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Continued Scouting Fails to Re
veal the Presence of Any Rus
sian War Ships in the Harbor
at Port Arthur.
Tokio, March 15.--The wildest ru
mors prevail as to the evacuation of
Port Arthur by the Russians.
For 24 hours there have been no
si^iis of the Russian lleet in the har
bor at Port Arthur. Jtepeated scout
ing in the vicinity of the port has
Water Tumblers.
Fifty dozen glass 1 water
tumblers worth 50c a
dozen for 25c.
Ladies' Jersey Ribbed
Twenty-Jive doz-
en ladies' ribbed
vests and pants
worth 35c for 10c
Men's Collars.
Twenty .five dozen men's lin
en collars.the Arrow hrand,
regular price 15c, for 9c
or 3 for 25c.
Ten doz-
en ladies
n' 1 i
i li
gowns aT
1-4 tr
from the
1 a
Short ends of dress goods,
prints, silks, rihhons and
One barrel mixed candy
worth 20c for 5c a pound.
Believed That the Russian Fleet
Has Abandoned Port
failed to reveal the presence of any
Russian warships.
It is strongly believed here that the
Russian lleet abandoned Port Arthur
after the fourth bombardment, which
now proves to have been so disas
trous. It is thought that the Russian
ships are endeavoring to reach Vladi
Japanese Shells More Effective Than
Russians Admitted.
Yinkow. March 15.Much damage
Dainty Lace.
One hundred pieces of line
Val. lace, 12 yards to a
piece, worth (iOc, for 42c a
Black Cat Hose.
Ladies' 15c Black Oat hose
for 0c a pair.
Cups and Saucers.
One gross of 25c cups and
saucers for 15c each.
Ladies' Shoes.
One lot of ladies' fine shoes
worth up to $4.00 for
sl40 a pair.
was "none nj tab jufm"."
ment of Port Arthur Thursday morn
ing. Thirty-eight persons were killed
and over 100 wounded. A Japanese
12-inch shell landed in the lower land
fort, killing and wounding one officer
and forty-two men. The Russian lleet.
all the vessels of which lay inside the
harbor, took no part in the fighting.
The Retvizan was hit as she lay in
the naval basin by three shells and
sustained several casualties. After
action the captain, Prince Lieven. took
the squadron of torpedo boat destroy
ers outside for scouting purposes and
returned at midday.
In order to raise the Retvizan two
steamers in the Chinese Railway com
pany's service, the Hallar and the Har
bin, were brought round to Port Ar
thur from Dalny. One was sunk on
each side of the battleship. The
steamers were then pumped out and
the Retvizan was thus successfully
moved into the naval basin. The dock
Is too small to hold her and so it will
be. impossible to repair her at Port
General Stoessel has been ordered
to the Yalu and will be replaced at
Port Arthur by Oeneral Smirnoff. The
garrison consists of 20,000 men.
Roosevelt's Proclamation Regarding
Observance of Neutrality.
St. Petersburg. March 15.Presi-
dent Roosevelt's proclamation regard
ing the observance of neutrality by all
officials and the abstention from either
action or ..sneech which niiulit cause
Today and until Saturday Night
we will offer to our customers a choice lot of merchandise at less that factory
cost. We are overstocked in the goods we advertise and are willing to stand
a loss in order to turn the same into cash. Remember this sale will be for
the entire week, but the choicest bargains always go first. Better not delay.
Men'sOuting Flannel Night
nel rob
i gl.1
es, the
eac li.
Shoe Dressing.
Choice of any 25c dressing
for L9c.
Dress Prints.
Five thousand yards of dress
prints worth up to 8c for
5c a yard.
Men's Mitts.
Men's cotton flannel mitts,
the 10c kind, for 5c a pair.
Men's Shoes.
One lot of men's shoes worth
up to 8
k50 for $1.40 a pair.
Children's Shoes.
One lot children's shoes worth
up to $.175 for 98 cents
The Bemidfi Daily Pioneer
irritation to either Japan fir K"-'
has produced a great Impression here.
The ^newspapers- print juumuAoiLtly
arjiclfis commending the subjatauce
and -spirit of the proclamation in the
highest terms.
The Official Gazette accepts it unre
servedly as a complete answer to the
charges that the American government
is hostile to Russia and declares that
hereafter, despite any seemingly un
toward incident which may arise, it
should be considered once for nil that
the American government has taken a
friendly attitude "towards our aims
and policies in the Far East."
Did Net Lose Destroyer in Rixent
Fight at Port Arthur. AKD \)N
Tokio. March 15.Viceroy Alexioffs
report staling that a Japanese torpedo
boat destroyer was sunk and the
cruiser Tnkasago heavily damaged
the shell tire of the Russians during
the fourth attack on Port Arthur Is
officially pronounced untrue.
