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Dost thou idly nsk to hear
At what gentle seasons
Nymphs relent, when lovers near
Preo the tenderest reasons?
Ah, they g've their faith loo oft
To the cureless wooer;
Maidens' hearts are always soft,'
Would that men's were truer !
Woo the fair one, when around
Early birds are singing;
When o'er the flagrant ground
Early floweis are springing:
When iho brookside, bank, nnd grovo,
All with blossoms ladon,
Shine with beauty, brcaiho of love,
Woo the timid maiden.
Woo her, when, with rosy blu-h,
Summer eve is sinking.
When on rills that softly gush,
Stars are softly twinkling;
When through boughs that knit the bow'r,
Moonlight gleams are stealing;
Woo her, till the gentle hour
Wakes a gentler feeling.
Woo her when autumnal dyes
Tinge the woody mountain;
When the drooping foliage lies,
In the half-choked fountain;
Lcf the scene that tells how fast
Youth is parsing over,
Warn her, ere her bloom is past,
To secure her Lover.
Woo her when the north windscoll
At the lattice nightly;
When, within the cheerful hall,
Blaze the faggots brightly;
While the wintry tempest round
Sweeps the landscape hoary,
Sweeter in her ear shall sound
Love's delightful story.
God shield the poor and needy,
From winter's cruel reign,
For who will else protect them,
Now frosts have come again !
Oh ye, who dwell in splendor, '
Have every wish allayed,
Heed to the voices praying,
For succor and for aid !
Let fortune's favors chill not
The heart to accents meek;
Like winter's ruthless breezes,
Be not thy heart as bleak !
Go to the humble cottage,
Where hearts so wrongly bleed,
And turn those tears to gladness,
And Ood will lless the deed !
Written for the Modt-1 American Courier.
Among the curiosities of Agriculture, may be
mentioned tho fact that in England, in tho year
1043, wheat sold for sixpence per quarter, of 8
bushels, or one cent and a half a bushel; in 128G,
for 2s. 8d.; but from one storm of rain, thunder
and lightning, on St. Margaret's night, 20th Ju-
Jy of that year, it lose to the enormous height of
two shillings a bushel! In 1557, before harvest
it was 13 a quarter; after harvest it fell to 75
cents a quarter, of 8 bushels. High prices usu
ally indicate the prosperity of other puisuits,
without which agriculture never thrives and all
the world over, prosperous agriculture is signifi
cant of advancing civilization. It is the great
source of wealth, as wealth is the means of ame
lioration and refinement.
Let tho loom and tl.o anvil flourish near to
the plough, and then the plough will bring its
ritches out of ll.n great productive machine the
earth and will) abundance come.- education and
amendment in every thing. Men get more pow
er of self government, and Euhmit less to being
too much governed by others, and the more inti
mately individual interests becomes identified and
blended with the public interest, tho more per
feet will be the administration of public affairs,
the public expenses will be lessoned, end the
security for peace strengthened. All these are
truths which every farmer and planter, above ell
other people in the world, ought to learn and
practice upon.
Military Arrangements. Somo important
movements have recently been made by the War
Department for the we3tern frontier of the re
public. The departments of Oregon and Cali.
fornia (10 end 11) Bra consolidated into one,
called "the third or Pacific division," under the
command of Brevet Major General Persil F.
Smith. The Adjutant General's last general or
ders designate these arrangements. General Or
der No. 64 creates the "third or Pacific divis.
ion;" No. 55 assigns Hrevet Brigadier Ceneral
Riley, Lieutenant Colonel 2J artillery, to brevet
rank: and No. 61 assigns General Smith to the
command of the Pacific division, on his brevet
rank of brigadier general. From the established
character of both these distinguished officers, il
will be seen that they are admirably qualified
for the responsible and distant stations to which
they have been respectively assigned Wash.
" If good people," said Archbishop LUer,
"would but make their goodness agreeable, and
6mile instead of frowning in their virtue, how
many would they win to the good cause."
Woman and Pitt. Tha following
men I is not more beaulilul than true:
"When man has shut the door unkind
On Pity, earth's divinest guest,
The wanderer never fails to find
A sweet repose in woman's breast."
Dr. .Wislar's Halam of Wild
The Great Remedy for Coughs, Colit, Asthma,
and ail Diseases oj . the Lungs.
Atbcrmarle Co. Vi., March 21st., 1847.
