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'"v -fC"1!*
O $150,000
Report Current to Effect That
P. H. McGarry Possesses
Large Fortune.
Story Emanated From Black
dock Andlis Generally Be
lieved to be True.
A report emanating from
Blackduck is to the effect that
last weekP. H. McGarry ot Walker
fell heir to the large fortune of
$150,000 through the death of
an aunt who lived in Wisconsin.
The story, while it is not vouched
for, is said to be generally be
lieyed at Blackduck and is taken
as reliable, as it is known that
Mr. McGarry had wealthy rela
tives in the Badger state, the*
event of whose death he would be
the possessor of a large amount
of money.
Mr. MaGarry has not been ap
proached regarding the matter,
but there is no doubt that he has
heard of the rumor and as yet he
has neither made a denial nor af
firmed the story.
It is hoped by his many friends
throughout northern Minnesota
that the report is true, as Mr
McGarry is one of the most en
terprising men in this section of
the state. With the capital
which this would give him he
would engage in a number of in
dustries besides those in which
he is now interested and Bemidji
would undoubtedly receive the
bulk of Disinvestments
At the present time he owns
and operates two hotels, the Pa
meda at Walker and the Teepee
tonka at Blackduck and is at the
head of the Walker Hospital and
Sanitarium association. He has
had his eye on this city as a fav
orable location for a large hotel
on the order of the one at Black
duck and should it be true that
he has fallen heir to the large
fortune which it is reported he
has the venture will undoubted
ly be made.
Mrs. Kirsch Dead.
Mrs. M. E. Kirsch of Crooks
ton died at her home yesterday
morning after an hour's illness,
heart failure being the cause of
her sudden taking off. Mrs.
Kirsch was the mother of John
and Adolph. mail clerks on the
Duluth line of the Great North
ern and of Arthur Kirsch, form
erly assistant postmaster here.
Mrs. Kirsch was born in Luxem
burg, Germany and was 54 years
Beginning Oct. 3rd. I shall be
prepared to receive students
wishing to do work in college,
normal or commercial subjects.
Register now and make a profit
able use of your spare time by
taking up some line of study.
For list of subjects, terms etc.
address J. J. Trask, B. A. 1115
Lake Boulevard, Bemidji.
Grocery Co.
Always in the lead
Another large consignment of
Fruits, etc
Peaches and Pears
Tokay, Deleware and
Concord Grapes
Silver Plums
Ripe Tomatoes Spanish Onions
Dill Pickles
Extra Select Bulk Oysters
Princess Grocery Co
Phone 282
Red Lake Railway Promoters Ex
press Themselves as Favor
ably Impressed.
Hon. John Lind, C. A. Smith
and O. J. Johnson arrived in the
city last night from St. Paul and
left this morning for Nebish,
where they will look over the
aftairs of the Red Lake, Minnepo
lis & Manitoba railway, in which
they are heavy stockholders.
They will look over the prelimi
nary surveys made by the com
mercial club of this city and pro
viding the route is found to be
feasible the road will no doubt
be built to Bemidji. They ex
pressed themselves as very fav
orably impressed with Bemidji
and thought that it had r bright
future before it. Upon their re
turn trip to St. Paul they will stop
in this city and attend a meeting
of the business men's club,
which will be called to present
the advantages of haying the
terminus ot the railway in Be
Maltby Gets Busy.
Crookston Journal Proprie
tor Maltby,of the Commercial
hotel, who during the past few
weeks has had the hotel thor
oughly renovated and cleaned up
expects to onen the doors of the
hostlery for business next Tues
day morning. The furniture and
equipment of the hotel has been
added to and tha entire house
thoroughly cleaned and bright
ened up, an extensive amount of
papering and painting done and
the place now presents a very re
spectable appearance. Business
will douotless be good with Mr.
'Maltby as the Commercial is
centrally located and in the past
has commanded a large trade.
Major Eva Here.
Major Eva of Duluth was in the
city last night and this morning
on his way from Crookston to
Brainerd, where he will make an
inspection of the military com
pany stationed in that city.
Mr. Eva is making a tour of in
spection of the different com
panies in his batallion. He con
sidered Bemidji as a very favor
able point for the establishment
of a company of the national
guard and was very much sur
prised at the growth of the city
during the past four years.
here goes
..for our opener..
We will for the next six clays beginning
Monday SeptembV 26
sell all advertised lines at 25c per pair
below regular price and all purchases
amounting to $10 or over will entitle
the customer to a further rebate of 50c.
