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Chas. Johnson is a business
visitor in the city today from
Mrs. Paul Foucault is serious
ly ill at her home in the north
west part of the city.
The Chicago Glee Club is one
of the most famous male quart
ettes in the country.
Deputy (J. S. Marshal Frank
W. Tufts of St. Paul spent a
short time in the city last night
on official business.
Senator E. J. Swedback left
this morning for Minneapolis,
where he will spend a few days
on business.
Ben Grims, auditor for the
Fitger Brewing company, is
looking after business for the
company in Bemidji today.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Thomas
arrived in Bemidji last night
from Seattle, Wash., and will
take up their permanent resi
dence here at 1010 Beltrami
Makes digestion and assimila
tion perfect. Makes new red
blood and bone. That's what
Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea
will do. A tonic for the sick and
weak. 35 C3nts, Tea or Tablets.
Barker's Drug store.
Home AgainVacations
do make a big hole in the
pocket-book, but neverthe
less, the relentless demand
for diamonds continues.
As the old colored brother
said about the chickens on
the elevated perch"Dey
sholy is high, but dey must
be had."
BeforeJanuary 1st. Dia
monds are going to ad
vance 10 per cent. We
have just receided our
fall assortment.
E. A. Barker,
3rd. St. Jeweler.
Ne W fiotel Stcc^afcl
2 Opposite Depot. Tenstrike, Minn,
S Largest Hotel North of Bemidji. Newly Built and $
3 Furnished.
First Class Accommodations in Every Particular.
$ Your Patronage Earnestly Solicited.
Henry Stechraan, Prop.
$ Kates: $ 1 to $2 per day.
Read the Daily Pioneer.
Frank Percival of St. Paul is a
business visitor in Bemidji to
Attorney Chester McKusick
is transacting legal business at
Walker today.
Attorney JohnT\ Gibbons re
turned last night from a business
trip to St. Paul.
Suits pressed, cleaned and re
paired by S. J. Fryhling. Op
posite Markham hotel.
A. G. Tuller of Grand Rapids
is looking after his mercantile
interests in Bemidji today.
T. J. Miller left this morning
for Park Rapids to spend a short
time in that city on business.
Mrs. A. G. Rutledge and son,
Earle, returned last night from
a visit with friends at Cass Lake.
W. T. Blakely arrived in the
city this morning from Farley
for a short business visit here.
James L. George transacted
business at Blackduck last night
for the Irwin & O'Brien company
and returned home this morning.
A. Knudson, superintendent
for the Halvorson-Carlson com
pany, left this morning for Min
neapolis, where he will spend a
week on business.
Tired out, worn out woman
cannot sleep, eat or work seems
as if she would fly to pieces. Hol
lister's Rocky Mountain Tea
makes strong nerves and rich red
blood 35 cents, Tea or Tablets.
Barker's Drug store.
J. F. Essler returned this
morning from a hunting trip to
the claim of Mrs. Essler, east of
Northome. Mr. Essler states
that there is an abundance of
game of all kinds in the vicinity
of Northome. He brought home
with him a good bag of ducks
and partridges.
How's This?
We offer one hundred dollars
reward for any case of catarrh
that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure. 'F. J. Cheney &
Co., Toledo, 0.
i We, the undersigned, have
known F. J, Cheney for the last
15 years, and believe him per
fectly honorable in all business
transactions, and financially able
to carry out any obligations made
by his firm. Walding, Kinnan &
Marvin, wholesale druggists,
Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken
internally, acting directly upon
the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system. Testimonials sent
free. Price 75c. per bottle.
Sold by all druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for
Air Tight
Will Burn Chips, Shavings, Bark, Roots, Corn Cobs, or Cord Wood
and one more heat less time and retain it longer than any stove
ever made. By the patent method of taking the draft from the top, we
secure a perfect Air Tight Heater, giving us absolute control of the
tire The draft being obtained from descending currents, which ar
full ot impurities, makes the beater the best of venttilators. The air
becomes gradually heated as it passes thru draft pipe and therefore
enters the fire at the right temperature, supplying the proper amount
of Oxygen to produce and maintain a perfect combustion, and saving
Fuel, because with our Damper we have complete control of the fire
The hot air cominsr from the top ignites and utilizes as fuel all the
gases in the Stove which in other Stoves goes to waste. This explains
why the Wilson Heater consumes much less fuel than other Stoves and
is therefore more economical. Call and see them. For sale only by
Successors to FLEMING & DOWNS. Phone 57.
