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The ftraiitl Result. ' y,' ,
4 "Sufficient returns hova been received to
unceringly 'indicate the election' of Gen.
TILLMORX. Vice President of this great
Republic, for four yean from the 4ih of
March next, ' . .
As this glad "newt came rolling over the
country. it sent a thrill of joy to the hearts
of millions, and the exclamation involunta
' rily escaped the lips of thousands, " T II 13
Aye 1 "tub country is safeT llcr
destinies will soon be committed to the
hands of a man whose Platform is her sa
cred, blood-bought Constitution, and who
stands pledged only to defend that sacred
platform from invasions without or immo
lation within. That he will do this, in ad
dition to his recent pledges to thai effect,
we have his whole lite as guarantee.
". Who asks more ? No one who knows Gen.
Taylor, or who has studied his life and
character. , . .
As far as' is yet known, the States that
have contributed to this glorious result, are
New York, . 30
Pennsylvania, 20
Massachusetts, ' 12
' ' " ' Rhode Island, 4
Connecticut, ' 0
New Jersey, 7
" Maryland, 8
Vermont, 6
North Carolina, 11
Georgia, 10
Kentucky, ' 12
Tennesse, 13
. Louisiana, 0
Delaware, 3
which 'give a handsome majority of the
votes of the Electoral collpge. We think
tliis majority will yet be increased.
With the result of this election, we sin
cerely believe a great majority of the peo
ple of the United States will be pleased
and notwithstanding Gen. Taylor will re
ceive the Government enormously in debt,
and consequently greatly embarrassed, yet
we opine by the lime his four years are
out, so satisfactorily will he have adminis
tered its affairs, that be will retire from
office with a stronger hold upon the affec
tions of the peoolc, than has so recently
been indicated in his behalf: if, indeed, they
permit him then to retire. '.
The moral effect of this victory, is in
calculable. Party debasement and unscru
pulousness, will be no recommendation to
posts of honor, trust, or profit under Gen
Taylor. Honesty, capability, faithfulness
to the constitution, must be the qualifica
tions of his co-laborers and subordinates.
While, aji ever, he will stand ready to de
fend the honor and fame of hi country, to
death, if need be, the honor and interests
of other nations will be held sacred. We
may look for laudable efforts to increase
the bonds of union in our now distracted
country, rather than a lustful desire for the
territory of neighboring countries, which
overleaps constitutional barriers, and na
tional rights, producing war, with its innu
merable train of evils.
Well may the silver-haired patriot re
joice that ho has lived to see a man of the
olden school chosen to preside over the
destinies of that country whose liberties
he has fought to 'perpetuate ! Well may
the middle-aged rejoice in the election of a
man whose honesty and patriotism, whose
. devotion to the country and its prosperity,
gives a guarantee of her onward and up
ward career to glory and renown) Well
may the young rejoice in having so promi
nently before them, in the persons of the
President and Vice President elect, a veri
fication of one, of the most beautiful fea
tures of our beloved country, that her
most honored and responsible posts are
open to each and every one of them and
that her citixans will reward Honesty
.and Merit.
- f n Upper California the gold excitement
it greatly on the increase. Gov. Mason
reached Monterey, (from the placer,) bring
ing with him deserters whom he found up
on the road carrying a press of canvass,
and shaping leir course for the region of
the precious meJ.U. i worthy and race,
lious excellency nlaCtd these fellows, bare
backed, on a few spare hi?.rso he had with
bim, and, although the sailors frequently
begged to be allowed to walk, i.'.'ey were
pertinaciously refused, and compelled to
travel in this way rr sixty miles. Un the
10th of August, a eourt martial commenced
on board the Congress for the trial of the
deserters from the Warren, above alluded
to. Some of the cases have been decided,
but the sentences bave not been promulga
led. It is thought the punishment will be
ever.' -
At a meeting of the Whigs of Glasgow
and vicinity, held at "Crenshaw's Hotel,"
on Tuesday evening last, fo take into con
sideration tho propriety "of celebrating, in
a proper manner, the recent triumph of
the people over the office-holders, in the
election: of Gen. ZACHARY TAYLOR,
Vice President of the United. States, W,
F. Dunnica was called to the Chair, and
Clark II. Green appointed Secretary, : .:
4On motion,- a committee was appointed
consisting of F. A. Savage, I. P. Vaughan,
T. Shackelford, W. G. Ck-iles, and R. G.
Runyan, to report a preamble end resolu
tions for the consideration of the meeting.
