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fee enabled to do much, to bo punctual, to
fulfil hi prornisesy If they are ' judiciously
taado. Punctual labor will make punctual
tustomeri, and ihit man will grow rich, and
in lu time when aga requires real, he
will be able to be at leisure, leaving his bu
smen to others, white those of his age who
Wera at leisure whik he was busy, will be
atruggliog aiill even under the infirmities of
go for their daily bread.
,A greet mistake often made and fraught
with the worst consequences is, that labor
ia discreditable to gentleman. Nature
ays there can truly be no gentleman
'without it. It ia necessary to the existence
certainly to the perfection of the race in
their proper relations here. It is necessa
ry to wealth, comfort and happiness. It is
the appointment of God himself. God
made man a laborer. In every good sense
of the term, which connects him with the
interest of his race and the proper destiny
of man; lie made the laborer a gentleman
and the gentleman a laborer. It has been
aid the devil made the gentleman, and
this very vulgar expression is certainly
graphic in truth whcneAer any man is
tempted to believe that it is discreditable
to work for a living, and that a gentleman
la made by idleness. The term properly
expresses a character, not a form or pro-
.fession. lie is a true gentleman, whose
heart dictates a propriety of conduct in
all the relations of life, and whose outward
.acts are the comely expressions of correct
Our day is distinguished for expedients
to improve and advance the human race.
This ia well. The effort is a noble one
worthy of man; and that is saying enough.
But, like the efforts of the day on all
other subjects, there is a strong tenden
cy to fanatacism in the labors ot those who
seek human perfectability by ordinary
agencies and factitious schemes. Here
.too, men seek for the philosopher's stone,
some catholicon, a panacea which is to
work miracles, some high pressure expedi
ent for making gentlemen without labor,
and securing the avails of labor without
industry. After men are starred into the
truth, they will find that nature cannot be
well forced to make gentlemen. They
must come in the regular way. As well
might the doll-maker attempt to compete
with nature. He may make a pretty thing.
Bui he produces no living, breathing, think
ing, useful being. So fashion may make a
gentleman out of any dandy that walks
on two feel instead of four; but it is a thing
only fit to show in the windows of a toy
shop, and had much better be left there for
fools to gaze at, than be put into the hands
of a young lady. We confer a real bene
fit, do something effectually to elevate the
race, and make advances to the only real
philosopher's stone which turns every thing
il touches into gold, whenever we do any
thing to render labor creditable to the man
who engages in it. This we do, too, when
the laborer is cheered on to perseverance
in his efforts and attains to the wealth which
is the proper result of industry:
Such men have been honored, are hon
ored, must be honored, wherever they are
found. Knowledge is power. The man
who has it, other things being equal, will
exert a controlling influence. He triumphs
over matter. He controls the masses of
men their rninds as well as their physical
force. This it is which gives the great su
periority to some men over others. They
are sought out, and will occcupy the high
places of aociety. When these powers are
directed to the melioration of human woes,
those who exert and possess them, become
and are called, benefactors. Their names
are inscribed on the catalogue of honored
and honorable men. They do their part
and do much to render labor reputable.
Let the mass of working men then do their
duty, and things will find their proper level
The order of nature will be restored in
the estimate men place on different profes
sions and occupations of life. Among the
nobility of nature, the farmer will hold the
pre-eminence, first among equals. The
mechanic next and we shall all come in,
not far behind indeed, but yet behind 'in
our respective professions, forming eccen
tric circles; the one great human family
around the soil whence wo came, and from
which we derive our subsistence while we
live, and to which we are destined to re
turn and repose in death.
A Devoted Female. Mrs. Fry, the
distinguished female philanthropist, solemn
ly declared to her daughter in her' last ill
ness, " I can say one thing, since my heart
was touched at the age of seventeen, I be
lieve I never have awakened from sleep, in
sickness or in health, by day or by ni"lu,
without my first waking thought being how
best I might serve my Lord."
Genius will never be neglected by the
public unless it neglects itself; it must not
disdain the humble alliance of industry.
How can it expect encouragemenf, unless'
its existence can be manifested by peror
mance? The surest evidence of superior
talent i, that it forcea itself into notice in
spite of adverse circumstances, but it makes
road where it fii none.
John 1. Perry. -
Water St., Glasgow, Mo.
HAVING purchased oT Messrs. Hanenkamp &.
Co., the large brick store and Warehouse
recently occupied by them, would respectfully call
me attention ot ine citizens w Howard anu inn
surrounding counties, to his very central stock
of Groceries, Liquors, Iron,' Castings, Cotton
Yarn, 4ic, Jfc, $.
frrsts Groceries mid Liquors.
