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Entered in the postofllce at Bemidji Minn,
as second class matter.
Some men get as much mixed ^ui^vi^ n
& I hcations must be published in
upaboutthe future as they do
about the past
When I see some manufaj
turers' "home made" goods I
wonder what kind of cooks their
mothers were.
No matter how dirty faced the
boy is his mother can always
find a clean spot big enough to
You can tell a lie to a phono
graph and it will be almost hu
man in its actionit will repeat
the lie whenever it has the
In the old stories the hero
always pressed a kiss on the
heroine's glove, but probably in
those days they didn't clean
gloves with Benzine.
A man can invent an excuse
for anything. When you ask him
why he plays solitaire he will tell
you that Napoleon played it.
Yes, Harold, the beauteous
creature who thinks you are
noble for bringing her American
beauties at a dollar apiece will
some day deliver you a lecture
on the foolishness of payine
eight cents a yard for that ribbon
when you could have bought it
for six cents at another store.
Amos Ransom says the way to
succeed in politics is first to
make sure of the delegates and
then put yourself in the hands of
your friends.
Any man on earth could write
a volume entitled "How I Would
Correct Other Men's Mistakes."
Blackduck American. At a
recent special session of the
village council the treasurer,
Mr. Dahlstul, was ordered to
have the annual financial state
ment printed in a paper started i
A Present
For Yoti
A Pull Size Cake of
For a short time only, the B. J. Johnson Soap Co., authorize certain
local dealers to make you a present of a cake of this wonderful soap,
absolutely free of charge, when you purchase 25 cents' worth of
With 10 cents' worth of Galvanic Soap your dealer presents
you, absolutely free of charge, with a 5 cent package of
Johnson's Washing Powder
Easy on Everything but Dirt
W give these presents to introduce our splendid soaps into vour household,
*he following dealers will supply you:
Schroeder & Schwandt, Downs & 0'Leary, Chas. Nangle, E. H. Winter & Co.,
Roe & Markusen.
If uti think JU S e-_d i tonic, ask
your doctor. If yo think you need
something for yorj blood, ask your
doctor. If you Chink yon would
like to try Ayer's non-alcoholic
Sarsaparilla, ask your doctor.
During the year 1906 we sold more lots in
Bemidji than any year previous.
The future of Bemidji is assured and
those intending to make this their home
should not fail to purchase residence lots
at this time. We also have a few good business
lots for sale.
For further particulars write or call
Bemidji Townsite and Im
provement Company.
H. A. SIMONS. Agent. Swedback Block, Bemidji.
pubHrtx the Tomaral J. C. Ayor Co.,
of oil our prcyaratioi a. Lowell, Mae*.
By A. KAISER. I i JS 4.
T.y..5uS ta
fact that the American has be
'"~\here continuously for over five
y^TZ^Z^Z~nt\ i in the town.t Thnel Ulwg states that
bee a inl(
continuously every week for at
least 16 year byfore it can lay
any claim upon legality. Appar
ently the law is of little conse
quence to the council. It may
tp, however, that as the council
has no legal advisor the members
were not aware that legal pub-
Frank Eddy thinks he could
do a whole lot with that $1,500,-
000 asked for by the State Pair
association for a semi centennial
celebration. Prank is inclined
to believe that the Pair associa
tion will get what is wants from
the legislature, as "it will only
mean a small ui to each person
and it will mean a harvest of
dollars for the transportation
companies and a six month's
carnival of bargains for the twin
cities, and that for six months
country business men will sit on
dry goods boxes and pick their
teeth with a splinter and watch
people take the train for St. Paul
and Minneapolis. That is all.
'God made the country and man
made the cities.' It is up to the
Lord to take care of what He
has created, but man made insti
tutions must be fostered."
Princeton Union.
The term printer's devil as ap
plied to the boy who does the
choring around a printing office
has a peculiar romantic history,
says an exchange. In early days
printing was styled the "olack
art," and printers were supposed
to be in league with Satan. But
it was in the time of Aldus Min
utius in Venice that the matter
took a serious turn. This was
the famous printer who first pub
lished the Greek and Roman
classics. He took into his employ
a negro boy who was homeless on
the streets of Venice, The people
supposed the boy was an imp
from Satan and that he assisted
in printing. Mobs collected
about the office and were about to
wreck it, when the boy was
The best toilet soap known,
famous as a skin cleanser
and complexion beautifier.