The committee reported as follows :
In the exercise of the privileges which
belong to us as a portion of the great Whig
party, and in view of the recent triumphant
victory achieved by the Whigs of the
Union, . in the Presidential canvass, we
deem if right and proper, publicly to ex
press our joy, and join with our fellow
whigs throughout the country, in eclebra
'ting the no less glorious than important
event.. Therefore . r.
, Resolved, That we congratulate the
Whigs of the United States in general, and
the whigs of Howard county here assem
bled in particular, upon the, election of the
glorious old hero, ZACHARY TAYLOR,
President, and the patriotic Statesman,
dent, of this great Republic,'
Resolved, That as an expression of our
joy at so auspicious an event in the politi
cal history of our country, we will, one
and all, illuminate every whig house in our
town and vicinity, on Monday night, 20th
. Resolved, Thai we invite every friend
of Gen. Taylor in Howard and adjoining
counties, to meet with us on that occasion.
Resolved, That a committee of seven be
appointed as a committee of arrangements,
who are requested to determine the arrange
ments for the evening, and publish the same
in the Glasgow Weekly Times.
The report of the committee was unani
mously adopted, and the following persons
appointed the committee of arrangement:
C. B. Failenstein, R. G. Runyan, I. P.
Vaughan, Samuel Sicininetz, W. J. Horse-
ley, Thos. Blalchford, Thog. Shackelford;
and on motion, the chairman wag added to
said committee.
After several speeches, the meeting ad
journed with three cheers for Taylor and
W. F. DUNNICA, Chairman.
Clark H. Green, Secretary.
1st. At the first firing of the cannon af
ter dark, all the houses will be illuminated.
2d. As soon as convenient thereafter, a
general meeting will take' place at the
schoolroom of Chas. D. Simpson, on 1st
3d. As soon as the company is assem
bled, a procession will be formed and move
through the principal streets of the city,
and back to the place of starling, where
several speeches will be delivered. Seats
will be provided for the ladies.
4ih. Torches, transparencies, banners,
&c, will be assigned a place in the proces
sion as they arrive.
Sth. John II. Turner and R. G. Runyan,
are appointed Marshall of the evening.
By order of the committee.
Whig J l'bilee ix Randolph. The
Whigs of Randolph will celebrate the elec
tion of Gen. Taylor to-morrow, (Friday,)
evening, at llunlsville. 1 hey expect to
have an illumination, procession, speaking,
and a ball, and would be pleased to have as
many of their wfcig friends be with litem
as possible.
Ninety-nine majority fur Old Zack,
settles that contested election, in a very
handsome manner! We cliancea to be at
llunlsville when the news of Taylor' elec
tion was received. We were not genera! I
ly acquainted with the people and their
politics, but could easily distinguish a whig
from a loco, across the street, bo joyous
looked the one, so long-faced the other!
We send the "Times" this week to up
wards of one hundred new subscribers, ob
tained in atrip through Chariton, Linn,
Macon and Randolph, during the last ten
We are gratified, truly, on making our
first appearance under such favorable aus
pices. Friends, Gen. Taylor is elected !
Your Government, during the next four
years, will be in Honest Hands Faithful
Hands Republican Hands! The country
is rescued from the clutches of the blood
suckers, and will now be put upon the old
Republican track. Thanks to an Inlelli
gent and Patriotic Peoplel
DC7The Whigs are busy congratulating
themselves on ihcir recent triumph, and the
loco editors who have fooled their readers,
and caused many of them to lute their mon
ey, are taming largely about "fraads,"
"Roorbacks," "whig lies and tricks," dec.
Tbia is poor consolation, but it is all ihev
LiNneos, the county scat, of Linn coun
ty, is beautifully situated, and improving
very rapidly. The town has a neat, life
like appearance; in which respect it Is very
unlike many of our inland towns. -K is
a sufficient distance from the river, not to
be affected by the towns immediately on
the river, and is a point al which consid
erable business is done. . There are five
stores in the place, all of whose keepers
appeared to be engaged in waiting on cus
lomcrs, and were apparently doing a good
business. There are two taverns , in the
place; the way-worn traveller will find ev
ery thing to make , him feel at home, by
calling on S. TniNO. The Court-house at
Linncus is a very handsome and comforta
ble building. . i , , .
