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The canVass bag which left this poat of
fice last Thursday, containing the western
mail, including our paper of that day, re
turned in the , stage, on Tuesday evening.
How it could have been overlooked, and
sent back here, we cannot conjecture. It
shows a carelessness on the part of some
one, either post master or driver, which
ought not to be suffered to go unnoticed.
Our package of papers for Key tesville, for in
stance, which ought to have been delivered
last Friday morning, is back here, five days
afterwards. So of our subscribers at Bruns
wick, Linneus, and other places. We shall
attempt to find out where the fault lies, and
will at least give the offender a public no
tico for his carelessness. We labor hard,
night and day, to prepare the news for our
patrons, always mailing it in due time.
This we do, faithfully, and after our paper
.is deposited in the post office, our control
'over it ceases; others are paid to perform
their part, and if we can ferret out the de
linquents, we, will at least let the people
know who is to blame for the way they are
treated. We will take it as a favor if our
subscribers will assist us in this matter, by
promptly notifying us of the failure of our
paper, together with the causes.
The following is the official result of the
Presidential election in this State:
For Taylor 185,513
" Cass 171,070
" Van Buren 1 1,263
Taylor's majority over Cass 13,037; over
both Cass and Van Van Huron, 2,274.
Men livo differently, act differently, die
differently. Politically, they differ as much
as bodily, in death struggles. Witness the
way a brace of Northern locofoco Edi
tors die :
From the Plain Dealer.
. A set of politicians, of the most deeper
ate political fortunes men who in their
own name, would not be trusted by the
people to fill the lowest office in their gift
will, under this automaton of a i'resi
dent, this mummy of a man, rule the desti
nies of the nation.
From the True Democrat,
In short, an old, ignorant, slave-killing
Oeneral, with his sword tightly clutched
in his blood-covered hand, marches straight
troin the battle-held, and seats himself in
the Presidential chair. Shame!
Hard dying that! The Editor of the
Pennsylvania Democrat, goes off much ea
sier. Hear him:
" Amid the general route, Ohio has re
solved to be eccentric, by striking a suc
cessful, blow for the democratic party.
We are very much obliged to good Mad
ame Buckeye; but she is a little loo late to
come to supper."
Under the head of " intelligence by the
Mails," the Democratic New York True
Sun says :
"We continue to receive from all parts
of the country the most favorable assuran
ces of the success of our candidates; but,
perhaps, it may be as well to add that the
papers containing these assurances are all
of a date prior to the 7th inst."
Office Glasgow WEEKtr Times,)
November 30, 1648. f
The river is very low, and navigation is sus
pended Business is ordinarily brisk, but as nav
igation is impended, we may look for less activi
ty. Our merchants are well supplied with Jury
Goods and Groceries, and those whose stocks are
short, can replenish at this point on favorable
terms. .
The weather is vary unsettled; snow fell the
greater portion or yesterday, but melted very
soon, making the streets very disagrocable for
out-door business.
We note the prices of a few articles:
SALT - G. A. 2 25 per sack
L. B. "$2 60 do
Barrel, 45 to 50 cents per bushel
WHISKEY 20 to 25 cents per gallon
SUGAR 5 to 6 cents per lb
COFFEE 8J to 9 cents per lb
FLOUR $4 to $4 50 per bbl
MOLASSES 30 to 32 cents per galloa
IRON 4 i to 5 cents per lb
PORK Commands from $1 75 to $2 00
TOBACCO We hear of a few sales at low
figures; there is wide a difference between buyers
and sellers, and no definite conclusion can be
formed as to what will be the ruling rates.
St. Louis, Nov. 24. The produce market was
languid, and former prices in some instances
were scarcely sustained.
Tobacco and Hemp. No sales of either rported
Flour. The market was dull and the only trans
actions wero 152 bbls. Wilkey at $4 12Jc, and
G32 bbls. on private terms.
Wheat. Prices were a trifle lower, and sales
fell short of 4,000 inferior spring to prime lilt
uois at prices ranging from 63 to 84c. sacks re
Corn. Sales were confined to several small
parcels, including 300 sacks pure, in gunnies, at
40c ; 147, 150, 160 and 184 sacks 40 ic sacks
Oats, A sale of 200 sacks at 24c, sacks in
Bacon. Sales of 9 cks. extra clear sides at 3 J
and 3000 lbs. shoulders at 3Jc. per lb.
Lard. Sales of 42 bbls. No. 1, at 5Je.
Pork and Beef. No solos of either reported
Whiskey.' Sales of smalls lots rectified from
store atl7Jc.
Sugar. A sale of 14 hhds.new from levee at
4Jc. per lb.