Mr. SiUh W. Fowle Dear Sir. 1 take pleas
ure in staling to yon my experience in tho use of
wisisr ttalsam ol Wild Uherry. 1 own a very
valuable negro girl, who was attacked with a dith-
euliy of the lungs, which brought her in appear-
all no to the brink ot the grave. 1 ccnjuiteu some
t our best Physicians, who pronounced tier cose
incurable, or that they could do no more for her.
1 tried many remedies but none did iior any good
aw sume account ot Wistara balsam, and
thought I would try it, but had little faith in it.
I procured a bottle, which was administered ac
cording to directions, and saw she begin to mend;
and before Iho first bottle was gone she was up.
i procured a second and she took that, and now she
is I think, cured, or nearly so. She attends to her
daily labor, and I hcur nu complaint from her.
K. Li. J fc.r r r.KSlJ IN
Consumptive Patients! Will please rend the
following note from the Harrison Gazette The
ncredulous are invited to read I he following note
from Rev. Mr. Coldron, whose character fur truth
nnd veracity is above suspicion, and have their
doubts dispelled as to the superiority of Wislar's
balsam of Wild Cherry, over all other remedies
now before the public ot the same character:
C'orydon, lnd., Jan. SJH,
It is no less a duty than a pleasure to slate, for
the benefit of theatlticted, that 1 consider Wislar
Balsam of Wild Cherry, a great blessing to the
human race. Having tried it in a case of severe
allliction of the lungs, 1 unhesitatingly recommend
it to those similarly alllicted, as the best remedy I
have ever tried, and one which cured me when
physicians said I must die, and when I thought
myself that my time to depart was nenr at hand.
IVt-Caution to all. Tho genuine Wistar's
Balsam is enveloped in a fine white steel engraved
wrapper, with the names of Henry Wistar, M. D.
ami Sanibrd &. Park thereon. Without both these
signatures, it is positively counterfeit. Do not
touch it.
Orders for the true medicine may be addressed
to II. BLAKSLEY & Co., south-west corner
Third and Cbesnut streets, St. Louis. It is sold
also by DR. SNELSON, Fayette, .
0. HENDERSON, Glasgow.
N. & A. JOHNSON, Brunswick.
MA LONE 4 GARTH, Uuntsvillo.
October 20, 1818.
(f-It always cures Dr. Osgood's Indian Chot
agogue. How astonishing is it tho suffering in
valid will use palliative only, with a view to resto
ration of health, while lingering out weeks and
even months, with that distressing, loathsome dis
ease, Fever and Ague, when by the use of a sin
gle buttle of the Chulagogue, not only the disease
itself, but the cause which produced it, is com
pletely eradicated. It is sold by
Dr Henderson, Glasgow; N. A A. Johnson,
Brunswick. ' oct25.
JKODUCE WANTED. Wo wish to purchase
for which the highest price will be given.
Glasgow, Oct 25. SAVAGE $ Co.
lvY 00d.
The largest and finest Stock ever offered by us in
mis viarf.ei.
TI7E have received our Stock of Fall and Win-
T T ter Goods, which is by far tho largest and
best assortment ever oll'ered by us in this market
The styles are of the very latest importations, tho
quality equal to any in the United States, and the
trimmings complete and perfect. In the sale, wo
are certain of our ability to give entire satisfaction,
as our purchases were inadu in New York ur,d Phil
adelphia, on tho most advantageous terms, and the
entire Slock will be fifl'crod at the smallest advance
for which goods can bs sold in the western country
Ladies in this and the adjoining counties, in want
of strictly fine and fushionable dross soods. aro as
surcd that the utmost attention has been paid to the
selection of trimmings, nnd we vsnture the assu
rance that all can be satisfied. Tho public are in
vited to can.
Only one price, and no abatement.
Sold Out
JVfY whole assortment of Liquors and Wines
iTl. to my neighbor. John V. Perry. Since I am
determined to quit the liquor business, I odvise my
old ighbors und friends iu this lino of tho fuct.
To Merchant !
I WOUDD say, that, if they should fall short
in their supply ol pun and rill" powder, 1 am pre.
pared to help them out, sineo I have on hand 21
kejs ol triplet F F Duponland Lalilin Jliile Pow
der, which I shall oiler at a very low price.
Nov. !t, lJ4-. I'll AS. I). FA ELENSTEIN.
UUiJnrs tresli Pickets, assorted, lustre-
ceived and for sale by JNO. D. PERRY.
JLoal and Criixhcd Mis.-trs.
BARRELS Loaf und Crushed Sugars.
