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party of Well Known Nymore
Gentlemen Have Trouble
In Hubbard County.
Accused of Stealing By Steve
Rhodes.Jury Trial Results
In Exoneration.
Thos. McCutcheon, Solon and
Ed Pinley and W. J. Smith, of
Nymore, had a rather^unpleasant
experience down in Hubbard
county this week, one that
caused them all sorts 01 incon
venience, and finally ended in
their complete exoneration of a
Charge of stealing preferred by
Steve Rhodes, of Lake George
The four started ]ast week on a
trip to the Dakota harvest fields
and were driving through. The
first night after leaving Bemidji
ihey camped at Lake George
JThey slept on some hay which
bad,been taken from a neighbor
mg barn, with the consent of a
man whom they supposed to be
the owner, and went their way
next morning The hay was the
property of Steve Rhodes, who
went to Park Rapids and swore
out a warrant for their ai rest on
a charge of stealing. He told the
^heriff such a rosy story of the
affair that Mr. Petrie decided he
had better take a posse to effect
their capture. Accordingly him
self and three deputies set out
to make the arrest, all armed to
the teeth. They overhauled the
party near Detroit.
I The sheriff was informed that
they were all bad men and all
had guns and bowie knives and
was surprised when he effected
the arrests to find that the only
weapon they had was a pocket
They were taken back to Park
Rapids and had a jury trial yes
terday which lesulted their
complete acquittal. The costs
tjo Hubbard county will be some
thing more than $100 and Mr
Rhodes, of Lake George, will not
be a prime favorite with County
Attorney Bills or Sheriff Petrie
when he comes in to complain
New Members Qualify.
The newly elected members of
t)he school board, the Messrs.
Andrews and Torrance, qualified
yesterday to succeed George
Tanner and D. Smyth. Mr.
$myth has been clerk of the
board. The position of clerk
will be filled by election at the
next regular meeting of theof
Board which will occur the first
Saturday in August.
Northome's Limited.
The M. & I. freight now comes
as an extra coming here three
times each weekTuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays, arriv
ijig in the forenoon and return
irig before dinner. On the three
cjther days the same train goes to
Kelliher and back as soon as it
cjan. On both lines it comes in
any old time and goes as soon as
it is ready.Itasca Review.
Grocery Co.
M.E.CARSON, Manager.
Fancy Crawford Peaches,
pei can
Regular price 25c
Flancy Lemon Cling Peaches
pei can
Regular price 30c
Fancy Peeled Apiicots.
per can
Eegulai price 30c
Fiancy Pears,
per can
Regular price 30c
Fjancy Egg Plums,
per can
Regular pi ice 25c
Fiancy Preserved Stiawbenes.
per can
Regulai price 30c
Fiancy Canned Sweet Potatoes,
per can
Fancy Canned Apples,
pei gallon can
Fjancy Home Ciued Hams,
per lb
Fiancy Home Cuied Shoulder,
per lb
Fancy 3K Herring,
25c 25
25c 20c
15 10f
Princess Grocery Co
"Doc" Rutledge May Succeed
Warren as Superintendent
of Forest Reserve.
"Doc" Rutledge, the Cass Lake
newspaper man may succeed
E L. Warren, who was recently
removed from the position of
superintendent of the Minnesota
Forest Reserve at Cass Lake. A
recent dispatch from Washing
ton is authority for the statement
that a western man will probably
be named for the position If
Mr Warren is to be succeeded
it can tiuthfully be said that it
could not be done more accept
ably to the people of this section
than by appointing Mr. Rutledge.
"Doc" is a tireless worker, an
enthusiast in anything he under
takes and a vigilant correspond
ent who has perhaps done more
to advertise Northern Minnesota
resources to the outside world
than any man this section.
He has hosts of Bemidji friends
who would be pleased to endorse
him and he is said to enter the
running with the endorsement of
Congressman Buckman Con
gressman Steenerson has also
been approached in his interests
and provided the department has
not already made a selection
there is little question but that
Mr. Rutledge will be the man.
