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Today Last Day for Filing
of Expense Accounts by
Candidates for Office.
Sheriff and County Atttorney
Nominees Have Heaviest Ex
pense Accounts.
Today is the last day for filing
the expense accounts iucurred
during the primary and general
election by candidates for office,
and following is a complete list
of the certificates now on file at
the office of the county audi
tor: Martin Galchutt 50 60
Thos. Bailey 230 00
A. B. Hazen 250 00
John Wilmann 57 90
George H. French 125 06
Marshall A. Spooner 40 00
J. J, Regan 10 00
M. A. Clark 124 00
H. J. Loud 186 75
Porter Nye 20 00
George Gunderson 60 00
James L. George 181 00
Joseph H. Wagner 98 00
A. O. Johnson 108 45
John Sagnes 48 O
Henry E unkley 74 00
Richard Leet 121 75
H. M. Edmunds 125 00
Chas. Swedback 167 35
Matt Phibbs 33 00
John Gibbons 237 50
F. J. Dunwoody 29 50
D. H. Fisk 53 75
J. O. Harris Ill 00
Kenneth Mclver 198 00
A. W. Danaher 48 25
Republican County Com
mittee 310 00
All Bids But Three Are Re
jected by Secretary
of Interior.
The secretary of the interior
yesterday awarded contracts for
timber on the 95 per cent in the
Minnesota forest reserve for
which proposals were opened on
Nov. 17, at Cass Lake. The J.
Neils Lumber company obtains
timber on five sections at an es
timated price of $5692. A. T.
Morrell gets the timber on twen
ty-one sections at $40,951. The
Northland Lumber company se
cures the timber on eight sec
tions at $48,483, a total of $95,121,
for all timber offered. All other
bids are rejected. Several of the
bids of the Neils company and of
the Northland company are sub
ject to the right of the state of
Minnesota to land under the
swamp grant, and they are for
bidden to cut timber until the
state's claim is decided.
Grocery Co.
Lettuce Spinach
Young Radishes
Onions Celery
Extra Select Oysters
Turkeys Turkeys Turkeys
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We also have a fresh supply of
Ringrose Bulk Dill Pickles
Sweet and Sour Mediums
Choice stock are these, and
guaranteed to be appetizers.
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X*: %*%%&
Jabez Hines Confirms Report
That he Will Establish
Dowie Colony.
Many Enterprises Contemplated,
Among Them Being Brooom
Handle Factory.
Jabez Hines, the Blackduck
Dowieite, was a visitor in the
city today and in an interview
Mr. Hines, confirmed the renort
that he would establish a colony
at Hines Spur, which is situ
ated two and a half miles north
of Tenstrike on the line of the
M. & I.
Mr. Hines said that he repre
sented a company of capitalists
and that they were putting up
the money for the enterprise and
that he, as their agent, was do
ing the work. "It is certain
that a colony will be established,"
said Mr. Hines, "but at the pres
ent time I am not at liberty to
give out what class of people will
compose the settlement. We
are still securing options upon
all available land around Black
duck, but it is impossible to say
how much we nave already pur
chased or how much more will
be required for our needs.
Among other industries which
the company will establish at
Hines' Spur will be a large broom
handle factory."
Mr. Hines did not seem in the
least disposed to talk concerning
the venture and was very guard
ed [in the information he gave
out. In view of the fact that Mr.
Hines admits that a colony will
be established and that he is
such a radical Dowieite, it would
seem that the nature of the col
ony was no longer doubtful.
Three carloads of lumber
which will be used in the con
struction of buildings have ar
rived at the spur and the crew of
men now at work excavating will
be joined by carpenters in the
near future.
A. 0. U. W. Lodge of Bemidji
Held Election of Officers
Last Night.
A meeting of the local lodge of
A. O. U. W. was held last night
and the event was very well at
tended by members of the order.
The meeting was called for the
purpose of electing officers for
the ensuing year and following
is a list of those chosen:
Master workman-^J. P. Lahr.
ForemanAndrew Larson.
OverseerDan Backlund.
Recorder A. E. King.
FinancierS. A. Cutter.
ReceiverE J. Gould.
Guide"W. A. Ferris.
Inside WatchmanRobert
Outside WatchmanAlbert
TrusteeT. W. Bell.
Representative to grand lodge
S. A. Cutter.
The installation of officers will
occur at the first regular meet
ing of the lodge in January.
Wheeling, W. Va., May 28,1903.