Galvanic Soap
The Famous Easy Washer
Galvanic Soap dissolves dirt with the
speed of lightning, and saves money, saves
strength, saves time, saves clothes.
brought forward and exhibited,
showing that he was flesh and
blood, but he was still called "the
printer's devil" and every boy in
his position ever since has been
so called.
St Paul, Feb 28Two tax meas
ures calculated to bring hundreds of
thousands of dollars into the state
treasury will be reported to the house
by the tax committee The commit
tee after consideration receded from
Its original plan of dividing the reve
nue from the moitgage registry tax
among the counties, towns, school
districts and the state, and decided to
report the bill with original provision
that the entire revenue shall go to
the state The bill, which will be re
ported as a committee bill, is the bill
drawn by Ambrose Tighe and Judge
Fish. It will take the place of several
measures introduced in the house. It
Is estimated that the tax will bring
$100,000 in Hennepin county alone
and a proportionate amount from oth
er counties.
The committee will also report for
passage the bill introduced by Mr
Tighe providing a stamp tax upon
sales and agreements made in grain
and produce exchanges The com
mittee has no knowledge of what this
tax will bring, as there is no record
kept of the sales made at the Min
neapolis and Duluth trading places,
but it is a safe estimate that the tax
will run into six figures annually.
Another eftort to stop the use of
automatic guns In hunting small game
is being made in the legislature this
year. The effort was made two years
ago and failed but A Gates of Ken
has introduced a bill in the house
to prohibit the use of any automatic
gun in hunting quail, prairie chicken,
grouse of all varieties, wild geese,
brant, wild duck and other water fowl
Woman Suffrage Killed.
Woman suffrage received a setback
in the house committee of the whole
and the proposition for a constitution
al amendment to allow women to vote
will not be submitted to the voters at
the next election When the bill came
up on general orders, the motion to
recommend it for indefinite postpone
ment was lost and a moment later
the motion to recommend for passage
was lost by one vote Another mo
tion for ind3finite postponement was
made and carried.
The coupon ballot system now in
use in Wisconsin is to be introduced
in Minnesota if a bill introduced in
the house by Timberlake of Min
neapolis is passed The system pro
vides for a sheet for each party and
a sheet for individual nominations,
the sheets of ditferent colors and
separated by perforations into little
squares with one name in each. In
stead of marking the names to be
voted for with a cross, the voter tears
out the squares bearing the names of
the persons he wishes to vote for and
places them in little pockets provided
on another slip that goes with the bal
lot These slips are then deposited in
the ballot box and when the box is
opened the judges separate the little
slips with the names into piles and
count the number of slips in each pile.
The means of the annexation of
South Stillwater to Stillwater and for
the annexation of similar suburbs to
cities of 10,000 to 25,000 is provided in
a bill introduced in the house by John
Zelch of Cottage Grove The an
nexation may be called for in a peti
tion by twenty-five residents of the
territory to the county board The
coanty board shall order an election
to determine the question.
Binding Twine Question.
The house committee on binding
twine has threshed out the binding
twine question and will report a bill
covering the features that have been
recommended by the board of control
and others. The bill will provide that
the board of control at its discretion
may sell to dealers at any time and
also sell outside of the state at its dis
cretion The board cannot sell to
dealers, however, unless it reserves a
certain amount for farmers' orders
The house wants to talk over the
Judges' salary bill before killing it,
and turned down a minority report of
fered by Fred B. Phillips recommend
ing the bill for indefinite postpone
ment. The bill will be printed and go
on general orders without recommen
A pure food bill, embodying the pro
visions of the national pure food law,
was introduced by Senator Cal
houn of Minneapolis The bill Is a
long one and covers adulterated food
products, drugs and confectionery. 9t
also incorporates some of the pro
visions in the existing state law not
covered by the national law
A bill authorizing cities of the
fourth class to issue bonds for the pur
pose of aiding in the construction of
eteam and electric railroads was in
troduced by Senator A. S. Campbell
The legislature may get into a dead
lock on the 2-cent far bill and it may
be some time before the two houses
-can agree on a bill and send it to the
governor for his signature. The bill
passed by the house last Thursday
was turned down by the senate with
a statement that they feared that It
might not be effective. Now the sen
ate bill is before the house for action
and tha house bill before the senate.
