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Detectives Give Up the Quir
ing Mystery After Weeks
of Investigation.
Weeks of Expert and Careful
Search Develop Absolutely
Noth ing
The Quiring mystery, the dis
appearance of N. O. Data and his
daughter from their homestead
is more of a mystery today after
a thorough and careful investi
gation by expert detectives hired
at the expense of the county and
put on the case than ever before.
Weeks of systematic and expert
search have resulted in nothing.
The detectives employed on the
'case admit themselves bai'lled
and County Attorney Loud is at
a loss as to how to proceed.
As soon as the facts in the case
were brought to Mr. Loud's at
tention he immediately secured
the services of a Pinkerton and
the man has been at Quiring ever
since and has left nothing un
done that might develop a clue.
Today he is unable to report any
thing that might result in un
raveling the mystery and will
return to his home 'in St, Paul
admitting that it eclipses any
thing in his experience and baf
fled his every effort to solve it.
County Attorney Loud has
exhausted every effort to bring
to light some clue. The failure
after months of vigorous work to
develop anything in the Sulli
van disappearance matter was a
disappointment to Mr. Loud and
he determined to proceed as
vigorously as possible in the pre-,
sent case. Acting under his in
struction a detective has been at
Quiring ever since the disappear
ance was reported, in fact before
any of the details were made
The detective is unable to re
port anything. His theory of the
caseis unsupported by the slight
est scrap of evidence. It is the
same as that entertained by the
public in general and by all who
are familiar with the case that
the Dahl's were murdered and
the bodies either burned in some
remote section of an adjoining
swamp or sunk in one of the
nearby lakes. Regarding the
disposition of the bodies the de
tectives inclines to the latter
He visited the Dahl cabin a
short time after the disappear
ance was lirst reported. Every
thing was found in order. There
were no traces of a strnggle in
the cabin. On one of the beds
was found some threads presum
ably from a new mackinaw jacket
and the bed was broken down.
This facte is significant but is the
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only tiling that would indicate
there had befn any struggle in
the house.
Resident'sin the vicinity-ofQuir-1
ingtellol'a moose wallow about,
three miles distant from the
Dahl home where they believe:
the bodies have been sunk. It is
also said that some quilt s^ ajre.]
missing from the house. There
was evidently more than one
man implicated in the murder.
It is believed that one of the men
may have enticed the father from
the house while the other at
tempted an-assulton Miss Dahl.
Later perhaps both were mur
dered, the bodies wra^od jn the
i I ts""wei"gTftecTwfttT som 111in
and taken to the moose wallow a
small pond, said to be very deep
md sunk. Thefheftofa number
of ax heads from nearby logging
camps is reported about the
same time and these might have
been used for the weights. All
efforts to locate the moose wallow
of which the Quiring people tell
have so far been futile
County Attorney Ltud is ata
loss how further to proceed in
the matter. The relatives or the
Dahls will bo communicated with
and an effort will be made to have
the state offer an additional re
ward to that posted a short time
ago by the relatives. The pros
pect of bringing the murderers
to immediate justice or of the
discovery of the bodies seems at
present to be more remote than
ever. Until the bodies are found
there is no substantial clue to
proceed on.
The neighborhood gossip at
Quiring embodies a number of
rumors, all of which have been
run down without anything new
being brought to light and the
case is one of the most mystify
ing which has ever been called to
the attention of the authorities in
the northern section of the state.
Deer Destroy Gardens.
Kelliher Journal: Many of
our citizens have gone to much
trouble in gardening, but as
soon as the entire population is,
wrapt in slumber the deer appear
and nibble every thing in sight:
and still there is no prevailing law
to protect us from their nocturnal
excursions. Next winter the
gamelaw will possibly beamended
to prevent pioneers from raising
vegetables which deer seem to
relish. Enact laws to protect
deer anil the dear things will
transgress the law enacted for
the benefit of mankind.
Eagles Will Picnic.
The local aerie Fraternal Order
of Eagles plans to hold a picnic
some time during the summer.
The date has not yet boon lixed,
but the matter will probably be
taken up at the next meeting.
Tiie aerie will have several candi
dates for its next regular meet
next week.
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Any ifs' or 'Whys'.
Pa n-8 in in splits $1.00
PanivmaHh Porto Ricans 1.50
Bemidji's Sister Cily Pre
pared to Do The
Honors Monday.
bVmidji Hand and Hose Team
and Many Citizens Will Cele
brate atl ass Lake.
Cass Lake, .July 2.All the ar
rangements for the celebration
to be hold here on the Fourth
have been completed, and all that
now remains for the signal to
"let'er go" is the arrival of tin
day and the attending crowds.
The program as published will
be carried out, with but slight
variation. The committee is dis
appointed in one respect -the
attitude of our neighbor! over at
(Jrand Rapids. Hoth the run
ning team of the lire department
and the baseball team of that
place had agreed to come here on
the Fourth
an( participate in the
celebration. On Thursday, word
was received from the Rapids
that neither organization could
conn that both were dismem
bered. Cass Lake sent a large
delegation to the tournament and
it would have been no more than
right that a large contingent
should come here on the Fourth.
