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Bemidji Wrapped in Mantle
of Snow Twelve Inches
Deep Today.
Snow Shovels Displace Garden
Implements and Imprecations
Greet the Weather Man.
Bemidji awoke this morning to
find itself wrapped in winter's
winding sheet, all present hope
of spring banished, and one of the
most severe snow storms of the
winter prevalent. Mr. Hicks
predicted it and although the
storm is a trifle late it sustains
Mr. Hicks' reputation,
A promising spring morning
yesterday developed a mild rain
which later changed to snow and
at 8:30 last night the fall was as
heavy if not heavier than any
thing of record during the past
winter. Snow fell during nearly
all of the night and the storm re
sumed with renewed severity
this morning.
The snow was heavy and wet
and clung to everything it struck.
Signboards are covered with a
clinging mantle of the beautiful,
the jackpines assume the most
fantastic shapes of natures hand
iwork and Bemidji underfoot is a
mass of slush that is conducive
to ill temper in a well developed
degree. Telegraph and telephone
wires, clothes lines and fences all
are laden with several inches of
snow. Telephone wires are down
in many places and the service of
the local exchange is subjected to
inconvenience and delay which it
will require several days to ad
At noon the precipitation had
been fourteen inches, and the
storm continued unabated. West
of this city the fall is reported as
even heavier than here. Tele
graphic advices state that two
Saturday Only
Choice Head Rice, per lb 10c
Extra Fine Rice, per lb. 5e
Fine Cooking Fig's, per lb 8c
Choice Raisins, per ibTrrrr... 10c
Fine Dried Grapes, per lb..... 8c
-Granulated Sugar, 1G1 lbs ....$ 1
Hams, Swift's, per lb 14Jc
Bacon, Swift's Smoked,per lbloAe
Codfish, Bricks, per lb 14c
Cheese, Full Cream, per lb. .15c
Cheese, Brick, per lb 18c
Bloaters, Cromarty, 4 for 10c
Cheese, Primest, per brick 25c
Oranges, Navel, per doz 25c
GrangesrSweetrNavelviJcr dozrJJOc
Oranges, Extra Navel, per doz 40c
Oranges, Extra Large Navel,
per doz 50c
Bananas, Large, per doz 25c
Lemons, Large, per doz .25c
Apples, Baldwin, per peck... .40c
Petit Jury Concludes its Labors
Yesterday After Vigorous Three
Week's Session.
The spring term of the Bel
trami county district court is
drawing to a close. The last
jury case was disposed of yester
day and Judge McOlenahan dis
missed the petit jury last night.
The Judge thanked the jury for
their attendance and attention to
business and the various mem
bers of the venire are drawing
their county warrants and pre
paring to leave for their homes
The petit jury has been in ses
sion for three weeks and Judge
McUlenahan's well known policy
of keeping at the grind has re
sulted in its disposing of a large
amount of business. Judge Mc
Clenahan has many friends in
Bam idji and the respect and re
gard in which he is generally
held has been, substantially en
chanced during the present term
of district court. His uniform
courtesy to court officials, mem
bers of the juryand the bar have
been universally appreciated and
many compliments have been
paid his efficiency and the ability
and consideration which he
brings to the discharged of his
official duties.
There ax*e a number of court
cases still to be disposed of but
the session is not expected to
last over three days more at the
outside. feet has fallen in the Red River
Valley and the flood record of the
valley is expected to eclipse all
past records. The snow is water
laden and will melt witn a rush
that will cause the turbulent Red
to leave its banks and result in
inundations all along the line that
will be a serious menace to prop
erty interests and may even en
danger life.
Traffic on the Great Northern
has also been seriously inter
rupted by the storm, but the
Northern Pacific trains went
without delay. North of this city
the storm was not as severe as
here and at the north line towns
the fall of snow was not as heavy
by several inches as in Bemidji.
The snow will leave with a
rush before an April sun tomor
row according to the weather
predictions and rubber boots, life
preservers and canoes will be
staple articles on the market for
the next few days.
Bena Still a Live One.
A special commissioner from
the general land office was fit
Cass Lake yesterday_for thepur
poseof hearing the evidence in
the townsite controversy be
tween the rival towns of Richards
and Bena. The patriots of the
Bena townsite received a body
blow some time ago when they
were ordered to leave the town
site and folded their tents and
departed. They have taken the
matter up with the general land
office Avich the result that a re
hearsing has been secured and
Bena may yet hold her head up
as a formidable rival of Richards.
