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Coughs of
Entered in the postofflce at Bemidjl. Minn.,
as second class matter.
It is not necessary for the
Enterprise to go into any discus
sion or deny any false reports as
to its legality. It is a legal paper
and seems to be worrying some
of the fraternity.Blackduck
Time, and a decision from the
courts, will convince Brother
Taylor as to the status of his
much-moved paper.
All this talk of the Great
Northern company's stock being
watered was emphatically re
futed by James J. Hill upon his
appearance before the house rail
road committee to oppose the
Rockne bill. In the course of his
examination Mr. Uill said:
If anybody says that the Great
Northern has a dollar of watered
stock he bears false witness. It
has issued no bonds, and it never
issued stock that did not repre
sent 100 cents on the dollar."
This should be sufficient, when
taken into consideration with
Mr. Hill's reputation for veracity,
to convince all right-minded
people that the Great Northern
Railway company's stock is not
watered.Princeton Union.
Especially night coughs. Nature needs a
little help to quiet the irritation, control the
inflammation, check the progress of the dis
ease. Our advice is give the children Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral. Ask your doctor if this is his
advice also. He knows best. Do as he says.
Wehitsno eortat We publish. J. O.AyarCo.,
the formulas of all our preparations. Lowell. Xaae.
His Lenten Sacrifices.
My neighbor Brown away last May
Took my lawn mower, saying he
Would like to use it for a day
And it has lust occurred to me
It's keeping lent.
He never brought it back at all
He may have kept it through mistake
But when the summer turned to fall
He came and borrowed my big rake.
That's keeping lent.
A hoe of mine two years ago
He came and borrowed, then he made
A little garden with the hoe
And simply had to get my spade
They're keeping lent.
A clothesline and a prop or two,
A pound of new ten-penny nails,
A hammer that was almost new
He borrowedand his mem'ry fails!
They're keeping lent.
My good snow shovel's at his house,
A book that I would like to get,
A trap he got to catch a mouse
He borrowed, and they're borrowed yet
Still keeping lent.
I can't exactly call to mind
The lots of things I've lent to Brown,
But if you'd ever search his house
You'd find stuff from all over town
That's keeping lent.
Umbrellas, tools and overshoes,
Ash sifters, monkey wrenches, stamps,
A dollar billI won't say whose
Electric bulbs and coal oil lamps
All keeping lent.
Folks tell me I should sacrifice
Some luxuries. They touch a spot
That's tender, with this good advice.
Since almost everything I've got
Is keeping lent.
with Rheumatism, Backache, Kidnev Trouble, Catarrh or any
other Blood Trouble? If so, and you could
would you hesitate to take it? Of course you wouldn't, and I
am so sure "6088" will cure any of the above named complaints
to refund your money if you are not satisfied with the result
after taking half of the first bottle.
His Inference.
MarksSay, old man, did I ever tell
you about the awful fright I got on my
wedding day? ParksS-sh! No man
should speak that way about his wife.
Boston Transcript.
It behooves a prudent person to
make trial of everything before arms.
SoftlyI'd have you to understand,
sir, that I'm not such a fool as I look.
SarcastWell, then, you have much to
be thankful for.
Bind together your spare hours by
the cord of some definite purpose.
Two Trains Daily Standard and Tourist Sleepers
St. Paul to Seattle and
West Coast Points
The Oriental Limited
Twin Screw Steamships
Minnesota and Dakota
Between Seattle, Japan, China
For full information call on
During the year 1906 we sold more lots in
Bemidji than any year previous.
The future of Bemidji is assured and
those intending to make this their home
should not fail to purchase residence lots
at this time.
We also have a few good business
lots for sale.
For further particulars write or call
Bemidji Townsite and Im
provement Company.
H. A. SIMONS. Agent. Swedback Block, Bemidji.
The Fast Mail
E. E.^Chamberlain
Making It Pleasant.
"I am i nineteen years old and go to
parties/a good deal. I want to make
myself'pleasant and agreeable, but am
a poor conversationist. Could you
suggest some topics of conversation
that would take well in mixed com
pany? MABEL."
Yea, Mabel. As soon as you enter
the parlor shake your head and exclaim
in a loud, tone:
"Oh, dear! I washed my hair yester
day and ean't'do a thing with it!"
