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A few doses of this remedy will in
rariably cure an ordinary attack of
It can always be depended upon,
ven in the more severe attacks of
oramp colic and cholera morbus.
It is equally successful for summer
diarrhoea and cholera infantum in
children, and is the means of saving
the lives of many children each year.
When reduced with water and
weetened it is pleasant to take.
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as a
Ey e. Ear, Nose. Throat
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su-plcal diseases
cute and chronic catarrh, and Special Dis
eases of the Eye. Ear. Nose and Throat. Lung
Disease. Early Consumption.
S22L0 ntt
s, r?
8?*i"f Constitutiona Catarrh Dys
ftSSfft Slcku
Headache. Stomach and Bowel
Neuralgia Sciatica
hema S?
Bright Disease. Diabetes. Kidney, Liver
Bladder. Prostatic and Fomalo UlSZUJZ ru
ilness. Nervousness. Indigestion. Obesity. In
terrupted Nutrition. Slow grotb in children,
and all wasting disease in adults. Many
oases of deafness, ringing in the ears, loss of
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been improperly treated or neglected, can be
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Young, middle aged and old, single or mar
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ments to marriage also blood and skin dis
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pains, swellings, sore throat, ulcers, effects of
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back, burning urine, passing urine too often,
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Cancers, Tumors, Ooiter, Fistula, Piles
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out pain and without the loss of a drop of
blood. Is one of his own discoveries, and is the
most really scientific and certainly sure cure
of the twentieth century. Consultation to
those Interested. $1.00.
DR. REA & CO.,
Minneapolis, Minn. Louisville, Ky.
STATE OF MINNESOTA 1 District Court.
Beltrami County Judicial District.
Pauline B. Little, plaintiff, against Eugene
Little, defendant.Summons.
The State of Minnesota to the above named
You are hereby summoned and reaulred to
answer the complaint of the plaintiff In the
above entitled action, which complaint has
been filed in the office of the clerk of said
District Court at the city of Bemldji, county
of Beltrami and state of Minnesota, and to
serve a copy of your anwer to the said com
plaint on the subscriber at his office, in the
city of Bemldji. in the said county of Bel
trami, within thirty days after service of
this summons upon you, exclusive of the day
of such service: and if you fail to answer the
said complaint within the time aforesaid, the
plaintiff in this action will apply to the court
for the relief demanded in said complaint
together with plaintiff's costs and disburse
ments herein.
Dated June 13th, A. D. 1907.
Plaintiff's Attorney.
Bemidji, Minn.
HJM W Tutt athsr Mha Tps.tt.rai. Tfclafa
ffat) 4 sVtnluaB OratefM (SMWUC praaltua*,
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Managing Boitor
Entered in the postofflce at Bemldjl. Minn..
as second class matter.
For thirty years Germany has
been guarding from France with
sleepless vigilance the secrets of her
protective fortifications. For thirty
years, day and night, France has been
returning the neighborly compliment.
All is mum along the frontier.
Now comes the irresponsible air
ship. Sailing cheerily whither it
listeth in the upper air this young
upstart photographs' forts, guns,
fascines, embrasures, gabions and
everything else that the kaiser and
M. le President would no more men
tion than their own pajamas. An
enfant terrible, it plays hob among
topics that should never be spoken
of at the international dinner table.
Germany is profoundly shocked
and grieved. France would like to
laugh, if she dared. But both
nations are wracking their brains to
think of away to make"the air ship
mind its own business.
Disarmament has some virtues,
after all, in spite of The Hague
peace conference.
Toothless dogs have soft snaps.
Just as long as there's a case there
will be a woman in it.
When all is lost save honor a man
tries to stand on his dignity.
It's surprising how well most
shiftless people manage to get along.
A woman is never surprised when
she is handed a compliment.
With the exception of those that
are still-born, kind words never die.
If a criminal has money it's easy
to convince his lawyer that he is
One way to sidetrack popularity
la txy imjzot xm. liaving JU UI vwit WttV
at all times.
Many a man would never amount
to anything if he didn't have a wife
to push him.
A girl is always sure she is in
love with some man, even if she isn't
sure which man he is.
If men were to write their own
epitaphs marble cutters would be
compeled to work overtime.
Attacks on Women and Children Con
tinue in New York.
New York, Aug. .The remark
able series of crimes in this city. In
which women and children are the ob
jects of attack, shows no sign of abat
ing. During the day three such at
tacks were reported to the police.
Scarcely an arrest of Importance has
been made and the police confess
themselves as completely baffled. De
tectives who have studied the differ
ent cases differ as to the probable per
petrators of the crimes. Some in
cline to the belief that the assaults
are the work of one man, one who has
the mad animal instinct of the Lon
don and Berlin "ripper." Others com
bat this theory and point to the wide
ly separated points in which the
crimes occurred and the different
methods with which flnal murder was
accomplished. No one can explain,
however, why there should be such an
epidemic of fiendish crime in this city
at this timea crime the city is gen
erally free from.