' IM1E subscriber has just returned from the Ohio
1. river and St. Louis where he purchased and is
now receiving a large addition to his former stock
of Groceries, Liquors, Iron, Nail", Castings, Cot
ton, Varna, Bro. Domestics, fc. to which he begs
to invite the attention of public, and pledges him
self to sell at as low a rate as such goods can be
purchased m this market..
John d. perry
Glasgow, July 15, 1845.,
"XYSTERS.---144 cans fcest Baltimore Oysters,
V- nan received and Tor snle By '
July 20 J. D. PEKRY, Glasgow.
' I TUMBLERS. 5 boxes ass d plain nnd cut
J glass tumblers just ree'd and for sale by
July 29 J.D. TERRY, Glasgow.
To niat ksliifihsk
4 LARGE and general assortment of iron and
3l steel, blacksmiths bellows, anvils, vie
sledgehammers aird mouVls, for sale by
I J. U. I'tri-tY, uiasgow.
100 bbls Cincinnati Rectified Whiskey.
100 hfbbls do drt do
15 bbls old Bourbon whiskey) warranted Ave
12 bbls old Rye do years old.
14 bbls Peach Brandy
25 bbls and kegs American Brandy
3 caks Cognac do
1 cask Dure Chamnairne do
SO casks and kegs Madeira, Portend Malaga
10 bxs Claret; 5 bxs Brandy Cherries, now in
store and tor sale by
July 20 J. D. PERRY, Glasgow.
OTOVES. 15 cooking stoves with copper and
k7 tin trimmings: B parlor and chamber stoves
just received and Tor sale by
July 23 J. D. PERRY, Glasgow.
WELL assorted lot of castings, for sale by
J. D. FERRY, Glasgow
WHEAT SACKS 1000 two bushel osna
burg sacks just ree'd per Rowena and for
sale low by nprl J. D. PERRY, Glasgow.
Iron and Steel.
TITTE have on hand, and will continue to keep
VV for sale, a good assorlmcnt of
Genuine Sligo Iron
German steel
Cast and blister steel
Plough wings and slabs
Tyre Iron, Sic. &c.
which will be sold on advantageous terms; pur
ch sers of Iron aro invited to call.
A FEW bales heavy brown domestic,
wide, fur sale by the piece, by
J. D. PERRY, Glasgow.
.MNE and extra fine French cloths, cassimeres
and vestmgs, linen drillings ate. at unusual-
ly low prices
will run during the season of 1849
upon the Missouri river, as a weekly
packet between St. Louis and Brunswick -leaving
St. Louis every Monday, at 6 o'clock, p. m., and
returning will leave Brunswick on Thursdays at
day-light. J. T. CLEVELAND.
September 23, 1848.-3w
Clemen's Indian Tonic.
lufallihle Cure for CHILLS, or AGUE and FE
VER, and a sure remedy in BILIOUS RE
MI'lTEMT, and other FEVERS.
'IHE unexampled success of this truly unri
JL vailed Tonic, in curing in a few hours, where
all other remedies have foiled, and that loo, in
cases from six months to ten years standing
warrants the assertion, that if taking according to
directions, it is infallible. A long list of certifi
cates in proof of its infallibility might be added,
hut those npoii the wrapper are deciuod sufficient.
Try it and be convinced that it is the most pleas
ant, most certain, and the very BEST remedy ever
offered to the public for putting a speedy termina
tion to inu vnins ur Aguo ana fever.
p-T-trom the great popularity or this mcd no.
many imitations, professing to be CLEMENS' IN
DIAN TONIC, are afloat. Therefore, be sure to
ask for that preparod by GEO. W. HOUSE,
tvasnviiie, lennessee, who is sole proprietor.
Near Nashville, Aucust 18. 1843
Mr. Geo. W. House: Dear Sir I had Chills
and Fevers for twelve months; nine, months of the
time, without being able to check it, with all the
aid I could procure from Physicians and the various
Tunic Fever and Ague mixtures sold by the Drug
stores. In April last I saw your advertisement
of Clemens' Indian Tonic, as an infallible cure. I
made no delay in calling upon you, and by using
9iu .wiuii, i iuuiiu tinntcuiaiK reiier, anu a permit
nlmt cure. A friend of mine tried it about the
same tune, with the same happy result. Yours,
respecuutty, u. JL. ULASSGOW.
From the Clarksville Chronicle, Oct. 21 , 1843.
