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This Week
Bemidji's Only Exclusive Dry Goods Store
Nottingham, Mull, Net,
Irish Point and Bon To
Battenbnrg Centers
40c to $15.00
We show a most complete line of
muslin \inderwea.r
in every grade and style in large varieties.
A new line of Pattern and Street and Sailor
Hats in addition to our elegant line of
You will find every style in highest grade
of Ladies' _and Children's Shoes, Oxfords
The Berman Emporium.
We will have one or more special
price in each department and it
We are showing an elegant line of Ready=to-wear Waists
from 75c to $3.50.
Wash Dress GoodsWe have an up-to-date line.
.Belts from 25c to $1.75.
Conibs and Hair Ornaments, all new and up-to-date.
Corsets-a new line, extended hip.
See our Silk for skirts before you buy. All warranted.
Shoe Department.
Queen QualityWe have
all the latest patterns in
button and lace. Our line
of Low Shoes cannot be
beaten, and the shoe is the
A complete line of Men's
Oxfords in Patent Colt and
Vici Kid new heels and
toes. Prices the lowest.
Children's and Boy's
Shoes. Come and see them.
Men's GlovesWe have them on special sale this week.
Men's Shirts, this week the $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50 kind
go for 75 cents each.
Grocery Department.
In this department we handle only the best. HOME
BRAND are the best Canned Goods. We have a big
special in them this week.
All week we will have Strawberries, Celery, Cabbage,
Lettuce, Radishes and Onions.
This is bargain week at McCuaig's
Read the Bazaar ad today.
See Jones--W. C. Jones.
A. A. Harper of Cass Lake is
in the city on business today.
I you want the best field and
garden seed go to wangle.
Thomas Given, of TenstriUe,
was a Beinidji visitor today.
Advertise in the= Daily 'Pioneer
It's a good investment.
Willits and Cahill write fire in
surance in reliable companies.
Richard Fellows of Tenstrike
was the guest of Bemidji rela
tives today.
A. T. Hatcher, the well known
lumberman, was visiting Bemidji
friends yesterday.
For wall paper see J. A. Hoff,
Miles block.
The Knights of Pythias confer
the third rank at their regular
meeting tomorrow night.
Standard canned fruits 10
cents per can at Nangle's.
Mrs. Mary E. Treff delivered a
lecture on Christian science at
the Odd Fellows hall to a good at
tendance yesterday afternoon.
There is no lever so powerful
as plain andsimple factsMark's
Lung Balsam will cure your
John O'Neil, the lumberman,
is down from Blackduck today.
Mr. O'Neil is hiring men for the
drive aud expects to start to
work at once.
Mrs. J. W. Tanner, who has
been visiting the family of her
rSonG.'A. Tanner, for the past
three weeks, returned this morn
ing to her home at Little Falls.
Ca3sar dead and turned to clay
might stop a hole to keep the
wind away. Take Mark's Lung
Balsam it is the best.
C. H. Miles is at Cass Lake on
business this afternoon. Mr.
Miles leaves Wednesday for St.
Louis, to look after his interests
at the opening of the Exposition.
A woodsmen in destitute cir
cumstances, who was taken seri
ously ill at the Nicollet hotel was
removed to the county poor farm
this afternoon.
W. H. Bohannan, well known
in Bemidji is now located at St.
Louis and represents the inter
ests 6Ta number of "advertising
managers in North Dakota at the
St Louis Exposition.
Col. J. P. Taylor is making
some improvements to the inter
ior of his saloon. Colonel Taylor
is one of the best in the business
has a nice trade and conducts a
very popular place.
J. A. McConkey and his force
of salesmen are getting the stock
on the shelves at McConkey gro
cery today. It will be about a
week yet before the store is open
for business.
A. T. Wheelock, who has been
on the sick list for some time
past is able to be down town this
afternoon. Mr. Wheelock has
been greatly missed during his
illness by his many friends.
G. G. Fuller, who has for sev
eral months been employed at
Crookston has returned to Be
midji. During his absence Mr.
Fuller played the solo cornet
with the Crookston band and in
the event that it goes to St. Louis
this summer to attend the ex
position he expects to attend.
J.H. Bunton, advance agent
for "My Uncle From Now York"
is in the city today making ar
rangements for the appearance
of his company here April 21.
The company carries a band and
orchestra and has been playing
to big business over a North
western territory during all of
the past winter.
The Bemidji public library will
be open from two until six
o'clock on Tuesdays, Thurdays
and Saturdays, for the present.
