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A Pioneer
Will Do It.
A disease so painful and far-reaching in its effects
upon the human system as Rheumatism, must have a deep
and well-laid foundation. It originates and develops in
the blood, and, like other diseases of the blood, is fre
quently inherited. The poisonous acids with which the
blood is charged circulate through the system, breaking
down the health, irritating
th.ei nervesi,
joints i
the acrid matter and are ren
AZ~A tV-ff
a Be
i ^.1
Take the Rock Island System. Only one
/nigh-J from St. Paul and Minneapolis.
r* atwt^Hf
and muscles, and causing the tism. I wasdlaid ufpein2bed for six months, and the
sharp, cutting pains peculiar f^
TT i ^t icme every week, and nothing they prescribed
to Rheumatism. Unless the seemed to helpnme. use off thirmedi-
blood is purified, iointS and l? *n/*.b
xo pumicu, juuiia ami elbow joints were so swollen and painful that I
muscles become coated With
Is the St. Louis Fair
a real World's Fair?
Yes, more so than any other Expo
sition ever held.
Because 50 different nations (to say nothing
of 44 of our own States) will be represented
because the St. Louis Fair is twice as big
and cost nearly three times as much as the
Columbian Exposition because it represents
the latest triumphs of civilization.
About getting there
Tickets at offices of connecting lines
or at
322 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis
6th and Robert Sts., St. Paul.
Oist, Pass'r Agt., Minneapolis.
Sa the of S knee and
close them whennopened., I was gettinig ag-e when I bega S. S. s. but as I saw
helping-me, continued, and to-day am a sound,
dered stiff and sore, and the well man.
nerves completely wrecked. 1355 Mt. Vernon Ave. B. H. CHAPMAN.
Rheumatism, being a constitutional blood disease, requires internal treat-
ment. Liniments, plasters and such things as are applied outwardly, give
only temporary relief. S. S. S. is the recognized great
est of all blood purifiers and tonics, and in no disease
does it act so promptly and beneficially as Rheuma
tism, neutralizing the acids and restoring the blood
to a pure, healthy condition and invigorating and
toning up the nerves and all parts of the system. It is guaranteed strictly
vegetable. Write us should you desire medical advice, which will cost you
Naturalist and Taxidermist
208 Second St. Postoffice Box No. 686
and GAME HEADS mounted to order and for sale. I carry at
all times a good assortment of INDIAN RELICS and CURIOS,
FUR GARMENTS made to order, repaired and remodeled
FURS in season bought.
1 guarantee my work mothproof and
the most lifelike of any in the state
A Deposit Required on All Work
canvas shoes
Commencing TOMORRO W morning
we will place on sale our en
tire stock of Canvas Shoes at
factory prices. Every shoe is
solid throughout.
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O'Leary & Bowser,
Bemidfi, Minnesota^.
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The Bemidii
veie attack of InflammatoryJBheuma-
They changed med-
Less Fear of a Rupture in Rela
tions Between Russia and
Great Britain.
Russia Promises Full Reparation
If She Has Committed
Any Wrong.
Lomlon, July 29.The tension in
the Rnssn-British relations has been
relaxed and no rupture is now prob
able. Count Benckendorff, the Rus
sian ambassador to Great Britain, in
formed Lord Lansdowne during the
morning that if Russia had committed
a wrong she was ready and willing to
make full reparation, but before any
action could be taken in the Knight
Commander case the Russian govern
ment must have the opportunity of re
ceiving the report of the commander
of the Vladivostok squadron. Lord
Lansdowne was not disposed to un
duly press the matter and promised to
wait a reasonable time.
It developed during the day that the
United States is depending on Great
Britain to obtain compensation for the
loss of the Knight Commander's cargo.
It is the custom for shipowners to be
responsible for cargoes and therefore
the American claim is to be made to
the owneis of the Knight Commander,
who, of course, are British, and who in
turn will make a claim to the British
Premier Balfour's Statemeht.
In the house of commons during the
afternoon Premier Balfour said the
acute stage ol the Red sea incidents
had passed and that the Russian vol
unteer fleet vessels would be with
drawn. He laid down the British view
that no belligerent's warship could
issue from the Black sea and that the
volunteer fleet vessels in issuing there
from, if they took belligerent action,
either had rio right to issue or no
right to take such action.
The strongest possible exception
had been taken to the seizure of the
Malacca on the above ground, the pre
mier added.
The Russian government has met
the British contention in regard to
this particular incident. As to the
Knight Commander case the govern
ment had earnestly protested that the
sinking of that vessel was contrary
to the accepted practice of nations.
"There are, I am sorry to say," said
the premier, "other questions not con
nected with the incident at all which
must cause some discussion between
the two governments and, like all dis
cussions between governments, there
may be legitimate cause for anxiety.
We hold that it is not proper that on
the authority of the captain of a
cruiser that goods alleged to be con
traband of war would be taken from
a merchant ship without trial."