Salt. Sales of small lots of G. A. at $1 70c.
per sack; of Kanawa, 100 bbls. at 40c. per bu.
New Yoek, Nov. 14
Flour There is but a moderate quantity of
Flour offering, which causes a quiet market. Sales
of 450 bbl s uf Western at So UO: strait brands
at5 39ia3 43 J per bbl; Canadian brands 6 25
per bbl; Southern brands are Held at $3 Obi.
Wheat. There is a good shipping inquiry for
Wheat, but Corn is dull, and other grains are
I'ork me bales oi rorK are sinau at $12 oa
G 12 J.
Sales of $10,000 Treasury notes at 4 j per cent
The markets are generally Inactive, waiting
the ariival,of the Cambria, which is now due
New Orleans, Nov 18 Sales of molasses at
19al9c Of sugar, at 3Ja3 Jc per lb Sales of
St Louis and Illinois brands flour at $4 87a$4
92 Sales of prime white corn at 40a48u fur
new, and 54a55c per bushel fur old. Sales of mess
pork at ft9 87J, and prime at g8 25a $9 50.
Sales of lard in bbls at $6a6 5-8c, and in kegs at
7c per lb. Sales of Rio Coffee at 5 7-Saflc per lb
Sales bacon sides at 3 Jc, and shouldere at 4c. To
baco is scarce. The markets generally are dull.
O Geo. T. Ward is spoken of Tor Sen
ator from Florida.
WILL be sold to the highest bidder, on the
premises, on the 25th of December next, the tract
of land on which the late William Smith lived;
known as the Smithland tract, containing about
820 acres, on the ruad from Glasgow and Fayette
to fans, une tourth to be paid in hand, and the
balance in three equal annual instalments.
Any gentleman wishing to purchase a gooa
country residence, would do well to examine this
tract; the soil is good; has about 3 or 400 acres
under good fence. The buildings all roomy and
commodious, there is an abundance of timber land,
and it all lies convenient to the grand prairie, and
has an abundant supply of stock water, with a
never tailing well in the yard.
There will also be sold at the same time hve
negroes, all in the prime of life, (to wit:) 3 men
one boy, about 15, and a girl about 18 (years of
age. Tho particular terms 01 sale will be made
known on the day of sale.
Executors of the Estate 0 Wm. Smith, dec' A,
Nov. 18, 1848. 39 ts.
IHE Steamer "Lake of the Woods," brought
1 up tor me, a long expected, but very desira
me lot of goods, purchased at New York, and
consisting in the fullowing articles:
1 Case Hough and neady Campaign Hats
1 " " " Presidential
1 " Extra size Beaver Hats from 7 3-8 to 7 J,
1 doz. Super Fine Otter Caps
X " " Fisher do
6 " of Muskrnt and Raccoon Caps'
2 " of Cloth Caps
1 " extra quality Black Wool Hats
1 " boys fancy and plain V00l Hats
And for Gentlemen, who wish to appear in a do
cent style on a certain occasion, but chiefly for the
good Wines, celebrating the great victory, winch
they have fought and won, a couple ot dozen of
reallu superior L,. It. ahirls
1 doz ot double drawer Buckskin suspenderr,
something very nice and goud.
1 doz of self-adjusting Elk Satin Stocks
Gentlemen will please call and examine this re
ally very desirable lot of goods.
Of Interest to All.
ALL the, following named medicines, which
have gained unbounded popularity, are sold
by Comstock if Brother, 09 second street, St.
Louis, (under the Munroe House) Dr. IV. R
Snelson, Fayette, and Knox J- Beeman, Rochport.
TA Genuine Balm of Columbia, for restoring the
"Long hair Is a glory to woman,," says Paul,
And ail feci the truth of the Pious quotation;
Preserve it then, ladies your glory may fall,
Unless you protect it with this preparation.
If you wish a rich, luxuriant head of hair; free
from dandruff and scurf, do . nut fail to procure
the Genuine Balm of Columbia. In cases of
baldnes it will more than exceed your expectations.
Many who have lost their hair for twenty years
have had it restored to its original perfection by
the use of this balm. Age, state or condition ap
pears to be no obstacle whatever; it also causes
the fluid tn flow with which the delicate hair tubes
is rilled, by which means thousands (whose hair
was gray as the Asiatic eagle) have had their hair
restored to their natural color by this invaluable
remedy. In all cases of fever it will be found the
most pleasant wash that can be used. A few ap
plications only are necessary to keep the hiir
from falling out. It strengthens the roots, it ne
ver fails to impart a rich glossy appearance, and
as a perfume for the toilet it is unequalled; it huld
three times as much as other miscalled hair res
toratives and is more effectual.
