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IIm 'I' - I I . .
7 in irrteaf--tomrrtufafioA
A mw o- carter, onrf oAer Fur
ier Ainurpanec in frutsia.
' Niw Yo.,' Nov. 9.
In. fine steamer Am.,;. .j i... L.
12 o'clock from Liveroonl hr!n: .i "...
j ""7 laicr nuin jjurope. .
: ...T o.nenC,Lf ?'Brl4n' Megh. McMan
uunonue, naa ue.n commuted to tian
,-...-.. m repiy io the lenience.
aieegner and McManue tpoke with the eloquence
: til r.tnmil
France 1
: ' I. tianquil, Tha election of President
fiied to laka placa on the 20th of December.
: Tha P... .;... as: .. .
. 6 " "4"""lr7 naa moi with a .ig.
.... . w oiiicnameni 10 me constitution
10 oeiay me election or President.
... , Austria.
., A here nothing new from Austria. Vienna
was aurrounded on all aide, but nothing new
Duffy's trial had been brought to a conclusion
uui ipu veniici was rendered,
T . .
a ne country presented a deplorable picture,
jmwiiij gm 01 loeiaiiureot the potato ciop.
Dialuibancee look place at Berlin on tha 17lh,
: wmcn reauuea in considerable loss of life,
wae caused by the mechanics breaking up
Cotton has declined one-eighth penny
pound the demand is moderate: aalea for the
week, 2,860 bales. Corn is firm at former
quotations salea at 35s. to 33a. 6d. Western
Canal Flour, 30a; aour flour, at 27a. 6d. Wheat,
6a. 3d. to 8s. 6d: per 70 lbs. new arrivals have
caused a decline. Lornmeal, 17a. Duly on
-meat nas eavanceo loos., end on Flour, to 3s
Ihe London money market ia firm. Consols
closed at 85J. Pork has declined la. to 2s. per
L.U I in v.. . . . 1
uui., ana a. per cwi. nice is without change
(&-Notice to the Public. IW ons w ant in r npn
uine popular Family Medirinen. are aflvUp.l In nn
to Dr. Easterly's Family Medicine Store, corner of
i inru ana inenut streets, St. Louis. Ko., where
,mey can hnd almost every Popular Family Medi
cine that is manuiactured in tho United Slates,
wholesale and retail, at the cheapest rales; or call
on his agent. Dr. Win. K. Sne'lson, Fayette, who
kb.'9 mem lor sale.
. Qij-Read his advertisements in another column.
. Office Glasgow Wkeklt Times,
:", ' .' . November 18, 1618.
. Remarks. We have no changes to note this
week. : Business continues brisk from store;
.Tobacco ia more talked of now than any other
article, but we hear or no sales: holdera are ma.
king inquiries, but no buyers are yet in the mar
Ttet. The river ia low; weather cool and cloudy.
Wr continue to quote
IMCON-Sides, . 2 loSfc.
Hams, .'.21 to3Jc.
; ... , ,i Shoulders, 2 to 21c." ,
.PORK (large hogs)
2 (H)
- - 50o.
- 50c. ' ; ' .
- - 25c.
v ,7C-
8 to 10c.
6 to 8c.
70 to 7.1e. '
6 to 7c.
25 per sack.
2 50,
BUTTER, '-' '.
EGGS, (scarce)
COFFEE, . - - i ' -SALT,
G. A. -'
L. B.
" Ka. (reweighed,) 50c. per bushel.
; . WHISKEY, Cin. Eect., 25c.
" , St. Louis inferior, 22c.
'iR'ON, Com. 6ar, . . ' 4Jc.
St r.nrtia N'ni' 10 tSJS
tn coniequenca ofthe recent foreign news, the
Flour , market is rather unsettled, and the de
uiand for coin increased.
Tobacco Sales this morning of 8 hhds at
the Planteis-1 hhd Refused at $2 30; 1 at 2
45; 1 at 2 66; 1 at 3; 1 hhd Passed at 3 15: 1
at 4 25 per 100 Iba.
''Hsiir But. one sale 1 1 bales p-rime from
t.rvee, at $10S prr ton.
t. Jtloob 91 2oa4 JTJ.
Wheat Trannacliona limited -some 2.808
sacks, including 300 sacks inferior and spring,
at 34a62c; 1000 sacks mixed to fair samples at
68d78c: 500 sacks good at S0a82c: and 800
aacka prime at 85c, sacks returned.
. Coas Market firm and improved prices pa'd
in most insiancss. 96 aacka mixed in second
band. sacks at 38c-: 165,96 and 201 packs at
30c: 71. 171 and 694 aacka pure in order, at
40c. sacks, included. ,
OATa-Sales of 132 tacks at 21j2jc, sacks
Wmskcr Sales of 131 bbls raw in two lota
at 19c per gallon.
Potatoes 122 sacks good Illinois, in two
lots, at 42al5c per. bushel, , aacka returned. The
market has ayi upward tendency.
Baco Sales of 6 cks clear sidti at 3c, and
10 cka prime at tie, 6 cks shoulders at 3jo, and
3 cks choice hams at 6c per lb-
Subdues Light sales of Dried Apples at
80a88c: Peaches 120al25c. Flaxseed 75a78c
per bushel, Dry Hides 6)c per lb.