Dr. i. I). fccoiT: Dear Sir We have used
Clemen's Indian Ionic in many cases of Ague
anu rever, anu we nnc ir, in every particular,
what it is commended to be in your advertisement
Wei jave heretofore used most of the popular rem
dies iu use for Fever and Aette. and wa unheait..
tingly recommend Clemen's Tonic to the confidence
ot the public, from our personal experience and
uu.iervuuuii, as ttme, certain, anu prompt cure
for the Ague and Fever, in any form or stage of
uie uiscuse. jl ours, oi.c.
Extract of a letter from the Rev. F. A. Owen O.'
Memphis, dated .Nov. IU, 10, 1843.
Mil Hear Sir I have tried Clemen's 'ndim.
Tome in six dilTurent cases, and find it efficacious
in a very high degree Jt arrested the chill in ev
ery instance, ana as yet there has been no return.
I cheerfully give this testimony, that others mnv
be induced to use a remedy both safs and efficacious
in curing emus and lever.
Yours, very truly, F. A.OWEN.
NasiivClle. June 3rd. 1841.
Mr. Geo. W. Ilonse: Dear Sir I shall make no
apology in presenting the following remarkable
case: A youth of about fifteen years old, livine
u.:.k 1...1 L- i . .. .
.mi me, io k cyit aim jigue ror len years.
wiiuuui nnaing a cure; ana i can assure you every
means were used to that effect. In December last
I tried a bottle of "CLEMEN'S INDIAN TON
IC," which arrested the disease at once, ami m
hapyy to state, he has not had chili or an ague
since. You should lose no time in giving this
' I1 f, n i mm via..!.. ! ..1. . ' . . " . ..,tt
- ciri;uiuiiunii win prove a
welcome friend and a great blessing to the afflicted.
Yours, truly, JOHN H. DAVIS.
The above case ia known to me, and is strictly
ft-For sale by
UR. WM. it. onelson, Fayette.
Stewabt & Bueckhabt, New Franklin.
W. P. Haymow, Glasgow.
Or. O. Henderson, Glasgow. ,
July 2D, 184S.-81ir.6
W. B. TALLY, l A. r. BANNA
WJLL make to order, ib the neatest and most fash'
ionahle style, and from ,lho best materials, all
kinds or FURNITURE
Particular attention paid to making COFFINS.
0-AII kinds of country produce taken in pay
meiiL . , v. nov
'At Eastern Prices.
Publishers, Booksellers, Stationers and Paper
Dealers, No. 20b Main Street, between (As
Virginia and Missouri Hotels, '
St. Louis, Mo., - ''
TTAVE always on hand an extensive assort
L 1 mcnl of SCHOOL BOOKS, comprising all
the different kinds used in the Schools and Uol
leges throughout the Union. Blank Rooks, of all
kinds, Medical Books, all late and popular works
A largo assortment or l'aper, .Stationery, fancy
Article!", Fine Cutlery, &c.,&c, together with a
large stock of Miscellaneous Books, all of which
will be sold at the lowest "baslcrn rrices.
St. Lonis,.March 4ih, 1848 i 52 6m
Jones fc Curd.
Mav 20. 3m.
Commission and Forwarding
(li) SAINT LOUIS, uo
Virginia Hotel.
'Corner of Main and Green Streets, St. Louis, Mo
My friends and the public are respect
fully informed, that I have taken a new
T.oni nn tlin shove named huiluilitvs.
LSSaiid during the lust four months have
been making improvements on the premises.
Viz : I have built a number ef pleasant rooms
have made the dining room one third larger, and
have finished it in a handsome manner, it is now
the largest in the city and is well ventilated and
can scut 200 guests.
The Furniture of the House lias been replenish
ed throughout, and the premises generolly im
proved by additions, alterations and repairs. The
house being situated on the principal business
street, and its principal public rooms, viz : (Bar
room, Office, Reading-room and Dining-room,)
on the ground floor, will commend itself to the
public, as a desirable home whilst sojourning in
our city, and I pledge myself that every exertion
shall be used to render strangers comfortable
whilst at the Virginia Hotel.
JOHN H. SPARR, Proprietor.
Sept. 10, 1548 20m3.
Medical Card.
Docts. J. C. PAnnisu and A. Patison
Botanic Physicians,
RATEFUL for past patronage, slill continue
VJ to olfer their Medical Services to theciti
zens ol Howard county.
Dr. A. Patison will continue his office at his
residence, one quarter of a mile east of Mr, Wil-
loughuy Williams.