Thatv makea a hit right away and
puts every oine at ease. This expres
sion can be used whenever conversa
tion lags. Music is a great help. Ex
press yourself this way:
"Well, I don't know anything about
music, but I do know what pleases
This will give the idea that you are
a musician
To discuss art all you have to do is
look at the pictures on the wall and
when you see one you like exclaim:
"Isn't that a beaut?"
This will divulge your artistic sense.
At the supper table reach for the
olive dish and say:
"There was a time when I couldn't
eat olives, but I can eat a whole bot
tle of them now."
Then take five in one grab, and peo
ple will like you for saying what you
mean. With these few hints you'll
find conversation comparatively easy.
Detroit Free Press.
Sugar In Coffee.
The average amount of sugar used
in coffee is a study which has become
so much of a fascination to a young
man who frequents restaurants pretty
constantly that he has taken to going
to different places for each meal in
order to enlarge the sphere of his ob
servations among different classes of
people, says the Philadelphia Record.
"Poor people, as a rule," he says, "use
more sugar than rich people, and it's
also a pretty constant rule that men
drink sweeter coffee than women and
that old men have the sweetest tooth
of all when it comes to coffee. It is
noticeable, too, that drinkers of after
dinner coffee make it very much sweet
er than that which they take in the
morning. I know a middle aged man
who takes just two lumps to a cup In
the morning, which is below the aver
age, but into the little cup he takes
after dinner he puts six full sized
lumps. This makes a sort of sirup of
the drink, which, I suppose, takes the
place of* after dinner bonbons."
Trained Too Well.
In Baltimore the rule of the trans
portation companies is that children
over the age of five years must pay
full fare, those under that age being
carried free.
One afternoon not long ago there
were among the passengers on a
Charles street car a woman and her
son, the latter a big boy of apparently
seven years, but who was held in his
mother's lap as if he were a baby.
Presently the lad grew restive.
"Mommer, mommer," he murmured,
"say, mommer!"
The mother, with a premonition of
impending danger, tried to silence the
youngster, but to no avail, for he con
tinued to call upon his "mommer.".
Finally the woman asked, "Well,
what is it, son?"
"Mommer, when do I say I'm only
five?" asked the irrepressible.New
York Times.
Blind Pupils.
An artist In Paris had much diffi
culty In getting his pupils to make use
of the extremely "impressionistic"
ideas of art. One evening at a large
dinner party he asked an elderly gen
tleman next to him, who was very
shortsighted, how the gentleman at
the foot of the table appeared to him.
"Well," replied the nearsighted one,
"I see a very white spot, which I take
to be his shirt front, and a flesh col
ored spot, which I know to be his
"Ah," exclaimed the artist enthusias
tically, "how I wish my pupils could
see things as you do!"Searchlight.
Feeling Heat and Cold.
The principal reasons that we feel
objects that are cold when brought in
contact with the skin quicker than
those that are warm is that the skin,
being a very poor conductor of heat,
absorbs heat slowly from an object of
a higher temperature than itself, while
other objects which are cooler and
which in nearly every instance are
better conductors of heat than the skin
absorb heat readily from the skin, and
hence a sensation of cold is felt at
The Marsh Wren's Sagacity.
Birds often have more sagacity than
is generally accredited them. The long
billed marsh wren, which builds a sub
stantial nest of rush leaves, swinging
in the tall rushes of a marsh, invaria
bly makes several nests, but only uses
one. This is undoubtedly for the pur
pose of misleading its enemies. The
nest used Is always the best hidden,
while those not usedthe decoy nests
may be easily found by those who
seek them.
Bad Penmanship.
Mr. YoungwedThis dessert ispar
jdon meperfectly dreadful. Mrs.
YoungwedI'm sorry, dear, but the
I fact is the recipe was given me by a
jfriend, and her handwriting is simply
atrocious.Fliegende Blatter.
A False Alarm.
Dechard's tailor (forcing his way
Into the house)Sir, I want my money.
DechardYou relieve me. I thought
It was mine you were after.Pele
There is no greater misfortune than
not being able to bear misfortune.
Latin Proverb.