The damaged Japanese torpedo boat
destroyers can be repaired in one
week and it will not be nee. ssary to
dock them.
Japanese Patrol Engages a Party of
Russian Scouts.
Tokio. March 15.ft is reported that
a Japanese cavalry patrol engaged a
party of Russian scouts near Kasan,
west of Anju. Saturday. The Russians
numbered thirty. Confirmation of
the light, however. Is not obtainable
Expresses Satisfaction at Decision in
Merger Case.
Washington. March 15.-- I'lesident
Roosevelt received the new-, ol (In
supreme conn's derision In the North
em Securities case from (lie Assb
elated Press He was engaged at tin
time in conference with some friends,
but put aside all else to express satis
faction thai the court had sustained
the contentions of the government
Later he will express his i rsonal
congratulations to the attorney Ken
A A A. A. A A
Six Days of
Great Bargains
Choice Merchandise.
Men's Underwear.
-~^j One case ol
-jP\ n's fleece
''~tif- .'jX I in CM! under
1 wear worth 50c
lor I'.'c
r* 1
Ladies' Collars.
Ten dozen ladies' linen col
lars, the 15c kind, for
or 0 for 25c.
Dress Shirts.
We h.ivc put all broken lines
of men's $1 and $1.25
shirts into one lot and
made the price of 09c for
vour choice,
Ladies'Outing Night Robes
Our entire stock of ladies'
outing night role-sat $1. 15
Men's Suspenders.
\]l SI,50 suspenders, one
pair hi a box. 70c each.
All 35cand 50csuspenders,
one pair in a box, 25ceach
*r '1
Every Contention or the (iovern
mont Upheld by the
Court Declares All Northwest at
the Mercy of the
Washington, March la. Th'o swoop*
in,' decision of llii' ijiipmiu' entirt
holding tho ci-eei- illegal absorbs
the interest of nil.
The case has attracted more niton
tlon than any other suit I" foro lh.e
cou11 since.the first Insulareases were
decided iiiul has been regarded by
beiieli jiud bar as equal In liiiiini lanee
with those eases and with the luconn
tnx 1 use. It was argued in IJe enibor
las! and attracted general attention at
tli.u time, as it did previously when
the decision was rendered by the i li
cull court for the district ol' Mlnne
The suit was Instituted 1 tho Unit
ed states against Lho Northprii Socurl
ties company and the two railroad
companies, tho Northern Pacific ana
the Ureal Northern, and tbolr leading
stockholders for tho purpose of dis
solving the merger ol the two roads,
which tho United Stales declared had
been created by tho creatlon'of a hold
ing company, tho Securities company.
This consolidation was claimed to be
In violation of the Sherman antitrust
law. it was claimed on bohalf of the
government that ibis consolidation was
in effect a pool created 10 promote
the Interests, not of one system tit the
expense of tlio other, bid of Rolli al
the expense of Hie public Tile rail
roads claimed that the transfer of the
stork of the two companies to tho
Securities company was In the naturo
01 a sale and perfectly legitimate.
The contentions of the Securities
company were reviewed and Justice
Harlan said thjSjr bad received full at
teriliori. He (Juoted tlio various opln
ions involving the trust question, say
ing that from them it Is to be gathered
that nil contracts in restraint of trade
reasonable 01 unreasonable, are pro
hlblted by the Sherman law and thai
congress has the power to establish
such regulations as are laid down in
thai law.
Replying In detail to the points made
for the Securities company .liiBtlco
Harlan said thai the contention thai
the law is an Interference with th
rights of the individual states by whi
tho companies arc Incorporated was
not well founded. In such eases, ho
Bald, the authority of congress Is su
He also declared It to be unneces
sary to determine the right of owners
Of railroad stock to sew the property,
ftor was It true lhal the right of tbo
Securities company to own and hold
railroad stock Is tho only uuostion in
volved -Si|/ li coWent IOJIH are wide of
the mark mere men of straw. All
that the government complains of l
the existence of a corporation to re
press commerce and is not concerned
with the other points.
Justice Harlan said that In this day
there should be no doubt of the com
pleto power of congress *o control In
terstate commerce. All the prloi
trust cases we're in support of thai
contention. Whether free and urire
Btralned competition was wise, he
Bald, was an economic question with
which tlu c.ourj need not concern II
Belf, the question was that of statu
tory law.
Ho asKcrieii the power of congress
over Inter laic commerce to bo ai
pompiete as the power of a state ovei
I domestic commerce.