Those desiring books from the
library caiiL-secure .-application
blanks at the library rooms in the
court house basement tomorrow,
or on any day on which the
library is open. Each applicat
ion must bear the endorsement
of one citizen of the city and
upon its presentation the holder
will receive a library card. The
ladies of the Lilrary Association
will appreciate gifts of periodicals
for the library.-At this season
of the year when house-cleaning
is 'general many periodical are
thrown away or destroyed. Gifts
of old periodicals will be gladly
accepted at the library.
Short mill wood. Phone 208f
Butter and eggs, Peterson.
Nothing can be-better than the"
best Mark's Lung Ualsam is
the best.
J. M. Brown, of Farley, is a
guest at the Rempre.
..Why balance on the verge of
consumption when Mark's Lung
Balsam will cure.
,,..^,.Jo.lm^ *s
business visitor in the city today.
Lowney's chocolate boh Floats
are the.best. For sale only at
James Harris, the genial Ten
strike hotel man, is calling on. Be
midji friends today.
Mr. and Mrs. A. IvUtlodue,
of Cass Like, were visitors in
the city yesterday afternoon.
Harry Bliler assumed his new
duties as boqkeeper at the Lum
bermen's bank this morning.
Short mill wood, ready for use,
drys quickly, $2 per load deliver
ed. Crookston Lumber Co.
Phone 'JOS.
Uncle Geprgo Wetscl is show
ing a party of lady friends from
Tenstrike the sights in Bemidji
to .lay.
A party of young people drove
to rant Valley Saturday night1
and attended the dance given by
the Grant Valley hall association.
The Retail Liquor Dealer's As
sociation will have a special meet
ing at "2:.'50 o'clock tomorrow al-.
ternoon at Rod Men's hall.
A. Anderson, the Blackdnck
livery man, is in town today.-. Mr.
Anderson was transacting busi
ness at the court house this
morning. '_,
Engineer" John Cannon, who
now has a run out of Cass Lake,
was renewing acquaintances in
Bemidji yesterday afternoon.
"Dad" Pahn'or formally ob
served the opening of the fishing
season yesterday by catching a
finestrihg-of picker 1 frrmnlTe"
Mississippi bridge.
Charles Clark is'seriously ill at
St. Anthony's hospital. He is
suffering from a bad attack of
gangrene and his life was
dlspaired of this morning.
E. .Marston, accompanied by
C. Marston came up from Minn
eapolis yesterday^ Both gentle
men went to Red Like this
morning. The former is re
ceiver for the Red Lake Trans
portation Company.
John Kirk, is down from Kirk
& Smith's camp at the head of
the hue today. Work was finish
ed sometime ago, but there are
still a few men at the camp look
ing after the details incidental to
closing work.
Wyman Hickerson, of Sohvay,
was in the city yesterday after
noon. Mr. Hickerson has just
sold the pine on his claim north
of Sol way to the Crookston hum
ber Co. for a consideration of
James Fedro, who went to
Grand Forks last week to take
the f'oremanship of the Evening
Press writes a Bemidji friend
that ho expects to leave in a
short time for the Pacific coast
where he has beeTnTotlored a good
Street Commissioner Pogue
and his force of men worked all
day yesterday on the Third
street dock. The work must be
completed before the ice goes
out and the city has a large force
of men on the job. Mr. I'ogue
will finish some time this week.
Ed Anderson, the genial pro
prietor of the Grand Forks saloon
is making a number of improve
ments to the interior of his
saloon. The building will be re
decorated throughout and when
all the work is finished Ed will
have one of the finest places in
the city.
Sergeant VVitte ships six
-recruits today. Three Wiltgo'lo
the Philippines and among the
nmirberi 13aiTy^untlrpwno"ira.s
been assisting the sergeant at
the local recruiting office for the
past three months. The"Othor
three are enlisted for cavalry
service and go to St. Louis.
Yesterday's Duiuth Herald
contained a feature story cover*"
tag the life of Chief Bemidji from
the prolific pen of "Doc" Kut
ledge" the Cass Lake newspaper
man. The story was illustrated
with a handsome and well exe
cuted picture of Lake Bemidji
done by Morse, the Lakeside
The Daily Pioneer want col
unnis are good result getters.
Try them.
Lay in a supply of sh rt te.il!
for the season. Drys quick-.
|ly. Delivered for i?2 per load.