Worry Makes Disease.
A man who keeps worrying about
the state of his liver will almost be
sure to have trouble with it eventually.
Indigestion can be brought on in the
same way and a long list of other ail
ments.A Physician in World's Work.
Two Men Under Suspicion for Sub
Treasury Steal.
Chicago, March 1.It is known that
two men have been reported to the
Tederal officials as specifically under
suspicion in connection with the $173,-
000 robbery in the sub-treasury An
arrest is likely within twenty-four
hours A grand jury Indictment may
be returned first.
George W. Fitzgerald, the assorting
teller, from whose cage the money
disappeared, who has been under fire
since the day the shortage was dis
covered and who has been relieved
from work for the present, said that
the secret service officials had told
him that he was eliminated from the
list of possibilities of men who might
have committed the theft.
The consensus of opinion was that
the suspects were among the govern
ment emploves and did not Include an
outsider, but Mr. Fitzgerald held to
his theory that menoutsiderswho
had access to the sub-treasury office
on the day the theft was committed,
poked a pile of gold certificates fiom
his desk while he was out at lunch
and picked it up from the floor through
the three-inch space.
Wilkie in Charge of Case.
Chicago, March 1.John E Wilkie,
chief of the secret service of the
United States, arrived in Chicago
early In the day and immediately took
charge of the investigation of the re
cent robbery of the sub-treasury. It
was announced by the government
officials that no definite clue had been
obtained and no arrests are in imme
diate prospect.
Paris, March 1.The general feeling
of alarm created by the increase of
crime in France was echoed in the
chamber of deputies during the day
by an mtei pellation of the govern
ment upon the insecurity of life and
property in Paris and in the country
Along the Belgian frontier a regulai
gang of bandits has been robbing and
murdering for twa years and their
depredations continue in spite of the
fact that the police early in February
succeeded in arresting the ringlead
ers Dunng the two years this gang
committed thousands of robberies and
murders. The streets of Paris, espe
cially in the Montparte district, are
terrorized by "apaches," as they are
teimed, and are no longer safe for
pedestrians. The newspapers foi
weeks past have been filled dailv
with stories of robberies and assas
sinations, the victims being struck
down with knives
M. Cochin, Liberal, in the chamber,
declared that in many sections of the
country the gendarmerie were utterly
unable to cope with the brigands and
the inhabitants were arming for self
M. Beny, Conservative, in describ
ing the deplorable condition of Paris,
gave a large list of murders commit
ted in the streets of the capital since
Jan. 1.
Premier Clemenceau, in reply, said
the government recognized the grow
ing state of insecurity and a flying
brigade of picked policemen had been
organized in Paris, similar to the re
gional brigades which were being
formed in the country, to cope with
the marauders.
Story That American Congress Was
Paid to Declare War.
Madrid, March 1.A sensation has
been caused here by the publication
of a story, credited to the Diario de
la Marina of Havana, which purports
to show by documentary evidence that
the United States congress was
bought in 1897 by Tomas Estrada
Palma to insure war being declared
against Spain According to the Ha
vana newspaper bonds to the value of
$37,000,000, redeemable when Cuba
should become independent, were is
sued in Washington to senators and a
contract exists which contains phrase
ology like that of the joint resolution
of April, 1898, voted by congress. The
article says further that the value of
the bonds fell heavily in 1899 and
therefore a new contract was made
between Palma and the American
senators Count Salazar, minister of
foreign affairs, has telegraphed to the
Spanish representatives at Washing
ton for the fullest Information.
Receiver Disposes of Mine.
Lead, S D, March 1.The Mer
cedes mine has been sold by Alfred
Fillien, receiver for the Mercedes Min
ing company, to E. H. Briggs, for
merly superintendent, for $26,218. The
property is located at Rochford. Work
will be resumed in March.
Will Sustained by Courts.
Boston, March 1.The will of the
late Stephen Salisbury, the Worcester
millionaire, which bequeathed! prop
erty valued at between $2,000,000 and
$3,000,000 to the Worcester Art mu
seum, has been sustained by the Mas
sachusetts supreme court.
Damages for Loss of Whiskers.