We want your shoe business and feel
that we are justified in asking for it.
The store where your dollar does its duty
The New Shoe Store,
Phone 89.
The constant drip of water
wears away the hardest stone.
The constant gnaw of Towser
masticates the toughest bone.
The constant cooing lover
carrier off the blushing maid.
And the store that" makes the prices
is the store that gets the trade.
Fine \yateh Repairing promptly done.
Artistic engraving done free.
Satisfaction guaranteed on all work done and
all goods sold
The Leading Jeweler.
George G. Fuller Not Expected to
Live Until Tomorrow
George G. Puller, who has been
suffering with a very severe at
tack of pneumonia, is very critic
ally ill and his death is expected
almost every moment. He was
taken sick only a week ago but
has been sinking rapidly until at
the present time his lifeisdes
paired of by the attending physi
cians. Every effort is being
made to revive him and restora
tives are being administered at
short intervals.
Meeting of the Republican County
Committee Called By Chair
Man Olson.
Chairman Olson oj the republi
can county committee has called
a meeting of the committee to
be held Thursday night. The
meeting will be for the purpose
of discussing plans for the cam
paign and some important mat
ters will come up for considera
tion. One of the objects of
meeting will be to provide funds
for carrying on the campaign in
this county.
More Dogs Poisoned.
Several dogs were found to
have taken poison this afternoon
and a number of them are alcontracted
ready dead as a result. Frank
Sihersack's large spaniel was
found to have been poisoned and
'although everp effort was made
to save his life he died No clue
as to who has put out the poison
has been developed but should
they be found out it will go hard
with them.
Land Sale Monday.
The lands of the Red Lake res
ervation not disposed of at theof
Thief River Palls sale will be of
fered for sale at Crookston be
ginning next Monday morning,
October 3. The lands remaining
are some of the best on the res
Robert Poy, the logging con
tractor, is in the city today from
Battle River.
Sign of "The Big WatcH.'
^V1S^^|f/^ vvl
About Twenty Camps Will
Operate on North Line
the Coming Winter.
Season's Cut Will Be Somewhat
Lighter Than Last Year
Cedar a Factor.
During the coming logging
season there will be in the neigh
borhood of twenty logging camps
operating on the line of the M. &
I. north of Bemidji and already
the contractors are busy build
ing camps, installing their outfits
and preparing for the season's
The cut next winter will be
somewhat lighter than last sea
son, but fully as many if not
more men will be employed, as
the cedar business is coming to
the front in a remarkable man
ner and a large number of labor
ers will be required for this
Kirk & Smith will operate a
large camp near Mud lake and
their contract aggregates about
5,000,000 feet. Another camp
located near Mud lake will be
operat by John Durant, who has
to land 2,000,000 feet
in Mud lake. The Beltrami Tim
ber company have a tract which
it is estimated will cut 7,000,000
feet, but as yet the contract for
logging this has not yet been let
and it is not known whether it
will be logged during the coming
season. One camp will be inColic,
operation south oi Mallard lake
for the Walker & Akeley com
pany, the amount to be cut be
ing 3,000,000 feet. John Moberg
this city has taken a contract
to put in 3,000,000 feet and has
started the erection of his camps
and his outfit passed through the
the city this morning enroute to
the camp near Gull lake. Irwin
& O'Brien own considerable tim
ber in the vicinity of Blackduck
and Tenstrike, but they have not
decided whether it will be cutthe
next winter, although they will
probably operate two or three
camps on old cuttings.
The J. A. Irvine company will
have six camps, five of them be
ing tributary to Blackduck and
the other located on Pine Island.
"While the Crookston Lumber
company's cut of pine will exceed
that of last winter, thev will also
engage heavily in-the cedar busi
ness and will have a number of
cedar camps in the vicinity of
Dexterville. The S. C. Jackson
company, who operated a num
ber of cedar camps last winter,
will also cut a large number of
posts and poles. Blakely & Far
ley will do most of their work on
the reservation, but three camps
will be operated trioutary to Par
ley and they will land approxi
mately 10,000,000 feet.
It can be seen by the above es
timates that the logging busi
ness during the coming winter
will be nearly as large as last,
and, although Walker & Akeley
who were serhaps the heaviest
owners of pine in northern Min
Appointed Vice-President.
County Auditor Sylvester to
day received notice from Secre
tary M. J. Donnelly of the Min
nesota Immigration Society of
his appointment as vice presi
dent of the company. Mr. Syl
vester has accepted the appoint
ment and will take up the duties
of the position at once.
