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Congressman Steenerson has given
out the following interview relative
to the much-mooted parcels post
I notice that the subject of par-
cel post has been considered by
retail and wholesale merchants
throughout the country and that
they seem to fear the prospect of
the inauguration of parcel post.
"Now, there seems to exist a good
deal of misinformation on this sub
ject among the people judging, from
the different views that have been
In the first place it should be
remembered that we now have
parcel post in the United States, in
as much as the postal service car
ries packages up to four pounds at
the rate of postage of 16 cents a
"in the next place we have inter
national parcel post, which has been
arranged b\ postal agreement with
twent-t\\ different foreign coun
tries under which parcel con
ventions packages to the weight
of 11 pounds are carried at the rate
of 12 cents per pound.
It should be remembered that
the first kind of parcel post, which
is limited to the United States and
its dependencies, is established by
statute, and by another international
agreement But there is a regret
able incongruity between the tw
with the result that a person now
could send a package from Crooks
ton weighing four pounds to New
Congressman Halvor Steenerson Gives an Interesting Inter
view Relative to the Much-Discussed Proposition and
His Views as to Its Workings.
Lumber and
Building Ma^teriaJ
We carry in stock at all times a
complete line of Lumber and BuildiDg
Material, Dimensions, etc.
Look us up for your winter supply of
CoaJ and Wood
We have a large supply
St. Hilaire Retail Lbr. Co.
The sensible, serviceable, satis
factory, perfect fitting kind for
men, women and children.
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underwear it's the most satisfactory underwear we ever
sold. It fits well, looks w^ll and wears well. Our cus-
mer who have worn it will buy no other kind. It's
made right and priced right. We recommend it to all
our trade as the beJ popular priced Knit underwear on
the market.
O'Leary & Bowser
Bemidji, Minn.
I I," an iii !**f**p'mmim.
York for 64 cents, whereas, if the
package was addressed to any post
office in Great Britain, Scandnavia,
France, Germany or any of the 22
countries in the international parcel
convention, it would be carried for
4S cents, and not only this, but a
package weighing more than four
pounds would be refused if addressed
to a post office in the United States
or its dependencies, but would be
carried to foreign post offices men
"The Postmaster General has
announced that he intends to rec
ommend to congress the establish
ment of uniform rates for parcels,
reducing the domestic parcel post
to 12 cents per pound and increas
ing the weight of the package to 11
pounds, so as to correspond, both in
rate and weight to the foreign
schedule. He proposes to recom
mend the adoption of special rate
for parcels on rural routes so that
any package mailed by a patron of
the same route, or at the distributing
post office on such route, the charge
shall be 5 cents for the first pound
and two cents for each additional
pound up to 11 pounds, or 25 cents
for a package weighing 11 pounds.
If this proposal should be
adopted the result will be a differ
ential in favor of the local merchant
for it would cost the mail order
houses 12 cents a pound or $1.52
for 11 pounds,whereas, the merchant
at the distributing post office, or
any patron on the rural route could
St. Paul, Oct. 26.(Special to
Pioneer.) Yesterday atfemoon,
Governor Johnson filed the papers
setting the dates on which M. S.
Munn and Peter Mathieson, who
are now confined in the Beltrami
county jail at Bemidji, shall be
Friday (the proverbial hangman's
day) February 7th, was the date
chosen by the governor when there
will be a double hanging within the
walls of the Beltrami county jail,
unless the counsel for the two menintend
succeed in securing the sentences
commuted to life imprisonment, or
obtain an order for a stay of pro
ceedings awaiting the outcome of
application for a new trial.
The governor very much disliked
the task officially thrust upon him,
but recognized his plain duty and
send the same package for 25
In view of the usually exhorbi
tant rate of express companies there
is a general demand for more ex
tended parcel post service, and it
would seem that if the opposition
of the local merchants and whole
salers dependent upon them could
be thus overcome the proposed re
forms would meet with general
Hours of Worship and Subjects of Ser
mons to Be Delivered in the
City Tomorrow.
German LutheranService wi 1 b*
held at the court house tomorrov t
3 p. m. E. Ulbncht, Cass Lake.
Norwegian Lutheran Services
will be held in the Norwegian Luth
eran church tomorrow evening at 8
o'clock. Sunday school at noon.
Carl Stromme, pastor,
Presbyterian Morning worship
at 11. Subject "Man's Dignity Be
fore God." Bible class and Sunday
school at 12 15. Jr. C. E. at 3 p. m.
Sr. C. E. at 7 p. m. Evening ser
vice at 8. Subject "Jonah." There
will be special music by the choir.
In the evening Mrs. Youngren will
sing a solo. All not worshiping else
where are invited to worship with us.