Wellston, O, March 1 Samuel
Beatty has been awarded damages of
$101 by the circuit court against the
Southern Ohio Gas company for the
loss of a luxuriant growth of whiskers
burned off in a gas explosion in this
city two years ago.
Hebrews and the Sabbath.
There is not, and there never was in
tended to be, any such feeling of Puri
tanism or of Calvinism with regard to
our day of rest as there is connected
with the Lord's day of our neighbors.
The Jewish Sabbath was to be a de
light, and we read that in the mediaeval
ghetto dancing, among other recrea
tions, was common on that day. There
Js nothing contrary to the spirit of
Judaism in the playing of games or in
dulgence in any form of light recrea
tlon on Saturday so long as it Is com
bined with a due regard for the sacred
claims of divine worship. Jewish
World. $$,"
Chicago, March 1.Information that
detectives said to be in the employ of
the Standard Oil company have been
shadowing the movements of attaches
of the United States district attor
ney's office created a sensation in
connection with the federal investiga
tlon of the Standard's methods.
The fact that the discovery oc
curred so close to the eve of the open
ing of the trial, which is scheduled to
begin next Monday, March 4, stirred
the federal officials to vigorous ac
tion. United States District Attorney
Sims at once reported the matter to
the secret service department, with
the result that his suspicions were
practically confirmed.
Captain Porter, in charge of the
local bureau of the secret service,
made a report to Mr. Sims which
demonstrated that a mysterious sur
veillance of the actions of his subor
dinates has been in progress for a
long time These employes in Mr.
Sims' office, who have been connected
with the Standard Oil cases, have
been especially subject to surveil
lance. The shadowing has gone on
night and day.
Mr. Sims refused to say positively
that the men under suspicion are em
ployes of the Standard Oil company,
although he said the circumstances
warranted a conference with Chief
Wilkie, head of the government secret
service department.
Number of Congressmen Will Visit
Washington, March 1.Mr. Kalan
ianaole, the Hawaiian delegate, has
invited a number of representatives
and senators to visit the Sandwich
islands this summer as the guests of
the residents of the islands and a spe
cial congressional party will sail on
one of the liners from San Francisco
early in June Representative Hamil
ton, chairman of the house committee
on territories Representative Hep
burn, chairman of the house commit
tee on interstate and foreign com
merce, Representative Lloyd of Mis
souri, the Democratic whip, and a
number of other members of these
two committees, as well as of other
committees which deal with insular
affairs, will be the party. The Ha
waiian legislature authorized the dele
gate in Washington to issue invita
tions to the lawmakers who have to
do with the affairs of the islands and
extensive plans are being made to
give the visitors an opportunity to go
to all the different islands and study
their needs.
No Reply by Warring Republics to Ar
bitration Proposal.
Washington, March 1.Nothing has
transpired within the last few days to
change the situation with respect to
Nicaragua and Honduras. Up to the
present time no response has been
received either by Mexico or the Unit
ed States to the second note calling
upon the waning Central American re
publics to submit their differences to
arbitration. In the meantime an un
derstanding has been reached between
Mexico and this country that matters
will be allowed to drift along for a
few days in the hope that one side or
the other may be induced to accept
the offers of good offices for peace.
Member Makes Charge Against Inter
ests Benefited.
Washington, March 1.The house
has adopted an amendment to the
ship subsidy bill providing for a line
of 16-knot ships from the Gulf of Mex
ico to Brazil and defeated an amend
ment excepting the steamers Sierra,
Sonoma and the Ventura of the Ocean
ic line from the operation of the bill.
During the course of the debate Mr.
Birdsall declared that Mr. Hinshaw of
Nebraska had been tendered a liberal
donation by the ship subsidy interests
for use in his campaign and that hav
ing failed to accept it that interest
had now marked him for defeat.
Russians Fight Chinese Bandits.
Harbin, Manchuria, March 1.A
company of Chinese bandits on Feb.
24 attacked a Russian patrol twenty
miles north of Harbin and wounded a
lieutenant and four soldiers. The
bandits escaped, leaving twenty-one
killed on the field. Since then skir
mishing has been In progress between
ftussian troops and the bandits.
Repeals Radical Libel Law.