2 BOXES Double refined Loaf
ceived and for sale bv JNO. D
" just re
Or rnO ARSUllTED Cigars, just n
JJJJJ ceived and for sale by
A'csro Shoes.
CASES thick Brogan shoes, just received and
lor sale ny Jlu. I). PERRY
D0Z. Nason's
sale by
Axes, just received and for
IVew Orleans Sugar.
HHDS. Prime New Orleans Sugar just re
ceived and for sale hy J. D. PRRRY.
Kio Collie.
BAGS Trimo Rio Colfee, just received
and for sale by J. D. PERRY
KEGS " Missouri Iron" Nails just re
ceived and fur sale by J. D. PERRY.
15 boxes assorted candies
5 " " kisses
l'l " M R Raisins
A bngs Almonds, just received and for
sale by JNO. D. PERRY.
IVagoii lloics.
Setts assorted sizes, for sale at Carroll's
Corner. oct. 12.
1 J LOUGHS' 21 Jewet Ploughs, just ree'd und
for sale by nov2 NO. D. PERRY.
Prints ! Print !
IN addition to my former stock, I have rocoived
also from Boston, a fine asssortrnent of V.
oes and Merrimacks, of genuine and handsome
prints. Ladiesjwishing to purchase a cheap every
day dress at the ime time something nom .nri h.
coining, will please call.
BLEACHED and BrownlCanton FlanncU Red
White and Yellow Wool
ern Manufactured Linsrys. A full and choice as
sortment per late arrivals.
.lohn J. Perry.'
vhoi,i:.im: and kf.taii.
Water St., Glasgow, Mo.
HAVING pnrclinscd of Messrs. Hanenknmp &
Co., thelnrge brick store and Warehouse
recently occupied by them, would respectfully call
(he attention of the citizens of Howard and the
surrounding counties, io hl very general stock
of Groceries, Liquors, Iron, Castings, Cotton
Yarns, &c, Vc, iV-o.
I have just received per steamer " Amelia," and
" Mandan," a large addition to my former
stock of Groceries, Liquors, Sic, which completes
my fall and winter supply, to which I would in
vite tho attention of purchasers in need of arti
cles in my line. My stock is larger and better as
sorted than any other in town, and will be oll'ered
at unusually low prices,
Stoves! Stoves! '
I beg leave o call tho attention of the puclic to
. my large assortment of Parlor, Chamber and
Cooking Stovis, comprising many varieties, all or
which have been selected with care, and will bo
sold at very low rates and warranted.
Cotton Yarn.
K BAGS Assorted Cotton Yarn, just received
and tor sale by JNU. U. 1'EHKX.
"XYSTERS. 141 cans best Baltimore Oysters,
just received and tor sale ny
July29 - J. D. PERRY, Glasgow,
r I TUMBLERS. 6 boxes ass'd plain and
J class tumblers just ree'd nnd for sale bv
July 29
J. D. PERRY, Glasgow.
To Illaeksmiths.
4 LARGE and general assortment of Iron and
x.v steel, blacksmith s bellows, anvils, vn
sledge hammers and moulds, for sale by
4 J. D. TER3Y, Gla.gow
100 bbls Cincinnati Rectified Whiskey.
100 hf bbls do do do
15 bbls old Bourbon whiskey ) warranted five
12 bbls old Rye do ) years old.
14 bbls Peach Brandy
25 bbls and kegs American Brandy
3 caks Cognac do
1 cask pure Champagne do
SO casks and kegs Madeira, Port and Malaga
10 bxs Claret; 5 bxs Brandy Cherrios, now in
store and tor sale by
July 29 J. D. PERRY, Glasgow
STOVES. 15 cooking stoves with copper and
tin trimmings; 8 parlor and chamber stoves,
just received and tor sale by
July M J. D. TERRY, Glasgow.
A WELL assorted lot of castings, for sale by
- J. D. TERRY, Glasgow.
WHEAT SACKS. 10U0 two bushel osna
burg sacks just ree'd per Rowena and for
sale low by aprl J. D. TERRY, Glasgow.
Iron and StcclT w
WE have on hand, and-will continue to keep
for salo, a good assortment of
Genuino Sligo Iron
German steel
Cast and blister steel
Plough wings and slabs
Tyre Iron, &c. &c.
which will be sold on advantageous terms; pur
chasers of Iron are invited to call.