Dr. J. C. Pa'rrish may be found at bis residence,
formerly occupied by James Owens, one quarter
of a mile east of Salt Creek Meeting house.
(rN.B. J. C. Parrish will practice Dental
March 4th, 1848. S2 if
Hydraulic Cement.
ceived and fur sale on commission, at 4
per barrel a very superior article for cisterns
and cel'cre. J. D. TERRY,
July 1. 1818. Glasgow.
1IQURS, of superior quolity, for sale by
-J J. D. PERRY, Glasgow.
Fresh Teas.
WE invite the attention of family's to a pecu
liarly fine stock of
Gunpowder and Imperial Teas
Old hyson and pouchong do
which we warrant equal to any over imported: for
sale low (m)3) BOON, TALBOT &. SMITH.
HERRINGS 4. C0D FISH. 15 boxes dried
dermics and a small lot of firm cod fish, for
sale by Qy2)
D. PERRY. Glasgow.
C1YRUP. 4 boxes Lemon Syrup
just received
anu lor sate oy
J"'y 29 J. D. PERRY. Glasgow.
8 doz. painted pails.
5 nests " tubs, just ree'd and for sale
(jy20) J.J). PERRY, Glasgow.
COTTON YARN. 75 bags assorted Nos. cot
ton yarn just received and for sale by
July 29 J. D. PERRY, Glasgow.
Monthly Hulletin No. O.
THE position of the
Griefenberg Coinpany in its
relation to the health of the
community ia now fully es-
'aDiisned: and I ho admirable
series of Grasfenheeg Med
icines are everywhere ta
king the lead of all others.
In numerous portions of the
country the Medical Facul
ty adont these meHirinea in
meir practice, satisfied, Irom ample tests, tint by
their use they can more certainly combat DIS
EASE, IN ALL ITS FORMS. And not only do
Physicians sanction and encourage their use, but
the CLERGY, of every denomination, attest their
wonderful efficacy; and in numerous ways rec
ommend them to the people of their charge. THE
LEGAL PROFESSION testify to the same thing,
in short, the public at large hail the introduction
of these medicines as a public blessing.
of the Company in the United States, which are
not only profitable to the agents, but of vast bene
fit to the inhabitants. There should not be a sin
gle town, village, or hamlet, without its Grsl'en-
oerg ucpot; and ir this Bulletin is read where
there is no agency, application shou Id be made for
one immediately.
Certificates, almost without numbor, are on file
at the office of the Company, testifying to cures of
u.o muai. aswiiisning Kina; many ol winch have
re..-., uuiy examined uy the following distinguished
gentlemen: Rev. N. Bangs, D. D., Francis Hall
Esq., Ex-Mayur Brady, all of New York.
The power of the Graefenberg Medicines over
all bilious complaints, no matter what their form
or severity, ia a matter of profound astouishment.
Let all, therefore, who are thus aillicted. and who
would cleanse the system, resort at once to the cel
them call at some one of the agents and got a
pamphlet gratis, which will fully explain the whole
The General , Agent for Missouri, and South
part of Illinois, is E. K. WOODWARD, . St.
Louis, to whom applications for agencies may
be addressed.
New Yotk, September. 1844.
Sub-ai'eut, Wu. K. Snklsun, Fayette,
a A3 in..
' . . FA YETTE MO.
GRATEFUL for past patronage, still continues
VT tooflcihisitfJEiVJCAL SER VICES to the
itizens or Howard County. . ,
(t3-Office on the South Eost side of the public
quiiro, where he can usually be found in the day;
at night at his residence, 3d door below the Bank.
1'iiyette, April luttij 1M7. ; . " , ,
. Ioct. James It, Dunn, ;
OFFERS his professional services to the olti
r.ens of. Fayette and the surrounding coun
try.. Office on Crlglar'a row. 1 '
August 6,1048.- v ''"
' ,j -, joinrnT ivTtts .
... ... Kt. I.ouis. Missouri.
lrOflico No. 10, Locust street, between Fourth
and Fifth streets,, first door west of Odd Follows
Hall. .. )... OctuberO. 1849.-lm3.
s r.,; v Attorney nt linW, ;
Glasgow, Mo.
WILL practice In the Courts of Howard, Saline,
Uooper, Kaiirioipn nna i;na,rnon counties.
Office on first street. - hi
x , Charles II. Fallcnstcin,
DAT.KK W ' ' ' '
Shoes and Boots, Hats unJ Caps, ' '
31 Front Street, Glasgow, Mo.
Patent Concave Heater Churn.