Billiard Tourney,
The pool and billiard tourna
ment given last night at the Ma
theny billiard hall was very suc
cessful. Bossman took first
prize, Browne second and Baconf
Brooks, Sibley and Smith tied
for third place. Another tourna
ment will be given next Wednes
day night.
Will Go to Long Prairie.
F. P. Hannifin, who recently
disposed 6f the Markham hotel,
will go to Wadena as soon as heft
can arrange business matters
here to engage in farming on
extensive scale Mr Hanuitin i^
heavily interested in some farm
property near Long Prairie.
Contests On.
Owing to the fact that numer
ous democrats voted the republi
can ticket at the primarv in Polk
county there are concests and
sensational developments are
promised. One contest is being
heard today and others are
Will Wed Tonight.
The wedding of Miss Lena
Pickles to John Herror will occur
tonight at the home of the bride's
parents in the town of Frohn, of
which both have been residents
for a number of years,
1 fcttSfc
In Praise of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
"Allow me to give you a few
words in praise of Chamberlain's
Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy," says Mr. John Ham
lett, of Eagle Pass, Texas. -'1
suffered one week with bowel
trouble and took all kinds of
medicine without getting any re
lief, when my friend. C. Johnson
a merchant here, advised me to
take this remedy. After taking
one dose I felt greatly relieved
and when I had taken the third
dose was entirely cured. I thank
you from the bottom of my heart
for putting this great remedy in
hands of mankind. For sale
by Barker Vdi ug store.
First Ball.
The Northome Pire Depart
ment will give its first annual
ball Saturday evening, October 1
and it will be well worth going
to, as is anvthing that happens
in Northome, while fire laddies
the world over have a reputation
Best by Far
in Bemidji
\4i \6 i ito \ii
\i its ft
practically finished
in this section, the number of
men employed in the woods will
be fully as large if not larger
than last season.
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ft ft ft
35S* *.&,-
W have a complete line of Fancy
Knit Goods, such as Toques, Tarns,
Sweaters, Opera Shawls and Scarfs.
Infants' Angora Hoods, $1.25
Ladies' Knit Underskirts, 65c and $1.50
We have been so busy of late with new arrivals
in Dry Goods that we have not taken space to
mention our Grocery Department, but will mere-
ly mention now that we wish our customers to
remember that we have a well stocked depart-
ment of Fancy and Staple Grocerices. Every-
thing new and fresh. 2
Th Bazaar Department Store.
Bookkeeping Shorthand
New cllasses will be formed
each Monday.
We teach Bookkeeping,
Shorthand, Arithmetic and
Pemanship in the evening.
Conway's Commercial College,
Box 744, 108 Sixth Street, between
Bemidji and Beltrami Avenues.
Quarantine Raised.
Dr. P. A. Blakeslee returned
yesterday from Turtle River,
where he raised the quarantine
for scarlet fever that has been in
effect for the past two weeks.
The spread of the disease was
quickly checked after the quar
antine had been inaugurated and
not a trace of the feyer can be
for do the right thing in just the
right way.
1 The Clothiers.
overcoat headquarters
Showing an Exclusive Assortment of
Tourist Coats, Rain Coats, Top Coats
and Fur Coats in the Finest Quali-
ties Obtainable.
Stein Bloch Royal Kersey
hand made in seal brown, blacks
and oxfords 52-in. lengths pro
t*ductionsfrom this conn- ||JO
try's leading makers af *jP^*^
richly lined in every color 48,
50 and 52 inch lengths #OA
$25 values at W&"
New Brown Tourist
OVERCOATS plaids, checks and stripes 28
and 30-oz materials rough and
smooth weaves, many with
belts some in 52 inch lengths
bell shape garments that can't
be duplicated under
20, for iS
The extraordinary values substantiate our
cla im th at the offerings are competitionless.
Baby Pictures
Price* Reasonable.
Enlarging, Framing
and Finishing
for Amatuers.
Hakkerup Studio
Two Doors East of City Drag Store
Extensive Display of Rain- Q\
guaranteed to be rain-proof ff\
in bell effects beautiful new (P
autumn styles for men tf*| T JJJ
worth $20 at T*** S
Kersey, and All-Wool Frieze (I*
unsurpassed for wear and (f*
quality tight or loose fitting W
strongly lined and ver}' choice
for $15 for men and j|A
young men at ^r jft
Richly Fur-Lined
kersey top, marmot lined, otter
collar guaranteed equal to any
$65 coat a remarkable jjJK
value at
I *-!p
25c per lb

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