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The Bemidji daily pioneer. (Bemidji, Minn.) 1904-1971, October 07, 1904, Image 4

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Slayer of Sheriff Harris Of
Wisconsin Taken By
the Officers.
Also Wanted for Murder in Mon
tanaAppears Insane and Is
Confined in Asylum.
John Smith, supposed to be
the man. who murdered Sheriff
H. O. Harris of St. Croix county,
Wis., three months ago aod is
wanted in Montana for murder
and in Bemidji for assault with
intent to kill, has been captured
and is confined temporarily in an
asylum at Mendota, Wis. He is
a physical wreck from exposure,
incident to constant wandering
through the woods, and when
found by Sheriff Walby of shell
Lake, and his deputy, was wan
dering aimlessly about the woods
and held a loaded revolver in
each hand.
The officers were disguised as
hunters and when they ap
proached him he covered them
with the revolvers and said that
he knew them and that they were
after him. The sheriff replied
that they were not and finally in
duced Smith to get into the
buggy with him. The deputy
was standing up behind the seat
when Smith entered the buggy
and no sooner had Smith sat
down than his arms were pin
ioned behind him.
His actions were very strange
and he was committed temporar
ily to the asylum at Mendota.
He vigorously denies that his
name is Smith but admitted that
his real name was John Kelly.
Smith attempted to rob the
lodging house which was con
ducted over the N. P. saloon, last
winter, and upon the resistance
of the proprietor Smith whipped
out a revolver and struck the
man a hard blow on the head,
rendering him unconscious. It
is supposed that he went from
here directly to Wisconsin, where
the killing of Sheriff Harris oc
Pay for Firemen.
Chief Geil and Secretary Wash
burn of the Bemidji fire depart
ment are busy this afternoon
making out the checks for the
firemen for the quarter ending
October 1. Each fireman re
ceives fifty cents for turning out
in response to an alarm of fire
and receives a certain amount
per hour while fighting the
Made Final Proof.
Frank W. Hitchcock made final
proof before Clerk of CourtRhoda
this afternoon upon his claim two
miles south of Bemidji. Mr.
Hitchcock is one the most suc
cessful farmers in the county
and has made his homestead very
valuable during the five years he
has spent upon it.
Grocery Co.
Offering For
Pears by the bushel, $ 1.7 5
Wlil 11 1 IHlllllllll
Plums, $1.10 per crate
Fine Elberta Peaches, $1.10
per crate
Tokay Grapes, 50c a basket
Concord Grapes, 30c a basket
Sweet Potatoes Cranberries
Celery Squash
Pumpkins Spanish Onions
Apples, 35c per peck
Crabapples, 50c per peck
Honey, 20c per lb
Extra Select Bulk Oysters
Princess Grocery Co
4*4 Phone 282
Fate of F. J. Artz, Accused
of Murder, Will Rest
With Jury Tonight.
Outcome of Trial Is Doubtful But
Will Be Known By Tomor
row Morning.
The trial of P. J. Artz, accused
of murder in the first degree for
the killing" of John Weilander,
has been concluded, and it only
remains for the defendants at
torneys to make their plea be
fore the case will go to the jury.
Attorney Loud, who appears for
the state as county attorney con
cluded his plea to the jury this
afternoon and L. H. Bailey is now
making his last effort to save
The opinion seemed to be last
night that an absolute acquittal
would be the outcome of the trial,
but upon the cross examination
of Artz a number of strong points
were brought out which it is
claimed will go far toward con
victing him.
The examination of witnesses
for the defense was completed
last night and this forenoon the
state took up the rebuttal which
was finished at.noon.
The case will go to the jury to
night and it is confidently ex
pected that they will bring in a
verdict before tomorrow morn
Meeting Republican County Com
mittee Will Be Held Tues
day Evening.
Chairman Olson has called a
meeting of the republican county
committee for 6:30 o'clock Tues
day evening and all members of
the committee are earnestly re
quested to attend. The meeting
will be held at the rooms of the
Business Men's club and mat
ters of vast importance to the
republican party in Beltrami
county will come up for discus
sion. The republican candidates
for office are cordially invited to
be present at the meeting.
City Directory Now Nearly Ready
for the PrinterWill Be
Very Complete.