Many Attend Excursion.
The attendance from Beraid]!
on the Duluth excursion today
was very large. About eighty
tickets were sold at the Great
Northern depot. The excursion
ists included a number of Black
duck and Tenstrike people. The
train was heavily loaded when it
reached this city half an hour be
hind schedule time and the ex
cursionists were all in a very
happy mood. Several detectives
are on the train and are watching
the crowd carefully to prevent
pickpockets and crooks of all
sorts from operating. The ex
cursion will reach this city re
turning late Sunday night.
May Move to Turtle.
S. D. Works, the well known
lumberman, was in the city last
night and states that ha is con
sidering the proposition of re
moving his hardwood mill plant
from Nary to Turtle River Mr
Works for a time considered Be
midji as a location. He has not
yet definitely decided what he
will do regarding the location
but is inclined to favor Turtle
River as it has a number of
natural advantages not affored in
Bemid]i for industry of this kind
The mill will not be moyed until
this fall and is being run up tosaid
its capacity every day.
Insanity Case.
County Auditor Sylvester this
morning received a telegram from
the chairman of the town board
the town of Baudette advising
him cf the development of a very
bad case of insanity and asking
what should be done with the
patient Owing to the expense
which would be involved in
bringing the case here it will be
taken to Roseau county and there
disposed of. The expense will be
borne by Beltrami county The
case is one of the first developed
in the northern section of the
The Whist Tournament.
The whist tournament under
the auspices of the Busines
Men's club opened last night
Two tables were played last
night Graham and Rhoda made
153 points against Browne and
George, who secured 159 a gam
of six points. Schneider and
Loud made 167 points against
Hitchcock and Phibbs,, who made
L45, losing by a sufficiency of
twenty-two points One table
played cinch. There was no
business session.
A Big Offer,
The Crookston Lumber Co. is
offering a mammoth wagon box
of short mill wood at th,e rate of
$2 per load. This wood is ready
for the kitchen stove, makes the
.finest kind of fuel for the kitchen
fire, is splendid for kindling and
is usable for all purposes. A
few loads of this purchased now
will dry rapidly and can be used
at once as well as a provision lor
the winter. Telephone 208 or
call up Wes Wright.
Building Store Building.
James and William Dougherty
have begun the oration of a new
store building at Nymore. Com
pleted it will bo of the most
substantnl structures in that
village. I twill probably bo oc
cupied by a general store,
although no arrangements have
yet been made to lease it.
To Keep Stock at Tenstrike.
Walker & Akeley are con
structing a spur at Tenstrike
and will have headquarters for
their cedar business there in the
future The firm has a large
quantity of stock from last win
ter's cutting which will be put in
the yards at Tenstrike and kept
there until it is sent to a market.
Com mutation |gmealj| tickets
worth $5 on sale at the Grill
for $450.
Government Customs Offi
cials Investigating Con
editions in North.
Alleged That Silks ancf'Merchan
dise are BeingBroughtAcross
Beltrami County Line.
According to reports which
reached this city from towns in
the extreme northern portion of
Beltrami county, government
seciet service agents, who have
been working in the Rainy River
towns for some time are drawing
the meshes- about one of the
cleverest gangs of smugglers
ever discovered in this section
who have been working between
the north line towns for some
It is alleged that silk and mer
chandise has been brought across
from the Canadian side in great
quantities for some time past
and that the smugglers who sue
ceeded evading the duty have
been reaping the harvest.
In the gang are several women
and the plan seems to have been
to get the goods across the line
and then peddle them out in a
house to house canvass Last
winter two women visited this
city and called in the most,ans
tocratic portion ot the city show
ing a line of silk which were of
fered much cheaper than they
could be bought at any store
in the city. The prices asked
were a general marvel and it is
believed that the women were
agents of the smugglers
It is said to be easier to get
goods across the line in northern
Beltrami and Itasca counties
than at any point on the Cana
dian boundary, despite the fact
that the customs officers are very
vigilant and some of them among
the oldest men in the service.