This statement of the premier was
greeted with an outburst of cheers.
Tatchekiao and Newchiatun Burned
Before Evacuation.
Washington, July 29.The follow
ing cablegram has been received by
the Japanese legation from Tokio:
"General Oku reports that, pursuing
the enemy with his forces, he ad
vanced on the 2Gth inst. to the north
of Tatchekiao. The enemy retreated
northward, leaving Tatchekiao and
Newchiatun in flames."
President Leaves for Washington.
Oyster Bay. L. I., July 29.President
Roosevelt,(accompanied by Mrs. Roose
velt, Secretary Loeb and the execu
tive staff, left here during the day for
Washington. The party went on a spe
cial train from here to Long Island
1-3 off
1-2 off
1-2 off
1-2 off
1-4 off
a. .|_....
St. Petersburg, July 29.Minister of
the Interior von Plehve was assas
sinated at 10 a. m. while driving to
the Baltic station to visit the emperor
at Peterhof. A bomb was thrown un
der the minister's carriage, complete
ly shattering it. M. von Plehve ,_was
terribly mangled. The coachman was
killed ami the wounded and maddened
horses dashed wildly away with the
front wheels of the carriage, the only
portion of the vehicle remaining in
tact. Immediately there ensued a
scene of the wildest confusion. Po-
lice and gendarmes hurried up from
every direction and vast crowds gath
ered about the spot where the man
gled body of the minister lay welter
ing in his blood.
The Associated P?ess .eprr^sponjignt
was at the scene of the tragedy within
five minutes after it occurred. von
Plehve's shockingly mangled body
was lying in the middle of the road.
It had been partially covered with a
police officer's overcoat, with the left
arm, the bone of which was broken
off, projecting. A policeman came up
and raised the overcoat in order to re
arrange it, revealing for an instant
the strong features of the dead minis
ter, whose head was battered
Almost Beyond Recognition.
The roadway was strewn for a hun
dred yards with the wreckage of the
carriage and pieces of the red lining
of the minister's oflicial overcoat. A
few yards from M. von Plehve's body
lay a shapeless heap of the coach
man's remains.
The tragedy occurred on the Zabal
ansky prospect, a broad thoroughfare
leading up to the Warsaw depot,
whence the road turns sharply to the
leftward to the Baltic railroad station.
The exact spot at which the outrage
occurred is just before the bridge
spanning Circular canal, on the other
side of which both stations are situ
The bomb thrower must have known
perfectly weli that Minister von
Plehve would pass the spot, for the
minister makes his report to the em
peror every Thursday.
The infernal machine was thrown
with deadly accuracy and the assas
sin was favored by the fact that traffic
here is always of the heaviest, owing
to the crossing of lines of surface
cars and the continuous stream of
heavy trucks. M. von Plehve was al
ways apprehensive of attempts upon
his life and used to drive rapidly.
The coachman, however, was com
pelled to go slow at this point.
The assassin in laying his plans evi
dently foresaw this circumstance and,
while the minister's coachman slowed
down, threw the bomb. The
Explosion Was Terrific
and practically annihilated .the wood
work of the carriage. The horses tore
off, dragging the axle and the front
wheels. The animals, though infuri
ated by the wounds they had sus
tained, had not galloped far before
they fell, with pools of blood under
The minister's servant, who was
also on the carriage box, was badly
wounded and two officers, who were
driving by in a cab, were injured by
flying splinters. The assassin himself
was wounded in one eye. He took to
flight hut was overtaken and is now
under arrest.
Altogether fourteen outsiders were
injured by the explosion. Captain
Tzentvsky of. the guards, who was
driving in a cab, sustained a fracture
of the skull. It has been trepanned,
but the captain is not expected to re
The news of the tragedy spread like
Wildfire throughout -the city, causing
consternation everywhere. Police re
serves were hurried to the scene from
all parts of the city and the various
departments were instantly notified.
The prefect of police notified the em
peror of the tr.agedy immediately upon
its occurrence. The emperor, who was
at the Villa Alexandria at Peterhof.
was greatly affected by the news, com
ing, as it did, atop of the bad tidings
from the seat of war, fears of interna
tional complications and the strain in
cident uyon the hourly expectation of
an event so close to the father's hear*".
The emperor almost broke down when
he was informed of the minister's
Senator von Plehve was appointed
minister of the interior April 18, 1902,
succeeding M. Sipiaguino, who was
assassinated April 16, 1902.
Populace Eager for Details.