. FseioutMo New Orlerna Flout 50c, Lard
.Bacon, Oats. &c, 30c. Wheat 14c, Lorn
Hemp $7, Cattle $6 50a6 00, &c.
Ntw York, Nov. 10-12 m.
The Foreign newa ia generally cousidrred un
favorable to the flour market. Buyers ask jars
ger concessions than sellers aie willing to give.
Sties to day have been very moderate, compri
ting only H00 barrels Western at $5 25a$5
H'Aedi The foreign news lias caused a da
cl'me of 3c per bushel.
iVi Tha foreign news is generally consid
ered unfavorable for Provisions, and Pork has
Xleclined 12o per bbl.
- Lai Salea ol 100 bbla Lard ot T7 Me
per bbl. '
Whitkey Sales of 500 bbls of Whiskey at
55.231c. ' ' mV -' .
riTTSBO.OB, NOV. 1012 M.
, There .re six feel water in the channel and
river falling. ,'n '
ClttClNV ATI, NOV. 1012 M.
Flnur The foreign news is generally consid
ered unfsvoiable. Buyers ask larger conceaa.
il,n acllera are wi line to yield.
v eicgrapn 10 a'. Louis.
1 Arrival of the America.
Proewiorw-Nothing doing. In killed hogs
'mora doing. Sales t s)3 25a3 3112 per 100
' I' , v
Th. liver h ruen fiv. inches.
.... nualL.vn, uatignier or i. ii. Baqwell,
.34., ui mat place. . .
--in Munt.viiie ori the 13th, ARTHUR, son
na Harriet Tinslkt.
ITIanuracturer of Tin-ware,
Glasoow, Mo.
Ts st all times prepared to do all businesi in hi
line, on as favorable terms as can be done in St
Louis, or any other place in the State.
He keeps on hand full supply of all articles
usually louna in a tin-suop, and is at all timet
ready to fill order, from merchants ar other.
without delay.
buttering, plain ami ornamental, made and put
up to oraor. repairing or .11 kinds including
wui Biuvo iixMirwn. uune ai me snortesi notice
A call from persons visitinir Glasrrow. ia m
pectfully solicited.
fcr-Old Copper, Pewter, and Brass, taken in pi.
change for work.
Ulasgow, Nov 18, 1948 ly.
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersic-ned
as obtained from the Clerk of the Count
of Linn County, letters of administration, on the
estate 01 Andrew J. Baker, dec 'd. bear nir date Oe.
toberlO, 1843. All persons indebted to said es
tate, are requested to make immediate payment,
nn mu'B nsving claims against it. to Dresenl
them, properly authenticated, within one year
from the date of said letters, or thev mav be
recluded from having any benefit of said estatn.
nd if not presented within three vears. thev will
l . e t j -
ue rurever uarrea.
B. M. BAKER, Adm'r.
Nov, 16, 1S43.
Administrators' Notice.
Notice is hereby given, that the undersigned
as obtained from the Clerk of the Conntv Court
or L.inn Vsounty, letters oi administration, on the
estate of Michael StufTlebean decensed, bearing
l. . on ,ata am . . . .
aie, vci. ov, iota, ah persons Having claims
gainst saiu estate, are nereoy notified to present
the same legally authenticated fur allowance,
within one year from the date of said letters, or
hey may be precluded Irom any benefit of said
estate, and ir such claims are not presented with
n inree years, tney win ue forever barred.
. a. JV1. HAtiEK, Adm'r.
Nov. 16, 1345.
at Law.
Bloominoton, Mo.
WILL give prompt attention to all business
entrusted to his care, in the courts of Ma
con and adi online counties.
Nov. li, 1848 37-tf.
Attorney at Law,
Bloominoton, Mo.
PRACTICES in the courts of Alacon nd aj-
A. joining counties.
Nov. 10, 1348 37-tf.
WILL be sold to the highest bidder, on the
premises, on the 25' h of December next, the tract
of land on which the late William Sniiih lived:
nown as the Smithland tract, containing about
820 acres, on the road from Ulasgow and Favette
Paris. One fourth to be paid io hand, and the
balance in three equal annual instalments.
Any gentleman wishing to purchase . good
country residecce, would do well to examine this
tract; the soil is good; has about 3 or 400 acres
under good fence. The buildings all roomy and
commodious, there ia an abundance of timber land,
nd it all lies convenient to the grand prairie, and
as an abundant supply of atocic water, with .
never failing well in the yard.
ihere will also be sold at the same time five
negroes, all in the prime of life, (to wit:) 3 men.
oue boy, about 15, and a girl about S ,years of
age. inc particular terms of sale will be made
r.own un the day of sale.
Executort of the Estate of Wm. Smith, dee'd.
Nov. 16. 1648. 39 ts.
Teacher Wanted.
A good teacher wanted to take charge of a Dis
Irict School, in Prairie Townsliin. HownrH
County. None need apply unless well qualified.
pply to JACKSON THORP, or
Nov. Ifl, 1848. 3?-3t.
Negroes lor 9ale.
A l.kely negro woman, about 23 years
old, and her two children, are offered fur
sale. For further particulars enquire
at this office.
