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A Pioneer
Will Do It.
Open Thursday
Japanese Ships Silence the Batteries on
Golden Hill at the Entrance
to Port Arthur.
Chefoo, Au2f. 24.Information of undoubted authenticity states that the
Japanese cruisers Nisshin and Kasuga this morning bombarded and silenced
the Russian forts on the east Golden Hill at the entrance to Port Arthur.
London, Aug. 24.The Evening
News publishes a dispatch from Che
foo announcing that the Japanese cap
tured "Chair fort" of the Port Arthur
defenses Monday, after a tremendous
Etseshan, or Chair fort, according
to the maps of Port Arthur available,
is almost in the center of the chain of
forts of which it forms one, defending
Port Arthur, from which it is only a
mile and a half. It occupies a com
manding position and is possibly only
second in importance to the Golden
hill forts.
It was announced from Chefoo Mon
day that the Japanese had swept the
Russians from Pigeon bay and hadwith
captured the northernmost fort of the
western line of inner defenses, though
Ansushan fort, about a mile northeast
of Etseshan fort, might also be classed
as the northernmost fort of the west
ern line of inner defenses at Port Ar
Until 10 P. M.
Chefoo, Aug 24.According to a 1
vices brought here from Port Arthur
by a junk the Japanese were hotly
pressing the Russian center along the
railway and the Russian right in the
vicinity of Golden hill. These advices
are brought by Chinese who departed
from Taipingtse, which is one mile
from the city, near Golden hill, be
tween the city and the forts of the
Russian right wing. The Chinese de
clare that the Japanese occupied Tai
pangtse and penetrated along tne rail
way to General Stoessei's residence on
Aug. 21.
AS this report would indicate that
Port Arthur had all but iailen the
Japanese expert attached to the local
consulate received the information
great reserve. The information
is accepted, however, as a confirma
tion of previous reports that the Rus
sians have been driven trom ltzshan
and that the Japanese are very clo-so
to the southern torts and the eastern
The local Japanese, under the lead
ership of their consul, are subscribing
money and preparing to celebrate tho
expected fall of the fortress.
The Chinese who arrived during the
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&&Sfc&* ^^WMMJk,
The Beitiidji
Bemidji, Minnesota.
day Turther repoit thai a rais&iaii .ar-
ship was hit by a shell recently and
sunk in the harbor.
A report was cabled several days
ago that a gunboat of the Otvajano
type had been sunk. This is probably
the vessel referred to.
Russians Think Stoessel May Beat Off
St. Petersburg, Aug. 24.Despite the
popular feeling that Port Arthur is
doomed the success with which Lieu
tenant General Stoessel has been beat
ing off the Japanese assaults and the
heavy loss suffered by the besiegers
offer considerable encouragement to
the war office.
"There is a limit beyond which
troops cannot go, no matter how gal-
lant," said an officer of the general
staff. "A fifth of the army before Port
Arthur is a small estimate of the en
emy's losses up to date. If the storm
ing operation, which we understand is
now, proceeding, fails to give them a
foothold in the ring of inner defenses
the Japanese will be compelled by
sheer exhaustion to stop and recu
perate, while awaiting additional re
inforcements, and I, personally, to
gether with some of my colleagues,
believe they will abandon the idea of
a general assault and settle down to
regular* siege operations. Starving out
the garrison is less brilliant, but it is
quite as effective a way of reducing a
fortress. The Japanese purpose in
pushing matters has doubtless been to
release a section of the southern army
and enable it to co-operate with- the
armies in Manchuria."
Death Penalty Imposed on Private for
Washington, Aug. 24.One of the
few sentences of death recommended I
__ ^_
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The Japanese Protected Cruiser
Tsushima Alone iKnocked
Out the Novik.
Jap Warship Pierced Pierced By
Several Projectiles During
The Engagement.
Toldo, Aug. 24.The* Japanese pro
tected cruiser Tsushima alone defeat
ed the Russian cruiser Novik. The
first engagement occurred Saturday,
Aug. 20, and the Japanese protected
cruiser Chitose finished the destruc
tion of the Russian ship on Sunday.
The details of the engagement
reached the navy department here dur
ing the day. At dawn of Saturday the
Chitose arrived at a point twenty
miles northwest of Rebunshiri island
and proceeded to search the Soya (La
Perouse) strait. The weather was
1 heavy and the Novik was not discov
ered. At 8 o'clock Saturday morning
i the Chitose and the Tsushima met
close to Rebunshiri island. The Tsu
shima had
We Cash
been searchin-g
Japanes cruisers Chi
tot the westward.u After thegmeeting
to lie imposed on an American soldier, Soya point to Cape Shiretoko and the
growing out of service in the Philip- Tsushima was dispatched toward Kor-
pin,es, is found in the proceedings of j' sakovsk.
the courtmartial trying Private Fred
Tsushima found the Novik off
H. Scow, Company M, Twentieth Unit- Korsakovsk harbor at 4:30 o'clock in
ed States infantry, for desertion.
the afternoon. She immediately sig
nalled her discovery to the Chitose by
wireless telegraph and at once at
tacked the enemy. JThe Novik was
hit_ trPQuentlv by tfie fire__from the3
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Japanese cruiser and at Tf4(Tshe
Retreated to the Inner Anchorage
at Korsakovsk. She was then envel
oped*in white smoke and evidently on
fire. The Tsushima had received pro
jectiles through bunkers Numbers 6
and 8. She was leaking badly and
listing and was forced to withdraw out
of the range of the Novik's guns for
temporary repairs. These were effect
ed that evening.