TATEcall the attention of the public to the ar
V V.- tide beading this advertisement, and in
vite the enterprising and curious to call and wit
ness its operation. All advertisement in relation
to this invention, to the hundreds who have seen
it tested, is supererogation.;
First. This Churn will produce butter, gather
ing it in a mass, troni sweet milk, in five to ten
minuea, and from cream prepared, as families usu
ally prepare it, in three to five minutes.
. Second. The utility of this invention is appa
rent, as better butter can be produced from sweet
milk, or cream, than cream soured in the usua
way; and by means of this Chum, a little girl or
boy can perform, in five or ten minutes, what has
heretofore required Hie labor of a woman or man
fur one or two hours, and sometimes halt a day.
Third. By simply turning a thumb-screw, the
whole inside dasher is taken out, leaving nothing
but the butter and milk in the plain wooden box.
Fourth. It is the cheapest Churn ever invented,
as the simplicity of its construction (though em
bodying a great philosophical principle,) makes it
but little to manufacture it.
Fifth. It is a common sense Churn, as all wiil
admit who will examine it.
- We are now offering the complete monopoly of
this staple article in States and counties, which
wiil insure certain and large profits and a speedy
return of investments.
COLVER 4- MYERS, 33, Vine at., up stairs
- St. Louis, OiUoherO. 1848. 3Uf.
Chill Fever, Dumb Ague, ' Intermittent Fever,
' and all the various forms of
This valuable medicine is undoubtedly the safest,
surest and best remedy ever discovered for the sure
of the above named diseases. It not only breaks
the chill, but remuves the cause from which the
disease originates. Its operation is both general
and special.
While it acts generally upon the whole system,
as a most powerful alterative, purifying the fluids,
freeing the solids from all morbid secretions, and
reinvigorating and bringing up all the vital ener
gies to a standard of prmancnt health; it at the
same time exerts a specific influence upon the liver,
digestive organs and lymphatic and glandular sys
tems; exciting them to healthful activity, remo
ving all morbid matter, equaling the circulation,
restoring their proper and necessary secretions,
thus accomplishing a complete renovation from
diseose, and restoration to sound and permanent
health. .
It will be readily conceded by every intelligent
mind that a Toxic Svaur composed of the most
valuable ingredients, carefully selected from the
Vegetable Kingdom, must possess far more potent
properties for the complete eradication of the disea
ses for which it is especially prepared, than can
possibly be compounded with the limited quantity
usiihlly administered in the form of Pills.
Those who are suffering with the prostrating
AGUE and FEVERS common to the west and
south those whote constitutions have become en
feebled by the use of mercury, quinine, or othor
violent remedies should resort at once to the use
It has cured and will cure the most obstinate cases.
Travelling with the circulation, it pours its heal
ing current through every vein and artery of ihe
human body. The whole animal economy is made
to undergo a thorough radical-change. Evon the
mind partakes of the healthful process, and life,
that before appeared one dreary waste, begins
again to seem worth possessing
Pamphlets respecting this valuable medicine,
can be obtained of the agents gratis.
As there are manv Mnurinu nrpnamUnn r,r ;.n.
ilar name hawked about the country and sold on
the reputation of ihe genuine
we therefore beir 1 erive to fitit inn I ha m lil in
against imposition, as we cannot hold ourselves
responsible for the effects which may result from
me uBuui spurious articles.
Third and Chesnut streets, St. Louis, General
Agents, to whom all orders must be addressed.
Sold also by
Dr. Snelbon. Favniie. Dr. Hniui. r.i..
gow; Malone & Garth. Huntsville May 6, 48.
Lamps! Lampts!!
TUST oponed and for sale very low, a good as
v uriuieiii oi very tastetul and economical
Parlor lamps
Suspension and side lamps
These very valuable lumps are fitted un h.n,1nm
ly with ground glasses and fancy shades, and as
mey ouru iara or oil equally well, combine com
fort, elegmce and economy.
WE wish to contract for six hundred well
fatted hogs, large, to be delivered this fall,
for which the cash will be paid.
. , t SAVAGE fc CO.
Glasgow, October o, 1848. .
lthcuiiiatiftjui Cured !
MYERS' EMBROCATION, a safe and certain
cure for Rheumatism, for sale by
171LATS. I wibh to purchase two good Flat
Boats, of iiOO barrels burthe n. tn Iim ftnltuABu..!
in a short time. Also 20 to 30.000 barrol staveM.
Glasgow, Oct. 20. . J, W. HARRIS.
