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Trial ofF. J. Artz for Killing
of John Weilander Begins
This Morning.
Much Interest Manifested in
Case Which Will Probably
Last Entire Week.
The trial of J. Artz for the
killing of John Weilander was
begun this morning trad the at
torneys have been busy select
ing the jury which will decide
the fate of the man who is actire
cused by the grand jury of mur
der in the first degree.
So far there haye been only
four jury men sworn in, and the
prospects are that it will take all
the afternoon as well as a good
share of tomorrow to secure
twelve men to sit on the jury.
Artz was arrested last spring
upon a warrant sworn out by
County Attorney Loud and wasJ.
held upon a preliminary exam
ination to await the action of the
grand jury. He was indicted last
week and his case is the first of
its nature to come before the
present term of court.
Much interest is manifested
in the case and the court room is
filled with listeners, although the
real trial has not yet begun. The
trial promises to be along wind
ed one, as every effort will be
made by the authorities to se
cure a conviction and the de
fendant's attorneys will do all in
their power to secure his release.
Miss Hattie Artz, a sister of the
accused, is in attendance, and
will remain here until after the
verdict of the jury is given.
Drowned in Upper Rapids.
Border Budget The rapids
at Pitcher's point added another
victim last Sunday to its already
long list. Another life is lost and
another home darkened on acbons,
count of its treachery. While
out paddling for pleasure Sun
day afternoon Warren Hodgins
and James McKenzie had their
canoe capsizdd in the upper rap
ids. McKenzie managed to save
himself by ciimbing onto the up
turned boat, but Hodgins, more
unfortunate, became entangled
in the crossbars and lost his
Raising Hotel,
A crew of men are at work to
day raising the Remore hotelin
building to the proper height.
The building is one of the oldest
in the city, having been built in
1896, and portions of it have
lowered owing to the |rotting of
the sills.
M. D. Stoner went to Cass
Lake this afternoon on business.
Grocery Co.
Offering For
Pears by the bushel, $1.75
Plums, $1.10 per crate
Fine Elberta Peaches, $1.10
per crate
Tokay Grapes, 50c a basket
Concord Grapes, 30c a basket
Sweet Potatoes Cranberries
Celery Squash
Pumpkins Spanish Onions
Apples, 35c per peck
Crabapples, 50c per peck
Honey, 20c per lb
Extra Select Bulk Oysters
Princess Grocery Co
Phone 282
Remains of Late George G. Fuller
Interred in Greenwood
Cemetery Yesterday.
The funeral o\ er the remains of
the late George G. Puller was
held yesterday afternoon at 2
o'clock, Rev. McLeod officiating.
A large number of friends of the
deceased were in attendance, in
cluding the Bemidji band and
the Bemidji tire department in a
body. A short sermon was de
livered by Rev. McLeod alter
which the remains were carried
to the hearse by six members of
the lire department. A large
cortege escorted the remains to
their final resting place in Green
wood cemetery, where they were
Mr. Puller was born in Penn
sylvania and has followed the
musical profession almost his en
life, having been a member
of the orchestras of nearly every
large theater in Chicago, Erie
and other large cities. He came
to Bemidji and took up his resi
dence here with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. M. Puller, three
years ago, and during that time
has been leader of ihe Bemidji
band. He leaves to mourn his
loss his parents, Mr. and Mrs.about
M. duller, and bis sister, Mrs.
J. W, Kelsey, all of whom reside
in Bemidji. He has also many
ri ends in the city who regret
his untimely death.
Messrs. Loud, Harris and Dana
her Cited to Answer Elec
tion Contest.
Judge Spooner has signed an
order requiring Messrs. Loud,
Harris and Danaher to show
cause why their names should
not be stricken from the election
ballot as nominees of the republi
can party in this county for
county attorney, register of
deeds and commissioner from
the Fifth district respectively,
and the names of Messrs. Gib
Swedback and Johnson
substituted. This is the regular
course in the case of an election
contest and the order is made re
burnable next Monday, one week
from today.
