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Party of Surveyors Have Been
at Work Making Survey
Through Buena Vista.
Buena Vista Delegation Now
Conference With Railroad
Another survey has just been
completed by Alphonse Crawford
and two civil engineers from
Stillwater for the new Red Lake
railway and it is asserted by
them that the line which was de
cided as being impracticable
some time ago could be ussd by
the company.
They have spent considerable
time in running a line through
Buena Vista, as the citizens of
that town are anxious to secure
the road and have made several
eliorts to induce the railway to
locate its line so as to strike it.
The old line which was sur
veyed by Mr. Stoner's crew is
used almost entirely and only a
few changes have been made. 1^
is asserted that the new survey is
as good if not better than the one
which the company has contem
plated using and that no trouble
will be experienced should the
railway be located along this
A delegation of citizens from
Buena Vista have gone to Minne
apolis to confer with the railway
officials and every effort will be
made by them to induce the com
pany to build the road so as to
strike Buena Vista.
It is claimed by those who were
instrumental in securing the re
snrvey that the line can be
changed in such manner that the
work that has already been done
upon the road will not be wasted.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is
Pleasant to Take.
The finest quality of granulated
loaf sugar is used in the manu
facture of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, and the roots used in
its preparation give it a flavor
similar to maple syrup, making
it quite pleasant to take. Mr.*
W. L. Roderick, of Poolesville,
Md., in speaking of this remedy,
says: "I have used Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy with my
children for several years and
can truthfully say it is the best
preparation of the kind I know
of. The children like to take it
and it has no injurious after ef
fect. For sale by Barker's Drug
Big Contract for Loading.
George Scott was in the city
yesterday from Akeley, where he
is preparing for loading all the
logs landed during the winter by
the Red River Lumber company,
who will operate camps in the
vicinity of Akeley, Walker and
Mallard. Mr. Scott will run two
steam hoists and will load logs
cut at eight camps.
Grocery Co.
Young Radishes
Onions Celery
Extra Select Oysters
Turkeys Turkeys Turkeys
order one now
We also have a fresh supply of
Ringrose Bulk Dill Pickles
Sweet and Sour Mediums
^Choice stock are these, and
guaranteed to be appetizers.
Princess Grocery Co
Phone 282
Rev. J. F. McLeod Accepts
Call to Church at Tuc
son, Arizona.
Over Mr. and Mrs. McLeod's
Rev. J. McLeod, the popu
lar pastor of the First Presby
terian church yesterday sur
prised his people by reading- his
resignation as pastor of the
church at the close of the morn
ing service. Mr. McLeod has
been in Bemidji for two years
and during the time has endeared
himself, as has Mrs. McLeod, to
the whole people, and his resig
nation is deeply regretted by
Presbyterians and"by the people
of the city generally.
During the time that he has
been here Mr. McLeod has had
several offers from the west and
about a year ago he seriously
considered a call from Oakland,
California. But at that time he
decided that it was better for
the church work here that he ac
cept the urgent appeal of the peo
ple to stay at least"another year.
Both his own health and that of
Mrs. McLeod and of his son have
demanded, however, a change to
a warmer climate.
The- call to Tucson came" as a
surprise to Mr. McLeod Thanks
giving Day. Tucson is a city of
15,000 popple, about 100 miles
from Phoenix, the capitol of Ari
zona' and 500 miles from Los An
gelesr- The Southern Pacific
Railway shops, employing 900
men, with an annual pay roll of
$1,000,000 are located there.
Tucson is the seat of the state
university and the Presbyterian
Mission school for Indians with
750 students is located there.
The church to which Mr. Mc
Leod is called nals 150 members
and is just preparing to erect .a
new church edifice at the cost of
$18,000. The terms of the call
giye McLeod two months vaca
tion each summer during the
heated term.
Mr. McLeod's resignation ig~to
take effect December 18 and he
will begin his work in Tucson
the first Sunday of the new year.
A church meeting to act on the
resignation'is called for Tuesday
night at eight o'clock.*
South Shore & Atlantic Rail
Way Claims Rights on
Duluth & Winnipeg.
Duluth News Tribune: The
News Tribune is informed by a
prominent railroad man that the
Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic
road claims an original contract
with the old Duluth & Winnipeg
road, which contract is apart of
one bond mortgage, giving the
South Shore the right to operate
trains over the Duluth & Winni
peg branch from Duluth to .Boss
ton at any time during-the life of
the Winnipeg road and that now
the South Shore proposes to ex
ercise its light under that con
tract and commence operating
trains over the road connecting
with the new line of the Soo at a
point about seven miles from
It is claimed that the rental
provided for in this contract is
forty cents per train mile which
is consided very moderate.
The South Shore will have "to
build a connection from Fosston
to a point on the Soo line about
seven miles from Fosston and it
is expected that the road will be
operating trains over the
route in about three months. **r
New Time Card.
