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The Daily Pioneer
Entered In the postofflce at Bemldji, Mlu.n.,
as second class matter.
Official County and City Paper
1904 MARCH 1904
So. Mo. Tu. We.
Fr. Sa.
1 2
1 6
3 4
1 2
24 31
1 4
22 29
It is a singular fact that those
who are pushing the candidacy
of P. J. Russell for mayor seldom
mention his name. They offer
no reasons why Mr. Russell
should be elected they send their
entire energies in attempting to
create prejudices which will
force voters to the support of
their ticket.
This is invariable the manner
of campaign waged by men whose
sole aim is to benefit themselves
by controlling the administrative
offices of the city. Were they
earnest for the public weal they
would set forth the advantages of
their ticket to the public they
would offer reasons why the
election of their candidates would
be best for the city. But know
ing that the election of their can
didates will be best for no one
but their individual selves they
resort rather to abuse, misrep
resentation and evasion. They
do not appeal to reason but to
It is a a fact well known to
every citizens of this city that
the few individuals who are ac
tively supporting the candidacy
of Mr. Russell for mayor have
sought to pledge to themselves
practically every man ,who has
been mentioned for office. The
ticket headed by Mr. Russell is
to be used for their benefit, and
for nought else and they have
publicly so announced. On the
other hand Mr. Stoner if elected
mayor will be absolutely free to
act as judgment dictates as best
for the city. With the exception
of the demand upon him by L.
H. Bailey Mr. Stoner has never
been so much as solicited to give
any assurance whatever as to his
course of action in any matter
whatever should he be elected
mayor. Every man who stands
upon the ticket with Mr.
Stoner is equally free from
promises or pledges direct or in
One party demands personal
pledges of its candidates: the
other puts forward men for office
who are pledged to nothing but
to promote the best business in
terests of the city. Every citizen
must decide whether he will
serve the former or choose the
latter to serve him.
NOTHING could demonstrate
more clearly the fact that a
desperate attempt is being made
to secure the control of the ad
ministration of city affairs in Be
midji for purely private pur
poses than the arguments that
are being used by these people.
The newest of these is that
Mayor Ludington's administra
tion is being attacked by those
who are supporting M. D. Stoner
for mayor. By raising a great
clamor along this line Mr.
Stoner'sopponents hope to hurry
the friends of the present admin
cration to their support. Mr.
Stoner's opponents are growing
fairly frantic in their attempts to
stay the tide of public sentiment
which demands that there shall
be elected to office men who are
free from promises to any man.
Three times they have attempted
to force the present administra
tion to pull their chestnuts out of
the fire. They failed to force the
present administration to stand
for re-election upon their plat
form they failed in their dodge
of cloaking their designs under a
"third ticket," a "business man's
ticket" and they will fail in this
attempt to force good men to
their defense.
HE newspapers of Bemidji
which advocate the election of
Mr. Russell as against Mr.
Stoner as mayor of Bemidji for
the ensuing year are devoting
columns of space to charges of
blackmail, villification, etc. Their
every issue teems with this sort
of argument. Tons on tons of
dirt they allege are being cast
upon Mr. Russell and his sup
porters and we believe they say
the truth. But they cannot
point to a single speck cast by
the Pioneer or by the supporters
of Mr. Stoner. They are doing
the job themselves and after the
manner of experts.
The heelers are being herded
and if every thing goes all right
it is said the bars will be let down
and the cows may stray in the
The city election will occur one
week from today. The campaign
will necessarily be short but the
greatest agony is often the skort
est duration.
W. L. Brooks today authorizes
the statement that he will be a
candidate to succeed himself to
the office of city treasurer1
Brooks has made a good record
during the past year and so far
no opposition has been developed
to his candidacy.
Col, J. P. Tayor, proprietor of
the Columbia Saloon, is being
prominently mentioned as a can
didate for trustee. In the event
the saloon men decide that they
will name a man to represent
their interests in the council dur
ing the coming year, it is said
that Col. Taylor will be their
A local paper claims the dis
tinction of bringing out P. J.
Russell as a candidate for mayor.
The paper's claim is said to be
very distastful to Mr. Russell's
friends and is not enthusiastically
received by himself, nor by the
Beltrami County News which
first publicly broached the Rus
sell candidacy.
The outcome of the city election
it is said will have quite an im
portant bearing on the guberna
torial contest in Beltrami county.