People prominent in some of
the north country towns are
said to be implicated and very
sensational developments are
said to be pending
In the gang of smugglers there
are several Chinamen who have
been bringing opium across the
lineand assisted by their country
men on this side they have been
able to gei it to market and are
to have acquired a snug
sum in profits.
Charles Lucore Arrested For
Tresspassing on State
Game Laws.
Charles Lucore, of Turtle
River, was yesterday arrested
by Game Warden Ellis for killing
deer out of season Lucore has
been hunting for the market for
some time and it is claimed that
he has been marketing vension
at several of the north line towns
for some time past Lucore is
under bail to appear in this city
next Tuesday.
Stevens and Warner.
Senator Moses E Clapp yes
terday announced the selection
of the new Republican state cen
tral committee. The committee
is virtually a new one. Prom the
ninth congressinal district the
very excellent selection ot A D.
Stephens, of Crookston is made
while from this judicial district
Charles H. Warner, of Aitkin, is
named Conde Hamlin, manag
ing editor of the Pioneer Press,
will be chairman and W. E. Ver
ity is said to be slated for secre
tary, with some opposition.
A. E. Winter, the jeweler, has
the 'largest line of diamonds
the city. Inspect the window
for medical Advice,
TTo disease causes so much bodily discomfort, or itches
burns and stings like Eczema. It begins often with a
slight redness of the skm, followed by pustules or blis
ters from which a gummy, sticky fluid oozes, which dries
and scales off or forms bad looking sores and scabs It
appears on different parts of the body, but oftenest upon
the back, arms, hands, legs ,*_
and face and is a veritable 5i*3ES tl K'ffifcSEt
looacia condition OI tne
ou uuiumg
Abe Wyler Will be Traveling Rep
resentative of the Bemidji
,Brewing Company.r^
A. L. Wyler, who for some
time past has been employed with
the sales departmentt of I.
Meyer & Co.'s clothing house,
and has" been popular with the
firm's large patronage will be the
tiaveling representative of the
Bemidji Brewing Co. and .resigns
his position at the store this
week to assume his new duties.
Mi. Wyler will have charge of
the sales and collections for all
the territory which the brewery
will supply in this vicinity. He
is a young man of exceptional
business ability, has a genial per
sonality and will no doubt be a
valuable man for the company
from the beginning. The many
friends of Abe's will miss him
from the store. He will have his
headquarters in this city and will
have the best wishes of a host of
friends for merited success in
his new undertaking. The first
beer to be marketed by the brew
ery well be ready some time next
No Sunday Excursions.
The Northern Pacific Railway
has positively announced that it
will run no more Sunday excur
sions. An order from general
headquarters has been issued to
this effect. The number of acci
dents to Sunday excursion trains
is said to be responsible and the
N. P. will hereafter make an
effort to let its employes have the
day for rest and recreations as
far as possible.
Raspberries Ripe.
Raspberries are ripe and the
crop this year is excellent
Within easy walking distance
from the city are seyeral excel
lent places to pick berries and on
tne road to Buena Vista is one of
the most famous "patches" in
the state. Wild raspberries are
now on the local market and they
are particularly large and lus
cious this year.
Rattys Want Divorce.
Evidence in the diyorce case of
Ratty vs. Ratty was heard by
Judge Spooner yesterday. The
woman sues for a divorce from
her husband on the grounds of
cruel and inhuman treatment. A
decree will probably be issued
The Itasca News, published at
Deer River, thinks that Governor
Van Sant's appointment of S
Scribner, of Walker, as Judge of
Probate of Cass county will not
be ratified by the people this fall,
but that
Lange will be
Former Secretary of State Al
bert Berg, now of Warroad, is an
active candidate for the legisla
ture to succeed O B. Ekman, of
Roseau, who is also a candidate
again, while there are many oth
ers mentioned, among them being
Bell, of the Roseau County
Having bought out the
interest of Jos. DeMarse
in the Sing Lee Restau-
rant I am prepared to
serve first class meals at
all hours, day or night.