Caution- Never buy it unless you find the
name of Comstock Sr Co., Proprietors, on the
wrapper of each bottle, or you are cheated with a
cuunterteit article.
Winter Jlonncts!
J have on hand a few green and purple Satin Bon
nets, bsautifully and fashionably made up. I
shall offer them at a reasonable price. I have al
so on hand, a few patterns only, of Mazarine Blue
and Mode Satin, purple, brown, and white Velvets
for Bonnets, and also suitable triinmigs. All
those goods are fresh from the City of New York
and the 1 atest styles out.
jUlankcts ! Allan kcts !
I am in receipt of a few dozen of cAoice Blan
kets for servants. They are truly of a better
quality than was ever brought to this market, and
fur sale at a very reasonable price. Those wish
ing to purchase will please call.
Bleached Shirting, Sheeting and
lnilt Lining !
PER Ship Soldanfrom Boston, I have received
direct from the manufacturers of this city, a
lot'of choice bleached goods, comprising all the
different grades, which is called for. 1 have
marked them down about right, and I have no
doubt prices and quality will suit.
CHAS. J3. f ALLENoTbliN.
THE undersigned would inform the public that
he will attend to paying Taxes for non-residents
on lands in Randolph County, Mo.; and will
attend to the collection of all claims in the Ran
dolph County Court, against the estates of deceas
ed persons; and will also act as General Agent
fur all who entrust business to his care. Letters
should be post-paid to insure attention.
Huntsville, Mo.. Nov. 23, 1848. t.
fttr Notice to the Public. Persons wanting gen
uine popular Family Medicines, are advised to go
to Dr. Easterly's Family Medicine Store, corner of
Third and Chesnut streets, M. Louis, JVio., where
they can find almost every Popular Family Medi
cine that is manufactured in the United States,
wholesale and retail, at the cheapest rates; or call
on his agent. Dr. Wm. R. Snelson, Fayette, who
keeps them for sale.
(jij'Read his advertisements in another column.
MARRIED On the 8th inst., at the residence
of Mr. S. Canby, by the Rev. Mr. Besswick, Dr.
JAS. L. DUNN, of Fayette. Missouri, to Miss
NANCY S. DEPEW, of Indianopolis, la.
fjWe return our thanks to the Doctor and his
fair bride, for their kind remembrance, and trust
their fondest hopes will be more than realized.
On the evening of the 22d, inst. by Rev. Jas.
M, Butts, Mr. ABSALOM M'CRARY. to Miss.
CORNELIA YEAGER, all of Howard county.
On the 23d. inst. by Rev. Wm. Shores. Mr.
SON, all of this county.
On Sunday evening last, by Rev. C. D. Simp
SWINNEY. all of this place. .
Last evening, by Rev. F. A. Savage, Mr, P.
Y. HURT to Miss ELIZA FRANCES, daughter
ot Jan. M. Harra Ison, r.sq. all of Chariton.
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
has obtained from the Clerk of the County
Cuurtof Howard County, letters of administration
on the estate ot William Green, dec d, bearing
date Nov. loth, 1848. All persons indebted to said
estate, are requested to make immediate payment,
and those having claims against it, to present
them, properly authenticated, within one year
from the dite ot said letters, or they may be pre.
eluded from having any benefit of said estate, and
it not presented within three years, they will be
forever barred.
DIED In this place, on Monday night. Mrs
ELIZABETH NORDMEYER, in the 33rd yesr
oMier age.
Particular, Special,
A LL persons indebted to the late firm of Ben
X-L son 4- Green, are respectfully notified, that
unless their accounts are settled on or before the
Tenth of January next, they will be put in the
hands of an officer for collection, one and all.
Attentiun to this notice will confer a special fa.
vor, save time, trouble, and money as the bust
nesi of the firm must be closed. Either of the un
dersigned will attend to closing the business.
Administrator estate James R. Benson, deceased.
Surviving partner of Benson Jf Green,
rpHE undersigned returns his sincere thanks
I for oast favors, and would respectfully in
form his friends and the travelling public, that
he still occupies the large Brick Tavern, on Water
i reel, Glasgow, and will spare no pains to make
those eomturtabie wno win mvur mui wim ran
OirCharces moderate.
Glasgow, JJovember, 30, 1818.
iNov. 23,
1848. 3Hw3
j Administrator's Notice.
1 NOTICE is hereby given to all persons concern
eq or interesled in the estate of Frances Belcher.
deceased, lata of Chariton County, that I shall
present a petition to the next regular term of the
County Court ot Chariton County, to be begun and
held in the town ot Keytesville, on the first Mon
dpy in February 1849, next, on the third day of
Said term, tor an oruar to sell the slaves belonging
to satd estate, for the purpose of making distribu
lion with the heirs of said estate.