Ni.v. 10. 1848. 37 3t.
rHE Steamer "Lake of the Woods," brought
up for me, a long expected, but very desira
ble lot of goodi, purchased at New York, and
consisting in the following articles:
1 Lase Kough and Keady Campaign Hats
1 " " .V , . Presidentials
1 " Extra size Beaver Hat from 7 3-8 to 7i
do.. Super Fine Otter Caps
Fisher do ....
" of Muskrat and Raccoon Caps
2 " of Cloth Caps . ,
1 " extra quality Black Wool Hat.
boys fancy and plain A'ool Hats
And for Oentltmen, who wish to appear in a de
cent style on a certain occasion, but cliiefly for tho
good Whigs, celebrating tho great victory, which
they have lought and won, a couple ot dozen ot
realty superior L. IS. Shirts
I dox ot double drawer Buckskin auspendorr,
something very nice and good.
1 doz ol sell-adjusting is I It Satin blocks ....
Gentlemen will please call and examine this re
ally very deairable lot of goods.
JNOV. 10. UHAo. D At-LtlNSlt-IPI.
Winter fSonnets!
I have on hand a few green and purple Satin Bon
nets, beautifully and fashionably made up. I
shall offer them at reasonable price. I have al
so .11 hand, . few patterns only, of Mazarine Blue
and Mode Satin, purple, brown, and wlitie Velvets
for Bonnets, and also suitable trimmigs. All
those goods are fresh from thd City of N ew York
a nd the latest styles out. ,
IrlAS. D. tALl-.air.!.
lila n ke tTTljlaii Tkets !
I am in receipt of a few dozen of choice Blan
kets for servants. They are truly of a belter
quality than waa ever brought to this market, and
fur tale at a very reasonable price, lliose wish
ing to purchase will please call.
Illeached Shirting, Sheeting artii
t.. Quilt Lining!
PER SAit Sot dan from Boston, I have received
direct from the manufacturer of this city,
lot'of choice bleached goods, comprising all the
d liferent grades, which if .called for. , 1 ,1-ave
marked them down about, right, and 1 nave no
doubt prices and quality will suit.
, , Shoes and Hoot! ,
I AM now fully assorted in this seasonable and
desirable article. Ladies and Geutlemeo, young
Misses and young Master, the servant as well as
the laborer, they can all suit tbiinselve without
any trouble. A. to prices, 1 shall only remark, I
nave purchased out ol nrat uanas, rignt irom tne
manufacturer. . If I cannot aell shoes and boots
right, 1 wUh to know who can. ; . t
(rConnmption it Curedj-rr
ni.Pr-RoXr,'ePHnd Syrup of JJveneort and
I or I A safe and certain cure for Consume.
iinn oj me uungt, Spitting of Blood. Covehs.
i,iias. Asthma, fain tn the Side, Whooping
v..a.., ,., umaii riumonrry Ajjntions,
HMO thoje who have CONSUMPTION OR DIS.
-m. C.R.01.U l,uus, we call your earnest and
mnit-uiaioauenuon to me great merit of the a bore
preparation,; and entreat you not to put it down
with 01 her advertised medicines, without inquiring
wnether there is not entire and aaiirtr. f
of its value, and that too from men of the highest
stsnding, who are living witnesses, and can be
seen oy any one wno will take the trouble Io call
upon mem. rcT- not on V tha Plw.iri.n h...
the Professors amonir the mnHir.1 f
hadtbe.ARiif projudice broken down h iK. ...
wM,,,K surc. cuecicu oy mis great remedy, end
ci- 1 . ... J '
rates that there is no mistake about it that it re
ally makes cure, when every thing else has failed,
ano mat it is the Ureal Remedy for Diseased
(T7-all on the A pent and sea tha .i.t.m.i r
ins luuuwing persons Of Cincinnati U
cured by Dr. Rogers' Liverwort and Tar, after be
ing given up to die with the last stages of Con-
""' noioniy oy tnmr mends, but by physi
cisns of the highest standing:
a- t . . i ......
mr. v. a,uuiow, riitn street, between Race and
Elm. . y-
ir. n. r ummer, hatiar. ixim..n F.iahih
iiintn, on Alain street.
Mr. G. Whitehead. Catharine street, half.
k. - . . . - - I1U
square below Linn.
Mrs. Ann Childs. Sixth traat. Iwn Ann ..
ui omiin, OIC, QIC.
o:.L . . ' ...
Be not deceived by worthies, medicines, which
are palmed on yen, when such men a. Dr. Wm.
Richards and Judge Wm. Burke. Dr. H. Cox, late
iroiessor ot Uncinnali Medical Colleire. hav
come out and certified, that Dr. Rogers' Liverwort
u .r me great consumption remedy.
ur. oxalates, that Aliss Belt waa pronounced
by I'rot. Warden and tha lata Prof. Wnr.!..
oe in the last stages of Consumption, and give her
up to die: yet Dr. Roirnrs' Liverwort and Tap on.
1 1 rely cured her.
Statement of Judge H. Morse, of the Court, of
vino ana umcinnali.
I am well acquainted with Dr. Hiram Cox and
his practice, he havihg been my family physician
for many years, and can cheerfully aay, that 1
have as much or more confidence io him and his
kill as a practicing physician as any man livinrr.
Cincinnati, Nov. 7th, 1S47.