The changes made by the
Great Northern in train services
affect but two trains out of Be
midji. The passenger which
leaves here in the morning for
St. Paul via Sauk Centre now
leaves at 5:30 instead of at six as
heretofore, while the west bound
passenger in the afternoon leaves
at 3:52 instead of 2:52. -Y,
L. H. Bailey went to Cass Lake
this afternoon. #-,',$ ^t8&t
Hotel at once.
at- Brinkman
Deputy Coroner Marcum Re
turns From Inspection of
^^Dryhaug^s Body
Protests That Suspicious Circum
stances of the Letter and.^
Money Point to Murder.
Deputy Coroner Marcum re
turned this morning from Shot
ley, where he went to view the
fe\dy of Jacob Dryhaug, the
Shotley postmaster who was
drowned while returning home
on the evening of October 22 af
ter having spent the evening with
friends at the townsite of Shotley
which is situated about two
miles from where the postoffice
is located.
Mr. Marcum made a minute
examination of the remains but
found nothing that pointed to'
foul play and he expressed the
opinion today that the stories
circulated to the effect that Dry
haug was murdered were not
well founded as not the least"
sign#of violence were found up
on the body. The body has lain
in the water for over a month
and as a result was in a bad
state of decomposition when
found about a mile from his
home on Red Lake. His pockets
when found contained $4.65 in
silyer, $60 in checks and $200 in
notes and due bills, besides his
Mrs. Dryhaug still is of the
Opinion that her husband was
murdered, as she claims that on
the day before he disappeared he
had a $20 bill and this was not
found upon his person in the
search made by Mr. Marcuin.
She also gives reason for her be
lief that Mr. Dryhaug met his
-death as a result of foul play the
peculiar circumstance connected
with the letter which he carried
previous to his disappearance
and which turned up about a
week afterwards. Her belief is
not shared by the settlers in that
vicinity, however, who declare
his death due to accident.
As yet it has*~not been decided
by Mrs. Dyrhaug whether she
will institute an investigation of
the circumstances surrounding
her husband's disappearance^
but it is thought that if such a
course is pursued the meagre
details obtainable would prevent
a conviction even should an arrest
The body "will be'interred in
thecemetary at Shotley this after-
John Winship Loses Life at
Park Rapids While Try
ing to Save Companion.
John Winship, the eighteen
year old son of Dr. Winship of
Park Rapids, was dr6wned at
the mill pond in that city yester
day afternoon while trying to
save the life of Perce Ressler,
another boy about the same age.
Both boys were skating when
young Ressler fell through the
thin ice, having ventured too near
the center of the pond. His cries
for help attracted Winship, who
Went to his aid and had almost
succeeded in rescuing his drown
ing companion when he, too went
in. He was fatigued by his ex
ertions in behalf of his compan
ion and sank almost immediately
to the bottom of the pool. Ress
ler was afterwards dragged from
the- pond almost insensible by
others who appeared upon the
scene. It is understood that
Winship has relatives in this city.
From South Africa.New Way of
Using Chamberlain's Cough'-.
/r Remedy.
Mr. Arthur Chapman"~writing
from Durban, Natal, South Afri
ca, says: "As a proof that Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy is a
cure suitable for old and young,
I pen you the following: A neigh
ber of mine had a child just over
two months old. It had a very
bad cough and the parents did
not know what to give it. I sug
gested that if they would get a
bottle of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy and put somev upon the
dummy teat the baby was suck
ing it would no doubt cure the
child. This they did and brought
about a quick relief and cured
.the baby." This remedy, is for
sale by Barker's Drug store*^
S Petersburg, Nov: 28.-The war office has received^ ^.S
from Chefoo that the Japanese^assault on Port ArthurSaturday lots
was repulsed with heavy losses' S^ril^Wtne'Rof^^
fefr pEg
Mysterious Company Buys
thousands of Acres of
Land Near Blackduck.
Some Think That Dowie Colony
Will Be Started While.,,,
others Aver Not. r*r*&*
3fe "*"M~
The actions of a mysterious
company of investors who^-have
been operating near Blackduck
for some time past have caused
considerable speculation as to
what the purpose of the company
is among people from that city
and in fact throughout nearly the
entire northern portion of the
county. Last week a deal was
closed und the money paid in for
the purchase of 2,000 acres of
land in Blackduck township, the
consideration being $70,000, but
the names of the buyers could
not be found out and it seems
that it will take a month yet be
fore the identity of the mysteri
ous company will be revealed.
The sellers are a company of
gentlemen, one of whom resides
in Bemidji, but when approached
regarding the subject yesterday
he said that he was not at lib
erty at the-present time-to give
out the names of the purchasers.
It is confidently stated by
some that Jabe Hines, the Black
duck Doweite, is at the bottom of
the deal and is buying the land
for the purpose of starting a sec
ond Zion city, but others claim'
that this thoery is not true but
that Booker T. Washington in
tends to locate a colony of neg
roes upon the land.
The land purchased is near
to Hines Spur, where Mr. Hines
lives, and talk of a city and sev
eral other large enterprises is
rife among the citizens who live
in that vicinity.
