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lO" Wo havo ha j two or Ihreo eastern
mail failures lately. Saturday and Tues
days mails camo togoihcr, yesterday about
noon. Tlio roads havo been almost im
passable, in consequence of tho heavy
snow and elect.
A meeting of the Stockholders of Odd
Fellows' Hall & Female Seminary, will be
held on Monday, at 1 o'clock, at the usual
place of meeting. A full attendance is re
quested, as business of importance is to be
lOGcn. Taylor has accepted an invi
tation fr 0111 the citizens of Nashville, Tenn
essee, to visit them on his way to Washing
ton. Ho expects to be there some time be
tween 1st and 1 5th February. Hewillso
journ also, several days at Cincinnati.
0C7Editors very rarely insert communi
cations unaccompanied by the author's
name. We refer- "Sol Quandary"' to the
"committee" or invite him to a persoa)
Gov. Crittenden. The Louisville Jour,
nol, after saying that Gov. Crittenden will,
in all probability, be offered a scat in Gen.
Taylor's Cabinet, but that his ideas of duly
to the people may induce him to decline it,
intimates that he may again be returned to
the Senate of the United States. Should
the whigs of the Legislature determine upon
this course, and elect him, the office of Gov
ernor for the rcmaindor of the term will
devise upon John L. Helm, the Lieut. Gov
ernor. DC7 Illinois, according to the official
vote, gave Cass a majority of 3,314 over
Taylor. Van Buren received 15,804 votes
in the State.
Raleioii.Nov. 22, 1843.
The house of Commons has just organi
zed by the election of Robert B.Gilliam
(Whig) as Speaker, with a Locofoco as
chief clerk, and a Whig as assistant.
There is, as yet, no organization of the
Senate, there being a tie of the two parties
in that body. Several ineffectual ballotings
have taken place in the Senate, and in the
House we only elected our Speaker on the
seventh ballot.
In itio Senate, we have 25 Whigs and 25
Locos; and in the House, 60 Whigs and 59
Locos, one having sent in his resignation.
For the Times.
Messrs. Green Shirley: The caption
heading an article in the last banner, though of
exceedingly doubtful paternity, yet it is so pecu
liarly appropriate to the writer, that we must re.
peat 't and say, yes, " let the gall'd jade wince."
Wa are no adept in bandying profane and vul.
gar epithets, end therefore readily surrender the
palm in this particular, with the remarks of the
" Brunswicker" on a former occasion, whose
conteir;t only had been provoked by his inso
lence, "we will let it pass, knowing the source
whence it came."
As to the coat of arms which his borrowed
dignity lias prepared for us, we will only say, if
these were the days of Knighthood, it would be
worn by a large and respectable portion of our
community, who would be exceedingly unwil.
ling (o exchange it for his coat of mail, die her.
aldio insignia of which, would be aptly repre
sented by a political wealhercock perched upon
a " dark" field, with the motto " contemptiblis.
Washington, Dec. 4lli.
Senate This being the day fixed for the an-
nual meeting of Congress, at 12 o'clock, meridi.
an, the Senate was called to order by the Hon,
David R. Atchison, the Vice President being ab
After prayer by the Rev. Henry Slicer, the
Chaplain, the Secietary called the roll, when it
was ascertained that a quorum of Senators were
On motion, the Secretary was authorized to
inform the House that the Senate had organized
and was now ready to proceed to business.
Mr. Breese offered a resolution providing for
the appointment of a joint committee from both
Houses, to wait supon the President and inform
him that the two Houses of Congress had been
organized, and were now ready to receive any
communication which he might please to make,
which resolution was lead and adopted.
Mr. Douglass gave notice that he would, on
a future day, atk leave to introduce " a bill pro
viding for the admission of California and New
Mexico into the Union.
Mr. Cameron gave notice that on a future day
he would introduce a bill providing for taking
the 7ih census of the United States.
Without transscting further business, the Sen.
ate adjourned.
House. The House was called to Older bythe
Speaker, and the roll called by the Clerk, when
it appeared a quorum of merabeis were piesenl
Mr. Watson presented the credentials of Mr
Sibley, delegate from the territory of Minesola
upon which discussion ensued. The matter
was finally refeired to the Committee on Elec
tions. After transacting the usual preliminary busi.
ness, the House adjourned.
Gen, Taylor has resigned bis commission in
the army.
-a - . - - .
MARRED--Last evoning, by Rev. C. D. Simp
this city, to Miss LUCV A. HARRISON, of this
(r Notice to Ihe Public Persons wanting Ren
ino popular Fimily Medicines, are advised to go
to Dr. Easterly's Family Medicine Store, corner of
Tliird sod Chesnut streets, St. Louis. Ko.t where
they can find almost every Popular Family Medi
cine that is manufactured in (lie United States,
wholesale and retail, at the cheapest ratos; or call
on his Bjrent, Dr. Win. R. Snelson, Fayette, who
keeps them for sale.