Fifty Years the Standard
Made From irapes
Ne Stem
Read the Daily Pioneer.
J. Bisiar spent the afternoon
at Cass Lake on business.
Attorney P. J. Russell trans
acted legal business at Cass Lake
this afternoon.
Harry Calvert transacted busi
ness at Cass Lake this afternoon
between trains.
Get your overcoats cleaned,
pressed and repaired at Fryhling,
the tailor opposite'the Markham
C. O. Rayne and S. J. Fryling
left this afternoon for Cass Lake,
where they will transact land
A. C. Wilkinson, attorney for
the Great Northern railway
company, is a visitor in Bemidji
today from Crookston.
C. H. Miles left this afternoon
for Hibbing, where he will re
main until Friday looking after
business interests in that city.
Walter Brannon has resigned
his position as manager of the
Ber man clothing store at Fosston
and was in the city yesterday on
his way home to Northome,
If you want a pretty face and
delightful air, rosy cheeks and
lovely hair, wedding trip across
the sea, put your faith in Rocky
Mountain Tea. Barker's
John Moberg is in the city to
day from Akeley, where he has
spent some time preparing for
the winter's logging. Mr. Mo
berg has taken a contract from
the Red River Lumber company
to log 5,000.000 feet of pine near
Akeley and will conduct one
camp during the season.
A. W. Layman, special agent
for the interior department,
passed through the city this af
ternoon enroute from Crookston
to Cass Lake, where he will
transact business before the U.
S. land office in that city. Mr.
layman will spend tomorrow in
F. O. Sibley arrived in the city
this afternoon from Solway for a
short business visit here. Mr.
Sibley states that his new town
site of Island Lake is rapidly
coming to the front and that a
store and saloon are now under
construction in the coming
metropolis of the Wilton spur.
Careless Rider Runs Down
Lady Walking Along
Lake Boulevard.
A careless bicycle rider last
night ran into a woman walking
along Lake Boulevard and the
woman was thrown to the ground
and quite seriously injured.
After he had ran down the
woman the rider quickly picked
up bis wheel and started away
without ascertaining to what ex:
tent the woman had been injured,
according to the complaint made
by the woman to the police last
night. She was unable to give a
description of the man and the
police have as yet been unable
to locate him. The,, ^woman did
not give her name. *J
,3^1 1- tp1
Asks For Information Which
Appears to Be Carefully
Guarded From Public.
The Pioneer is in receipt of t^he
following letter of inquiry:
Big Meadows, Oct. 24st, 1905.
mister Editer, will you plees^e in
form me through the collums of
yure esteamed sheet who is the
editer of yure esteamed Kontem
porary the Bemidji Daily Times.
Yure Esteamed Corrispondent,
We are unable to furnish Mr.
Corliss with the desired informa
tion, but it occurred to us that
perhaps the gentlemen who
answered a speaker's question
in the citizen's meeting Monday
night, might do so.
The meeting had waxed warm.
Enthusiasm was at its height.
All ears were alert to catch the
words of the member who had
the floor. The speaker grew
eloquent, and reaching his cli
max, exclaimed, "Mr. Chairman!
If the citizens of Bemidji are not
to be permitted to control her
politics and manage her affairs,
Who then will do so!" From the
audience in deep bass tones
came the unlooked for but
prompt response, "Omer E.
Can the gentlemen who came
to the rescue, enlighten our "es-
teamed corrispondent?"
Bullets Penetrate Walls of
Residences Near Dia
mond Points.
The promiscuous discharging
of fire arms along the lake shore
in the vicinity of Diamond Point
is a atopic of considerable com
ment among residents of that
section. Almost every day, and
especially on Sunday, there are
men and boys frequent that yici
nity carrying guns, and a large
number of shots are fired almost
daily. During the past'week or
so there have been several bullets
penetrated the walls of residences
near the point, and although no
injury has been received by any
of the residents, a number of
narrow escapes have occurred.