Dr. H. Cox is also the family nhvsician nf tha
Hon. Judge Jas. Saffin, of Cincinnati, late City
Caution tn all. Owing to the increased demand
for this medicine, an unprincipled man. f John T.
oland.) in Cincinnati, imitated in external ar-
pea ranee only the yellow and blue wrapper, and
despatchsd an interested runner, (P. Clinton.) in
this nefarious business to St. Louis to make sales.
This counterfeit omits the name of A. L. Scoville,
n fine print on the buttom of the outside wrapper,
, nere reaus, --entered according to Act ot Uou
ross," Ate. On the genuine, the name of A. L.
Scoville is found following the words "Entered
according to act of Congress," dtc.
Dr. O. Henderson, Agent, Glasgow: Dr. Snel-
son, Fayette,
Order, may be addressed to H. Blakslt Si Co.
. Louia.
Wheat Fans.
FIVE Wheat Fans, a very superio r article, in
store, and for sale low by J. D. PERRY.
. . Fresh linisins.
20 BOXES new crop raisins. . "
10 half " " " - ' juatreceived and
for .aie low by J. D. PERRY.
If neon.
AVERY superior lot of sides, hams and shoul
. dcra in atore, and fur sale low by
VF1NE assortment of hair, cloth, nail and
tooth brushes, also fine oil for the hair, fine
washing soaps for the face not your clothes, for
le by
. , G. W. COOKE.
Boonville. Nov. 9. 1848.
I HAVE got some as good shaving SOAP as
was ever spread upon the face of any man. (I
will not include the ladies,) and if you do nut be
lieve it because you see it stated in the newspa
pers, call and gel a cake of it and satisfy yourself
that it is a fact.
HAMMOND I will have to atop
Why so, Mr. Brown? ',. r ,.
Because my eye-sight is so bad that I can scs re
ly road.
Why do you not use spectacles?
I have not been able to find any to auit. '
Have you been down at COOKE'S Shop to see
if he could not suit you?
No, I have not. ,,
Go down he has got all kinds.
well, l win.
Hammond, I got them, here i. your Pay for
two years subscription. Boonville Observer.
Boonville, Nov. V, 1848.
1 1HOSE WHO WANT TO ENJOY the eating
X of a good bowl of Mush and Milk, or cood
So up, (ray oyster soup for instance,) or those who
wish to drink a good cup of tea, should always
have a genuine Silver Spoon to do it with. Well
1 have got that aort, and aa they are the cheapest
spoons that can he-used in a family, call and look
at my assortment.
Booneville, Nov. 0, 1849.
AN, EASY SHAVE is one of the blessings
bestowed upon man: and one of the great
est misfortunes that man is. born to, is to shave
with a poor razor.. Now, therefore, if you wish
to possess the former and escape Ih. latter, call
at my shop and I will aell you a genuine razor.
Boonville, Nov. 9', 1348
Autumn and Winter Cioods.
Fayette, Missouri,
HAVING commenced receiving tbeir extensive
..nd valuable stock for the present and ap
proaching seasons, respectfully invite tha attention
of purchasers to "no of the largest, and in all res
pects most desirable, assorraents of goods ever
brought tQ this county, comprising every variety of
Boots and Shoes,. China, Glass and Queens wars.
Hardware and Cutlery. Iron, flails , Castings,
Determined lo transact a permanent business, on
an extensive scale, .and do our part towards ma
king Fayette a point of attraction to purchasers,
we will at all times be prepared . to meet the wants
of the country, by having. our. shelves and ware'
houses fully supplied with the moat desirable atyles
ana q unities or goous which manufacturers and
importers can furnish. Our purchases are, and
will continue lo be made, on the best terms, and
combining all the advantage, which any house in
this or neighboring town, enjoy. We assure old
and new customers, that our price, will in all cases
bo .a low as the very lowest, our .lock equal to the
best, and our uniform principles of business such
aa to insure the permanent satisfaction and increa
sing confidence of customer. .. , .
Our friend and the public will pleaae favor ua
with an examination of our goods and prices.
Fayette, September a3d, 1348.
LEATHERA emal lot of kip skins, upper,
svlej harness .nd bridle leather ,,fbr sale loir,
to close consignment, nova JNO. D. PERRY.
r. rH rroof Whiskey.
'I 'HE subscribers are sole agents, in tni place,
A for tho aale of all the WHISKEY manufac
tured by Cooper &. Son., Tha stock from which
this liquor is manufactured will be at all times
pure the proof full and it is intended to give
enure satisfaction to consumers. There will al
ways be a large quantity on hand, an,! ih ..I..
in oe oy me barrel, only ror cash at twenty
diaper gallon, throughout the Winter.
Fayette, Nov. a, le48.
I'lumes and FJotvers.
1r.o.x superior Plume, end Flower, for sale
nuutiKS, BIRCH 4- WARD.
Fayette, Nov. 2, 184S.
Fine ScYa Oltrr I'niw.
rpWO DOZEN, extra 6ne. for .ale by
J ilUOHRS. ninnn a. lnnn
Fayette, Nov. a, 1848.
Staple Uroccrica.
20 hhds prime sugar
CO sacks coffee
300 sacks salt
10 boxes double refined loaf sugar
Sugar House Molasses, Tanners' Oil, Slc.