Coming to the plea of the railroads
thai the anti-trtisj law Bhouhl be de
I clared unconstitutional he Bald that
the "init could ii.i see iis way to thai
"If." he went on, ".the Securities
l-cempany'g contentions are sound why
inav not all the railroa of the Unit
f-1 State.-: enter Into a combin at foil
and by the device of a holding coi
pora felon control rates throughout tie
country In defiance of congress
Justice Harlan also t'Xik occasion to
say that there had been nothing In tie
Securltlea ompanj certlfl afe of In-
(-.rporation to Indicate Its purpose to
Be that of destroying commerce and
he i! eM tore alnrojvEd the stat(! of New 1
.P 1 from any eharge of BUc'h knowl
edge in a-Ivanee. It might be true
thai a fOderal court had no power to
ols a corporation of a state, but
thja circumstance Mnild not bean Indi
cation- ol powerlessnes8 to enforce the
law. than which no corporation is
stronger. No device could suffice to
pre-..!.! this enforcement of the na
tional statutes. Th- courts had. in-
dee-], consistently held to the suprem
acy of the national laws in cases of
conflict between these laws and th.?
laws of the states. So long as eon
p-esS confined itself to its prescribed
fun''ions. said, there could be no
danger. At any rate the error, if any,
was with congress and it was for con-
London, March IV Tin
inenl was d. I. aled :-da. i ill. be
commons on a m"t ll ffl of Jollli 11
i.. 11 id for a due. 11I iTfTtJu Tri.-b
eal ion est im.I'' A ii as in
nature of a snaii dfvtsIon tmijirsrv
Jut i leo Ilnrlnn de.dared that the onb
Oh!'' ot the ui'l -er a to pi VOI
compel II ion and he -aid thai If no ofe
else knew tlilg to he ihe iise J. Plei
pout 'i ".II:. one of ilie dofendani
knew lhal to have 1)0011 the tn
Extract from Morgnn's (estiiuony
wen- (juotod in support of Lhls stiid
I.ej i' all} eon-1 mod, Justice Hail in
Raid, the de. i don hould bo folio
by the i Im! nnlpp tfl Ion of i ho par
tlc-i at Iriten In tlil i .i
Speakh i i hi n. i al undorsi and
lnt that Hit Sherman law applied onlj
to |nj corporal li ins I ho i ust l- ah!
that this iini'ieedon was breathed
from e.. pore of the statute, hut
Hint It languujRO did nol boar oui the
com he-ion.
"In Olir )iidi nieiil." said Justice, liar
Inn, "the cvldci fully sustain^-the
material nll.oRadons of the bill and
shows a violation of the actfof con
Kii in -o far as doelaros Illegal
eviv i oinhinai Inn or coii.'.jiii aey In
leiiaini ni commerce aiuoiuS the sov
oral slates and -.\iili loniun nations:
and forbids attempt to moiiopoUzo
sinh ..commerce. Laying aside tin
many things of a minor i liaracter and
suminail/.itn.' the principal facts it Isl
I in 11 pulalde. upon I !ii-:
I eeoi I. i hat
under the londi i hip of the defendants.
Illl! and Morgan, the toi I holders of
tho Cnat Northern and Northern Pn
clflc railway corporations having com-,
pctlng and Rlibslnntlally parallel IIUOB
from the Oreal Laki and tin Ml I
K11p river fo the Paelfli ocean al Pu
rei sound, combined and conoolved
the scheme of organising a corporn
tlon under tho law ol New i e)
whh hould hold Ho HharoB of toi It
Of Hie con. I lluint mil pailloB."
('onl iniiini- lic-thi H.ii Ian aid that
"thl. combination wnliln He mean-H
Ing of tho acl a Irusl. bjil li not It Is a
Combination In rostrnlnl of Interstate
and Inlernntiniial camniereq and that
li ei BJU.tU-liT.lt.tg it Hfl4r a i o.udem
itarion or Hi''- a
lie held that if ,u' a omhlnation
wen- not destroyed "all the advantag
that would nat'irailv colnp to lho pub
lic under the operation of the general
laws ol competition, as between the
Croat Xniih.in n.-l Northern Paelfli
Hallway companies, Will b'J lost and
the entire commerce of tho Immense
territory In the northern pari the
United States bel ween tho (Troal
Lakes and the Pacific at Puget sound
will he at the men of a In do
IIIK corporation, organized In a state i
distant from tho pi ople of thai terri i
'the decree of the ircuit i purt, lie
said, could nol have been ol smaller
scope and II had In no way exjcei |ed
Its authority. Tin- law must not bo
narrowly construed, but reasonably
construed. The defendants could not
complain of the finding of the i In till
court and Justll llai Ian, I'' Iti
Blori, announced the confirmation of
the decision of that i ourt, a-- li
"The judgment of Chts courl tl
the decree below ol the i ireuii mirt
be and hereby Is a!!!:n,e! wtth Hh'-rty
to the circuit court to pro eed in due
execution Of the decree as the cli um
stances may fecuire."
