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buys more than
Some Reasons Why Bemidji Should Adopt a. Home
Rule Charter. P'*?
It affords every citizen an equal voice in the management of the
city's affairs. The man who lives on the outskirts has same
representation on the city council as the man who lives in the heart
of the city. Every quarter of the city is absolutely asssured of
equal representation. The people will rule, not the politicians.
Every city in the state which has adopted a home rule charter
isee accounts of Moorhead, Fergus Falls and Detroit elsewhere in
this issue) has gradually paid off its bonded indebtedness and low-
ered its rate of taxation.
The supreme court of Minnesota (see decision cited elsewhere
in this issue) declares that it cannot conceive of a city organization
under the general law when it has the opportunity to adopt a home
rule charter. The advantages of a home rule charter, giying the
people absolute freedom to manage their affairs and to change their
charter, as they see fit.
Bemidji is rapidly becoming a city. It is time to cast off the
.swaddling clothes of villagehood and put on the garments suited to
its size and dignity as a city. By city organization we shall be able
to meet easily, readily and cheaply all the demands made upon a
rapidly growing city.
The people elect a mayor, clerk, treasurer, assessor, two jus-
tices and nine members of the council The mayor appoints the
members of the police force and the members of the library board*
while the council, the direct representatives of the people, make alj
other appointments, such as attorney, street commissioners, etc
The people thus retain in their own grasp all the important powers
of government. If the mayor fails to enforce the laws in accord-
ance with the wishes of the people, he has but a year to serve, and
the people have but one man to change to secure their will instead
of five as at present.
The charter proyides for no salaries except $1 per year to the
members of the water board. All other salaries are fixed by the
council and the outgoing council in each case fixes the salaries for
the ensuing year, so that no administration can vote itself money.
This system secures an absolutely economical adminstration of the
city government for no council will, on the eve of an election, vote
larger salaries than are necessary for an efficient administration of
city affairs.
The charter has been attacked upon the ground that it would
allow the wasteful expenditure of public funds for public improve-
ments. How absolutely false this is may be seen from the fact that
the charter provides that the cost of public improvements, such as
sidewalks, boulevarding, grading, sewers, paving, etc., shall be
charged against the abutting property. In order that this shall
not prove too heavy a burden upon the property owner, the charter
also wisely provides that such cost may be paid by the property
owner in five equal annual installments. The general taxpayer is thus
protected, for he pays for#'no improvements, except those made in
front of his own property, while the prpprety owner is protected
for he is required to pay but one fifth each year of the cost of any
improvements which he may petition for.
Another favorite argument used against the charter is that if
we incorporate as a city the bonded indebtedness will be greatly
increased. In the first place the people have to vote the bonds
under a city organization just as they do now under village organiza-
tion and they can therefore refuse to bond just as easily under city
organization as they do now. In the second place under village or-
ganization the village can bond not to exceed 10 per cent of its tax-
able valuation, but the legislature frequently passes enabling acts,
allowing villages to bond in excess of this 10 per cent. Under the
charter the city can bond not to exceed 10 per cent of its taxable
valuation and no more under any circumstances whatever. Thus it
will not be possible to bond for as much under city organization as
it is at the present time.
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The Bemidji Dealy Pioneer,MISS
It should be borne in mind that
every cold weakens the lungs, low
ers the vitality and prepares the
system for the more serious dis
ease^, among which are the two
greatest destroyers of human life,
pneumonia and consumption.
Cough Itemedy
has won its great popularity by its
prompt cuifes^f this most common
ailment. It aids expectoration,"fei.
lieves the lungs and opens the
secretions, effecting a speedy and
permanent cure. It counteracts
any tendency toward pneumonia.
Price 25c, Larfe Siie 50c.
Richard Leet is in the city to
day from Dexterville. fi
I Say, Keep Your Eyes
On the Weather Strip man and
do not let him get away from you
before you get your doors fixed
for the winter?" "with Common
Sense all Wood Weather Strips.
It is the best thing in town in its
line tit positively does the work
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Sale Agt.
Popular Young Lady of Be
midji Succumbed Yester
day-Funeral Tomorrow,"
Miss Pearl Flint, aged Sfo,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.
Flint, died yesterday at 8:30
o'clock a. m. at the home of her
sister, Mrs. G. Crone, after an
illness of two weeks. Miss Flint
has been critically ill for several
days and her death was not un
expected, although it will be a
blow to many intimate friends
and acquaintances of the young
lady throughout the city." Fun
eral services will be held tomor
row afternoon at 2 o'clock from
the residence of Mr. and Mrs*
G. Crone, 519 Minnesota avenue.
The services will be conducted
by Rev. Thos. Broomfield of the
First Baptist church. The re
mains will be interred in Green
wood cemetery. Miss Flint was
engaged to be married to Philip
Doyle, formerly of Bemidji but
now of Denver, Col. Mr. Doyle
is present to attend the funeral
Miss Edith Pierce of Newthis
Auburn Sustained Seri
ous Injury Friday,
Miss Edith Pierce of New
Auburn, Minn., Friday afternoon
sustained a serious injury as a
result of being shot through the
right foot with a 20 gauge double
barreled hammerless shotgun at
the residence of M. Heinzelman
at Itasca. Miss Pierce was
handling the gun and had the
muzzle resting upon her foot. In
some manner the safety, upon the
gun was moved and the gim fexv
ploded, the charge of.shot going
directly through the young
lady's foot, piercing a small
round hole in the top of the foot
and tearing off a large portion of
the sole. She was placed in a
carriage and driven to Bemidji,
where she was confined at St.