November 23, 1648. 38 8w.
riles! Piles!! Piles!!!
Dr. Upham's Vegetable Electuary, or Internal
50,000 cases Cured in the past year.
(KrThis Medicine is warranted to cure all cases
of piles, either bleeding or blind, internal or ex
ternal, and all innamatory diseases found in con.
mnction with the Piles such as
Chronic Vysentary, Weakness and Inflammation
ol the Spine,
falling of the bowels, womb, &c, that females
particularly are subject to, under peculiar circum
stances; fur which many certificates could be giv
en of speedy and effectual cures but delicacy fur
bids their publication.
Severe and Habitual Cosllieness,
Flow of bluod to the head, Dispepsia, Ulcerations,
fistulas, inllammation ot the Stomach, nnd a
speedy cure in Dr. Upham's Electuary. It is an
nternal remedy, and cures by its action on the
bowels and blood, the relaxed state, which is the
cause of the above named diseases.
Universal Commendation.
From every city, town and village, where Dr
Upham's Vegetable Pile Electuary has been intro
duced, the most gratifying intelligence of its effects
heve been received by the rropnetor. In hundreds
of instances it has triumphed over cases which
were deemed incurable.
Letter of Cupt. G. W. McLean, late of the U. S.
Service, and member or the IN. J. Legislature.
Raiiway, June 10,1847.
"I have boen afflicted for years with the Piles,
and have tried without anything like permanent
benefit, almost everything assuming the name ot
a remedy. I had, as a matter of cuurse, lost all
confidence in medicine'. Under this feeling I was
nduced not without reluctance, I confess to use
Upham's Electuary;' and having used it fur about
three weeks, according to thedrcctions laid down,
I find to my utter surprise, us well as satisfaction
that every symptom uf the disease has left me. I
think it due alike to Dr. Upham and myself to make
this statement. li. '.V. McLEAPi .
Addressed to the agents in Columbia Ga.
Notice. The genuine Electuary has the written
signature thus, (lc"7A. Upham, M. D.) The hand
is also done with a pen.
trice $1 per box.
For sale by Dr. E. EASTERLY, south-east cor
ner of Third and Chesnut streets, St. Louis, Mo.
Sole agent for the west. Sept. 2, '48.
03-For sale by Dr. W. R. SNELSON, Drug.
gist, agent for Fayette; DIGGES & HORSELEY
Ulasguw; and K.NUA &. BttJIAM, Kocheport.
Manufacturer of Tin-nare,
Glasgow, Mo.
Is at all times prepared to do all businesi in hi
line, on as favorable terms as can be done in St
Louis, or any other place 111 the state.
He keeps on hand a full supply of all articles
usually found in a tin-shop, and is at all times
ready to fill order from merchants ar others,
without delay.
Guttering, plain and ornamental, made and put
up to order. Repairing of all kinds including
Cook stove fixtures, done- at the shortest notice.
A call from persons visiting Glasgow, is res
pectfully solicited.
(7- Old Copper, Pewter, and Brass, taken in ex
change fur work.
Glasgow, Nov 18, 1948 ly.
Teacher Wanted.
A good teacher wanted to take charge of a Dis
trict School, in Prairie Township, Howard
County. Noue need apply unless well qualified.
Apply to JACKSON THORP, or
Nov. 16, 1848. 37 3t.
T71RESH FAMILY FLOUR. A supply always
on hand, and for sale by
Glasgow, October 5, 1948.
T EATHER.--A small lot of kin skins, upper
J-i solo, harness and bridle leather, for sale low,
lo close consignment. nov2 JNO. D. PEURY
COOKING STOVE.-A good 2d hund cooking
stove, with all tha fixtures complete, for salo
very low by oct','U J.W.HARRIS.
Ir. JVIcLane's Liver Tills,
For the Cure of Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Swk
lltauacn, ana all llilums Uomplamts.
The liver is much mure frequently the seat of
disease than is genurally supposed. It is now gen
erally admitted by Physicians of reputation and
experience, that mora than one-halt of the com
plaints which occi:r throughout tha great valley of
the Mississippi, have their seat in a tUseasal state
of the liver, nnd that more than three fourths of the
diseases enumerated under the head of Consump
tion, nave also their scat in a diseased liver.
Case n St. Louts of one year s standing.
St. Louis, 'Mo. May 5, 1847
Dr. E. Easterly Sir: I hereby certify that I
have been utllicted for more than a vear. With th
liver complaint, and have applied to different phy
aicians, and all to little or no effect, until I made
use of Dr. McLanc's Liver Pills. I am happy to
inform you that 1 was pertectly cured by the use ot
one box. 1 can therefore, 111 justice, recomuien
others who are troubled with a diseased liver, tu
mako a trial ot these Pills.