The county of Linn is inferior to none
in point of soil and water advantages. The
prairie and woodland is admirably propor
lioned, rich and productive, guaranteeing
to the Farmer ample remuneration for his
labor; the i country is well watered by
streams, which have some of the best mills
on them in the State, both saw and grist
The best possible evidence of the advan
tages of Linn county, is the rapidity with
which it has been settled. As recently as
fifteen years, there was but one settler in
the county. Now the town of Linneus
must have a population of some four bun
dred, while the county gives some seven
hundred voles I of which number the locos
have a majority of some seventy-five or
one hundred which ia destined, ere long,
to the peaceful shades of oblivion, where
reposes the late Gen. Cass I
The Whigs of Linn are a, patriotic,
whole-souled set, and have placed us under
lasting obligations to them. O Accord
ing to promise, we greet them with the good
news of Old Zack's election!
Hj"" Bloominqton, the county seat of
Macon, is a much smaller place than we
expected to find, and wore to us something
the appearance of a man who had "seen
better days." The buildings, with a few
exceptions, are of a temporary nature; the
court house, "the temple of justice, no
christian would house cattle in! It is a
large edifice, built of brick, which looked
as if they had been afflicted with fever
and ague, ever since their residence in
town and this idea was strengthened by
the shattered condition of I"! windows
and doors, the one being pane-less and the
other hine .'ess. His Honor sat before
the fire, in one corner of the house, sur
rounded by lawyers afid tbeir clients, and
when too many of them were net between
him and the fire, occasionally got up and
warmed himself; the members of the bar
appeared in over-coats and over-shoes, and
made short addresses to shivering jury
men. The wind whistled through the crev
ices, as if making sport of the exertions of
the worthy sheriff, to keep up fires 1 We
were there on Wednesday, after the elec
tion, but could not learn the result. The
locos usually give a majority of some two
hundred and fifty, but from the best infor
mation we could get, Cass' majority was
under one hundred! A good old Whig
with whom we conversed, said the small
majority Cass had received, was the reason
the locos did not know the result in the
county, but, said he, the fog will blow off
after awhile, the locos don't want to
know, but we'll teach them !
1 here is much good land in Macon,
which is being settled by industrious far
mers, and it will eventually be a rich coun
ty. The position of Bloomington ia such,
that it is bound to make a place of some
site and business. A little county and
town pride, will bring both out and if we
mistake not the zeal of the whigs, will give
them the ascendancy, by the time General
Taylor is President four years.
Illinois. The election returns from this
State indicate large gains for Gen. Tavlor
upon the election in 1811, when Polk car
ried the Slate by nearly thirteen thousand.
These gains are not confined to any partic
ular part of the State, but are found on the
north and in the south, in the east and the
middle counties. Whether they will be
sufficient to annihilate Polk's majority, and
thus give the State to Taylor, is however,
problematical. The effort has been a migh
ty one on the part of the whigs, and proves
what may be done by energy and enthusi
asm in such a cause. If the Whigs are not
successful now, they will at least have as
certained their strength, and this will be of
great service to them in future contests.
In 49 counties the whig gain is a little
over C800 votes. There are one hundred
counties in the Slate, ond it would require
nearly the same rate or gain to secure the
State for Gen. Taylor. This cannot be
calculated upon, with any safety, as almost
all the counties in which " Free Soil" exer
cised any influence have been heard from.
u-j L-augning L.ewis,- a loco.meas
uring 'Uncle P.' a whig, for a coffin, to J2
uury mm in, upon the reception of the
news of Cass' election.
"Enlarge the coffin, uncle P.I
Townships. '. Cass. Tat lob. Robirson. Hardin.
Richmond '
Moniteau -Chariton
Boon's Lick
30 -V."
184 ;
Co ,
V54 '
83 .t
V 16
J 67
Bonne Femme 22
Franklin 183
. 62
J 02
Total ' 888 801:
864 ' " B54
Majorities 1 ' 87 ; -"310
Randolph1. Taylor, 607; ' Cass,' 608;
Hardin, 202; Robinson, 641." w" ''' ! v
' Marshal, Nov. 10: 1848.