Some years ago while at work, I fell
over a truck an. severely injured both
of my shins. My blood became poisoned
as a result, and the doctor told me I
would have running sores for life, and
that if they were healed up the result
would be fatal. Under this discouraging
report I left off their treatment and re
sorted to the use of S. S. S. Its effects
were prompt and gratifying. It took
only a short while for the medicineto en
tirely cure up the sores, and I am not
dead as the doctors intimated, nor have
the sores ever broke out again. Some 12
years have elapsed since what I have de
scribed occurred. Havingbeensosignally
benefitted by its use I can heartily recom
mend it as the one great blood purifier.
Care Schmulback Brewing Co.
Chronic sores start often from a pim
ple, scratch, bruise or boil, and while
salves, washes and powders arebeneficial,
the unhealthy in the blood must
be driven out or the sore will continue
to eat and spread. S. S. reaches
these old sores through the blood, re
moves all impurities and poisons, builds
up the entire system strengthens
the circulation. S. S. is a blood
purifier and tonic combined. Contains
no what
ever butis guaran-
teed purely veget-
able. If you have
an old sore write
us and our physi-
cians will advise
without charge.
Book on
of the Blood free
The Swift Specific Company, Atlanta, Ga
ssmatteco8Sanmineradisease.d the circulation 8
purifier and tonic
Relatives of George Boucher
Cannot Locate Where
abouts of Their Son.
Vigorous Search Fails to Locate
Missing Man and Quest
Is Given Up.
Another mystery which will
perhaps forever remain unsolved
has developed in northern Minne
sota in the disappearance of
George Boucher, a young man
whe came from Anoka some time
ago and has since made his home
in and about Bemidji.
A report was circulated in
Anoka some two weeks ago to
the effect that young Boucher
had been shot accidentally and
was confined in a hospital in this
city The Pioneer received sev
eral telegrams and letters from
friends and relatives of the young
man but it was found that he was
not known here and the report of
his being shot was not given cre
dence. His parents, who live at
Anoka, took the matter up, how
ever, and last week his father in
stituted a search in Bemidji and
neighboring towns for his son,
wishing to ascertain whether the
report was true. He tried hard
to locate the missing relative, but
in spite of a thorough investiga
tion not a trace of the young man
could be found and Mr. Boucher
gave up the search without hav
ing so much as found where his
son was last seen, and went to
work in a lumber camp near Cass
It is said that young Boucher
has been a bartender during his
stay in this part of the state, but
this cannot be verified, as he is
not known to anyone in this city.
New Service From Bemidji
to Agency Will Be Insti
tuted Dec. 16.
Adyice has been received from
the postal department at Wash
ington to the effect that on Dec.
16 a daily mail service would be
instituted between Bemidji and
Red Lake Agency. For anum ber
of years past the service has been
only a tri-weekly one and has
been very unsatisfactory. A
petition to the postal department,
however, brought about the de
sired change and from the above
date the people of Red Lake will
receive their mail daily. Tom
Smart has the contract for haul
mg the mail and it will necessi
tate th3 addition of two teams
and a driver to the regular force
now employed on the route.
Move Law Offfices.
Bailey & McDonald are re
moving their law offices from
their temporary location in the
Miles block to the room in the
Markham hotel block formerly
occupied by J. H. Rea, the tailor,
where they will be permanently
located. The ad3ustment of their
loss in the Swedback block fire
has been nearly completed.
A Frightened Horse.
Running like mad down the
street dumping the occupants,or
a hnndred other accidents, are
every day occurrences. It be
hoves everybody to have a reli
able Salve handy and there are
none as good as Bucklen's Arnica
Salve. Burns, cuts, sores, ec
zema and piles, disappear quickly
under its soothing effect. 25c, at
all drug stores.
Subsciibers who fail to receiye
the Pioneer are requested to
notify the office at once. The
Pioneer will furnish free to all
subscribers in Bemidji a tin hold
er in which the carrier may put
the paper. If you have no holder,
please ask for it. Subscribers
are also requested to notify the
office at once when carrier boys
fail to put the paper in the holder.
Be Quick.
Not a minute should be lost
when a child shows symptoms of
croup. "Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy given as soon as the child
becomes hoarse, or even after the
croupy cough appears, will pre
vent the attack. It never fails,
and is pleasant and safe to take.
For sale by Barkers Drug Store.
"Lucky" Hearing Monday.
The hearing of "Lucky," who
is suspected of having a hand in
the robbery of a woodsman some
time ago, has been postponed
until next Monday. & $ fi
"^Subscribe for the Pioilee!
get the news.
Absolutely Pure
Sup't. Ritchie Presents Re
port of the Public Schools
for November.