Baptist"Why Paul Wasn't
Ashamed of the Gospel at Rome"
will be the subject in the Baptist
church tomorrow morning. Hour of
service, 11 o'clock. Sunday school
at 12:10. Mr. Tagenstrom, the Sun
day school missionary for Minnesota,
will present the state Sunday school
banner to the school, won by them
for three years in succession. Every
scholar is asked to be present to wel
come back the banner. B. Y. P. TJ.
at 7:15. Evening service at 8. Ernest
Tagenstrom of Minneapolis will
speak at the evening service.
Tagenstrom is a good speaker
very fluent. Everybody come.
Firtt M. E. ChurchTher will
iii i i i in
Governor Johnson Names Date on Which Munn and Mathieson,
Convicted of Murder, Will be Executed in the
Beltrami Country Jail
Mann's Attorney Will Attempt to Secure New Trail.Math
ieson Council Will Try to Have the Sentence Com-
mutted to Life Imprisonment
unflinchingly performed his plain
duty, and desiring to clear up many
official acts awaiting his consider
ation, among others set the dates
for the Bemidji hanging.
It is known that the governor has
an abhorrance of the infliction of
capital punishment, an impression
gained in his youth, at St. Peter,hav
mg made a great impression upon
It is understood here that the
attorneys for Munn and Mathieson
to make every effort to save
their clients from suffering the death
penalty, and it is intimated that
some officials around the capital
wish them success in their efforts
to commute the sentences to life
Crookston, Oct. 26.(Special to
be the regular services throughout
the day. Preaching at 11 a. nr. Sun
day school at 12 m. Epworth League
at 7 p. m. preac'nng at 8. In the
absence of our regular pastor*^ev.
Burns will preach both morning and
evening. Rev. Burns is a good
speaker and will be enjoyed by all
who hear him. There will be good
music at both services. Mrs. Ji A.
Youngren will sing in the morning
and the choir and congregational
singing will be up to the usual good
standard. A most cordial invitation
is extended to all and especially to
the strangers remaining in our city
over Sunday. Rev. J. H. Denniston,
Strike Interferes with Freight Service.
The strike of the boilermakers at
"Sra'm^rd is having a somewhat
SMO"^ effect on the traffic ^over the
4.u r-u {M. & railway. Especially is this
Catholic ChurchThere will ei
mass tomorrow at 8.30 and li-.IO*.-,
this, city and Big Falls. The engines
tueed 6n the "locals" have been the
cause- of much delay of late.
Ve^terday, the north-bound freight
*VM&0 the freigh.t service between
train, which is due to leave Bemidji
north-bound for Big Falls at 7:50
a. m., did not start on the northern
trip until 7 last evening^ being
almost twelve hours "to the bad."
The boiler of the engine was leaking,
which caused the delay.
Dave Phillips was the conductor
in charge of the train, and F. D.
Stillings was ahead on the locomo
tive and fatalists marvel that neither
of these gentlemen were concerned
that it was Friday, and that the
number of the caboose was "13,"
the engine being "213."
Attention, K. of P.'s.
All members of Bemidji Lodge,
Knights of Pythias, are urgently
requested to be present at the regu
lar meeting of the lodge, which
will be held next Tuesday even
The third rank will be conferred
on three candidates, and the busi
ness meeting will be followed by a
social session, at which a lunch will
be served.
Increase in Pension.
Word was received this morning
that the pension of Charles O.
Glidden, formerly a member of Co.
F, Eighth Minnesota Infantry, had
been raised to $12 per month, from
March 3,1907.
Local atwi on last page
Pioneer )E. D. Clough, attorney
for M. S. Munn, who is sentlnced to
hang at Bemidji, is not in the city,
but Mr. Pearson, who is in charge
of the office, states that it is the
intention of Mr. Clough and his
associate in the case, Mt. Taylor of
Warroad, to move for anew trial for
Munn, and that they are hopeful of
succeeding in getting the case re
Gibbons & Torrance of this city,
who were attorneys for Peter Math
ieson, state that they will make
every effort to have the sentence of
death imposed upon Mathieson,
commuted to life imprisonment, and
that they will begin on the case as
soon as possible, probably as soon
as the transcript of the evidence in
the case was prepared.
The Sage of the Blackduck Handcar
Club Gives the Pioneer a Recent
William Josie, the official narrator
for the Blackduck Handcar Club,
has gotten hold of a "new one." He
"sprung it" on the Pioneer man, yes
terday, about as follows:
"I remember being in North
Dakota the fall of 1889 working
with a threshing crew, and recall a
remark made by one of the crew, a
French-Canadian named Doucette,
that was about as good a get-off as
I ever heard, that is, considering the
source from which it came, this man
Doucette being very quiet, and not
overly bright, and like most of his
kind, his English was very poor as
to quality.