Messrs. Green 4 Shirley ; 1 give you
below the official majorities, given at th
late elections on the 6th and 7ih inst. ' '
; Taylor' majority in Saline county is 0(4
votes; Samuel L. Sawyer s for Circuit At
torney, is 93 totes. '.'-" '
Taylor and Fillmore,
Cass and Butler, '
Taylor's majority,
For Circuit Attorney.
W. K. Van Arsdall. 582.
James J. Lindley, 450,
S. P. Scanniker, - 1 117,
Levi Wagner, . g,
Van Arsdall's majority over Lindley
Messrs. Green 4 Shirley : Below you
will find the vote of several counties, which
you may rely upon as being correct
Grundy. Taylor's majority 38, being
an increaie of 76 on the vole of 1844.
Daviess. Cass' majority, 85. .
Mercer. Cass' majority 8, being a de
crease of 100 votes on King's majority.
Livingston. Majority for Cass, 178.
Chariton. About i3fJ majority tor
Halliburton is probably elected Circuit
Attorney. His vote is as follows
Mercer. Majority , 167.
. Linn & Scllivan. Majorit" 658.
Totah 725.
Putnam will give him a majority
Slack received 416 votes in Livingston,
110 in Grundy, and 90 in Chariton, ma
king 622.
Old Zack, I am told, is elected. Huzza !
In haste, II,
Taylor, . 1102.
Cass, " ' 588,
Taylor's majority, 514,
For Circuit Attorney.
Hardin . 817,
Robinson 700,
Hardin's majority, 57,
Montgomery gives Gen. Taylor 103 ma
jority. Keed, Whig, over Craig, Whig,
for the Senate, 261. Lamb, Democrat,
over Kirtly, whig, for Circuit Attorney,
29 votes.
Marion Coiwtv. Taylor's majority 249.
For Circuit Attorney, Lamb's majority
over Ktrlly 232.
Platte. Taylor, 704; Cass, 1061.
Buchanan. Taylor, 1102; Cass, 1494.
Clay. Taylor's majority, 208.
Lapayettb. Taylor's majority 450.
Carroll. Cass' majority 35.
Call oway. Gen. Taylor's majority is
near 250; Hardin s majority for Circuit
Attorney will probably reach 500; Reed's
vote for the Senate was almost unanimous.
Cooper. Tayl ir'a majority 184.
Cole. Cass, 531; Taylor, 277.
Moniteau. Cass, 466; Taylor, 161.
St Locis City. Cass' majority, 6.
County, Taylor's majority, 46.
Schuyler. Taylor's majority 37.
It will be some days before the full re
turns of the election in the several States
can be received, but we have no doubt that
the Telegraphic despatches furnish a pret
ty accurate report of the result. The pop
ular vote cannot be known until the offi
cial statements are published, and until
then the people must have a little patience.
Gen. Cass, it is quite certain, will appear
in a larger minority of the Dooular vota
than the electoral vote indicates.
In this State, and if we mistake not, in
all others, the Electors meet at the teat of
Government and cast their Votes on the
first Wednesday in December next.
The Working Man. The article on
our first page, under the caption of "the
Working Man, will repay a perusal. We
would especially recommend it to our
young readers. Do not let its length de
ter you from carefully reading it.
We are now happy to inform tha friends of
the new Masonic College, in this oilv. that Prof.
Shsbwood has arrived and taken his post as
rrcaiuonu 4 quaiincauons 01 lit. S. are
sid to be of the highest order, and his age and
manners are such at will secure to Lira the great,
est r espeel, not only among the students but the
community at large.
The President is the Professor of languages
in ths College; Mr. A. Pattiisob, is the
Profeuor of Mathematics, and Mr. VV, Cam
mom, Instructor in the Preparatory Department.
Tho College already numbers seventy students.
Ltx. Express.
"in" Sampson 'county Taylor fold, bass
741 In Dupin, Taylor 372; Cass 032.- -
The returns from 17 counties in North
Carolina show a Whig gain of 1,700.
Four additional counties heard from
Taylor gains 200 over Clay.
In Goocliiand, Whig gain 63. In Camp
bell 73. . Halifax and Mccklcnberg, report
ed Whig gain, 450.