Crookston Lumber Co. Phone jJOS
Key. Mrs. Toil Smith returned
home yesterday from Duiuth
land Superjor, where she has
j.been conducting a series of evar.
rre7istie spiritualistic meetings
for the past month.
The.townsito company Satur
day sold lot '20, blu'c'k seven in
the Second addition, to Rfeluird
M. Thomas. Mr. Thomas bought
residence property adjoining
some time ago and bought the
last lot to give him more room.
A. E, Kinley, was in Judge
IVndorgast's eoiirt this morn-:
ing with a very bad case of de
lierium tremens aud a charge of
drunknoss staring him in the
face. He was sent to the -county
jail and will be under the care of
\)y. Wright for the 'next ten
da vs.
Perfect pictures are always ad
mired but perfect animated pict
lire's have become a popular
craze. The highest standard of
excellence in moving pictures has
been attained by the Biascopo
company which opens a three
nights engagement at the city
opera house tonight. Expensive
apparatus, the best artists ami a
careful discrimination between
the interesting and the Common
place has been combined to make
the selection of the Ihascopo
company's wonderful pictures an
admirable effort. Tonight the
visitor at the city opera house
will live for two hours in the far.
east. He will see the Japanese
soldiery marching through the
srects of Tokio, to embark for
the ..front.. the-pomlei'ous bat tie
ships of the two great navies
inanoiivreing before Port Arthur*
the grim visaged Cossack" on.
picket duty and si'irmish line in
far off Korea and he will'hoar a
lecture which will better enable
lu-in to comprehend the status of
the great struggle in the east and
permit of a more intelligent read
ing of one, o*--fthe-"'ngfetatttots and
picturesque struggles in history.
As an instrative and thoroughly
interesting entertainment life
engagement of the, Biascopo
company promises to be the best
thing ever seen in the city. The
seat sale will continue at Bark
er's un,ti] seven o'clock.
Feat of Famous Chief White
Cloud Credited to ChieT~
In yesterday's Duiuth Herald
appeared an excellent, and well
written article from the pea of
"Doc" Kutledge, the Cass l^ake
newspaper man, covering the life
bfChief Hemidjijin Mr: Kutlcdge's
best and most eomprehsive mare
Mr. kutledge's story of the
chief is one of the best things
which has over been written of
him, but those familiar with the
chief's history state that he is
credited with one feat which
does not rightfully belong to him.
The story states that during one
of the encounters between the
Ojibway's and the Sioux, Be
midji slew in battle alone and un
aided twelve Sioux warriors.
The event actually Qccured ac
cord!ngtp the best historians at,
one of the battle's between the
Indians taking place on-the ten
sections near Cass Lake, that, are
historic as Indian battle grounds
but thq killing of the ten Sioux
warriors was a feat performed
by the venerable Chippewa chief
WHite Cloud, who has been dead
for a number of years and who
in his younger days was one of
the most famous warriors of the
Chippewa nation.
& 0 0 v.."
i A
0 0 0
..Nobby, Ne Stock No Displayed..
TU i* line- +*3 rr^sg
fuu-.-t goods that any smoker could
wish for. Call and look them over..
Many Good Reasons
The Peerless All-SteelRange
has many distinctive points pi merit.
wants a range and understands the
economy of having only the best, should come in and
let us show this range.
This is the original and only all-steel range.
There are no others which deserve to he mentioned in
the same class.
The quick heat radiation of this range makes
a very great saving in the amount of fuel.
Everybody who
desirability and
F. M. Malzahn & Co.
I iiiiiwirwnnnrTTi'TrTTrr^i'T'TTrffiT'TrTi imiiwir
WANTEDTo list bargains
in real estate. $300 to
$1,000parties waiting.
0 0 0 0 000000 0 0 0 0 0
icadquarters for Caps, Hose, Underwear,
ft Shirts. Work l'ants and ail kinds of Notions, Lamps,
0 Dishes, etc.. Cigars. Tobaccos, Candies, Nuts and a gen-
j era! variety ol Merchandise. 0
We want voiir trade, and appreciate your patronage
by giving voii more for your money at all times than 0
you get elsewhere $3}
We onnlinllv invite you to call and see us at our old
stand, HO I Wrest
Third street.
The Fair Variety Cas Store
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Ij^iiijbernjeijs 2
State Ba
General Banking Business. Fire Insurance.
Subscribe for the Daily Pioneer
Spring Line of Baby Carriages and
Swellest Line of Iron Beds Ever Shown
in Bemidji.
Nobby Line of Rockers, All Styles and
as WiH^awaa11

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