Only 19 Visitors Daring the
Whole MonthEnrollment
for the Month 652.
Superintendent Ritchie of the
city schools has filed his report
for the month of November. Mr.
Ritchie calls particular attention
to the matter of tardiness and
irregular attendance both of
which are larger than they
should be A striking feature
of the report, however, is the
fact that but 19 people visited
the schools last month, showing
that whatever interest the people
of the city have in the public
schools, they, evince but little
active interest. Superintendent
Ritchie's report is as follows.
We take pleasure in submitting
to the public our report of Be
midji Public Schools for the
month of November.
The total enrollment for the
month as reported by the several
teachers, is 652. The percentage
of attendance in the grades is
94|, which is one half per cent
lower than for the month of Octo
ber. As stated before, the cases
of absences are confined to a
comparatively small number of
pupils. In the grades, Miss
Miller's room deserves special
mention. With an enrpllment of
66 pupils she reports 97 per cent
in attendance.
The percentage of attendance
in the high school is the same as
for the month of October, 97 per
Total number cf visitors re
ported is 19, with some rooms
roporting none. In the matter
of cases of tardiness we have
been able to lower the number
from 90 for the month of October
to 76 for the month of November.
This number is yet entirely too
large and we ask that parents
see that their children get to
school on time.
We are glad to report that in
the matter of truancy there was
but one case reported. We are
not sure, however, that other
cases did not occur.
The public is cordially invited
to visit us and speak an encour
aging word to the teachers who
are earnestly laboring for the
betterment of our schools. We
are trying for the present to
leave off the frills and take on
good solid workwith reading to
the fore.
It is with sorrow and regret
that we report the illness of two
of our teachers Misses Covell and
Leyde, who are rapidly recover
ing from an attack of typhoid
Respectfully yours,
Organized Orchestra.
A meeting of the members of
the Bemidji orchestra was held
last night and the first electionof
officers took place. Fred Carl
son was elected manager and H.
E. Anderson secretary and trea
surer. Arrangements for giving
the first annual ball of the or
ganization were completed but
the date has not been decided as
yet. It will occur some time
next week, however.
Strong Man Exhibiting.
"Sam J. McMillan is giving ex
hibitions of strength in one of
the down town saloons and will
give two performances at Wil
ton Friday and Saturday nights.
Mr. McMillan does some really
wonderful things, such as break
ing horse shoes with his bare
hands, lifting enormous weights,
IMJTOELZEBeCQ scumiNcaiiuco
Bemidji Commercial College
is now in a position teach
any and all subjects taught
by that school for $1.00 per
week nights, and $1.50 per
week days, straight. All
J. CONWAY, Principal.
Box 744, IOS Sixth Street, between
Bemidji and Beltrami Avenues.
Fir^d Shots on Bridge.
While returning from supper
last night Patrolman Cline heard
a number of shots fired in the
vicinity of the Great Northern
bridge. He was near the Great
Northern depot and ran down
the track to ascertain what the
shooting meant but as he ap
proached the men disappeared
and no trace of the men could be
found. A city ordinance pro
hibits shooting within the limits
of the city.
Subscribe for the Pioneer.
By the public's
unerring Judg-
ment and store-
favor we are
proved premier
ly "the fittest"
ft ft ft ft ft
ft ft ft
ft ft ft ft ft ft
ft ft ft ft ft ft ft
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4 t.*s
Sergeant Witte of the local re
cruiting office has eight men
ready for shipment to the Pacific
coast. Mr. Witte has added an
other room to his office equip
ment where uniforms for the[
new recruits are kept.
We would like to call your attention to our Grocery Department,
which is stocked with the best the market affords of Staple and Fancy
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a full line of The World Renowned HEINZ Bottled and Canned Goods,
Pickles, Preserves, Sauces and Sweet Meats.
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Good Things to Eat
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mg half a bottle of
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Mr. A. R. Kane, a prominent
druggist of Baxter Springs,
Kansas, says Chamberlain's
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in my judgement, the most su
perior preparation of'anything in
use today for constipation. They
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dency to nauseate or gripe. For
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worth of any other kind of bluing:.
Won't Freeze, Spill, Brea*
Nor Spot Clothes
around in the Water.
At all wise Grocers.
Billiard Hall.
L. J. MATHENY, Prop.
Fine Line of Cigars & Tobaccos
Bemidji, Minn.
Sewing Done.
I am prepared to take in sew
ing over Matheny's Billiard hall.
J. Swain
Reasons In cold
type cannot con-
vince as will
one glance a.t
our overcoat de-
5 ^~f**W
Ir i

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