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r "tut** tC" "PVspKKa S ,.5* A^t -MffJJP'
Just received a new line of advanced spring
styles at one-third less than regular price.
Next Door to Post Office.
We wish to extend our thanks to our many
customers for their liberal patronage.
Remember every article purchased at our place is
guaranteed and any article not proving satisfactory re-
turn to us and we will replace it. An article that was
purchased of us we will engrave free of charge liberal
price charged for engraving articles not purchased of us.
George T. Baker &
Located in City Drug Store.
Masks at Peterson's
All kinds of signs. J. A. Hoff.
For flash light pictures try
Fancy fruit for the table.
Cream that whips at the Model
Bakey. Phone 125.
S Moorhead is a business
visitor from Turtle River.
For carriage painting see J. A.
Hoff, rear Swedback block.
Howard Bailey was a business
visitor at Bagley last evening,
The Palace Cafe will serve their
special Sunday dinner tomorrow.
Extra painting with every
dozen pictures at $4 00 or more
at Hakkerup's
LeBleu left for Farley last
night to look alter the interests
of the Fitger Brewing company.
A course at Button's Business
College, Crookston, Minn, for
$25 if you enter during January.
Rev. J. T. Clark returned last
night from Bramerd, where he
has spent Christmas with rela
Souvenir paper weight with
your own photograph with every
dozen small pictures at Hakker
Senator and Mrs. Swedback
will leave tonight for St. Paul,
where they have rented a house
and where they will make their
1 Bargains Bargains!
inall departmentsthisweek!
home during the session of the
New Years fruit and confections
at Peterson's.
George Tanner spent last even
ing at Bagley on business.
The Model Bakery delivers to
any part of town. Phone 125.
The Palace Cafe will serve their
special Sunday dinner tomorrow.
They all like the special Sun
day dinner served at the Palace
The Grill's special Sunday din
ner will be ready at 12 30. Only
35 cents.
Happy new year to all kiad
friends and customers. J. Pet
erson. Jr.
Hakkerup makes a specialty of
family groups. Send for him for
Christmas groups.
W. A. Gould returned from
Kelliher this morning and will
remain in the city for a few days.
The Grill's special Sunday din
ners are growing in popularity
each week. Go there tomorrow.
Mrs M. S. Hitchcock has re
turned to Ada after a week's
visit with Mr. and Mrs. R. W.
The Palace Cafe grows in popu
larity, because their meals are
homelike, well cooked. Try their
special Sunday dinner tomorrow
and be convinced.
Matt Gannon returned from
Kelliher this morning. He will
attend to business matters here
you wantto save money? $
If you do, come in.
Wm. McCuaig Wm. McCuaig $
before returning to his home at
L. W, Smith, of Blackduck is
calling on friends here today.
They all like the special Sun
day dinner served at the Palace
The Grill's special Sunday din
ner will be ready at 12-30. Only
35 cents.
For a good homelike meal try
the special Sunday dinner served
at the Palace Cafe.
C. B. Albrant who has been at
tending to business matters up
the north line returned this
Miss Mennett Rogers left this
morning for Nary where she will
enjoy a few days vacation with
W. H. Shaffer returned last ev
ening from Posston and has re
sumed his work at R. W. Reed's
photographic studio.
Owing to Monday being a legal
holiday the general delivery de
partment of the postoffice will be
open only from 1 to 2 m.
Mrs. A. Kaiser and son, Ros
coe, returned to Bagley this
afternoon after a two days visit
with Dr. and Mrs. Gil more.
Snow in the Big Pork country,
prior to the present thaw, is said
by homesteaders from that sec
tion to have been three feet on
the level.
The Palace Cafe grows in popu
larity, because their meals are
homelike, well cooked. Tr their
special Sunday dinner tomorrow
and be convinced.
J. W. Irwin left last nighfc for
Blackduck and Kelliher, where
he will inspect the six logging
camps now in operation by the
firm of Irwin & O'Brien.
Work on the interior of the
Swedback block is being pushed
rapidly and the building will be
ready for occupancy within a
comparatively short time.