Thomas M. Cathcart assessor
of the town of Baudette is in the
city on business. Zp
Box 744i 108 Sixth Street, between
Bemidji and Beltrami Avenues.
ReedV Studio
Photos, Views of the City.
Lake and Lumber Camps
Old pictures made new and enlarged to any size. Studio occupies all
of the second floor of tbe new Street block, next to the postoffice. My
reception, display and dressing rooms are always open and you are
R. W. REED. Prop.
Nan Who Sued Village of Ten
strike For $1000 Fails
To Make Good.
The jury in the case of W. M.
Vail vs. Village oi Tenstrike last
night returned a vonlict for ,the
defendant at about 4:30 o'clock.
The case was one of tbe hard
est fought legal battles of the
present term of the district court,
and both sides were ably repre
sented. Vail asked for damages in
the sum of $1000 alleged to have
been incurred to his property in
Tenstrike by the grading of a
street. His attorney was E. F.
Crawford. County Attorney
Loud appeared for the Village of
The testimony in the matter
was exhaustive and more than
a dozen witnesses were examined
It required all of yesterday up
to 3:30 o'clock and all of the pro
ceeding day in trial.
Mayor Harris and the city of
ficers are highly pleased with
the outcome. If Mr. Vail had
been successful in securing a
verdict it would have meant sub
stantially that the village was
liable on the same grounds to a
dozen others.
The costs in the case are not
a small item and must be borne
by the plaintiff.
Right of Way Being Cleared For
New Spur Tracks
From Kelliher.
The M. & I. is to build about
seven miles of spur track from
Kelliher north. The right of
way is at present being cleared
for the construction of the spur
and the work will be pushed to
completion as fast as possible.
The spur will run np into one of
the pine belts in that vicinity and
is being put in for logging pur
Fixing Up the Store.
The Swedback store building
on Minnesota avenue is being
fixed up and fitted for occupancy
by the J. A. McConkey grocery
which is expected to occupy it
some time next week. The in
terior will be redocorated and
brightened up and the building
will be given and enlarged capac
ity, by the addition of the old
warehouse to the former sales
Case~ofMr^Perranimgainst His
Wife Adjourned Until Tuesday
in Pendergast's Court.
Mrs. M. Porrault, wife of a
well known Parley saloon keeper
was in Judge Pendergast's court
this morning to answer to a com
plaint made by her husband in
which the woman is charged with
having been in an open and riot
ous state of intoxication on the
streets of Farley and with having
threatened to kill a Mrs. Mon
plaisir. D. H. Fisk appeared for
the defendant and moved for dis
missal on the ground that the
complaint did not state grounds
sufficient to constitute an offense
under the statute. The court de
nied the motion and the defen
dant's attorney asked for an ad
journment until Tuesday of next
week which was granted.
Took Three To Handle Him.
There was quite a lively tussle
at the Great Northern depot yes
terday afternoon between the
train crew and an intoxicated
woodsman, who Suddenly took it
into his head he would not got off
here. It took three big men to
convince him of his error and he
had to_be.carried bodily from the
train. Later he was arrested
and this morning he paid a fine
in Judge Pendergast's court for
drunkeness and disorderly con
A Remarkable Case.
Thos. Reed, of Neillsville, Wis.,
Your White Wine of Tar Syrup is the
best medicine for the lungs that has
ever been sold in this county. I speak
from my own experience. I think it
has twice saved my life when suffer
ing from a disease of the throat and
lungs. It cured my neighbor, Mr.
Dowes, of asthma that had afflicted
him for years.
Kelliher People Do Not Take
Kindly to Change in
Train Service.
The good people up kelliher
way are somewhat disturbed by
a report that a change in the
train service will be effective soon
which will give the village tri
weekly instead of a daily train
While the change has not yet
been officially announced it is
said to have been arranged to
take place in the very near future
and under its conditions a mixed
train will run out of Brainerd. to
Bemidji, stop over night here
and proceed to Kelliher and
Northome and return the next
The business men of Kelliher
have expressed themselves in no
uncertain manner to the officials
of the M. & I. and will enter a
formal and united protest the
moment the change is made.
Nothing definite regarding the
change said to "be contemplated
can be learned in this city.
Died of Typhoid Fever.
Theodore Saundrum, died last
night at the St. Anthony's hos
pital, after a two week's illness
of typhoid fever. Saundrum
came to the hospital from Becida
and despite the best of care was
unable to rally from the fever.