Hebrews avnd the Sabbath.
There Is not, and there never was In
tended to be, any such feeling of Puri
tanism or of Calvinism with regard to
oar day of rest as there is connected
with the-Lord's day of our neighbors.
The Jewish Sabbath was to be a de
light, and we read that In the mediaeval
ghetto dancing, among other recrea
tions, waa common on that day. There
la nothing contrary to the spirit of
Judaism in the playing of games or in
dulgence In any form of light recrea
tion on Saturday so long as it Is com
bined with a due regard for the sacred
claims- of divine worship. Jewish
It Is a Symptom of Inactive Kidneys
and Easily Overcome With the
Following Prescription.
Recent hospital reports show
that the dread disease, rheuma
tism, is steadily increasing
throughout the country. All
known means of relief are being
suggested to save the great
amount of suffering this winter,
especially among those who are
not in a position to pack up and
visit the noted health resorts to
be treated. Recent tests prove
rheumatism not exactly a disease
in itself, but a severe symptom
of kidney trouble, a condition
caused by clogged up pores of
the eliminative tissues in the
kidneys which fail to filter the
poisonous waste matter and uric
acid from the blood, permitting
these substances to remain in
tne veins and decompose, usually
settling about the joints and
muscles, causing the intense
pain, swelling and stiffness of
There are numerous remedies
known which many persons be
lieve will relieve this suffering
salicilate of soda, colchicum,
potash, etc.but these drugs
are terribly hard on the stomach,
often ruining this most im
portant organ, and they fail as
often as they relieve,
A well-known specialist, who
has probably treated more cases,
of rheumatism than anyone else,
and who is also the mosb success
ful, gives the following simple
vegetable treatment, which is
harmless and inexpensive, and
so simple that anybody can mix
it at home.
The ingredients are: Fluid
Extract Dandelion, one-half
ounce Compound Kargota, one
ounce Oomponnd Syrup Sarsa
parilla, three ounces. Go to any
good perscription pharmacy and
get these three vegetable in
gredients and mix them by
shaking in a bottle, taking as a
dose a teaspoonful after each
meal and again at bedtime.
There, is^nothing better in the
world for Backache, kidney and
bladder trouble, too. Such
symptoms as frequent and pain
ful urination, soreness, weak
ness, general and nervous de
bility are caused by certain acids
and poisonous waste matter, de
cayed tissue, etc., in the blood,
which the kidneys will clear and
purify after a few doses of this
Street wars in ora^n.
"There are first and second class
street cars." writes a tourist, describ
ing his South American travels, "and
I, with a package in my arms, had tak
en a first, class bond, as a street car is
called in Rio de Janeiro. Scarcely had
done so when the conductor request
ed me to transfer to a second class car
whenever it. irnglit come along, be
cause no one is allowed to carry any
thing greater than a lap satchel first
class. So I humbly descended and had
either to mix with market women and
sweaty laborers or to take a tilbury. A
person without a necktie is no more
allowed first class on the street cars
than was I with my parcel. They are
decidedly particular in Brazil and in
herit many fastidious ways from the
time of the empire, when dress and
manners were the mark separating the
aristocracy from the working classes."
Nothing is more moving to man than
the spectacle of reconciliation. Our
weaknesses are thus indemnified and
are not too costly, being the price we
pay for the hour of forgiveness, and
the archangel, who has never felt an
ger, has reason to envy the man who
subdues it. When thou forgivest, the
man who has pierced thy heart stands
to thee in the relation of the sea worm
that perforates the shell of the mussel,
which straightway closes the wound
with a pearl.Jean Paul Richter.
Ears of Animals.
The ears of tigers, foxes, wolves,
cats and other beasts of prey bend for
ward, while the ears of animals of
flight, such as hares, rabbits, deer, etc.,
bend backward. This is because the
ears of beasts of prey are designed for
the purpose of collecting sounds in the
direction taken by the animal in pur
suit of its .prey. The ears of an ani
mal of flight, by turning backward, en
able It to hear the sounds made by a
Fire Apparatus.
Jamie Soutar loved to poke the fire
and invariably ended by putting it out,
greatly to his wife's disgust. While at
supper one eveniDg the fire alarm
rang, and Jamie, seizing his cap, was
hastening out when his wife ran to
the door and called after him, "Hadna
you better tak* the poker wie you,
Jamie?"Short Stories.