Fayette, Nov. 2, 1848.
Iron and Steel.
WE have on hand, a full stock of all sizes of
Iron snd Meel, at the lowest rates
Fayette, Nov. a, 1843.
Fall nnd Winter tinmiu.
fTHE subscribers have received and onanpd .
Jo. Jarire and beautiful iiniti.nt k-.u . j
,,. . . v , .n auu
inier uooas. iney now otter for sale, on ih
must reasonaoie terms.
Blue, black, green and brown Cloths
Black, fancy and buckskin Casimeres
IS pieces Sattinetts and Kentucky Jeans
13 " Red and white Flannels
120 pairs negro, Mackinaw and bed Blankets
80 " Blue, drab, brown and Cadet Blan
kets, for Overcoats
25 pieces Mouselin de Lane and Cashmeres,
tbtiuus styles and qualities
French Merinos
Alpaca English Merino
Heavy Tweed Caaimere
Vesting?, satin and woratait
Canton Fhnnell and Plaid Linsey
New style Silk for ladies' dresics
Capes, collars, ribbons
Thread and !islc lace
Edgings, gimpi, fringes
Shawls, hdkfs, worsted and silk hese
160 pieces 7-8, 4-4. 5-4 and 0-4 brown cotton
80 do 3-4, 7-8, 4-4, 0-4, 6-4 bleached
shirtings and sheetings
100 do 3 4 and 4-4 0naburgs
13 doz Fur, Seal, Cloth and Slick Caps
4 doz Mexican Hats
8 doz Wool do
7 doz Fur and Moleskin Hats
36 pairs calf and seal Boots
36 do kip do
brogan do
brogan Shoes
kip do
Women's Buskin.
Ladies' Gaiter
do kid slippers
do calf and morocco boots
do walking shoes
Misses and children' shoes
A largo supply of Queenjtcare, Hardware, and va
rious other articles not necessary to enumerate.
We invito our friend, and the public to call and
examine our stock, as we are determined to sell
cheap. SAVAGE &. CO.
Glasgow, October 20. 184S.
Final Settlement.
IVTOTICE is hereby given that the undersigucd
L 1 will apply at the November Term (Fourth
Monday) of tho Randolph County Court, for a final
settlement of his administration on the estate of J.
B. Green, deceased.
CASWELL WISDOM, Administrator.
October 26. 1813. 34w4
Final Settlement.
NOTICE is hereby given, that the undersigned
will apply at the November Term (Fourth
Monday) of the Randolph County Court, for a final
settlement of their adminiutmiinn nn tl.u o.im. ,.r
Jarne Means, deceased.
October 26. 1843. 34w4
Final Settlement.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned,
surviving partner of the firm of Childs &
Head, will apply at the November Term (Fourth
Monday) of the Randolph County Court, third dav
of said term. for. fisal settlement of the partner-
Miip arrairs or said nrm.
WALTER G. CHILES, Administrator.
October 30, 1848.-343
Final Settlement.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
will opply at the November Term (Fourth
Monday) of the Randolph County Court, for a final
seltlcmen of his admini-tration on tho estate of
Mary Jackson, deceased.
JOHN JACKSON, Administrator.
October 20. 1843. 34w4
r- 1 .
Final Settlement.
OTICE is hereby given that I will spply at
- the December term of the Howard county
court for a final settlement of my administration
on the estate of John Evans dee'd.
Nov. 0, 1848 16-4w.
ft F W F A Ii Is noons.
RESPECTFULLY inform their old friends
.nd customers, and Uie public generally, that
they have received and ww offer for sale, one of
the most extensive stcck. of seasonable goods
ever brought to thia market all of which have
been purchased in the eastern cities, by one of the
firm, on terms which warrant them in saying they
can and will sell .. cheap as any house in this
section of country. Their Goods are all new, of
he latest styles, and were purchased expressly to
meel the wants of the country. Their stock em
braces, Clo'.ha, of the finest quality
Satinets and Jeans.
Domestics, bleached and brown.
Boots, shoes, hats and caps.
Calicoes, all kinds, very luw.&c &c,
Their stock is full, embracing all new atyles,
together with suitable trimmings, to which the at
teution of the ladies is particularly invited. '
The largest and finest stook of ready msdo cloth
ing ever brought to the country, ombracing every
article or gentlemen wear. Full suits sold at
aotontsbingly low prices. Particular attention is
called to una part of their Block.
Also, a full supply of . . - .
Family Groceries, Cutlery, Kails, Spun Cot
. . . ion, Dyetlvffs. &c, &c. .
Together with every article usually called for,
wnicu we pieoge ourselves to sell as cheap as can
be had in any other place or store, thia aide of St.
Louia. We respectfully solicit a call, to the end
that our goods may be seen .nd prices known.
After seeing the one .nd knowing the other, sales
F.yclte, October 6, 1348. 7
Filen! I'i !?? i I ?!?
nrfwPjT Electuary, or Internal
r,DYFOR THF' PILLS, Triumphant!