FEW bales heavy brown domestic, yard
x . wide, for sale by the piece, by
J. D. TERRY, Glasgow.
IINE and extra fine French cloths, cassimeres
and vestings, linen drillings etc. at unusual
ly low prices.
Clemen's Indian Tonic.
Infallible Cure fur CHll.LS.ur AGVIi and FE
ER, and a sure remedy in JtJJJtJl.'N RE.
MITTEM and oilier FEVERS.
'I ''HE unexampled success of this truly unri
JL xaikd Tonic, in curing in a few hours, where
another remedies havo failed, and that too, in
cases from liix months to ten years standing
warrants the assertion, that if taking according to
uireuiiuiis, it is injauime. A long list or cirtih
catcs 111 proof of its infallibility might be added,
ont tnose npon the wrapper are deemed suilicicnt
Try it and be convinced that it is the most pleas
ant, most certain, and the very BEST remedy ever
'.'tiered to the public for putting a speedy tormina-
vion to me nius or Ague and revcr.
frtrFrom the great popularity of this medicine.
tnanv imitations, professing to be CLEMENS' IN
DIAN TiNIC, are afloat. Therefore, bo sure, to
ask for that prepared by GEO. W. HuUSE,
ixasnviiic, iciiiiessco, wno is solo proprietor.
Neau Nashville, August 1, 1M3.
Mr. Geo. W. House: Dear Sir I had Chills
and Fevers for twelve months; nine months of the
time, without being able to check it, with all the
:ud 1 could procure ironi Physiciansand the various
Tonic Fever and Ague mixtures sold by tho Drug
stores. In April last I saw your advertisement
ol Clemens Indian Tonic, as an infallible cure.
made no delay in calling upon you, and by usin
sain ionic, 1 found tm;ii':'liate relief, and a perma-
nhnt cure. A Iriend oi mine tried it afiout the
same time, with tlicj-amo happy result. Yours,
respeciiuiiy, u. u. ULASUUW.
From the Carksvillc Chronicle, Oct. 21, lS-lli.
Dr. 1. D. r-coTT: Dear Sir We have used
Clemen's Indian Tonic in many cases of Ague
nnd Fever, and we find it, in every particular,
wuai 11 is commenced tooe in your advertisement
We have heretofore used most of the popular renv
dies in use for Fever and Ague, and wo unhesita
t i n ir I y recommend Clemen's Tonic to the confidence
ot the public, from our persona exnorier.ee and
observation, as a safe, certain, and prompt cure
for tho Ague and Fever, in any form or stage of
the disease. niirs, eve.
Extract or a letter from tho Rev. F. A. Owen ol
Memphis, dated Nov. 10, 10, 1813.
nr.. I,.. I-.'- r 1 ... 1 .... .
.tiu urur oir i nuve tricu c; empn's Indian
Tonic in six different cases, and find it efficacious
in a very high degree. It arrested the chill in ev
ery instance, and as yet there bus been no return.
1 cheerfully give this testimony, that others mny
be induced to use a remedy both saf? and efficacious
111 curing chills and fever.
If ours, very truly, F. A. OWEN.
Nashville, June 3rd. 1941.
Mr. Geo. W. Hume: Dear Sir I shall make no
apology iu presenting tho following remarkable
case: A youtli of about fifteen years old, living
Willi mo, had tho l'ever and Ague for ten years,
without finding a euro; and 1 can assure vou everv
means were used to that effect. In December last
I tried a bottle of "CLEMEN'S INDIAN TON
IC," which arrested the disease at onco, and am
liapyy to state, he has not had a chili or on ague
since, lou should lose no timo in giving this
Tunic an extensive circulation it will prove a
welcome friend and a great blessing to tlieafllioted.
Yours, truly, JOHN II. DAVIS.
The above case is known to me, and is strictly
Q-For sale by
D11. Wm. R. Rnelson, Fayette.
Stewart & Bukckiiaiit, New Franklin.
W. P. Ravuon, Glasgow.
Dr. O. Henoekson, Glasgow.
July 39, 113. 2lm0
.. COMMERCE ST.. Gl lrtiUW.HO.
WILL make to order, in thnneatost and mrrst fash
ionable style, and from the best materials, all
kinds ol-ru KfmUKU.
Particular attenliun paid to making COFFIN15.
(t7-All kinds of country produce taken in pay
ment. nov2
Commission and forwarding
(11) ' ' SAINT I.ODIS, MO
ciiUNsiiAAy's taori:i:i,
fl'MIE undersigned returns his sincere thanks
m. for past fnvors, and would respectfully in
form his friends and the travelling public, that
he still occupies the large Brick 'Tavern, on Woter
street, Glasgow, and will spare no pains to make
those comfortable who will favor linn with a call
07-Charges moderate.