QiZfRead his advertisement! in another column.
A I 1 M N tt ,
rIMIE undersigned respectfully inform the pub
JL lie that they have recently commenced tho
at Cambridge, Saline county, and design carrying
it on in ali its various branches. Saddles, bridles,
4.C., made to order, out of the best materials, and
in the most workman-like manner. A supply of
ready-made work always on hand.
Persons in want of any articles in the saddling
line, are respectfully invited to call.
Cambridge, Dec. 14, 1S43 41tf
Negroes For Sale.
IN pursuance of an order of the county court of
Chariton county, made at the November term, the
undersigned will offer for sale, at Swilzer's Mill,
in Chariton county, on tho first day of January
next, three negroes to wit: one negro woman,
45 years old. and .wo boys aged 12 and 14 years.
Said negroes are sold for the purpose of division
among the heirs of William Uooton, dee'd.
Terms Six months credit, purchaser giving
bond and approved security.
E. J. HAYS, Adtn'r.
Dec. 14 1849 t. s.
Public .Sale of Personal Pro
perty. I will sell at my residcuce near Monlicello,
Howard County, Mo., Ion Thursday the 23ih
consisting of horses, four yoke of work steers,
and other cattle; one large Virginia made wag
gon, farming utensils, kitchen furniture, &c.,&.c.
xcruis ui soic amounts unuer cash, over
lat sum a credit of 12 months, with hn,i ..,! -re
proved security.
Dec. 14, 1848 t s.
County of Howard,
In the Howard County Court Dec. Term 1848.
Samuel C Major, Administrator of the estate
of James Garvin, dee'd . Petition to sell real
estate for the payment of debts, and reserve tho
personal estate.
Now at this day comes the said Administrator.
and files ii is petition, setting forth that the real and
personal estate heretofore sold, and the as
sets in his hands, are insufficient to pay the debts
against said estate; and praying the court to re
serve me personal estate and order the sale ot the
remaining real estate, to wit: The east half of
tho north east quarter, of see. 30, township 00,
range 17, for the payment of the debts against
said estate, which petiticn, is accompanied by the
exhibits and inventories required by law and the
court being satisfied that such sale is necessary.
It is therefore ordered, that all persons interested,
be notified that application has been mado for the
sale of the real estate aforesaid, and thai unless
the contrary he shown, on or before the first day of
the next term of this court, an order will be made
for the sale of the real estate aforesaid, or so much
thereof, as may be necessary to pay the debts
It is further ordered that the notice hereby
required, be given by advertisement in some news
paper published in the State, for six weeks succes
sively, before the next term of this court and
this cause is continued. .
ACopvTest, A. J. HERNDON, Clerk.
Dec. 14 1848 fiw.
County of Howard J
In the Howard County Court Dec. Te rm, 1843
Samusl C Major, Administrator of the estate of
Solomon P. Mitchell dee'd. Petition to sell
land f or the payment of debts.
Now at this day comes the said Administrator
and files his petition, setting forth that the person
al estate of the said dee'd., is not sufficient to pay
the debts against his estate, and praying the Lourl
to order the sale of the real estalo for that pur
pose, and the court being satislied from the exhib-
ts and inventories, filed that such sale is necessa
ry. It is therciere ordered, that all persons inter
ested be notified that application has been made
for tho sale of tbe real estate of the dec d , to wit:
Lots po. 1 and no. 2, in the town of Fayette, in
Ihe county of Howard and State of Missouri, fur
the payment ot the debts against said estate, and
that unless the contrary be shown, on or before
the first day of the ext term of this court, an or
der will be made for the sale of the. reel estate o!
the deceased, or as much thereof as may be ne
cessary to pay the debts aforesaid. It is further
ordered, tliut a copy ot this notice bo published in
some newspaper published in this State, for six
wseks successively, belore the next term ot this
court and this cause is continued.
A Copy Test,
A. J. HERNDON, Clerk.
Dec. 14, 1843 6w.
County of Howard. f
In the Howard County Court, Dec. Term. 1848,
Saeuel C. Major, Administrator of the estate of
James H. Swain, dee'd. Petition to sell real
estate for the payment of debts.
Now at this day comes Samuel C. Major, Admin
istrator of the estate ot James H. Swain, dee'd.
into court here, and files his petition, setting forth
that there is not sufficient personal estate belong-
incr to the deceased, to satisly the debts due and
owing by said estate, and praying the court fur an
order to sell the real estate for that purpose, and
Ihe court being satisfied from tbe lists, accounts
and inventories nied, that such sale is necessary.
