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Woodman Mellow With The
Corn Suddenly Decides to
Take the Trip.
Told the Clerk He Had Heard
Much of the Hereafter and
Wanted to See it.
Red liquor is the acknowleded
inspiration for many freak ideas,
but one of the strangest of them
all was developed this morning
at Barker's drug store when a
stalwart woodsman, with a well
developed jag tried to purchase
some strichnine for the purpose
of suiciding, because, he said, he
wished to see the great beyond.
The man came into the store
about 7:30 this morning and told
the drug clerk he wanted to buy
strichnine. The man's manner
aroused the suspicion of the
saleman and he questioned him
as to his object in buying the
poison. "I want to see the great
beyond." replied the denizen of
the tall and uncut timber. "I
have been reading in a book
about the great beyond and 1
think the whole business is a
fake. I am going to take the
poison and find out for myself.''
It is prehaps needless to say he
was refused the drug. He talked
very deliberately of the suicide
which^e contemplated and told
the employes of the store that a
short time ago at Grand Forks
he had taken seven grains of
strichnine with the intention of
suicide.- "I would have made it
too," he continued with evident
regret, "if they had let me alone,
but they got the doctor around
and he spoiled my plans."
He stated that during the past
winter he had been working in
Bagley's lumber camps and also
gave out the information that he
intended to prove the mysteries
of the great hereafter to his own
satisfaction very shortly.
His case was reported to the
police, he was taken to a hotel
and at noon today was sleeping
off the effects of the liquor that
made him curious to learn the
mysteries of the future.
This Spa.ce
One of the Finest.
James Jerrard, manager of the
Journal-Press Co., of St. Cloud,
is in the city today the guest of
his brother, E. H. Jerrard. Mr.
Jarrard has for a number of
years been the successful busi
ness manager of the St. Cloud
Journal-Press and is one of the
most aggressive hustlers in the
business anywhere in this sec
tion. The Journal-Press has
grown wonderfully during the
past few years and to the busi
ness abil ty and wide awaknoss
which Mr. Jarrard brings to its
management is responsible in no
small measure.
Night Service Assured.
Night mail service will be es
tablished on the Great Northern
trains through this city in a
short time and the postal depart
ment is getting ready for its in
auguration now. The special
agent sent over the line a short
time ago reported favorably on
the project and arrangement are
in progress to put on the new
run. The new service will be
greatly appreciated in all the
towns on the line and especially
in Bemidji.
Hard Trip for Sheriff.
Deputy Sheriff John Bailey
left last night for the town O
Battle to subpoena some wit
yeses to appear at the prelimin
ary hearing of P. J. Artz, for the
murder of Peter Weilander,
which will be held tomorrow.
The trip is a hard one and Mr.
Bailey expects to walk about fif
teen miles as the homesteaders
of some of the people for which
he has subpoenas are not acces
sible by teams at this time of the
Three Feet and a Half.
Street Commissioner Pogue,
who has a crew of men at work
putting in new piling and sup
ports at the Third street dock
reports that the ice is three and
one half feet thick at the end of
the dock and that the prospects
of its going out by the first of
May are far fiom encouraging.
TTie work is being conducted un
der a great deal of difficulty, but
Mr. Pogue is a worker and it will
be pushed to completion as fast
as possible.
Buried Yesterday!
The funeral of Peter Weilan
der, who was fatally shot in a
row at Battle town last Friday
afternoon occurred yesterday af
ternoon from the undertaking
rooms of J. P. Lahr. Rev.
Broomfield held brief services at
the undertaking rooms and also
at the grave. The only relatives
to attend the funeral were Carl
Berglund and a cousin from
Isanti county named Oland. A
number of the homesteaders
the Battle River country who
were down to attend the inquest
attended the funeral.
Manager Wheelock, of the City
Opera House offers something
new tcTthe patronsjofjfch^jjecal
house on Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday evenings of next
week when the London Biascope
Company will give a series of en
tertainments. The'company is
one of the largest that is in this
line of amusements and presents
"moving plctures~byTts own"ar
tists covering the greatest cur
rent events of the present time.