The Chitose joined the Tsushima
after sundown of Saturday. The Tsu
shima was sent to guard the strait and
the Chitose watched Korsakovsk har
At dawn of Sunday the Chitose ad
vanced to the Korsakovsk anchorage
and discovered that the Novik had
been beached close to the town and
that the crew of the Russian vessel
appeared to be disembarking. The
Chitose shelled the Novik from 6:25
until 7:14. The hull of the Novik w.as
concealed behind clouds of black
smoke and thus made sighting by the
Japanese gunners most difficult.
After shelling her the Chitose
steamed to within 2,500 yards to
serve the Novik. She saw that the
Russian cruiser had been partially
sunk. She had a bad list to the star
board and her side lights and lower
deck were under water Her hull was
seriously damaged.
The Chitose satisfied herself that
the Novik had been destroyed and
steamed away.
The Tsushima has been repaired
and is again in fighting trim. The Jap
anese sustained no casualties in this
Steamer Hipsang Sunk Without Just
Cause or Reason.
Shanghai, Aug. 24.The finding of
the naval court of inquiry in the case
of the British steamer Hipsang was
delivered during the morning. The
Hipsang was torpedoed and sunk July
16 while passing Pigeon bay. The
findings of the court are as follows:
"A Russian torpedo boat destroyer,
now "identified as the Ratstoropuy,
came up at daylight with the Hipsang,
whose lights were burning brightly
and who had the British flag flying.
The destroyer fired shells, killing and
maiming passengers. The Hipsang
stopped directly, but the Russian ves
sel fired a torpedo, sinking her. There
was no contraband aboard her nor any
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Japanese. Tier "capfafn-was
Animals Romance
Nature Letters
XiC* S
as 'a
Steamer Manchuria Ready to Sail
From San Francisco.
San Francisco, Aug. 24.The sail
ing of the Pacific Mail company's liner
Manchuria for the Orient has been
postponed until Thursday. The reason
for the delay is the failure to get per
mission from Washington for the
transfer to the Manchuria of the Chi
nese crew brought from the Orient on
the Siberian.
The Manchuriia will not call at
Honolulu. From here she will go di
to Yokohama. Of her 12,000
tons of cargo more than half is for
Japan and most of the Japanese freight
consists of provisions, machinery and
other articles which the Russians have
declared to be contraband of war.
The Pacific Mail and Occidental and
Oriental Steamship companies have
issued notice that after the departure
of the liner Manchuria freight will be
received from all shippers for Japan
Jtnd Korean ports.
Survivors Landed at Korsakovsk.
Tokio, Aug. 24.The Japanese be
lieve that the crew of the Russian
cruiser Novik were landed at Korsa
kovsk, island of Sakhalin, when the
warship had been beached after the
encounter with the Japanese cruisers
Chitose and Tsushima on Aug. 20.
The number of the survivors is not
known,. i
Formerly Resided in Wisconsin.
New York, Aug. 24.Mrs. Caroline
Boies Fly, a well known writer, is
dead at the home of her daughters on
Riverside drive. She was seventy
nine years old. and was the widow of
Colonel George P.. Ely, an attorney of
Madison, Wis., who organized a com
pany and afterwards commanded a
regiment in the famous Iron brigade
during the Civil war.
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enced and he acted perfectly correct.
The court desires to draw the atten
tion of the board of trade and the
foreign office that the steamer, while
proceeding with due caution and on
her correct course, was torpedoed
and sunk without any just cause or
reason.' The loss of life was due to
the shell fire, previous to the torpedo
ing of the vessel. These acts were
done by the Russian destroyer No. 7."
The Pioneer Prints
than any other news
paper between Duluth
and Crookston. St- Paul
and the North Pole.
Scores of Lives Endangered
Attempt to Destroy a Big
Savings Department
Bemidji, Ninn.
Capital and Surplus, $30,000
C. W. Hastings, Pres.
F. P. Sheldon, Vice-Pres.
A. P. White, Cashier.
Art Love
Had the Floodgate, Given Away
Town of St. Mary's Would
Be Inundated.
St. Marys, O., Aug. 24.Shortly after
midnight the gates at the head of St.
Marys reservoir were blown up by
dynamite. The report of the explo
sion was" heard for miles. The build
ings here were shaken and some win
dows were broken. Intense excitement
prevails, but every precaution has been
taken to prevent a flood. There are
many who consider the reservoir a
menace to surrounding farms.
The attempt was made at 1 o'clock
and if it had blewn out the entire bulk
head and opened the floodgates hun
dreds of lives would have been lost,
as the waters of Lake Mercer -would
have run out. This bulkhead is the
one through which the Miami and
Erie canal is fed. A large amount of
dynamite was used. The bank was
broken so as to give way and the citi
zens were aroused and the place was
watched. Bloodhounds are with those
in search of the dynamiters? but they
have no clue on which to go.
This reservoir is the largest artificial
body of water in the wprld and this
city is lower than the water, so that
intense excitement exists here.
Miss" Susan' B. Anthony, accom
panied by the Rev. Anna H. Shaw and
Miss Lucy Anthony, have returned
from Europe^ where they^attended tho
Congress of Women hell in Berlin.

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