Harrisburg, Pa., Maich 1.The bill
repealing the Grady-Salus libel law of
1903, which was advocated by Gov
ernor Pennypacker and opposed by
practically the entire press of Penn
sylvania, passed the house of repre
sentatives during the day by a vote
of 152 to 0. The bill now goes to
the senate.
A cashier in the financial district of
New York, on being advised by hi
physician to take a vacation not long
ago, wrote the agent of a South Amer
ican steampship line as follows: "As I
am thinking of taking a trip to South
America, please advise me immediate
ly with particulars relative to rates, ac
commodations, and so on, to and from
the various ports usually visited by
tourists at this season of the year."
The answer came by special delivery,
marked private and confidential, "One
of our steamers will sail for Valparaiso
next Wednesday shortest and quick*
ft way out of the country."
The personal recommendations of peo
pie who have been cured of coughs and
colds by Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
have done more than all else to ma ke it a
staple article of trade and commerce o\er
a large part of the civilized world.
Barker's Drug Store
Just Received
A large shipment of Singer and
Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Ma
chines. The best and most
beautiful line of cabinets ever
carried in the city. Also a
complete line of Pianos, Organs
and Sheet Music at popular
prices. Repairs for sewing
machines of all kinds.
311 Minn. Ave.
Phone 319 Bemidji
Notice for Bids for Supplies For Poor Farm.
Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will
be received by the board of county commis
sioners, of Beltrami county, Minnesota, up
until 2 clock on Monday March 4, 1907,
at the ffice of the county auditoi. at the
court house in the city of Bemidji. for sup
plies for the county poor and a more
particular description of which is given
1 bolt actoi foi pillow cases
1 bolt acton for bandages, light weight.
12 rolls cotton batting
12 pair men's overalls, waist 38 to 40. length
31 to o2
12 pair shoes, size 7 to 10
2 garden hoes
2 six tmed manure forks
Ws bu. Early Dent Corn for seed
4 bu fodder coin
Ys bu timothy sted.
1 lb White Stalk carrot seed
Vi lb. Red beet seed
lb Late Flat Dutch cabbage seed.
lb Yellow, half long, carrot seed
2 pkg tomato seed.
bu. Red Clover seed. Mammoth
3 spools galvanized barb wire
3 lbs fence staples
20 lbs. ten-penny nails
10 lbs. twenty-penn\ spikes
5 rolls tai paper, felt, for sheds
lbbl salt.
1 gross safety pins, and 4 papeis common
10 lbs tapioca
50 lbs. brown sugar.
500 lbs granulated sugar
1000 lbs Best Patent, flour
50 lbs. 20c coffee, bulk.
20 lbs tea, Sun-dried Jap.
4 tons feed.
4 tons shorts
50 bu. seed oats
3 cases canned tomatoes.
3 cases canned corn
3 boxes soda crackers, extra salt.
100 lbs, oatmeal
10 lbs whole rice
20 lbs dried apples.
20 lbs dried pi unes
10 lbs each, peaches, raisins and currants.
1 case baking soda. Arm & Hammei Brand.
4 lbs Peifeet Baking Powder.
50 lbs. smoking tobacco. True Smoke.
25 lbs chewing tobacco.
1 gross matches.
3 doz pair men's socks
3 doz men's undershirts large size 44
3 doz men's top shuts, size 16 to 17.
1 gross clothes pins.
12 pair men's pants, 36 to 40
1 auire legal cap writing paper
2 quires letter writing paper
1 box envelopes.
1 box Pearline.
2 boxes Yeast Foam
3 lbs pepper
3 doz boxes toothpicks
10 yds white oil cloth
2 ats. Separator oil
5 gal Cylinder oil
1 box Lewis lye
1 box cornstarch.
2 heavy single trees.
4 heavy clevis for evener
bottles Mrs Stewart's bluing
44 yds black and white gingham for old
ladies dresses
1 doz scrubbing brushes.
1 doz. brooms
6 coarse combs
1 bolt crash toweling
1 gat den iake.
1 doz. nan suspenders
2 doz handkerchiefs.
1 doz. drawers, size 40.
4 tons hay
1 doz. spools black cotton thread from 40 to
1 doz. spools white cotton thread from 40 to
2 ats vanilla extract.
2 qts lemon exti act
3 12-q.t tin milk pails.