The local John Kilrain, of the
newspaper bunch is already
bearing his brawny shoulders to
bear the burden of the glory and
is said to have signed, sealed and
delivered the Bailey faction for a
petty larceny consideration to
certain interests in St. Paul. The
same faction has a reputation of
being balded headed and it is
said will stand without hitching.
There is no mistaking the fact
that the candidacy of M. D.
Stoner is growing in public favor.
The Stoner campaign has so far
been free from pyrotechnicaldis-
a, THE
Party of Landseekers From South
ern Part of State Are Looking
Over That Country.
S. D. Works, the well known
lumberman, has a party of land
seekers in town today who are to
spend some time looking over the
country up the north line. They
will spend some time in the vicin
ity of Turtle River and are ex
pected to make some heavy in
vestments in the lands in that
vicinity. All are wealthy retired
farmers and business men from
the old sections of southern Min
nesota who are looking for de
sirable investments in cheap
farming lands. They will no
doubt be induced to acquire hold
ings in the Turtle River country.
Picking Up a Good Bunch.
The Northern Pacific tie in
spectors who are going over the
north line have already placed
their o. k. on 120,000 ties between
Northome and Bemidji and excription
pect to take up quite a few more.
The prospects at present are
that the second inspection will
be much larger than the first.
plays. Mr. Stoner made an early
announcement, without quibbling
or touches of the bashful maiden
character. The favor with it was
generally accepted is best evi
denced by the violent casting
about and the early campaign of
misrepresentation which has been
instituted against him. Mr.
Russell's- personal popularity
cannot be questioned, but there
are many who respect him as a
genial gentleman who do not
favorably receive his candidacy
for mayor with its present affi
liations. Whatever else may
have been charged against Mr.
Stoner it is yet to be said by any
one who is responsible that the
halter of any man is about his
neck. The sentiment for Mr.
Stoner is growing and those
violently opposed to him some
time ago and who freely pre
dicted for his candidacy a deci
sive defeat have now lowered
their sights and conceded that
the contest will be close. This
is a big admission for the present
season of the year and the pros
pect of an early spring.
kj& jAkJKm.jQe.jfW mm mm.jfm i JAK J&JOLJ&.
This is no time to urge us not
to lose our grip.
Hibbing wants to star it on a
route to Koochiching.
Nerval Baptie is skating
through the north country news
papers at a great rate.
Clearwater county has been
very much muddied, but it is
hoped that things will settle
down now.
Long Prairie is unique through
out the union. It refuses a rural
delivery route, fearing that it
will otherwise lose a valued stage
The Cass Like Times advises
us that warring newspapers are
meat and drink to the people of
Those whohave ever felt its keen, cutting pains, or witnessed the intense
Buffering of others, know that Rheumatism is torture, and that it is right-
ly called 'The King of Pain."
All do notsuffer alike. Some are suddenly seized with the most excrucia-
ting pains, and it seems every muscle and joint in the body was being torn
asunder. Others feel only occasional slight pains for weeks or months, when
a sudden change in the weather or exposure to damp, chilly winds or night
air brings on a fierce attack, lasting for days perhaps, and leaving the pa-
tient with a weakened constitution or crippled and deformed for all time.
An acid, polluted condition of the blood is the cause of every form and
variety of Rheumatism, Muscular, Articular, Acute, Chronic, Inflammatory
and Sciatic, and the blood must be purged and purified before there is an
endto your aches and pains. External applications, theuse of liniments and
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the real cause or cleanse the diseased blood but S. S. S., the greatest of all
bloodpurifiers and tonics, does cure Rheumatism by antidoting and neutraliz-
ing the poisonous acids and building up the weak and sluggish blood. It is
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the old acid blood rich, and the pain-tortured mus
cles and joints are relieved, the shattered nerves are
made strong, andthe entiresystem isinvigorated and
toned up by the use of this great vegetable remedy.
If you have Rheumatism, write us, and our physicians will furnish with-
out charge any information desired, and we will mail free our book oa
Man Responsible for Death of
Woodsman Cannot Be
Hibbing, Feb. 29.George
Lammers, brother-in-law of
Michael Kline, who died in a log
ging camp the result of having
hot coffee poured Into his ear, is
endeavoring to apprehend the
cook and bring him to trial.
Lammers claims to have four
witnesses to prove that the cook
knocked Kline down and then
poured the hot beverage into his
Kline was a carpenter in the
camp and had been working
there for a number of weeks.
After the accident he was
brought into Hibbing one day
aud placed in the Adams hospital.