It is therefore ordered by the court, that all per
sons interested bt notified, that application has
been made for the sale of the real estate of the de
ceased, to wit: The east half of fractional section
two, (2) township no. sixty, ((H)) range no. thirty
six, (30) containing 53 53-100 acres, situated
in tho county of Andrew State of Missouri, lor
the payment of the debts against said estate, and
that unless the contrary be shown on or before the
first day of the next term of this court, an order
will be made directing tho sale of said real estate,
or so much thereof, as will bo necessary for the
payment of the debts aforosaid.
It is further ordered that the notice hereby- re
quired, be given by publication in some newspa
per published in this Slate, six weeks successively,
before the next term of this court aud this cause
is continued.
A Cupy Test,
A. J. HERNDON, Clerk.
Dec. 14, 1843 6v.
Particular, Special, and L.at.
VLL persons indebted to the late firm of Ben
son fr Green, are respectfully notified, that
unless their accounts are settled on or before the
Tenth of January next, they will be put in the
hands of an officer for collection, one and all-
Attention to this notice will confer a special fa
vor, save time, trouble, and money as the busi
ness of the firm must be closed. Either of the un
designed will attend to closing the business.
SAMUEL C. MAJOR, rayette.
Administrator estate James R. Benson, deceased.
CLARK H. GREEN, Glasgow,
Surviving partner of Benton Green.
nivi:iev u.iihicocation!
THIS sovereign and effectual remedy for that
painful disease, was discovered upwards of sixty
years ago by the Grand-Fnther of the undersigned,
(a German Physician of his dv) and has never
been made known out of his family.
Its incredible cures have astonished thousands
who have witnessed its power over that disease.
Unfortunate, despairing invalids, who have been
bed-ridden for years, havo been restored to the en
joyment of perfect health. Itbanishesall pain in
a tew days, and its efficacy is gladly realized by
the patients being able to resume their usual avo
cations, after having suffered in torments for
months and years. The wonderful success of the
EMBROCATION, in curing the worst cases of
Rheumatism, has acquired fur it a celebrity un
precedented, and its fame originated from its
own merits. It never has failed to cure Rheuma
tism, either inflammatory or chronic; and I feel
safe in saying it never will if fairly tried. I pledge
myself to refund the cash to any person who uses
it properly without being benefitted thereby. You
who are afflicted may havo tried every other reme
dy but this. Try it, and if it does not cure, it
will not cost you any thing. Ry this rule I desire
it should be used.
Tenons are warned to be on thei r guard of ivhom
they purchase, as several mean attempts have
been made to procure the REcire from which this
medicine is prepared. The proprietor deems it
his duty to say to the afflicted, that he will furnish
travelling agents with written authority for depos
iting it.
0- My name is on each bottle, and none genu
ine unless prepared by Henry C. Mtebs, Fayette,
Read what those say of the Embrocation who hare
used it. A fete of the hundreds who have testi
fied can only be quoted here.
From Elders Thos. M. Allan and M. P. Witts.
Boons County, Mo., August 21, 1849.
This is to certify, that we have used "Myers'
Embrocation" in our families with entire success,
and we hereby take great pleasure in recommend
ing to any who may be afflicted with Rheumatism
as a most sovereign remedy.
Springfikld, 111., February 20, 1843.
This is to certify that I was cured of a sev ere
attack of Inflammatory Rheumatism, from the use
of one bottle of your Embrocation, and hope every
fellow-sufferer will use it, for their is no doubt
but it will cure any case, however violent; this I
can safaly assert after using it myself.
Yours, Respectfully,
Henry C. Myees, Fayette, Mo.
Hampton L. Boon, Clerk of the Supreme Court
of Missouri, and Editor of the J'ffer son City Met
ropolitan, speaks of tho Embrocation as follows,
in his paper:
We desire to call the particular attention of all
persons afflicted with Rheumatism to this very
valuable medicine. .One bottle we believe, will
cure anv case, however violent.
The senior editor of this paper, during the last
winter and present spring, .suffered so much from
Rheumatism that he was unable at limes to walk
or stand upon his feet, or even change bis posi
tion in bed without assistance. A part of a bottle
cured him in a few days. His son was also afflict
ed with the same dreadful complaint, and suffered
tbe most excrutiating pain until an application of
the Embrocation was made, which eUecteu an en
tire cure. Col. Minor of this city, also had a se
vere attack of Rheumatism this spring from which
he suffered severely, and which confined him to
his bed for several weeks. Nothing gave him any
relief until he sent to Rocheport, forty miles, and
procured a bottle ot this medicine, which expelled
his pains: almost instantly.
Mr. Myers ought to havo an agent in every
county in the State, with which this medicine
should be deposited for sale. We repeat our hon
est conviction, for the benefit of those suffering
with Rheumatism, that one bo tile ot this modi
cine will cure the most violent case that can be
found. Metropolitan.