Brings bright, shining, merry
eyes, rich, red blood, good health.
That's what Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea will do. 35 cents,
Tea or Tablets. Barker's Drug
P. O. Sibley, chairman of the
board of county commissioners,
came in last night from bis home
at Solway and has been attend
ing to various county matters at
the court house today.
Our best advertisers are those
who have tried our meals. We
serve them to suit you. We in
vite you to our special Sunday
dinner tomorrow. Ready at
12.30 and costs you but 35 cents.
It sends the life's blood danc
ing through your veins the exhi
larating feeling one feels after
using Hollister's Rocky Moun
tain Tea is wonderful. 35 cents,
Tea or Tablets. Barker's Drug
Wm. M. Hines has anew idea.
It is to employ 250 lumberjacks
after January 15 and make men
of them. Hmes promises to em
ploy every man of them through
Wheelock's employment agency.
This is a good boost for Buck.
Its wonderful power goes to
the seat of your trouble, vitalizes,
strengthens every part of your
body That's what Hollister's
Rocky Mountain Tea does. 35
cents, Tea or Tablets. Barker's
Drug Store.
Dr, J. Warninger left last night
for Tenstrike, where he will make
another examination of the horses
injured in the recent railroad
wreck in that city. Mr. Warin
ger is the chief veterinarian for
the Minnesota & International
railway company.
The contest case of William
Johnson vs. O. Sibley for a
valuable homestead near Lake
Itasca has been decided in favor
of the plaintiff reversing the de
cision of the Crookston land of
fice. Mr. Sibley will appeal to
the Secretary of the Interior.
Mr. A. R. Kane, a prominent
druggist of Baxter Springs,
Kansas, says: '-Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets are,
in my judgement, the most su
perior preparation of'anything in
use today for constipation. They
are sure in action and with no ten
dency to nauseate or gripe. Fo
sale by Barkers Drug Store.
Hon. B. Sampson of Crookston
formerly state senator from Polk
county, has been spending sev
eral days visiting his son, Rick
Sampson of this city and Anton
Erickson of Rosby. Mr. Samp
son is much pleased with Bemidji
and believes that it has a fine
future. He returned to Crooks
ton last night.
A. C. Brandt of Little Falls is a
business visitor here today.
Twenty-five per cent off cost
price on wall paper. J. A. Hoff.
For a good homelike meal try
the special Sunday dinner served
at the Palace Cafe.
H. Calyert, of Verndale is the
guest of his son, Harry Calvert,
of the Bemidji Elevator Co.
The Misses Alice and Florence
Pendergast are enjoying a
pleasant vacation with friends at
Red Lake.
O. J. Laqua today received the
sad news that his mother was
slowly passing away at her home
in Chicago.
County Superintendent elect
J. J. Regan of Solway is in the
city today preparing to assume
his official duties next week.
J. E Harris, who has a large
contract for cutting logs came in
from the north country this
morning and is spending the day
purchasing supplies.
New Years reading at Peter
Monday is a legal holiday. Tbe~
banks will be closed as well as
the offices usually closed on holi
days, and there will be no issue
of the Pioneer for that day.
The Red Cross is coming.
Pat Cassin fs in from Nebish
for the day, and reports pros
perity at that point as well as
great satisfaction over the re
cently inaugurated daily mail
Go to Hakkerup for photos.
Loggers complain of the dis
astrous effects of the present
pleasant weather and it is hoped
for business reasons that it may
soon be followed by a freeze up
and a fall of snow.
New Years fruit at Peterson's.
T. J. Miller is entertaining as
his guest James R. Robson, of
Galva, 111. Mr. Robson has been
here the past few days attending
to business matters and expects
to return home Monday.
New Years toys at Peterson's.
Our best advertisers are those
who have tried our meals. We
serve them to suit you. We in
vite you to our special Sunday
dinner tomorrow. Ready at 12 30
and costs you but 35 cents.
New Years cigars at Peterson's.
A badly blazing chimney at the
office of Gibbons & Torrance this
morning necessitated the turn
ing in of a fire call, but the dan
ger was over before
partment could reach the scene.
