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Reservation Lands Will Be
Thrown Open to Settle
ment at Cass Lake.
$j*s. Maggie Keefe of Cass Lake
Holds Twelfth Place in
the Line.
m* i
Cass Lake, Aug. 14.(Special
0 the Pioneer)The opening of
Jands in the Chippewa reserva
tions "will take place at the land
Of&ce in this city tomorrow morn
ing at 9 o'clock. There are 18
Applicants for lands at the doors
Of the land office awaiting the
opening. No. 1 is Christian D.
Wragge of Cass Lake, No. 2 is
Charles J. Hansey of Cass Lake,
and the third is Herman Strucke
berg, formerly of Bemid]i but
who now resides in Cass Lake.
One woman, Mrs. Maggie Keefe,
a restaurant keeper at Cass
Lake, is in line in front of the
land office and holds 12th place.
All of those who now hold
their places in the line at the
doors of the land office have been
there continually since Aug. 1.
They have sat day and night up
on chairs, boxes and the steps of
the office for the past 14 days
patiently awaiting the opening.
During this time they have had
j&ll their meals brought to them.
A large number of people are
arriving the city to be present
at the opening, and it is probable
that the line before the land office
will be swelled to hundreds be
fore the opening tomorrow morn
BigelowCase Adjourned.
The preliminary examination
of El. M. Bigeiow, accused of em
bezzlement while cashier of the
Crookston Lumber company, was
adjourned for 60 days Judge
$kinvik's court this morning.
Joe Martell Has Home
Neither in Beltrami Nor
Cass Counties.
To be bundled back and forth
from one county to another seek
ing medical aid seems to be the
late of Joe Martell, who was a
patient at St. Anthony's hospital
several days ago but who was
ordered taken to Walker, Cass
county, because the authorities
Jbere could iind no evidence ol
the man's ever having a residence
in this county. Martell it is
claimed by the Beltrami county
authorities, was injured at Cass
ak at the J. Neils Lumber com.
pany's sawmill. It is further said
that, to avoid the payment of
Martell's hospital bill by Cass
county, the man was shipped to
Bemidji. The authorities here
took charge of the man but upon
^earning that he was not a resi
dent of the county and believing
_j^a)iie had been injured at Cass
jkake,they shipped him to Walker,
Martell was brought back to Be*
jpaidji Saturday night by Deputy
Sheriff Trowbridge) the Cass
.County authorities claiming that
|je was not a resident there
kartell is in this city now, but
what disposition will be made of
'pim is unknown.
Jtfill Start Laundry at Akeley.
W. L. Preble has purchased
4be machinery and equipment of
feb old Peerless laundry former
ly operated in this city and will
^move it to Akeley, where he
^yrill start a new laundry. Mr.
jPreble will not take personal
jpfoarge of the plant.
Tim i i
Predicted That Rupture Will
Occur in Russian-Japan-
ese Peace Negotiations.
Portsmouth, N. H, Aug. J4,
The Russo-Japanese peace con
ference met at 9 30 this morning
and resumed the discussion rela
tive to the status of Korea, M.
Witte continuing to to urge that
the language of the clause should
explicitly show what he contend
ed was Japan's true intention,
namely, to make it a province of
Japan. This article was disposed
of when a recess was taken for
luncheon. Predictions continue
that a repture will occur when
ihe articles providing for in
demnity and the cession of
Sakhalin are reached.
Many Errors Made by Be
midji Men Responsible for
Victory for Superior.
A half dozen errors on the part
of Burke, second baseman for
the Bemidji team, and at least
one for nearly every other man
in the lineup, was responsible for
the Superior league team making
15 scores in the game yesterday
afternoon, while the locals only
succeeded in getting six. The
game was a very poor exhibition
and after the first inning there
seemed to be a lack of "ginger"
on both sides. Cook, the Deer
River man who was engaged to
pitch the game, showed up in
poor form and the leaguers
touched him up for 15 hits.
The Bemidji men got nine hits off
Sorenson, the Superior man.
About 400 people attended the
game, but long before the con
test was over half of them had
left the grounds disgusted with
the showing made by both teams.
Canadian Weed Spreading
All Over Say Reports
From the North.
Reports from the country sur
rounding towns located on the
M. & I. north of Bemidji are to
the effect that if they are allowed
to grow Canadian thistles will be
as thick in a few years as they
were some sections of North
Dakota several years ago. It is
stated that in the vicinity of
Blackduck and Funkley the
weeds are numerous and that a
patch can be found on almost evry
burning or tract of cut-overland.
It is the duty of village and town
ship officers to stop the spread
of thistles, but in some sections
along the M. & I. there has been
very little attentio^ paid to the
extermination of the weed.
J. B. Montague, Accused of
Assaulting Daughter, Held
to Grand Jury.
J. B. Montague, the Spooner
man who is held at the Beltrami
county jail charged with having
assaulted his 17 year old daugh
ter, has waived the preliminary
examination and will await the
action of the grand jury, which
will convene in this city on Sep
tember 19.
Firemen Making Attempt to
Hold Special Tourna-A
ment in Bemidji.
Local Department Will Ask Busi
ness Men's Club To Lend
Its Aid.
Aspecialfiremen's tournament,
the races in which will be for the
championship of the state, is be
ing planned by members of the
local department, who tonight
will wait,, upon a representative
of the Park Rapids running
team, which won the banner at
the meet recently held at
According to present plans,
the tournament will be two day
meet, and the running teams of
Cass Lake, Blackduck and Grand
Rapids departments will be in
vited to take part in the races in
addition to the Park Rapids team,
which wishes to compete with
Bemidji for the state champion
ship. The meeting will be held
in Bemidji if suitable arrange
ments can be made, otherwise
the races will take place at Wal
ker, the citizens of which village
have offered to put up good
purses for the event.