Bethany Mo., March 10, 1343.
Dear Sir: At your request I called at Roche-
port on my return home, and got a bottle of your
Embrocation; and gave it to a neighbor whose
wife had been much afflicted with Rheumatism of
the CArontc form for ye ars. The effect is so self-
evident, that if you see proper, you can send me
Ml bottles, as 1 can dispose of it now that it has
been tried here. Yours, Respectfully,
Hr C. Myers, Fayette, Mo. ,
For sale at the following agencies, J. D. Perry
and Barton &. Brio's., Glasgow; Dr. E. Easter
ly, St. Louis; N.&A. Johnston, Brunswick,
Mo ; A. Beattie, Huntsville; J. Riddlesbargbr,
rayette; Saliscury & HiLt, Kcytesvil.e; Cock-
hill & Marlry, Weston; Gaklices & Haj.e,
Liberty; Web re dr Career, Richmond.
And prepared only by Henry C. Myers, Fay
ette, Mo. December 14, I84S- 41
8 4J II O O Ii .
r INHERE are several vacancies in my School
l which may be filled by application to me.
1 will also receive in my lamily throe or Tour boar
ders, on accommodating terms.
October 12, ls43. 32tf J. SCOTT.
Final settlement.
NOTICE is hereby given to all creditors and
others interested in the estate of Joseph
Long, deceased, that tho undersigned will apply
at the December term of the County Court of
Grundy county, for a hnal settlement of his ad
ministration on said estate.
40 w4 JOEL SHIN. Administrator.
Administrators' Notice.
Notice is hereby civen, that the undersigned
has obtained from the Clerk of the County Court
of Grundy co., (in vacation) letters ot adaiinistra
tion, on the estate of Wm. P. Thompson, dee'd,
bearing date Nov. 27, 1343. All persons having
claims against said estate, are hereby notified to pre
sent Ihe same locally authenticated for allowance.
within one year from the date ol said letters, or
they may be precluded from try benefit of said
estate, and it such claims aro not presented with
in three years, they will be forever barred.
December 7, 1843. 40-w3 Adm'r.
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given to all persons concern
ed or interested in the estate of Frances Belcher.
deceased, Into of Chariton County, that I shall
present a petition to the next regular term ot the
County Court of Chariton County, to be begun and
held m the town of Ueytesville, ou the first Mon
day in February 1849, next, on the third day of
said term, fur an order to sell the slaves belonging
to satd estate, for the purpose of making distribu
tion with the heirs ot said estate.
November 23, 1843.--33 8w.
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
has obtainod from the Clerk of the County Court
of Kandolph Uounty, letters ot administration, on
the estate of James A. Tcrrill, dee'd, bearing date
INov. 27, 1849. All persons indebted to said es
tate, are requested to make imoiediato payment,
and those having claims against it, to present
them, properly authenticated, within one year
from tho duto of said letters, or they may be
precluded from having any benefit of said estate
and if not presented within three years, they will
be forever borred. ASA T, f RL ITT,
December 7, 1813. 10-w3 Adm'r.
Autumn nml Winter Goods.
Fayette, Missouri.
HAVING commenced receiving their extensive
and valuable stock for the present and an-
pronrhing seasons, respectfully invite the attention
of purchasers to ono of the largest, and in all res
pects most desirable, assorments of goods evor
brought to this county, comprising every variety of
Hoots and Shoes, China, Glass and Hueensware,
iiarauare and Cutlery. Iron, Iails, Castings,
Determined to transact a permanent business, on
an extensive scale, and do our part towards ma-
King myelin a point of attraction te purchasers,
we will at all times be urenared to meet the wants
of the country, by havinir our shelves and ware
houses fully supplied with the most desirable styles
and qualities of goods which manufacturers and
importers can furnish. Our purchases are, and
will continuo to be made, on the best terms, and
combining all the advantages which any house in
this or neighboring towns enjoy. We assure old
and new customers, that our prices will in all coses
be as low as the very lowest, our stock equal to the
beet, and our uniform principles of business such
as to insure the permanent satisfaction and increa
sing confidence of customers.
Our friends and the public will please favor us
with an examination of our goods and prices.
ijuu.x, talbot smith.
Fayette, September 23d, 1349.
Wheat Fans.
ITIVE Wheat Fans, a very superior article, in
. store, and for sale low by J. D. PERRY.
Frctli Kaisius.