Cerebral meningitis set in and
his death followed a few days
The cook, it is said, fled from
the camp immediately after the
altercation and has not been seen
since. He went under the name
of Theodore acshire, which is
alleged to be an alias. The des
of the fugitive has been
sent to police offiicials over the
country but there is not much
hope of apprehending him as he
got a good start before the facts
in the case were made known.
that town. This being the case
the good people of Cass Lake
certainly get their fill each week.
The Mizpah Message contri
butes theses this week on "Har
mony" and "The Grafter," and
it is not often that the two go so
well together.
"The state owes us drainage
money," declares the Big Porks
Compass. Yes but we wont get
it unless we keep presenting the
bill pretty regularly.
When you read "Dirt Will
Piy" in big caps don't incau
tiously settle down for a salicious
bit of village politics. You may
find the Panama canal down the
Whatt They Sa
E. fl. Jerrard: If everything
goes right I will sign contracts
for a big job today.
Editor C. R. Martin: The Pi
oneer is a cracking good daily
and hard to beat in this vicinity.
L. H. Bailey: The Pioneer is
an excellent newspaper. You
get out a great paper, and I have
always said so.
Rev. McLeod: One doesn't
need to be addicted to the to
bacco habit to get a smoke at the
M. & I. waiting room.
Auditor Sylvester: Your en
larged paper isjan improvement.
The Pioneer is an excellent daily
and a credit to the town.
P. H. McGarry: Beats all how
you get onto things that are
going on up the north lino in the
Pioneer. I expect to have some
thing interesting to tell you in a
few days.
F. P. Hnnnitin: I have not
definitely made up my mind as to
whether I will be a candidate for
I The Lesson of the Past
railroad commissioner or not.
My final decision will be made in
a few days.
C. W. Baumbach: Everybody
outside of Bemidji seoms to be
interested in the town. Don't
think you have any idea here how
much attention you attract from
the world at large. It's always
a pleasure to tell inquiring people
that it is the best town in this
section of the country.
Thought to be in the Last Stages
of Consumption.
Mrs. Minerva Burgess, of
Byars, 111., says I have just re
ceived the White Wine of Tar.
We think there is no medicine
like it. It cured me when I was
thought to be in the last stages
of consumption. I will always
recomend it to those that have
any disease of the lungs.
Jay L. Reynolds
Attorney at Law
Office In niles Block,
Bailey & McDonald
Bemidji, /linn. Office Swedbatk Block
P. J. Russell
Attorney at Law
BEfllDJI. niNN.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law
Office over First National Bank
Gibbons & Torrance
Collections City Real Estate
Attorneys at Law
Dr. Rowland Grilmore
Physician aud Surgeon
Office: niles Block
Dr. Blakeslee
Physician aud Surgeon
Office: miles Block. Bemini.1
Dr. E. H. Marcum
Physician and Surgeon
Office: Swedback Block
Residence Phone aai Office Phone 18
Dr. J. T. Tuomy
Office over First National Bank, Third St.
Dr. E. H. Smith
Physician and Surgeon
Office: Boston Block
Office Phone, 73 Home Phone, 60
F. O. JE.
Fraternal Order of Eagles, Bemidji Aerie No. 351.
Meets every flonday at 8 m.,
Qilmour's Hall.
A. T. Wheelock, W. President
H. LcBIeu, W. Secretary
Visiting: Easrles cordially Invited.
We handle the Buffalo
Oil Co.'s Oils.
Kerosene guaranteed
not to smoke the
chimney 25c
74 per cent gasoline 25c
Benzine 25c
Turpentines 75c
Linseed oil, raw 60c
Linseed oil, boiled 6 5
Dustless float oil 50c
Paints, Stains, Varnishes,
Kalsomines, Moldings,
Wall Paper, Glass, Etc.
W. c"j0NES
For eight years we have been
telling of the wonderful future of
Bemidji. Man have been unbeliev
ing. They have lost fortunes. Every
year proved our prediction many
times over. Bemidji will one day
be a great city, and townsite lots,
now to be had cheap, will be worth
big money. Bu now.
Bemidji Townsite &
Improvement Co.
JOHN F. GIBBONS, Local Agent.
I A Hint for the Future I
rid N E E
WANTED Special representa
tive in this county and adjoin
ing territories, to represent
and advertise an old established
business house of solid financial
standing. Salary $21 weekly,
with Expenses paid each Mon
day by check direct from head
quarters. Expenses advanced
position permanent. We fur
nish everything. Address, The
Columbia, 640 Monon Bldg.,
Chicago, 111.
where to solicit orders for gen
eral line of nursery stock and
seeds. Brown Bros. Co., Ro
Chester, N. Y.