The alarm, especially among moth
ers, Is widespread ar.d there has been
a marked decrease of the number of
women and children on the streets at
night. Every little street incident is
magnified and a mob quickly assent
bles. In several instances men have
been attacked by the orowds and,
whether rightly or wrongly, have been
severely beaten by the people. The
temper of the feeling is shown by let
ters which have been received by the
newspapers suggesting vigilance com
mittees and protective associations,
but thus far nothing has come of this
The list of victims who have met
death in this wave of crime has
reached five, three young girls and
two women. A score or mors have
been attacked.
8trlke in Force on Colorado and South
ern Railway.
Denver, Aug. .in consequence of
the failure of the negotiations of an
adjustment of a difference between
striking Denver switchmen, who de
mand an increase of 2 cents an hour
in their wages, and the Colorado and
Southern Railway company Grand'
Master P. H. Morrissey of the Brother
hood of Railway Trainmen called out
all the trainmen on the road who are
members of the brotherhood. These
include about 500 brakemen and a few
Activity Becomes General on Min
nesota Iron Ranges.
Sheriff Bates Returns to Hibbing
After Visiting All Important Loca-
tions and Reports Everything Run-
ning Along Smoothly.
Duluth, Aug. .Eighty per cent of
the steel corporation's mines on the
ranges are working and operations
have been resumed at all points on
the range but Virginia. The ore is
being loaded just as rapidly as the
company can secure cars and the cas
ual observer would not know that
there had been a strike. The strike
will be a thing o^yistory within a
few days if conditions continue to im
prove as they have done during the
last forty-eight hours.
Sheriff Bates has returned to Hib
bing after making a tour of the entire
Mesaba range and visiting every im
portant mining location. He stated
that he had seen no signs of any vio
lence and that everything was run
ning along smoothly. The Mountain
Iron mine started up during the morn
ing with a small force of men. There
were fifty deputies on hand to pre
vent any trouble, but none occurred.
There are now about 375 deputies
scattered over the range.
Strike Leader Petriella expresses
himself as pleased with the govern
or's proclamation allowing the men to
hold meetings as long as they are
Quiet and orderly.
Strikers at Nashwauk are now in
charge of an organizer from the West
named Poupich. Poupich went to
Sheriff Hoolihan to ask permission to
bold a meeting. Hoolihan turned him
over to the mayor and the mayor in
turn passed him on to County Attor
ney Thwing. Thwing told him he
had no authority to give him per
mission to hold a meeting and Pou
pich telephoned Petriella. The latter
wired Governor Johnson and the gov
ernor telegraphed Sheriff Hoolihan
the text of his proclamation, which
allowed the miners to hold quiet meet
ings. The sheriff, the mayor and the
county attorney then held a consulta
tion and the strikers were given per
mission to assemble in their hall.
Haywood Says He Is Subject to Or
ders of Federation.
Salt Lake City, Aug. ".W. D. Hay
wood, secretary treasurer of the West
ern Federation of Miners, when asked
by the Associated Press as to the
truth of reports that he was going to
take a hand in the strike now on in
the Minnesota range districts said he
had not yet been commanded to go to
-Minnesota. .but--hA-jiKui_aaiiir bark to
his desk In Denver and would TbeHUD-~
ject to any orders for the good of the
Docks Working Overtime.
Superior, Wis., Aug. .Although
the Allouez ore docks are loading
boats at the rate of four a day now
there is still a fleet of twenty in wait
ing. The docks will be worked over
time for several days to relieve the
Telephone Company Files Suit Against
Labor Organizations.
Helena, Mont., Aug. J.The Rocky
Mountain Bell Telephone company
has filed suit in the federal court
against the Montana Federation of
Labor, the Livingston trades and labor
council et al. to secure an injunction
restraining the respondents from in
terfering or molesting in any way the
business of the company and to shut
off the boycott which the complainant
alleges has been in force since March
14 last, which has damaged the com
pany to the extent of $5,000. No tem
porary injunction was issued. An or
der to show cause why the application
for the injunction should not be
granted was made by Judge Hunt, re
turnable Sept. 16.
The trouble is the outgrowth of the
strike of the linemen in Utah, Idaho,
Wyoming and Montana, the Montana
federation having ordered the Rocky
Mountain company declared unfair in
all Montana cities and ordering out all
switchboard operators.
Chicago Packers Confronted by Des
perate Situation.
Chicago, Aug. t.The stock yard
employes face a new industrial crisis
in the breaking off of all negotiations
between the teamsters' organization
and the packing firms. Arbitration
without an umpire has failed and it
remains with the teamsters to. decide
To Live Long
Eat only when hungry and only to satisfy hunger
Eat simple foods, no great variety at a meal Don't
hurry, masticate your food thoroughly. Drink when
you are thirsty. Don't worry, keep your head cool
and your feet warm. Keep your bowels regular, not
by drugs, but by the daily eating of
carry out their
threat to striif they are refused
the increased os they demand, to
gether with be working conditions.
For several 3ks four arbitrators
two selectee the workers and
two by the^ i ing interestshave
been endeavoi to work out some
compromise, had been unable
to agree upon i fifth arbiter and this
new experime in arbitration was
tried. All arg nts, however, failed
to move the a 3rs from either side
from their orig 1 positions.