Truly yours, ROBERT HALL.
Residence, Fourteen!)! and Biddle streets
Individuals suffering with Liver Complaint, Dys
pepsia, Sick Headacn, or any bilious disease, a
earnestly advised to make a trial of Dr. McLane'
Liver 1 ills, as they have been prepared by a regu
larly educated Physician, who haw had an exten
sive practice and experience in treating the above
complaint. He confidently recommends as being
tne very vest and most deserving remedy ever pre-
emea to me notice 01 ine anucted.
Price 25 cents per box.
For gala by Dr. E. EASTERLY, south-east cor
ner 01 ir.ira and Chesuut streets, St. Louis agent
for the west. . Sept. 2, '48.
(VrSold also by Dr. W. R. SNELSON. Dm
gist, agent for Fayette; DIGGES & HOKSLEY
uissgow; kinua St ULLMAX, Roclieport.
Pull Proof Whiskey. '
riHE subscribers are anle ngentn. in tnis place,
X for the salo of all the WHISKEY manufac
tured by Cooper &. Sonb( The stock from which
this liquor is manufactured will be at all times
pure the proof full and it is intended to give
entire satisfaction to consumers. There will al
ways be a large quantity on hand, and the sales
If be by the barrel, only tur cash at twenty
cents per gallon, throughout the winter.
Fayette, Nov. 2, 1848.
Plumes And Flowers.
VTEkY superior Plumes and Flowers, fur sale
Fayette, Nov. 2, 1848.
Pine Sea Otter Caps.
rpWO DOZEN, extra fine, for sale by
rayette, ov. S, 1S48.
Staple faroccricsi
20 hhds prime sugar
50 sacks coffee
300 sacks salt
10 boxes double refined loaf sugar
Sugar House Molasses, Tanners' Oil, &c.
rayette, xsov. a, 1)48.
Iron "and Steel.
WE have on hand, a full stuck of all sizes of
Iron and steel, at the lowest rates.
Fayette, Nov. 2, 1848.
connel's maoical pain extractor!
The World's Wonder Pronounced so by all who
have ever used it.
White Swellings, Inflammation in tho back,
weak limbs, tender or sore feet, and all scrofulous
sores are speedily and permanently cured by Con
ncl's Magical Pain Extractor. Affections of the
lungs, ague in the face, breast, tic dolureaux,
chronic sore eyes, blistered surfaces, Sic. It is
equally beneficial in all kinds of inflammatory dis
eases, such ds sore nipples and eyes, sprains
rheumatism, white swelling and ulcers, bruises,
burns chillulains, erysipelas, hues, &c, will quick
ly bo relieved by the application of this salve.
this remarkable sanative possesses many virtues
never found in any other article. It has the most
perfect puwer over all pains by firo, positively al
laying the suffering almost immediately upun its
uplication. It any disbelieve the statements, we
wuuld earnestly invite them to call and examine
e numerous unsolicited certificates ot remarka
ble cures wrought by by this salve. It has fur
months past been sold upon the following liberal
terms, to-wit: If the user was not perfectly satis
fied, and even delighted with its effects, and fur
thermore, if it did not fully answer our recommen
dations, their money was returned immediately
their request. On these terms this absolute
heal-all is now suld, and we simply ask if the
public can demand anything more reasonable.
ind parent keep it constantly on hand, in cases
f accident by fire, life may be lost without it, but
by its use all burns are subject to its control, un
less the vitals are destroyed.
Caviion. No Pain Extractor can be genuine
unless you find the signature of Comstock & Co.
on the wrapper of each box. Beware of counter
1. For colds and feverish feelings and preventing
2. For asthma, liver complaint and bilious af-
3. For diarrhoea, indigestion and loss of apetito.
4. For costiveness in females and males, and
nervous complaints.
5. For stomach affections, dispepsia, piles,
rheumatism, Jj-c.
The Great Points are, it is not bad to take, ne
ver gives Pain and Never leaves une Costive.'!
lor all these things it is warranted unequalled,
nd all who do not find it so may return the bottle
and get their money. Comstock iy Co. proprietors.
Fall and Winter oods.