He was a young man about eigh
teen years of age and the foster
son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Phillip
son, of Becida. The remains
were prepared for burial at the
Naylor undertaking rooms today
and will be shipped to Becida
for interrment.
Throngh Freight Wrecked on the
Great Northern Near Erskine
Last Night.
Traffic on the Great Northern
suffered a double interruption
last night. The west bound
through frieght was wrecked
about three miles west of Er
skine and a number of cars went
into the ditch. Besides this the
storm which was prevalent here
seriously interfered with the
traffic on the J)akota lines and re
sulted in delayed connections at
Crookston this morning. Train
men report that two feet of snow
fell at Larimore yesterday and
last night. The snow is heavy
and wet and piles up in front of
the pilot in hugh masses that
make it a very serious difficulty.
Last nights' trains arrived today
delayed from ten to twelve hours.
The wrecking crew from Carman
was sent out last night to clear
up the wreck at Carman and has
been working at it the greater
part of the day.
It's the secret of a successful business. Call at the
Cap't A. L. Benner Plans a Unique
Undertaking in the Way of a
Trip to St. Louis.
Cap't A. L. Benner of this city
has a plan for a trip to the world's
fair at St. Louis which is novel
and interesting. He is building
at St. Paul a 45 foot keel boat
fitted up with steamer cabins and
capable of carrying in comfort
about 15 people. The steamer
will be called "The Itasca of Be
midji", and Cap't. Benner pro
poses to take from Bemidji and
vicinity a party of about a dozen
down the Mississippi to St.
Louis to the world's fair.
This will be a delightful and
economical trip. The boat will
be fitted up with every accom
modation and will be a most com,
fortable home during the trip
and while at St. Louis. The party
will leave here about June 10th
and will remain at the fair for a
time to be agreed upon by the
party in advance.
Cap't Benner's party is not' en
tirely made up and any who wish
to take advantage of so pleasant
and interesting a way to see the
big fair should see him at once.
A Whole Family.
Rev. L. A. Dunlop, of Mount Ver
non, Mo., says: "My children were
afflicted with a cour resulting from
measles, my wife with a cough that
had prevented her sleeping more or
less for five years, and your White
Wine of Tar Syrup has cured them
I it is purchased at this store it is
good. Prices mean nothing it is
quality that counts. Rather than ad-
vertise to sell, we
Sell to Advertise
The Cheapest is Never Best bat the Best is Ever Cheapest
It is a satisfaction to us to sell goods that are satisfactory to you. It means that
we will sell you again, and that's what we are working forrto have our goods and
methods of doing business so satisfactory to you that you will always be a regular patron*
Corner Third Street and Minnesota Avenue
Business Men's Club.
There was no session of the
business men's club last night as
the storm kept the majority of
the members away and the fact
that a number were absent from
the ity had a tendency to cur
tail the attendance. Those pres
ent discussed a number of pro
jects affecting the future of the
club but there was no formal
Thos. Smart
Now is
The Time to be Stylish
YOU WANT A One of those catchy Coverts that
TOP COAT bristle with,style and get-up as
jar_as Jhey_ can be seenThe Stein-Block Smart
We should be glad to have you drop in on your
way home today and try one on, just to see how
it feels to be fitted in a minute and sent home
stylish all over.
All clothes made
by the Stein-
Bloch people are
signed with this
T5he Clothiers
5* ST
Naturalist and Taxidermist
208 Second St. Postoffice Box No. 686
and OAME HEADS mounted to order and for sale. I carry at
all times a good assortment of INDIAN RELICS and CURIOS,
FUR OARMBNTS made to order, repaired and remodeled
FURS In season bought.
I guarantee my work mothproof and
the most lifelike of any in the state
A Deposit Required on All Work
His Mother Visits.
W. h. Palmer, the veteran
printer and newspaper man, is
enjoying a visit from his mother,
Mrs. J&JU Palmer, of Grand
Rapids. Mrs. Palmer is 82 years
of age but still hale and hearty.
She came to the city yesterday
day unescorted and gave her son
quite a surprise. She will re
main for several days.
We Are Daily
making sittings for people who have
been elsewhere for photographs and
have been disappointed both in quality
and price. Step in and see what we
can do for you.
Our studio is on the ground floor, two
blocks north of the City Itoat house, on
the lake front.
Yours for business,
Lakeside Photographer.

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