The first meeting of the new
board of county commissioners
will be held Tuesday, when the
new officers will be sworn in.
The bonds of John Willman as
auditor and H. J. Loud as county
Parts of Sec,
All of
seM seM
seM swM
swM seH
16 13 31
neM neM, neM
wM. andswk swM 21
lot 4, swM nwM. and
nwM swM, 5
n^, n&swM, n% seM 6
se*iswM 7
nwM swM, 13
swM, 21
eV6 seM. swK se&, 24
nwM neM 25
nwM nwM. 27
sYs swM, swM seM 28
s% swM 29
neM neM 31
all of
Notice of Sale of Stumpage on State
Notice is hereby given that I will offe* at public auction at the Court House in Bemidji
Minnesota, on Monday January 16,1905, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, certain timber belong-
ing to the state and liable to waste
Following is a list of the land upon which said timber ated, showing the kind of tim-
ber that will be offered on each tract, and the appraised value of same.
149 150
149 149
31 31
lots 1 and 2 9
sK swM 11
nwM nwM, 14
neM neM, neM seM 15
lots 1, 2, 3, 4, neM
neM, sV4 neM,
sw swM, eV
swM, seM 16
wH seM 20
nwk nwM 21
w& neM, nwM seM 29
10 16
150 150 150
150 150
31 31 31 31 31
31 31
31 31
31 31
31 31 31
3 6
151 151
151 151 151 147 147 147 148 149
neM swM,
seM seM.
neM seM,
neM seM
seM seM
wi seM, selA
31 31 31 32 32 32
lots 1, 5
Allof fractl
s% of nVS, rtii swM
nwM seM, seM,
s% neH, nVS seM.
nwM nwM
n^, neM swM,
lot 1, n% nwM
lots 2, 3
seM neM, neM seM
nwM seM
all of
32 32
*$147 &&
*3 $
attorney have already been, ap
Olga Thompson came in th
morning from Kelliher for tLe
A. tfekman, the Minneapolis
furrier, was in the city yesterday
on business*.
Miss Barbara Olson took the
afternoon tram for a visit with
relatives at Wilton.
The Grill's special Sunday din
ners are growing in popularity
each week. Go there tomorrow
There is no lever so powerful
as plain and simple factsMark's
Lung Balsam will cure your
Aimdon, is in from Mallard
where he is employed in the in
terestofthe Crookston Lumber
At the Baptist church tomor
row special New Year addresses
will be delivered both morning
and evening.
Mrs. James A. Field returned
yesterday afternogn to her home
at Ashawa, Minn., after spending
a few weeks with relatives and
friends here and at Eagle Bend.
M. D. Stoner, who has been in
Minneapolis, confeinng with
the officials of the Minneapolis,
Red Lake and Manitoba railway,
is expected home this evening
T. Swanson, an employ in the
planing mill at Turtle River met
with a painful accident last even
ing. While making, the change
of saw blades the fingers of the
left hand were nearly severed.
He was brought to the city this
morning and the hand dressed.
B. F. Sullivan has just returned
from a trip to the Big Fork coun
try and is spending a few days
renewing acquaintances here.
Mr. Sullivan and a few friends
intend returning to that country
in a few days where they will
take up claims. Mr. Sullivan is
a firm believer that it will be but
a short time before the railroads
reach the settlers of the nonh
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy
the sense of smell and completely
derange the whole system when
entering it through the mucous
surfaces. 'Such articles should
never be used except on prescrip
tions from reputable physicians,
as the damage they will do is ten
fold to the good you can possibly
derive from them. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co, Toledo, O con
tains no mercury, and is taken in
ternally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of tne
I buying Hall's
Catarrh Cure be sure you get the
genuine. It is taken internally
and made in Toledo, Ohio, by
J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials
free. Sold by all druggists.