Diamond Point is within the city
limits and a person who dis
charges a gun in that vicinity is
subject to a fine or imprison
11 VJ^
"Lumberjack Sky Pilot'
Cares for Man Too Dnfnk
to Walk.
Rev. F. E. Higgins, the "lum
berjack sky pilot/' returned this
afternoon from Crookston and
other points in the Red River
valley, where he hag conducted
meetings for some time past.
In company with Mr. Higgins
was one of the filthiest specimens
of humanity ever seen on the
streets of Bemidji. The man
was a woodsman who was re
turning to this city from the Da
kota harvest fields. He had sup
plied himself with a generous
supply of whiskey before leaving
East Grand Forks and as a result
Upan his arrival here he was too
drUnk to walk. The sky pilot
helped the man from the train
and this afternoon, after the
woodsman had become reason
ably sober, "staked" him to a
bath and a square meal, and,
after giving the man a good lec
ture left him.
vJ^fffikV WML
The first lessSn. that the young girl
has of womanhood is usually a painful
one. She learns to know what head
ache means, and. backache, and some
times is sadly borne down by this new
experience of life.
All the pain and misery which young
girls commonly experience at such a
tame may, in almost every instance, be
entirely prevented or cured by the use
of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
It establishes regularity. It tones up
the general health, and cures headache,
backache, nervousness, chorea, or St.
Vitus's dance, and other consequences
of womanly weakness or disease.
The anxious mother of the family
oftentimes carries the whole burden of
responsibility so far as the home med
ication of common ailments of the girls
or boys are concerned. The cost of the
doctor's visits are very often much too
great. At such times the mother is
invited to write to Dr. B. V. Pierce, of
Buffalo,. N. Y., for medical advice,
which is given free. Correspondence is
held sacredly confidential.
"Favorite Prescription" is the only
medicine for women the makers -of
which are not afraid to print just what
it is made of on every bottle wrapper.
It is the only medicine for women
every ingredient of which has the unan
imous endorsement of all the lead
ing medical writers of this country,
recommending it for the cure of the
very same diseases for which this "Pre
scription" is advised.
A mother's love is so divine that the
roughest man cannot help but appre
ciate it as the crown of womanhood.
However, motherhood is often looked,
forward to with feelings of great dread
by most women. At stum times a
woman is nervous, dyspeptic, irritable,
and she is in need of a uterine tonic
and nervine, a strength builder to fit
her for the ordeal. No matter how
healthy or strong a woman may be she
cannot but be benefited by taking Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription to prepare
for the event. It makes childbirth easy
and often almost painless.
is a powerful, invigorating tonic. It
imparts strength to the whole system
and to the womb and its appendages
in particular. For overworked
Girlhood, Womanhood, Motherhood.
out," "run-down/*debilitated teachers,
milliners, dressmakers, seamstresses,
"shop-girls," housekeepers, nursing
mothers and feeble women generally,
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is
the greatest earthly boon, being un
equaied as an appertizing cordial and
restorative tonic.
"Favorite Prescription" is unequaled
and is invaluable in allaying and sub
duing nervous excitability, irritability,
nervous exhaustion, prostration, neu
ralgia, hysteria, spasms, chorea, or St.
Vitus's dance, and other distressing,
nervous symptoms commonly attend
ant upon functional and organic dis
ease of the womb. It induces refresh
ing sleep and relieves mental anxiety
and despondency.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is
at the
"The True fentuckain" was
presented to a good sized audi
ence at the City Opera house last
night by the Warner Comedy
company. Pleasing specialties
were introduced between acts,
and an excellent evening's enter
%ainment was given. The illus
trated songs as rendered by
Frederick Marschon was a rare
and pleasing treat to all listeners.
His "Good-bye Sis" was greatly
appreciated. Miss Cora Warner,
as -'Madge," the frontier Ken
tuckian lassie, was a version of
true love and trust. The War
ner company will present the
three act comedy "All a Mistake"
this evening.
Mrs. Vincents
little child
1 fe
a. scientific medicine, carefully devised
by an experienced and skillful pby*
sician, and adapted to woman's deli
cate organism. It is purely vegetable
in its composition and perfectly harm"
less in its effects in any condition of
the system. For morning sickness or
nausea, weak stomach, indigestion,
dyspepsia and kindred symptoms, it*
use will prove very beneficial.