The Two Classes.
It was Oliver Wendell Holmes who
said most truthfully, "The human race
is divided into two classesthose who
go ahead and do something and those
who sit and inquire why It wasn't done
*h other wav."
Napoleon and the Letter M.
Marboeuf was the first to recognize
the genius of Napoleon at the Ecole
Militaire. Marengo was the greatest
battle gained by Bonaparte, and Melas
opened to him the way to Italy. Mor
tier was one of his first generals, Mo
reau betrayed him, and Murat was the
first martyr to his cause. Maria Louise
partook of his highest destinies, Mos
cow was the abyss in which he was en
gulfed, Metternich conquered him on
the field of diplomacy. Six marshals
Massena, Mortier, Marmount, MacDon
ald, Murat and Monceyand twenty
six of his generals of divisions had
names beginn'~:z ""''i letter M.
M. Murat, du^o of L.is:.i::o, was the
counselor in whom he placed the great
est confidence. His first great battle
was that of Montenotte his last was
that of Mount St. Jean. He gained the
battles of Moscow, Montmirail and
Montereau. Then came the assault of
Montmartre. Milan was the first ene
mies' capital and Moscow the last in
which he entered. He lost Egypt
through the blunders of Menoa and
employed Miollis to make Pius VIII.
prisoner. Malet conspired against him
afterward Marmont. His ministers
were Maret, Montalivet and Mollien.
His first chamberlain was Montesquieu,
his last sojourn Malmaison. He gave
himself up to Captain Maitland, He
had for his companion at St. Helena
Montholon and for valet Marchand.
I have lived to know that the great
secret of human happiness is this: Nev
er suffer your energies to stagnate.
Adam Clark.
Pleasant to take
The new laxative. Does
not gripe or nauseate.
Cures stomach and liver
troubles and chronic con
stipation by restoring the
natural action of the stom
ach, liver and bowels.
Refuse substitutes. Price 50o.
Barker's Drugr Store.
Notice for Bids for Supplies Por Poor Farm.
Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will
be received by the board of county commis
sioners, of Beltrami county, Minnesota, up
until 2 o'clock p. m., on Monday Match 4,1907,
at the effice of the county auditor, at the.
court house in the city of Bemidji, for sup
plies for the county poor and a more
particular description of which is given
1 bolt factory for pillow cases.
1 bolt factory for bandages, light weight.
12 rolls cotton batting.
12 pair men's overalls, waist 38 to 40, length
31 to 32.
12 pair shoes, size 7 to 10-
2 garden hoes.
2 six tined anure forks.
1% bu. Early Dent Corn for seed.
4 bu. fodder corn
Ya bu timothy si ed.
1 lb. White Stalk carrot seed.
Vz lb. Red beet seed.
lb. Late Flat Dutch cabbage seed.
H. lb. Yellow, half long, carrot seed.
2 pkg. tomato seed.
bu. Red Clover seed. Mammoth.
3 spools galvanized barb wire.
3 lbs. fence staples.
20 lbs. ten-penny nails.
lOlbs. twenty-penny spikes.
5 rolls tar paper, felt for sheds.
1 bbl. salt.
1 gross safety pins, and 4 papers common
10 lbs. tapioca.
50 lbs. brown sugar.
500 lbs. granulated sugar.
1000 lbs. Best Patent, flour.
50 lbs. 20c coffee, bulk.
20 lbs. tea, Sun-dried Jap.
4 tons feed.
4 tons shorts.
50 bu, seed oats.
3 cases canned tomatoes.
3 cases canned corn.
3 boxes soda crackers, extra salt.
100 lbs, oatmeal.
10 lbs. whole rice.
20 lbs. dried apples.
20 lbs. dried prunes.
10 lbs. each, peaches, raisins and currants.
1 case baking soda, Arm & Hammer Brand,
4 lbs. Perfect Baking Powder.
50 lbs. smoking tobacco. True Smoke.
25 lbs. J. T. chewing tobacco.
1 gross matches.
3 doz. pair men's socks.
3 doz. men's undershirts, large size 44.