20 BOXES new crop raisins.
10 half
just received and
for sale low hy
1UU.VUU fattened, wanted by
Glasgow, Oct. JO. '
VERY superior lot ol sides, lums and shoul
ii dcrs in store, and for sale low by
(rt'onsiiiiiptton is Curcd-crj
By Dr. Rogers'1 compound Syrup of Liverwort and
tar s a saje ana certain cure jor yjonsump.
tion of the Lungs, Spitting of Blood. Coughs
Colds, Asthma, Pain in the Side, Whooping
isougn, aroncnuis, ana all fmmonrry Ajjeclions.
rilO those who have CONSUMPTION ORDIS.
JL EASED LUNGS, we call your earnest and
immediate attention to the great merit of tho above
preparation, and entreat you not to put it down
with other advertised medicines, without inquiring
whether there is not entire and satisfactory proof
of itsva'ue, and that too from men of the highest
standing, who are living witnesses, and can be
seen by any one who wi.l take the trouble to call
upon them. Q$r Not only the Physician, but even
the Protessors among the medical (acuity, have
had tbe bar of prejudice broken down by the as
tonishing cures effected by this great remedy, and
have come out at last and given us their certifi
cates that there is no mistake about it that it re
ally makes cures when every thing else has failed,
and that it is the Great Remedy fur Diseased
0t5"Call on the Agent and see the statement of
the following persons of Cincinnati who were
cured by Dr. Rogers' Liverwort and Tar, after be
ing given up to die with the "fast stages of Con
sumption, not only by their friends, but by physi
cians of tiie highest standing:
wr V. X.udlow, filth street, between Race and
Mr. H. Plummcr. hatter, between Eighth and
Ninth, on Main street.
Mr. G. Whitehead, Catharine street, half a
square below Linn.
Mrs. Ann Childs, Sixth street, two doors west
of Smith, &c; &c.
Be not deceived by worthless medicines, which
are palmed on you, when such men as Dr. Win.
Kichards and Judge Wm. Burke, Dr. H. Cox, late
Professor of Cincinnati Medical College, have
come out and certified, that Dr. Rogers' Liverwort
and Tar is the great consumption remedy.
nr. cox states, that Miss Belt was pronounced
by Prof. Warden and the late Prof. Worcester to
be in the last stages of Consumption, and give her
up to die; yet Dr. Roirnrs' Liverwort and Tar en
tirely cured her.
Statement of Judtre H. Morse, of the Courts of
Ohio and Gincinnali.
Iam well acquainted with Dr. Hiram Cox and
his practice, ho havihg been my family physician
tor many years, and can cneerrully sny, that 1
have as much or more confidence in him and his
skill as a prarticing physiciun as any man living.
Cincinnati, Nov. 7th, 1347.
Dr. U. Cox is also the family physician of the
Hun. Judge Jas. Saflin, of Cincinnati, lata City
Caution to all. Ow ing to the increased demand
for this medicine, an unprincipled man, (John T.
Toland.) in Cincinnati, imitated' in external ap
pearance only the yellow and blue wrapper, and
l espatchsdan interested runner, (P. Clinton .) m
this nefarious business to St. Louis to make sales.
This counterfeit omits the name of A. L. Scoville,
in fine print on the bottom of the oulside wrapper,
where it reads, "Entered according to Act of Con
gress, flic. Un the genuine, the name ot A. L.
Scoville is found following the words "Entered
according to act of Congress," &.C.
Dr. O. Henderson, Agent, Glasgow; nr. bnel-
son, Fayette,
Orders may be addressed to 11. Blaksly &. Co
St. Louis.
Administrator's Notice.
VTOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
i. has obtained from the Uerk ot thetounty
Court ot' Howard county, letters of administration
on the estate of Wm. E. Tcrrill, deceased, bearing
date Nov. 3, 1343. All persons indebted to said
estate, are requested to make immediate payment,
and those having claims against it, to present
them, properly authenticated, w ithin Jne year
fro:n the date of said letters, or they may be pre
cluded from having any benefit of said estate, and
if not presented within three years, they w ill be
rorever barred. KUbfc.rU' 'jbKKILL,
December 7, 1343. 40-w3 Administrator
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
has obtained from the Clerk of the County
Court of Howard County, letters of admin
istration on the estate of William Barnes,
deceased, bearing date August 24th, 1343.
All persons indebted to said estate, are requested
to make immediate payment, and those having
claims against it, to present then, properly au
thenticated, within one year trom the date uf said
letters, or they may be precluded from having any
benefit of said estate, and if not presented within
three years, they will be forever barred.
RICHARD BARNES. Administrator
December 7th, 1648. 40-w3
' Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned
has obtained from the Clerk of the County
Cuurtuf Howard County, letters of administration
on tbe estate of William Green, dee'd, bearing
date Nov. 10th, 1343. All persons indebted to said
estate, are requested to make immediate payment,
and those having claims against it, to present
them, properly authenticated, within 0110 year
from the dtte uf said letters, or they may be pre
cluded from having any benefit of said estate, and
if not presented within three years, they will be
forever barred.