So inquiry has arisen as toof
what the exact yote will be innight,
case the election contest named
above prove successful and the
precincts of Tenstrike and Port
Hope are thrown out as praved
for in the complaint of the con
testants. The following table
will show what the vote would be
the various contingencies
Tcnstuke Port Hope Both out
out out
Gibbons Ml l4" (T
Funkloy 1.21 bjo blf
Loud WJ 717 "J7T
Swtdb "2 -)22 521
il0 51 1 ")0t
IIan is 3')0 532 3f
Johnson 10s 9S 05
Danaher 80 1% 41
Race With Death.
Brainerd Dispatch: There was
a race with death this afternoon
and it was perhaps one of the
quickest runs ever made between
this city and Little Palls when an
engine and single caboose flew
over the line ha\ing aboard John
Henry, an engineer on the main
line who had a sudden attack of
appendicitis and who it was
thought was dying. I is said
that the run was made in a little
better than forty minutes. Upon
reaching the city Henry was still
alive and will be operated on.
Today Is Pay Day.
Tonight will be pay day for the
teachers of the Bemidji public
schools and after all the
ployes receive their checks the
amount in the treasury of
district will be considerably di
minished. A meeting of the
school board will be held in
near future and interesting mat
ters will in all likelihood be taken
up for consideration.
New Clerk at Baazar.
Miss Myrna (Jul ber 1 son of
Walker has accepted i position at
the Bazaar store and vull hereaf
ter be seen on the dry goods side
of the store Mis& Culbertson
has had consideiablc experience
as a saleslady, having formerly
been employed it the store of
Wm. McCuai
Best Remedy for Constipation.
"The finest remedy for consti
pation I ever used is Cham ber
lain's Stomach and Liver Tab-
lets," says Eli Butler, of Prank
ville, N. Y. "They act gently
and without anv unpleasant ef
fect, and leave the bowels in a
perfectly natural condition."
Sold by Barker's Drng store.
Will Visit Fair.
Rowe McCamus. the compe
tent foreman at the Pioneer, has
been granted a vacation of
weeks and will leave tomorrow
for St. Louis, where he will take
in the World's Fair.
Wagon Road From Baudette
Straight South on The
Range Line.
Saving in Mileage Fees Would
Pay for Road In
Two Years.
To anyone who has for a mo
raent considered the map of Bel
trami county the need of a wagon
road south from Baudette is one
of the most urgent of Beltrami
county's needs. There is now a
legally designated road south
from Baudette on the range line
between ranges thirty and thir
ty-one This road runs straight
south curving slightly around the
end of Red Lake and then past
Shotley on south to Blackduck
The distance to Red Lake is
36 miles while Blackduck
is about the same distance still
lurther south. The nearest point
to railway connections is Kelliher
which would be about 55 miles
from Baudette.
County Surveyor Stoner esti
mates that tha mileage fees paid
by the county in two years would
entirely pay for the cost of the
road, while the benefit to the set
tlers and to the people of the
county generally would be very
great and the road would prove a
powerful factor in the develop
ment of the county at both of its
terminals and along the entire
route. The road would be a dia
rect outlet not only for the great
Rainy River country but for allMr.
the Shotley Brook country and
the Rapid River country terri
tory both of which sections are
fine farming lands already well
The road is a project in which
the people of Beltrami county
are intensely interested and vig
orous effort should be made this
winter in the legislature to objury
tain assistance from the state for
its construction.
Grand Jury Adjourns.
The grand jury, after a session
ten days, adjourned Saturday
after having returned six
indictments, seven persons being
accused of crimes by that body.
Pour murder charges, one charge
of assault with intent to kill, one
burglary in the first degree and
another of forgery were made
and it is probable that with the
exception of two of the murder
cases all the persons accused
will be tried at the present term
of court. The members of thegerms
grand jury returned this morn
ing to their homes in the differ
ent parts of the county.