Anthony's hospital yesterday
afternoon. Physicians dressed
the wound and the condition of
the young lady is satisfactory.
The accident may result in tl)e
loss of one toe of the injured
member. Miss Pierce has spent
the past two months at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Heinzelman for
her health.
Solberg Saw Three Bears.
Louis Solberg, the Beltrami
avenue shoemaker, yesterday
saw three bears on the farm of
Ladwig Boelke, three miles east
of Bemidji. Mr. Solberg was
paying a visit to the sawmill
which he owns near the Boelke
farm when a mother bear and
her two cubs appeared at the
side of the road upon which he
was walking. Mr. Solberg had
no gun and consequently could
not dispose of the animals.
Proclamation. f
l^ffl&BAfc Ynesday the 26th
day of September 1905 has been
designated fcr ^holding a Special
Election to vote upon the pro
posed City Charter for Bemidji,
all saloons and other places
where the sale of intoxicating
liquo is licensed, shall be closed
from 6 o'clock a. m. to 8 o'clock
p. m. of said day, and all persons
are forbidden to sell, barter, fur
nish or dispose of in any manner
directly or indirectly, by agent,
employee, or otherwise any in
toxicating liquors on said day,
between the above named hours.
Any violations of this proclama
tion will be punished under the
provisions of Chapter 292, Gen
eral Laws of the State of Minne
sota for the year 1901^
Fifty Years the Standard
A Cream ofTartar Powder
lade Fro Grapes
N Alu
Additional Locals
I. O. Wagner of Kelliher is a
business visitor in the city today.
Alphonse Crawford returned
this morning from a business
trip to Blackduck.
Thos. Melby and O. Stortroen
of Wilton were business visitors
in the city yesterday.
A. D. Simpkins of Turtle River
is renewing acquaintances in the
city today.
Christ Olson is making im
provements to his residence pro
perty on America avenue.
Theodore Snyder is a visitor in
the city today from his home
near Little Bass Lake. "v
J. P. Riddell went to Pequot
morning on business for the
Crookston Lumber company.
Editor S. R. Moorhead of the
Turtle River Pine Tree is trans
acting business in the city today.
Miss May Keefe of Cass was a
visitor at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. A. G. Rutledge over Sun
Miss Alice' Robbins left last
night for Park Rapids, where
she was called by a message an
nouncing the serious illness of
her sister.
County Commissioner George
underson arrived in the city
this morning to attend the meet
ing of the board which is being
held today.
Wheelock & Hawkes today
shipped 16 men to Akeley for
employment by the Red River
Lumber company and 17 men to
Long lake for the Crookston
Lumber company.
Haul Foucault and George
Kinch spent yesterdaay at Rice
lake in quest of ducks. Few
ducks were seen by them on the
trip and as a result only a very
small number was brought home.
A letter received yesterday
from C. R. Martin, who is suffer
ing with rheumatism at Hot
Springs, Ark., states that he is
improving quite rapidly and that
he expects to return to Bemidji
about the first of October.
Ben Erickson, John Boss and
E. J. Gould left yesterday for
Wilton. Prom that village they
will go by boat down Grant
Creek and the Mississippi river
back to Bemidji.
tetter to Mr. T. J. Miller,
Bemidji, Minn.
Lead-and-oil is not
the rule
Dear Sir
good paint don't wear
is, as every one knows
in three years.
Devoe lasts sixain the ..same
wayallow wide margin in all
such statements. What does it
mean, to last? It. means the
same with both.
A to covering that's another
Here's an instance.
Mr. J. J. Hall, Sheffield, Pa.
painted two houses, lead-and-oil
took 40 gallons. r*
Last summer bought 40 gallons
Devoe for the same two houses
returned 10 gallons.
measure. Lead-and-oil is
BXfR SALEMagnificent moose
head, mounted will be sold
cheap Inquire at this office.
FOR SALE Rubber stamios.
The Pioneer will procure any
kind of a rubber stamp for
vou on short notice.
FOR RENT- 35 room hotel doing
fine business. Will rent to re
sponsible party at reasonable
terms. Excellent opportunity
for good hotel man. Address
or-call at Pioneer ofiice..