Von Plehve's assassination was offi
cially announced at about 1 o'clock
and was followed immediately by the
issuance of extra editions of the pa
pers. Although they contained only
a few lines referring to the tragedy the
newsboys were fairly mobbed by the
crowds in the streets, so eager were
all for details of the crime. Intense
excitement reigned everywhere. Only
the assassination of the emperor could
have created more of a sensation, as
next^ to his majesty himself Von
Plehve was regarded as the most
powerful personality in .the Russian
Guarded by police the body re
mained in the street until the arrival
of an official corresponding with an
American coroner. After this official
had viewed the body it was placed in
a carriage, covered by a robe and was
driven "slowly to a little chapel adjoin
ing the railroad station and then to
the deceased's magnificent town resi
dence adjoining the ministry of the
interior. The carriage, surrounded by
mounted gendarmes, passed through
the crowded streets, the sidewalks be
ing a solid mass of people. Even the
cross streets were ^black with spec
tators for blocks. As if by magic
everybody in the city seemed to have
suddenly become aware that a fright
ful catastrophe had occurred and to
have hurried to the scene. As the
carriage passed all heads were uncov
The assassin, who was wounded in
the abdomen by a splinter, underwent
a successful operation. When throw
ing the bomb he shouted "Long live
freedom," with a little Russian accent.
His name has not been ascertained
and the prisoner told the police that
he had no accomplices. It is estab
lished, however, that the assassin is
not a Jew, as at first reported.
Had More Enemies Than Any Man in
London, July 29.The assassination
of Von Plehve was foreshadowed some
months ago, in fact ever since the
truth became known regarding the
Kishineff massacres. It was charged
that Von Plehve was the instigator of
these atrocities.
He was the power behind the throne
and the most influential minister in
Russia. His enemies far outnumbered
those of any other living man. Von
Plehve had been blamed for forcing
Russia into the war, but the opinion
in the European.chancellories is that
he was assassinated by nihilists and
not by a zealot anxious to punish him
for the mistakes of the war. Von
Plehve was the head of all Russia's
police system and he has sent thou
sands to their death and to Siberia.
The excitement over the news is at
fever heat at Continental capitals,
where the police are taking extra pre
Packers Win Incidental Victory
in ^Connection With the
Butcher's Strike.
Event Declared by Some to be the
Forerunner of a Gen
oral Stampede.
Chicago, July 2?.-The packers have
won an important incidental victory
in the big stock yards strike, the first
emphatic gain of the kind that has
been made since the general walkout
was declared in effect Eight hundred
live stock handlers threw aside their
allegiance to the allied trades and be
gan to handle shipments indiscrimi
nately, both- for the packers in the
combine and for the independent com
panies. Most of these 800 men went
to work Wednesday to handle the
goods of the "independents" and they
had worked on this basis until now.
The change on the part of the han
dlers was regarded by the employers
as a serious loss to the cause of the
strikers and by some it was even de
clared to be a forerunner of a general
W. E. Skinner, general agent of the
Union Stock Yards and Transit com
pany, said that the live stock handlers,
though walking out in sympathy with
the butchers and meat cutters, had
been reluctant to strike, the relations
between the men and the Union Stock
Yards and Transit company having al
ways been most amicable. Having
shown their good will towards the
striking unions he said the men were
only too glad to have their old places
back and the company was glad to re
instate them.
Word reached union headquarters
during the afternoon that two train
loads of white and colored strike
breakers, gathered in Buffalo, Cleve
land and Cincinnati, were stopped by
strike sympathizers, who flagged the
trains between Whiting and Ham
mond, Ind., and that the strike break
ers were driven off and scattered.
During the afternoon 133 men, all
members of the union deserted the
strikers and returned to work at Ar
mour & Co.'s plant.
Beginning Monday, July
25, we will start classes
in the following branches:
Shorthand and Typewriting,
Bookkeeping, Penmanship,
Commercial Law, Commer
cial Geography, Business
Arithmetic, Spelling.
Hours, 10 to 12 a. m. 7 to 9 p. m.
Conway's Commercial College,
Box 744, 108 Sixth Street, between
Bemidji and Beltrami Avenues.
Wedding Groups
Baby Pictures
M. J. NORSE, Proprietor.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy.
This remedy is certainly to be
needed in almost every home be
fore the summer is over. It can
always be depended upon even in
the most severe and dangerous
cases. It is especially valueable
for summer disorders in children.
It is pleasant to take and never
fails to give prompt relief. Why
not buy it now? It may save
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We have decided to continue
our bed sale until Saturday
night July 30. All beds will be
sold at cost up to and including
above date. E. L. Naylor.
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The first dollar you deposit is
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will return the little Bank. How
ever, this dollar belongs to you,
draws interest and can be with-
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a physician about her troubles. For that reason I keep in attendance
a lady at my office from 1 to 5:30 p. m. She assists (if desired) all
ladies in getting ready for examinations is present (if desired) while
I am giving adjustments. The cause of all female diseases is in the
g spinal column (small of the back) and I find it is unnecessary to adjust 4
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diseased organs to resume their natural positions and functions. Hence
I never require local examination and never give local treatment, and
even so, there is no line of diseases with which I have more complete
success than those which afflict womankind.
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