"Favorite Prescription" is a positive
cure for the most complicated and
obstinate cases of leucorrhea, exces*
sive flowing, painful menstruation, un
natural suppressions and irregularities,
Erolapsus or falling of the womb, weak
ack, "female weakness," anteversion,
retroversion, bearing-down sensations,
chronic congestion, inflammation ana
ulceration of the womb, inflammation,
pain and tenderness of the ovaries,
accompanied with "internal heat."
Young women or matrons should not
allow themselves to look sallow and
wrinkled because of those pains and
weaknesses which become chronic and
are the result of colds, tight lacing, and
the imprudent care of the womanly sys
tem. Many a woman would look beau
tiful, have healthy color and bright evee
if it were not for those drains on her
strength and those weaknesses which
come all too frequently and make her
life miserable. There is a ready-to-use
Prescription, used a great many years by
Dr. R. V. Pierce in his large practice as
a Specialist in women's diseases, which
is not like the many "patent medicines"
on the market, as it contains neither
alcohol nor any narcotic, or other harm*
ful drug. It is purely vegetable. It ie
known as Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription and is sold by druggists.
cure biliousness, sick and bilious head
ache, dizziness, costiveness, or con
stipation of the bowels, loss of appe
tite, coated tongue, sour stomach,
windy belchingS, heartburn," pain
and distress after eating, and kindred
derangements of the liver, stomach
and bowels.
Persons subjected to any of these
troubles should never be without a vial
of the "Pleasant Pellets" at hand. In
proof of their superior excellence it can
truthfully be said that they are always
adopted as a household remedy after
the first trial.
One little "Pellet" is a laxative, two
are cathartic. They regulate, invigor
ate and cleanse the liver, stomach and
bowels. As a "dinner pill," to promote
digestion, take one each day. To re
lieve the distress arising from over
eating, nothing equals one of these
little "Pellets." They're tiny, sugar
coated, anti-bilious granules, scarcely
larger than mustard seeds.
How to live in health and happiness,
is the general theme of Dr. Pierce'e
Common Sense Medical Adviser. This
great work on medicine and hygiene,
containing over 1000 pages and more
than 700 illustrations, is sent free on
receipt of stamps to pay expense of
mailing only. Send 31 one-cent stamps
for the cloth-bound volume, or only 21
stamps for the book in paper covers.
menstruation, bearing down pains, nervous
ness, or whose life is made desolate by,
barrenness, can have the same relief Mrs.
Vincent secured, by taking Wine of Cardui
in the privacy of her home: No physician's
treatment necessary. This pure Wine com
mends itself to every suffering woman.
Will you go to your druggist today and
secure the same relief Mrs. Vincent writes
about? When the stomach, bowels or
liver are affected, Thedford's Black-Draught should be used.
No. 933 Mission St., SAN FBANCISCO, CAL., Dec. 9,1903.
healthy and the sunshine of my life. I had Hardly any trouble after __
born, and after eleven days was up doing my entire housework and feeling
better than I had felt for years. I am the envy of my neighbors because of the
unusually healthy child I bave and because I never had a aick day myseK. 1
give the entire credit to Wine of Cardui, i*V
for I was sickly, pale and thin before I took *?i
it, but since I have used it I have been inMsftf**- #~~C4~*7^
perfect health, have gained fourteen
pounds and enjoy life as never before. SnWideS^^s Club
a w,
4 Af*
s. -'^*i
-~x -9
Hamm Company to Build.
Theo. Guiickson, local agent
for the Theodore Hamm Brew
ing company of St. Paul,' states
that the company has made ar
rangements for the erection of a
brick block on the south side of
Third street, next to the
Blooston refreshment parlor.
According to the plans, the
building will be 25 by 8D feet,
two stories with a full basement.
The contract forbits erection will
be let about Nov. 1 and the com
pletion of the structure will be
accomplished about Feb. 1, 1906.
The building is to be used for
saloon purposes, but as yet a
manager for the establishment
has not been decided upon.
Albert Robbins, a former resi
dent of Bemidji bu who has
made his home at Hibbing for
some time time past, returned to
Hibbing this afternoon after re
newing acpuaintances in the city
iS suffering disordered
ta w-ita-ft

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