Particularly interesting will be
the views of the Russo-Jap war,
covering the earlier events of im
portance in the great struggle.
Besides these are views of travel
from all sections of the world,
the whole combining one of the
most delightfully interesting and
instructive entertainment which
has ever been seen ut the local
Reed's Studio
Sot ifoab^ S^o\o^a^s
Photos, Views of the City,
Lake and Lumber Camps
Old pictures made new and enlareed to any size. Studio occupies all
of the second floor of tbe new Street block, next to the postoffice. My
reception, display and dressing rooms are always open and you are
R. W. REED, Prop.
Friends of the Princeton
Candidate for Governor
Hold a Meeting.
Mass Meeting to be Called in
About Two Weeks to Organize
a Dunn Club.
The gubernatorial campaign
which has been occupying a very
prominent place in the news
papers of the state for the.past
two months has so far been a
quite affair in Beltrami county
and the first sign' of interest, be
yond the usual gossip was a
meeti held last night which
was attended by about fifteen of
the enthusiasts of the candidacy
of Hon. R-. 0. Dunn, the Prince
ton candidate for gubernatorial
The primary purpose of the
meeting was to talk over the
plans for the Dunn campaign in
Beltrami county and to adopt
ways and means to further the
interests of "Honest Bob." The
meeting developed considerable
enthusiasm and plans for the
campaign were discussed. Mr.
Dunn has several warm partisans
in this city and a host of friends
as well and all will make a con
certed efforts to secure a delega
tion from Beltrami county to the
state convention favorable to his
candidacy for governor.
The meeting decided to take
steps to organize a Dunn club
and a meeting is called at the
City hall two weeks from last
night to perfect the organization
of the club.
Mr. Dunn's friends in Beltrami
county promise to be unusually
active from this time on and it is
hoped to organize with a large
The club will make a hot light
for Mr. Dunn and wjll be one of
strongest frompresent appear
ances in this section of the state.
Mr. Dunn is expected to visit Be
midji soon and an effort will be
made to have him visit the city on
the occasion of the club's organ
Two Bands Running.
The Crookston mill is working
a short day shift at present. The
mill is not yet being run to its
full capacity but will begin short
ly with day and night crews.
The two handsaws are being run
but the gang has not yet been
started. It will probably be
running some time next week.
-Dealer in
Diamonds, Watches, Clocks,
Jewelry^zSilyerware, Etc.
Special Attention Given to
Fine Watch Repairing.
15he Famous
Ever R^eaidy
Plato Clock...
The Wonder
of the
No Hands No Dial
Upper Plate Shows the Hour
Lower Plate Shows the Minute
The Evolution of
Computing Time
From the 'Sun Dial,' 'Hour Glass'
and present-day 'Dial Clock' to the
Wonder of
The New Century
Don't fail to see this Wonderful
Clock in Our Show Window.
Miss Clara Baldwin, of State
Library Commission Will
to Arrive Tonight.
Bemidji's public library, the
fruit of the labors of the Ladies'
Library Association and the
Ladies' Reading club, will be for
mally opened for gene al public
ase tomorrow night.
The formal opening of the
library is in the hands of the
Ladies'Library Association and
the opening to be held at the
courthouse tomorrow night will
be public. The occasion prom
ises to be a very pleasant one and
the ladies have appointed com
mittees to look after the enter
tainment of the visitors. The
reception committee will be com
posed of the Mesdames Torrance,
Spooner, Brooks and Bowser and
the Mesdames McDonald, John
Bailey and Murch are a com
mittee who will look after the
refreshments which will be serv
ed at the library rooms after the
address of Miss] Clara Baldwin,
of the state library commission,
who arrives from Minneapolis to
night to assist in the opening.
Getting Ready for Big
Wm. Blakeley, the big lumber
man, was a passenger on the
north bound train last night re
turning from the Twin/ Cities.
