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Colored Woman With Delir
ium Tremens Lets Her
self Through Window.
Appeared in Police Court This
Morning and Gets Fine of
Ten Dollars.
Clara Adams, a colored woman
who has lived in Tooms over a
block in the down town district
of the city, was arrested last
night by the police, and when
found was hanging by her night
dress out of a second story win
dow of the building, shouting for
some one to save her from an
imaginary foe whom she thought
was pursuing her. The woman
was found to have been addicted
to the liquor habit and last night
was taken with delirium tremens.
It seems that she had imbibed
too freely in the flowing bowl
yesterday, and by nightfall had
accumulated a fair sized jag
whi^.h resulted in unbalancing
her mind. She was on the eve
of retiring when seized with the
fit, and when the officers took
her in hand had on but scanty
raiments and was hanging from
the window, using her night
dress for a rope.
She was taken to the police
station, where she remained dur
ing the night and appeared in
police court this morning some
what sobered and plead guilty to
the charge of drunkenness.
Judge Reynolds imposed a fine
of ten dollars, which it said she
will secure.
Organization of the Thursday
CompletedElection of
Thursday afternoon at the
residence of Mrs. R. B. Poster,
the organization of the Thursday
Musical club was completed and
preparations were made for an
active winter. The club now en
rolls eighteen members and will
doubtless be an important factor
in the life of the city this winter,
its members all being enthusias
tic musicians. The officers
elected are Mrs. R. B. Poster,
president Mrs. Andrew War
field, vice president Miss Hald
erman, secretary Mrs. Prench,
librarian Miss Rose Dickinson,
treasurer. The Misses Boyer
and Dickinson rendered a num
ber of piano selections and Mrs.
Poster served light refreshment.
The members of the club feel
that a most auspicious beginning
has been made for the season's
work. The next meeting of the
club will be held with Mrs. Pos
ter Monday September 12.
Grocery Co.
Do you realize that our
stock of Canning Fruits
is the best in town, and
prices are rock bottom?
Transparent Crab Apples
Sour Cherries, fresh today
Flemish Beauty Pears Bartlett Pears
Italian Plums
Green Gage Plums
Silver Plums
Tomatoes $* bushel for catsup
Fancy Duchess and
Wealthy Apbles
Oystersextra selects
Cabbage Cauliflower
Celery Melons
Princess Grocery Co
iJtJf'j, X^F** *$&'^^'IH'y
Wheat Fields of the North
West Are Yielding The
Usual Crops.
From Fifteen to Twenty Bnshels
Per Acre Is the Yield
Thus Far.
For the past month or six
weeks direful rumors of an en
tire failure of the wheat crop
haye been in circulation, but the
first of the threshing shows that
the damage which has been done
by rust and drought have been
over estimated. The average
yield will be between fifteen and
twenty bushels. Telegrams to
the Minneapolis Tribune last ev
ening on the situation are as
Delano, Minnesota., Sept. 2
Thrashing is well under way and
wheat is turning out well, and is
of good quality.
Willmar, Minn., Sept. 2.
Wheat on the Ferring farm, just
east, yielded twenty-three bush
els to the acre and graded No. 2
Jamestown, N. D., Sept. 2.
There will be a good general
yield of wheat througout the en
tire country, and the grade is so
far not bad. There have as yet
been no indications of frost,
though the weather has been
cloudy and cool, with slight,
misty rains the past day or two.
Grand Porks, N. D., Sept. 2.
Prof. M. L. Bolley of the agricul
tural college, Fargo, in an inter
view here, estimated the wheat
yield of North Dakota at nine to
twelve bushels to the acre on the
total acreage. Prof. Bolley has
visited almost every section of
the state, and has inspected more
wheat, probably, than any of the
experts who have visited the
Preliminary Survey of Red Lake
Railroad Was Finished
The surveying crew wnich has
been working on running a pre
liminary survey from Buena
Vista to Bemidji completed its
work Thursday and came to this
city yesterday. The line is re
ported as being very good and it
is said that the company will no
doubt accept the survey. M. D.
Stoner left this morning for
Minneapolis to confer with the
officials of the company regard
ing the survey, and he expressed
himself as having high hopes of
securing the terminus of the
road for Bemidji.
T*he New Shoe Store
That Is the Normal Condi
tion of the Noble Red Man
Declares Major Scott.
Wants to Import 100 Apache
Warriors for Educative Pur
poses at Walker.