The new city directory is now
nearly compiled and will be given
to the printer the first of next
week. All the canvassing has
been done during September and
if there have been changes oe
Q25f* ^.'4l%H5i^ j^avM,,"^*,^ 5"* ^.^S"^
idence since then word left at the
Pioneer office or telephoned in
will materially assist in making
the book correct. The complete
list will be open for inspection at
the Pioneer office next Tuesday
and Wednesday.
The new book will be complete
in every respect and will in a
.number of different ways be a
convenient reference. Just what
population the book will show for
the city cannot be said at present
as the number of names secured
in the census has not been
Special Meetings at The Presby
terian Church Will Close
The special meetings which
have been held at the Presbyter
ian church during the past two
weeks under the leadership of
Rev. J. R. Pratt of Albany, N. Y.
will close with several meetings
on Sunday. The last week day
service will be held this evening,
Mr. Pratt is a powerful and con
vincing speaker and the meet
ings have resultv in stirring up
church mem hers and in numer
ous conversions.
Said Goodbye.
Some twenty live friends of
Mr. and Mrs J. M. Walker gath
er at their home last evening for
a last reunion and to bid Mr. and
Mrs. Walker farewQll before they
leave for the west. The affair
was planned by the Rebekahs
and was a very pleasant success.
Mr. and Mrs. Walker were pre
sented with a silver medal. They
expect to leave for Portland next
Monday. Mr. Walker is a con
tractor and builder and will en
gage in that business in Portland.
Petition of Saloon Men
Against Variety Theater
Causing Stir.
Matter Likely to Create Friction
Between Prominent Busi
ness Men.
The petition of the liquor deal
ers to the city council requesting
that body to prohibit the reopen
ing of the variety theater on
Second street is causing much
feeling among the business men
of the city and indications point
to a clash between the two ele
mentsthe one opposing and the
one supporting the establish raent
of the show.
The petition was signed bvj
nearly every member oi\\in.
saloon fraternity and alsc
some of the prominent
chants, but among those v.
support the reopening of tlr 51
house are a number of the most
influential business men of the
city who declare that the theater
would be a good thing for the
town in inducing the lumbering
element to stop here. It is
claimed, however, by the saloon
element, that the establishment
of the theater would materially
interfere with their business in
that most of the money which
the festive "jack" would bring to
the city would be spent at the
theater instead of being divided
up among the merchants, and
that it would injure the prosper
ity of the city in that way.
Interest is centered upon the
city council at present and their
action in the matter will be
eagerly looked for by opposing
Foot Ball Team Gives Another
Popular Dance at City Hall
This Evening.
The foot ball team gives an
other popular dance at the city
hall tonight and indications are
that the event will be one of the
most successful of its kind ever
held in the city. The boys have
madealJp ssiblearrangement for
the entertainment of those who
attend, and all objectionable char
acters will be excluded. One
of the features of the dance this
evening will be a full orchestra,
the instrumentation being piano,
cornet, clarionet and violin, and
the music promises to be the
best heard in the city for some
time. The proceeds of the affair
will go toward paying the ex
penses of the team and should be
liberally patronized.
Methodist Congregation of Be
midji Sends Petition to
Bishop Morrison.
A petition has been forwarded]* J|
by the Methodist congregation of]! W?
Bemidji to Bishop Morrison ofj IK
the Duluth district, who is now I
conducting the annual northern!i-&*v
Minnesota Methodist Episcopal' UK'
conference at Ortonville, request
ing the return of Pastor J. B.
Smith to Bemidji. The petition
is signed by every member of the
congregation and is a high com
pliment to the ability and popu
larity of Mr. Smith. Appoint
ments and assignments of past
ors are made at the conference,
and while the Bemidji congrega
tion have not been notified of Mr.
Smith's removal from Bemidji,
they are anxious to have him re
main, hence the petition.
Here's a How-De-Do.
Grand Rapids Magnet: The
Bemidji Pioneer speaks of the
Grand Rapids boys as giants as
compared with the Bemidji team.
On the contrary, the Bemidji
team averaged much more in
weight than the locals and the
umpire was very much predju
diced against the Grand Rapids
boys. In spite of these handi
caps the locals held down the
heavier team and came the near
est to scoring.