3 doz. men's top shirts, size 16 to 17.
1 gross clothes pins.
12 pair men's pants, 36 to 46.
1 auire legal cap writing paper.
.2 quires letter writing paper.
1 box envelopes.
1 box Pearliue.
2 boxes Yeast Foam.
3 lbs. pepper.
3 doz. boxes toothpicks.
10 yds. white oil cloth.
2 ats. Separator oil.
5 gal. Cylinder oil.
1 box Lewis lye.
1 box cornstarch.
1 evener.
2 heavy single trees.
4 heavy clevis for evener.
6 bottles Mrs Stewart's bluing.
44 yds. black and white gingham for old
ladies' dresses.
1 doz. scrubbing brushes.
1 doz. brooms.
6 coarse combs.
1 bolt crash toweling.
1 garden rake.
1 doz. pair suspenders.
2 doz. handkerchiefs.
1 doz. drawers, size 40.
4 tons hay.
1 doz. spools black cotton thread from 40 to
i doz, spools white cotton thread from 40 to
2 ats. vanilla extract.
2 Qts. lemon extract.
3 12-ctt. tin milk pails.
3 boxes laundry soap, Santa Glaus.
Successful bidder will have to deliver goods
as agreed to deliver, and take the proper
receipt for same from the Superintendent of
the poor farm as to the delivery of same
The board of county commissioners reserve
the right to reject any and all bids.
By order of the board of county commis
sioners of Beltrami county, Minnesota*
Dated at Bemidji, Minnesota, this 25th day
of February. 1907.
Chairman of county board.
County Auditor.
and TRADE-MARKS promptly obtained In1
all countries, or no tee. "We obtain PATENTS
THAT PAY advertise them thoroughly, at onx 1
expense, and help you to success.
Send model, photo or sketch for FREE report
on patentability. 20 years' practice. SUR
Book on Profitable Patents write to
S03-S0S Seventh Street,
L 3
The personal recommendations of peo
pie who have been cured of coughs and
colds by Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
have done more than all else to make it a
staple article of trade and commerce ovei
a large part of the civilized world.
Barker's Drug Store
Just Received
A large shipment of Singer and
Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Ma
chines. The best and most
beautiful line of cabinets ever
carried in the city. Also a
complete line of Pianos, Organs
and Sheet Music at popular
prices. Repairs for sewing
machines of all kinds.
311 Minn. Ave.
Phone 319 Bemidji
20 years experience
a a
Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat
Diseases of Men Diseases
of Women Nervous Dis
eases Chronic Diseases.
Coming to Bemidji
Thur'y* Mar. 14
at Markham Hotel 9 a, m.
to] 3:30 p. m.
One Day Only!
Dr. Rea has made more re
markable cures in the Nor
thwestern states than any
living man.
All curable medical and su gical diseases,
acute and chronic catarrh, ana Special Dis
eases of the Eye. Ear. Nose and Throat. Lung
Disease, Early Consumption, Bronchitis, Bron
chial Catarrh, Constitutional Catarrh, Dys
pepsia, Sick Headache, Stomach and Bowel
Troubles. Rheumatism. Neuralgia, Sciatica.
Brlght's Disease. Diabetes, Kidney, Liver.
Bladder, Prostatic and Female Diseases, Diz
ziness, Nervousness, Indigestion, Obesity, In
terrupted Nutrition. Slow groth in children,
and all wasting disease in adults. Many
cases of deafness, ringing in the ears, loss of
eyesight, cataract, cross eyes, etc., that have
been Improperly treated or neglected, can be
easily restored. Deformities, club feet, cur
verature of the spine, disease of the brain,
paralysis, epilepsy, heart disease, dropsy,
swelling of the limbs, stricture, open sores,
pain in the bone, granular enlargements and
all long-standing diseases properly treated.
Young, middleaged and old, single or married
men and all who suffer from lost manhood,
nervous debility..spermatorrhoea, seminal
losses, sexual decay, failing memory, weak
eyes, stunted developement. lack of energy.