WANTEDPurchasers for old
papers. Ten cents a hundred.
Pioneer office.
WANTEDTo fill your wants.
Nothing does it like a Pioneer
want ad
FOR SALEA good clean stock
of dry goods invoice about
$8,000 located at Fort Dodge,
Iowa. Address L. L.Lostutter.
Iroquois, Iowa.
for sale, cheap, one 14-horse
power joint traction engine, in
first class condition. Just the
thing for a sawmill. Address
Prentice Bros., Cogswell, N. D.
FOR SALEContracts for Deed
Latest approved form at the
Pioneer office.
FOR SALETreasury stock of
the Shakespeare gold mine of
Webbwood, Ontario, in any
quantity, full particulars on
application to James L. George,
P. O. Box 476.
FOR SALEOnion skin type
writer paper at the Pioneer
FOR REN^Good^house for
small family. Wes Wright.
FOR RENTA nicely furnished
room, 615 Minnesota Avenue.
Liquor Dealer
Agent for Anheuser-Busch Famous
St. Louis Beer
Th an
tailor system for ladies and
children's wearing apparel.
Over Winter's jewelry store.
LIBERAL pay to man to solicit
orders experience unneces
sary. Perry Nursery company,
Rochester, N. Y.
Midway Horse market, St. Paul,
will pay your horses, wagons
and harnesses at all times.
Minneapolis Wheat.
Minneapolis, ki 29.WheatMay,
$1.00% 1.00% July, $i.oo%@i.ooy4
Sept., 89%c. On trackNo. 1 hard,
$1.02% No. 1 Northern, $1.00% No.
2 Northern, 97%@98%c No. 3 North
ern, [email protected]
St. Paul Union 8tock Yards.
St. Paul, 21.CattleGood to
choice ateers, $3.706.00 common to
fair, [email protected] good to choice cows
and heifers, $2.7083.25 veals, $2.50
6.25. [email protected]'6.45. SheepGood
to choice yearling wethers, [email protected]
6.00 good to choice lambs, [email protected]
Duluth Wheat and Flax.
Duluth, Feb. 21.WheatIn store
No. 1 hard, $1.01% No. 1 Northern,
89%c No. 2 Northern, 99%c. To ar-
riveNo. 1 hard, $1.01% No. 1 North
ern, P9%c No. 2 Northern, 97%c
May, 99%c July, 99%c Sept., 89c.
FlaxIn store, on track and to arrive,
$1.15% May, $1.18% July, $1.19%
Oct., $1.18.
Chicago Union 8tock Yards.
Chicago, 2l .CattleGood to
prime steers, $4.905.76 poor to me
dium, [email protected] stockers and feed
ers, [email protected] cows, [email protected]
heifers, [email protected] calves, $3.50
7.00. HogsMixed and butchers, $5.30
@5.65 good to choice heavy, $5.55
5.70 rough heavy, [email protected] light,
[email protected] SheepGood to choice
wethers, [email protected] Western sheep,
[email protected] native lambs, $4.506.00
Western, [email protected]
Chicago Grain and Provisions.
Chicago, ^Ci. 2vWheat May,
$1.01 July, 94%94%c old, 95%
*5%c Sept., [email protected]%c old, 89c. Corn
Feb., 53%c March, 63%c May,
56%c July. 55%855%c Sept., 54c.
OatsFeb., 42%c March, 42%c May,
44%@44%c July, 41%c Sept., 36%c.
PorkMay, $15.37% July, $15.42%.
Flax Cash, Northwestern, $1.17
Southwestern, $1.11 Feb., $1.11 May,
$1.13%. ButterCreameries, [email protected]
dairies, 13%22c. Eggs18%@ 19%c.
PoultryTurkeys, 12c chickens, 12c
springs, 12c.
Naturalist and Taxidermist
208 Second St. Postofflce Box No. 686
and OAME HEADS mounted to order and for sale. carry a
all times a good assortment of INDIAN RELICS and CURIOS
FUR GARMENTS made to order, repaired and remodeled
PURS In season bought.
I guarantee my work mothproof and
the most lifelike of any in the state
A Deposit Required on All Work
State gai^k
General Banking Business. Fire Insurance.
Advertise in the Pioneer

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