Glasgow, November, 30, ltUS.
Virginia Hotel.
Corner oj Main and Green Streets, St. Louis, Mo,
luv friends and the public aro respect
fully informed, that I have taken a new
Lease on the above named buildings,
and during tho last four months have
been making improvements on the promises.
Viz : I have built a number ef pleasant rooms-
have mado the dining room one third larger, and
have finished it in a handsome manner, it is now
tho largest in the city and is well ventilated and
can seat MllU guests. ...
The Furniture of the House has been replenish
ed throughout, and the premises generally im
proved by additions, alterations and repairs. The
house being situated on the principal business
street, and its principal public rooms, viz : (Bar
room, OlHce, Reading-room and Dining-room,)
on the ground floor, will commend itself to the
public, as a desirable home whilst sojourning in
our city, and I pledge myself that every exertion
shall be used to. render strangers comfortable
whilst at the Virginia Hotel. .
JOHN H. SPARK, Proprietor.
Sept. 10, 1848 29m3.
Hydraulic Cement.
.d ceived and fur sale on commission, at $4
per barrel a very superior article for cisterns
and cellors. J. D. PERRY,
July 1, 1848. Glasgow.
I1QURS, of superior quality, for salo by
-A J. D. TERRY, Glasgow.
rrrli Teas.
WE invito the attention of family's to a pecu
liarly fine stock of
Gunpowder and Imperial Teas
Old hyson and pouchong do
which we warrant equal to any ever imported; for
sale low (ml3) BOON, TALBOT & SMITH.
LTERRINGS & COD FISH. 15 boxes dried
H herrings and a small lot of firm cod fish, for
sale by (jym) J. p. PKKRV, Glasgow.
SYRUP. 4 boxes Lemon Syrup just received
and for sale by
July 29 J. D. TERRY. Glasgow.
8 doz. painted pails.
5 nests " tubs, just ree'd and for sale
Qyau) J. V. I tliKV, Glasgow.
"iOTTON YARN. 75 bags assorted Nos. cot-
ton yarn just received and for sale by
July 29 J. D. PERRY, Glasgow.
its 011 1 lily llnlletin o. tf.
THE position of the
Gnefenbcrg Company in its
relation to the health of tho
COmmnmtV i nnur fn'tu r,u.
'ablished: and theaditiirable
-cries of Gra fenheeg Med
icines aro everywhere ta
king ''1. l.-ad of all others
Jn 1.1. ..1 . jus portions of the
country the Medical Facul
ty adopt these medicines in
their practice, satisfied, Irom ainp.o tests, thit by
their uso they cun more certainly combat DIS
EASE, IN ALL ITS FORMS. And not only do
Physicians sanction and encourage their use, but
uiu wLt.i,,ji , ui uvery ucnuimiiauoii, uitest tneir
wonderful efficacy; and in numerous ways rec
ommend them tn the people of their charrro. THE
LEGAL PROFESSION testify to tho same thing,
in snort, the public at large hail tho introduction
of theso medicines ns a public blessinc
of tho Company in the United States, which are
not only profitable to tho agents, but of vast bene
fit to the inhabitants. There should not bo a sin
gle town, village, or hamlet, without its Grad'rn-
bcrg Depot; and if this Bulletin is read where
there is no ngency, application shou Id be made for
one immediately.
Certificates, almost without number, are on file
at the otliceof the Company, testifying to cures of
tne most astonistiing Kind; many ot which have
been duly examined by the following distinguished
gentlemen: Ruv. N. Bangs, D. D., Francis Hall
Esq., Lx-Mayor iirady, allot New Yurk.
The power of tho Graefenbcrg Medicines over
all bilious complaints, no matter what their form
or severity, is a matter of profound astonishment,
Let all, therefore, who are thus alllicted, and who
would cleanse the system, resort ut onco to the eel
AND HEALTH BITTERS. At all events let
them cali at some one of the agents and L'et a
pamphlet gratis, which will fully explain the whole
The General Agent for Missouri, and South
part of Illinois, is E. K. WOODWARD. St
Louis, to whom applications fur agoncies may
ue auurusbcu.
New York, September, 1848.
Sub-agent, W11. R. Snelson, Fayette,
I OPE A quantity of good hemp bale ropo fur
M-Mf aiu 111 u ceius per puunu.
