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The Bemidji daily pioneer. (Bemidji, Minn.) 1904-1971, October 25, 1905, Image 4

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Woman Claims Damages
Against M. & I. for Injur
ies to Herself and Child.
Probable That Amount Not Less
Than $10,000 Will Be
Sued For.
One of tne biggest damage
suits for personal injuries ever
tried in Beltrami county will be
instituted against the Minnesota'
& Internation railway company
by Mrs. Alexander Dechano of
Mill Park addition to Bemidji in
the near* future.
Mrs. Dechano has retained
Henry Funkley of this city as
her attorney and the papers in
the case are now being prepared.
She claims that on Oct. 3, 1905,
she purchased a ticket for Be
midji at Kelliher and boarded an
accommodation train bound for
this city and that while on the
rain she was thrown violently to
the floor of the coach with her
4 months old baby. She claims
that a number of her ribs were
broken by the fall and that she
was rendered unconscious and
was taken from the train upcn
its arrival here in a semi-consci
ous condition. She also claims
that the little child received in
ternal injuries from which he is
yet suffering. The child's condi
tion, it is said, is critical.
She was accompanied by an
other child,, four years ol age,
who was also thrown to the floor
of the car but sustained no in
Brinkman Opening Postponed.
The proposed formal opening
of the Hotel Brinkman, which
was to have been held Nov. 6, has
been postponed to a later date.
It will probably occur about
Nov. 15.
Commence Work on Spar.
The Crookston Lumber com
pany has commenced work on
its logging spur to be buiJt at
punkley. The spur will be nine
miles in length and will be ex
tended in a southerly direction
from Funkley into a rich pine
Slaughter Sale!
J. A McConkey's
will be
continued a few
days longer.
This is your chance to get
in on the ground floor.
County Attorney McDonald
been county attorney, but in ail
j.1. J. i.- i. -j
that time has said and done
nothing in the matter, till now, it
is but fair to infer that his state
ment is a threat.
Edwin Dyer, Settler Near
Funkley, Seeks Separa
tion Frbm Wife.
Edwin Dyer, aged 52, a settler
living in Itasca county" near
Funkley, has applied for a di
votce from his wife, Olive Dyer,
aged 44. The suit is brought on
the ground of desertion. The
complaint alleges that Mrs. Dyer
deserted the plaintiff in March,
1904. A further allegation is
that the defendant deserted the
plaintiff on a subsequent occa-
of the Pioneer and send him to in the way of lowering tax assess-
the penetentiary. Inasmuch as ments for those who will support
the county printing for the past pcet to do no business with Bel- every liberty ^which they have
six months or more while he has trami county. enjoyed in the past.
A. O. Johnson went to Bemidji
last Wednesday on business.
W. N. Wright who has been
working at Cass Lake retwrned
Friday for a short visit with
friends. During the winter he
will nave charge of a lumber
camp near Kelliher.
VJT. H. Hyatt returned home
last week from a business trip to
North Dakota. &**
Miss Tina Pendergast formerly
a teacher in the city schools here
sion and became infatuated with
another man, with whom she had
improper relations. Mr. and
Mrs. fiyer were married in 1882
and were among the first settlers
in northern Itascacounty. Henry
FunkJey of this city has been re
tained as the plaintiff's attorney.
C^ndid^te Carter Informs SaJoons They Must Vote For Him
Or Be Driven Out of Business-CKe^irin^n Darvaher Says
the County Will Boost the Ta^xes and R.efuse Business
to Any Business Mean Who Opposes Mr. Carter
Covmty Attorney McDonald Says He Will Sue
the Pioneer aund P\it it in the Penitentiary
if it Does Not Q\iit Opposing Him-O.
E. Badley Says "We" Will Not Buy
Things From the Merchants
Who Oppose "Us."
Chairman Andy Danaher who Mr. A, A. Carter, County At
has publicly announced upon the is not a member of the board of torney McDonald's candidate for nouncesthat "we" have no candi
streets of this city that he will county commissioners from this mayor of Bemidji, is appoaching date, but who is spending his
sue the Pioneer for the $6000 it district, but who spends his en- men who are in the the saloon time soliciting votes for Mr. Car-
stole from the county while col- tire time nevertheless upon the business in Bemidji with the ter, has apparently been couv
lecting $3000 for last year's streets of Bemidji working for argument that he is McDonald's missioned to intimidate the busi-
county printing business and County Attorney McDonald's candidate and that they had bet- ness men of the city. He this
furthermore that he will procure candidates gives it out that Bel- ter vote for him if they do not morning approached a certain
an indictment against the editor trami county has special favors want to be driven from the city. firm
tn ^her
Circulated Annonymously Charging F.
W. Rhoda With Stealing $4000
From Bemidji Village.
Story is Absolute Fabrication as Books
of the Village Treasurer
An annnonymous circular, when
called the "Dailv Times," and
supposed to be prepared by O.
E. Bailey, a candidate for clerk ot
court to succeed P. W. Rhoda
charges Mr. Rhoda with having
failed to make good a sum in
excess of $4,000 lost in the Mer
chants bank failure while Mr.
Rhoda was actiag as' village
treasurer, has been proven en
tirely false.
The article scored Mr. Graham,
who at the time Mr. Rhoda was
treasurer went on the bond of
the latter, for not compelling
Mr. Rhoda to settle with the vil
The article is a fabrication
from whole cloth. The books of
the treasurer's office show that
Mr. McDonald has been in pos- Mr. Carter and that those* busi- for mayor and vote for Mr. Car-
session of the facts concerning ness men who will not, need ex-
Mr. Rhoda retired as
treasurer of the village he
turned over every cent due
the village to his successor,
F. J. Kennedy. At the time of
the Merchants bank failure Mr.