Nov. 23, 1343.-333
WILL be sold to the highest bidder, on the
premises, on the 20'h of December next, the tract
of hind on which the lute William Smith lived;
known as the Smithland tract, containing about
82(1 acres, on the road from Glasgow and Fayette
to Paris. One fourth to be paid in hand, and the
balance in three equal annual instalments.
Any gcnllcman wishing to purchase a good
country residence, would do well to examine this
Irani; tho soil is good; hss about 3 or 4UO acres
under good feno. The buildings all roomv and
commodious, there is an abundance of timber lind,
and it all lies convenient to the grand prairie, and
has an abundant supply of stock water, with a
never failing well in the yard.
There will also be sold at the same time five
negroes, all in the prime of life, (to wit:) 3 men,
one boy, about 1"), and a girl about Htycars of
age. i lie particular terms ot sale will be made
known on the day of sale.
Executors of the Estate of M m. Smith, dee'd.
Nov. 1ft, 1343. 9 is.
VAL. IHE Steamer "Lake of the Woods," brought
. up fur me, a long expected, but very desira
ble lot of good, purchased at New York, and
consisting iu the following articles:
1 Case Rough and Ready Campaign Hats
1 " " ' Presidential
1 " Extra size Beaver Hats from 7 3-3 to 7 J.
A doz. Super Fine Otter Csps
1 " ' " Fisher do
6 " of Muskrat and Raccoon Caps
2 " of Cloth Caps
1 " extra quality Black Woo Hats
1 " boys fancy and plain ;Vool Hats
And for Gentlemen, who wish to appear in a de
cent style on a certain occasion, btit chiefly fur ttie
good Whigs, celebrating the creat victory, which
they have fought and won, a couple of dozen of
realty superior 1. if. anirls
1 doz of doublo drawer Buckskin suspendcrr
something very nice and good.
1 doz of self-adjusting Blk Satin Stocks
Gentlemen will please call and examine this re
ally very desirable lot of goods.
Winter ISomiets!
I have on hand a few green and purple Satin Bon
nets, bsoutifnlly and fashionably made up. I
shall offer them at a reasonable price. I have al
so on hand, a few patterns only, of Mazarine Blue
and Mode Sotin, purple, brown, and white Velvets
for Bonnets, and also suitable trimmigs. All
those goods are fresh from the City of New York
and the I atcst styles out.
ISIankcts! Blankets!
Iam in receipt of a few dozen of choice Blan
kets for servants. They are truly of a better
quality than was ever brought to this market, and
for sale at a very reasonable price. Those wish
ing to purchase will please call.
Itleachcd Sliirtinsr, Sheeting; and
Unilt I.iiiiiiu !
PER Ship Soldan from Boston, I have received
direct from the manufacturers of this citv. a
lot of choice bleached Boods. comnrisine all the
different grades, which is callud for. I have
marked them down about right, and I havo no
doubt prices and quality will suit.
Piles! Piles!! Piles!!!
Dr. Upham's Vegetable Elertunm, nr Internal
50,0(10 cases Cured in the past year.
(t"This Medicine is warranted to cure all cases
of piles, either bleeding or blind, internal or ex
ternal, and all tnnamatory diseases found in con.
junction with tho Piles such as
Chronic Vysentary, Weakness and Inflammation
of the Spine.
falling of the bowels, womb, Sic, that females
particularly are subject to, under peculiar circum
stances; fur which many certificates could be giv
en of sperdy and effectual cures but delicacy for
bids their publication.
Severe and Ilruntual Cosltveness,
Flow of blued to the head, Dispepsio, Ulcerations,
Fistulas, Inflammation of the Stomach, find a
speedy cure in Dr. Uhiam's Electuary. It is an
internal remedy, and cures by its action on the
oowels and blood, the relaxed state, w hich is the
cause of the above named diseases.
Universal Commendation,
From every city, town and vi'liire, where Dr.
Upham's Vegetable Tile Electuary has been intro
duced, the most gratifying intelligence of its eiTecls
heve been received by the Proprietor. In hundreds
of instances it has triumphed over cases which
were deemed incurable.
Letter of Copt. G. W. McLean, late of the U. S.
r-ervice, and member ot the M. J. Legislature.
Raiiway, June 10,1-47.
"I have boen afflicted for yenrs with the Piles,
.,j i,.,,. ...;,i..., 1:1 .
tenVnT "., pvvi ulnl T '
a remedy. I had. as a matter of cour
... , . , ........ e - " i . i,
lust all
confidence in medicine.
i , ,!.:.. c rn. t ..-a
i.l,,oa.l ...ill, n,, ,nlnrt, , . . .. .