HE subscribers have received and opened a
large and beautiful assortment of Fall and
Winter Goods. They now offer for sale, on the
most reasonable terms,
Blue, black, green and brown Cloths
Black, fancy and buckskin Casimeres
15 pieces Sattinetts and Kentucky Jeans
13 " Red and white Flannels
120 pairs negro, Mackinaw and bed Blankets
30 ' Blue, drab, brown and Cadet Blan
kets, for Overcoats
29 pieces Mouselin de Lane and Cashmeres,
various styles and qualities
French Merinos
Alpaca English Merino
Hoavy Tweed Casimere
Vestings, satin and worsted
Canton Flannell und Plaid Linsey
New style Silk fur ladies' dresses
Capes, collars, ribbons
Thread and lisle lace
Edgings, gimps, fringes
Shawls, hdkfs, worsted and silk hose
100 pieces 7-8, 4-4, 5-4 and 0-4 brown cotton
80 do 3-4, 7-8, 4-4, 5-4, 0-4 bleached
shirtings and sheetings
100 do 3-4 and 4-4 Osnaburgs
13 doz Fur, Seal, Cloth and Slick Caps
4 doz Mexican Hats
8 doz Wool do
7 doz Fur and Moleskin Hats
A large supply of Queensware, Hardware, and va
rious other articles nut necessary to enumerate.
We invite our friends and the public to call and
examine our slock, as we are determined to sell
cheap. SAVAGE & CO.
Glasgow, October 20, 1849.
Why will you sutler with that distressing crm-
la int, when a remedy is at hand that will not fai
to cure you.- this remedy will enectually destroy
any attack of headache, either nervous or bilious.
It has cured cases ot twenty years standing.
All expecting to become mothers, and anxi.ous to
avoid the pains, distrsssand dangers ot cm dbear
ing, are earnestly entreated to calm their bars, al
lay their nervousness, and soothe their way by
the use ot this most extraordinary vegetabte pro
uction. Those who will candidly observe its
virtues, must approve of it 111 their hearts; every
nd and affectionate husband will feel it his most
solemn duty to alleviate the distress his wife is
exposed to, by a safe and certain method, which
this Mother s Kenet.
Keep Your Feet Dry. Remember, to pre
serve health, the feet should be kept dry, and that
the (Jit of Tannin renders leather water-proul and
uubles its durability. Also used tor harness and
carriage tops.
ftj All the above articles are sold by Comstock
dj- JjituTUF.it, b'J second street, cl. Louis, and Dr,
Wm. K. snelson, rayette.
May 27, 1948. ll-0in
Final Settlement.
OTICE is hereby given that I will apply at
the December term of the Howard county
court for a final settlement of my administration
on the estate ot John Lvans dec d.
Nov. 9, 1948 30-4W.
Dr. IVIcLaiic's Vermifuge.
The Best Remedy Ever Discovered for Expelling
Horm Jrom Chililren,,
Iho symptom j ot the presence 01 worms 111
Children should be carefully watched by parents,
and as soon as there is reason to suspect their ex-
lence, everv means should be used to expel them
promptly and thoroughly. Dr. iUcLane s Vermi-
uge is rapidly supplanting all others, in public es
timation. Where it is used it has produced the
best effects, and every family who has used it, say
it is the best they have ever seen.
Symptoms oj Worms. Head! Head:!
The counienance is pale and leaden-colored, with
occasional flushes, ur a circumscribed spot on one
ur both cheeks; the eyes become dull; the pupils
dilate; an azure semi-circle runs along the lower
eye-lid; the nose is irritated, swells and sometimes
bleeds; a swelling of the upper lip; occasional
head uch, wilh humming or throbbing 111 the ears
an unusual secretion of suliva; slimy or furred
tongue; breath very foul, particularly in the morn
ing; appetite variable, sometimes vuracions, with
nawing sensation ot the stomach, at others, en
tirely gone; fleeting pains in the stomach;
nausea and vomiting; violent pains throughout the
abdomen; bowels irregular, at tunes costive; stool
slimy, not unfrequently tinged wilh blood; belly
swollen hard; urine turbid;"respiruiion occasional
ly difficult, and accompanied by hiccough; cough
sometimes dry anil convulsive; uneasy and disturb
ed sleep, with grinding of the teeth; temper varia
ble but generally irritable, &c.
Mother, nurses, parents, guardians, look well
to your children, and if yuu see any symptoms uf
worms, procure Dr. McLane s Vermifuge, because
it is the very best, most deserving, and popular
remedy ever presented to tho notice of tho public.
Price 25 cents per box.
Fur sale by Dr- E. EASTERLY, at tha City
Family Medicine Store, south-cast corner of Third
and Chesnut streets, St. Louis, Mo., only agent lor
the west. rept. is, 48.
(rSold also by, Dr. W. R. SNELSON. Drug,
gist, agent fur Fayette; DIGGES Jj- HORSLEY,
Glasgow; KNOX & BEEMAN, Rocheport.