- J. D. PERRY, Glasgow.
Lamp! Lamp!!
JUST oponed and for salo very lew, a good as
sortmentof very tasteful and economical
Parlor lamps
Suspension and side lamps
These very valuable lamps are titled un handsome
ly with ground glasses and fancy shodes, and as
they burn lard or oil equally well, combine com
fort, elegance and economy.
KliciimatiKin Cured!
MYERS' EMBROCATION, a safe and certain
cure for Rheumatism, fur sale by
O' 19 J. D. PERRY.
10 KEGS fresh Mackerel
5 KITS " nnr-Ueit lliia un, ;,..
received and for sale by JNO. D. PERRY,
LEATHER. A smalfhTt of kip skins, "upper,
solo, harness and bridle leather, for salo low,
to close consignment. nov2 JNO. D. PERRY.
r-10GKINU STOVE.-A good 2d hand cookin-r
y Stove, with all the tivtnrna rnmnlnta ft.. .... l".
very low by oct20 J. W. HARRIS.
lYIaiiiitactiircr of Tin-are,
, ' Glasgow, Mo. .
Is at all times prepared to do all husincsi In his
line, on as favorable torm-as can bo dono in at.
Louis, or any other pince in tne state.
He keeps on hand a full supply of all articles
usually found In a tin-shop, and is at all times
ready to fill orders from merchants er others,
without delay.
Guttering, hn nnd ornamental, mndo nnd put
up to 'order. Repairing of all kinds including
Cook stove fixtures, done at Iho shortest notice
A call from persons visiting Glasgow, is res
pectfully solicited.' - 1
07- Old Copper, Pewter, and Brass, taken in ex
change for work.
Glasgow, Nov 10, 1818 ly. '
I ."REH FA.MILY FLOUR. A supply always
L on hand, and for sale by
Glasgow, October 5, 1948.
VF1NE assortment of hair, cloth, nail tind
tooth brushes, also fine oil for the hair, fine
washing soaps for the face not your clothes, fur
salo by
. G. W. COOKE.
Boonville, Nov. 0. 1849.
I HAVE got Some as good shaving SOAP as
was ever spread upon the face of any man, (1
will not include the ladies,) and if you do not be
lieve it because you see it stated in the newspa
pers, call and get a cake of it nnd satisfy yourself
that it is a fact.
FRIEND HAMMOND I will have to stop
your paper-
Why so, Mr. BrOwn?
Because my cyo-sight is so bad that I can scarce
ly read.
Why do you not use spectacles!
I have not been able to find any to suit.
Have you been down at COOKE'S Shop to see
if he could not suit yout
No, I have not.
Go down ho has got all kinds.
Well, I will.
' Hammond, I got them, here is your pay for
two years subscription. Boonville Observer.
Boonville, Nov. 9, 1848.
J of a good bowl of Mush and Milk, or good
So up, (say oyster soup for instance,) or those who
wish to drink a good cup of tea, should always
have a genuine Silver Spoon to do it with. Well
I have got that sort, and as they are the cheapest
spoons that can be used in a family, call and look
at my assortment.
Boonevillo, Nov. 9, 1848.
A N EASY SHAVE is one of the blessings
xl bestowed upou man; and one of the great
est misfortunes iliat man is born to, is to shave
with a poor razor. Now, therefore, if you wish
to possess the former and escape Ihe latter, call
at my shop and 1 will sell you a genuine razor.
Boonville, Nov. 9, 1818.
V. i 7
No. 105 Main Street, St. Louis, Mo.
luercnanls, Meam lioat owners, and others, nre
invited to examine the stock of Queenswarc, $-c
at 105 Main Street.
It has been selected by the proprietor, in person,
from the best manufactories in Europe, and em
braces every stylo from the most custly ornaments
to t lie plainest ware.
Every new quality, or shape of ware issued
from tho manufactories, may be found upon the
sneives 01 tins establishment.
The goods having been purchased for cash, cna
bios tho proprietor to sell on better terms than
any other house in tho west.
Bills made in the east, with respectable houses
in his line, will bo duplicated, and any goods
packed at his establishment are warranted to go
iree 01 urcaKngo.
Call and examine tho slock.
May 27, 1848 ll-6in
Family Companion.
OIX Lectures on Causes, Frevention and Cure of
' Consumption,' Asthma, Diseases of the Heart,
and all female Diseases. 234 pages, as engra
vings. Taper 50 cts.; bound 75 ct. MuiF to
any part postage UJ cts.