Mr. Blakeley says Blakeley &
Parley are getting /ready for
their drives. They/ expect to
handle about 20,000,000 of logs
and within a few dfays will start
drives on the upper, lower and
north Turtle ri^er.
Advertise4n the Daily Pioneer.
It's a good/investment.
Just Received
A Our studio is on tlie ground floor, two
blocks north of tliu City Itoat house, on
he- lako "front.
Yours for business,
Lakeside Photographer.
Write for
Sample and
is ft
Hill Retains Counsel.
Nick Hill, the ^Finlander who
murdered Richard Sanger at a
logging camp near Walker a
short time ago, has retained legal
advice and -will be represented at
his trial which will come before
the next term of the Cass county
district court by Attorney E. A.
Kling, of Little Palls. Mr. Kling
is quite well known to the mem
bers of the local bar and also has
a number of friends in this city.
A Convincing Sale at
Wats Our Sample SaJe
convinced that the ladies of Bemidji appreciate a good thing when they see it,
and we had an opportunity to buy a large quantity of the latest fashions of La-
dies' Suits mid Skirts, also a large line of Ladies' and Misses' Walking Skirts, which we can
oiler at the following reductions:
All Our $ 18 Suits sell at
25 and $26
St. Petersburg, April 13.An official telegram from Port
Arthur received late this afternoon states that a naval battle which
began at daylight this morning is still in progress. The entire
Japanese and Russian fleets are engaged.
We Are Particularly Interested inlShowing
Our Large and Beautiful
We carry an up-to-date line of Corsets in all, styles and shapes. A line of Dry
Goods that compares with any in the city. Shoes to excel any, at quality and prices.
Our Grocery Stock is complete in every detail, and we especially call your attention
to our fine line of Garden Seeds, Seed Corn, Grass Seed, etc. In the annex on Third St.
E^ntrance in front and rear to all departments
Japanese and Russian Fleets Engage
Strength In Naval Battle Of
Port Arthur Today.
Licensed to Wed.
Clerk of Court Rhoda yester
day issued a marriage license to
Ida Lizotte and Cash' Brunelle.
Both are residents of Blackduck.
The groom is on the police *force
at Blackduck and has many
friends in Bemidji as well as at
home. Mr^-ansT Mrs. Brunelle
wlttreside at Blackduck and will
begin their wedded life with the
best wishes of many friends.
Which Is Now at Its Best
Most brilliant display of Men's and Young Men's ready-for- Ct^
service Suits, Rain Coats and Top Coats shown for M^**^
Comprising an assortment unrivalled hi style and quality.
Examination will convince you that this is the broadest,
most interesting and greatest $15 offering ever known in Be-
midji, and you will declare with us that every garment rep-
resents the highest standard of perfection. No store i Be-
midji offers such magnificent styles and vast
assortment for
*W*r*rWWWWr*'* T^ryy^^^^^^-r^^r^Ty^^^^r- vrsf
believe-we sell -the- best made ready-to-wear- clothes iu-^\.merica,~
controlling exclusively for Bemidji the sale of Stein-Bloch & Co., Rochester, N. Y.'
and B. Knppenheimer & Co., Chicago, faultlessly hand tailored custom finished clothes
Suits, 1 0 to $30
Rain Coats, 1 2 to $25
Top Coats, 1 2 to $25
$1n 5
Disallowed a Claim.
Judge Clark has rendered his
decision in the matter Of the
claim of J. P. Coates against the -s^-
estate of Willis F. Steet. The
claim was contested by J. P. Gib
bons, the administrator and was
in the form 6f a note for $200 ex
ecuted about twenty years ago.
The court disallowed the claim.
Meetings Tonight.
The local aerie of Eagles has a
regular meeting tonight and will
initiate a candidate. At the con
clusion of the eveniifg's work
there will be a smoke social.
Thos. Smart
We Sell the
Best $3 Hat in

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