00,000 cexs Ctrrrd in the pant year.-
OCr'fliie Medicine is uairmit.H tr, .it
or imiw. eimer bleeding r,r blind, internal or ex
ternal, and all infjamatory diseases fminn in ri
jiincuon n un ino rues such as
Chronic Vysenlary, Ueanes onI Inflammation
ty me npine,
falling nf the bowels, womb, die, that females
particularly are sunjecl to, under peculiar circum
stancea; fur which many certificates could he "li
en of apecdy and effectual cures but delicacy for-
wius uieir punnca.ion. .
Seiche and Habitual Coslimesi.
Flow of blond to the head, Dlspepsia, Ulcerations.
Fistulas, Inflammation of the Stemach, find a
speedy cure in Dr. Upham's Electuabv. It is an
internal remedy, and cures by its action on the
oowei. and blood, the relaxed stale, which ! il.
cause oi ineaiiove named diseases.
Universal Commendation. I
From every city, town and villnge, where Dr.
Upham's Vegetable Pile Electuarv I... haan int.n.
duccd, the most gratifying intelligence of its effects
neve oeen received Dy Uie f roprietor. In hundred-,
of instances it has triumphed over cases which
were deemed incurable.
Letter of Capt. G. W. McLean, lata of the U. S.
Dervice, and member of the N. J. LagMature.
Rahwav, June 10, 1347.
"I have boon afflicted fur vaara with th. inl
and have tried without anvthinrr likn narmnr.i
benefit, almost everything assuming tha nn ma nl
a remeoy. i nan, as a matter Of course, lost all
i -- , . "
connaence in medicine. Under this feeling I was
induced not without reluctance, I confexs--to use
Ifpham'a Electuary;' and having used it fur about
three weeks, according to the drcctions laid down.
I find to my niter surprise, as well as satisfaction,
that every symptom of the disease has left me. I
think it duealike to Dr. Uphom and mvself to make
this statement. G. W. McLEAN."
Addressed to the agents in Columbia Ga.
Notice. The genuine Electuary has the writtPn
signature thus, ((rA. Upham, M. D.) The hand
is also done with a pen.
Price $1 per box.
For sale by Dr. E EASTERLY, south-east cor
ner of Third and Chesnut streets, Sr. Louis. Mo.
Sole agent for the west. ept. 2, '43
(KrForsale by Dr. W. R. RNELSON. Dnin
gist, agent for Fayette; DKJGES &. HORSELEY,
Glasgow; and KNOX & BEE.MAN. Rocheport.
lr. .lie Lane's Liver Tills,
For the Cure of Lirer Complaint, Dyspepsia, Sicl
Headach, and all Bilious Complaints.
The liver is much more frequently the seat ol
disease than is generally supposed. It is now gen
erally admitted by Physicians of reputation and
experience, that more than one-half of the rum.
plaints which occrr throughout the great valley of
mo miwsippi, nave tneir seat m a diseased state
of the liver, and that more than three fourths of the
diseases enumerated under the head o!' Consump
tion, have also their scat in a diseased liver.
Case in St. Louis nf one year's standing.
St. Louis, Mo. May 0, 117.
Dr. E. Easterly Sir.- I hereby certify that I
have been afflicted for more than a vear, with the
liver complaint, and have applied to'ditl'erent phy
sicians, and all to little or no eli'ect, until I made
use of Dr. McLane's Liver Pills. I am happy to
inform you that I was perfectly cured by the use of
one box. I can therefore, in justice, recommend
others who are troubled with a diseased liver, to
make a tr nl of these Pills.
Truly yours, ROBERT HALL.
Residence, Fourteenth and Biddle streets,
Individuals suffering with Liver Complaint, Dys
pepsia. Sick Headach, or any bilious diMease, are
earnestly advised to make a trial of Dr. McLane's
Liver Pills, as they have been prepared by a regu
larly educated Physician, who has hud an exten
sive practice and experience in treating tho above
complaint. He confidently recommends as being
the very best and most deserving remedy ever pre-
seuieu io inc nonce or tne emicteu.
Price 25 cents per box.
For sale by Dr. E. EASTERLY, south-cast cor
ner of Third and Chesnut streets..St. Louis, awent
for the west. Seot. a. '43.
(K7-Sold also by Dr. W. R. SNELSON. Drug
gist, agent for Fayette; DIGGES &. IIORSLEY,
Glasgow; KNOX 4. BEEMAN, Rocheuort.
Dr. Wis tar's llalsiant of Wild
The Great Remedy for Coughs, Colds, Asthma,
and all Diseases of the Lungs.
Alliermarle Co. Ya., March 21sl, 134.
Mr. Snth W. Fowle Dear Sir. I take pleas
ure in stating to you my experience in tlio ue of
Wisiar's Balsam of Wild Chei ry. I own a very
valuable net,r0 girl, who was attacked with a diffi
culty of the lungs, which brought her in appear
anne lo the brink of the grave. I consulted some
of our best Physicians, who pronomiced her case
incurable, or thai they could do no more for her.
I tried many remedies but none did her any good.
I saw some account of Wistar's Balsain, and
thought I would Iry it, but had little faith in it.
I procured a bottle, which was administered ac
cording to directions, and saw she began to mend;
and before the first bottle was gone vhe was up.
I procured a econd and she look that, and now she
is I think, cured, or nearly so. She attends to her
daily labor, and I hear no complaint from her.