3 boxes laundry soap, Santa Glaus
Successful bidder will have to deliver goods
as agreed to deliver, and take the proper
receipt for same from the Superintendent of
the poor farm as to the delivery of same
Ihe board of county commissioners reserve
the right to reject any and all bids.
By order of the board of county commis
sioners of Beltrami county. Minnesota.
Dated at Bemidji, Minnesota, this 25th day
of February, 1907.
Chairman of county board
County Auditor.
Anyone sending a Bketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
Invention is probably patentable. Communica
tions strictly confidential. HANDBOOK on Patents
lent free. Oldest agency for securlngpatents.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive
tpeeial notice, withou charge, in the
Scientifict American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. lowest cir
culation of any scientiac Journal. Terms, $3 a
year four months, $ 1.
Sold-by allNEW newsdealers.k
Branch Office. 626 SU Washington. D.
jypiy-jremmatvjgg faBV,c*r.&anT.*iTL,.iog^
Is the wondei of the age a*1
made it a specialty. My pric* is
$5.00pershare.right now It 1.o
to double shortly, so order to- u^
R. B. HIGSEE, 8.oE
Germania Life Bldg., S PAV.J, i*-
National Bank lie OH es.
WANTEDFor CJ. S. army able
bodied, unmarried men be
tween ages of 21 and 35, citi
zens of United States, vi
good character and tempei &tt
habits, who can speak, rea?
and write English. For in
formation apply to Kecruitmg
Officer, Miles block, Beraidji.
WANTED-Onehundred teams for
railroad work near Armington,
Montana. All summer's work.
Free transportation out and
back. Anderson & JohnsoD,
Bemidji, Minn.
WANTED: For iheU. S. Marine
Corps men between ages 21
and 35 An opportunity to
see the world. For full infor
mation apply in person or by
letter to 208 Third Street Be
midji, Minn.
WANTEDBus driver, at once.
Brinkman hotel.
FOR SALEThe Nicollet Hotel
property, corner secor.d street
and Bemidji Ave., also resi
dence on rear of lot. For terms
and particulars inquire of Mrs.
Sophia Carlson, 209 Bemidii
FOR SALERubber stamps.
The Pioneer will procure any
kind of a rubber stamp for
you on short notice.
FOR SALEMagnificent moose
head, mounted will be sold
cheap Inquire at this office,
FOR SALE: Three genuine
buffalo overcoats. Inquire of
fi C. Calvert at Markham
FOR SALE: Nicely finished
five room cottage and two lots
25x140, in Mill Park.Apply
box 711- Bemidji.
FOR SALE: Fifty chickens, in
quire of Henry Oke cor 14'b.
st and Beltram i aye.
FOR SALE: Row boat lumber,
seasoned cedar. Phone 153 2.
FOR RENT: Furnished room in
modern house. 700 Bemidii
FOR RENTNine rooms, over
the Arcade. Apply at Brink
man hotel.
FOR RENT: Five room bouse
one block from school house.
Inquire of J. P. Dunealf.
WANTED: A good sound 1200
lb. horse, also a Jerseyxcow.
F. M. Freese. 2 miles south
of town.
Tuesdays and Saturdays, 2:30
to 6 p. m. Thursdays 7 to 8
p. m. also. Library in base
ment of Court House. Miss
Mabel Kemp, librarian
Practices before the United States Supreme
CourtCourt of ClaimsThe United StatM
General Land, Office-Indian Office aSd (5m-
giess Special attention given to Land Con-
Parent and India
Claims. Refer to themembersof the Minne
sota Delegation in^rongress. Offices 420.
New York Avenue. Washington. D.
attorney and Counsellor at Law
Office opposite Hotel Markham.
P. J. Russell
BBrtlDJI Attorney at Law
Third St., one block \*est of ist Nat'l Bank.
Wes Wright,
Phcne 40
Dray and Transfer.
Dray and baggage.
Phone No 58
404 Beltrami A
Tom Smart
Safe and Piano moving.
6*8 America Ave.
Wood Sawiner Promptly Doue
Phone 351
Dr. R. B. Foster.
1 1 i
E. E, McDonald
^Bemidji, fllnp. Office: Swedback Block
Dr. Rowland Gilmore
Physician and Surgeon
Office: mies Block
Telephone Number aoo
Dentist s^.*--
First National Bank Buitd'g. Telephone

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