COMSTOCK & CO 'S V t'1 1
Concentrated Compound Fluid. Extract of
For the cure of scrofula, chronic rhourtlatism,
General Debility, Cutaneous Diseases, Soaly Erup
tions of the Skin, Tetter, Pimples or Ptioiules or)
the Face. Liver Affections, Mercurial and feyphi-
las Diseases, Biles from an impure habit ol the
bodyt Ulcerations or the Throat arid Leg Poms
and Swelling of the Bones, and all Diseases arit
sine from an impure Btate of. the Blood, Exposure
r. . ... . ..... i,,,
nd Imprudence in. Liiie, nxccssivo use ui incrcu
i hisearsaparilia 18 warronieu positively as gooo
as any other (that cau oe maaa at one aoiiar; at
just half the price of those so much advertised.
and as strong, viz: oti cents per notne. or six ooi.
ties for 2 50. liemember to ask tor lomstocK'a
Sarsapatilla, and take no other. . ., ; ,
Carlton's rino bone and spavin cure,
For the cure of.Rinir Bone. Blood Spavin, Bone
Spavin, Wind Galls, Splints, and Curb on Horses.
Also Carlton s Founder Umtmenl, lor the cure oi
Founder, Split Hoof, Hoof-bound Horses,, and
Contractud feel; Also, all Wounds,, Bruises in
the flesh, Galled Backs, Cracked Heels, Scratches,
Niekings, Dockings, Cuts, Kicks, &c.
This Kinsr Bona Cure and the Founder Oinl
monl are prepared from the recipe of very cel
ebrated English Farrier, and MU cure in ninety
nine cases out of one hundred, any of the above
complaints. ' They have been used by farmers,
liverymen, stage proprietors, and others, with the
most marked and decided success.
Caution. None can be genuine without the
fac-simile signature of the Proprietor on the wrap
per, J. Carlton Comslock, New York.
have Vow a cough 1
Do not neglect il thousands have met a pre
mature death Tor the want ot attentien to a com
mon Cold. Have yon a cough? Rev. Doctor Bar
tholomew's Expectant Fink Syrup, will most post
tively give relief, and suve you from that most aw
ful disease, Pulmonary Consumption, which usu
ally sweeps into the grave hundreds of the young
the old, the lovely and the gay.
The worst atluck of the Piles are eltectuilly
and permanently cured in a short time by the use
of the genuine Hnys Liniment, ilundreds of ou
first citizens throughout the country have ucd
tins Liniment with complete success. It is war
ranted to cure the most aggravated cases.
Caution Never buy it unless you find th
name ol cuinstock & uo., upon the wrapper, pro
priutors of the genuine article, or you are cheated
with a couuterleit.
and Indian veoetable ELtXER Is warranted to
cure any case of Rheumatism, Gout, Contracted
Chorda and Muscles, or Stiff Joints, strengthens
Weak Limbs, and enables thoso who are crippled
to walk again, use tins article and be cured, o
CO without it and suffer as you please. Certifi
catcs of cures by the hundreds con be seen, where
this article is sold only genuine.
Caution. All the above named articles are sold
by Comstock Sr Brother, 09 Second Street, St. Lou
is, (under the Monroe House,) Dr. Wm. R. Snel-
son, Fayette, and Knox & Bceman, Rochcport.
May 24, 1848. 11-Bin
GLASS, 4.C.. .
No. 103 Main Street, 1st. Louis, Mo.
Merchant, Steam Boat owners, and others, are
invited to examine the stock of Queensware, c-a ,
at H5 Main Street.
It has been selected by the proprietor, in person,
from the best manufactories in Europe, and em
braces every style from the most costly ornainsnts
to the plainest ware.
Every new quality, or shape of ware issued
from tho manufactories, may be found upon the
shelves of this establishment.
The goods having been purchased for cash, ena
bles the proprietor to sell on belter terms than
any other huuse in the west. , i .
Bills made in the east, with respectable houses
in his line, will be duplicated, and any goods
packed at his establishment are warranted to go
free of breakage.
Call and examine the slock. .
JWay27,1848 Jl-Gra , ',
r I "-RAVELING TRUNKSA fine assortment
A. for sale at Carroll's Corner.
CALL at Carroll's corner, if you want to rig
out for traveling, over coals and leggins
thrown in, Glasgow, December 4tb, 1847.
Family Companion.
SIX Lectures on Causes, Prevention and Cure of
Consumption, Asthma, Diseases of the Heart,
and all female Diseases. 234 pages, 28 engra
vings. Paper 60 cts.; bound 75 cts. Mail to
any part postage 9 J cts.