A few days since a representa
tive of the Pioneer paid a visit to
the beautifnl Leech Lake Indian
agency at Walter and enjoyed a
brief call on Major Scott, the
hero of many tights with the wild
Apache and the man who has
made a record for efficiency as
agent at Leech Lake unexcelled
by any Indian agent in the United
By boat across from' Walker
one may land at the Leech Lake
agency within a few minutes but
the peninsula upon which the
agency buildings are situated is
long, narrow and so given over
to every possible vagary of curre
that you may walk all day if you
are resolved to essay the trip on
foot. The agency buildings,
school house, chapel, offices, saw
mill, store, warehouses and resi
dences are scattered thickly over
the end of the peninsula and the
spot is one of exceeding beauty.
On the brow7
Will be operv for
business in a few
days with a new
clean stock of
late style Shoes
for everybody.
Watch This Space.
next morning to wad a gun with."
Major Scott's rule at the
agency has been stern and firm
for both red and white man, but
it has made the Indians good
Indians before they are dead
Indians and it has saved the
Leech Lake tribesman thousands
of dollars. No .uore Leech Lake
uprising will there be while
Major Seott is agent the Indians
have learned that he is all too
ready for a fight and a good
many white men have learned
the same to their sorrow.
Big Dttluth Team Will Arrive
in the City Tonight For
Games With Locals.
The two games of base ball to
be played here Sunday and Mon
day promise to be the most inter
esting ever played in the city,
and local fans are worked up to
a high pitch in anticipation of the
events. Both teams claim the
championship of Northern Min
nesota, and there is no doubt
but that the playing will be for
blood. The lineup of the Be
midji team will remain the same
as last Sunday and Jackson will
umpire. W ith the exception of
perhaps one or two games these
will be the last played here dur
ing the present season, and
those who like to see a good game
of base ball should not miss the
of a small prom
ontory threatening the lake
stands the comfortable modern
home of the agent commanding a
beautiful view across the bay.
Here Major Scott is monarch of
all he surveys and here he re
ceived us. Questioned concern
ing the condition of the Indian in
general the Major declared, "The
normal condition of the Indian is
abject poverty. Should he hap
pen to get a little store of money
he straightway becomes restless
and uneasy, disatisfied and un
happy. He gets rid of his money
with all possible dispatch and
when it is gone, when he does
i not know where his dinner is
to come from, he can sit in the
snn, dig up a grievance against
the government and be su
premely unhappy."
"What do they do with their
money, Major," we asked as he
told of an Indian woman who rid.
herself of $500 in one week.
"Do with it," the Major replied
"Do with it. Why an Indian
never does anything with his
money but get drunk with it.
Male or female the first act of an
Indian with his money is to get
Major Scott is very bitter
against the white man who per
sists in selling liquor to the In
dians. "These Indians aie a
harmless lot when drunk," said
he' "but a drunken Apache is a
very devil. Say, I would just like
to import a hundred Apaches and
turn 'em loose in Walker. They
would get whiskey of course.
JThey always do, but there would
not be enough left of Walker the
H. H. Wheelock Retires From
Service as News Messenger
On M. & I.
The position of news agent on
the M. & I. has been abolished,
in accordance with the rule which
was promulgated some time ago
on the Northern Pacific. News
Agent Wheelock went up the
line today for the last time, after
a continual service of several
Mr. Wheelock states that he
will make his home in Brainerd
but he has not decided what line
of business he will follow yet.
He will spend a few days on his
farm near Bemidji.Brainerd
Chickens Wild.
Yesterday, the first day of the
open season for prairie chickens
was quite disappointing to the
sportsmen of the valley. The
birds are wild and few in a covey.
The slaughter of the game has
evidently been in progress for a
number of weeks, if reports
brought in from country are to
be relied upon. The kills did
not exceed eight or ten birds per
man except in one or two in
stances.Crookston Times.
Has Sold a Pile of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy.
I have sold Chamberlains Cough
Remedy for more than twenty
years and it has given entire sat
isfaction. I have sold a pile of it
and can recommend it highly.
Joseph McElhiney, Linton, Iowa.
You will find this remedy a good
friend when troubled with a cold
or cough. It always affords quick
relief and is pleasant to take.
For sale by Barker's drug store.
Miss McLennan Resigns.