In Preston county Cass' majority is 65,
io'Monongahela 330 a Whig gain of 57
in each. ' In Din widdio county a Whig
gain of 100. In Madison 05 Democratic
gain. In Nelson,' Taylor 150 rnnj.' In
Prince Willinm, Uoss 204 mnj In Rock
ingham. 1,209 maj. In Hampshire, Cass
73 maj. In Page 000 maj. In Sur
rey, 61 maj In Isle of Wight, 40d maj
In Charlotte, 332 maj. in Fluvanna, Tty-
lor's mai. 61, and in Amherst 20 rnai. ' In
Norfolk county, Cass' majority 22 Dem
ocratic gain of 57. Princess Anne, not
entirely heard from, probable Whig maj. of
70, The report from Wise'a district is un
favorable to the Whigs.
Kanawha county gives Taylor 450 maj.,
Putnam, Taylor 101 maj. In Cabell and
Wayne, Taylor's gains 240. In 56 coun
ties, Taylor gains 2,000 over the vote of
1844. :
In Lee county Cass maj. 450 Demo
craticgain of 100. ' In Van Burcn county
150 gain 75. In Jefferson county 102-
gain of 50. In Johnson county 70 gain
of 6. In Louisiana county Taylor's maj. is
120 Whig gain of 65. In Henry county
Taylor's maj, 204 Whig gain 20.
Henry county, Taylor's maj. 220.
In twelve counties in Indiana, Tayloi'e
gain on the vote ot in is JZ74. Joss
in three counties 100.
In Henderson county Taylor's maj. 172
In Hopkins county Taylor's maj. 12.
Whiggain in in thirty counties near 1000
The Stale will go for Taylor. -ALABAMA.
Taylor gains in Montgomery and Mobile
nothing final. ' The State will go for
Cass. "'
in twenty-two counties heard from, Tayi
lor has gained 1,833 over ihe voth of 1847,
Philadelphia, Nov, 108 p. m.
Thirty-four counties in New York, give
Taylor a majority of 50,000.
The papers in this city give Taylor 160
electoral votes.
Fifty counties in Virginia, show Taylor's
gams, over Clay, to be 200.
Georgia has gone for Taylor.
Centre county gives Cass a majority of
750 being a loss to the locofocos since
the Governor's election of 140.
Lehigh county Majority for Cass 190,
being a Lbcofocoloss of 273.
Mifflin county Majority for Cass 30, be
ing a Locofoco loss of 118. '
Northampton county Majority for Cass
1,000, being a Locofoco gain of lu5.
Perry county Majority for Cass 720,
being a Locofoco loss of 5. .
Susquehana county Majority for Cass
700, being a loss to the Locofocos of 119,
Montgomery county Majority for Cass
340, being a Locofoco loss of 233.
Pike county Majority for Cass 250, be
ing a Locofoco gain of 64.
Huntingdon county Majority for Tay
lor 33, being a Whig gain of 197. .
Juniata county Majority for Taylor 33,
being a Whig gain of 126.
Returns from forty-eight counties in the
State show Taylor's gain over Johnson to
be 9,850.
Cass' majority in Michigan will be about
six thousand. Ihe Whics have pained
one member of Congress. The Legisla
ture is Democratic.
South Carolina is reported as having cast
her vote tor Cass and Butler. ,
From California. A correspondent of
the New York Courier, writing from La
Paz, Lower California, on the 15th of Au-
gust, gives the following information:
In upper California the (told fever Increases.
At Mazulin there has been a counter revo lution.
and one of the officers concerned in ths lest
outbreak was shot, and others was undergoing
trial. Falabio, the leader of the lebellion, bai
escaped, and Trisa, whose influence and money
uruuni it buoui, obi oeen in JUS Viz Tor some
time. It is said that Arisia. at the head of aeven
hundred cavalry, is now on his way to take
charge of the Governmeht of Sinalos. Liberal
views are to be entertained, and many privileges
wuitu ins peupie nave aeKeci are. to he granted;
and thus, it is thought, mailers will be kept qui
et on this coast for a few months at least.
All the ships composing the American sqiida
ron are now al La Pas, but are destined for Up
per California. The Dale was to sail immedi
ately for the Gulf, and Ihe Congress for the Uni
ted Slates.