Upham's Electuary;' and having used it for about
three weeks, according to the drcctions laid down,
I And to my utter surprise, as well as satisfaction,
that every symptom of the disease has left me. I
think it duealiketo Dr. Upham and myself to mnke
this statement. It. .V. McLEAN. '
Addressed to the agents in Columbia Ga
.Viiiee. The genuine Electuary has the written
signature thus, ((7-A. Upham, M. D.) The hand
is also dune w ith a pen.
Price $1 per box.
For sale by Dr. E EASTERLY, south-east cor
ner of Third and Chesnut streets, St. Louis, Mo.
Solo agent for the west. (Sept. 2, 'I.
07-Forsale by Dr. W. -R. SNELSON. Drui
gist, agent for Fnvetto; DIGGES & HORSELEY,
Glasgow; and KNOX &. BEE. MAN, Rocheport.
lr. McLauc's Liver Pills,
For the Cure of Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Stck j
Headarh, and all Bilious Complaints.
The liver is much more frequently the seat ol
disease than is generally supposed. It is now gen-
erally admitted by Physicians of reputation and
experience, that more than one-half of the com
plaints which occi r throughout the great valley of
the Mississippi, have their seat in a diseated state
of the liver, and that more than three fourths of the
diseases enumerated under the head of Consump
tion, have also their seat in a diseased liver.
Case in St. Louis of one year's standing.
St. Locis, Mo. May 8, 1J7.
Dr. E. Easterly Sir: I hereby certify that I
have been ulllicled for more than a vear. with the
liver complaint, and have applied to different phy
sicians, and oil to little or no effect, until I made
use of Dr. McLane's Liver Pills. I am happy to
inform you tliut I was perfectly cured by the use of
one box. I can therefore, in justice, recommend
others who are troubled with a diseased liver, tu
mako a trial of tiicse Pills.
Truly yours, ROBERT HALL.
Residence, Fourteenth und Biddle streets.
Individuals suffering with Liver Complaint, Dys
pepsia. Sick Headach, or any bilious disease, are
earnestly advised to make a trial of Dr. McLane's
Liver Pills, as they have been prepared by a regu
larly educated Physician, who has had an exten
sive practice and experience in treating the above
complaint. He confidently recommends as being
tbe very best and most deserving remedy ever pre
sented to the notice of the afflicted.
Price 20 cents per box.
For sals by Dr. E. EASTERLY, south-east cor
ner of Third and Chesnut streets, St. Louis, agent
for the west. Sept. 2, '43.
0O-Sold ,lso by rjr. v. R. SNELSON. Drug
gist, agent for Fayette; DIGGES &. HOKSLEY,
Glasgow; KNOX & BEEM.4N, Rocheport.
l ull Proof Whiskey.
f IHE subscribers are sole sgcnls. in tnis place,
J. for the sale of all the WHISKEY manufac
tured by Coorr.u &. Sons, The stock from which
this liquor is manufactured will bo at all timos
pure the proof full and it is intended to givo
entire satisfaction to consumers. There will al
wnys be a large quantity on hand, and the sales
will be by the barrel, only for cash at twenty
cenlsper gallon, throughout ihe winter.
Fayette, Nov. a, lta43.
rimiiCM and Flowers.
VERY superior Plumes and Flowers, for sale
Fayette, Nov. 2, 1343.
Fine Sea Otter Cap.
rilWO DOZEN, extra fine, for sale by
Fayette, Nov. 2, H4.
Staple Urorerien
20 hhds prime sugar
00 socks cofluo
:;00 sacks salt
10 boxes double refined loaf sngnr
Suar House Molasses, Tanners' Oil. tr.
Fayette, Nov. 2, lb43.
Iron and SfecL
TX'E have on hand, a full sturk of all sizes of
V T Iron mid steel, at the lowest rates.
Fayette, Nov. 2, 1313.
Fall and Wiuter 'ood.
IIIE subscribers have received and opened a
J. large and beautiful assortment of Fall and
Winter Goods. They now oflor for sale, on tho
most reasonable terms,
Blue, black, green and brown Cloths
Black, fancy and burkskin Casimeres
10 pieces Sutlinetts and Kentucky Jeans
13 " Red and white Flannels
120 pairs negru, Mackinaw and bed Blankets
HO " Blue, drab, brown and Cadet Blun-
kets, fur Overcoats
23 pieces Mousclin de Lane and Cashmeres,
various styles and qualities
French Merinos
Alpaca English Merino
Heavy Tweed Casimere
G iughams
Veslinss, satin and worsted
Canton Flannell and Maid Linsry
New style Silk for ladies' dresses
Capes, collars, ribbons
Thread and lisle lace
Edging, gimps, fringes
Mmwls, hdkfs, worsted and silk hese
100 pieces 7-3, 4-4. 5-4 and 0-4 brown cotton
fcO do 3-4, 7-3, 4-4, 5 4, 6-4 bleached
shirtings and sheetings
100 do 3-4 and 4-4 0nabtir's
13 doz Fur, Seal, Cloth and Slick Caps
4 doz Mexican Hats
8 doz Wool do
7 doz Fur and Moleskin Hats
oo pairs calf and seal Boots
kip do
brogan do
brogan Shoes
kip do
Women's Buskins
Ladies' Gaiters
do kid slippers
do calf ami morocco boots
do walking shoes
Missre and children's shoes
A large supply of Que tuuare, Hardware, and va
rious other articles nut necessary to enumerate
We invite our friends and the public to call and
examine our stock, in we are determined to soil
cheap. SAVAGE &. CO.