Already a number of buildings
are being erected upon the land
which has been purchased and it
would not be surprising in the
least if a city on the order of the
Zion city would spring up. K^
I Tips of the Tongue I
E. F. Crawford: "There is no
reason why th6 people of Black
duck should object to the estab
lishment of either a negro colony
or of a Dowie colony near that
city. The eompany now buying
lands in that vicinity is one of
the strongest that ever sturck
Beltrami county and will be of
much benefit to its citizens."
Judge Pendergast:^ "That
idea of putting the prisoners at
the county jail to work is a good
one. Hereafter they will either
"be employed on the county roads
or they will be compelled to cut
wood at the county poor farm
thereby cutting down the ex
pense of making roads and fur
nishing wood for the county, ".r
Citizen: "Precautions should
be taken by parents against al
lowing their children to skate on
the thin ice on Lake Irvine. Yes
terday a number of boys who
were skating went through the
ice and it was only en account of
the shallowness of the water
where they went in that they
were not drowned.'" v-*.^
E. A. Schneider: "Business
is good.*'-The cold wave that
swept over this part of the coun
try last night and today has re
minded the people that they need
winter clothing and we did an
excellent business all day today."
C. H. Miles: "We need a fire
alarm system." 1^h-t4
fei! Talk on Kites.
The special services at the
Baptist church began yesterday
in charge of Rev. Earnest Pagen
strom, state Sunday School Mis
sionary for the Baptist church.
The meetings are especially for
young people from 12 to 20 years
of age but everyone is invited.
Mr. Pagenstrom will give a talk
tonight on "Kites" illustrated
with chalk drawings and stereop
tican views. The meetings be
gin promptly at 7:30 and the
church was crowded last evening.
Show Helps Hunters.
The light fall of snow which
has been prevalent during the day
will be of much benefit to the
hunters now engaged in this
vicinity as the snowisdeep enough
now so that the tracks,of deer and
moose are plainly visible. The
absenge of snow during the first
part of the season has saved the
lives of hundreds of the animals.
lo W'QS
For Sale or Rent
One store building, 24x60
plate glass front hardwood
floors good basement and
barn second floor contains
eight nice, light rooms.
Will sell on easy terms.
Bemidji, Minnesota..
Bemidji Commercial College
is now in a position teach^
any and all subjects taught"
by that school for $1.00 per
week nights, and $1.50 pet'"
week days, straight.,:.-AH
subjects. "jr
i'r&.^ r^th/^A'
P. J. CONWAY, Principal.
Box 744, 108 Sixth Street, between,.
Bemidji and Beltrami Avenues.
^^rFOR ^g-fc^
S 'VS" -t-GO TO"
v%0 and j^ &Ph
'^'^Pnces Reasonable.^:^
*Jf:,vEnlarging, Framing
*?i" and Finishingc.y,^,^4
for Amatuers.^Jf t^
Hakkerup Studio
Two Doors East of City Drug Store.
Cut this out And
send your name
and a a ess,
plainly written,
and we will mail
you a jar of
__. Cidic S alye.
Send us 5 cents in postage to
pay for mailing same.
HY'NE Company
475 W- N. Av.f Chicago, III.
A Fine Dinner.
The Grill served an unusually
fine dinner yesterday and a large
number of people took advantage
of it in addition to the popularJ
restaurant's regular customers.
In fact the publication of the*
Menu in the Pioneer Saturday
evening brought out fully twice
the number of people expected
by the managers and taxed the
capacity of the restaurant "to its'
Open For Business.
Flemming & Downs, the new
hardware firm, took possession
of the Malzahn hardware stock
today, and have been doing busi
ness at the old stand all day long.
Both members Of the new firm
are hustling, enterprising young
men and intend to sefc^a swift
pace, in the hardware, trade in
Bemidji^ Watch for their open
ing announcement tomorrow* 41L
Is Headquarters for Ladies' Readv-to-Wear Garments of
all kinds, and for a few days we will give special
attention to our Skirt, Suit and Coat Department
m^wmmmhm&mi BB S *s&m PI
stocked department of Fancy and Staple Groceries, ~k^B.
'fe% Vegetables and Supplies of all Kinds:- We handle the Famous Clarissa J^
Butter which brand does" "not ^fed advertising in "these farts? }t^!
attention given to ^Telephone orders and we deliver goods to any
^MiiHit the Trail" for the"
4th and Broadway,
1J" Send four cents forLewis and ClarS booklet to
A. M. Cleland, General Passeng-er Agent, St. Paul, Minn.
stop'in for onelook and an Overcoat try-on. We are here to
do business, of course, but we like to see our friends appear at
their best. It is good for them and it booms the town* The
STEIN-BLOCH SMART OVERCOATS, ffem tile topper to
the extra-long, aie satisying just to look at, and once on, never
off except in the house. The three Stein-Bloch words are
Fit, Style Quality
JThey are written
'in this label:
Subscribe for the Daily Pioneer?
Portend, Oregon, in 1905. fc-^S
Northern Pacific Railway
Great Explorers.^5 i-i
follows closely the Original Trail
ri'X^ 4 i :r
1 G. W. McCASKEY, Dis't Passenger Agent-^
r?: 7 "St. Paul, Minn.

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