Consumptive Patients! Will please read the
following note from the Harrison Gazette The
ncreduluus are invited to read the following note
from Rev. Mr. Culdron, whose character for truth
and veracity is above suspicion, and have their
doubt, dispelled as lo the superiority of Wisiar's
Balsam of Wild Cherry, over all otl.er remedies
now before the public of the same character:
Corydon, lud., Jan. 23, 1343.
It i. no less a duty than a pleasure to state, fur
the benefit of the afflicted, that I consider Wistar's
Balsam ol Wild Cherry, a great blessing to the
human race. . Having tried it in a case of severe
allliction of the lungs, I unhesitatingly recommend
it to those similarly artliclcd, as the best remedy I
have ever tried, and one which cured me when
physicians said I must die, and when I thought
myself that my time to depart was near at hand.
IVt-Cautiom to ail. The genuine Wisiar's
Balsam is enveloped in a fine white steel engraved
wrapper, wilh the names of Henry Winar. AI. D.
and Sanford & Park thereon. Without both these
signatures, it is positively counterfeit. Do not
touch it.
Order, for the true medicine may be addressed
to H. J3LAKSLEY & Co., south-west rorner
Third and CheMiul streets, 5t. Louis. It is sold
also by DR. SNELXON. Fayette, ,
U. H.IMDbr.oUn Glasgow. .
N. & A. JOHNSON, Brunswick.
MALO.N'E cj- GARTH, Huntsville.
October 28, 1343. ,
Sir It always cures Dr. Osgood's Indian Chot-
agogue. How astonishing is u the surlermg in
valid will use palliative only, with a view to resto
ration oi nealin, while lingering out weeisaud
even months, with that distressing, loathsome dis
ease, Fever and Ague, when by the use of a sin
gle buttle of the Cbolsgogue, nut only the disease
iisell, but tne cause winch produced it, is com
pletely eradicated. Itissuldby
Ut Henderson, Ulasgow; N. f k. Johnson.
Brunswick. oct25.
Dr. John 1H. Uronaiicli.
ri AV1NG permanently located in Glasgow, res-
x.j pecuuiiy oner. Iiis professional tervice. to
the citizen of the city ajid vicinity.
Office in ilia Drug Store of Digge 4. Horsley.
CI.... V i.t.
' . , Pork. .
13J.JJM fattened, wanteds
Ul.sgow, Oct. 20. SAVAGE 6i CO
OT Intrreil A is
A H f. C0,,5wi"T nmed medicine, whlcrt
C ave k""1 unbounded popularity, .re .old
by CoiMtoe c Brother, 69 Zond . r, St
Louia, (Unr,pr the Munroe Honse) Dr W R
Sntlson, rayelte, and Knot if Beeman, Rochport
.. ' TO Til R LA Dir..
I he Genuine Balm of Columbia, for restoring
Hair.- ......
'Long hair is a glory to woman;;" seye Paul, ...
And ail feel the truth of the Pious quotation;
Preserve it then, ladiesyour glory may fall,
bnless you protect it with this preparation.
If you wish a rich, luxuriant head Of hair; free
rom i dandruff and scurf, do not fail to procure
.,.,uin0 c,lm ot Columbia. . In casee of
baidnes it will more than exceed vour exeectaiion..
the fluid in flow with which tl.a J.iL... k.i....i
i. filled, by which means ihuands (whose h.ir
was grsy as the Asiatic espied hiv h.j ,v,.:.
restored to their nalnrsl color .b thl., in.. i.:.ui.
remedy.-. In all cases of fever it will ba found the
most pleasant wash that can bo used..- A, r--
plication only are nccesssry to keep the hir-
irum lauing out... it strengthen, the foots, 4t ne-
ver fuiis to imparl a rich rlossv naimrinn,. .-.I
as a perfume for the toilet it is unequalled; it hold,
three limes as much as olhcr miscalled hair res
toratives and is more effectual. . .. ..
Caution- Never buy it unless you find the
name of Comxtock dr Co , Proprietors, on the
wrapper ol each bottle, or vou are rh
counterfeit article.
. tai.i c. ATM ACTOR!
The World's lVonder Pronounced so by all wko
rnvvrt , Mir...... ...... - .. .
White Swellinn-s, Inflammation in tha t-tr
weak limbs, tender or sore feet, and all scrofulous
-ore are speedily ond permanently eured by Con
nel's Magical Pain Extractor. . Affection, of th.
lungs, ague ia the face, breast, tic dolofeaux.
hronic sore eyca, blistered surfaces, i... tt i.
equally beneficial in all kinds of inflammatory die-.
c.a, ulu os sore nippies and eyes, sprains,
rheumatism, white swelling and ulcere, bruises,
Surns chillblain. erysipelas, bile, Ate, will quick
ly be relieved by the application of thia salve
I'his remarkable sanative possesses many virtues
never found in any other article. It has the most
perfect power over all pains by fire, positively al-
aying trie suliering alrno- immediately unon itm
'ipplication. If any disbelieve the stBtemuius. we
would earnestly invite Ihem to call and axamin.
the numerous unsolicited certificates of remarka-
me cures wrought by by this salve. Tt has for
months past been sold upon the following liberal
terms, to-wit: If the user was uot perfectly .satia
fied, end even delighted with its effects, and fur
thermore, if it did not fully answer our recommen
dations their money was' returned immediately
at their request. Un these terms this absolute
htal-all is now sold, and we simply ask if the
public can demand anyiiiing more reasonable.