However, the committee has sub
stituted the Cass Lake baseball
team, instead of Grand Rapids,
to play against Bomidji, with the
addition of several excellent
players, the locals should give a
good account of themselves, lie
midji and Cass Lake will contest
for the prizes in the'hose race,
which are $00 to the winner and
$40 to the loser. The Bemidji
band will be here, and a
large crowd is assured from
that place, which will be
augmented by delegations from
other towns. Nothing has been
left undone, and the celebration
gives every promise of eclipsing
anything of the kind heretofore
held in Cass county. The follow
ing is the program in full:
National Salute ill sunrise
K:00 a. in. Oun CluH Shoot.
10 bird event $."] added money, efitranee
fee: money divided 50, 2* l" per ceni.
15 bird event: $ added money, Jl eni ranee
lee money divided JO, 2-"i. Ii 10 uer cent.
:'r hi rd event: Wadded money, Si.' en trance
fee money divided 50~." IS. per rent.
(Tn-oeenls dedneled for eaeli bird thrown
from (lie magautrap in each event.)
headed by the famous fkmildjl lirasa I' md.
I'iir in at Ted lord eorlter, march two.bl.'ckH
east", tbei one. block, wesl to the
liqtul.-theii noriii to park, where, exerulsck
will be hold. oral.on. lion. .'.*1 Jones.
I): 11. March com inued to lake,
sieaiuhoal rare, l-i ?l5, -.'d pinu racer
1st 82.50, 2d Sj.'iO, 51 r.q rolling' eon e,i.. Ifl
to wlme r.
I::i0p. m. O rand championship ITose 1 lace, I
between 0 lieniidjl and fit-.-. Lake lire do
pari mints. I'nrse illW i'*'to winner. *I0 lo
800 p. in.- liaseball game, liemidji rS. Cuss
Lake: purse TT.'I, winner to take all.
7:ne p. m. Kvhiblt.ioii of triek and fancy bi
cyele riding by an expert bicyclist on dock
at the boat landing.
Tin- whole toconcUid.- with a grand allegoric
cal display of Hreworks. '/('lie sturininif and-i
fall of Port Arthur," at thedo.k.
J. A. Won/or. who owns "Bo-
midji Belle,"a pjtcing lilly, who
is being handled over the Croat
Northern racing circuit by Jim
Fullerton, lygsterllay received a
very pleasant and substantial
surprise from Mr. Fullerton, in
the form of a check for &5UO,
prize money taken by the horse
in the events that have so far
been hefti on the circuit.
This is the first season the
horse has been tracked and her
owner had not expected much
from her in the way of results.
The showjjig she made is of
course very gratifying. She
was entered in the 2:10 events at
Bottineau and secured a place
and in several of the other events
she finished with the leaders.
Much Interest Manifested In To
morrow's Ball Game With
Big Duluths.
Much interest is manifested in
tomorrow's ball game when the
Big Duluths and the liemidji
team will meet on the home
grounds. The visitors are ad
mittedly 1'xstand a much better
game is expected -from the
strengthened home team. Witt
and Roy will be the battery for
liemidji and Bongo, Carl and
Emerson the three Flandrau In
dians will be in the game for the
tirst time tomorrow. The home
team has been poorly patronized
for some time past. It is now in
a position to play the* best game
of the season and there should be
fa liberal attendance tomorrow.
H-.OOa. m.-(irand industrial and civic parade Tomorrow's me should be fast
shown_elsewhere. There is absolutely nothing t^ equal them
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Indian pow-wow and heati-nm {tens feast.
Hotter* dunce and dance in Hums' ball.. I
Bemidji Belle Has Been Dointf
Things On the Racing
and an
a mind.
E#e Ciotmers
excellent exhibition all
Soliciting Funds.
A committee of the Fair asso
ciation composed of the Messrs.
.1. W. Irwin, Dr. Warninger and
J. P. Duncalf yesterday began
the work of securing subscrip
li necessnry for the repairs at
the race track. The committee
was out only yesterday afternoon
but received some encourage
ment and is confident it will be
able to raise the desired amount
of money, An effort will be made
to have the county commissioners
make an appropriation for the
erection of an exhibit hall at the
grounds and the association will
make every effort to have-a race
meeting this fail and will no
doubt receive the liberal encour
agement which it deserves.
Quite a large party of Ten
strike people came down this
morning and went to Cass Lake
today to remain until after the
Fourth of Julycelebration.
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etc. The only question is your size. Our closing out
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Quality, Style and Make
are also amongst our hot weather bargains at' a great
reduction from our former low price
deluded in our "hot weather bargain sale."
The Bazaar Store,
Conway's Commercial Col
lege is organizing a class in
Bookkeeping, Shorthand and
Typewriting tor school teach
ers and those who have at
tended school during the year
who wish to take up these"
studies during vacation. One
month's free lessons given to
all who enroll during July.
Conway's Commercial College,
Box 744, IOH Sixth Street, between
Bemidji and Beltrami Avenues.
Released From Jail.
lamesTodd, "Jimmy the Fish
ermau," today concluded serving
a ninety days sentence at the
county jail for fishing at the tint
let with a seine. Todd immedi
ately returned to his old haunts
on the river where he will re
sume his occupation of lishing
tor a living. He was quite ill at
the county jail for some time,
but had recovered before he was
released from custody.
ui $18 and $20 suits
-"dar welts, rock oak
soles, made in most styl-
ish lasts, new summer
st^'les in all
sizes, widths'
hneider's Regent ^hoes
rirpnt Shoes in Russian tan and black, in
.xfords or high shoes. Union made. G-ood-
Panamettes in different shapes 50c
The Gordon soft an
stiff hats easy fitting
black and colors
i A
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