at auction, un the 7th
day of November next, a fine lot of saddles, viz:
Full Spanish Hood.,
full quilled Spanish. . ! . .
Quilted seat and plain full Spanish.
Hair Spanish quilted and plain seat. - -Sidesaddles,
Quilted and piush, etc, tie.
Glasgow, Oct, 5, '48, VM. BOYD.
FRESH FAMILY FLOUR. A supply always
on hand, and for sale by ' ,,
, - . SAVAGE ij CO.
Glasgow, October s, 1848.
. Wanted. .
IT7E wish to contract for six hundred well
V fatted bogs, large, to be delivered this fall,
fir which lha casii will be Maid. '
Glssgow, October 5, 118.
Pi leu! Piles!! Piled!!!
Dr. Upham'l Vegetable Electuary, or Internal
...... ...... ...... . r7 . . .
ir.,nz.u i rvK . M UE riLES -jriumpnani:
fiO.000 cant Cured in the vast vear. ,
OtfThis Medicine is warranted to cure all cases
or piles, either bleeding or blind, internal or ex
ternal, and all inflamatory diseases found in con.
junction with the Piles such as
Chronic uysentary. Weakness and Inflammation
of the Svme,
falling of tha bowels, womb, tc, that females
particularly sre subject to, under peculiar circum
stances; fur which many certificates could be giv
en of apeedy aud effectual cures but delicacy fur
bids their publication.- '
Severe and Habitual Costivener.s,
Flow of blood to the head, Dispcpsia, Ulcerations,
Fistulas, Inflammation of the Stomach, find a
speedy cure in Dr. Upiiam's Electuary. It is an
internal remedy, and cures by its action on the
bowels and blood, the relaxed stale, which is the
causo of the above namnd diseases.
Universal Commendation.
From every city, town and vilinee, where Dr.
Upham's Vegetable Pile Electuary has been intro
duced, the must gratifying intelligence of its effects
hevn been received by the Proprietor. In hundred?
of instances it has triumphed over coses which
were deemed incurable.
Letter of Capt. G... W. McLean, lata of the U. S
Service, and member of the N. J. Igixliinre.
RaiuVat, June 1, H-17.
"I have boen afflicted for years with the Piles,
and have tried without anything like permanent
benefit, almost everything assuming Ihe name of
a remedy. I bad, as a matter of cowrie, lost all
confidence in medicine. Under this feeling I was
nduced not without reluctance, I conles to use
Upham's Electuary;' and having used it fur ebout
three weeks, according to the drcctions laid down,
I find to my utter surprise, as well as sntislactton.
that every symptom of the disease lias left tne. I
think it due alike to Dr. Upham and myself to make
this statement. G. A. JMcLfcAa."
Addressed to the agents in Columbia Ga.
Xolict. The genuine Electuary has the written
signature thus, ((jA. Upham, M- D ) The baud
is also done with a pen.
t nee gti per box.
For sale by Dr. E EASTERLY, south-east cor
ner of Third and Chesnut streets, St. Louis. Mo.
Sole agent for the west. Sept. 2, '48.
OtrForsale by Dr. W. K. SNELSON, Drus-
gist, agent for Fnyette; DIGGES & HORSELEY,
Glasgow; and KNOX Sl BL.E.MAN, Rocheport.
Dr. .Tlclane's Liver I'ill,
For the Cure nf Liter Complaint, Dyspepsia, Sick
leaaacn, ana ail unions Complaints.
The liver is much more frequently the seat ol
dises.se than is generally supposed. It U now gen
erally admitted by I'nysicians or reputation and
experience, that more than one-half of the com
plaints which occi r throughout Lha grpat valley of
tne Mississippi, liave tneir seat in a disease ! state
of the liver, and that more than three fourths of the
diseases enumerated under the head of Consump
tion, have also their seat in a disensr d livur
Case in St. Louis nf one year's standing.
St. Louis. Mo. May 5. 117.
Dr. E. Eastebly Sir: I hereby certify that I
have been afflicted for more than a renr. with the
liver complaint, and have applied to different phy
Mcions, and all to little or no effect, until 1 made
use of Dr. McLane'a Liver Pills. I am happy to
inform you that I was perfectly cured by the use of
one box. I can therefore, in justice, recommend
others who are troubled with a diseased liver, to
make a trial of these Pills.
Truly juurs, ROBERT HALL.
Residence. Fuurteen'h and Biddle streets.
Individuals suffering with Liver Complaint, Dys
pepsia, Sick Headach, or any bilious disease, are
earnestly sdvisen to make a trial or ur. lUcLanc
Liver Pills, as they have been prepared by a regu
larly educated Physician, who has had an exten
sive practice and experience in treating tho above
complaint. He confidently recommends as being
the very best and most deserving remedy e er pre
sented to the notice of the afflicted.
Price 23 cents per box.