Judge Harlan concluded at 1:18
p. m. He was followed bj Justice
Brewer, who. while conCurrhig in the
JmIL'IImat,d44-4u aci.-^piallof Liic
language of the opinion.
.Tu-itiue Holmes read the dissenting
opinion. He construed CBe allll-ltusl
law as a criminal statute and declared
that there was nothing in it to indi
cate that it had been enacted merely
for the control of large concerns, as
is generally contended. Indeed, the
law had not been understood as apply
ing to railroads un'il so construed by
the supreme court. The act. he con
tended, applies only to contracts and
combinations in restraint of trade and
makes no reference to competition.
He thought this inferem due to
the 3lze of railroad conjurations. He
Final Downfall of the Present
British Ministry Is Now
Freely Predicted.
Kress to supply the remedy and not
for I lie eolllts.
Justice Harlan also discussed the
predictions Ij'iian lal dlsastei from!
the enfor.ccmenl ol the antt-trusl InwJ
bill dls ouia--, tie in. HiiyliiR the BROOKLYN COLORED PREACHER
were usual under sn.eli elreumstnnces
and I not be tpilizod. ADVISES NEGROES TO CARRY
by the nntiotialhrts the government
refused to resign, but vote is re
..iiiled as another -'IT A, indicating
a he .1. i a i'" i c._'.
[I np\ freely predicted that the
iifali id the euvjifjimi at isieitaln,
and thai it in\ happen an\ dav
New York, March 15 Employment
of the ton am! I ho bulb I by the ne
gro to defend hi rights and to stop
the hi hir.c 'i ii I. by hi11- men
has been openly rei ommended In a
sermon by v. 1' M. Jacobs In an
African Methodist Episcopal church of
Rfoofilyn Ho said the negroes of
Springfield. O., whefe a black man was
dragged from (all ami strangled to
death by a mob. should carry on a war
of reprisal and "burn their enemies
out of business."
The se 'non created a inarsed sensa
"You should contend unto death for
ymir rights." asserted the Rev. Jacobs.
"No race has ever won anything with
out tho Bhoddlng of blo.id.
"If wars are good foi nations they
ore rood for races. Bishop Brown of
the i ho-li-a Episcopal church says
that a race war is inevitable In this
country and the negro will be exter
minated. This IM not true, for the ne
gro is no coward he will fight and in
war between the races he will give
as UOI| an account of himself as he
did ul Fort Wugnor and before Peters
burg! They tell us to pray, but wo
have been nxaylpis and praying and
now Is the time for the negro to assert
his manhood.
"The day is coming, the hour is ap
proaching when 'bis must be dones,
tor noiii if under.'he MIII gsgr EPji
liii.rty- without tiKlitJUK for it.
"There must be some sacrifice life
If lie.-! be to obtain the liberties of a
people. Tho uegro la no toward and
Ceituany and England know it from.
tln-ir African & pei lent es.
"Many of our lives are to be sacri
flced If we are to attain to manhood]
In this country. I love to tell you to
pray but all prayers and no llijhuujt
will do no good." i
took* the position that there fias been
no attempt to monopolize in this com
bination of the railroads and said that
there could be no more "Objection to
the purchase of the stock of the North
ern Pacific am! the Great Northern
reads by the Securities company than
if bought by Mr. Morgan himself.
Justice White also nail a dissenting
opinion, talcing up especially the Qpwer
of congress to control commerce. Be
glnnlng with an argument in support
ni dissenting opinions he outlined the
points involved in the case, lie re
ferred to Ms Importance and called at
tention to the fa I that only four mem
bers of the court, one less than a
majority, had united in the opinion of
the ourt. He then said that such
prlnciJhBB as are laid down in that
opinion are "destructive of govern
ment, deatrui five of human liberty and
destructive of every principle upon
which organized society depends."
House Committee Begins Work on
Postal Investigation.
Washington. March 15.The special
committee of the house to investigate
the postofBce "indictment" of members
of congress continued its work behind
closed doors from 10 to 12:45 p. m.
The committee is making a detailed
study of each case In this report and
wilt send to the postofBce department
for the original records In full. It
will first determine those cases In
which there appears on the surface an
indication of wrongdoing on the part
of members, if there are any such, be
fore taking the testimony of witnesses.
Much time, it is believed, will be saved
by this preliminary work.

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