Kind parent keep il constantly on hand, in cases
of accident by fire, life may be lost without it, but
by its use all burns are subject to its control, un
less the vitals aro destroyed.
Caution No Pain Extractor can be. genuine
unless you find the signature of Conistock &i Co.
on ihe w rapper of each box. Beware of counter
feits. . t
1. For colds and feverish feelings and preventing
fevers,. . , ; ,.! ,,.,,
H. For asthma, liver complaint and bilious af
fections. ...
:l. For diarrhtBaf indigestion and loss of apetitet
4. For costiveness in females and males, and
nervous, complaint. . :,.
5. For stomach affections, dispepsia, piles)
rheumatism, djc- '
The Great Points are, it' is nol bad totake. ne
vcr gives Pain and Never leaves one Costive.'!
For all these things it is warranted unequalled,
and all who do not find it so may return the bottle
and get their money. Conistock dj- Co. proprietor.
TiR. srutlN'3 6!CK IIE.-.3ACII rtElIEDT.
Why will you suffer with that distressing crm
la int, when a lemedy is at hand that will not fai
to cure you? This remedy will effectually destroy
any attack of hendacha, either nervous or bilious.
It has cured cases of twenty years' stauding.
Mother's rrr.rr.F indiajc discovers-.
A'l expecting lo become mothers, and anxi.ous to
avoid the pains, ditrssand dangers of cii dbear
ipg, are earnestly entreated to calm their i-urs, al
lay their nervousness, and soothe their way by
the use of this most extraordinary vegetable pro ;
duction. 'JLo.-e who will candidly observe it.
virtues, most approve of it in their hearts; every
kind and atf'-ctionn'e husband will feel it his most
solemn duty lo alleviate the distress his. wife is
exposed t, by a safe and certain method, which
is, this Mother's Relief.
Kekp Your Ftr.T Dkv. Ramcmber, lo pre
serve health, the feet should be kept dry, and that
the Oil of Tannin renders leather water-proof and
doubles its durability. Also used for harness and
carriage tops. . t i . :
(t-AI! the above articles are sold by Comstock
l Bkothrr, 09 Second street, ift. Louis, and Dr.
Wm R. Sxei.son, Fayette. .
May 27, 1343. 11 -Cm
Ir. .Hcljane'8 Vermifuge.
The Ihsl Ilemtrly Ever Discovered for Expelling
Worms from Children.
The symptom j of the presence of Worm, in
Childreu should be carefully watched by parent.,
and as soon as there is reason to suspect their ex.
Utenea, every means should be used to expel them
promptly and thoroughly. Dr.- McLa.e'. Vermi'
t'uire is ranitllv supplanting all others, ia public es-
imation. Where it is used it has produced the
best elfects, and every family who lias used it, .ay
tistliebest they I. ave ever seen. .
Symptoms of Ivortns, Head! Head:.'
The countenance is pale and leaden-colored, with
occasional Hushes, or a circumscribed spot on one
or both cheeks; the eyes become doll; the pupil,
dilate; an azure semi-circle runs along the lower
eye-lid; the nose is irritated, swells and sometimes
bleed.-; a swelling nf the uppur lip; occasional
head ach, with hummins or throbbing in the ear.;
an unusual, secretion of saliva; slimy or furred
innguej brecih very foul, particularly in the morn
ing; appetite variable, sometimes voracious), wilh
a gnawing sensation of the stomach, at oilier., en
tirely gone; flueting pains in the atouiach;
nausea and vomiting; violent pains throughout ihe
bdumen; bowels irregular, at ttmeeo6iive; stool
slimy, not unfr- quemly tinged with bioud; belly
swollen hard; urine turbid; respiration occasional
ly difficult, and accompanied by hiccough; cough
sometimes dry and convulsive; uneasy arid disturb
ed sleep, with grinding of the leelh; temper varia-
tue'but generally irritable, :c.
fllolher. nurses, parents, guardians, 100a wen
lo your children, and if you see any symptom, of
worm, procure Dr. McLane's vermiiug-, oecauae
it is ihe very best, most deserving, and popular
remedy ever presemeu iu iu uuute ui iuo puuuc.
Price in cents per box.- i- ,u i
For sale by Dr. E. EASTERLY, e,t tint 'City
Family Medicine Store, south-east corner of Third
and Chesnut streets, St. Louis, Mo., only agent for
the west. - fcmpt. a, "tys.
(Vj-Sold also by, Dr. "V . R. SNELSON, Drue
"ist, agent for Fayette; DTGGES' if HORSLEY,
Glasgow; KNOX Sl BEEMAN, Rocheport.
VI. nw W.K.. k... i
have had it restored to its original perfection b
the use of tl, balm. Age. .? or ?ondillonp
npN ra tn lias tin li.i . .
, .vr VJn , . .. i.. .. r.,r iw.ni. ......
'INHERE are several vacancies in my School,
JL which may be filled by application to me.
I will alao receive io oy family ihrae or four boar,
den, on accommodating terms. ", , ' . i ,
October 12, l0.--3'Jtf

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