"it was the first time the cream
separators came out, and as most of
the Dakota fatmers are careless as
to how they feed the "hoboes," as
they used to call us, we used to fare
pretty slim.
"The milk this farmer's wife used to
dish up to us at the table first under
went the cream separator process.
The consequences were that the
milk, when it got to us, was about
the taste and color of a tub of bluing
water, after a big day's washing
had been rinsed through it.
"Well, we were at breakfast, and
it began to rain a little. The farmer's
wife was pretty gabby. She made
the remark that there would be no
work that day. One of the men,
not noticing the weather, asked why.
She said: 'it is raining.' The man
looked out of the window and said,
'Sure enough, it is.'
"Doucette, who had not spoken,
looked up from from his plate and
said: 'Wal, yas, she's rain. I tink
dats bettaire you tar papier your
cow. She's leek lak the dev de
rain she all pass on de milk haint
"Nothing more was said in regard
to the weather."
Colonel Funkley Home.
Henry Funkley, who has been
absent in the west for three weeks,
arrived home today.
Mr. Funkley had quite a trip, in
cluding a long automobile ride
through part of Idaho, and he states
that he enjoyed the trip immensely.
Grand Forks, Oct. 26.(Special
to the Pioneer.)A large delegation
of Elks left this city, this morning
at 8 o'clock, on a special train, for
Minot, where the Minot Lodge, No.
1989, is being instituted today and
this evening.
C. J. Covington and Fred Jordon
of Bemidji, No. 1052, arrived last
night. They were loaded with
catchy cards, advertising the annual
meeting of the Minnesota State
Association of Elks, which will be
held at Bemidji next summer.
Covington and Jordon were "live
ones," and Jordon got back from
the East side, this morning, just in
Will Erect Handsome Residence.
Mrs. J. M. Markham has let the
contract to Thomas Johnson, the
contractor and builder, for the erec
tion of anew residence on her lots
at the corner of Bemidji avenue and
Seventh street.
The plans for the residence call
for a two-story house, 28x44 feet,
with a full basement.
There will be
eleven nicely-arranged rooms, and
the residence will be fitted with all
modern improvements, including
water, bath rooms, sewer connec
tions, and a hot-water heating plant
of the latest make.
We axe daily receiving our line of choice
put up by Griffin & Skelly. These goods have no equal
in the market and a trial will convince you of the quality
of our canned fruits and'vegetables.
Prices are the same as last year.
Phone 207
Honestly good and worth every cent we ask for it. Yon
will say so when you see and examine carefully the ROUND
OAK Chief steel range. Highest qual ty shows pUmly
the materiathe fine workmanship in fitting and moan
ing and in the rich, smooth, nickle ornamentation. The
oven which to a woman is always of first importance will
capture your good opinion at once the top is arched and \t
is twc inches higher than is usual. It bakes perfectly and
with surprisingly little fuel. It is easy to keep cleanthe
iron in the body is planishednot paintedand simply
wiping with a cloth serves to keep it perfectly clean. The
Chief is the foremost steel range in America today. It is
made to meet the demand for the bestfor people who
knows that it pays in the long run to buy a genuinely good
range. Call in and see what we Migwler thefinestexample
of steel range making on the market. A& for Range Book.
Hardware, Furniture and Undertaking
C. J. Covington and Fred Jordon Represent Bemidji on
the Trip West.Crookston Elk Quartette and Little
German Band Accompanies Special Tiain.
time to catch the rear coach of the
special for Minot.
The little German band from
Crookston came over and joined the
crowd on the special to Minot The
band is composed of the following
members: F. W. Walker, Arthur
Kirsch, Bunnell, B. D. Keck, E. J.
Keating, H. F. Brown, Wm. Munch,
Sam Steightz, M. Mossefin, John
Kirsch, Pig Martin, instructor.
The Elks quartet of Crookston,
also aboarded the special, the singers
being, Bill Krause, basso profundo
Hitchcock, seventh heaven tenor
Toutant and Candy Kid WesseL
The crowd on the special is the
liveliest bunch of good fellows that
ever went out of Grand Forks.
The residence, which will be com
pleted about January 1, will be one
of the most modern in the city, and
will make a fine home for Mrs.
Markham and her son Walter.
Markham Sunday Dinner.
Remember that you can take your
family to the Markham hotel and
partake of a fine Sunday dinner
which will be served at 6 o'clock to
morrow. Don't bother with home
cooking, when you can be served so
Local news on last page
New Canned Goods

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