Miss Espie McLennan, who
taught in the public schools last
year, has resigned her position
and will not be engaged during
the coming year. Miss McLen
nan proved herself to be an ex
cellent teacher was very success
ful, and the board of education
express themselves as very sorry
over losing her services.
Famous Guide Here.
Dan Rhodes of Northome is in
the city today visiting with old
friends. Mr. Rhodes is one of
the pioneers of Itasca county and
has hunted big game in that
county for a number of years.
He has been guide for Gov. Her
ded of South Dakota on five an
nual hunts in northern Minne
sota, and is said to be one of the
very best woodsmen in the state.
Will Visit at Northome.
Mrs. A. E. Henderson and
daughter, Mrs. O. E. Erwig,
leave tonight for Northome,
where they will visit at the home
of Dr, Ward of that city. They
will be absent from Bemidji for
several days.
No Paper Monday.
Monday being Labor Day, the
Pioneer will give its employes a
much needed rest and will not
publish any paper on that day.
Frank Solberg, better known
as "Chipmunk," returned today
from a two-days duck hunting'
trip a few miles east of the city
and "showed up" at the Pioneer
office at noon. q^
l- For Sheriff. A&M%
I hereby announce myself as candidate for
tbe office of sheriff, subject to the will of the
voters of Beltrami county at the general
election to be held on Tuesday November 8
1WM. If elected I promise to discharge the
duties of the oiDce in a careful, painstaking
and courteous manner.
Royal Worcester
Corset for Women
$1.00 and $2.00
Wedding Groups
Baby Pictures
Lakeside Studio,
on Lake Front.
M. J. MORSE, Proprietor.
What is Life?
In the last analysis nobody
knows, but we do know that it is
under strict law. Abuse that law
even slightly, pain results. Ir
regular living means derange
ment of the organs, resulting in
constipation, headache or liver
trouble. Dr. King's New Life
Pills quickly re-adjusts this. It's,
gentle, yet thorough. Only 25c at
all druggists.
Send Us
Mail Orders
The Gordon 'Hare Hats $3.00
Guaranteed quality decided
ly better and different from
anything shown all colors.
The J. B. Stetson Hats, full of
superb richness, at $4.00,
JjU, and f5.bo.3&&
Friday e^nd Saturday
In order to introduce our dress fabrics
of the latest weaves and colorings we will
sell any dress or suit pattern from our up-to-
date stock at a reduction of 20 percent. Don't
be backward in coming forward at this sale.
Beginning Monday, Sept
5, we will start classes
in the following branches:
Shorthand and Typewriting,
Bookkeeping, Penmanship,
Commercial Law, Commercial
Geography, Business Arithme
tic, Spelling Lumber Books.
Hours, 10 to 12 a. m. 7 to 9 m.
Conway^s Commercial College,
Box 744, 108 Sixth Street, between
Bemidji and Beltrami Avenues.
Church For Liberty.
A committee of citizens of the
town of Liberty are in the city
today circulating a prescription
list for the purpose of obtaining
funds wherewith to build a Nor
wegian Lutheran church for that
township. The amount sub
scribed in Bemidji is large, and
Messrs. Rygg and Opsata, who
compose the committee, are meet
ing with very pronounced suc
The Clothiers.
Headquarters for Goo Clothes
Largest Clothing Store in Bemidji
DevotedExclusively toMen'sand Boys' Wear
Our Overcoat Stock is the Largest in Bemidji
Our Suit Stocks are Famously the Best this Country Boasts
W are offering unapproachablevalues in strictly high
grade, hand-tailored, perfect fifing, custom clothes
for men and young men, at
$10, $12, $15, $18, ?20, $22,
$24, $25, $28 and $30
Beautiful exclusive interesting styles from recognized authorities
Great Interest Centers
In Our Hat Showing
The Assortment is_the
\FinestWe^Have Ever Had
Our Hats are the Most
Perfect and Our Hat
Business is Immense
Exceptional Specialities That Are
American Union Hat, $2.00
They are the star hat of this
country, and as good as any
$3.00 Hat on the market.
The Cowboy Hat in black very
popular showing at $3.00
New "Pike" Caps, different.,
^styles silk lined 50c to $2|g
Royal Worcester
For Girls
Baby Pictures
Up-to Date Work
Prices Reasonable.
En! irg i ng, Framing
and Finishing
for Amatuers.
Hakkerup Studio
Two Doors East of City Drug Store.
We Cheerfully
Refund Money
Upon Request
i ii
?~H i

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