Price, 75c. per bottle. Take
Hall's Family Pills for constipa
Kinds of timber to be offered Appraised Price
Balsam, Sprace Tamarack cedar $ 1 670
pine, spruce tamarack 195
pine tamarack cedar balsam 190
pine, cedar, tamarack spruce 445
cedar, spruce, balsam 20
pine, spruce, balsam, cedar, tamarack 500
tamarack, cedar, spruce 495
pine, spruce, tamarack, cedar 2 540
pine, spruce, cedar, tamarack 90
pine, spruce, tamarack, cedar 100
pine, spruce, cedar, tamarack 321
pine, cedar, tamarack -550
pine, tamarack, cedar 260
pine, cedar, tamarack 140
pine spruce, cedar, tamarack 230
pine, spruce, cedar, tamarack 460
pine, tamarack, cedar, spruce 375
balsam jack pine spruce tamarack cedar 400
tamarack, spruce, cedar 60
pine, tamarack, cedar, spruce 130
cedar, tamarack, spruce 130
pine, spruce jack pine, tamarack, cedar 248
tamarack, cedar, spruce 1060
cedar, tamarack, spruce 130
tamarack spruce, balsam, cedar 45
tamarack, cedar, spruce 180
pine, spruce, tamarack, cedar, balsam 160
tamarack, cedar, spruce, pine 235
pme 60
jack pine 35
pine 15
pine, spruce tamarack, cedar 275
pine, spruce, balsam, tamarack, cedar 155
pine, spruce, tamarack cedar 450
pine, spruce, tamarack, cedar O W
pine, spruce, tamarack 25
pine, spruce, tamarack *155
pine, spruce, balsam, tamarack, cedar 80
pine, spruce, tamarack.cedar
pine, cedar, tamarack, spruce ^415
pine, tamarack, spruce ^g, {**11
pine tamarack, cedar, spruce
cedar, tamarack balsam, spruce
Terms of Sale.
^The timber in this list will be offered, and sold for cash, the fuU amount of bid must be
paid at time of sale No timber can be sold for less than the appraised price Payments
must be made by certified check or draft on St Paul or Minneapolis bank All checksor drafts
must be made payable to the "StateTreasurer of Minnesota Money will not betaken under
any circumsances The timber will be sold outright and Permits" will be issued allowing
purchaser two logging seasons foi the removal of the timber from the land These terms 'will
be strictly adhered to, and intending purchasers will govern themselves accordingly.
Dated at.St Paul, Minnesota this 17th day of December, 1904
I Also tl
*12 0
*v 640
jack pine 200
k J?
State Land Commissioner.
Thursday Eve.,
January 5th
Unusual Attraction!
Tom Arthur presents a drama
tization of Sir A. Conan
Doyle's greatest story of
Sherlock Holmes, entitled,
"A Study
In Scarlet"
The Dramatic Sensation of the
The stock of the Bemidji Mercantile
Company is now on sale at the.
Ol Bank Building
Staple and Fancy Groceries, Crockery, Glassware,
Candies, Cigars, and Tobaccos.
the Fixtures must be
once regardless of cost
The Great Cough Cure I
For the cure of all affections of
the lung, throat and chest, such as
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Croup, Whoop*^
ing Cough, Hoarseness, Etc., Bronchitis^
and will prevent consumption when ,1
taken in time. Guaranteed.
Price 25 and 50 cents.
Prices*? 25c, 50c and 75c
..Tremont Hotel..
Combined with Restaurant
Meals"at All Hours.
Furnished Rooms.
Open Day and ?ight.
Sign of the Big Black Bear
sold at I
Phone 294.
Dr. J. Warninger
Veterinary Surgeon
Office Phone 78.
Residence 114 Irvine Avenue
Phone 248. I
Located at Bagley Livery Barn
Billiard Hall.
ft"V? L. J. MATHENY, Prop. fS
Fine Line of Cigars & Tobaccos
BemidllJP^ -T
-03 Minn.
F. E. C00LEY,
Painter, Paper Hanger
and Decorator.
I -s?
N 3
All Kinds of
F O. E
Fraternal Order of Eagles, Bemldp ArleNo.*si,
Meets every Wednesday at 8 p. a.,
ailmoar's Hall.
A. T. Wheelock. 'ty.
H. LeBleu,

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