For sale by Dr. E. EASTERLY, south-e.it cor
ner of Tnird and Chesnut streets, St. Lnui. aemt
for the west. Sent. 2, '48
frt-Sold also by Dr. W. R. SNELSON. Drus-
gist, agent for Fayette; DIGGES 4. HORSLEY,
Glasgow; K1NOA &. BtEMAN , Rocheport.
Chill Fever, Dumb Ague, Intermittent
and all the various forms of
This valuable medicine is undoubtedly- the a Test, uU "a the signaiure or comstock &. Lo.
surest and best remedy ever discovered'for the cure 011 ' "Pper of each box. Beware of counter
of the above named diseases. Il not only breaks feits.
ihoh.ll hnl removes th roilsn from whirli the!
disease originates. Its operation is both general
and spesial.
While it acts generally upon the whole system,
as a most powerful alterative, purifying the fluids,
freeing the solids from all morbid secret ions, and
reinvigorating and bringing up all the vital ener
gies to a standard of permanent heul:h; it ut the
sume time exerts a specific influence upon the liver,
digestive organs and lymphatic attd glandular sys
tems; exciting them to healthful activity, remo
ving all morbid matter, equaling the circulation,
restoring their proper and necessary secretions,
thus accomplishing a complete renovation from
disease, and restoration to -sound and permuuem
It will be readily conceded by every intelligent
mind that a Tonic Svbcp composed of Ihe most
valuable ingredients, carefully selected from the
Vegetable Kingdom, must possess far more potent
properties fur the complete eradication of the disea-
es tor which it is especially prepared, than can
poisibly be compounded with the limited quantity
usually administered in the form of Pills.
Those who are suffering with the prostrating
AGUE snd FEVERS common to the west and
south those whue constitutions have become en
feebled by the use of mercury, quinine, or other
violent remedies should resort tit once to the use
It has cured and will cure the most obstinate cases
Travelling with the circulation, it pours its heal
ing current through every vein and artery of the
human body. The whole animal economy is mude
to undergo a thorough radical change Even the
mind partakes of the healthful process, and life,
ibat before appeared one -dreary waste, begins
airain to seem worth possessing.
PamplUels respecting this valuable medicine,
can be obtained ur Uia agents gratis.
. . CAUTIOX. , .
As there are many spurious preparations of tiui
ilar name hawked about the country aud sold oil
the reputation ot. Hie pM !
we therefore beg., leave to caution lbs. public
against imposition, as we cannot bold ourselves
responsible, for the effects which may result from
the use of spurious articles. - - -
H. BLAKSLY fit Co , south-west corner of
Tbird and Ctiesnut streets, U Louis, Genera
! Agents, to whom all orders must be addressed.
Sold also by
1 Dr. Snelsos. Fsveltc. Dr. Henderson, Ola
1?' Malo:,e -5ik. Hunttvirte. (May 6, 'is
New Good.
The largest and finest Stock ever offered by us in
this market.
WE have received cur Stock of Fall and Win
ter Goods, which ia by far the largest and
best assortment ever offered by us in this market.
The styles are or the very latest importations, the
quality equal to any in the United Sta'ea, and the
trimmings complete and perfect. In the sale, we
are certain of our ability to give entire satisfaction,
as our purchases were made in New York and Phil
adelphia, on the most advantageous terms, and the
entire Stock will be offered at the smallest advance
for which goods can bs sold in the western country.
Ladies in this and the adjoining counties, in want
of strictly fine and fashionable dress goods, are as
sured that the utmost attention has been paid lo the
election of trimmings, and we vsnture the assu
rance thai all can bo satisfied. The public arc in
vited to call.
Only one price, and no abatement!
.lien lie of their Prejudices!
There have been thousands doubtless, who suf
fered disease to destroy their happiness here, and
even life itself, rnther than resort to the use of
what ure gencriilly elyled t'PalcntMedicit.es;"
no matter what health-improving virtues llica
may have . possessed. Accustomed to hear a cry
against these remedies, they choose to deprivu
inemeive or the happy bench's they might have
received from them, and vainly endeavor to bolsler
np their falling condition by the ordinary pations
of the day, which were less efficient, though per-
naps more rusnmnauie ana costjy. cut ve rejoice
that thee hurtful prejudices are fast losmg their
sway over the minds of the people.- by the many
truly wonderful cures performed by the successful
combination of medical agents for the removal of
all diseases of the lungs and chst, DR. WIS
Dr. Snelson, Fnyette; Dr. Henderson, Glas
rr.w; Mtionf. &i Garth, Huntsville.
Ol' Interest lo All.
4 LL the following named medicines, which
xJl have gained' unbounded popularity, are sold
by C'omiloc A Brother, 69 second street, St.
Louis, (under Ihe Munroe House) Dr. IV. R.
Snelson, Fsyetle, and Knox 4" Dteman, Rochport.
The Genuine Ba'.m of Co'.umbia, for restoring Ihs
"Long hair is a glory to woman,," says Paul,
And ail frel the truth of tlie Pious quotation;
Preserve it then, lnaei your glory may tall.