30 do kip do
M do bmgan do
25U do brugan Shoes
1110 do kip do
75 do Women's Buskins
49 do Ladies' Gaiters
00 do do kid slippers
60 do do calf and morocco boots
40 do do walking shoes
200 do Misses and children's shoes
C5rConsumption Is turedn
By Dr. Rogers' compound Syrup of Litentort and
lar 1 A saje and certain ture for Consump
tion of the Lungs, Spitting 0) Blood, Coughs
Colds, Asthma, Paitt in the Side, Whooping
Cough, Bronchitis, and all Pulmonrry A ffMionsi '
rpo those who htve CONSUMPTION OftDlS.
J. EASED LUNGS, we call your earnest and ...
immediate attention to the great merit of tligahova '
preparation, and entreat you not to pot it down
with other advertised medicines, without i()'itirinz
whether there is not entire and satisfactory proof
of itsvalue, and that too from men of the highest
standing, who are living witnesses, and can bs
seen by any one who will take the trouble to call
upon them, fj- Not only the Physician, but even
the Professors among the medical faculty, have
had tbe bar of prejudice broken down by the as-
tonishing cures effected by this great remedy, and
have come out at last and given us their certifi-
cates that there is no mistake about it that it re
ally makes cures, when every thing else has failed,
and that it is the Great Remedy for Diseased
(j5"Call on the Agent and see the statement of
the following persons of Cincinnati who were
cured by Dr. Rogers' Liverwort and Tar, after be
ing given up to die with the last stages of Con
sumption, not only by their triends, but By physi
cians of the highest standing:
Mr- D. Ludlow, tilth street, between Hace and
Mr. H. Plutntner, hatter, between Eighth and
Ninth, on Main street.
Mr. G. Whitehead, Catharine street, half a
square below Linn.
Mrs. Ann (Jhiltls, Sixth street, two doors west
of Smith, &c; &c.
Be not deceived bv worthless medicines, which
are palmed on you, when such men as Dr. Wm.
Kichards and Judge Wm. JJurke, Dr. H. Cox, late
Professor of Cincinnati Medical College, have
cume out and certified, that Dr. Rogers' Liverwort
and lar is the great consumption remedy.
Dr. Cox states, that Miss Belt was pronounced
by Prof. Warden and the late Prof. Worcester to
be in the last stages of Consumption, and give ber
up to die; yet Dr. Rognrs' Liverwort and Tar en
tirely cured her.
Statement of Judgo H. Morse, of the Courts of
Ohio and Uincinnati.
I am well acquainted with Dr. Hiram Cox and
his practice, he having been my family physician
fur many years, and can cheerfully say, that 1
have as much or more confidence in him and hii
skill as a practicing physician as any man living.
Cincinnati, Nov. 7th, 1847.
Dr. H. Cox is also the family physician of the
Hon. Judge Jas. Saffin, of Cincinnati, late City
Caution to all. Owing to the increased demand
for this medicine, an unprincipled man, (John T.
Tnland.) in Cincinnati, imitated in external ap
pearance only the yellow and blue wrapper, and
(iespulchtd an interested runner, (P. Clinton,) in
tins nefarious business to St. Luuis to make sales.
This counterfeit omits the name of A. L. Scoville,
in fine print on the bottom of the uutside wrapper,
where it reads, "Entered according to Act of Con
gress," &c. On the genuine, the name of A. L.
Scoville is found following the words "Entered
according to act ot Cougress," &c.
Dr. U. Henderson, Agent, uiasgow; ur. onel-
son, rayette,
Orders may be addressed to H. Hlaksly 6l Co.
St. Louis.
Wheat Fans.
FIVE Wheat lans, a very superior article, in
store, and for salo low by J. D. PERRY.
Fresh Kaisins
20 BOXES new crop raisins.
justreceivad and
10 half '
for sale low by
LBS uf large HOGS, well
fattened, wanted by
20. SAVAGE & CO.
Glasguw, Oct
AVERY superior lot ot sides, hams and shoul
dcrs in store, and fur sale luw by
N F, W F A L L i O O 1) S .
RESPECTFULLY inform their old friends
and customers, and the public generally, that
they have received unrl now otter tor sale, une o
the most extensive stccks ot seasonable goods
ever brought to this market all of which lmv
been purchased in the eustern cines, by une ot the
firm, on terms which warrant them in saying they
can and will sell as cheap as any house in this
section of country. Their Goods are all new, of
the latest stylus, and were purchased expressly to
meet the wants of the country. Their stock em
Cloths, of the finest quality
Satinets and Jeans.
Domestics, bleached and brown.
Boots, shoes, hats and caps.
Calicoes, all kinds, very low,&c.&.c,
Their stock is full, embracing all new styles,
together with suitable trimmings, to which the at
tention of the ladies is particularly invited.
The largest und finest stock of ready made cloth
ing ever brought to the country, embracing every
article of gentlemen s wear, rull suits sold at
astuiiishiogly luw prices, t'articu.ar attention is
called to this part ot their stuck.