At the meeting of the local de
partment this evening, it is prob
able that a resolution asking the
Business Men's club to lend its
aid will be passed. The business
men have, since the failure of the
Fourth of July celebration in Be
midji, planned upon a carnival to
take the place of the national
holiday celebration which fell
flat, and a number of leading
firemen have expressed a wish
that the carniyal and tournament
be made a joint event
Instigator of Bear Island Up
rising of a Year Ago Cap
tured Near Walker.
Deputy U. S. Marshall Prank
C. Tuft, who was a visitor the
city the other day, reports a
rather exciting experience which
he had not long since in arrest
ing a bad Indian near Walker.
The Indian was none other than
the famous Gay zhe gwon aush,
the instigator of the Bear Island
uprising at Leech Lake a year or
two ago which Major Wilken
son lost his life. "Gay" is a de
cidedly hard character and the
terror of all the Indian police
up north. He has been in hid
ing ever since the maasacre
and has sent several defiant
messages to the authorities
to come and get him. Ee
said there were not enough
deputy marshals in northern
Minnesota to arrest him and his
previous reputation was such
that it was generally believed
that he would never be captured
alive. The Indians had a big
war dance at Bena early in uly
and it was learned that the much
wanted Indian was with the rest
of the natives. Frank was sent
after him and was given 12 In
dian policemen to assist him but
when the time came for the show
down the escort skipped and
Frank was able to get but one of
them to get near enough to iden
tify the Indian he was after.
However, the right man was
spotted and on a bluff pure and
simple, "Gay,"thoughsurround-
ed by several hundred of bis
friends, gave in like a little man
and was marched off to the depot
and taken quickly to Walker.
The capture was a risky piece of
business and no one but a man
of good nerve would have cared
for the job.
Fred Shepherd Killed In
stantly While Working
Near Becida.
Fred Shepherd, a resident of
Hubbard county who lives about
six miles south of Becida post
office, was struck by the sweep
of a stump puller while working
near his farm and instantly
killed. Shepherd was working
company with George Still
well, another Hubbard county
resident. The two men had
fastened the end of the cable
which is attached to the stump
puller to a stump but found that
they had made a mistake in fast
ening it too high upon the stump.
The horse being used on the
machine was unhitched and the
sweep of the stump puller
swung around and struck Still
well* who was held fast between
the sweep and the puller. Shep
herd procured a crowbar and
liberated his companion, but
when the sweep of the stump
puller was loosened it swung
about and Shepherd, who was
standing directly in its path, was
struck in the side and instantly
killed. Most Northerly in United States.
Beltrami county has the uni
que distinction of being the most
northerly county in United
States proper. Of course this
does not mean that this county is
situated as far north as Alaska,
but a portion of it it extends
about forty miles north of the
49th paralled which forms the
northern boundary of the United
States from Lake of the Woods to
Puget So und or the Pacific Ocean.
There is a block of land and is
lands along the western portion
of Lake of the Woods. The block
of land contains aboat four town
ships and is attached to the
southeastern portion of Mani
toba. This part of the county is
known as the Northwest Angle.
Mrs. U. B. Wise:
If you love your husband, feed Hixn good bread. ^There
is nothing that makes a good husband like good bread and
there is nothing that makes good bread like Barlow's Best
flour. Yours for Bemidji, Beltrami and Barlow's Best,
iii i
Chief of Police Wounded.
Radoum, Russian Poland, Aug. 14
The chief of police of this city re
ceived many wounds from fragments
of a bomb thrown at him.
Recital on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Thomp
son |of Sioux Falls, S. D., will
give a recital for the benefit of
the public library on Friday
evening of this week at the City
Opera house. In the way of a
musical entertainment, there is
no doubt but that this event will
eclipse anything of the kind
given in the city. Both Mr. and
Mrs. Thompson are well known
throughout the northwest and
possesses remarkable talent.
The tickets will be 50 cents.
Bemidji. Minn., August, 1905.
[Ask our local agent about:the side trips to
the many show places along the line of the
Great Northerfi Railway
"The Comfortable Way"
Lewis & Clark Exposition
For rates and further information
call on your local agent'or address
1. Whitney. Pass'r Traffic Mgr., St.
25.000 DEAD
Killed with our Poison Fly Paper
and Insect Powder, The standard
of Excellence.
A Liquid Food
The true Malt-Tonic rich in tissue-forming,
blood-making properties is
It is made up of 14.60 per cent of nutritiofff Malt
extract and is a perfect digestantnon-intoxi
catingdelicious tasting. The ideal tonic for
convalescents, PF *%$*%\
vfe all druggists and grocers. Jf
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n
W I Vt3, J- lonta, U. S. A.
Clerks Would Play Winners.*
The retail clerks have issued a
challenge to the winners of the
base ball game Friday between
the Knights of^Pythias and Wood
Read the Daily Pioneer,
Ball Game Friday.
The base ball game between
the Knights of Pythias and
Modern Woodmen will take place
at the new base ball park Friday
afternoon at 3 o'clock. Both
teams have been practicing daily
and a good amateur game will un
doubtedly be played. At least
one-half the proceeds of the con
test will go to the public library.
Tk Comf"*,.*f ^aj*
dlliPlP& W&

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