Shoulder Braces and Chest Expanders, 2
.Mail to any part 50 cts. postage. Inhaling Tubes,
Silver, $3, ty mail, letter postage. Abdominal
Supporters, perfect, 8 to ftlO, for all Ruptures,
Falling of the buwuls and Womb, and Weak Back,
and Chest; sent by Express everywhere. For
Braces or Supporters, or Rupture Supporters, give
height from head to fout, and circumference of
person next the surface, just above the hips. If
Rupture, mention which side. Agents wanted for
the salo of the above goods. Address Dr. S, S
Fitch, 707 Broadway, New York, post-paid.
April 22, 1848 7-ly
Talent Concave Heater Churn.
WE call the attention of the public to the ar
ticle heading this advertisement, and in
vite the enterprising and curious to call and wit
ness its operation. All advertisement in relation
to this invention, to the hundreds who have seen
it tested, is supererogation.
First. This Churn will produce butter, gather
ing it in a mass, from sweet milk, in fiva to ten
mimics, and from cream prepared, as families usu
ally prepare it, in three to five minutes.
Second. The utility of this invention is appa
rent, as better buttor can bo produced from sweet
milk, or cream, than croutn soured in the usual
way; and by means of this Churn, a little girl or
boy can perforin, iu live or ten minutes, what has
heretofore required the labor of a woman or man
n.nei0r tW0 ''ours' ""d sometimes half a day.
Ihird. By simply turning a thumb-screw, the
whole inside dasher is taken out, leaving nothing
but the butter and milk in the plain wooden box.
Fourth. It is the cheapest Churn ever invented,
as the simplicity of iu constructiun (though em
bodying a great philosophical principle,) makes it
but little to manufacture it.
Fifth. It is a common sensa nimrn. nil
admit who will examine it.
we are now ottering the complete monopoly of
this staple article in States and counties, which
wiil insure certain and large profits aud a speedy
return of investments.
COLVER 4- MYERS, 32, Vine at., up stairs
St. Louis, Octubor 5, 1818. aitf.
- - . : NFAV STORK !
- - J3llet iV Harriott'! '
. HOUSE, corner of Second and Green streets,
(near the, Virginia lfntel) SI. Louis, Mo whero 1
are thejrnost commodious rooms, nnd by far tha
largest sleek of FURNITURE West of the Al
bgliany Mountains, comprising In part ihe latest
si)los of carved rosewood in plush, Gothio and
Antique styles, turned and twisted
work ot Philadelphia, lite richest
and latest siylas of Boston and New
York, with elegant inlaid pearl work fro.n Canton
in China, London nnd P.iris. Alsd, the largest
stock ever before ofl'nrcd in this market of ffl ',
plain, medium and common furniture, chairs Ve .
of every description and kind, wash stnntls'T'
tables, lounges, -rocking chans, window shades,
willow ware, niattrasses, extension and card ta
bles, etc, etc. etc., all of which we will sell at
wholcsulc or retail, at tiro most reduced prices for
Keepers of Hotels, bonrdinif houses, steamboat.
public rooms, dealers, persons commencing; house
keeping, and the public generally, are most ear
nestly invited to call nnd examine our immense
and beautiful stock. We will promise them they
will not regret the call. Come and see.
June 3, 1S48 13mO ;.
C. it!. Vatican,
1G3, Main Street, St. Louis,
KEETS constantly on hand a large assortment
of various styles Cookintx Stoves, Franklin
7 and 18 plate plain and fancy Coal Stoves, fancy
parlor Airltghls, hall, otlico, and dining room
Stoves for wood or coal, fancy ond ploin nre-placa
and mantle Grates, and Hollow Ware of every des
cription and variety.
ALSO Tin Plate, Sheet Iron, Copper, Block
Tin, Sheet Zinc, Wire, Rivets, Ears, Tinners'
Tools and Machines, in sets or separate, snd all
articles in his lino, which he will at all times sell
at Wholesale or Retail, as LOW for cash as can be
purchased in this or any Western City.
. Orders from the country will at all times be
promptly filled snd shipped.
Refers to Clark H. Green, Fayette.
St. Louis, June 3, 1818. 13y
St. Louis Hat nnd Cap Manufac
tory. - No. 72 North Main street.
ted with him Mr. J. D. Crane, of New Jersey.