Shoulder Braces and Chest Expanders, ' $2.
Mail to any part 00 cts. postage, lnhalinir Tiihe-.
Silver, $3, by mail, letter postage. Abdominal
supporters, perfect, $8 to 10, for all Ruptures,
Falling of the bowols and Womb, and Weak Back,
and tyfiesl; sent by hxpress everywhere. For
Braces or supporters, or Rupture Supporters, give
height from head to foot, and circumference of
person next the surface, just above the hips. If
tiupiure, mention which side. Agents wanted for
me sate ot the above goods. Address Dr. S. S.
Filch, 707 Broadway, New York, postpaid.
April 22, 1848 7-ly
. Fahioiialile Tailoring;.
vjj THE partnership of Musler & Ransberger hs
ving been dissolved, the undersigned respect
LLfully informs his friends and the uuhlic irenor.
ally, that he designs cantinu'iig the T.IILOUIXG
DUSIXESS, ia all its various branches, at the
old stand, where he invites all who dosire gar
ments made up in & fashiouabie and substantial
manner, to give him a call.
He haa received the spring fashions, for 1348,
and his arrangements are such that he will be in
the constant receipt of all new fashions, as soon
as they are introduced into the eastern cities.
Terms moderate and work warranted.
Fayette, April 22, '48. 7-Om.
Carroll's Corner.
CARROLLcnn, and as the Squire says, will
sell, lower than the New Orleans cheap store
The squire says he will sell at St. Louis prices,
with expenses added; Carroll has no expense to
add, so he is beat at his own game. Lay on Mac
duff. Glasgow, mil
ROPE A quantity of good hemp hale rope for
sale at 6 cents per pound.
J. U. PERKY, Glasgow.
Ullct JLc Harriott' , .
HOUSE, curmr of Second and Ureen strtett.
(near th Virginia Hotel) Si. Louis, Mo. wnero
re thejmost commodious rooms, and ty ar ma
unrest stock of FURNITURE West of th At-
hghahy Mountains, comprising , In part the latest
styles ot carven rosewood in piusn, uotnic anu
Antique styles) turned and iwisibj
ork ot Philadelphia, the richest
nd latest styles of Boston and New
York, with elegant inlaid pearl work from Canton
in China, London and Paris. Also, thO largest
stock ever before oflured in this market ot
plain, medium and common furniture, chairs
of every description1 and kind, wash stands
tables, lounges, rocking chairs, window spades,
willow ware, matlrassos, extension and card ta
bles, etc.. etc. oto., all of which we will sell at
wholesale or retail, at the most reduced pneos for
cash. ,... ,. r
Keepers of Hotels, boarding houses, steamboats,
public rooms, Healers, pel-sons commencing house
keeping, son (he public generally,' are most ear
uelly invited to call e,nd examine our immense
and beautiful stock. ' We will promise them llioy
will not regret the call. Come and see. '
lil.Lfcll ti- HAtuuuii.
June 3. 1849 lilnltt . .
, : : . ij
C. iTI. Vnlleau,
183. Main Street. St. Louis.
TEErS constantly on hand a large assortment
IV of various styles Cooking Stoves, Franklin
7 aud 18 plate plain end fancy Coal Stoves, fancy
parlor Airtighls, hall, office, and dining room
Stoves for wood or coal, -fancy and plain fire-place
and mantle Urates, and Hollow 'are of every des
cription and variety.
ALSO Tin Plate, Sheet Iron, Copper. Block
Tin, Sheot' Zinc, Wire, Rivets, Ears, Tinners
Tools and Machines, in sets or separate, and all
articles in his line, which he will stall times veil
at U'iofftue or Retail, as LOWor cash as can bo
pun-hnscd in thi ur any Western City.-
. Orders, from Hie country will at all times Da
promptly filled nnd shipped. . , . '. -1
Refers to Clark II. (ircen. Fayette. ' "", " .v
' St. Louis, June 3. H48. I3v " ".'
St. Louis ISat and Cap Manurac
lory.' - . -
No. 72 North Main street.
ted with him Mr. J. D. Crane, of New Jersey,
The business of the house will hereafter be con
ducted under the firm of S Noorse & Co.
j- '. 3. NOURSE & CO.! Manufacturers and
dealers in all kinds of HATS and CATtfi
have now on hand an extensive assortment of
goods,- manufactured by themselves, and carefully
selected from the eastern markets, expressly fur
tho spring trade, which they are selling at very
low prices. Among which are the following:
Russia Fur Hats; Fine 6'ilk do; Angola do; Wool
do; Tanipico or Mexican do; Boys' Fine Silk do;
Panama, Leghorn,. .Vtraw, Can ida and Palui leaf
do; together with an endless variety of Men's and
Boys Caps. This above goods arc all fresh, and
dealers will find itto their advantage to call and
examine before purchasing oUnwhere. r; ;: '
New York Spring Fashion received nnd ready
for sale. .V. NUVRSE & CO.