President lies No Comment.
Oyster Bay, Aug. J.President
Roosevelt recei with great interest
the news that dge Landis, in the
United States itrict court at Chi
cago, had deci against the Stand
ard Oil compai of Indiana and had
Imposed fines Aegating $29,240,000.
The president] a no comment to
make on the dot on.
Fish'Trust and Couple of Railroads
1 cted.
Chicago, Aug Indictments have
been returned the United States
district court a ist A. Booth & Co.,
generally know LS the "fish trust
tho New York, [cago and St. Louis
Railroad compj,] and the Lehigh
Valley Railroad company charging
them with violftn of the first pro
vision of the Ijj ns law prohibiting
The indlctmej returned against A.
Booth & Co. i ntains seventy-five
counts that ajj ist the New York,
Chicago and Stj ,ouis Railroad com
pany fifty^ne oats and a joint in
dictment agains| he New /ork, Chi
cago and St Ln railroad and the
Lehigh Valley ra I contains fifty-four,
counta If .foun guilty the corpora
tions are liable a fine of from $1,-
000 to $20,000 16 each offense.
Three Killed arii Seven Wounded at
Boston, Aug. ABurning with
hatred for their deadly enemies be
longing to the ral On Leong Tong
society a band New York China
men, numbering dozen or more and
said to be meml rs of the notorious
Hep Sing Tong rganization, entered
a narrow alley in Chinatown, drew re
volvers and, ope ed fire upon fifty
Chinamen, killing three and injuring
seven, four of th latter seriously.
At the first lley the Chinamen
rushed for their, quarters, stumbling
over one anothej in their haste to
reach shelter, ifie Hep Sing Tongs
chased their vidims into their own
doorways and shot them down. Then,
casting away thiir guns, the strange
visitors ran throigh the Chinese quar
ter, most of then\ escaping the police.
Her Fiance Talked Too Much.
Philadelphia, Ajug. 5.Because her
fiance twitted her about her age Miss
Emma Perth of Reading broke off her
engagement with Harry Bissell of the
same city at the marriage license bu
reau in the city hall. Miss Perth in
dignantly told Bissell that he talked
and find some otnerj
Minneapolis Wheat.
Minneapolis, Aug. 5.WheatSept.,
96%o Dec, 97%@d7%o. On track
No. 1 hard, $1.02%@1.02% No. 1
Northern, $1.O1%01.O1% No. 2
Northern, [email protected]%c No. 3 Northern,
[email protected]
St. Paul Union Stock Yards.
St. Paul, Aug. 5.CattleGood to
choice steers, [email protected] fair to good,
$4.00 5.00 good to choice cows and
heifers, [email protected] veals, [email protected]
[email protected] SheepWethers,
[email protected] spring lambs, [email protected]
Duluth Wheat and Flax.
Duluth, Aug. 5WheatTo arrive
and on trackNo. 1 hard, $1.00%
No. 1 Northern, 99%c No. 2 North
ern, 97%c Sept., 99%o Dec, 9c
FlaxTo arrive, on track and Sept.,
$1.15% Oct., $1.14% Nov., $1.14%
Dec, $1.12%.
Chicago Grain and Provisions.
Chicago, Aug. 5.WheatSept., 91
@9iy8c Dec, 95%@95%c. Corn
Sept, [email protected]%c Dec, 52%@52%c.
OatsSept., 44c Dec, 42%c. Pork
Sept., $16.42%. ButterCreameries,
[email protected]%c dairies, 18%@22c Eggs
13% 15c. Poultry Turkeys and
chickens, 12c springs, 15 16c.
Chicago Union Stock Yards.
Chicago, Aug. 5.CattleBeeves,
[email protected] cows, [email protected] heifers,
[email protected] 5.40 calves, [email protected] good
to prime steers, [email protected] poor to
medium, [email protected] stockers and
feeders, [email protected] HogsLight, $6.05
@6.55 mixed, [email protected] heavy,
[email protected] rough, [email protected] pigs,
[email protected] good to choice heavy,
$6.206.30. Sheep, [email protected] lambs,
An improved whole wheat food, carefully prepared,
containing allJ thKe essential of wheat.
of Ol and ready to Eat
Explosion of Firedamp In a Prussian
Hamburg, Prussia, Aug. \An ex
plosion of firedamp in a mine at Mlt
tel, six miles northwest of here, re
sulted in the killing of eighteen men
and the wounding of eleven others.
Five Killed In Auto Wreck.
Bordeaux, Prance, Aug. 1.Five
men were killed and two others mor
tally wounded near here by the col
lision of two automobiles. One of the
cars was competing in the Criterion
cup race. It collided while running
at full speed with a touring car.
Among the men killed are the editors
of two newspapers.
A Strong Tonic 3?f#-
A Bod Builde
A Blood Purifier
A Great Alterative
A Doctor's Medicine
r's Sarsaparilla
Order from Agency at Crookston
For News
That the Pioneer Gets and Prints the News Is Appre-
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The Bemidji Daily Pioneer
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Iwawcll, tun,

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