Also, a full supply of
Family Groceries,' Cutlery, Nails, Spun Col-
ton, Dye stuffs, &c, &c.
Together with every article usually called for,
which we pledge ourselves to sell as chwip as can
be had in liny other place or store, this side of St.
Louis. We respectfully solicit a call, to the end
that our goods may bo seen and prices known.
After seeing the une and knowing the other, sales
will folium.
Fayette, October 5, 11M.
A FINE assortment of hair, cloth, nail and
tooth brushes, also tine oil for the hair, fine
washing soaps for the face not your clothes, for
sale by
Bnonville, Nov 0.JS43.
1HAVE got some as good shaving SOAP a
wus ever spread upon the face of any man, (I
will not include the ladies,) and if you du not be
lieve it because you see it stated in the newspa
pers, call and get a cuke of it and satisfy yourself
that it is a fact.
ITtRIEN'D HAMMOND I will have to stop
. yuur paper
Why so, Mr. Brown
Because my eye-sight is so bad that I can Scirce
ly read.
Why do you not use spectacles?
I have not been able to rind any to suit.
Have yuu been duwn at COOKE'S Shop to see1
if he could not suit you!
No, I have not.
tio down he has got all kinds.
Well, I will.
Hammond, I gbt them, hero is your pay for
two years subscription. Boonville Observer.
Boonville, Nuv. 0, 1848.
A. of a good bowl of Mush and Milk, or good
So up, (say oyster soup fur instance,) or those who
wish tu drink a good cup of tea, should always
have a genuine Silver Spoon to do it with. Well
I have got that sort, and as they are the cheapest
spuons that can be used in a family, call and look
at my assortment.
li. W. COUK.E.
Booneville, Nov. 9, 1843.
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
has obtained from the Clerk uf the County Court
uf Linn County, letters of administration, on the
estate of Andrew J. Baker, dee'd, bearing date Oc
tuber 10, 148. All persons indebted to said es
tate, are requested to make immediate payment
and those having claims against it, to present
them, properly authenticated, within one year
from the tlute ot said letters, or they may be
precluded from having any benefit of said estate.
and it not presented within three years, they will
be forever barred.
B. M. BAKER, Adm'r.
Nov, 10, 1S43.
AN EASY SHAVE is one of the blessings
bestowed upon man; and one of the great
est misfortunes that man is born to, is to shave
with a poor razor. Now, therefore, if you wish
to possess the former and escape lb latter, call
at my shop and 1 will sell you a gonuine razor.
Boonville, Nov. 0, 1843.
rriHEPiE are several vaconcies in my Schoul,
X which may be rilled by application to me.
1 will also receive in my family Hues ort'uur boar
ders, on accommodating terms.
October 12, 1S49 32tf
Administrators' A o tico.
Notice is hereby given, that the undersigned
has obtained from the Clerk of the County Court
uf Linn County, letters of administration, on the
estate of Michael Stultlebean deceased, bearing
dale. Oct. 30, 1843. All persons having cluims
against said est n to, are hereby notified to present
the same legally authenticated for allowance,
within one year troin the date ot said letters, or
they may be precluded from any benefit of said
estato, and if such claims are not presented With
in three years, they will be forever barred.
B, M. BAKER. Adm'r.
10, 1348.
.es:roes for Sale.
A 'ikely negro woman, about 23 years
old, and her two children, are offered for
sale. For further particulars enquire
at this ottice.
Nov. 10. 1S43.37 3t.
Autumn aud Winter Goods.
Fauette, Missouri,
HAVING commenced receiving their extensive
and valuable stock for tho present and ap
proaching seasons, respectfully invito the attcntiori
uf purchasers to nno of the largest, and in all res
pects most desirable, assorments of goods ever
brought to this county, comprising every variety of
Boots and Shoes, China, Glass and Hueensware
Hardware and Cutlery. Iron, bails, L astmgst
Determined to transact a permanent business, on
an extensive scale, and do our part towards ma
king Fayette a point of attraction to purchasers,
wo will al all times be prepared to meet the wants
of the country, by having our shelves and ware
houses fully supplied with the most desirable styles
and qualities of gun!s which manufacturers and
importers can furnish. Our purchases are, and
will continue to be mado, on the best terms, and
combining all the advantages which any house in
this or neighboring towns enjoy. We assure old
and new customers, that our prices will in all cases
be as low as the very lowest, our stock equal to the
best, and our uniform principles Of business such
as to insure the permanent satisfaction and increa
sing conndence ot customers.
Our friends and the public will please favor us
with an examination of our goods and prices. ' J
Fayette, September 23dt ,

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