St. Louis, Feb. 20th. -
lliuh School,
'"HUE Am4 Session of this Institution will
J. commence on Monday, the 4ih day of Sep
tember, and continue Six Months, i By a new ar
rangement, the Academic Year is divided into two
sessions of unequol length the oue of Four and
the other of Six months and the terms arc varied
in a corrcspoding-monnpr. Fur the winter session,
the following are the " ' '.
,, , .TERMS.'
For tho Primary Studies, ' $7 00
Common English Branches, 111 00
Higher - "- . ' ' - 12 SO
Latin and Greek Langunges, , . 14 60
Music, with use of Piano, .... 21 50
" " without " ' ' 18 00
French, Drawing, Puinting and Needle Work,
the usual prices.
Goud boarding can be procured at from $1 23
to 1 SO per week.
The Board of Instruction for the ensuing term
will consist of the following persona:
W. T. Luckv, A. M. Superintendent and Prin
cipal of the Female Department; W. T. Davis,"
A. B. Principal of the Male Department; K. K.
Attkhbuiiv, Assistant in the Male Department;
Miss C. S. White, teacher of Music and Drawing;
Miss L, C. Lkland, Assistnnt in the Female De
partment; Mons. J. E. Hamilton, teacher of
French. ; . .. " i
Howard High School hav'ng been in successful
operation four years, needs no commendation from
the Board uf Trustees. Its character is established.
As some of tho Teachers have never yet taught
in the Institution, we would take the opportunity
to rccommsnd them to the friends of the School
and the community generally, as well qualified to
fill the various posts to which they have been
elected. . . . , r ' .....
All persons desiring to atUnd the School are
urged to be prei-ent at ihe beginning of the session.
We bespeuk for the School a continuation of that
patrouoge which hast been so liberally extended to
it heretofore. . '
President of the Board of Trustees. ;
Fnyetto, July 20. 1848.' .
Very Important to the TuMicr
ADDISON G. BRAGG, of St. Louis, having
made a foul and maliciuus attempt to destroy
the popularity and sale of Dr. Champion's very
popular and highly esteemed medicines, by means
of lalse add slanderous publications In the Saint
Louis fcun, and in other papers published in St
Louis, and perhaps in papers published in different
fT. . wuiry ana naving railed in his ma
licious intent, we know not what oliier means mav
be resorted to to accomplish this foul purpose
but in order to guard the public against imposition
f i , ,i J .......... il,?,,, niui we pava
furnished all our travelling agents with a regularly
authenticated Letter of Attorney, signed with ou
own written signatures, and certified under ml by
a Notary, Public or other proper officer ct S. m.i
weueem it our duly to inform
them that we have
county, Illinois, and also with a cot of th. T...
lestainentarv. certified ...u ... .
Justice of the Peace of said county ' Hav 7 ,!
...g to oo wimi any person travelling uiih Pill.
who cannot shew
.1.:.. - .
ness. "1 his caution is given to prevent counter,
""'a- P. A. PHAMPinv
fclllS tfVlflHIlfa III Itim. avi r. .. :
tWA.lt .s?
t . o( ',?.f llale "J F- Champion, deceased'.
July 22, lti48 20in4
Thomas Jones --
Respectfully infnfurms his old friends am
Jrflj customers, tint he has excellent supply "f'
""-material, and ia Tttt tt tk iia.,.1 . it
ders. He designs keeping constantly on hand ,
full assortment of Gentlemen's Fine calf, ft tint
Leather, Pump and Kir, R,. .i "T1
?ll il ""..die's and Children's Shoe,',
all of which they will offer at the lowest rate. '
...J i .T f T"3"?1"' "'nb'acinir Morocco, pau
ent leather, calf and kin .Lin. . r.u.'f
All orders for work. wil be promptly attended to
and the subscriber hope,, by . Mrict ipplic.tion
business, to obtain a liberal share of patronage
Simp south side of tho public square.- " '
March 18th, '19.. . ". .. . gly
S'1!0" Z:?0 bof """-"-'d 'not for uu b

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