Rhoda was not village treasurer,
as his successor took the office
in March, 1900, and the failure
did not occur until July of the
same year.
Earl' Geil, who is now being
urged by the Bailey-McDonald
faction as a candidate for city
treasurer, was a member of the
village council at the time of the
bank failure. He stated this
morning that Mr. Rhoda had
paid Into the treasury every cent
due the village.
^Rev. H. P. Fisher held services
in the Congregational church
Sunday. Quite a large gathering
of people turned out to hear his
came up from Bemidji Saturday
for a short visit with friends.
Mrs. G. R. Porter went to Be
midji Saturday to see her hus
band who is at the hospital.
Mrs. Fisher, a former cook at
the International hotel left for
Kelliher last week where she has
been offered a good position in
the leading hotel. I lectureer froy Chicago will speak
Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Thomas
Mr. O E. Bailey, who an-
and informed its members
ifo they wil ^at *key didbuyt
we wou
no renounce
ld no more-h
1 their support of Mr. Gibbons
from them. Mr. Bailey
tinted that unless "we" are
successful the present mum-
cipal election "we" will drive
eyery business enterprise of any
importance from the city.
Says Major Scott's Reap
pointment, If Made, May
Fail in Senate.
Washington, Oct. 24.The con
ference between Senator Clapp,
Secretary Hitchcock, Indian
Commissioner Leupp and In
spector McLaughlin yesterday
over the White Earth timber sale
was merely preliminary Senator
Clapp says he expects to remain
here several days, and hopes to
have the matter disposed -of be
fore he leaves. He has not given
the appointment of Major Scott's
successor as agent at Leech Lake
any consideration, and grows
sarcastic in referring to that
"I suppose if the secretary of
the interior wants to appoint
Major Scott to that position, he
will do so," said the senator.
"Apparently things are done in
Minnesota without ^consulting
anybody in the state.* We re
serve to ourselves, however, tne
right to refuse to confirm the
nomination if it is made."
The order issued by the war
department, retiring Major
Scott, did not relieve him from
his duties as agentjat Leech Lake
and it is understood here that he
will remain in Minnesota until
his successor is appointed, if a
civilian is chosen, in order that
he may account for property in
his charge.
came up to visit relatives over I Tom Warlow has opened a bar-
Sunday. Mr. Thomas is a cook! oer shop in tjie Wenholz building
by trade and expects to secure a' As Tom is a first class barber
position with a lumber company and we expect he will do will,
during the winter.
Deputy Sheriff J.W. Bailey
and wife arrived here Saturday
and proceeded Sunday to their
claim east of town. J. N. will
build a house and become one of
the tillers of the Beltrami county
^10. W. Stewart a temperance
John Guthrie went to Cass
Lake on Wednesday last to make
a final proof upon his homestead.
Earl Phelps spent Sunday
with kis friend Walker Irwin of
Bemidji. j%&&&H^2
Miss Theresa Brondby left for
Bemidji Wednesday morning.
Charlie Phelps and his sons,
Bay and Lycn, returned from
Dakota Tuesday.
1 ft--*
Mrs, Nora Inglehardt Doesn't^
Want Them Taken to
State Sehool.x
Took the Children to Friendly
Farmer in Grant Valley
Fearing that her children
would be taken away from her
and sent to the state school 'at
Owatonna, Mrs. Nora Inglehardt
yesterday afternoon hastily
bundled up her babes and fled
from the county poor farm,,
where they were staying, and
took them to the home of a
farmer living in Grant Valley
township. 4
The escape from the poor
house was made in the absence
ofv the superintendent, M.
A citation was served upon
Mrs. Inglehardt Monday and a
hearing was to have been held
before Judge Clark this after
noon to determine what disposi
tion should be, made of the
children, wherare five in number,
the eldest being 12 years and the
youngest eight months. Upon
learning that it was the intention
of the authorities to take the
children away, Mrs. Inglehardt
planned an escape and success
fully carried out her plans, yes
terday afternoon.
She returned to the city this
morning and said that she had
received money from her hus
band, who is now working in the
Dakota haryest fialds, and that
she would be able to support
Mrs. Inglehardt, up to about
three months ago, lived with her
children at Nymore. The family
was in a destitute condition, and
they were taken to the county
poor farm by the authorities.
Wolf Bounties Issued.
Bounties for three female
wolves were toda^ issued by
County Auditor Wilman to Hal
vor Nelson of Baudette.
Political Announcements.
Candidate for Alderman
I hereby announce myself as
a candidate lor alderman for the
fourth ward. I am favorable to
a wide open policy and believe
that this poli-y should be follow-"
e4 in conducting the city govern
F. E Brinkman.
Candidate for Alderman.
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for the office of alder
man in the second ward. I favor
a wMe open policy. If elected I
will endeavor to serve for the
best interests of the city.
W. L. Preble.
Candidate For Treasurer.
The undersigned announces
himself as a candidate for "the
office of city treasurer, subject to
the will of the yoters on No?. 7
next. If elected I will conduct
the office in the same manner
that I haye during the terms I j^$
have served as village treasurer.
Candidate For Treasurer.
I herebv announce myself as a
candidate for the ofiide of city
treasurer and solicit the support
of all /citizens and voters-, If
erected I will give the duties of
tne office earnest and faithful at
tention, with courtesy and im
partiality to all.
4 EAR^qEiL.
Candidate^Por Alderman.
In response to the wishes of a
large number of friends, I have
decided no become a candidate
for alderman in the fourth ward.
I am independent of any political
faction and if elected will serve
for the best interests of the city
independently. I favor an open

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