Glasgow, October 20. 1;43.
N i: W F A I Sj ii it o .
RESPECTFULLY inform their old friends
and customers, aud the public generally, that
they hove received and now offer for sale, one of
the most extensive stcrks of seasonable goods
ever brought to this market all of which have
been purchased in the eastern cities, by one of tho
linn, on terms which warrant them in saying they
can and will sell as cheap as any house in this
section of country. Their Goods are all new, of
'he latest styles, and were purchased expressly to
meet the wants of the country. Their stock em
braces. Cloths, of the finest quality
Satinets and Jeans.
Domestics, bleached end brown.
Boots, shoes, hats and csps.
Calicoes, kind--, verv low. &c Sic,
Their stock is full, embracing all new styles,
tniri'ther with suitable trimmings, to which the at
tention of the Indies is particularly invited.
nii.-iw .u.
! Tbe largest and finest stock of ready made cloth
ever brousht to tl
the countrv. embracing every
,rtli:iB ui gi-miL-nicn s iitir. run suns sou at
" ' ," 1 " - 1 7 ,uw l"" 5- isriicu.ttr ulicntiun IS
called to this port of their stock.
Also, n loll supply ot
Family Groceries, Cutlery, Xails, Spun Cot.
ton, I. 'ye stujj's, &c.
Together with every article usually called for.
which we pledge ourselves to sell as cheap as can
be bad in any other place or store, this side of St.
v respectfully solicit a call, to the end
that our goods may be seen and prices known.
A ft it seeing the one ar.d knowing the other, sales
uiil folu.w.
Fayette, October 0, l?4-.
lrf .lie La lie's) Vermifuge
T.'ie Bett Remedy Em Discovered for Expelling
Worms from Children.
The symptom of the presence of Worms in
Children should be carefully watched by parents,
I and us soon as there is reason to suspect their ex
istence, every means should be used to expel them
promptly ai d thoroughly. Dr. IWcLane s Vermi-
; fH runidlv sunulnntincr all others, in nnhlie us.
ljmation. Where it is used it has produced the
best effects, and every family who has used it, say
it lsllie best they have ever seen.
Symptoms rf Worms. Read! Read.'!
The countenance is pale and leaden-colored, with
occasional (lushes, or a circumscribed spot on one
or both cheeks; the eyes become dull; ' e pupils
dilate; an azuro semi-circle runs along the lower
eye-lid; the nose is irritated, swells and sometimes
bleed-; a swelling ef the upper lip: occasional
head ach, wilh humming or throbbing in the ears;
an unusual secretion ot saliva; slimy or furred
tongue; breath very foul, particularly in tho morn
ing; appetite variable, sometimes voracious, with
a gnawing sensation of the stomach, at others, en
tirely gone; fleeting pains in the stomach;
nausea and vomiting; violent pains throughout the
abdomen; bow els irregular, al limes costive; stools
slimy, not tinfrequently tinged with blood; belly
swollen hard; urine turbid; respiration occasional
ly difficult, and accompanied by hiccough; cougli
sometimes dry and convulsive; uneasy and disturb
ed sleep, Willi grinding of the teeth; temper varia
ble but generally irritable, &c.
Mother, nurses, parents, guardians, look well
to your children, and if yuu see any symptoms of
worms, procure Dr. McLano's Vermifuge, because
it is ihe very best, most doserving, and popular
remedy ever presented to the notice of the public.
Price 20 cents per box.
For sale by Dr. E. EASTERLY, at the City
Faintly Medicine Store, south-east cornor of Third
and Chesnut streets, St. Louis, Mo , only agent for
the west. Sept. 2. '43.
(Kr-Suld also by, Dr. 'V. R. SNELSON, Drug,
aibt, agent for Fayette; DIGGES 4- HORSLEY,
Glasgow; KNOX it BEEMAM, Rocheport,
34 do
200 do
100 do
70 do
43 do
00 do
00 do
40 do
200 do

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