Impoverished blood, pimples, impediments to
marriage also blood and skin diseases, Syph
ilis, eruptions, bair falling, bone pains, swell
ings, sore throat, ulcere, effects of mercury,
kidney and bladder troubles, weak back,
burning urine, passing urine too often, gouor
rhoea, gleet, stricture, receiving treatment,
ompt relief for life.
Cancers, Tumors, Goiter, Pislula, Plies,
varicocele andenlarged glands, with the sub
cutaneaus injection method, absolutely with
out pain and without the loss of a drop of
blood, is one of his own discoveries, and is
the most really scientific and certainly sure
cure of the twentieth century. Consulatlon
to those interested. $l .00.
DR. REA & CO..
Minneapolis, Minn. Louisville. Ky
Detective Service
TBe largest detective service west of Chica
go. Competent detectives for all occasions.
Legitimate detective work transacted fot
corporations, firms and individuals in all
parts of the world. All business strictly
confidential. Write us today about your case
Prices reasonable. Advice free.
504-505-506 Century Bldg. riinneapolls, flinn
NORMAN W. KJNQ, flngr.
Send stamp for Par'iculars sud Testimonials of the
remedy that clears the Comniexion. Removes Skin
Imperfections, Makes New Blood and Improves the
Health. If you take
beneficial results are guaranteed or money refunded.
Madison Place Philadelphia. Pa.
Bmu j^ .ui^twj^ujij i.i .u^IJIjij.jj,J.UJJIijjjimiAyiiiiiJjjJJIJ.M
WANTEDfor a. S. army able
bodied, unmarried men be
tween ages of 21 and 35, citi
zens of United States, of
good character and temperate
habits, who can speak, read
and write English. B'or in
formation apply to Recruiting
Officer, Miles block, Bernid ji.
W ANTED-One hucd red tea ms for
railroad work near Arminglon,
Montana. All summer's work.
Free transportation out and
back. Anderson & Johnson,
Bemidji, Minn.
WANTED: For fheU. S. Marine
Corps men between ages 21
and 35. An opportunity to
see the world. For full infor
mation apply in person or by
letter to 208 Third Street Be
midji, Minn.
WANTEDCompetent eirl for
general house work. Highest
wages paid. Inquire at Ber
man Emporium.
FOR SALE: Five room house
and lot 27xl40. Inquire 509
American avenue.
FOR SALERubber stamps.
The Pioneer will procure any
kind of a rubber stamp for
you on short notice.
FOR SALEMagnificent moose
head, mounted will be sold
cheap Inquire at this office.
FOR SALE: Row boat lumber,
seasoned cedar. Phone 153 2.
Practices before the United States Supreme
CourtCourt of ClaimsThe United States
General Land OfficeIndian Office and Con
gress. Special attention given to Land Con-
testsProcurement of Patents and Indian
Claims. Refer to the members of the Minne
sota Delegation in Orongress. OUices 426
New York Avenue. Washington. D.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law
Office opposite Hotel Markham.
P. J. Russell
Attorney at JLaw
Furnished room in
modern house. 700 Bemidji
FOR RENTNine rooms, oyer
the Arcade. Apply at Brink
man hotel.
LOST Pocketbook containing
bills and silver. Finder re
turn to Challenge Hotel.
Tuesdays and Saturdays, 2:30
to 6 p. m. Thursdays 7 to 8
p. m. also. Library in base
ment of Court House. Miss
Mabel Kemp, librarian.
E. E, McDonald
Bemidji, Hlnn. Office: Svredback pv-v
Dr. Rowland O-ilmore
Physician and Surgeon
Office: nile Block
i-i.. Telephonewest Numbefr aooNat'l
lhlr Phone 40.
one block tst Bank
Wes Wright,
Drey and Transfer.'
Phone No. 5?
404 Beltrami Ave.
Tom Smart
Dray and baggage. Safe and. Piano moving.
618 America Ave.
Dr. R. Foster,
First National Bank Build's. Telephone No. 330
The original
LAXATIVE cough remedy.
For coughs, colds, throat and lung*
troubles. No opiates. Non-alcoholic.
Good for everybody. Sold every where.
The genuine
FOLEY'S HONEY arid TAR is in
a Yellow package. Refuse substitute*/
Prepared only by
Foley A Company, Chloago. v" "V-V.
firkr Prugr Store. J^-^_.-

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