Election Contest Causes the Ten
strike Tribune to Indulge
in Language.
roast for the gentlemen who have
been so presun^ptious as to file
an election contest. The Tribune
is real mad and it is not afraid 1o
say so, there nqw! Mr. Gibbon's
is a baby, Mr. Sjwedbackisahog
and Mr. Johnstin a bag of bitter,
bitter gall and 'taint fair to con
test anyhow. Besides the Trib
une has "some perious charges"
up its sleeve against one of these
gentlemen and If he does not quit
the Tribune will sic the officers
of the law on him/ Having deliv
ered itself of these findings of
law and fact jthe Tribune is
pleased to pausfe awhile and let
the district court have a chance
next week. i
New Bank.
Cass Lake, O^t. 7: Lewis Ell
ington, president of the Scan
dinavian Am^ricrn Bank of
Crookston, ani J. E. Poole, a
prominent capitalist and attor
ney of Crooksion, have been in
Cass Lake today and have prac
tically completed arrangements
together with local parties, for
the establishment of a second
bank. The naiiie of the financial
institution will be the Prst State
Bank of Cass Lake, and the capi
tal stock will ibe $10,000. The
promoters-of the bankareLewis
Brotn) ffljto His. ifoki^e.
health by invasion of chronic con
stipation. Whe^i Dr. King's New
Life Pills brok^ into his house,
his trouble was(arrested and now
he's entirely Icured. They're
guaranteed to cure, 25c at all
Subscribe fqr the Pioneer.
Bemidji's Best
High Grade Suits $10.
In Worsteds, Thibets, Cheviots, Cas
simeres and fancy Scotch weaves.
They have hand fulled collars, tho
roughly silk sewed, T. hair cloth
fronts, iare serge lined, strongly
made, shape retaining and & f\
7 most excellent values at.. tjplvJ
"The Gridiron" a phenominal "H^t Hit"
The Gridiron hat is the most popular and most
universal (wearing young men's hat ever shown."
In swell wlors and black, all hand finished, per-
fect shapes and herein the greater variety at
S\iits and Overcoats.
Spteal Overcoats and Suits, for Men and
jouiig iT.cii. live Hundred Suits and Overcoats,
Checks, Plaids, and solid effects, Browns, Blues and
Black. They positively compare
with any 20.00 garments, grand
special value
First Class Overcoats $10.
In extra heavy Friezus, Gray, Brown
and Black, Cheviots, Plaids, Checks
and Stripes, and heavy weight
Kerseys, up-to-date styles, most
servicable garments, double
Printzess Garments for Women
Distinction I Dress
3-4 Tourist Coat:
Single breasted with velvet collar, straight mannish sleeves and turn back cuffs.
Back is belted by two-piece straps, running down in vertical bands at either side,
seam and studded with large metal buttons, middle seam and an inverted pleat-
Fancy mixtures, yoke satin lined, our price $22.50.
From $7,00. $18.00.
We carry a complete line of Children's Coats, Ladies' Suits and Skirts, Printzess
Gowns and wraps, ready to wear, present a welcome solution
to the problem ef suitable attire.
The Bazaar Department Store
Saturday, Oct. 8.
The only Stein-Bldch Clothesin Bemidji
The Only Clothes Custom
Made* Yet Ready-to-wear*
Clothes made from the finest material, marking ajstandard of per-
fection heretofore found only in best made-to-measure products.
Correct Custom Made Clothes at Half Custom Tailors Prices.
15.0 0
Tourist 3-4
Mail Orders
Promptly Filled.
A Immense Trouser Business.
New and exclusive designs. 20 doz.
Clay Worsted Trousers, silk sewed,
and Puritan Worsted Trous- (|JO
ers, dressy and servicable, at x*^
Old reliable lambs wool
wearing pants made,T
never equalled at
New Autumn Neckwear. Shir ts and Gloves.
High grade fall Neckwear, domestic and foreign
wears, in brocrdes, twills, crepes, Persians and Mat
losees, new effects in Myrtle, tobacco, cerise, grey
and^lizard shades 2 inch
wtdenAscots,.pe jlish Squaresfour-in-hands, Ties that irev equal
pants best

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