Not Legal Publication.
The case of Hays & Verity vs.
M. E Ibertson went to jury Sat
urday afternoon and a verdict
was rendered for the defendant.
Hays & Verity sues for $500
damages claiming that Mr. Ibert
son represented the subscription
list of the Sentinel to be 400
whereas as they swear it
but 216 or less than enough to
constitute a legal publication. I
is not often that a publisher will
take the pains to made affidavit
that his paper is not a legal pub
lication but this seems to be the
one exception that proves the
New Paper.
Border Budget: International
Palls is soon to have another new
paper. The promoters of the
new enterprise are A. H. Parrel,
a present publishing the Laurel
Press, and C. W. Station, an at
of St. Paul, at one time
publisher of a paper at Appleton,
Minn. They have made arrange
for the erection of a large
two story building on the newbusiness
townsite and will install a large
power plant with lithographing
Insurance Adjusted.
Representatives of the insur
ance companies which had indent
sured the J. Hon" paint shop were
in the city Saturday and adjusted
the loss to the stock. Mr. Hoff
opened the shop this morning
and will do business from now on
at the same old stand,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hall Taylor,
who have spent a couple of days
the guests ot Samuel Letcher,
left this morning for their home
in Chicago.
Bemidji-Grand Rapids Foot Ball
Game Yesterday Afternoon
Ends in Tie.
The foot ball game yesterday
afternoon between Bemidji and
Grand Rapids on the local
grounds ended in a tie neither
side being able to score. Bemidji
was much lighter than their op
ponents, but held the line until
the last part of the secor half,
when Grand Rapids made gains
with center rushes. The first
half was played almost entirely
on Grand Rapids' ground, the
Bemidji aggregation making
headway on end plays and it
looked at times as if they would
score. Markham played good
center and Smyth, Arnold, Per
kins, Getchell and Brannon did
good work in their relative posi
tions. The second half was
played largely on Bemidji's
ground, the Grand Rapids giants
making good gains by center
rushes. They fumbled the ball
repeatedly but were very lucky,
sometimes making gains after
having made a fumble. Neither
side succeeded in making a touch
down and the game ended a tie,
nothing to nothinsr.
Attorneys Bailey & McDonald Pay
High Compliment To
the Pioneer.
Council Meeting.
A meeting of the city council
be held at the city hall to
night. The important feature of
the meeting will be a discus
sion of ways and means whereby
the Red Lake railway company
can be induced to build the road
into this city. The mptnb'rs of
the council feel that the building
of the railway into this city
means much to its business men
and every effort will be made by
them to secure the terminus for
The Artz case, wherein Prank
Artzischarged with the murder of
Peter Weilander, is on in the dis
trict court today. The matter of
securing a jury is proving to be
slow process inasmuch as Bai
ley & McDonald, attorneys for
Artz, object to all jurors who
are subscribers to the Pioneer,
on the ground that the Pioneer
has published accounts of the
murder and urged editorially the
necessity stamping out lawless
ness in Beltrami county. Inas
much as nine out of ten of the
people of the county take the
Pioneer the work of securing the
proceeds very slowly. The
Pioneer appreciates the hand
some compliment which Messrs.
Bailey & McDonald pay to its in
Cause of Lockjaw.
Lockjaw, or tetanus, is caused
by a bacillus or germ which ex
ists plentifully in street dirt. I
is inactive so long as exposed to
the air, but when carried beneath
the skin, as in the wounds caused
by percussion caps or by rusty
nails, and when the air is ex
cluded the germ is roused to ac
tivity and produces the most vir
ulent poison known. These
may be destroyed and
danger of lockjaw avoided by ap
plying Chamberlain's Pain Balm
freely as soon as the injury
is received. Pain Balm is an
antiseptic and causes cuts,
bruises and like injuries to heal
without maturation and in one
third the time required by the
usual treatment. Sold by Bar
ker's Drug store.