Unless you protect it with this preparation.
If you wish a rich, luxuriant bead of hair; free
from dandruff and scurf, do not fail to procure
the Genuine Bihn of Columbia. In ca-es of
baldnes it will more than exceed your expectations .
.Many who have lost their hair fur twenty years
have had it restored to its original perfection by
the use of this balm. . Age, slate or condition ap
pears to be no obstacle whatever; it also causes
the fluid tn flow vith which the delicate l.airtubea
is filled, by which means thousands (whose hair
was gray as the Asiatic eagle) have had their hair
restored to their natural color by this invaluable
remedy. In all cases of fever it will be found the
most pleasant wash thut can be used. A few ap
plicntiuns only are necessary to keep the hiir
from falling out. Il strengthens the roots, it ne
ver fails tu impart a rich glossy appearance, and
as a perfume for the toiUi it is unequalled; il holds
three limes as much as ulher miscalled hair res
toratives and is more effectual.
Caution- Never buy it unless you find tha
name of Comstock A Co., Proprietors, on the
wrapper of each bottlt', or you are cheated with a
cuurilerfcit article.
The Hand's Wonder Pronounced so by all urht
hare ever used it.
White Swelling-, Inflammation in the back,
weak limbs, tender or sort feet, and all scrofulous
"ores are speedily oud permanently cured by Con
nel's Magical I'uiu Extractor. Affections of the
lungs, aguu in Ihe I'jcc, breast, tic doloreaux,
chronic sore eyes, blistered surfaces. Sic. It is
equally beneficial in all kinds of inflammatory dis
eases, such as sure nipples and eyes, sprains,
rheumatism, while swilling and ulcers, bruises.
burns chillblaiiis, erysipelas, biles, &c will quick
ly be relieved by th application of this salve.
This remarkable sanative possesses many virtu-s
never found in any other article. It has the most
perfect power over all pains by fire, positively al
laying the suffering almost immediately upon its
application. If any disbelieve the statements, wa
would earnestly invite them to cull and examine
the numerous unsolicited certificates of remarka
ble cures wrought by by this salve. It has for
months past been sold upon the following liberal
terms, to-wit: if the user was not perfectly satis
fied, and even delighted with its effects, and fur.
i tier more, if it did not fully answer our recommen
dations, their money was returned immediately
at their request.- On these terms this absolute
neal-all is nuw sold, and we simply ask if tha
public can demand unylhiug more reasonable.
Kind parent keep il conatantly on hand, iu cases
i of accident by tire, lite may be lost without it, but
j by its use all burns are subject to its control, un
less the vitals are destroyed.
Caution No 'ain Extractor can be genuine
1. For colds and feverish feelings and preventing
U. For asthma, liver complaint and bilious af
fections. 3. For dinrrlaa, iiidigestion and loss of apetite.
4. For cost ivencss in females and males, and
nervous complaints. i . -
5. For stomach affections, dispepsia, piles,
rheumaiism, A:.
The Ureal Points are, it is nol bad to lake, ne
ver gives Pain aud Never leaves one Costive.'!
Fc r all thee things it is warranted unequalled,
and all who do not tind it so may return the bottle
and get their money. Comstock A Co. proprietors.
Use Dr. MeXuir's Acoustic Oil, for the cure of
deafness. Also, oil (hose disagreeable noises like
the buzzing of insects, falling of water, wliizziuir
of steam, which ure symptoms of approaching?
deafness. Many persons who have been deaf for
n, fifteen, or twenty years, and were suhiect ta
use eur-trumpets, being made perfectly well. U
has cured cases of ten, fifteen, and even thirty
years standing of deafness. Price $1 per flask.
Why will you suffer with that distressing crm-
plaint, when s lemedy is at hand that will not fail
to cure you! This remedy will effectually destroy
any attack of headache, either nervous or bilious.
II has cured cases ol twenty years standing.
All flxnectinir to become mothers, snd soxi ous to-
avoid the pains, dislrsssand dangers of chi 'd bear
ing, are earnestly entreated to calm tneir ears, al
lay their nervousness, snd soothe their way by
the use or this mosi e'traorainary vegeiaoie pro
duction. .-Those -who will candidly observe iu
virtues, must spprove of it in their hearts; every
kind and affeerioua'e husband will feel it his mou
. jloiun .duty tu alleviate the distress hi wife ia
exposed tn, by a safe and certain method, which
is, Ibis Mother's Relief.
Keep Youa Feet Dby. Remember, to pre
serve health, the feet should be kept dty ond that
tha OU of - Tuimiu -reudem leather water-proas' and
doubles its durability. Also used for harness and
carriage tops. . ,
. OrAll lha above articles are sold by ConsToca
A Brother, 6U Second street, ft. Louis, sad lt-'
Wm R. Snelson, Fayette.
May 27, 1848 Il-0i

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