Commodore Jones has appointed Commieeion.
eis to exemine into claims of soma people of
vioiiiorniB lor roues sustained during the
war - Such claim are to be paid out of ih r
anus collected at Macallan, Guaymas, and oiher
pone on ine coeil, -
Thtf Republican of last Saturday morn-
in announced . that the nowlv repaired
craft " democracy," Lewis Cass master, waa
about to leave for the head waters of salt
river! by Express and Telegraph, tho effects
of the late democratic party at this port.
have been enabled to get on board, mainly
Ihrmiah tht indefaiirnhle exertions of their
---- o .- 7. a . , ,
agent, .j The General advertisement gave
satisfaction: I lie lalo parly was pleased
to hear the "bar Was well supplied," and
1 .... 1..
that " passengers would be allowed to turn
in with boots on" and riiore particularly
that no " allusion to the late eloclion will be
allowed." ' All ihincs being thus satisfacto
ry, ihe agent informs us he has ' ,
the effects of the late party el this port,
lo-wit i the ' Captain," arid two dozen cop
ies of tho " Banner" containing the ac
count of the whig meeting at Fayette;
(these effects were shipped very low, being
of exceeding light weight;) the author of
the celebrated " grease spol" letter, which
originally appeared in ihe Philadelphia
Spirit of ihe Times; (the agent was trou
bled to get the letter writer on board, but
succeeded in convincing the commander
that he was sound on tho Proviso;) the man
that bought the Pump; (taken cheap for
his social qualities;) several kegs, boxes,
&.c, supposed to contain : the powder and
candles prepared for the "celebration of
Cass' election ' . '
The agent informs us the old Faycttb
clique," desired to' engage passage, but as
time pressed, and the President hod an im
pediment in his, speech, which was worse
than usual, no arrangement could be effect
ed. '' - ' Fifty Foun FonTV, f I'
' ;'. Agent.'
P. S. The entire "Clique," including
the "Bank Orator and Attorney, " and the
'old youth of winkling ways," , got on
board just as the last bell rang! 1 . .
' ; THanks. We return our' thanks to
frichd Steel, agent for Frink & Co., on
the Hahnibiil line, for bis exertions in fur
nishing us with the latest news. Through
his exertions bur citizens have been fur
nished with the news several hours in ad
vance of the eastern line. The whigs, es
pecially, will remember "Charlie." fJpHe
puts passengers ihrbu'gh quick and cheap!
We are requested by Major Singer, U.
S. A., to state that company G., Copt. C.
Jacksons, ,' 1st Regiment Mo. Ml, Volun
teers, will receive their extra pay on Mon
day the 27th inst , nt. Glasgow, instead of
Fayeile, as at first announced. - ' r-
It would be well for volunteers, and their
friends, to give the above as extensive a
circulation as possible.
UlirCarrollion, Gen. Butler's own couni
ty, gave Gen. Taylor a majority of 47!
The locos .thought - Butler's popularity
would almost carry ihe State for Cass, but
alas for loco calculations. : ... , , i.
" ' '. " "iLLlNOrs. .) "
The following table will show the result
of the election in this Stale, so fair as heard
trom: 1
Counties. Cass.
Adams 195
Lake 54
Taylor. V. Gain, W. Lots.
20 '
60 83
300 ' 598 '
600 ' 422
600 ' 1407 , '
200 -204
150 , .9
150 65
. 47
007 141 '. ' '
105 48 ,
149 . 89
141. , 122
600 183
82 ... .'-- ., 15
100 91
60 79
30 -. ; .
f. 39
179 .
171 . ,
20 '178 '
813 15 4 -' '
73 ; 5 398
00 .. 63 . 1 - i
20 . 83
38 73
i M
110 '
. 128
00 103 ....
1 . . : 150
Rock Island
Stephenson 29
Hancock 52
Tare well
Shelby . 329 '
bdgar 10
Christian 72
Fayptte 60
Green 275 .
St. Clair 935
Randolph '
Madison '
Macon " 70 '
Clinton 50
Woodford .
Brown 280 ,'
Lawrence 08
Macoupin 205 .
Champaign 0 .
Montgomery 150
Vermillion 250 149 "
Joe Davie ' 85S 469 '
McLean ' 337 c 148 i
Those marked with are official: t four

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