Your patronage solicited.
Charlie Lee.
Billiard Hall.
L. J. MATHENY, Prop.
Fine Line of Cigars & Tobaccos
Bemidji, Minn.
wKotoeo. nave use saives
1 ne cause oe Eczema IS a an differenwt kinds of bloodamedicine, bees
too acid conrHtinn nf th* treated by the
blood. The terrifying itch- whesetl started th use of S S S. Have taken
insr and burnine areproduced
aicpiuuuLce a
les ohranay
biyS theuoverflow through thu i) FLANNEEY.
glands and pores of the skin
sin but
My leg- wa in a terrible condition
oottie an now i not a spot
of the fiery poisons with which the blood-current is overloaded. While ex
ternal applications, such as washes, soaps, salves
and powders are soothing and cooling, they do not
enter into the blood-itself or touch the real cause of
the disease, but S. S. S. does, and purifies, enriches,
and strengthens the thin acid blood and cleanses the
general system, when the skin clears off andEcrema and all its terrifying
symptoms disappear.,
I feel^ likei
Skin atiji&Maiseasea Irefr. No charge
day in Dry Goods, Groceries, Etc.
IK II3^%6^|51EllEi5iKi^
1 I 1 Wedding Groups
Baby Pictures
Lakeside Studio,
on Like Front.
M. MORSE, Proprietor.
Macalester College.
Several Courses of Study
Numerous Electives. Best of in
structions in Music and Elocution,
Free scholarship, for one year for
first honor graduates of high
schools. Expense very low.
Opens Septe ber 14 Catalogues
sent free on application. Maca
lester College, St. Paul, Minn.
Go to Hakkerup for photos.
Money Always
Cheerfully Refunded.
that are without equal.
Fokof $4, $3 50 -fttid $3 2-pfece Suits
Formeraj4, 3 50 and & 3-piece Suits
JFormer^4, 3 50 and Sailor Suits
Former V4, 3.50 nnd 3 Norfolk Suits
50e BOYS' Balbriggan Underwear..
Saturday will-be "Demonstration Day" at the Bazaar Store. We wish to serve our
many customers with a rare treat Saturday, and have arranged for a grand spread of
Dainties which will be served all day. Cakes, Cookies, Biscuits and all the good things
put up by the National Biscuit Co., together with Coffee, Tea, Etc., will be on tap all day.
Come and feast with your friends and see the many good bargains we have on sale that,
The Bazaar Store.
Beginning Monday, July
25, we will start classes
in the following branches:
Shorthand and pewriting,
Bookkeeping, Penmanship,
Commercial Law, Commer
cial Geography, Business
Arithmetic, Spelling.
Houis, 10 to 12 a 7 too
Conway's Commercial College,
Box 744, 108 Sixth Street, between
Bemidji and Beltrami Avenues.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy.
This remedy is certainly to bo
needed in almost every home be
fore the summer is over It can
always be depended upon even in
the most sovere and dangerous
cases. It is especially valueable
for summer disorders in children.
It is pleasant to take and never
fails to give prompt relief. Why
not buy it now? I may save
life. For sale by Barker's Drug
Schneider Bros
The Clothiers.
Annual Clearance Sale!
Suit ClearanceValues En-
tirely without precedentAn
event that has interested
more buyers than any other
clothing occasion presented.
High-Grade, Famous, Time-Honored Lead-
ing Makers' Brand Bearing Suits
sty lis cuts for men and young
men $16 suits* $15 suits and
$12 suits at choice for
$9.7 5
Compare and See the Immense Superiority of this Offering!
Keduced to
Baby Pictures
Up-to-Date Work
Pr.i e- Reasonable.
Enlarging, Framing
and Finishing
for Amatuers.
Hakkerup Studio
Two Doors East of City Drug Store
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