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat
urdays, 2:30 to 6 p. m. Thurs
day 7 to 8 p. m. also. Li
brary in basement of court
House. Mrs. E. R. Ryan, li
4 Webster (SL Cooiey
I Wall Papers Paint Store
.j One door south of old P. O.
1 building. Telephone No. 283.
D. W. Carter of Quiring is at
tending court in Bemidji.
W. J. Whiting of Tenstrike ar
rived in Bemidji this morning
for a short yisit with friends.
Editor Oberg of Blackduck ar
rived in the city this morning to
spend the day here on business.
Superintendent L. F. Johnson
of the C. A. Smith company re
turned this morning from Black
duck, where he has spent a few
days on basic ess for the county*
The paint, that covers, lasts getting worse, the doctors advised me if
it's all paint, true paint, and full {^^r?3S*
paint but not good paint thelead ^S^^S^SSaSSSi
wants zinc. Better paint Deyoe
W. DEVOE & Co.
New York and Chicago.
W. M. Ross sells our
der Diseases InEvery
FormMany People
Have Kidney Trouble
and Do Hat Know It.
It is the function of thekidneys to filter
and purify the blood which isconstantly
passing through them.
When the kidneys are out of order the
other organs are affected immediately
and you may have symptons el heart
trouble, stomach and liver trouble, and
otherailments, which areall owing to the
kidneys being weak and out of order.
if you are sick Foley's Kidney
Cure will strengthen and build up the
worn out tissues of the kidneys so they
will act properly and the symptons of
weakness, heart, stomach and liver
trouble will disappear and you will be
restored to perfect health.
How to ToU If Yon Nave KMnty TreuMe.
You can easily determine if your kid*
neys are outof order by settingaside for
24 hours a bottle of the urine passed
upon arising. If upon examination it is'
cloudy or milky or has a brick-dust sed
iment or small particlesfloatabout in it,
your kidneys are diseased and Foley'*
Kidney Cure should be taken at once.
Foley's Kidney Cure is pleasant to
take and acts directly upon the parts
affected and you begin, to feel better
at once. -&?*"'
It corrects slight disorders in a few
days and it has cured many obstinate
cases after other treatment had fatted.
Doctors SaM H Wools Not Live.
Peter Prey, of Woodruff, Pa., writes*
"After doctoring for two years with the
best physicians in Waynesburg, and still
Satisfied for One Cent A Word
ton, Minn., about the new
towns of Holt, Middle River,
Strathcona and Grenbush on
the Thief River Falls extension.
_. not
all possibly liveanothermonth, as therewas
I immediately sent my son to the store
for it and after taking three bottlesI be
gantoget better and continued to im
prove until I was entirely well."
tee sfeo% eeo i eijee.
Barker's Drugstore
WANTEDGirl for general
housework. 708 Beltrami Ave.
WANTEDCompositors, $18 per
wk. nonunion. Permanent*
position to competent men in
St. Paul. Apply at once. St.
Paul Typothetae,Ger..Am, Bk
WANTEDFor U. S. army able-.'
bodied, unmarried men be*
tween ages of 21 and 35, citi
zens of United States, off
good character and temperate^:
habits, who can speak, readl
and write English. For m-p'
formation apply to Recruitingr
Officer, Miles block, Bemidji/
Minnesota. 14
Lost and Found,
LOSTPurse containing $60.
Fifteen dollars reward for re
turn to Pioneer office.
LOSTOpportunities for profit
when you neglect the Pioneer
want columns.
FOUNDSterling silver medal
ion head on Lake shore. Owner
can have same by paying for
this notice.
Attorney and Counsellor at W
Office opposite Hote8 BXairkHmm.
P. J. Russell
Attorney at ]Law
B. E. ncDonaid. c. A. Ptttdn.
McDonald & Pitkin
BeoaMta, nine. Offices Swedlteek Bfocfc
L. A. Ward, M. D.,
Physician and Surgeon*
Diseases of fifoe Eye a specialty.
Glasses fitted.
Di\ Rowland Gfflmpre
Physician and Surgeon
GlRofe- raiea Stock
Dr. E. H. Marcum
Physician and Surgeon
OfSec: Over IRreft Naitfaaag Baaak
RMMeaofPiMacami Oo Phom 9
Wes Wright,
Dwy aadTraaafcr.
Phone 40. 404 Beltratni: Ave.
Tom Smart,
H9 Baggige, Safe ao4 Ptaoo Mvte
Phone No. 58 613 America Avenae
Dr. R. B. Foster,
Dr. O. S^fitaxth,
OOcm B. Wtator'a Store.
F. Q. E.
'*'QHatmtr'a-H. W.PrMMMrt
H.LaBlM, W.SKratatfy
VMM Bto mliny fawitoi.
Fred Raymond Presents
Famous Comedy
v* Girl ***vr
Positively the Greatest Comedy
Success of the Season.
mmut ,._
Harris Eldon
ZEKB DOBSON, the Cowrtry Boy
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Careful Attention to Detail
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