The business of the house will hereafter be eon
ducted under the firm of S. Nourse &. Co. ; . ,
3. NOURSE & CO., Manufacturers and
dealers in all kinds of HATS and CAP.V,
have now on hand an extensive assortment ef
goods, manufactured by themselves, and carefully
selected from the enstnrn markel, expressly for
the spring trade, which they are selling at very
low prices. Among which are the following:
Russia Fur Hats; Fine Silk do; Angola do; Wool
do; Tampico or Mexican do; Boys' Fine Silk dj;
Panama, Leghorn, Straw, Canada and Palm le if
do; together with an endless variety of Men's and
Boys' Caps. The above poods are all fresh, and
dealers will find il to their advantage to call and
examine before purchasing elsewhere.
New York Spring Fashion received and ready
for sale. S. NO URSE A CO.
St. Louis, Feb. 2Gth.
Howard High School,
rIIE JVirifi Session of this Institution
J. commence on Monday, the 4ih day of Sep
luiiiuer, anu continue nix ivionihs. liy a new ar
rangement, the Academic Year is divided into two
sessions of unequal length the one of Four and
the other of Six months and the terms are varied
in a correspoding monner. For the winter session,
the following are the
For tho Trimary Studies, $7 00
Common English Branches, 10 00
Higher " 12 50
Latin and Greek Languages, 14 00
Music, with use of Tiano, 21 50
" without " 18 00
French, Drawing, Tainting and Needle Work,
the usual prices.
Good boarding can be procured at from $1 25
to $1 50 per week.
The Board of Instruction for the ensuing terra
will consist of tho following persona:
W. T. Lucky. A. M. Superintendent and Prin
cipal of tho Female Department; W. T. Davis,
A. B. Trincipal of the Male Department; E. K.
ATTERnuKV. Assistant 111 tho Male Department;
Miss C. S. White, teacher of Music and Drawing;
Miss L. C. Leland, Assistant in the Female De
partment; Mods. . E. Hamilton, teacher of
Howard High School having 'been in successful
operation four years, needs no commendation from
the Boord of Trustees. Its character is established.
As some of the Teachers have never yet taught
in the Institution, we would take the opportunity
to recommend them to the friends of the School
and the community generally, ns well qualified to
fill tho various posts to which they have been
All persons desiring to attend tho School are
urged to be present at the beginning of the session.
We bespeak for the School a com inuation of that
patronage which has-been so liberally extended to
it heretofore.
President of the Board of Trustees.
Fnyette, July 29, 18-18.
Very Important to the Public.
ADDISON G. BRAGG, of St. Louis, having
made a foul und malicious attempt to destroy
the popularity and sale of Dr. Champion's very
popular and highly esteemed medicines, by mean's
of false add slanderous publications in the Saint
Louis Sun, and in other papers published in St.
Louis, and perhaps iu papers published in different
parts of the country and having failed in his ma
licious intent, we know not what other means may
bo resorted to to accomplish this foul purpose
but in order to guard the public against imposition
we deem it our duty to inform them that we have
furnished all our travelling agents with a regularly
outhenlicated Letter of Attorney, signed with our
own written signatures, and certified under seal by
a Notary Public or other orouer officer of St. Clair
county, Illinois, and also with a copy of the Letter
Testamentary, certified and sealed by the Probate
Juslico of the Peace of said county. Have noth
ing to uo whii any person travelling with Pills,
who cannot shew this evidence of llleir genuine
ness. I ins caution is given to prevent counter
feits, p. a.' CHAMPION, Ex'x.
Of the Estate of F. Champion, deceased.
July 22, 1848 20iu4
Thomas Jones
C$1 "esPect'u,y "uniforms his old friends and
T nJ cuslomor' 'hat he has excellent supply of
amalerial. and is ready to attend to all or.
ders. Ho designs keeping constantly on hands
full assortment of Gentlemen's Fine calf, Patent
Leather, Pump and Kip Boots, also a supulv
of Gaiter, Brogan, Ladle's and Children's Shoes,
all of which they will oiler at the lowest rates.
His stock of materials, emb racing Morocco, pat-
ent leather, calf and kip skins, are of the best
quality, and their lasts are of the latest fashions.
All orders for work, will be promptly attended to,
and the subscriber hopes, by a strict application to
business, to obtain a liberal share of patronage.
uuuj,, auuwi viutf ui lliu tuuiiu square.
March 18th, '49. 2-ly
SHOT. 20 bags assoi ted shot for sale bv
July 29 J. D TERRY, Glasi

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