T. J. Miller informs the
Pioneer that it was an error Sat
urday evening in stating that
Willian Sherman had purchased
a half interest in his business in
asmuch as Mr. Sherman does
not own a dollars worth of the
and is connected with
it simply on a commission basis.
John O'Dale came down from
Tenstrike this morning, where
he has operated a saw mill for
some time past. Mr. O'Dale re
cently sustained a serious acci
in having two of his fingers
nearly cut off in a saw. He left
for Ashland, Wis this afternoon
to take charge of a saw mill in
that city.
STRAYEDOne gray and
Best Merchandise
Lowest Prices
bay mare from my home last
Thursday. Finder will please
notify Theodore Snyder.
Senator Swedback this afternoon received assurrances which
make it certain that Bemidji can secure the extension of the Red**
railroad to this city providing suitable terminal grounds and
the right of way from Nebish can be secured within the next ten
days. I is up to the people of Bemidji and the people along the
proposed route we can have the road if they want it.
w^^ \W*^
To Order.
Cut this out and
send your name
and a a ess,
plainly wiitten,
and we will mail
you a jar of
Cidic Salve.
Send us 5 cents in postage to
pay for mailing same.
HY'NE Company
47o W- N. Av., Chicago, III.
Second Team Wins.
A foot ball game was played
yesterday forenoon between the
High School and the Second
eleven and ended in a score of
tive to nothing in favor of the
Second team. The game was to
settle a dispute between the two
aggregations as to who had the
right to the title of Second
Subscribe for the Pioneer.
At The
Will Take Place Tomorrow.
Come and examine them. It will cost yo\i
nothing to learn something about
Furs for yovirvg and old.
Your only chance to get what
you want a.t the right prices.
Th Bazaar Department Store.
Ladies Literary club meet with
Mrs. L. H. Bailey Monday Oct. 3.
All members are requested to
be present.
Mrs. Susie Murch,
Mrs. Catherine Boss,
Ferdinand Peterson left yes
terday for Grand Rapids.
Bookkeeping Shorthand
New classes will be formed
each Monday.
W teach Bookl eeping,
Shorthand, Arithmetic and
Pemanship in the evening.
Conway's Commercial College,
Box 744, 108 Sixth Street, between
Bemidji and Beltrami Avenues.
The Clothiers.
2 Service, Reliability, Comfort,
Values and Greatness of Variety
300 suits from smart makers, illustrat- d* t* A A
ing 87.50 qualities grand value tjpOeUU
Twentieth Century brand z-piece Suits and Norfolk
W Suits, made from the strongest materials tested long
fibi wool in spotless dye coloring made IjJO A
lor hard wear nothing equals them for *POtJ"
S Buster Brown Suits, Norfolk Suits and Sailor Suits, in
navy blue, biown and red, in worsteds, cheviots, Eng-
J/^ lish serges, smooth or rough weaves, gilt or silk
trimmed will compare with any $5.00 A
jj garments grand value j\i ^^9*0\f
School Suits especially designed for Young Men.
Swagger, single and double breasted models, in neat
and fancy effects and plain colors high chested wide, JV.
long lapels broad shoulders peg-top *|0 A A Wt
trousers grand value tJ/lAuvV/
Heavy single and double breasted all-wool armor
strength Suits for young men's wear 15 different
styles nothing made that will compare (j|J^? fifi
with them under $40 sj:ecia value epO^vrvr W
Knee pant suits with bloomer and knickbocker 1 rou- ftf
sers beautiful tweeds, serges, clays, thibets and wor-
steds handsomest ever offered the entire line of over
.^^wr^?^^ '^^^r^t^^^
To Order.
Baby Pictures
Price? Reasonable.
fiuLirg ing, Framing
and Finishing
for Amatuers.
Hakkerup Studio
Two Doors East of City Drug Store
The Same Goods
for Less Money
or Better Goods for
the Same Money

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